Sex with a Sagittarius

A guide to sex with a Sagittarius. What turns them on and turns them off?

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur, which is half human and half animal. This sign has an idealized vision of sex, along with a very base and primal hunger for it. Sex with a Sagittarius means this sign wants a best friend, sexual god(dess) and soulmate in one—a John Lennon and Yoko Ono love story. Below the belt, however, they’re all animal. You never know which head they’ll be thinking with from moment to moment.

While they hold fast to their vision, Sagittarius also knows that finding a soulmate can take a decade or six. In the meantime, they’ve got to get laid—and so they do. Impulsive Sagittarius is famous for screwing first and asking questions later. With their rose-colored glasses and huge appetites, they become enchanted a little too quickly. Swept up in the moment, they leap into bed, only to regret it in the morning. Still, they’re impossible to reform. Rash, brash and headstrong are their undying traits.

Sagittarius sex is a little academic

Sagittarius rules morals and religion, and they can be shockingly prudish in moments. They’re not big on kink, especially if they feel it is degrading. Save your whips, chains and bondage for the Halloween party Sagittarius throws every year. They might open their mind if there’s an academic reason behind your fetishes and elaborate sexuality. For example, if you teach people to masturbate because you believe it’s a form of trauma-informed healing—or you moonlight as a sex worker while working on a Masters degree and a memoir on power and gender—they can intellectualize it enough to explore.

There’s a crunchy hippie in every Sagittarius, and they’re a no-muss/no-fuss sign in the sack. Skip the perfumes and colognes, soft lighting, and elaborate lingerie or outfits to have sex with a Sagittarius. It’s all about immediate gratification for this sign. They don’t want to wait all night for you to unhook a corset or tease them for hours with a riding crop. As one Sagittarius puts it, “I just want someone to get hot and sloppy with.” The sooner you’re naked and rolling around skin on skin, the better.

Sagittarius loves to learn, and they may go through a phase where they study sexual techniques, like tantra and orgasmic massage. Eventually, though, they may bore with all the details and return to the down and dirty basics. In other words: strip naked and screw like rabbits in your favorite positions. It worked for thousands of years, after all. Why stray?

The experimental side to Sex with a Sagittarius

The best way to mix up sex with a Sagittarius? Vary your location rather than your technique. Sagittarius is the travel sign, so a little vacation nookie goes far. Pull them away from their laptop and projects. Take them out into an open field, pull over on a deserted highway during a road trip, or rent a rustic-chic cabana surrounded by jungle and ocean. Only in the expansive outdoors do they reconnect with their wild, untamed spirit. You’re more likely to have great sex by the light of a campfire or the glow of a full moon. So fetch yourself some firewood and grab your sleeping bag. Instead of a five-star hotel, you could hook up under a sky filled with brilliant stars. Come on—where’s your sense of adventure?

Sagittarius turn ons

  • Joie de vivre: be spontaneous, free-spirited and in love with life
  • Look on the bright side of every situation
  • Share books, ideas and knowledge
  • Keep them laughing; have a killer sense of humor
  • Bring new, exciting adventure and growth to their world
  • Be a foodie or adventurous eater
  • Proposition them
  • Show some skin—and make sure it’s gleaming
  • Have well-established hobbies, career and interests that you love at least as much as you love them
  • Engage in ongoing personal development, education and self-awareness
  • Be self-sufficient: own a power drill, a vibrator, and pay all your bills
  • Keep it natural—light makeup, short fingernails, wash and wear wardrobe
  • Be active and spontaneous, ready to take an exploratory walk or bike ride at a moment’s notice

Sagittarius turn offs

  • Being overly practical or schedule-obsessed
  • Being predictable (eat, do, wear the same thing again and again)
  • Taking too long getting ready or fussing with your appearance
  • Overspending (by their standards) on your clothes, shoes, haircuts or appearance
  • Showing no interest in reading
  • Being a neat freak or high-maintenance
  • Lacking warmth, depth or passion
  • Picking fights or criticizing them—there are so many other things you should be talking about,  why drama?
  • Being overly dependent on your parents; they need you to think for yourself
  • Demanding too much attention—they can’t stand to be distracted from their big-picture projects and plans
  • Being thin-skinned and easily offended by their crude or tactless remarks
  • Insisting they dress up in formalwear more than once a decade
  • Prefering trendy “scene” hangouts to low-key lounges or restaurants
  • Wasting their money or time
  • Taking them for granted
  • Being a diva in any way

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