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As astrologers, we get asked this question all the time. “Are we compatible?” or “Who’s the best match for Leo?” We get it! This is essential information for discovering how the two of you click and clash.

For the record, we believe that any two astrology signs can have a happy and harmonious relationship. We would never tell you to end a relationship because of someone’s zodiac sign. That’s the kind of thinking we’d like to banish from astrology! Some of the best matches we’ve ever seen (and seen repeatedly) are the ones traditionally dubbed “incompatible,” like Gemini and Scorpio or Leo and Capricorn.

In your 20s you may love the wild instability of a challenging combo that allows you to develop your own fierceness and define boundaries. At 60, someone who’s still playing those sorts of games would very likely be an instant dealbreaker.

And since we also happen to believe in past lives, karmic connections and soul friends, ditching someone because you’re an Aries and someone told you that Cancer was a tough match is a pointless exercise. You may have appeared in each other’s lives as teachers and messengers. Maybe you have unfinished karmic business to work through together. Every relationship, no matter how well it ranks on the horoscope compatibility scoreboard, can help us grow.

To make this all easier, we’ve mapped out the good and bad zodiac sign compatibility for all 78 astrology sign combinations. We hope you’ll use this as a tool to grow together or make relationship choices in love that support your happiness. But of course, it takes two to tango. Pour a couple glasses of your favorite beverage and take a read together!


The AstroTwins

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