Sex with a Taurus

A guide to sex with a Taurus. What turns them on and turns them off?

When it comes to sex with a Taurus, this sensual sign is out to earn a varsity letter in it.

This sign knows they can deliver and they ooze sexual confidence. They’re always ready for an earthy roll in the hay with you. A slave to their senses, they love to taste, see, touch and smell. Your natural scent is the biggest turn-on. They love to inhale you, before and after sex. (If they don’t like your smell, however, consider it a dealbreaker.) Bulls are in no rush to finish, either. When they take you in, you’ll feel like the main dish in a lavish, seven-course meal. Patience is their sexual virtue.

Atmosphere is important to Taurus

They love to create a lush setting for you to tryst the night away. They’ll do rose petals, candles, pillows, hell—they might even break out a bearskin rug. A comfortable bed and clean, non-scratchy sheets are the absolute minimum requirement. An earth sign, sex with a Taurus might be an outdoor romp in the woods, provided you can find a comfortable enough place to spread out.

Since Taurus rules the neck and throat, you can expect a few grunts and growls of passion. They’ll often rev your motor by kissing your neck, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure. Keep a few turtlenecks in your wardrobe if you date a Taurus. Hickeys aren’t just for high school anymore. In the throes of passion, Bulls rarely realize their own strength.

The experimental side to Sex with a Taurus

When it comes to positions, Taurus can be more consistent than experimental. You get one of two styles: slow and sensual (they’ll start with a massage and go all night) or a charging Bull ramming into their target. What they lack in variety, they make up for in endurance—or imaginative foreplay. But you may be saddle sore after riding this mechanical Bull!

That’s not to say that they won’t get kinky. This sign will readily branch out, especially if you initiate it. Being a Bull, they’re familiar with a little cowhide, so feel free to break out the leather costumes and cuffs. Tease them with sexy outfits or a lap dance; they love when you put in a little effort to impress them. Still, they’d really rather just have you naked than play too many games. With this natural earth sign, your body is the main event. Sex with a Taurus is grab and go!

Taurus turn-ons

  • Be consistent. Taurus loves the familiar and hates sudden change
  • Be on time—when there’s a date on the books, this sign is punctual to a T!
  • Love music, art and be culturally literate all around
  • Genuinely admire them—make them feel brilliant and successful
  • Ask their advice and opinion and listen raptly
  • Express your truth passionately—they think wishy-washy people are weak
  • Be sensual, strong and classy
  • Love food and wine and be willing to indulge in both with them
  • Be fashionable, choosing elegant clothes with original flair
  • Massage their neck, head and shoulders
  • Run your life like a well-oiled machine, balancing family, work and fun
  • Make time to share life’s simple pleasures, like a sunset or a stroll
  • Be family-oriented
  • Be available when they need comfort, affection or attention
  • Be warm, real and down-to-earth
  • Call it like you see it (in a supportive, non-critical way)
  • Buy them expensive grooming products and always smell good!

Taurus turns-offs

  • Interrupting them when they’re talking
  • Talking too loud or make a scene
  • Having an empty refrigerator or a messy house
  • Trying to change them or tell them what to do
  • Complimenting them too often—they’ll think you have an agenda (do you?)
  • Being scared to disagree with them
  • Fighting just for fighting’s sake—Taurus needs peace!
  • Bing tacky or cheap
  • Not showering, or wearing a scent they hate—their sense of smell is unparalleled
  • Being cold or mysterious
  • Playing games or making them jealous—they’ll just leave
  • Coming between them and their family or friends
  • Showing them up, or embarrassing them publicly or making them look foolish in any way
  • Insisting on having the last word in an argument
  • Rushing them when they’re fussing with their appearance, which could take hours
  • Flirting with anyone else in front of them
  • Staying out all night or being nomadic in any way

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