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Making mountains out of molehills, Taurus? Today’s alignment of the emo moon and larger-than-life Jupiter leaves you prone to overreacting. Resist the urge to give into any knee-jerk emotional responses, like blowing your top or icing someone out. First and foremost, process your feelings before responding. A situation on the home front takes center stage, possibly bringing epic changes by the end of the day. Before you kick that roomie to the curb or break out the sledgehammer, map out an action plan.


Creative blocks, no more! If you’ve been stuck in a rut, today’s "eureka!" alignment between daring Jupiter and innovative Uranus helps you make progress on a passion project. Don’t worry about the practicalities just yet, Taurus. Share those brilliant gems with your inner circle for some constructive feedback. Just be sure to steer clear of the naysayers and armchair critics—their short-sightedness and negativity could take the wind out of your sails. Tip: a younger family member could pleasantly surprise you by adding a million-dollar detail to your vision. Go figure!


Just. Let. Go. Be it for business or romance, trying to get others to adhere to your agenda will only generate pushback. Today’s stars strongly suggest you surrender to the situation, and simply let it evolve organically. Trust in the wisdom of the universe, Taurus. You never know: it could blossom into something beautiful down the road, or end up presenting you with an intriguing new option. Things are so much easier when you’re not swimming upstream.


Today’s full moon activates your fifth house of fame, glamour and romance, drawing all eyes your way. The coming two weeks are prime for showcasing your skills, and promoting your talents, so don’t be shy! Does your image need a refresh? There’s no time like the present. Head to the salon for a radical cut or color, or draw on the wise advice of your fashion-forward friends. Single or spoken for, love is in the air. A promising new prospect could enter your orbit, or the spark with your sweetie could reignite. Bring it on!


Diva alert! With the moon hovering in your over-the-top fifth house early today, you could find yourself propped up on the drama-queen throne. By all means, feel free to vent, but don’t ignore how it impacts your nearest and dearest. Your emotional outbursts could cause them to worry about you—when it’s not really necessary. Try seeking out their attention in less disruptive ways. When the moon moves into your sixth house of healthy living as the workday wraps up, a 6:00 p.m. cardio session can clear your head. A power yoga class or dancing into the wee hours would also work well.


Pull back the veil, and let others see the real deal. It actually takes more strength to show your vulnerability than it does to fake a calm, cool, and collected facade. Besides, the only person who views your softer side as weak is you, Bull. This Saturday, open your heart to your closest friends. Getting each other through the tough times is what cements those lasting bonds. On Sunday, a moon-Venus opposition could cloud your better judgment when it comes to amour. Even though you recognize it’s probably not a great idea to take that player’s sweet nothings to heart, you might find yourself lapping up every single word. What’s more, this cosmic confab leaves you susceptible to romanticizing others, making them into something they’re not. Resist the urge to walk on the wild side with that slickster, or you could end up kicking yourself for it later. Keep a trusted confidante nearby (or on speed dial) to make sure you keep at least one foot firmly planted on planet Earth. 

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