Sex with a Scorpio

A guide to sex with a Scorpio. What turns them on and turns them off?

Like a drug, sex with a Scorpio can be addictive, a dragon you’ll chase for years after the first high. This sign knows the art of seduction, blasting you with their full attention then abruptly snatching it back. This awakens a primal part of the brain, triggering the very uncertainty that Oscar Wilde described as, “the very essence of romance.” Or maybe it’s more like the experiment that caused Pavlov’s dogs to salivate at the very thought of being fed. 

Scorpio: The zodiac’s sex sign

It’s the way a Scorpio looks at you, like you’ve changed their life, and nothing else matters but you. They’re confident in their prowess; after all, they ARE the zodiac’s uncontested sex sign. Sex with a Scorpio is a spiritual experience for this sign. Although they’ll have their flings, most prefer to give their entire focus to one partner, body and soul. They want to experience oneness on every level, to transcend their bodies while also being completely immersed in physical pleasure. One woman said that sex with her Scorpio boyfriend, “varies between being really grinding and dirty, and also being more spiritual and sensuous.”

Whatever their pleasure, Scorpio will be sure to describe it in detail for you, laying this information bare in conversation—and making you feel both titillated and discombobulated at once. Something tells you to keep this exchange under wraps, a naughty little secret the two of you share. Before long, the two of you will have constructed your own little world, one that you can’t stop thinking about, especially when the two of you are apart. It’s official: You’re under a Scorpio’s spell and it might take years of inner work (and romance rehab) to break it.

The experimental side to Sex with a Scorpio

Scorpios can also talk objectively about YOUR fantasies, almost like a research scientist. They’ll never judge. In fact, they may expand your sexual comfort zone significantly. They’re fascinated by your desires, and want to worship you like a goddess. If you want to explore your sexuality with a safe partner, Scorpio is an amazing teacher and guide. Even a short-term relationship—or a single night—with this sign can alter the course of your erotic future. True, this might require you to curb the very Scorpionic tendency of possessiveness and just open yourself up to the experience.

Then again, you might not have to. While pure sexual chemistry will never be enough to keep a Scorpio in your pocket. If you can engage them with your own alluring cat and mouse games, your magnetic interactions could evolve into a permanent bond. Make sure you really WANT a future before you open up their tender hearts! Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned. If they put you in the “for keeps” category, they may burn for you forever.

Scorpio turn ons

  • Dress in racy (but never trashy) clothes
  • Name-drop about your rich, famous and fabulous friends—Scorpio loves to be down with the hippest of the hipsters
  • Hold your own in conversations about world issues, music, literature and art
  • Be up on the latest cultural events, especially concerts and gallery openings
  • Read…the paper, poetry, novels, cultural criticisms, biographies of presidential candidates…and quote the books in conversation
  • Have your own domain that they can brag about; their lust for power includes a powerful partner
  • Tell them in graphic detail about your sexual experiences
  • Be a world traveler
  • Remain unfazed by their harsh or critical remarks: they’re testing you to see how vulnerable you are
  • Innocently pepper conversations with “secrets” about your lingerie collection, bikini waxing, or self-pleasuring preferences (hey will be fantasizing…and taking notes immediately)
  • Be slightly rejecting or distant at times—they love the thrill of pulling you close again
  • Bond with their friends—their seal of approval could make or break you
  • Side with them when they complain about people; that “us against the world” thing is one of their secret fantasies

Scorpio turn offs

  • Being over-eager and showing that you like them more than they like you
  • Always texting instead of calling; they love to talk and will find another conversation buddy if you’re not around
  • Crying in public or making a scene that could potentially humiliate them
  • Crossing the line from sexy into trashy
  • Making them look like a chump in front of their friends: instant deal-breaker
  • Refusing to visit them at their place; Scorpios are nesters and like to control the environment
  • Stirring up their abandonment issues by walking out on them during an argument (they won’t be home when you come back)
  • Acting high and mighty, like you’re more important than them—they’ll make it their mission to knock you off your pedestal
  • Start wearing boring underwear
  • Expecting them to pay for every date, or forget to say thank you when they do
  • Getting too excited when they start musing about marriage and children—they like talking about it, but that doesn’t mean they think you’re The One
  • Interrupting them when they’re pontificating about music, politics, or any of their obsessions. And no, not even if they’re been talking about the subject for two hours.
  • Making fun of their hobbies or their art
  • Refusing to talk about sex or your fantasies


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