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Tired of the “day in, day out” aspect of life? Creative Venus and probing Pluto form an expansive opposition today, urging you to seek out inspiration from fresh sources. Warm up to outre ideas, and Google well beyond your bookmarked sites. Then, explore these topics in real time, ideally in a part of town you’ve yet to explore. Visit a tucked-away Santeria shop, attend an intriguing lecture, jump in on a cultural event you know nothing about. Stretching outside your comfort zone is good for the Taurean soul.


A group of fresh faces develop into fledgling friendships today, Taurus, so revel in the magic of instantly clicking. But don’t follow the “fools rush in” refrain. Courtesy of an opposition between the emo moon and illusory Neptune, you’re not seeing the wide-angle view just yet. Err on the side of caution and maintain an amiable vibe with them. And definitely don’t get wrapped up into any of their internal politics. Hold off signing on as an official member until your research reveals that they’re truly a good fit.


Today’s angle between the emo moon and Saturn sets the stage for a warm-fuzzy fest. You’ve got cosmic clearance to say what’s in your heart—and not just when it comes to romance. Assume an attitude of gratitude when it comes to those around you—from that colleague who’s consistently got your back to your neighbour who collects your mail when you’re traveling. There’s no need to lay it on thick, Taurus. Sincere acknowledgment goes a long way. Spread the love!


Let’s hear it for the ladies! Today, expressive Mercury transits your feminine fourth house until August 15, drawing some impressive women into your world. It’s a stellar time to nurture a fledgling friendship with an awesome lady in your life. Set up a lunch date or get-together, STAT. This short Mercury spell can also help you bury the hatchet with a family member. You’ve got a strong stubborn streak, Bull, but let it go this time—especially if it means bringing back the peace.


A fly-by-night romance could suddenly show signs of becoming a lasting relationship, thanks to a harmonious trine between loveplanet Venus and stable Saturn. If you’re already in a LTR, you might find yourself craving something deeper with your sweetie. Open things up for discussion, but take a light-hearted approach. Diving in with demands won’t win over the object of your affections. Steer clear of the vinegar and bring on the honey!


TMI? That depends on the audience you choose, Taurus. On Saturday, messenger Mercury and know-no-limits Jupiter align in your fourth house of emotional ties. You’re ready to bare your soul and make deep connections with those around you. Read the crowd before you open up the floodgates. Unleashing an uncensored confessional on people you’re still getting to know could be too much, too soon. If your bond hasn’t reached BFF or equivalent status, put a sock in it and unload on a tried-and-true confidante. Love makes the world go round and Sunday’s quarter moon in your commitment house makes you aware of this. You might be a bit frustrated with the pace a promising connection is taking, but keep on investing in this bond. No need to hire a skywriter. Simple and thoughtful gestures on a consistent basis prove that you’re someone who can be counted on. Single? Carve out a good chunk of your day to pinpoint what you want your love life to look like. Do some journaling to help you get a defined picture of your shared future with The One. Try writing about it in the first person, as if you already have what you desire. The clearer your vision, the faster you draw it to you.



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