Libra Wedding Planner

A dreamy spectacle, your wedding will remind everyone of the power of love. Here are the 5 essential components of the Libra wedding planner.

Libra governs the zodiac’s seventh house of marriage, which means that you can’t help but be a bit of a hopeless romantic with that astrological fate!

The Libra wedding setting

A conventional setting is fine for your reception, as long as it has style and can be transformed into a beautiful, elegant scene. A classy country club, a tasteful hotel, even a quaint inn are all your speed. Many Libras are artistic, so a gallery that you infuse with a few romantic touches could be the perfect hip, modern space. Honor your symbolic “scales” by balancing pared-down sleekness with ornamental flourishes. You could even set up your ceremony seating like a fashion show, and strut down a catwalk to join your betrothed. Or, like one Libra we know, enter the reception with a choreographed dance you rehearsed with your brand-new spouse and wedding party. 

Whatever the case, with your strong visual sensibilities, you’ll want to advise heavily on the décor. Keep the colors soft, the music tasteful, and the atmosphere dripping with love. To keep the sweetness from becoming too cloying, break up earnest moments with some racier ones, like a funny toast or a “This Is Your Life” slideshow that charts your and your partner’s humorous passages into adulthood, and the embarrassing-but-funny missteps along the way.

Libra wedding wear

Even if you try to act tough, choosing what to wear for your special day can make you all emo and gushy. Go ahead, splurge on your gown, because you need to revel in the decadence of this (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience. Wearing a dress? Angelic, romantic and wispy fabrics perfectly suit an air sign like you, Libra. Try matte silk that has a sheer, embroidered overlay. You can do lace and crystal embellishment in moderation, and still look like a class act. Suits must be custom tailored, and with your theatrical flair, you may favor tails, pinstripes, even a top hat! 

You’re the sign of the scales, and as such, balance is key. Anything too shiny, detailed or flashy can overwhelm you, but by the same token, overly basic styles will feel bland and forgettable. Your best bet is a simple foundation with a few striking, pretty elements. Ruffles and bows look great on you if done in a sophisticated manner. Libra rules the lower back, so emphasize your assets in a backless dress or a gown with buttons down the back. You hate to be rushed, especially when it comes to primping. Leave yourself LOTS of time to get ready, or you could end up late to your own wedding.

The Libra wedding ring

You’re a romantic sign that loves to be in love, Libra. When you say “I do,” you want the world to know. Your ring can be flashy and blingy, conveying the message “Somebody is obsessed with me.” Consider a princess-cut stone, which is square with lots of facets, modern and extremely sparkly (which you love) on an engraved and filigree band (lacy patterns created by precious metal wires being worked into patterns then soldered into place), filled with fine round diamonds. Or try a half-bezel set ring, where the stone is deeply secured.

The Libra wedding party

You’ve got a keen eye for style, Libra, and discriminating taste. For your wedding party, go elegant rather than flashy. Look for simple, elegant garb that enhances your look, rather than competes or contrasts. One way to achieve this is to keep everyone’s attire in a similar tonal range to your gown or suit. Treat your wedding party to spa services and professional makeup and hair—not only to be nice, but because you’ll also want everyone to look perfect in the pictures. You’re a visual person and yes, you can be a little vain, too. Libras are sensitive to symmetry, so you’ll probably want an even number of people in the wedding party from you and your partner’s inner circles.

Libra wedding pro tip

Dial down the fussiness. Aesthetically oriented, you can be super–fussy about appearances. You want everything to match and you may overspend to achieve stylish perfection. But too many details can overwhelm your planning and ultimately break the bank. You may be so focused on the surface details that you forget why you’re getting married in the first place. Don’t worry if your lipstick smears when your newly betrothed leans in for the kiss. Instead, focus on the deep, lifelong commitment that your wedding symbolizes.


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