Cancer Breakup Breakdown: 4 Surefire Tips for Recovery

This sentimental sign hates to say goodbye in a Cancer breakup. Like a true Crab, you cling to your lovers and often won’t let go until your pincers are forcibly removed.

Even if the relationship is so over that it’s just a formality, you may stick it out for the false sense of security. Cancers don’t trust easily, hiding your emotions behind a tough outer shell, which can make the Cancer breakup hard. 

You hate the idea of starting over, and taking the risk of trusting again. But you can’t stay in a sad situation forever. Here’s how we suggest this water sign heals wounds gently.

Cancer breakup heart-healing tips

Call your mom (or mom figure)

Cancer rules women and nurturing—the “sacred feminine,” as it were. You need a lot of comfort and emotional reassurance. Your mom, or a maternal person, is the perfect healing source when your heart’s on the mend.

One Cancer friend flew her mother from L.A. to NYC every time her relationship hit the rocks. Spend time with women while you go through this time. Suggestions: volunteer at a women’s shelter, join a women’s support group, or go on an all-girls vacation.

Let go, literally

Cancers hold tight to sentimental objects, and this can become unhealthy. Often in your clutches: jewelry, pictures, ticket stubs, your ex’s ratty old T-shirt. If it’s over, bag that stuff up and either trash it or stash it. It’s okay to keep a few cherished reminders (or anything valuable enough to hock on eBay, you thrifty little Cancer). Summon the courage to put the rest out on the curb or donate it to charity. Releasing old stuff energetically makes way for the new on your Cancer breakup recovery.

Drop the tough act

Face it, you’re a sensitive soul and everyone knows it. Even if you hide behind a tough facade, you’re a mushball underneath. Self-protectiveness will block you from moving forward. Cry until those tear ducts are empty. Let people know you’re going through a rough time—they’ve been there, too! If you were wronged, give yourself the time you need to process it—and don’t rush to bounce back. You have nothing to prove.

Get out of the house

While it’s normal to retreat into your shell when nursing a wound, don’t turn your heartbreak hideaway (AKA home) into a fortress. Get out every day for fresh air. Take a walk, even if tears are streaming behind your oversized sunglasses. Find a place to sit near people. Even overhearing their conversations will remind you that life goes on.


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