The Descendant in Astrology: Your Relationship “Personality”

The Descendant is your relationship rising sign. Where the Descendant in your birth chart and what does it mean?

So you’ve finally decided to make things official with your true love and now it’s a “real” relationship. You signed a deal with your dream business partner and it’s officially showtime. Bottom line: You’re in an exclusive relationship…and suddenly things feel…different. 

This is not the smooth and giddy terrain of the honeymoon phase. Practical needs are part of the picture and you want to support each other in the best possible way. So how can you integrate your “other half” into your game plan, and show up as a true champion for them? Once again, astrology has answers. 

What is the Descendant in astrology?

Behold, the Descendant (DC)—the doorway to your seventh house of relationships. The Descendant is located at the 3 o’clock point on your chart—AKA the cusp, or beginning line of your seventh house. It sits directly opposite your Ascendant (AC) (rising sign), which is at 9 o’clock on the wheel.

We call it your relationship “rising sign” because it can bring clues about committed relationships: What you need in a long-term partner and what kind of partnership will make you happy.

Placement of the Descendant on the zodiac wheel of houses.

Where do I find the Descendant?

The Descendant is exactly opposite your Ascendant on the zodiac wheel. It’s in the opposite zodiac sign and is on the cusp of the opposite house. Perhaps this explains why your “relationship personality” feels so different than your solo time personality.

While the Ascendant governs your self-authorized impulses, your Descendant guides your relationship desires. Understanding your Descendant may prove the theory that opposites attract. (So that’s why your partners never quite mesh with your friend group—it’s really okay!) Searching for someone who has the qualities of your Descendant can actually bring a wonderful sense of balance and grounding into your life.

An example of the Descendant using celebrity RuPaul

Sagittarius Descendant (DC)

Note that the 7th house cusp—the line at 3 o’clock on Ru’s chart—intersects with the Sagittarius symbol in the outer ring of the wheel. This is how we determine the zodiac sign Descendant. 

RuPaul’s birth chart showing the Descendant

With the Descendant in worldly, liberated Sagittarius, RuPaul dated Australian husband Georges LeBar for 23 years before tying the knot in 2017. Having this fun-loving and free-spirited zodiac sign as a Descendant might explain why their love affair began at the legendary NYC nightclub Limelight. Ru’s relationship with LeBar, who is a rancher in Wyoming, has been largely long-distance—kind of perfect for RuPaul’s travel-loving Sagittarius DC. LeBar’s outdoorsy lifestyle could be a sexy Sagittarius-fueled draw for Ru, who doffs the drag for Western-wear when hanging out at the hubby’s 6,000-acre ranch.  

How to find your Descendant in your birth chart

Just like the Ascendant (AC), however, you will need to know your time of birth to find your accurate Descendant (DC). Find the zodiac sign in the outer ring of your chart that intersects the 7th house cusp (border), or the 3 o’clock point on your chart. If you know your Ascendant, your Descendant will be in its opposite sign.

Or you can use our cosmic calculator to easily find the Descendant here!


What the Descendant means in each zodiac sign

Aries Descendant

Where’s the fire? When it comes to love, you are passionate, immediate and get in (and out of) relationships quickly. Before you settle down, you may have a long list of short-term relationships. Hey, you’re an “experiential learner.” In order to remain interested, you need a partner who brings lots of adventure and excitement to remain interested. You want your partner’s undivided attention, and it wouldn’t hurt if they thought you walked on water. Retaining a semblance of independence is equally important and you want your partner to have a full, interesting life, too. Autonomy makes the heart grow fonder. Just make sure you have a few “all about us” rituals in place so your separate lives don’t push you too far apart.

Taurus Descendant

Turn on those slow jams. Unhurried sensuality is a must for getting you in the mood and keeping you around. You love to stop and smell the roses with your partner. Eventually, you’ll plant a garden full of them as you create a comfortable, beautiful home life with your mate. With this traditional Descendant, you will honor every anniversary, holiday and special occasion. Your family room will be bustling and your dining table a “high-traffic” area of the home. Since you don’t do well with gray areas or scarcity, shared values and a partner with a solid work ethic are a must. You need a provider who brings stability to your life. Knowing someone’s got your back helps you relax into the stress-free, sensual groove in which you delight. 

