Sex with a Leo

A guide to sex with a Leo. What turns them on and turns them off?

Sex with a Leo is a grand performance. They take great pride in their prowess. Leos love to set the stage for their regal romps, and may even design their bedrooms like elaborate movie sets. One Leo we know has a disco ball, black lights and mirrored walls in their boudoir—plus an elaborate stereo system, since music gets them in the mood. (Every great performance needs a soundtrack, right?) Another Leo fashioned her room into a Moroccan-style harem tent, with burnt-orange walls, silk pillows all over the floor, and sensual fabric draped around the mattress.

Leos are as playful in bed as anywhere else

They want to roll around like two mating lions on the savannah, pawing and clawing at each other, tugging at your hair, biting and scratching. The only lube you’ll need is ointment…for the claw marks they leave on your back. They’ll throw in a few acrobatic stunts for flair, then lift you up and carry you into every room of the house. Stretch out beforehand—you’ll need to be limber!

While Leos sweep you away in passionate, romantic affection, make no mistake—they’re still the stars of this production. This is the sign who will take you from behind in front of the vanity, if only to admire their own body moving in time with yours.

The experimental side to Sex with a Leo

You notice a red light when you roll on your back: Leo has tapped the record button. (Fortunately, it’s pointed at them.) Mirrors on the ceiling? Check. An element of risk is a turn-on for thrill-seeking Leo. They love a hint of exhibitionism, and if they get caught mid-act, so what? It just makes them feel like more of a porn, er, rock star.

In some cases, Leo can be a fat cat who’s so focused on their own needs, you start to feel like a stage prop. Don’t give them any electronic competition, either. “God forbid I suggested using sex toys,” one woman shares of her Leo ex. “He took it personally—like, ‘Why would you need those? You have me.’”

This jungle royal wants the pick of the litter. You can never “let yourself go” with this sign. To keep their attraction, you have to keep making an effort, even if they don’t. You wouldn’t walk the red carpet without full hair and makeup, would you? So if they roll theirs out for you, they expect a proper presentation. Don’t skimp on the bells and whistles. Sex with a Leo is basically that every time has to be an event. How better to celebrate than by setting off some passionate fireworks together?

Leo turn ons

  • Rub their head, run your fingers through their hair
  • Spoil and pamper them with beauty treatments, spas, grooming
  • Share an indulgent meal
  • Dress in glamorous, sexy, risqué outfits
  • Massage them (Leo rules the back)
  • Cook elaborate feasts for them
  • Sugar mama/daddy them a little—they like to be treated as much as they like to treat you
  • Boss them around (playfully only)
  • Challenge them to games—laser tag, anyone?
  • Be intelligent and ambitious
  • Be loyal and family-oriented
  • Listen to the sound of their voice
  • Mirror back their greatness
  • Go on “playdates” like bowling, roller skating, sledding, etc.
  • Give them their daily dose of sex

Leo turn offs

  • Neglecting your appearance
  • Dressing in frumpy, figure-hiding styles
  • Embarrassing them in public
  • Competing with them and win, making them look bad
  • Being overly submissive
  • Being behind the times, especially when it comes to politics
  • Being dull and uninterested in personal growth
  • Having no awareness of the arts
  • Being overly practical or unsentimental
  • Having a low sex drive
  • Being a homebody or shut-in
  • Having no sense of family
  • Being over-the-top or crazy (in a way that requires too much attention)
  • Upstaging them
  • Laughing at their poetic sentiment
  • Being jaded and cynical
  • Refusing to believe that dreams come true
  • Raining on their parade

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