Aquarius Breakup Breakdown: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

The Aquarius breakup rattles you no matter how cool you are.

Underneath your lighthearted facade, you harbor many insecurities—and the stress of splitting up triggers your neurotic side. The signals show through your body language. Suddenly, you’re all twitchy, full of nervous energy and adrenaline. You may go into overdrive, doing a million tasks or talking at lightning speed about all the other things you’re worried about—money, work, often anything besides the simple fact that you’re hurting.

Take a deep breath after an Aquarius breakup. We know it’s a shock to your system, but sitting still and “being with” the pain is the only way it will heal. Aquarius is an emotionally detached sign, and you may have a difficult time accessing your feelings until life forces you to deal.

Consider this: emotions are stored as energy, and when we block them, they get stuck. Since Aquarius rules circulation, you need to let your feelings pass through you like electricity running through a wire. Go for a run on the beach, or do some breathing exercises, book a session with a Reiki master, energy healer or acupuncturist.

If you simply can’t get out of your funk after an Aquarius breakup, do some volunteer work. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign. Making a difference for others will remind you of how privileged you actually are, and lend you some needed perspective.

Aquarius breakup heart-healing tips

Give yourself a reality check

Air sign Aquarius lives in the clouds when it comes to love. With your active imagination, you can totally makeover anyone. Your experimental tastes draw you to unusual people whom you label “fascinating”—but are often completely incapable of a real commitment.

One Aquarius friend bragged about her “amazing artist” partner. A year later, she was stressed out from supporting this lost soul while he “found the courage to paint again.” Another Aquarian accepted a marriage proposal after two weeks of dating a foreign grad student looking to extend his Visa…but no, it was truly love! (When she vacillated on the vows for too long, he disappeared on the pink bicycle he’d rode in on—no kidding.)

Ask yourself: did I mistake unsettling for interesting? Learn to make smarter choices next time.

A little anger management, anyone?

Aquarius, you’re hard on yourself, and when you feel rejected, anger may be the only emotion you’re comfortable expressing. You cover up your pain with a “screw you” attitude—or even with explosive anger. One Aquarius we knew slashed a guy’s tires on his graduation day—an inflated response since he’d only taken her out a couple times, and it was eight months prior.

Before you let your lightning bolt temper overtake your chill side after an Aquarius breakup, get some support! It’s okay to be upset if a relationship doesn’t work out. Don’t pretend you don’t care! Another Aquarius just insisted he was “over the breakup,” but 10 years later, he still refused to have a serious relationship because he was so angry inside. Deal with the pain and you’ll have an easier time leaving it behind.

Make a list

What do you want in a partner? Write it down. We know you’re a free spirit and you don’t like to commit because you’re so open minded and blah blah blah. But everyone has their “dealbreakers” and traits that make them happy.

Don’t refuse to acknowledge what you want or set goals, for fear of being limited. Somebody once said that “a goal is just a dream with a deadline.” Unless you ground yourself in a few of those dreams, you may drift from one bad match to the next. Why waste time with the wrong person when you could be with the right one?


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