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Unfocused much? Today’s quarter moon in your sixth house of organization urges you to take a breather so you can deal with those pending to-dos. While you’re not a fan of dealing with the practicalities, addressing those tasks clears the way for much more satisfying projects. Bring order to the Archer court, and then you’ll be able to soar.


Snuggie and slippers, anyone? Nurturing Venus slides into your domestic fourth house until February 20, putting you in serious nesting mode. You now have no issue putting your nomadic ways on ice in the name getting cozy with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’ve got babies on the brain, hope to dazzle the in-laws with your culinary finesse, or are ready to commit to cohabitation, domestic matters take center stage over the next three weeks. Lead with your heart.


The muse is back! Today’s planets prod you to dust off an old writing project or creative endeavor, and breathe fresh life into it. Review and assess your digital files and journal pages: do you have the raw material for an op-ed, a blog series, or even an autobiography? The stars have got your back right now, so take a risk and get the ball rolling. The time is also right for reviving a past friendship or creative partnership, especially if it involves someone who tops your inspiration tanks. Get back in touch!


Family and friends may not be the best sounding board today, Archer. Today’s Saturn-Venus square brings out your daring side, but your nearest and nearest are likely operating on a more conservative wavelength. In fact, your excitement and fearlessness could put them in protective mode—particularly if you don’t have a plan of action in mind. Save yourself the disappointment, and seek out opinions from someone you don’t have emotional ties to. Or, keep it under your hat until you’re clear on your vision and plan of action.


Watch your words…and the photos you post! With today’s mashup of the bold Sun and wire-crossing Mercury retrograde in your communication sector, be extra cautious about what you say, text, upload, or tweet. Even a subtle jab or an off-the-cuff quip could do damage to your bonds and reputation. While you may be chomping at the bit to share something with the world, do yourself a favor and wait till next week. Use this evening to have an honest heart-to-heart with an old friend about the growing distance between you.


As much as you’d love for everyone to get along, there are times when it’s just not possible. Saturday’s one of those days, Sagittarius. Sharing the same DNA doesn’t guarantee compatibility, so stop trying to force people into a more peaceful co-existence. Step out of the mediator role, and spend time with the clashing factions separately. If they want to try and work things out, leave it up to them to do so without any sort of pressure from you. On Sunday, a Venus-Neptune mashup in your domestic fourth house brings forth your nesting instincts. You might be inclined to simply laze about, reading your latest Amazon download, making a dent in your Netflix queue, or gabbing and laughing with roomies and relatives. You could be struck with the urge to make some changes at Chez Sagittarius, but with Mercury retrograde in the mix, use Sunday for doing your homework instead of knocking down walls. From comparative shopping to scouring design blogs, your preferences could change several times before the quicksilver planet turns direct on February 11. For Archers head over heels in love, use Sunday for canoodling on the couch, sharing a bottle of Pinot, or re-watching the last season of your favorite series. If your bond is ready to move into more serious terrain, start searching for your future “home sweet home” or the perfect set of rings.

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