Gemini Breakup Breakdown: 4 Surefire Tips for Recovery

This sign rules the mind, so when a real-deal Gemini breakup happens, you’re quick to get lost in your head.

One part of you is philosophical about it, while the other neurotically wonders if there was something you could have done differently. Don’t get stuck in “analysis paralysis!” There are a thousand ways to look at the situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to explore every one of them.

Unlike other signs that mope around endlessly, Geminis stay on the move. You’re the kings and queens of short-term relationships, and it’s easy for you to strike up a rebound within hours of a breakup.

This ability to keep it moving after a Gemini breakup can be an advantage, but don’t skim the surface if your heart is really broken. Take the time to mourn your loss, even if it was for the best. As the self-help books would say, “process your feelings.”

In other words, find a healthy outlet to release anger, sadness and other emotions. Otherwise, the unfinished business will come out in snarky comments, bitterness, and baggage that just gets dragged into your next relationship. Wouldn’t you rather start fresh?

Gemini breakup heart-healing tips

Talk about it, write it out

Geminis rule communication, but you have a funny way of clamming up when it’s time to discuss your feelings. For some Gems, your refusal to talk could have accelerated your breakup. If there are things left unsaid that would provide closure, call your ex.

Or better, put them in a letter or email. It’s easier for Geminis to express deeper feelings in the written word. If all has been said and done, fill up a journal, post a blog, or jump into an online convo to commune with other lovelorn souls.

Stop snooping

Geminis can’t bear NOT to know everything. But too much information can burn you in the end. Are you Googling their new partner, reading their email, or “data mining” for info on their post-breakup life? If it’s over, you’re better off getting a life of your own, and staying out of your ex’s business. You both have a right to move on, so exercise yours!

Don’t gossip to mutual friends

Geminis date in their social circles, so chances are, you and your ex have mutual friends. Don’t force them to pick sides, and resist the temptation to bash your former flame. It’s uncomfortable for everyone, but recognize that your friends want the best for both of you, and let your pals support you with moving on. If you need to vent, talk to a therapist or a neutral party.

Have fun!

You never know who you’ll meet! It may sound like cliché advice, but for this air sign, fun can be a lifesaver. Your spirit thrives on adventure, so put some back in your life. Flirt as only a Gemini can, and you’ll have a fresh crop of admirers in no time.


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