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Who's on top? You've got a take-charge personality, Sagittarius, but today's ego-busting opposition between the Sun and compassionate Neptune calls for a softer approach. Even if your idea IS the best, you could alienate people if you try to dominate every situation. Present your strategic plan, but allow others to weigh in and say how they feel about it. If there are weak links on your team, you might decide to cut 'em loose. Just be sure that what you're identifying as "weak" isn't just someone whose sensitivity is actually an asset.


Love beyond borders—that's how your globetrotting sign likes amour served up, thank you very much. And today's stars could deliver exactly that, as romantic Venus and sultry Mars align in Leo, your ninth house of travel, cross-cultural connections and adventure. Whether it's a romantic vacation a deux, a far-flung fling or sparks with someone from a wildly different background, you've got one mission: to have novel experiences that stretch your comfort zone. At best, you'll cross something off your amorous bucket list. At worst, you'll have one heck of an entertaining story to tell your friends!


Give the world service with a smile. Today, your heart soars when you pay it forward, Sagittarius. Without going into martyr mode or getting tangled up in drama, look for opportunities to lend a hand throughout the day. In addition to a feel-good buzz, this positions you as a priceless force in people’s lives. Don’t forget that charity begins in the home. Make sure you’re treating your inner circle with the same care you’re offering the random strangers of the world.


Dictator alert! Today, the moon in your exacting sixth forms a tough angle with obsessive Mars. You want it all your way, and on the double. But have your high standards morphed into impossible ones, Sagittarius? You might need to scale back your grand plans, or at least roll them out in phases, to prevent giving yourself and everyone around you a total stress meltdown.


Make the most of your relationships by rooting yourself in the here and now. Remember, Sagittarius, anxiety thrives only when we project into the future. Consciously choose to enjoy the people you share your time with. Inject fresh energy into your bonds by trying out new activities together: check out art exhibits, foreign films, buzzed about restaurants. If you’re single, throw yourself into one of your many interests. When you’re immersed in doing something you love, you can’t help but attract fascinating folks into your orbit.


Are your relationships a two-way street? Compromise is key on Saturday, as the quarter moon in Gemini, your seventh house of relationships, puts you in a diplomatic mood. In business and personal partnerships, your own sense of wellbeing depends on whether both parties are happy. Your focus is on the union itself, as opposed to your individualistic, ego-based needs. Show your loved one (or professional partner) that you care by going the extra mile, i.e. if a colleague is traveling for a business meeting next week, arrange for flowers in her hotel room. Make all interactions win-win. On Sunday, you get your visionary groove back. Love planet Venus has been retrograde (backward) for six weeks in your ninth house of expansion, travel and big-picture visions. While it hasn't entirely derailed you, one of your lofty goals may have experienced a few setbacks. Your blunt remarks, which are usually entertaining, could have rubbed people the wrong way, too. Fortunately, Venus resumed direct (forward) motion today, giving your startup ventures a surge of positive energy, and gilding your more outspoken words with the right dose of tact and grace.

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