Sex with an Aries

A guide to sex with an Aries. What turns them on and turns them off?

If there’s one thing the Aries is known for, it’s their libido. They’re incredibly physical, and they’ll take any opportunity to shed their clothes. This sign could screw all day long, and if they’re not having sex, they’ll think or talk about it non-stop.

Aries chase the ultimate high

As with everything, Aries is always chasing the ultimate high: an idealized moment of bliss where pure love and ecstasy conjoin, where their noisy mind finally shuts up and they surrender to their senses. Sex with an Aries is no different.

They can’t stand restrictions—and that means anything from sexual inhibitions to condoms to time limits. Aries loves the rapture of feeling completely free. One Aries said he had the best orgasms while trying to get his wife pregnant.

Since Aries rules the mind, their imagination is boundless when it comes to sex. “For me, dirty talk, when done right, is irresistible,” says one Ram. “And this might be cliche, but there’s something about fishnets that I can’t shake.”

The experimental side to Sex with an Aries

Their mind wanders into “taboo” territory, which usually freaks them out and entices them all at once. Most Aries dream of open relationships and threesomes, but they’re too loyal to do it in reality—unless there’s a willing partner. They need a mate with a high sex drive who’s willing to act out their fantasies.

“One time, a girl I was seeing came over wearing nothing but a trench coat, knocked on my door, and we ended up screwing for hours,” recalls one Aries. But this sign can also become easily paranoid, in sometimes completely irrational ways. There can also be performance anxiety for Aries. A patient, non-critical, receptive partner is ideal for this sign.

There’s an experimental side to Aries that can lead them into all sorts of adventures. Like a daring warrior, they need to try everything once. It’s as though they need to commune with their own raw, uninhibited, sexuality in its basest form—to skip the tenderness and get down to unvarnished, aggressive romp. Any sort of label is too limiting for Aries. They’re just sexual in an energetic way, and energy seeks whatever it wants without judgment.

 Aries turn-ons

  • Respect yourself—have an inner grace and self-assuredness
  • Tease and flirt, but let them pursue you
  • Be direct, bold and outspoken about your sexual desires
  • Talk dirty in bed
  • Let them be dominant in some areas
  • See the glass as half-full: express a sincere sense of wonder and awe, without being overly naïve
  • Share their sense of adventure
  • Be passionate about your life and what you do
  • Have credentials they admire
  • Worship them
  • Think outside the box
  • Have a strong sense of social justice
  • Laugh at their jokes

Aries turn-offs

  • Having sexual hang-ups or a prudish nature
  • Trying to control their sexual appetite or forbid porn
  • Preventing them from going out at night or hanging out with their friends
  • Being jealous of their fantasies or when they admire other people
  • Embarrassing them in public
  • Bossing them around
  • Pursuing them too heavily
  • Telling them to “grow up” or that they’re acting childish
  • Having bad breath, body odor or other poor hygiene
  • Challenging them too much
  • Denying them the attention or the affection they crave
  • Flirting with other people while in their presence
  • Pressuring them to have kids, to move in together, or to live a traditional life

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