Libra Breakup Breakdown: 4 Surefire Tips for Recovery

Libra is the sign of the scales, so balance is the first thing to go when emotional turbulence hits after a Libra breakup. You believe in fairy-tale romance, and spend your life dreaming of The One (no matter how cynical you act).

A heartbroken Libra is a sad, sad sight—and requires emergency aid. You’ll lumber to a cafe with your journal, order black coffee and pour out pages of poetry. Or, panic-stricken at the idea of being alone, you’ll primp to sexy extremes and head out for a night of dancing… only to attract the shadiest players in the room. Or, you’ll announce that love is for fools, and skip town on a yearlong humanitarian mission.

Lovely Libra needs to be admired, but be careful not to get desperate after romance hits the rocks. You’re a dependent soul—you rule relationships—so check your self-esteem. In the face of a Libra breakup, you need to provide your own validation. Once you gain the skills for feeling whole and cultivate an ability to self-sooth, you’ll be unstoppable in the face of heartbreak!

Libra breakup heart-healing tips

Fight for justice

We’re not talking about revenge here, but Libra is the sign of equality and if you feel you’ve been wronged, you want to help others avoid your mistakes! One Libra we know became obsessed with the 90s self-help book “The Rules,” and even held group meetings to coach her friends on the book’s finer points—old-fashioned or not!

Pamper yourself

Libra’s ruler, Venus, is the goddess of beauty. Pampering yourself is key to mending your heart after a Libra breakup. The spa is your sanctuary, and a healing center is your Zen temple. Be gentle with yourself, Libra, and treat yourself to excellent care. Attending to your sensuality is vital to healing. No other sign benefits from “retail therapy” like yours! Don’t get all bedraggled just because your heart is broken. As our Libra little sister Leora told us while applying mascara at 7 a.m. to walk the dog, you never know who you could meet!

Give yourself time to be sentimental

Lovely Libra, this air sign is all about the cards, flowers, sweet notes and nostalgic trappings of love. Before you can let go in a Libra breakup, you have to hold tight. You’ll sniff your ex’s T-shirt to smell their cologne, then cry into the Pima cotton. Or, you’ll gaze at photos for hours, letting slow tears roll down your cheeks. If only a camera crew were nearby!

Our Libra grandfather spent the rest of his life commemorating our Cancer grandmother after she passed away—making photo albums, telling her life story to a tape recorder, keeping her gowns and fur coats in mothballs.

But don’t take forever to move on either

If you’ve idealized your ex, chances are nobody can live up to their legend. Instead of looking for a replacement you’ll never find, look for love in a different package. We’re not suggesting you compromise. Just get out there and enjoy a little romantic fun. Libras are at their best in a social setting. Even our Libra grandfather eventually went ballroom dancing at the local senior citizens’ center. He never remarried (hey, the guy was 80), but he wasn’t stuck home depressed, either.

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