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Don’t push it, Bull. Today's harsh Jupiter-Saturn square could find you opening up about an important partnership that means oh-so much to you…and maybe only you. The other party may not be on the same commitment page. Whether they’re steps behind or just on another planet, tread lightly, using phrases like “we can explore” and “if you’re interested.” Or, maybe you’re the one who’s fielding someone else’s aggressive agenda. No need to sugarcoat, or to pretend that you’re cool with a level of intimacy that’s simply too much. Keep it real, Taurus—and set some boundaries.


Seeking (emotional) shelter? Today’s link between lovely Venus and lucky Jupiter in your home-centric fourth house gives you the upper hand in all things domestic. Family relationships could be a source of heartwarming joy. You may want to prepare a feast for loved ones, or open the doors to Chateau Bull for an impromptu movie night. You could also be inspired to look for new digs or a fresh decor scheme, although with Venus retrograde until September 6, you may want to keep your activities to research-only. Let the day’s happy nostalgia guide you. Is it time to reach out to a long lost friend or to visit your hometown?


Is that your fear talking, Bull? Today’s clash between the moon and aggressive Mars could find you in an anxious, and possibly confused, place. Before you act on a situation or relationship preemptively, consult a pal. A trusted colleague or friend can reflect back to you what the real issue is. If you’re shaken, that’s actually a good thing. Strong feelings can often be cues that it’s time to put something to bed, for once and for all. Once you're clear, don't be afraid to address this issue directly.


What about me? Today’s quarter moon in your sign puts the spotlight back on your personal needs. Instead of playing the proverbial sweeper for everyone else, you have the opportunity to sort and sift through which projects and opportunities hold the most personal appeal. Put others’ notions of success on the back burner. Not only is life so much sweeter when you’re acting from an empowered place, but time also flies. Before you get distracted by someone else’s drama, take a stand for Team Taurus.


Swoon alert! Between today and August 27, indulge in flights of romantic and expressive fancy, as communicator Mercury burns through Virgo, your amorous fifth house. Whether you leave sweet notes in your honey’s bag or declare that you’d like a weekly delivery of fresh flowers, the point is to create a “no holds barred” flow to your emotions. Give generously, receive generously—one way or the other, it’s totally the same thing. An abundant mindset makes you feel grateful and alive.


Are you doing it your way? On Saturday, the moon in your second house of values forces you to do some reckoning. Are you frittering away precious time, energy and money by being there for others, but not yourself? Spend some time figure out exactly what you desire in all situations, in accordance with your own integrity. Trying to fit into someone else’s mode of acceptability will only create a lose-lose situation. Figure out your non-negotiables, in love, money, and life. Everything else will flow from there. This weekend, you could be feeling a bit cranky, as tension-inducing Mars moves into Leo, your domestic fourth house, for the next five weeks. A home renovation problem might go awry, e.g. the workmen show up early and stay late. Familial relations could hit the skids; maybe a relative expects you to take one for the ancestral team (but you have other ideas). Tweak this intense energy by creating productive physical outlets, such as heavy-lifting of furniture or a long, blood-pumping hike with your roomies. During this time, schedule more massages and Epsom salt baths than usual. Magnesium—and anything else that releases muscle tension—can also help.

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