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Competitive vibes are in the air today, Taurus, but don’t let it throw you off your game. Instead, see it a reality check to step it up a bit. Hone in on those areas where you’ve been dragging your feet or simply coasting, and then, turn up the volume on your efforts. A certain someone may impress with a slick delivery, but how much substance is behind that sleek presentation? Roll up your sleeves, and get to it. Remember that a pretty package is just as important as its contents. 


Today, you could feel on edge about the future path an important relationship will take. A merger of communicative Mercury and somber Saturn in your partnership sector churns up your fears, driving you to express them. By all means, discuss your goals and explore common ground, but be careful about launching a super-serious talk. Concentrating on the lack of what you desire puts the other person on the defensive, not ideal for co-creation. Keep the focus on the positive, and what you want to build as a couple. 


Go big or go home! Today’s meetup of the moon and make-it-happen Mars in your expansive ninth house calls for a calculated risk. Considering your sign has a proclivity to conservatism this could be a tall order—but not impossible! It’ll be so much easier to muster up your mojo when you know the lay of the land. Do your research, and get a feel for what’s on the other side before forging ahead. You may hit a few bumps in the road and maybe even make a mistake or two, but that’s part of the growth process. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. 


Simply irresistible! As expressive Mercury nestles into your seductive eighth house for the next three weeks, you’re mysteriously magnetic. Keep that mojo alive by giving them a teaser of what’s to come, and they’ll be clamoring for more. On the flip side, you could wrestle with jealousy or competitiveness. Instead of letting your shadow side make an appearance over Thanksgiving dinner, excuse yourself and ring up a grounded friend who can put things back into perspective—at least till after the pumpkin pie is served. 


While many people may prefer to lounge around in their PJs this Black Friday, you awaken with ambitious visions and lofty goals dancing in your head. Get ahead of the game on a work assignment, or throw yourself into a passion project. By early afternoon, the moon moves into Pisces and your merrymaking eleventh house, giving you good reason to celebrate your progress thus far. Get together with your fun-loving friends for a lively outing. Think: skating under the stars, a couple rounds of karaoke, or ripping up the dancefloor. 


There’s strength in numbers, but only when everyone’s doing their fair share. While loyalty is one of your most endearing traits, don’t let others take you for granted. Saturday’s quarter moon in your collaborative eleventh house helps you balance out your workload. If you keep piling more and more on your sturdy shoulders, you’ll end up with more than a pain in the neck, Bull. Be proactive and prevent resentment from creeping in by raising the issue and recalibrating things with the people in question. If you’ve been dragging your feet, it’s time to pick up the pace. Protect your hard-working reputation, and do your part. This lunar light prods you review your current technology needs. If you could use an upgrade, invest now and make your world spin that much smoother. On Sunday, you could find yourself feeling out of place. Steer clear of popularity contests and people-pleasing; keep both feet planted firmly in your own values. If you don’t quite jibe with your current clique, start searching for friends that appreciate you for who you really are. 

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