Gemini Descendent

Welcome to the communication station! From nonstop texts to all-night philosophical conversations about life, you never want to run out of things to talk about with your partner. Friendship is an essential component of romantic relationships, so look for a BFF and a lover in one. Socializing as a pair is a must, so if your partner doesn’t share your taste in music or idea of a good time, you may struggle to keep things afloat.  You love having a mutual friend group for traveling, partying and gossipping about. Even though you could spend 24/7 with your other half, make sure you have enough outside interests to avoid suffocating each other. Developing yourself gives you fresh material to bring back to the relationship. Since variety is the spice of your love life, fill your shared calendar with endless cultural activities and playdates. With the sign of the twins ruling this realm, you may be the couple that’s always rocking matching outfits—or at least coordinating your color schemes in a way that makes it obvious that you’re a unit.

Cancer Descendent

When it comes to relationships, you can be a total mushball, falling head over heels for the strong-yet-sensitive soul who can sweep you off your feet—and away from all the dutiful obligations that consume you with worry. With your tender heart, you aren’t quick to reveal your softer side. Before you’ll open up, you must be certain that your emotions will be heard, honored and respected. The right relationship becomes a safe harbor for you to relax and “just be.” Family-oriented and nurturing, you play the caretaker role for your partner at times—a double-edged sword if you veer into codependent terrain. You’ll readily welcome their relatives, friends and kids from past relationships. Your ideal romantic scenario involves domestic bliss, sharing incredible meals, and nesting with your boo during your downtime. Being near water or on the beach will get you in the mood for amour, so be sure to take regular vacations in these relaxing locations.

Leo Descendent

Your relationships can be colorful and dramatic, occasionally veering into tabloid worthy terrain. But hey, you wouldn’t have it any other way. This Descendant gives you a thirst for drama and once you figure out how to dial it to the right setting, you’ll be half of the most playful couple on the planet. Bring on the fun factor! You’ll bond through the years by dressing up for glamorous dates, enjoying concerts, plays and other cultural activities. Party at your place. When coupled up, there’s nothing you love more than hosting BBQs and parties for all your mutual friends and relatives. Bring on the Words of Affirmation! You need lots of praise, attention and verbal reassurance from your mate. Leo is the sign of fertility and you may long for children, or to co-create something artistic. As a partner you are noble, generous and protective. You love to lavish your partner with gifts—and receive them in return!

Virgo Descendent

“Acts of service” could be your main love language with this dutiful Descendant. While you may be a hopeless romantic during the courtship phase, you need a relationship that is equally pragmatic, supporting your success in the outside world. Championing your partner gives you a strong sense of satisfaction. You love to feel needed and helpful. With your practical outlook on relationships, the “simple things” feed you. Create bonds through day-to-day routines like sipping morning coffee together, nightly meditations, cooking family dinners together or going for evening walks. You bring an earthy sensuality to relationships—and a healthy outlook on life. Relationships must foster self-care and wellness. Set up the smoothie station and home gym—and bring on the buddy workouts!

Libra Descendent

As independent as you may be in your personal pursuits, when you’re ready to settle down, you’re a romantic idealist who needs a crystal-clear commitment from your partner. Whatever you throw yourself into, you’ll do with passion—and relationships are no exception! If there’s chemistry, your connections can get serious quickly.  With your vivid imagination, you may have been fantasizing about your wedding since you were a child. You need a partner who balances you out—opposites attract! Even when you’re well into the “old marrieds” phase, you want lots of affection and all the classic gestures: fresh flowers, fancy meals, luxurious vacations and surprise dates. “I’ve got two tickets to X” are words that make you swoon! Every anniversary and special moment must be celebrated in style with a themed party and professional photographer to capture every moment for your ever-growing wall of gorgeous memories.

