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Romantic rut, begone! Today’s balancing quarter moon illuminates your fifth house of passion, bringing forward motion to your love life. Whether your current relationship is stuck in neutral or you’ve been steering clear of the dating game, this lunar light helps you take concrete action. If you’re in a long-term relationship, surprise your sweetie with romantic dinner reservations or tickets to a raved-about show. Single? Spruce up your online dating profile, and get into a right-swipe state of mind.


A conflict over money could send a relationship into choppy waters today. A tough square between the indulgent moon and agitator Mars may find you on financial shaky ground. Maybe one of you is a saver while the other loves to splurge. Take a closer look, Taurus, and identify the root of this tension. It could point to feelings of emotional instability, possibly within this bond. Instead of succumbing to retail therapy, find ways to self-soothe without pulling out the plastic.


Let's talk money! Today’s alliance of expressive Mercury and assertive Mars in your finance sector calls for an honest appraisal of your budget. Are you under-earning? Maybe it's time to get more proactive. One of your creative ideas, for example, could turn out to be quite lucrative. Don't be afraid to self-promote during this cosmic confab—especially if you’re in the running for a new job or up for a salary review. Save the humble pie for another day, and reap the rewards.


While it might sound like a contradiction, you can honor your principles AND question your beliefs. Today’s moon hovers in your no-nonsense sixth house, keeping you grounded in your values. But as la luna forms a hard angle to transformational Pluto in your expansive ninth house, you’re encouraged to open your mind to other perspectives—even if you think your view is the “correct” one. Explore the options before rejecting them, Taurus. And if you’re motivated to make some changes, don’t do anything drastic until you’ve investigated all angles. 


You may have a rock-steady posse of friends, Taurus, but they might not be equipped to be the grounding force you crave today. With mental Mercury in your security-minded second house, you're seeking out support, be it a few words of encouragement or a shoulder to cry on. But as Mercury squares foggy Neptune, your true-blue crew could be too concerned about their own issues to even notice you need some attention. Or, you may just be out of sync with their festive vibe. While you might be tempted to join the fun and games tonight, you could run up a hefty tab and drain your energy. Your best bet? Treat yourself to a low-key and grounding evening in.


It takes two to make a thing go right, especially this weekend. The moon occupies Scorpio, your partnership house on both Saturday and Sunday, paving the way for amorous connections.  If you’re in a relationship, block off ample time to stoke that spark. Single? Step outside of your cocoon, and plant yourself among the eligible on Saturday night. Just do yourself a favor and don’t give those players the time of day. The dating game can be discouraging sometimes, Taurus, but this weekend is NOT the moment to wave the white flag. In fact, under this commitment-friendly lunar light, you could attract an awesome long-term prospect. Come Sunday, the scales of give-and-take with a few friends might need some rebalancing. A collision between the Sun in your finance sector and needy Neptune in your eleventh house of amigos could find you picking up the brunch tab one too many times, or sacrificing your to-do list to play therapist. Reserve your company for those friends who truly understand the meaning of reciprocation.

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