Sex By Zodiac Sign: Your Astrology Guide

Which zodiac sign is good in bed? Are there zodiac signs that love sex more than others? Our sex by zodiac sign guide describes what it’s like to have sex with each sign.

What’s your sexual compatibility with each zodiac sign? Astrology provides answers to your questions about how your zodiac signs mesh between the sheets.

Sex by zodiac sign

Sex with Aries

If there’s one thing the Aries is known for, it’s their libido. They’re incredibly physical, and they’ll take any opportunity to shed their clothes. This sign could screw all day long, and if they’re not having sex, they’ll think or talk about it non-stop.

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Sex with Taurus

When it comes to sex with a Taurus, this sensual sign is out to earn a varsity letter in it. This sign knows they can deliver and they ooze sexual confidence. They’re always ready for an earthy roll in the hay with you. A slave to their senses, they love to taste, see, touch and smell. Your natural scent is the biggest turn-on.

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Sex with Gemini

Gemini is mutuality-minded, and so sex with a Gemini can be a give-and-take. They’re also big on communication both in and out of bed. Talk dirty and vocalize your pleasure. Tell them where to touch you and get them to tell you where their spots are too. Since your voice will be a major turn-on, seduce your Twin with racy audio memos during the day. Just get their imagination going. They’ll be home from work early!

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Sex with Cancer

Let’s get this clear up front: sex with a Cancer is not usually a one-and-done. They’re not that type of lover. They’re sensitive to your needs and long to please you. This shiny-gold-star-earning teacher’s pet wants to figure out what will make you scream in absolute surrender. All this while showing you how to please them like the sexual deity you were born to be. Didn’t know you had it in you?

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Sex with Leo

Sex with a Leo is a grand performance. They take great pride in their prowess. Leos love to set the stage for their regal romps, and may even design their bedrooms like elaborate movie sets. One Leo we know has a disco ball, black lights and mirrored walls in their boudoir—plus an elaborate stereo system, since music gets them in the mood. (Every great performance needs a soundtrack, right?)

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Sex with Virgo

Finally, a lover who doesn’t skimp on the foreplay! Virgo is the sign of service, and they know how to take care of you in bed. They’re tender and earthy—this is someone with whom you can truly “make love” and understand what that means. If you’ve been through trauma, as many people have, sex with the Virgo can be incredibly healing. They’re patient and nurturing, a safe space for you to relax and express your sensual side.

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Sex with Libra

Nice people finish last, and in Libra’s case, it’s a good thing. Unless you’re the “wham, bam,” type, you’ll enjoy the slow-jamming sensual style of sex with a Libra. They’ll pet and caress you, love you tenderly, kiss you slowly for hours. Libra may even seduce you by offering a skillful massage. They can Shiatsu your defenses away so well, you’ll be begging for their sweet, sweet lovin’.

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Sex with Scorpio

It’s the way a Scorpio looks at you, like you’ve changed their life, and nothing else matters but you. They’re confident in their prowess; after all, they ARE the zodiac’s uncontested sex sign. Sex with a Scorpio is a spiritual experience for this sign. Although they’ll have their flings, most prefer to give their entire focus to one partner, body and soul.

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Sex with Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur, which is half human and half animal. This sign has an idealized vision of sex, along with a very base and primal hunger for it. Sex with a Sagittarius means this sign wants a best friend, sexual god(dess) and soulmate in one—a John Lennon and Yoko Ono love story. Below the belt, however, they’re all animal. You never know which head they’ll be thinking with from moment to moment.

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Sex with Capricorn

So you think you’ve found a straight-laced workaholic whose sexual fantasy involves an executive title and a corner office? Well, only if you’re using their mahogany desk as an erotic prop. Sex with a Capricorn is a lusty experience with a creature whose stoic exterior belies a deeply kinky streak. Don’t judge this book by its cover—at least not sexually.

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Sex with Aquarius

As with everything, sex with an Aquarius is an otherwordly adventure, limited only by your own imagination. They regard sex as a natural part of the human experience, and can easily separate “the act” from love. Although they may seem uptight, Aquarius has very few hang-ups. They’re like a sexual Dr. Seuss, dreaming up the most outrageous games.

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Sex with Pisces

Ready to make love? Sweet, sensual love? Light the candles, scatter the rose petals, and turn on some Barry White. Ohhhhhhh. Yeahhhhhh. Now baby, put on that sexy outfit they picked up for you. It fits perfectly, of course—Pisces knows your measurements. Sex with a Pisces is the kind that includes tender embraces, gentle caressing, heated massage oil and staring deep into each other’s eyes. If you both weep at the point of climax (which will be simultaneous, of course), don’t be surprised.

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