Pisces Breakup Breakdown: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

Sensitive, emotional Pisces, you process your Pisces breakup better than most signs. You’re an old soul with a little bit of a tragic bent to you. If you’re not involved in a breakup, you’re usually supporting someone else who is.

With your deep compassion and inbred wisdom, you know how to handle matters of the heart. Pisces is the sign of the nurse, which makes you a natural caretaker. While you sacrifice a lot to be there for others, it can be hard for you to request the same support after a Pisces breakup. Be sure to lean on all those friends who turned to you when they were heartbroken!

Although you may appear fragile and broken, you possess an amazing inner resilience. You’re a tough cookie behind those watery, soulful eyes. Make sure you tap into this reservoir of strength. You’re a survivor, the last sign of the zodiac, you’re said to have lived the lifetimes of all 12 signs.

Surrounding yourself with healthy friends is key to your healing after a Pisces breakup. It might even be cathartic for you to bond with others who are going through a breakup or loss. Just be careful not to shift into the rescuer role when you actually need to be supported for a spell.

Pisces breakup heart-healing tips

Don’t be a victim

Go ahead, water sign, weep dramatically on your pillow, eat a box of Godivas or post lovelorn memes on your social media feeds. Pull out all the breakup bells and whistles. But please, don’t ever buy into the story that you’re a victim.

You’ll tell your done-wrong tale to anyone who will listen. (Often that person, hoping to “rescue” you, becomes your next romantic partner). Remember, it takes two to tango. If a harmless little pity party has turned into a manipulative plot to avoid responsibility, check motives. You’ll find far more power—and dignity—if you truly examine your own role in the relationship’s breakdown. Otherwise, you’re doomed to repeat the same pattern again and again, only with different partners.

Nurture yourself

Pisces rules the subconscious, and yours is often cluttered with all kinds of negative emotions. Find a way to tap into your complex feelings and “clean the filter” of your mind after a Pisces breakup.

Working with a therapist can be extremely beneficial. Otherwise, you may stuff down pain with compulsive behaviors. Pisces is prone to addictions, so be rigorous about keeping balance in your life. Drown your sorrows in a warm pot of tea instead of a bottle of white wine. As a water sign, nothing soothes you like your natural element. Spend time by the ocean or take long, hot baths to restore yourself to whole.

Don’t torture yourself

Pisces is the sign that rules guilt, and you can be quite the tortured soul. You’ll beat yourself up for years if a relationship doesn’t work out, endlessly cataloging your own mistakes and obsessing over what you did wrong. This emotional self-mutilation leaves you mired in an unhealthy mindset, and prevents you from moving on.

One Pisces we know pined away seven years for his ex. (Once she came back around and married him, though, he claimed to have “lost his attraction.”) Make sure it’s really love––and not just a love of drama––that you’re missing. A Fish hooked on anything is never good—and that goes for a toxic relationship.


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