Sagittarius Breakup Recovery: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

Fun-loving Sagittarius, for all your wild and worldly ways, a Sagittarius breakup is hard.

No matter how lighthearted you seem, you’re a sensitive soul whose feelings bruise easily. Although commitment can freak out your free-spirited sign, when you’re in, you’re in— at least for a while. Along the way, you’ll break many hearts. But somehow, you’re never prepared for your own to be broken!

Lucky for you, Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer, who shoots arrow after arrow until hitting the bullseye. You always bounce back and try again. It’s that period between the Sagittarius breakup and the recovery that’s so fraught with drama.

You’re a born optimist and you’re always willing to give things another try. When the other person refuses to cooperate, it’s a challenge to accept this and move on.

Sagittarius rules the higher mind, so stay in yours by meditating, reading inspirational books, or taking classes. Although letting go can be agonizing for a fire sign that hates the word “no,” you’ll eventually develop a wise perspective. When you meet your next match, you’ll be thankful your ex broke it off. Eventually, you develop a friendship with most of your past lovers, and may even be the matchmaker who arranges their next relationships.

Sagittarius breakup heart-healing tips

Reality check

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s optimist, and you get hung up on hope like nobody’s business. Once you put on those rose-colored glasses, you can turn a narcissist into your future spouse. As the sign that also rules honesty, Sags need a dose of reality. Were they smiling at you? Did they really mean it when they said, “Maybe our paths will cross again someday?” Beware the all-talk, no-action types!

Have a fling, just for fun

Sagittarius is a physical sign that rules adventure. Get your groove back with a safe, just-for-kicks fling after a Sagittarius breakup.

Your sign rules abundance, so indulge! To avoid a fatal attraction, be 100% honest with your playmates (Sag is the zodiac’s truth-teller). Don’t promise a relationship—just be totally up front, all the way. Sagittarius is an ethical sign, but don’t let your morals interfere with your right to get your groove back with a good hook up.

Get out of town

Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler, and nothing restores your positive outlook like a good vacation. (As Sagittarians, you always do your best thinking on the road!) Whether you’re couch-surfing with good friends or hitting a sunny, boho-chic beach town, a change of scenery will restore you. Knowing you, you’ll find the hidden treasures there, or just become BFFs with all the locals.

Bring a few books, since you love to read. Vacation energy puts your focus back on the big picture, where it belongs. If you can’t get away, tap into the spirit of travel: take a day trip, work at a cafe in a new part of town. While you’re at it, start surfing the travel blogs and making a Pinterest board of dream destinations for your next getaway.

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