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Welcome back, Taurus! Although you may have been in low gear all weekend long, you’re on fire today. Today’s quarter moon in your sign infuses you with go-getter mojo. If the needs of other people have taken center stage, shift the spotlight back onto your ventures. This lunar light is perfect for launching a new project. It’s fine to dream, but right now it’s best to dive into something doable. Start building the foundation of your plan. Hey, it might even involve updating your look. Hello, boutique district.


With romantic Venus grooving into your fun-loving eleventh house until February 20, your love life could use a little levity. If you’re single, turn to your social network to uncover worthy prospects. Be open to an official setup, or keep your radar up while mixing and mingling at a Meetup group. Amorous online action also picks up, so spruce up your profile pics and warm up those right-swiping fingers. Already attached? Socializing as a pair provides fresh ways to deepen your union. You might even choose to donate your time to a cause you both care about.


Taurus to the rescue! A strung-out client or supervisor could make work a living hell for everyone—but only if you sit by and let it happen. Put your big heart to good use, and find out what’s really at the root of this stress. Perhaps this person is in over his/her head or afraid of falling flat. Be proactive, and find out what sort of support would lighten your cohort’s load. Sit down together, and help ‘em create doable deadlines. You wear that superhero cape well, Bull.


Strategizing is all well and good, Taurus, but don’t treat people like a means to an end. Manipulating others to realize a goal or advance a relationship may be tempting today, but it’s liable to come back and bite you. Forget game-playing, and get into an honest dialogue, even if it delays your timeline a bit. You’ve waited this long, Bull, what’s a little longer?


Keep your weekend warrior at bay, Bull, and focus on the tasks at hand. Yes, it’s Friday, but with today’s alignment between the Sun and Mercury retrograde in your career house you need to make sure your work is exemplary before clocking out. While you rather not accumulate any more OT, even if it is just an hour, it might be in your best interest—especially if it will strengthen your already-solid reputation. Tonight is ideal for a reunion with a man from your past. Start the evening with late dinner reservations.


On Saturday, teamwork brings both lively action and aggravation. A merger of Mars and asteroid Chiron in your eleventh house of community makes collaborative activities that much more enjoyable. That said, coming to consensus on combined plans could be a major pain. While you might think that your suggested plan is the way to go, don’t force it. Make room for others to contribute alternate suggestions. Be open to trying your hand at something new, Taurus. On Sunday, affairs of heart and your circle of amigos could overlap, thanks to an angle between romantic Venus and boundary-blurring Neptune. How about a benefits package to go with that friendship, Bull? Don’t quick to shoot down a pal who suddenly shows interest in crossing that line. If you’re looking for amore, new groups can offer a wealth of possibilities. Get off the couch, and move into mingling mode! Already attached? Focus on the platonic aspect of your bond, and have fun together. Some G-rated playtime is just what the love doctor ordered.

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