Breakup Recovery by Zodiac Sign

Your astrological guide to breakup recovery. Learn how to heal and deal from heartbreak, by zodiac sign.

Which zodiac sign takes the longest to get over a breakup? Which zodiac signs move on quickly? Learn all about breakup recovery by zodiac sign.

Breakup recovery by zodiac sign

What happens in a breakup and tips for healing hearts


Aries, though you can be quite a heartbreaker, the Aries breakup can be particularly hard. As the sign of self love, you have a lot of pride, and being rejected is a big blow to your ego. While others may doubt themselves, most Aries wonder: “Why wouldn’t someone want to be with ME?” You know you’re a catch! So how do you move on and have love in your life again?


We know that letting go is hard, especially for a creature of habit like you. Taurus, you must be extremely careful not to end up spinning your wheels. When romance doesn’t go according to your plan, it’s easy for you to grow bitter, endlessly rehashing all the energy you “wasted” on your ex.


This sign rules the mind, so when a real-deal Gemini breakup happens, you’re quick to get lost in your head. There are a thousand ways to look at the situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to explore every one of them. The ability to keep it moving after a Gemini breakup can be an advantage, but don’t skim the surface if your heart is really broken.


This sentimental sign hates to say goodbye. Even if the relationship is so over that it’s just a formality, you may stick it out for the false sense of security. Cancers don’t trust easily, hiding your emotions behind a tough outer shell, which can make the Cancer breakup hard. You hate the idea of starting over, and taking the risk of trusting again. But you can’t stay in a sad situation forever.


You’re in love with being in love— the Leo breakup is rarely an option for you. You’ll stand by your mate and do anything to keep the relationship together. Often, you’ll tolerate serious dump-worthy behavior—cheating, abuse, lies—just to avoid an ending. But when you hit your limit, look out!


You can be quite the ruminator. You’re ruled by mental Mercury, after all, which makes it almost impossible to turn off your thoughts. “Analysis paralysis” can prevent you from moving forward.


Libra is the sign of the scales, so balance is the first thing to go when emotional turbulence hits after a breakup. Libra is the sign of the scales, so balance is the first thing to go when emotional turbulence hits after a Libra breakup. You believe in fairy-tale romance, and spend your life dreaming of The One (no matter how cynical you act). A heartbroken Libra is a sad, sad sight—and requires emergency aid.


Your sign resists getting attached to your mates, because you know that once you do, it’s a permanent bond. As a result, you can go for years in a committed relationship without ever opening your heart. It often takes a breakup for you to realize how much you loved.


Fun-loving Sagittarius, for all your wild and worldly ways, a Sagittarius breakup is hard. No matter how lighthearted you seem, you’re a sensitive soul whose feelings bruise easily. Although commitment can freak out your free spirited sign, when you’re in, you’re in— at least for a while. Along the way, you’ll break many hearts. But somehow, you’re never prepared for your own to be broken!


Capricorns are loyal, long-term types who take relationships seriously, so the Capricorn breakup is challenging. Earthy Capricorns can be pessimists (you call it “reality”), and your view on relationships sours easily after a bad breakup. As a sign that values history, you get stuck in the “nostalgia trap,” pining for a long-gone ex. Push yourself to take risks rather than dwelling in sentimentality or sticking to the familiar.


The Aquarius breakup rattles you no matter how cool you are. Underneath your lighthearted facade, you harbor many insecurities—and the stress of splitting up triggers your neurotic side. The signals show through your body language. Suddenly, you’re all twitchy, full of nervous energy and adrenaline. You may go into overdrive, doing a million tasks or talking at lightning speed about all the other things you’re worried about—money, work, often anything besides the simple fact that you’re hurting.


Sensitive, emotional Pisces, you process your Pisces breakup better than most signs. You’re an old soul with a little bit of a tragic bent to you. If you’re not involved in a breakup, you’re usually supporting someone else who is. With your deep compassion and inbred wisdom, you know how to handle matters of the heart. Pisces is the sign of the nurse, which makes you a natural caretaker. While you sacrifice a lot to be there for others, it can be hard for you to request the same support after a Pisces breakup. Be sure to lean on all those friends who turned to you when they were heartbroken!


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