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Today’s stars remind you that people say much more with their actions than they do their words. Pay close attention to those non-verbal cues, like gestures and eye contact—or lack thereof. Someone who leans into you while you’re speaking, or “accidentally” brushes your hand is sending crystal clear messages. On the flipside, crossed arms and pursed lips could indicate opposition or intimidation. Once you tune into the signals, you can adjust your delivery accordingly.


Hop back on the wellness wagon, Taurus. The moon is in Libra and your sixth house of healthy habits, putting your self-care habits front and center. Whether you’ve fallen completely off track or treat your body with TLC, making small changes can still make a massive difference on your outlook and energy levels. Skip the elevator and take the stairs, or get off the bus a couple stops early. Cut back on caffeine by alternating a cup of coffee with a glass of water infused with fresh lemon, which alkalizes your drink. Every little bit helps.


Mission: Organization! Today’s merger of Mercury retrograde and the moon in your efficient sixth house gives you a mega-shot of mojo to finally tend to that project in disarray. You know, the one you started weeks or even months ago. Before diving in, draft out a doable system, so each item has its own particular place within the overall structure. Floating shelves are attractive, but not if you pile a bunch of stuff on them. Time for a trip to The Container Store, Taurus. Besides getting everything organized, you don’t want to put your entire personal life on display, do you?


Two is your magic number, Taurus! You’ve not only got the confident Sun illuminating Scorpio and your commitment sector until November 22, but love planet Venus also takes the same position until November 16. Talk about having ‘em at hello. But that’s not all. A solar (new moon) eclipse in Scorpio sets you up for a prosperous partnership cycle that lasts until late March. Starting today, expect your romantic or business relationships (or both!) to take center stage. Just hold off officializing any bonds until Mercury course-corrects this Saturday.


While you’re already shouldering way too much, you could be opposed to joining forces with others. It’s gotta be one or the other, Bull, and carrying more than your fair share simply isn’t sustainable. Accept the fact that you’re a mere mortal, and welcome the power of two into your world. Be sure to first establish crystal-clear expectations of roles and responsibilities. Keeping the lines of communication open paves a path to a successful partnership.


The wellness wagon pulls up to your front door today, Taurus, and not a moment too soon. For the last three weeks, Mercury has been retrograde in your sixth house of healthy living, making you susceptible to the latest bugs or causing your stress levels to soar over inconsequential stuff. If the quicksilver planet’s backward motion left you drowning in the details, you’ll now be able to get yourself into an organized groove. Take a few hours on Saturday to clear out your Inbox, deal with pending paperwork, and perhaps install a few floating shelves. On Sunday, mojo-mustering Mars moves into Capricorn and your international ninth house for the next five weeks. While change is not one of your sign’s favorite things, it’s in your best interest to welcome fresh experiences into your world. This Mars-driven cycle motivates you to explore fresh horizons, perhaps in faraway locales or via in-depth study. Have you been pondering signing up for an advanced degree program? Get your application in, STAT.



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