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Follow the muse’s call, Taurus. Your creativity is stoked as communicator Mercury settles into your dreamy twelfth house until April 14. Whether it’s woodworking, screenplay writing or painting with watercolors, create with wild abandon. As the twelfth house also governs healing, it’s an ideal time to release those bottled-up emotions. Sure, it may feel scary to bring them out into the light of day. But with the help of a therapist, coach or support group, talking through them will remove a weighty load from your psyche.  


And you’re b-a-a-c-k! Today, energizer Mars moves into Taurus until May 11, pumping up your confidence and self-motivation. Put this productivity-producing phase to good use and keep your attention on Numero Uno instead of worrying about other people. This cycle happens only once every two years—make it all about bringing your dreams to life. Spring fever could also strike. Go get ‘em, Bull!


It’s “an iron fist in a velvet glove” kind of day, Taurus. Yes, validating your teammates’ concerns and complaints is important, but don’t lose sight of the bottom line. You’re never going to cross the finish line if you continue coddling people or acting as the group’s sounding board on each and every thing (professional and personal). Get everyone realigned with a motivational pep talk. There’s no time to pander to the critics; simply emphasize that getting ‘er done is the top priority. When Team Taurus accomplishes said mission by the day’s end, they’ll be glad and grateful you kept everyone on track.


Y-a-a-w-n! Today’s sleepy Sun-Jupiter trine isn’t conducive to being productive, so don’t fight it, Taurus. While you won’t win any efficiency records on the job today, you could cover excellent ground doing internal work, like connecting to your emotions and processing a difficult situation. Make time in your day for quiet reflection and freewriting in your journal. If you’re having trouble articulating your feelings, turn to a caring woman in your midst to talk it through.


Tackle tasks that can be easily accomplished today, Taurus. Steer clear of those drawn-out conference calls and meetings that never seem to end. With the Libra moon in your sixth house of productivity, the day is about efficiency with a capital E. Make sure you fuel yourself with plenty of protein and keep the caffeine consumption to a minimum—it will keep you grounded and make it easier to deflect distractions. Keep conversations short and sweet, and start checking off those to-dos!


Green smoothie, anyone? Saturday’s total lunar eclipse in Libra electrifies your sixth house of healthy habits. If you’ve fallen off the wellness wagon, this is your cue to hop back on. Commit to a few sessions with a personal trainer or write those thrice-weekly yoga classes into your agenda as non-negotiables. Pay attention to any aches and pains, and get them checked out before they morph into something serious. This eclipse could also shake things up on the work front. Over the next two weeks, a colleague could move on and pave the way for a position perfect for you. Carpe diem! On Sunday, you could be awash in warm-fuzzies from working with others, but don’t turn a blind eye to those unaddressed issues. A challenging angle between the Sun and transformational Pluto calls on you to face the tough stuff. Time to deal openly and honestly with conflict. Don’t stress that this is the beginning of the end, Taurus. In fact, going through this process will inevitably strengthen your bonds. Aim for authentic connections.

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