Sex with a Gemini

A guide to sex with a Gemini. What turns them on and turns them off?

Gemini is mutuality-minded, and so sex with a Gemini can be a give-and-take. They’re also big on communication both in and out of bed. Talk dirty and vocalize your pleasure. Tell them where to touch you and get them to tell you where their spots are too. Since your voice will be a major turn-on, seduce your Twin with racy audio memos during the day. Just get their imagination going. They’ll be home from work early! 

Gemini rules the hands, and they know exactly what to do with whatever ends up in them. They also respond well to your touch, so be sure to return the favor with a massage or lots of caressing. Kiss or nibble on their fingers if you want to give them an extra thrill.

Gemini’s curiosity can take many forms

They may keep your sex in semi-vanilla territory, while they save their most outrageous fantasies for themselves. As we said, Gemini rules the hands—so they can always find a willing “partner,” if you will. With their love of the Internet, they may prefer to download before they can unload. Take our word: just let them. Many people get jealous of their Gemini’s fantasy material, but don’t freak out. They’ve got room in their vast sexual universe for whatever you’re serving!

If you think it won’t freak them out, you could learn how to give a lapdance, then surprise them. “I am a big fan of dirty talk, and when there’s a trust there, I love acting like porn stars together,” said one Gemini. But just because your Twin goes wild, doesn’t mean you should install a pole and an adult swing set in the bedroom. The key with sex with a Gemini is variety. Even Gemini rocker Dave Navarro divorced Pussycat Doll ex-wife Carmen Electra (a Taurus), and she pioneered the pole-dancing craze. Keep them guessing, waiting, wondering a little. Throw in a costume or two, and remember that spontaneous, unpredictable sex with a Gemini is always their favorite kind.

The experimental side to Sex with a Gemini

The thrill of almost getting caught will drive Gemini’s inner daredevil wild, too. A semi-public tryst will always be memorable. “My favorite sexual experience was hiking six miles to the top of a waterfall in Yosemite national park,” recalls one Gemini. “We reached the top with a bunch of random strangers who all rested at one peak, then climbed a little bit higher to a pool of ice cold water, where we got naked and had sex on a roasting hot slab of rock that was up against the ice cold pool… dipping in and out of the pool with everyone just out of ear shot below us. HOT!”

Gemini turn ons

  • Be up on current events, the latest books and music
  • Have a big, ambitious project that gives your life purpose and passion
  • Have a beautiful voice and hands
  • Be intelligent and observant
  • Call them on their shit, but do so in a playful way
  • Appreciate and compliment their ideas and intellect
  • Give them constructive criticism and support their creativity
  • Listen to their demo, read their screenplay, attend their launch parties
  • Understand their need for variety
  • Give them lots of time to themselves
  • Be their best friend and perfect complement

Gemini turn offs

  • Having a shrill, piercing or annoying voice
  • Lacking edginess, and being too wholesome, sweet or naïve
  • Letting them get away with murder—they want you to be onto their game (mostly, anyhow)
  • Nagging or bossing them around too much
  • Being insecure or needy
  • Losing your autonomy: wanting to do everything together, or being two halves of a whole 24/7 rather than two whole, separate people (sometimes)
  • Suggesting they “grow up” and getting a traditional 9-to-5 job
  • Eating an unhealthy diet
  • Neglecting your fitness or appearance
  • Making them dress up or play along with family politics
  • Showing no interest in the trivia and hobbies they enjoy
  • Needing them to financially support you
  • Expecting to be spoiled, coddled, and paid for 100% of the time—they need give and take
  • Demanding consistency or trying to put them in a neat little checkbox

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