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Just friends…or something more? The outlook could be hazy today, thanks to a confusing Sun-Neptune faceoff between your romantic and platonic sectors. A person in your circle might have developed feelings for you, or maybe you're in denial about a wicked crush you're nursing. Mixed messages could abound in your love life, so pause before you fire off an angry text (or a come-hither sext). Avoid the drama queens in your life if they start blowing up your chat apps, too. Your precious time could get sucked away by dealing with their petty bids for attention.


Make no bones about it, Bull: your home is your castle. And at today's sumptuous meetup of sexy Mars and beautifying Venus, it's time to appoint Chateau Tauro in regal style. Drape your den in vibrant hues—e.g., a Persian rug trimmed with deep red or a hand-dyed indigo throw. Since Venus and Mars are the two love planets, adding more sensual touches to your abode could ramp up the romance, or call in the energy of a soulmate. One oversized plush pillow for two, incoming!


Today’s expressive Taurus moon connects with glamorous Jupiter, nudging you straight to center stage. Dialing down your enthusiasm and dimming your lights? NOT an option today. Err on the side of being “too much” or over the top. Got a nervy request to make? Today brings the magic moment for your big ask. The stars are spelling a resounding “yes!” Some spring/summer style upgrades are in order too. Add more color to your wardrobe with a printed sundress, a bright backpack, or statement heels.


Reached the limits of your patience? Your inner bull could be ready to charge, as the moon in Taurus butts heads with belligerent Mars today. A family member in particular could push your buttons, but do your best not to take the bait. While some issues really ARE emergencies, most things in life are not. Don't let yourself get roped into "fixing" another person's problems—i.e., enabling them. Think of it this way: rushing in for the save (yet again) prevents this person from learning valuable lessons.


Practice the art of moderation, Bull. It’s time to put the brakes on overindulgence. You don’t need to swing to the other extreme and deprive yourself. Instead of breaking the bank on a head-to-toe outfit, treat yourself to a cute, but less expensive accessory. If you must have the whole look, keep your plastic under lock and key, and start a savings plan. Apply the same logic to love. Give the object of your affections a little breathing room, and you’ll appreciate each other that much more when you’re together. Tip: there is such a thing as over-texting!


Budgetary bliss? Your steady sign gets a boost on Saturday, as the waning quarter moon in Gemini, your second house of work and money, shines a spotlight on spending and saving. Is there a way for you to wrest control of your expenditures? Maybe you can cut out the luxury gym membership, in favor of a lower-cost fitness studio closer to your house, for example. Keep a log of how long your daily routines actually take, as “time is money.” Do your activities reflect your priorities? If not, it might be time to do some pruning. Just make sure to keep some fun and pleasure on the books—you can't only be a "work first, play later" person. Sunday brings peace to your adobe again. For the past six weeks, home has been where the heat, not the heart, is. Blame it your ruler Venus, which has been retrograde (backward) since July 25, shaking up your domestic fourth house . Having diplomatic Venus in this low-power mode may have caused family bickering or just a lack of coziness at your abode. Now, you can sweep away those bad vibes and extend an olive branch to your clan. If you've been considering a home makeover, it's now safe to try a new paint color or to summon your inner decorator. With Venus direct, you can be assured that you won't coat the walls in a hideous hue or end up with buyer's remorse over that new sofa.

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