Scorpio Descendent

The word “casual” is not in your love lexicon—not even if you try to convince yourself that you can pull off a long-term hookup. When you’re actually into someone, you play for keeps. Why wouldn’t you? With a Scorpio Descendant, the relationship is the main course, a feast that keeps serving the intimate satisfaction you crave. But it can’t be boring! You want soul-merging, spiritual bonding and a connection that feels eternal, as if it were divined from a series of past-life lessons. A little intense? Sure, but that’s what feeds your need for ongoing erotic connection. Sex is an integral part of a relationship for you and if that dries up, you’ll do everything in your power to bring it back before you move on. While you’re a devoted mate, you may struggle with jealousy and control, or have difficulty being vulnerable. Trust and lust go hand in hand—you need to share your secrets and feelings without being judged.

Sagittarius Descendent

You are independent and adventurous in the game of love, so when it comes to settling down, you need a partner who gives you lots of space—and also brings tons of excitement to the table. Your ideal mate will be worldly, well-traveled and wise, ready to inspire you with a colorful story or sage advice (learned while studying with a shaman or backpacking intercontinentally). With a globally expansive Sagittarius Descendant, you thrive in cross-cultural relationships, with a mate who invites you to celebrate their origins. Studying or even starting a business together with your S.O. could be a fulfilling undertaking. No matter who you wind up with, there has to be a sense that your horizons will constantly broaden as a pair. Ideal relationships feel open and boundless, with lots of exciting room for growth. 

Capricorn Descendent

Power couple fantasies dancing through your head? With achievement-obsessed Capricorn as your descendant, you need a mate who can provide to the relationship—in whatever “currency” you value. Maybe they are financially successful or know how to keep the home in shape. Most likely, you are attracted to ambitious people who are working toward their goals. As a couple, you probably have a list of romantic milestones that you want to meet. Love operates on traditional principles for you: structure, consistency and loyalty are a must. You feel compelled to provide for the one you love and may struggle, at times, with overfunctioning. Exhausting yourself to give to a partner may only make your mate less likely to step up to the plate. In relationships, a key lesson for you may be learning how to hold back. Just because you can handle everything, doesn’t mean you should. In love, you play the long-game, preferring to “mate for life,” even if that means persevering through the tough times and standing by your S.O. Leaving a relationship is especially hard for you, which is why it’s wise to take your time getting into one.

Aquarius Descendent

With unconventional and open-minded Aquarius as your Descendant, you are interested in a wide array of personality types. Relationships are the greatest experiment you’ll ever undertake! Figuring out what makes people tick and finding interesting ways to blend your personalities is something you find fascinating. You may prefer a partner who is a bit of an “odd couple” mashup. When love gets too predictable, it bores you, turning you into a romantic rebel without a cause. Warning: This disturbance to the field can kill trust and even become destructive to long-term partnerships. That’s why it’s so important for you to create “team-building experiences” with your S.O. That could lead you to workshops and playshops in tropical retreat centers, swingers’ clubs, and adrenaline-boosting shared experiences. You may be attracted to people who “need space” or even push you away. (Challenge!) Since you love socializing with your partner, sharing a friend group or community can help you stay engaged for the long term. Since you also need your space, you may prefer a non-traditional relationship structure: separate residences, never getting officially married, even an non-monogamous arrangement.

Pisces Descendent

You’re a hopeless romantic and a dreamer whose ideal relationship should always feel like a bit of an escape for you. Cultivate your own little world together, a private place where the two of you can relax in each other’s company and stimulate your senses with beautiful art, stirring music, great meals and lots of sweet affection. If your partner swept you off your feet or introduced you to a dazzling new world, you’ll always idolize them a little. And that’s a good thing! Even a touch of a fairy-tale beginning can keep the emotional pixie dust that sprinkles sensuality into your relationship for decades. Careful though! You may hoist your partner up on a pedestal, only to be disappointed when reality settles in. (Translation: You realize you’re dealing with a beautifully flawed human.) Since you need a strong spiritual and creative connection, you may settle down with an artistic type. Boundaries can be challenging for you, however, so you have to work hard to not lose yourself in your partner’s life—or enable their bad behavior by constantly picking up the pieces for them. You love to be needed and take pride in making a few sacrifices for your true love. But remind yourself of this: Relationships aren’t rescue missions!


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