Sex with a Cancer

A guide to sex with a Cancer. What turns them on and turns them off?

Let’s get this clear up front: sex with a Cancer is not usually a one-and-done. They’re not that type of lover. They’re sensitive to your needs and long to please you. This shiny-gold-star-earning teacher’s pet wants to figure out what will make you scream in absolute surrender. All this while showing you how to please them like the sexual deity you were born to be. Didn’t know you had it in you?

Cancer’s nurturing nature extends to the bedroom, as it turns out. Prepare to learn the ABC’s of everything from tender lovemaking to the live reenactment of your freakiest fantasy—fetishwear required. As the zodiac’s most undercover Alpha, Cancer will top you from the bottom, side or behind.

Cancer knows their way around a body

Have you ever seen the astrological symbol for Cancer? It looks like a 69. Indeed, the Cancer is talented with their tongue. The Cancer symbol also looks suspiciously like breasts, which makes sense since Cancer rules the chest. They’re all about the pecs and they’re not afraid to tell you which cut or curve is their favorite oral fixation. 

When the Cancer wants you, they can even get a little “grabby.” Those crab claws will circle your waist, and they’ll pull you as close as they can. They’re also gabby. They may seduce you with engaging banter or listen raptly as you prattle on about your latest drama. They lean in close or touch your arm as they pepper the conversation with insightful questions. Before you know it, you’re practically on top of each other, and well, you know how it goes from there.

Setting the scene is a must if you’re going to get Cancer into your bed. And your boudoir had better be well-appointed! Why else would Cancer leave the comfort of their oversized mattress, silky sheets and down comforter—not to mention the drawer stocked liberally with sexual accouterments. Oh, and the mini-fridge and bar they just installed? The Cancer bedroom is “a mood” unto itself, so step up your bedroom game (literally)- or just plan to spend every night together at their place.

The experimental side to Sex with a Cancer

Love a game of dress-up? Cancer will go for some light costumery. In fact, donning a new persona or role can ease their shyness. Many Cancers are great actors, since they feel safe revealing a wider spectrum of honesty when portraying an alter ego. Handcuffs or wrist-binding are a special favorite. After all, there’s nothing that turns a Cancer on more than knowing that you couldn’t possibly leave them.

Cancer turn ons

  • Show off your curves and bulges. They’re ruled by the Moon, so shimmy into that tight tank top and they’ll howl for your heavenly body
  • Have a wide-eyed innocence or childlike wonder of the world
  • But also be sensible and cynical, showing you have sound judgment and won’t put them or your future family in harm’s way
  • Be a foodie who loves to eat and cook
  • Ask for their guidance on any life situation and put their advice to use
  • Be vibrant, effusive, and full of life; they need a bubbly, active mate
  • Gush about your family and ask them all about theirs
  • Have an interesting hobby
  • Take classes that you can talk about with them
  • Be well-read and culturally literate
  • Believe in true love and fairy tale romance
  • Gaze at them with a gooey, “you complete me” stare (these words WERE uttered by Cancer Tom Cruise, after all)
  • Have a homemaker streak and a dash of spice
  • Ask them to help you fix up your home

Cancer turn offs

  • Being jaded, hardened or cynical
  • Having a career or life that’s too well defined so they can’t see a way to contribute to you
  • Insisting on fixing everything around the house yourself
  • Being jealous of their old friends or attempt to interfere with those relationships
  • Declaring chivalry dead
  • Patronizing them—THEY’RE the mother figure in this relationship
  • Talking smack about their mama, even if they said they hate her—you’ll never replace the “other woman” in their life and you should never try
  • Having zero interest in pampering, grooming, or self-care
  • Criticizing their taste in writing, art, or music…they’ll consider it an attack on their emotions
  • Cutting them down when they’re grandstanding, clowning, or showing off
  • Refusing to go camping, sailing, hiking, snowboarding, etc., with them
  • Telling them what to do; even well-meaning, unsolicited advice will cause them to rebel
  • Blabbing their secrets or personal information (even innocently) to other people—crabs HATE being exposed
  • Laughing or teasing them for their poetic sentiment…or anything for that matter!
  • Turning down invites to hang out with their family…especially their mother or sisters

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