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Break free! Today’s change-inducing Pluto-Uranus square paves the way for you to disentangle yourself from a smothering alliance. Cutting ties isn’t something your security-minded sign takes lightly, but if your freedom-loving instincts rise up, honor them. The universe abhors a vacuum, Taurus, so know that fresh possibilities will appear. If severing bonds doesn’t feel like the right course of action, make room for more independence within a too-close-for-comfort relationship or project. You’ll be so much more productive without someone monitoring your every move.


Ready, set, stretch! Messenger Mercury grooves into Capricorn and your international ninth house, paving the way for global expansion. Look way beyond your own backyard to advance your endeavors and passion projects. A world of possibilities exists for Bulls now, so dive in and explore. Also, reach out to pals in faraway locales. You might even find yourself jetting off to Buenos Aires or Brussels to ring in the New Year.


Your list of to-do’s demands attention, but today’s planets position relationships as a top priority. An amiable angle between Neptune and the emo moon in your interpersonal houses calls for bonding with your special peeps. Single? Make reservations with your closest friends at that fab new fusion restaurant. This cosmic combo could also reveal an attraction with an amigo, or you could right-swipe your way to a compatible match. If you’re already attached, surprise your sweetie with a romantic night out. Make dressing up mandatory.


Festive fling or the real thing? With today’s intense Scorpio moon in your relationship sector, it’s almost definitely the latter. Single? A sexy someone who can go the distance could pop up on your radar. Unleash your inner flirt and entice this prospect under the mistletoe—it could lead to a spicy makeout session well into the night. If you’re already attached, stop wrapping stocking stuffers, and slip away for a candlelit dinner a deux. Follow it up with dessert behind closed doors.


Give potential partners some breathing room, Taurus. While you might be uber-enthusiastic about delving into a dynamic duo—for business, romance or both—the other person could use some time to process your proposal. Put some distance between you, and let things percolate sans pressure. Besides, when you pull back and involve yourself in other endeavors and relationships, it amps up your appeal.


Your independent side takes the wheel on Saturday. An alignment of Pluto and love planet Venus in your independent ninth house gives you a craving for unencumbered playtime. With seductive Pluto in the mix however, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. You could be tempted to drift into dangerous territory, perhaps right into the lair of a player. Steer clear of forbidden fruit, Bull! If you succumb to the thrill of sneaking around, know that the high will be short-lived. And once you come back down to Planet Earth, you’ll have to deal with the messy consequences. Show a little self-respect, and stick with peeps who honor your limits. Fiji, Finland, or the Falkland Islands: Where oh where will your next worldly adventure be, Taurus? On Sunday, el sol settles into fellow earth sign Capricorn, electrifying your international ninth house. When you’ve had your cup of joe, start surfing the travel blogs for the locale of your next epic vacay. You may even want to create a globetrotting vision board. Got an idea for an entrepreneurial venture? A Capricorn new moon helps you get it off the ground. Up, up, and away!  

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