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Open mouth, insert Manolo? The moon in Cancer, your expressive third house, is forming a dicey angle to volatile Uranus. Some surprising words might slip out today if you don’t filter your thoughts. You’ll be craving excitement and a departure from your routine, which isn’t the norm for your more practical, habitual sign. Just don't leap into anything you can't get out of easily. Give your big ideas careful consideration—and avoid making impulse decisions or snap judgments.


If you’re currently your own worst enemy when it comes to your health, it’s time to get yourself aligned. As the life-giving Sun in your wellness house forms a tough angle to transformational Pluto, you’ll notice an unconscious pull toward temptation and vices. Since Pluto governs the unconscious, it's not so much about what you eat, but more what's eating YOU. Dig deep and get to the emotional or psychological root of any self-sabotaging patterns. Facing your fears is the path to true healing.


As the moon moves into Leo, your domestic zone, you may feel drawn to your closest friends and family members. Your nearest and dearest might also reach out to you about getting together and catching up. Skip the crowded restaurant and offer to host everyone—an intimate gathering is more your speed right now. Add some personal touches to your desk or workspace as well. Feeling “at home” even while on the job will make you more comfortable and productive.


Cupid’s got his eye on you, Taurus. Today romantic Venus moves into Virgo, your passionate fifth house, after a long run through your moody fourth house (since July 31). Venus is here for a month, giving you charisma in spades. If you’re single, you’ll be feeling flirty, so don’t be afraid to make the first move—fortune favors the bold now. If you’re already spoken for, radiant Venus will turn up the passion. Surprise your S.O. by re-creating your first date or planning a racy new adventure to remember.


It’s time to treat your fitness plan like you treat everything else in your life, Taurus—slow and steady, but consistent. Innovative Mercury turns forward in your wellness zone after a three-week retrograde, and you may discover some creative ways of staying in shape. If you’ve hit a lull because of long workdays or a lack of motivation, it will be easier to get back on track. Write down a plan if you need to, then figure out how to fit exercise into your schedule. Downloading a “fitness on demand” or tracking app and can help.


Money can't buy you love, Taurus. On Saturday, affectionate Venus in your passionate fifth house forms a tricky square to restrictive Saturn in your long-term finance house. You’ll be ready to shower the object of your affection (or your best pals) with a financial free-for-all. But the cost of these dramatic displays adds up quickly, so you might want to fine-tune your plans. Instead of picking up the tab, buy a round of cocktails or host a potluck where everyone contributes. You may also want to be discerning about what you share—it feels great to speak from the heart, but make sure the company you're confiding in can be trusted with this intel. On Sunday, open-hearted Jupiter in your love house trines transformational Pluto in your risk-taking zone. This could mark a turning point in your romantic relationship, ending with the two of you embarking on a new adventure together. You could also be forced to “get real” with yourself regarding your biggest hopes and dreams, digging deep to uncover the mental blocks that stop you from giving it your all. A breakthrough is definitely on the horizon under these supportive stars. 

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