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Time to grab the bull by the horns?  Today marks the entry of the Sun into Taurus, your first house of recognition, solo ventures and identity. For the next four weeks, you’re in a fiery mood, ready to launch a personal or passion project with the utmost confidence. Going after what you want has never been more exciting. Are you ready to finally return to design school, get out of debt or launch that start-up? Just as only you know what makes your heart sing, only you can take that first step to make your wildest, most exciting dreams come true. Go for it!


Full steam ahead, Bull. Today, energizer Mars in Taurus, your first house of self and identity, forms a supportive trine to deep-digging Pluto. Perhaps you leap out of bed, inspired with visions of how much grander your life can be. Or maybe as you’re vocalizing one of your passion projects in conversation, you get an intuitive hit on who might be able to help, or how you can reach a global audience. Any actions you take today are inspired…and could lead to a lasting and powerful personal transformation. So, pick up the phone, send that email!


Watch a tendency to come on too strong with your words, as combative Mars is conjunct communicator Mercury in Taurus, making you seem brash or bullish. A meant-to-be-cute joke could come off as insulting, or a polite request might seem demanding. If you’re going to ask personal favors, err on the side of peppering requests with notes of sincere appreciation, such as, “Thank you so much” and “If you have time…” Under today's stars, you definitely have the microphone. Use it wisely, Taurus.


Imagine that! Today, you’re feeling dreamy and creative, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Cancer, your third house of communication, and intuitive Neptune. Spend some unstructured time just allowing your mind to drift toward memories, impressions and ideas. The lens through which you see the world is colorful; is it time to pen that literary masterpiece or release your first single? You won't feel too deadline-oriented today, but you could find yourself emotionally sated by imagining the possibilities, perhaps even tossing ideas around with friends.


Think before you speak, Bull. Today, you could find some rather weird or shocking things flying out of your mouth, as the moon in Cancer, your third house of communication, forms a tricky square to unpredictable Uranus. Here’s the thing: you may not have a lot of control over matters, no matter how worked up you get, thanks to the restless cosmic undercurrent. So perhaps the thing to do is engage in important conversations tomorrow, or, if you must today, be extra cautious around big decisions. Tomorrow could tell a whole new (and different) story.


Home, structured home? On Saturday, the moon in Leo, your domestic fourth house, forms a supportive trine to serious Saturn, helping you firm up any wobbly situations in your personal life. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to sell (or buy) a piece of real estate, you could get sage wisdom from a relative or a trusted friend. Even emotionally, you’re bound to look at situations through a more mature, measured lens. While you may be reserved, this caution actually feels good. On Sunday, things get a little more jovial at home, thanks to a meet-up between the moon and optimistic Jupiter in Leo, your fourth house of dwellings. Fire up the pancakes and gather your clan or closest friends for hearty food and hearty laughs. If you’ve been struggling with a domestic issue, this buoyant mood will lift your spirits to the point that you couldn’t sing the blues if you wanted to, Taurus. Under this upbeat sky, you can’t even remember the lyrics.

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