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When looking for love, think: friends first. While the people you meet today may not be swoon-worthy, keep an open mind. Under the current cosmos, they may actually be the bridge to The One. Allow these connections to unfold naturally, instead of pushing an agenda. Trying to force things in a certain direction could derail destiny’s plans for you. Patience is a virtue, Taurus. Practice it, and you’ll eventually reap the rewards.


Take a wide-angle view, Taurus. Today, the moon roves alongside go-getter Mars in Capricorn and your international ninth house. Mars assumed this position this past Sunday and remains there until December 4, possibly attracting encouraging opportunities from abroad. If videoconferencing or Skype catchups aren’t scratching that itch, reserve a flight today, or extend an invitation to that faraway professional contact or relative.


Read between the lines today, Taurus. Don’t accept that your assumptions are the right answers, and dig deeper to find the real truth. With the moon and probing Pluto synced up in your house of higher learning, you could get consumed in researching an interest, or uncovering clues to a mystery. Stay plugged into your instincts. Your gut will send that unquestionable feeling when you’ve collected all the facts you need. 


Today’s quarter moon in your professional tenth house prompts you to pause and reflect on your career trajectory. There’s no question that you’re putting in a lot of hard work, Taurus. But are you stuck in the “lather, rinse, repeat” routine without having any grander aspirations? While security is important to your sign, don’t let it overshadow the importance of feeding your soul. You can achieve stability AND satisfy your spirit. If the job of a lifetime isn’t apparent yet, stay calm and keep pursuing your passions, even if that means doing so in your spare time.


All work and no play? With the moon lighting up your tenth house of career, you might be resigned to missing out on all the ghoulish fun and games. Don’t do it, Taurus! Before slapping on those blinders, give yourself a time limit to complete an important task. Then get to it, knowing that your friends are saving a seat and a glass of pumpkin ale or hot cider for you. With the Sun blazing through your relationship sector, chemistry with a smoking-hot zombie or swoonworthy werewolf is more than likely.


It may be Saturday, but you’ll probably still be in work mode in the morning, thanks to the moon hovering in your ambitious tenth house. If you’re not wrapping up loose ends from Friday’s agenda, you might dive into a household project. Just try to start things you can finish. When la luna shifts into your community sector mid-day, it’s time to drop the paintbrush and go play with your pals. Let loose with fun-loving friends, and ask their amigos to come along. A creative collabo or potent attraction could result. Sunday’s stars won’t question your loyalty in love, but they encourage you to nurture the friendship aspect of that one special bond. That spark is still there, Taurus—you just need to coax it back to life. Sit down together and plan a light-hearted activity that you both enjoy. Also, get out and about with other couples. Socializing draws out those parts of your partner’s personality you forgot about. Single? Steer clear of virtual dating sites. You could meet a fated connection via your social network or at an event. IRL is the way the go.



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