Taurus Breakup Breakdown: 4 Surefire Tips for Recovery

Sweet, romantic Bulls hate change, and you can’t stand switching partners. You see every relationship as an investment, and you expect a return on yours. As a result, Taurus breakups are very hard. You dwell on them even after you’ve moved on to a new mate.

Taking space to heal is one thing, but getting stuck is another. Taurus, you must be extremely careful not to end up spinning your wheels. When romance doesn’t go according to your plan, it’s easy for you to grow bitter, endlessly rehashing all the energy you “wasted” on your ex. As thoughts build, you may grow increasingly agitated until you’re a ticking time-bomb, ready to explode with rage.

Not only can this be frightening, it’s also unnecessary. We know that letting go is hard, especially for a creature of habit like you. Try these simple steps to introduce positive change gently, and get back on track after a Taurus breakup.

Taurus breakup heart-healing tips

Change your daily environment

Taurus rules everyday life and material objects, so the things you surround yourself with are key to your healing. Repaint your walls, put together a new playlist, diffuse some essential oils, remodel your bedroom. Your senses hold memory. To stop triggering painful thoughts, stimulate your senses with something new.

Create new habits

Everything becomes a habit for this earth sign if done enough times. Thus, it’s hard to tell if you miss your ex, or if you were just “used to” their presence. While sameness bores others, you love to come home to a comforting routine. Push yourself to create new daily rituals and habits. In time, these will come to provide the same security your ex did.

Check your self-esteem

Taurus governs the zodiac’s second house of self-worth. Yours is easily rattled by a breakup, despite your rock-solid appearance. Find support if you’re struggling. Our Taurus friend repeated affirmations for weeks—a good technique, since repetition can change your brain patterns.

Move. Literally!

Admit it, Taurus, you can be lazy. You don’t mean to be. A breakup knocks you on your butt, then you can’t find the strength to get off the couch. Physical movement is vital for your recovery. Begin with gentle walks and you could wind up the star of the MMA studio before you know it.

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