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Brace yourself against temptation, Taurus. Starting today and lasting until December 21, impulsive Uranus reverses into retrograde mode in your escapist twelfth house. Those old bad habits you kicked to the curb could suddenly seem appealing again—especially in the face of stress. Instead of picking up a pack of smokes, going on chocolate binge, or drowning your sorrows in drink, schedule in an emergency session with your therapist. Should you be struck with the saviour complex, redirect that energy into facing an issue in your life you’ve been sidestepping. Also during this Uranus spell, an enemy could emerge. Remember: whatever this person triggers shines a light on something you’ve been avoiding. If you want to heal, it’s time to deal.


Chateau Taurus becomes the center of your universe for the next month as the Sun cozies up in loving Leo and your domestic fourth house. Reconnect with your closest family and friends and feather your nest (and your backyard). Venture away from home base to visit those relatives that miss spending time with you. Leo is also all about celebrating life, so also be sure to roll out the welcome mat. Pull out your “hostess with the mostest” skills, and impress your inner circle with your culinary finesse.


You’re seeing dollar signs today, Taurus, courtesy of a moon-Mars angle in the work sectors of your chart. Have you honed in on a chance to start your own biz, or an opportunity to advance a few rungs up the ladder? Don’t wait a moment longer—carpe diem! Before initiating talks, pull together a plan. Be it a kick-ass cover letter or a perfected sale pitch, be sure you’ve got the goods to prove you’re the one to get the job done. If someone has been dragging their feet in paying you back, put your foot down. Set a deadline or establish dates where you can receive your money in instalments. No more excuses.


Lady Luck is in your corner today, Taurus! A rare alignment of the Sun and auspicious Jupiter in your fourth house of women sets the stage for sister acts. You could draw an impressive lady into your sphere, so keep your radar up for potential kismet connections. If you know of an incredible mujer you’d like to forge a closer bond with, either for friendship or business, nurture that relationship. It’s also a stellar time to get back in touch with a long-distance relative or old friend. A Skype conversation could lead to a vacation together before Labor Day rolls around.


Your motto for the next seven weeks? It takes two to make a thing go right. Motivator Mars moves into Scorpio and your partnership sector until September 13, making you anxious to seal the deal. Joining forces with another will work to your advantage, but hotheaded Mars can make tempers especially short. There’s a fine line between being assertive and aggressive, so aim to express your needs confidently without getting bossy. Patience is a virtue, Bull. Practice it.


Feather your nest and invite others over to enjoy it. Saturday’s new moon in Taurus lights up your domestic fourth house, drawing out the homebody within. Is your space a true reflection of your present incarnation? If you’re inspired to go into full-on reno mode, go for it. That said, you might just need to add a pop of color with a coat of paint or new curtains. If your current digs just don’t do it for you anymore, devote time this weekend perusing the listings and checking out open houses. Hold out for a place that really resonates with you—not just because it’s a bit better than where you hang your hat now. On Sunday, make like Switzerland. While it may be tempting to assume the role of mediator among feuding friends or family members, don’t go down that rabbit role. You’ll only get sucked into the drama, and kill any possibility of an upbeat day. You could even be faced with the pressure of taking sides, but stay firmly on the fence. While you just want to bring back the love, it’s up to them to work it out. Back away from the conflict, and spend your time nurturing your bonds one-on-one—steering clear of THAT issue.



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