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Say what? Today’s annual Sun-Pluto opposition infuses your verbal interactions with an intense vibe. You could be especially passionate when expressing yourself, so be careful not to steamroll others with your opinions—even if you are in the right! With enigmatic Pluto in the mix, people’s real motives may not be obvious. Make a point of paying attention to the messages conveyed via body language. If someone's non-verbal cues doesn't match their words, keep digging until you get to the truth.


When one door closes, another opens. Today’s quarter moon in your twelfth house of transitions might find you inspired to move on from an outmoded situation. Over this past week, you’ve been able to see the big picture, and subsequently, you could have experienced a few breakthrough moments. Now that you’ve faced facts, it’s time to confront the tough stuff that comes with it. Have you had a creative “Eureka!” moment lately? Make space in your world to advance your vision.


Double up! Starting today until July 23, communicator Mercury decamps to your third house of dynamic duos, making two your magic number. Joining forces with another go-getter can bring lucrative results, but be sensible about it. Map out all the specifics, so you’re both on the same page when it comes to expectations and responsibilities. Your social life is also bound to get a whole lot busier—and you won’t have to travel far for it either. Check out what cool events are happening in your hometown this weekend. Go out of your way to meet your neighbors, or even sign up as a volunteer for a local cause.


Your sentimental side comes out in all its glory today, thanks to a soothing trine between the moon in your subconscious twelfth house and nurturing Venus. Talking to someone near and dear to your heart could lead to thinking about the past, helping you accept obstacles beyond your control. You could be inspired to lend a hand to a friend in need, or even to someone you don’t know. Follow that urge, and share the love, whether it's with a close person or a perfect stranger. Consider it a deposit in the universal bank of karma.


Small talk, begone! Today’s skies feature an auspicious trine between the Taurus moon and transformational Pluto, inspiring you to bring conversations to a deeper, more meaningful level. Skip the chitchat about the weather, and focus on what’s really important to you. By setting the tone, others will follow suit. Seize the moment, and pull back the curtain on one of your most cherished goals.


Feeling weighted down by other people’s needs? On Saturday, the Taurus moon opposes restrictive Saturn in your relationship sector, putting your own desires at odds with your obligations. Breaking free is no easy task for your loyal sign, even if you’re in desperate need of some downtime. This feeling of claustrophobia could be your cue to become a bit more autonomous in a particular bond. While you don’t want to disappoint others, you could end up being resentful if you’re feeling burdened by them. If you need some unstructured free time, your best bet is to simply say so. Choosing to suck it up could lead to an epic meltdown on Sunday, as a volatile Sun-Uranus square fills the skies. Trust us—all diplomacy will fly out the window. You could resort to passive-aggressive tactics, or even lashing out. If your stress levels are at their peak, find a healthy outlet for them, from deep breathing exercises to dancing in your living room. Resist the urge to numb out with your favorite vice. Adding a hangover (alcohol, food, or otherwise) to the mix won’t do you any favors.

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