Sex with a Libra

A guide to sex with a Libra. What turns them on and turns them off?

Nice people finish last, and in Libra’s case, it’s a good thing. Unless you’re the “wham, bam,” type, you’ll enjoy the slow-jamming sensual style of sex with a Libra. They’ll pet and caress you, love you tenderly, kiss you slowly for hours. Libra may even seduce you by offering a skillful massage. They can Shiatsu your defenses away so well, you’ll be begging for their sweet, sweet lovin’.

Libra’s free-loving spirit

Your Libra could look a little high-maintenance on the outside. But rip off their pastel Brooks Brothers shirt—or peel them out of their body-con layers of bandage dresses and shapewear—and you’re bound to discover a shiny set of nipple rings or a sexy tattoo. It’s all about balancing the opposing forces for Libra. And since they’re usually so well behaved by day, imagine how naughty they can be once the lights go out.

The experimental side to Sex with a Libra

There’s a bit of a hippie in every Libra (no matter how clean-cut they look), and they can be free-loving swingers in their exploratory days. Beauty is beauty, and Libra knows how to appreciate it in many fine forms. You might even find them in the midst of a threesome, enjoying their role as the middleman (read: being pleasured from all sides). Bonus: they can avoid committing or making a choice, and still get laid. When it comes to sex with a Libra, this sign is glad to multitask.

Libras love beauty, and they have a voyeuristic side. Perhaps they’ll want to paint, sculpt or photograph you in the nude. Or, like Libra Tommy Lee famously did with Pamela Anderson, they might even record. (And lest we forget, Libra Kim Kardashian’s sex tape did nothing to prevent the launch of her career.) The Libra can get off by watching you dance around seductively, especially if you give them a rear view. Expect a performance in return—and if you’re vocally appreciative, there will be encores. They might even enjoy a light spanking, or a side of dirty talk.

Libras are the zodiac’s “gourmets,” and we’ve met a few Libras with highbrow fetishes and fantasies. Usually, they have the sense to explore these in downloadable or streaming format, rather than request that you act out these nefarious scenarios. They’re so damn polite in real life that fantasizing about domination, even humiliation, balances out too much of their subdued posture. Of course, they may feel terribly guilty about enjoying their chosen smut. But hey, only you will ultimately benefit, since they’ll overcompensate by pleasuring you for an extra hour.

Libra turn ons

  • Be well-balanced and even-tempered with a little bit of edge
  • Share their taste in music, books, art
  • Elevate your natural beauty and looks without going cheap
  • Be a sweet, angelic saint that their family adores
  • Call them on their B.S. while telling them how great they are
  • Swoon at their romantic gifts—the oversized flower arrangements, the framed photos of your special moments, the poetry you inspire them to write
  • Be someone they want to grow old with
  • Spoil them, especially in bed
  • Let them play “mommy” or “daddy” and drive you home or call you cutesy nicknames
  • Embrace your diva side—spend quality time on pampering, grooming, and choosing your outfit
  • Know about luxury brands, cultural cognoscenti, and insider news; be something of a snob
  • Take full responsibility for your part of the relationship (they need you to play fair)
  • Listen to them wax philosophical for hours

Libra turn offs

  • Rushing or pressure them to make up their minds about anything
  • Having bad manners, hygiene and taste
  • Growing body hair like your name is Rapunzel
  • Talking in a loud, obnoxious voice that they can’t tune out
  • Disrupting their peace when they’re reading, sleeping or having a meditative moment
  • Arguing or causing unnecessary conflict
  • Clashing with their parents and siblings
  • Refusing to spend a few extra dollars on organic groceries and products
  • Demanding a ring or a proposal before they’re ready (What? It’s only been 8 years!)
  • Being overly practical, especially about clothing and deny them access to luxury goods
  • Killing the magic by scoffing at romance
  • Shopping anywhere that rayon or synthetic fabrics predominate
  • Being rude or indifferent to animals, children, homeless people, service workers

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