Leo Wedding Planner

With your extravagant tastes, guests will be talking about “the royal wedding” for years. Here are the 5 essential components of the Leo wedding planner.

This is no ordinary party, Leo.

The Leo wedding setting

It’s a royal banquet, a feast fit for royalty. Why not have your wedding at an actual castle, or a posh banquet hall that feels like one? Get as lavish as you can, and make your guests feel spoiled, pampered and special. Roll out a red carpet at your reception site so everyone feels like a VIP. You can even use a red aisle runner for your ceremony for that “walk of fame” vibe, or scatter rich crimson rose petals everywhere. 

Leo is a fire sign, so wherever possible, incorporate flames—a candle-lighting ceremony, sparklers in the cake, a wood-burning fireplace, votives on every table, even a fire-spinner to send you off after you’ve traded vows. No need to break the bank to pull off your big vision. With your creative, crafty nature, you’ll know just how to combine luxurious touches like rich velvet draping, fake fur, lanterns, and ornate candelabras from a prop rental company.

You’re the Lion Queen, so incorporate carved wooden chairs or a drum ceremony to announce your entrance. Since you love to indulge, a buffet with lots of options will fill up your guests and also save you dollars. A masked ball or Phantom of the Opera theme could make the night extra special. 

If you get married in your hometown, as many sentimental Leos do, set up a parade and a “Just Married” float. You might even hire the high school marching band to lead a procession of guests from the chapel to the reception hall. Either way, you’ll want everyone celebrating until dawn on the dancefloor, and you’ll be right at the center of it. You like tradition, so choose an unforgettable song for your first dance that you can sign and reminisce about for years.

Leo wedding wear

When it comes to wedding style, you have license to act out every royal fantasy you’ve ever had. Embellishment, crystals, beads and gilding—the sky’s the limit for you. You look great in anything that sparkles, and you love gold. A champagne gown can look as lovely on you as a white one. You’ll go all out for glamor and give your guests a great show. If you’re wearing a dress, choose one that’s dramatic, eye-catching, and breathtaking. A long train? Yes. Tiara and gloves? Check. Just make sure you don’t look too much like a Disney princess. Think “queen” more than little girl. Suiting up? Go full-on Victorian with theatrical tails, chains, buttons and a ruffled collar. And of course, Leo, don’t forget the top hat!

The Leo wedding ring

Hello, bling! You’re not afraid of a little extra attention, so let that ring finger shine. You’ll probably prefer a gold band to platinum. Choose one with a big center stone and tons of side stones to add to the flash. A round or princess-cut stone will suit you. You might even try a colored diamond to match your vibrant personality.

The Leo wedding party

You’re the star, so your wedding party should never upstage you. But you need your royal court to be on fleek, too! Cheerful bursts of color will add impact to the day. Just make sure everyone is okay with bold hues before you command them to buy anything mustard yellow or fuchsia! You get sentimental and weepy in a pinch, and you’ll want your closest pals by your side as you take your vows. Keep them near to dry your tears and hold your hand through your bursts of emotion leading up to the big show. Events take on a fever pitch when you’re nervous, and you’ve been known to have a demanding diva moment or two. A level-headed friend by your side will keep you from spiraling out on your special day.

Leo wedding pro tip

Dial down any self-centeredness. While you may feel that the world should stop for your wedding day, your demands may tax your pals, especially in the financial department. Just because you’ve been ultra-loyal to them doesn’t mean they need to blow a fortune on your big day. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the center of our solar system, but that’s no excuse for acting like the world revolves around you as you carry out plans. Don’t let your bossy streak turn you into a tyrant.


The AstroTwins

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