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The stars put you on the fast track to a leadership position, Archer. Today’s inspiring quarter moon lights up your professional tenth house, urging you to take tangible steps to realize your grandest goals. Don’t be shy about touting your talents—it’s all about developing a name for yourself. If getting started overwhelms you, seek advice from a more experienced colleague, hire a life coach, or ask a friend for direction. Stop putting this off, Sag, and take the first step today.


You might have plans for a productive day, but today’s stars have something else in mind. Although an ambitious tenth house moon puts in you in the mood to get ‘er done, it forms a tense square with agitator Mars in your interpersonal sector. An important relationship could seriously stress you out. You might be worried that your visions for the future don't align, or you could be faced with pressure to officialize the bond. Take a deep breath and open up a dialogue. Be patient as you explore both sides. It will take some time to come to an agreement you’re both happy with, so don't rush.


Work the power of two, Sagittarius! Today’s merger of mental Mercury and driven Mars in your relationship house sets the scene for lively debate with a special soul in your world. While you may not see eye-to-eye on everything, you both will learn a lot from each other. In fact, a little lively disagreement can actually fuel your bond. You're a strong-minded sign, but you respect when someone has the guts to challenge you. Instead of assuming that your way is the best, really take the time to consider the other person’s perspective. It could be life-altering. 


Insecurity alert! Today’s moon-Pluto square could suck you into the no-win game of comparing yourself to others. Trying to measure up to your peers and friends is bound to be a total downer, so why go there? Doing so might even make you tone down your pioneering ways in the name of fitting in. Conformity has never been your thing, Sag, so stick to what you do best. In other words, continue being your idiosyncratic, lovable self!


Walking on eggshells? Today’s skies feature a square between Mercury in your interpersonal sector and foggy Neptune in your emotional fourth house, leaving you anxious about offending others. Biting your tongue or tap-dancing around the truth will only cause resentment to rear its ugly head. This touchy cosmic confab also makes you especially sensitive, and perhaps even thin-skinned. Honor your feelings, but maybe save the difficult conversations for another day.


Slip into the slow lane, Sagittarius. On both Saturday and Sunday, the moon will hover in Scorpio, your twelfth house of rest and healing. You might want to rethink any hard-partying plans for Saturday night. Chances are good you’ll be dragging your feet well before the sun goes down. If you do decide to go out, steer clear of the rowdy crowds, and hit a low-key lounge or rooftop patio—even better if there’s live music to keep the vibe light. Hang only with pals who don’t need you to perform at your best. Overindulging is likely with la luna in this position, so go easy on the sidecars. Sunday comes with a guilt trip alert, courtesy a tricky Sun-Neptune square. With el sol in your partnership sector, emotional manipulation could come via your significant other or a close family member. You could feel especially sensitive, even insecure in your relationship, but under Sunday’s stars, you probably won’t get the reassurance you want. On the flip side, you could feel pressured or depleted by emotional demands. Hit the “pause” button, and initiate a frank conversation about everyone’s expectations. Then, reconfigure the dynamics, so both parties feel completely comfortable moving forward.

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