Sex with an Aquarius

A guide to sex with an Aquarius. What turns them on and turns them off?

As with everything, sex with an Aquarius is an otherwordly adventure, limited only by your own imagination. They regard sex as a natural part of the human experience, and can easily separate “the act” from love. Although they may seem uptight, Aquarius has very few hang-ups. They’re like a sexual Dr. Seuss, dreaming up the most outrageous games.

Futuristic Aquarius likes to experiment

Sex with an Aquarius can be a journey through gender roles, power and the unexamined side of human desire. Because they can detach from the touchy-feely, “love-making” aspect of sex more easily than other signs, they’re willing to turn this exploration into scientific research. At times, they can be a little rough in the sack. (Who wants a spanking?) This is the sign who might secretly visit a Dominatrix to unleash their control issues. “We make appointments for sex because my Aquarius partner has these elaborate scenarios to act out, complete with props,” said one woman. “They’re very kinky in bed; they like to tie me up.”

As the sign that rules technology, Aquarius loves a good sex toy, and may even whip out a battery-powered gadget from their own arsenal on the first date. “One of my favorite things,” said one Aquarius, “is to visit an adult store on a date. I like to talk to people about what’s new, hear their recommendations. I once took a girlfriend out for a great birthday dinner then ended the night at a sex toy shop. She picked out a vibrator and that was her present.”

Not exactly romantic in the fairy-tale novel sense, but that’s sex with an Aquarius—champion of sexual liberation. They want you to be independent, and the idea of you satisfying yourself without them will only turn them on, not to mention stoke their competitive nature. They love to be wanted, but you can stop right there. Neediness is a drag in their world. As much of a Pocket Rocket as they can be, the Aquarius may go through unavailable spells. Maybe they’re juice fasting, solving the mystery of Atlantis, obsessing over their career. When they’re consumed by an intellectual pursuit they may have little interest in sex. During those times, they expect you to know how to get off without them.

The experimental side to Sex with an Aquarius

Since Aquarius is the sign of groups, they may dabble in orgies, partner swapping, and (their favorite) threesomes—or at least, they’ll fantasize about it. Sex is always casual for Aquarius, even when they’re deeply in love. And yet, it never is, either. They want to experience spiritual elevation, and since they spend so much time lost in their heads, they need to connect to their bodies first. Sex is the quickest path. Still, experimenting and learning are always part of the package for Aquarius. Once they’re in love, they may dabble in tantric sex, or find ways to keep things interesting and off the beaten path. Keep an open mind. They will!

Aquarius turn ons

  • Be an independent go-getter who can hold their own
  • Have an accomplished career—success is an aphrodisiac for them
  • Think outside the box
  • Have a few scandals under your belt that you’ve lived through and learned from
  • Let Aquarius teach you something
  • Pursue separate interests, then bring them back to the relationship
  • Be spiritually evolved
  • Prioritize fun and adventure
  • Exude confidence: they love a boss babe or baller
  • Take care of your body—be fit and sporty
  • Travel, often, and always explore your destination
  • Join them on spontaneous adventures—always be ready to go
  • Admire their offbeat lifestyle and don’t give them flack about their random work hours
  • Be warm and nurturing, but never smothering
  • Tell them your kinkiest fantasies and let them help you realize them

Aquarius turn offs

  • Being cynical, skeptical or too much of a realist
  • Giving them unsolicited advice or telling them how to run their life
  • Pressuring them to marry you, have kids or follow your timeline
  • Being a lost soul with no path, vision or life direction
  • Being materialistic, fussy or high-maintenance
  • Having no interest in spiritual or metaphysical issues
  • Criticizing or laugh at them
  • Scoffing at their passion and rolling your eyes at their jokes
  • Being too free-spirited or cold, with no nurturing instinct at all

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