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Variety is the spice of life, Sagittarius—not that we need to tell YOU that. Today’s moon-Jupiter mashup in your expansive ninth house nudges you outside your comfort zone in the name of exploring a new activity. Whether you’ll emerge a winner or not isn’t what counts—the satisfaction comes from simply taking a bold risk. When interacting with others in your personal life, drop those defenses and speak from the heart, but be impeccable with your words. A compliment or an expression of admiration could be taken to mean much more than you intend. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.


Ah, sweet freedom! Today’s mashup of exploratory Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus injects your indie spirit with high-octane fuel. You’ll be happiest frolicking on the wild side, but proceed with caution. Recognize that these fun and games could do damage to an important relationship. If you’re already spoken for, be careful where you’re batting those long lashes of yours. The last thing on your radar today is limits, but remember that every action has a consequence. The wrong choice could bring disastrous results to the security you’ve built with someone else. 


Impulse control? What’s that? When it comes to romance today, you’re in an impetuous mood. With unpredictable Uranus and amorous Venus synced up in your dramatic fifth house, dangerous types hold special appeal. Keep your eyes wide open before taking a walk on the wild side. Will your impromptu actions put an important relationship at risk? Or could they end up blurring the line between business and pleasure? Do yourself a huge favor, Sagittarius, and steer clear of those short-lived thrills. They’re not worth the cleanup mission that follows.


Up, up, and away! Today’s full moon in your ambitious tenth house sets the stage for a momentous career victory. Doubling your cosmic luck, this moon forms an auspicious angle to powerhouse Pluto in your money house, bringing even more supersized growth. Don’t be surprised if a leadership role lands in your lap—along with the keys to the VIP suite. Tip: don’t place undue pressure on yourself to be perfect. For those areas you’re not well-versed in, you’re a fast learner. This newfound position may also pave the way for a more public role. Put your best face forward.


Maintain that momentum, Sagittarius. Today’s moon electrifies your career sector, giving you the juice you need to get ‘er done. Finalize pending paperwork, polish a presentation, and tie up any other loose ends. After the five o’clock whistle blows, la luna shifts gears and settles into your fun-loving eleventh house of group activity. Rally those stragglers in the office for a round at happy hour, and keep the invite list open. A friend of a friend could turn into your next best friend, or be just the fling you need to chase away the winter blahs.


Retreat! This Saturday, you’re in serious need of a timeout. Everyone wants a piece of you, Archer, but there simply ain’t enough of you to go around. While you may have already promised to meet up with a high-maintenance friend or colleague, following through is only begging for burnout. Pamper yourself at the spa, cozy up on the couch with a great book, take in an afternoon film. Also, be conscious of choosing healthy foods to fuel your body and mind. Sunday’s stars crown you life of the party, thanks to a moon-Venus faceoff in the social sectors of your chart. Just be careful, Archer. You could be blinded by the intoxicating ways of an in-demand player. While all this attention is flattering, don’t cross that line. The cosmos could cloud your better judgment, and drag you down a rabbit hole of obsession. By all means, enjoy the witty banter, but don’t take it any farther.

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