Sex with a Pisces

A guide to sex with a Pisces. What turns them on and turns them off?

Ready to make love? Sweet, sensual love? Light the candles, scatter the rose petals, and turn on some Barry White. Ohhhhhhh. Yeahhhhhh. Now baby, put on that sexy outfit they picked up for you. It fits perfectly, of course—Pisces knows your measurements. Sex with a Pisces is the kind that includes tender embraces, gentle caressing, heated massage oil and staring deep into each other’s eyes. If you both weep at the point of climax (which will be simultaneous, of course), don’t be surprised.

Pisces sex vs. Pisces fantasy sex

This enchanting creature, of course, has another side that’s not so tenderly devoted. At some point in their life, the Pisces’s curiosity starts to nag at them. “It’s great to make love,” said the devil on their shoulder. “But what about the kinkier stuff? Don’t you want to let loose and get really nasty? Do the things you’d never dream of asking your high school sweetheart to do?”

They’ll either repress that urge, or dive down to the murkiest part of their desires. Pisces is drawn to the taboo side of sex that’s all about power and control, domination and submission—the themes of their life, basically. Often, sex is an arena where those issues all get worked out. They can fall into the seamy sexual underworld for a spell, though fortunately, they’re usually far too sensitive to stay there.

The experimental side to Sex with a Pisces

For Pisces, the harder stuff is best left in the fantasy realm. They might fantasize about S&M, dressing in leather and being blindfolded while you touch every part of them. They might watch the most offensive, hardcore, fetish porn. But if they cross the line into reality, this play can be too much for their sensitive nature to handle. Or it can send them down a slippery slope that reactivates childhood trauma—without a safeword or a supportive partner.

The bait of sexual danger will always be alluring, but knowing it’s attached to their ultimate downfall usually prevents Pisces from nibbling again. Represented by a pair of dueling Fish, the “other” Pisces is a fairy-tale romantic who just wants to experience their first kiss again and again. Of course, they might need to hit bottom before they swim to clear waters and realize that a middle ground might be the best place to “float.” 

Pisces turn ons

  • Be a powerhouse who’s a little intimidating
  • Handle the details they hate (bills, budgets, doctor appointments)
  • Give them solitude when they need it, affection other times
  • Indulge in fairy-tale romance with them, no rushing allowed!
  • Play come-here-now-go-away mind games—draw them near, then coolly reject them
  • Be the envy of their friends (they’re easily influenced by outside opinions)
  • Be neat, organized and polished
  • Nurture and mother them to a degree
  • Have a brilliant, sharp-shooting and snarky sense of humor
  • Be edgy, artistic or part of an underground scene
  • Be somehow out of their league (in their opinion): the cool kid they pined for but could never get in high school, a model, a superstar
  • Have excellent taste in shoes (they’ve got a foot fetish!)

Pisces turn offs

  • Having no life or pursuits of your own
  • Expecting them to be the breadwinner if they’re an “artiste”
  • Having bad taste in clothes, shoes and music
  • Putting them on a pedestal (they want to worship you)
  • Pressuring them to commit to you, or anything, before they’re ready
  • Being too similar to them (they love the exotic, mysterious and things they can’t figure out)
  • Having an explosive or overwrought temper—shouting, bursting into tears, disturbing their peaceful groove
  • Accusing them of something they didn’t do
  • Playing the victim (that’s their job, thank you)
  • Shooting down their romantic gestures
  • Being too emotional and emotionally available
  • Bringing too much reality into their world (deadlines, debt, etc.)

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