Sex with a Capricorn

A guide to sex with a Capricorn. What turns them on and turns them off?

So you think you’ve found a straight-laced workaholic whose sexual fantasy involves an executive title and a corner office? Well, only if you’re using their mahogany desk as an erotic prop. Sex with a Capricorn is a lusty experience with a creature whose stoic exterior belies a deeply kinky streak. Don’t judge this book by its cover—at least not sexually. As one Capricorn explains, it takes them a long time to open up and feel comfortable, and sex helps. “Sometimes it’s easier to express my feelings physically than verbally,” they said.

Capricorn is often good to go

Once the ice is broken, the Capricorn is pretty much an anytime, anyplace kind of sign. Alright, they’re total horn-dogs. When they’re in the mood, they’ve got to have you. Spend a little time with them and you’ll quickly get wind of their sexual charisma. Nobody can undress you with their eyes quite like this sign. Sex with a Capricorn can be a little unemotional, even rough at times. This is the Goat, after all. They may just ram right into you like their symbolic animal.

For career-oriented Capricorn, the boardroom and the bedroom can become one and the same. This sign often ends up marrying a colleague or bringing their partner in to help run their businesses with them. And hey, a quickie between conference calls or high-powered meetings is a great “productivity technique.” Truth is, a little noonday nookie is about the only thing that can distract them from their careers. Hard as they hustle, sex with a Capricorn is their favorite way to blow off steam. So catch them as they’re snapping their laptop shut and remind them that all work and no play makes Cap a very, very dull Goat.

The experimental side to Sex with a Capricorn

Got a fetish? You’re in luck. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of repression, their bottled-up issues come out behind closed doors—and eventually in public if they’re free enough to go there. Chips, dips, chains or whips, they’ve got no sexual taboos. Some Capricorns even veer into more “gourmet” territory with their treasure trove of fetishes. You might come home after five years of marriage to find your “straight-laced investment banker” wearing your fishnets and heels (and looking better in them than you—bastard!).

BDSM isn’t off-limits to this connoisseur of kink. Of course, you may have to initiate the first round of master-and-servant games. Once they cross the threshold, their moves could make a dominatrix blush. As one Capricorn put it, “I’m not gonna be like, ‘This is my dungeon.’ But if you have a dungeon, I’d be happy to play in it.”

Capricorn turn ons

  • Share your vulnerability and solicit their wisdom
  • Make them feel like a powerful god(dess) or superhero
  • Be quirky and full of contradictions; they’ll get off on teasing and correcting you
  • Admire them, honestly…this sign can sniff out a fake compliment and hates them
  • Be neat as a pin and a borderline clean freak
  • Dress in classy and sophisticated clothes, splurge on expensive underthings and lingerie
  • Balance your need for togetherness with an independent spirit
  • Be a success in your own field…a different field than their
  • Show this family-oriented sign that you’ll be a good partner and parent
  • Have a current or past career as a model 
  • Sleep in with them on Saturday and wake them up with morning sex
  • Fit in neatly with their friends and surroundings—this sign wants a no-fuss, natural fit
  • Work at their office so they can conveniently shag you between meetings
  • Be well-read and well-traveled, a trophy they can bring to those company functions
  • Have a slightly edgy, somewhat dicey past—they’ll be intrigued…if you’re discreet
  • Cook for them; they’re probably too busy to do it for themselves
  • Be ready to travel on a moment’s notice when their spontaneous wanderlust strikes and they want someone to share it with

Capricorn turn offs

  • Refusing to lean on them or let them be your rock
  • Calling them in the middle of work and expecting them to drop everything and talk to you
  • Being too preppy or dressed-down: Capricorn wants someone with style
  • Getting caught up in gossip or catty chatter—they’ll consider you “beneath them”
  • Competing with them, especially at work!
  • Being too busy to accompany them on spontaneous dates and vacations—they’ll invite someone else along if you say no too many times
  • Acting needy or have no ambition of your own
  • Interrupting them while they’re practicing or rehearsing, even if it’s “just a hobby”—this sign takes everything they do seriously
  • Criticizing their family or childhood friends; question them when they give money to their relatives
  • Being an impediment to their daily routines, or worse yet, try to change them!
  • Inviting yourself along for their nights out with friends or try to stop them from going

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