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Shine bright like a diamond! Today’s new moon in your fifth house of fame turbo-boosts your sparkle, launching a six-month cycle of showcasing your talents. If seeing your name on the big screen ain’t your thing, what is, Taurus? In what capacity can you put your gifts to good use on a grand scale? Nurturing your talents and letting the world know what you have to offer could open the door to impressive public acknowledgement and attention by early March. If you struggle with self-promotion, hire someone to do it for you.


Today’s stars remind you that relationships require work, Taurus. A certain bond could feel fraught with mixed emotions. Just when you think you’re gaining ground, the other person slams on the brakes. Or, you could be running hot and cold, fearful of fully committing. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, Bull, or you could lose out on someone special. If you’re having trouble getting a clear reading on this relationship, write down the pros and cons. Seeing it in black and white can put things into perspective. P.S. Keep your expectations realistic. No one is perfect—present company included.


All eyes on you! Today’s Virgo moon beams in your vivacious fifth house, pumping up your sparkle. But first, get a feel for your audience before unleashing full-frontal Taurus. For some crowds, you’ll need to ease in slowly, or you could end up turning them off before you even get started. Regardless, success is written in today’s stars; for best results, make good use of your inherent charm. Late afternoon, la luna shifts into your systematic sixth house. Turn your attention to pending paperwork or other to-do’s hanging over your head. P.S. This also includes that trip to the gym you planned on tonight.


Three, two, one, zhush! Today’s angle between the moon in your orderly sixth house and Jupiter in your domestic zone summons the interior decorator within. Pay special attention to your home-based workstation. Clear away the clutter, and showcase an inspiring piece of art. If your square footage is limited and your budget tight, you don’t need to break out the sledgehammer to open a room up. Paint one wall with a dark, rich color. While it may seem counterintuitive, deeper tones can actually create the illusion of more space.


Close the opinion polls, Taurus. Today, the self-possessed Sun opposes hazy Neptune in your group sector, muddying the waters when it comes to a pending decision. The input and (sometimes well-meaning) feedback from the peanut gallery is causing you to second-guess your own opinions. Tune them out, and listen to “me, myself, and I.” Heads up: the emerald-eyed monster is in your midst. If a friend or colleague feels threatened by your success, see it as an opportunity to be real. Share how you worked your way up from the bottom. If your story has no impact on this person's behavior, it might be time to move on.


Saturday’s sweet angle between the Sun and moon summons your inner romantic. You’re prepared to go to great lengths to woo that certain someone. From a picnic with Malbec, French bread, and imported cheeses to sharing Sangria on a posh patio, Cupid is definitely in your corner. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, Bull. Doing so could bring things to an important milestone. Either way, come this evening there will be no doubt as to whether you’re both on the same page. On Sunday, serious Saturn forms a trifecta with the moon and determined Mars in your relationship sector. You’re the type of person who goes all in, and you won’t have any qualms about expressing your intentions. If you believe that your partner (be it for business or romance) isn’t in it for the long haul, you could choose to back out. But if you forge ahead, the time is ripe for co-creating your future together. Vision board a deux, anyone?



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