Scorpio Breakup Breakdown: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

A Scorpio breakup brings out the intensity.

Your sign resists getting attached to your mates, because you know that once you do, it’s a permanent bond. As a result, you can go for years in a committed relationship without ever opening your heart.

Ironically, it often takes a breakup for you to realize how much you loved your partner—and to show it. Scorpio is signified by the Phoenix, a mythic creature that rises from the flames of total destruction. You may subconsciously destroy your own relationship just to see what remains after the demolition. You only trust what survives…so if you find some feelings in the rubble, you declare it true love.

Unfortunately, your partner may have tired of the power struggle by then, and moved on. If only people understood how to read between the lines of your complicated twist on love. Perhaps this is why so many Scorpios date each other.

Scorpio breakup heart-healing tips

Find something else to obsess over

Admit it, you’ve got a talent for obsessing. In work, your detail-oriented nature serves you well. This painful pining just gets you stuck after a Scorpio breakup.

Several Scorpios we’ve known have driven friends to the edge by endlessly obsessing over exes. One was particularly egregious. If she was at a bar, a picnic, a funeral, it didn’t matter. She’d charm their way into grabbing someone’s attention, and that poor soul was held captive for hours. Your best bet? Channel that obsession into your career. Write a book, take a class, buy some real estate. These are the moments when your dreams can truly flourish. After all, success is the best revenge!

Take a break from dating

Scorpio is the “sex sign,” and the quickest way to your heart is through your zipper. Escaping through flings and hookups is the worst thing you can do. Unfortunately, casual affairs don’t exist in your all-or-nothing vocabulary and you can quickly get stuck in a rebound after a Scorpio breakup.

Avoid extreme behavior

As the sign of extremes, and a water sign, you may drown your emotions in unhealthy behaviors, like overeating, substance abuse or worse. You can’t stuff down your emotions with chocolate or wash them away with adult beverages. If you find yourself going to dangerous places, get help. Call an anonymous helpline (Scorpios are secretive), join a support group, dive into self-help books.


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