Capricorn Breakup Breakdown: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

Capricorns are loyal, long-term types who take relationships seriously, so the Capricorn breakup is challenging.

As the sign of the Sea Goat, you see life as a rocky uphill climb, and take your sweet time before plunging into a long-term commitment. Years often pass between your relationships. You’d rather be alone than settle for someone who doesn’t meet your lengthy checklist of requirements.

The mermaid’s tail that symbolizes Capricorn is a nod to your imaginative side. You believe in the fairy tale, so when the fantasy doesn’t work out with a happily ever after, you can be crushed for longer than most.

Earthy Capricorns can be pessimists (you call it “reality”), and your view on relationships sours easily after a bad breakup. As a sign that values history, you get stuck in the “nostalgia trap,” pining for a long-gone ex. Push yourself to take risks rather than dwelling in sentimentality or sticking to the familiar.

Don’t be afraid to try something new after a Capricorn breakup. A little spontaneity can go a long way to aid your healing process.

Capricorn breakup heart-healing tips

Let go of your 10-year plan

Capricorns rule structure and goals. The moment you commit to someone, you start planning your future and setting elaborate goals for your life a decade out. As a result, Capricorn breakups can be an emotional AND a material loss for you.

Many Capricorns stubbornly refuse to accept a breakup simply because you don’t want to let go of your agenda. Rather than shoehorn the wrong person into your strategic plan, hold onto your vision but find a better person with whom to share it.

Don’t bury yourself in work

While it’s good to focus on your career, Capricorns all too easily become workaholics to escape their painful feelings. Don’t use your job (or family duties) to avoid intimacy. Let yourself have fun. Caps are actually capable of hooking up without getting attached.

Let yourself go out, party and have a no-strings-attached good time. It will mend your heart for your next big relationship.

Lean on family and long-time friends

Loyal Capricorns put family and childhood friends in first place, and these are often the only people to know the real you. Although you are usually their rock, let them be there for you. Capricorn is the “father sign,” so your dad or a male mentor is a great source of support. That said, don’t just spend time with your family and friends—get out there! Or, ask your network to fix you up with someone new.


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