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Stroke of genius: incoming! Today, others are taken with your brilliant ideas and irresistible charms, thanks to the Sagittarius moon forming a happy angle to innovator Uranus. Perhaps you come up with a grand plan for freedom—are you skipping town for the rest of the summer, figuring out a way to create more movement in your day-to-day schedule or launching an inventive company? You could also find a metaphorical “jailbreak” via a new path of spirituality or learning. Stay open to fresh perspectives.


Boring cubicle, begone! Today, you may decide to spiff up your work space, thanks to a positive link between the moon in your daily income zone and beautifying Venus. Add personal touches, like uniquely framed pics, fun vintage objects and a memento or two. (Surely, you have a spare horseshoe to hang on the wall.) The law of attraction will work in your favor—a happy Sag is a productive Sag, which will draw more opportunity 9and hopefully money) your way. Since relations with your coworkers are positive—and this moon-Venus meetup has everyone feeling extra-social—grab your colleagues to do a little lunchtime shopping. A new professional wardrobe might help you zoom up the ladder even faster.


Putting out fires…with gasoline? Today, the moon meets up with crisis-junkie Pluto, which could incite money issues or drama on the work front. Everyone is feeling a bit intense, so try not to take it personally if a coworker snaps at you or a superior doesn't acknowledge your earnest efforts. If your bank balance isn't what you want it to be, don't go down a fearful worry spiral. Instead, use this hyper-focused day to find a resourceful solution. With karmic Pluto involved, tapping into the Law of Attraction can also help. Ask, believe, receive.


Moving and shaking? Today's Aquarius moon puts you in quite the chatty mood, boosting your powers of persuasion and making you an all-around charmer. (No one can tell an animated joke or story quite like you, Archer.) Your mind is also extra-sharp, so carry a notepad or keep the voice-recorder app ready to capture the brilliant nuggets that come to you today. It's a great day to pitch an idea or to catch up on what's happening in the world—from pop culture to politics. You're a sponge for information under today's stars.


Pursuing your purpose? Today, harmonizer Venus will go retrograde (backward) into Leo, prompting you to question your place in this great big world. From now until September 6, you can revisit your grand plans for expansion—should you take that yoga teacher training retreat, or roll the dice on a tech startup? Leaps of faith are your rocket fuel—BUT it’s best to wait until Venus is direct (forward) in September to take any major concrete steps. Take it easy on the truth serum now, too. Your blunt comments can already push the envelope, Sag, but now they could also burn a bridge.


Ready to close the book on a difficult chapter? On Saturday, structured Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, your twelfth house of healing and completion. Between now and September 17, it's time to get serious about forgiving, moving forward or letting old baggage go. If codependence has been your calling card since mid-June, it's time to put up boundaries with the needy people in your life. It could be that you’ve been there for everyone else—and, quite frankly, now you just need a break. Now that Saturn is no longer retrograde (backward), it's easier to say no, as you’ll be clearer about the difference between empowering and enabling. Amp up your self-care routines for the rest of the summer, and make time for reflection—guided meditations, contemplative walks, journaling. A creative pursuit, such as a life drawing class or photography, could also be your go-to reprieve. On Sunday, a moon-Neptune meetup in your domestic fourth house makes you crave a timeout at Chateau Sagittarius. You might be in the mood for some family bonding—or maybe you need a break from a certain female who's been playing the victim card one time too many. Although you might feel guilty ignoring her texts, you'll be a lot happier zoning out with a good book or puttering around the kitchen trying new recipes.

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