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Don’t gloss over the details, Archer. Your sign’s natural default setting is blue-sky dreaming and big-picture visions. That said, today’s opposition of your cosmic guardian Jupiter and the moon in your grounded third house reminds you that your charm and good fortune won’t be enough to realize your desires. Your best bet? Keep your ear to the ground for opportunities, while also being properly prepared for whatever comes your way.


The devil’s in the details, Archer. While your sign prefers big-picture planning, the cosmos urge you to pay attention to the smaller working parts, too. Starting today until April 30, mental Mercury moves into Taurus and your meticulous sixth house. Put those pending admin duties at the top of your priority list, and get ‘er done. Other tasks such as tackling your taxes, launching a decluttering mission, or organizing your schedule should also be on your agenda over the next two weeks. Getting all your ducks in a row will bring you huge peace of mind.


People-pleasing alert! While you want to make everyone around you happy, it could be to your own detriment. Today’s opposition of harmony-loving Venus and somber Saturn in your sign reminds you that popularity isn’t worth burning yourself out. When people reach out with a request (and you know they will), don’t be quick to jump onboard. Being a little reserved will actually amp up the respect they hold for you. Why? Because you’re showing them that, first and foremost, you respect yourself.


Money matters move front and center for the next five months. Mystical Pluto turns retrograde in your second house of finances until September 22, prodding you to review and refine how you earn a living. Which parts of your job feed your soul, and which ones drain you dry? Delegate the latter, outsource if you need. Also, beware the lure of shortcuts, Sagittarius. While you might be tempted to take the quick-and-easy route, you’ll probably wind up with the raw end of the deal. Don’t borrow or buy on credit during this shadowy Pluto cycle either. Keep everything on the up and up.


Are your willpower tanks running low? Today, make-it-happen Mars in your sixth house of self-care gets you pumped up about getting healthy. At the same time though, more-more-more Jupiter in your indulgent ninth house dangles the proverbial carrot—or eight-course meal—in front of you. Your challenge is to find middle ground. Moderation is the name of the game, so identify where you might be too restrictive in your quest for vitality. It helps to plan ahead. Don’t show up to dinner at your favorite restaurant famished, and don’t fool yourself into thinking you can have "just one drink." Skip that Happy Hour and head directly to the Pilates studio.


Hello, spring awakening! This Saturday, a new moon in Aries and your passionate fifth house amps up your creativity AND your cravings. Just be careful not to pack your schedule too tightly though, Archer. You’ll want to be able to roam the city and follow your bliss unencumbered. You could find yourself in the public eye in the coming weeks, so step out of your winter cocoon and get yourself camera-ready. You could be more fertile than usual, so depending on your desires, take advantage or take precautions. You’ve got cosmic clearance to indulge and let your hair down, so don’t hold back, Sag. You can hike up your bootstraps on Sunday, when the moon, mental Mercury, and motivator Mars convene in Taurus, your sixth house of health and organization. Detox from Saturday night’s excesses with plenty of lemon water and a high-energy cardio class. Take a couple of hours to work out the logistics of your latest grand vision, from timelines to budgets.

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