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Have you been spending money like water or clinging tight to your pennies? Today’s quarter moon in your finance sector helps you find middle ground. Review and revamp your budget. Be sure to allot funds for savings before hitting the outlet mall or those sample sales. If you’re at the other end of the spectrum and hoard your hard-earned cash, this lunar light shines a light on investments. Talk to a financially savvy friend or advisor in the name of growing your nest egg.


The cosmos hand you the meditator hat today, Taurus. The moon hovers in your communication sector, encouraging you to get into the thick of it in the name of negotiating a satisfying compromise. You might not think that putting yourself in the middle of things is a good idea, but considering you can objectively assess both sides of the story makes you an ideal candidate for the job. Your only challenge? Keep your leanings and opinions to yourself. Becoming partial to one party is the quickest way to break down peace talks. Make like Switzerland, and stay neutral.


Collaboration is in the stars today, Taurus, but take care to tame your competitive streak. This isn’t to say you should let others walk all over you, though. If you’re enthused about joining forces, go forth and explore. What’s important is that everyone’s voice is heard—especially your own. If you sense that your ideas aren’t valued (or may be passed off as someone else’s), you're certain to lost steam about the project. Stand your ground.


Just friends…or something more? Go forth and explore. Blurred lines abound under today’s stars, Taurus. If you’re unattached, don’t restrict yourself to a certain type. A more open-minded approach could bring you an oh-so satisfying paramour—even if it only lasts while the leaves change color. But who knows? Dive into a different dating pool and find out. Coupled: The chemistry you feel with an amigo could be channelled beautifully into a creative collaboration.


Does your money come with strings attached, Taurus? If you see a friend struggling and you can help her out, by all means do so. But first, check in with yourself and identify any other motivations driving your generosity. If you’ve got expectations of being “paid back,” you could end up disappointed, and even resentful. Or, are you trying to influence this person with your gifts? Sure, you may get what you want initially, but the karma debt you’ll gain will hold you back in the long run. Instead of playing games, take a less complicated approach. Explicitly ask for what you need—you could be pleasantly surprised.


Home is where the fun is on Saturday, thanks to a mashup of the moon and optimistic Jupiter in your domestic sector. Host a dinner party with your posse of peeps, and show off your haute cuisine skills. As Jupiter is the “honesty is the best policy” planet, you could reach an illuminating moment of truth regarding your relationship with a close woman in your world. You’ve been butting heads lately, and a satisfying compromise may not be possible right now. If that’s the case, taking some space from each other to explore independent activities may be the best way forward for the both of you. On Sunday, steer clear of making hard-and-fast decisions for other people. Sure, your assessment of the situation and how to handle it may be spot-on, but people will not be pleased if you act on their behalf—especially without consulting them first. Be smart about it, and present the facts so they can clearly see that your first choice is the best way forward. This won’t guarantee that they’ll jump onboard with your plan, so don’t get your knickers in a knot if they disagree. When all is said and done, the ideal course of action is the one voted on by the majority. At least that way, you won’t have to worry about accommodating grumpy, resentful people.



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