Scorpio Wedding Planner

Sexy Scorpio steals the show at an emotionally-moving wedding. Here are the 5 essential components of the Scorpio wedding planner.

Scorpio is a private, passionate and intimate sign.

The setting

Even if you have 500 guests, find a way to make each of them feel like they’re part of a small, exclusive affair. With your natural attention to detail, you can get creative with fabric and textures to make your space smolder with intensity. Or, set up the environment like a smoky lounge, with tents, crystals and floor cushions.

Scorpio is a mystical, spiritual sign, so you might even hire a wandering tarot card reader or a palmist for entertainment. Don’t shy away from adding tropical touches like bamboo, lotus blossoms, or tableware edged with an intricate pattern. With your love of mystery, you might even throw a masked ball instead of an ordinary reception.

As a water sign, you’ll also love a destination wedding in a far-flung enclave, where you marry barefoot on the beach at sunset. Decorate with shells and simple white-on-white, using different textures to create contrast. Don’t let your competitive side rob your wedding of creativity. The day is about expressing your unique personality, not following a set of rules.

Scorpio wedding wear

Everyone knows that Scorpio is the “sex sign,” so don’t disappoint ‘em. Shimmy into an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. You’re a highly physical sign, so if you’re wearing a dress, make sure that it fits like a second skin—and also gives you plenty of room to move about. That said, Scorpio is the sign of power and control, and you never want to look like you’re trying too hard. Go for slinky, but keep it sleek and sophisticated, too. A strapless gown with striking details goes farther than one with a plunging “look at me!” V-neck.

Tailor your suit to fit your body’s contours, but wait until the reception to transform into “Magic Mike” by flinging off your jacket and unfastening the top half of the buttons. As the sign of mystery, leave a little to the imagination, but show enough to incite a double-take or two. 

Since you’re all about the tiny details incorporate bespoke touches, like fine embroidery, tiny beading or delicately jeweled straps, buttons, cufflinks and boutonnieres. Detailing around your hips, even those inspired by a belly dancer’s skirt, can add to your sexy sway. You know what you want, and you’ll use your amazing focus to get it. One Scorpio we know found her dress in a single day of turbocharged shopping.

The Scorpio wedding ring

With your quiet power, you look best in a ring that’s impressive but understated—still sparkly, but not over the top in terms of flash. You don’t mind if people “in the know” can tell that you’re sporting a high-end piece. You love tiny details and secrets, so engrave a private message inside your band that only you and your spouse will understand. What about an exclusive “eternity band” (symbolizing no beginning, no end) with an unusual shape? Or, go for a cushion-cut stone, which features rounded corners and larger facets to increase brilliance, and are available as squares or rectangles.

The Scorpio wedding party

Chances are, you’ve got a small, tight-knit crew of friends who know the fears and insecurities that you hide from the rest of the world. You’d rather include those rare pals of the pinky-sworn ilk than host a huge procession of fair-weather family members. Many Scorpios love intense colors like red, hot pink and neon yellow. Don’t be afraid to put your party in deep, saturated hues, or in your sign’s signature color, black. You’re all about details and control, so be sure to advise on everything from jewelry to shoes so your vision is fulfilled.

Scorpio wedding pro tip

Dial down control-freaking. It’s one thing to look like you’ve got it all together. But you could be so tightly in control of your emotions that you come across as icy. Later, you’ll down too much champagne, and your bottled-up emotions pour out inappropriately. Swinging from rigid to raunchy will leave you obsessing over your regrettable behavior for years (Scorpios never forget anything!). Take a deep breath and trust that it will all work out. Loosen up and enjoy your day!


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