Virgo Breakup Breakdown: 3 Surefire Tips for Recovery

When a relationship ends after a Virgo breakup, you can be quite the ruminator. You’re ruled by mental Mercury, after all, which makes it almost impossible to turn off your thoughts. You may spend hours, even years, analyzing the relationship, trying to figure out what went wrong. This “analysis paralysis” can prevent you from moving forward.

Introverted Virgos close themselves off after heartbreak, some going years without another relationship. While your earth sign doesn’t mind a little alone time, you’ll completely occupy yourself with books, household projects, and taking care of everyone else.

Let yourself feel the emotional range, from anger and disappointment to genuine sadness. Only when you process the full spectrum of grief can you move on after a Virgo breakup. Before you encase your heart in an igloo, remember that dating is a numbers game. We all have to suffer a few fools before we meet the One. Come out of your thoughts and try again!

Virgo breakup heart-healing tips

Put yourself first

Virgo is the sign of service, and you love to take care of people. But your charitable spirit can veer into unhealthy codependence when you use it to avoid your own life.

One Virgo we know, after a five-year relationship, took care of her elderly father and played the mediator among her feuding siblings. This losing battle left her drained and loveless for five years before she wised up. Help people by living a great life of your own and inspiring them by example!

Keep it real

Virgos are awesome listeners, but when it comes to talking about yourself, you’re a lot less eager. Because you’re so hard on yourself, you may feel like a “failure” when a relationship doesn’t work out after a Virgo breakup.

Although you may act warm and happy, your close friends know it’s an act, and that inside you feel bitter, hurt and confused. Tell the truth and let them be there for you.

Remember, nobody’s perfect

(Not even you.) Virgos have sharp tongues, and you may bash your ex to anyone who’ll listen. You see every flaw, and you’ve cataloged them all. When you’re hurt, you give yourself full range to announce these shortcomings and stupid mistakes to the world. Deep down, you’re turning the same anger on yourself.

Perfectionist Virgos see breakups as failures—and that can keep you stuck. Rather than sink to bitter lows, find a way to mourn the loss—and forgive yourself and your ex. We know it’s hard. Vent your emotions through productive channels like therapy, self-help books and writing.

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