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Stressful situation? If you feel any tension today, it’s likely to be in your body, thanks to a trine between the moon in Taurus, your sixth house of wellness, and metaphysical Pluto. Pretend that you’re an objective investigator: do you feel stuck sensations, and, if so, where? Ask yourself if there’s an emotional root cause, and then trust your intuitive answer. Taking practical actions on behalf of your health works wonders, too. Buying a bottle of Vitamin D drops, for instance, doubles as a signal to the universe: you care about your health!


Relationship roulette? Today, you don’t want to leave a certain partnership—business or professional—to chance, thanks to the moon in Gemini, your seventh house of one-on-one unions, forming an opposition to cautious Saturn. You could err on the side of being controlling, though, so be careful of a tendency to over-orchestrate things. Consider, too, that your dour mood could be another form of control, e.g. if you convince yourself it will never work out, you save yourself the genuine risk of heartbreak. Talk openly about issues, but keep watch on your naysaying tendencies. Bring back that Sagittarius spirit of possibilities—even if that means distracting yourself by running errands or supporting a friend.


Live out loud, Archer! Today, you could feel inspired to create a whole new foundation around your self-expression, thanks to a supportive trine between the Sun in Aries, your fifth house of passion and creativity, and disciplined Saturn. Instead of relying on moments of impulse to speak from your heart or make art, today’s influence helps you build in structures that will help you sustain these instincts over the long haul. As you’re coming to realize, being authentically YOU still requires a commitment of time and effort—one that will pay off wonderfully.


Your market value: going up! Today, your mind is consumed with your net worth—and how to grow it exponentially, thanks to the moon in Cancer, your eighth house of shared wealth. Take a look at your debt if you have any: can you come up with a strategic plan to pay some off sooner? Is there an investment deal that has your name on it? A low-cost property whose worth will shoot through the roof in five years? When it comes to padding your bottom line, your best bet is to work smarter, not harder. Fire up the abundance mindset, and monetary miracles will surely follow.


Is that a volcanic eruption…or just your buried emotions rising to the surface? Today, the moon in Cancer, your psychologically complex eighth house, forms a tense opposition to shadowy Pluto. In both intimate relationships and money dealings, you could have an epiphany that leads to a breakthrough—as long as you're willing to see the whole picture. The first question to ask yourself: how has my own stubbornness or insecurity played into this situation, or contributed to my unhappiness? Owning that personal responsibility will bring you back to stable ground.


Manage your stress levels on Saturday, as the moon in Cancer, your intimate eighth house, forms a tricky, tension-inducing square to Mars. While you could do without the drama, you may also feel completely gripped by your emotions, caught up in a reactive loop that's hard to stop. Maybe a partner has stirred up your deepest hang-up or wound. Or perhaps you feel torn between telling it like it is and being sensitive to a loved one’s feelings. Don’t go firing off insults, Archer. Watch your temper, and do your best not to take things so personally today. On Sunday, the energy gets far more stable, when the moon in Leo, your ninth house of wanderlust, forms a supportive trine to accountable Saturn. Spend the morning plotting your next big adventure. Scour Kayak.com for flight deals, delve into a new spiritual philosophy or research a degree program. Instead of making an impulsive move, put some gravitas behind your grand plans. For you, seeking bigger horizons is the air you breathe. This influence can help you implement lasting structures, embedding possibility into every fiber of your being.

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