Leo Breakup Breakdown: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

Leo is associated with the zodiac’s fifth house of romance. You’re in love with being in love— the Leo breakup is rarely an option for you.

You’ll stand by your mate and do anything to keep the relationship together. Often, you’ll tolerate serious dump-worthy behavior—cheating, abuse, lies—just to avoid an ending.

But when you hit your limit, look out! Your passionate fire sign will emote without reserve. Loud, heaving sobs and dark, stormy spells may linger for weeks, leaving loved ones wringing their hands with concern.

Leo also rules drama, so your love life can be filled with it! You may break up and get back together a million times with the same person. Exhausted friends who comforted you for hours are left with their heads spinning. They owe you—you were there for them—but payback is a mother! So before you wear those bonds thin, try these techniques, for healing your heart after a Leo breakup.

Leo breakup heart-healing tips

Don’t tweet about it too soon

Fired-up Leos are quick to broadcast their breakups. But is it for real? Since you’re so forgiving, you often patch things up with your mate long after the shocking post goes viral in your friend group.

Before you start a frenzy, learn the fine art of discretion. Keep your drama on the down-low unless you’re sure it’s a done deal. Although you need catharsis, too much “center of the universe” behavior can alienate your supporters, and give you a rep for crying wolf.

Move on, but not too fast

Serial monogamist Leos never have a shortage of admirers. While your tears are still drying after a Leo breakup, you’re ready to start a future with someone new. Before you head off on a fresh romantic quest, unpack the baggage from your last one.

Processing the lessons with a therapist or dedicated support group can be profoundly illuminating—and keep resentment from creeping in with friends who aren’t qualified to advise you properly (or without bias).

Get creative

Expressive Leos are often talented in the arts. Find a creative outlet for your pain—dance, write song lyrics, paint, whatever. Nothing keeps a Leo down long, especially when you express your passions. That very energy can attract romance into your life. When you’re grooving on your own projects, you don’t feel as needy, and that can be oh-so becoming!


The AstroTwins

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