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Balancing the demands of your closest relationships could be tricky today, Taurus. Your top priority is the object of your affections, thanks to the moon illuminating your seventh house of partnerships. But with loving Venus in your family and close friend sector squaring la luna, your nearest and dearest are counting on your company. If putting your inner circle on the backburner will churn up conflict, cook up creative ways to make everyone happy. Perhaps make an early appearance at your parents’ annual end-of-summer pool party, and then meet up with your boo for the romantic evening you had planned.


Bring on boot camp! Today, mental Mercury moves into your sixth house of self-care until September 27, filling you full of verve and vigor when it comes to your vitality goals. Tune into your body’s signals. If you’ve been dragging your feet, keep a food diary to identify any potential allergies or intolerances. If you find yourself dreading your current fitness routine, mix it up. Do a bit of research, and see what’s popular. Trying a different activity can reboot your healthy-living mojo. Think: Zumba classes, Soul Cycle sessions and power yoga. 


Unlock the vault, Taurus. Today’s stars could conjure up conversations that turn into confessionals. If you find yourself resisting, recognize that it’s simply out of habit. Free yourself from this secret, and lighten your psychic load. Meet up with a female friend or family member you trust for dinner. At the very least, make a Skype date tonight. Just make sure she isn’t involved in the situation at hand so she can be objective. Heads up: people could turn to you today like you’re the in-house therapist. Be compassionate, but don’t forget you’ve also got to work to do!


Your instincts will never lead you astray, Taurus. An intuitive moon-Pluto angle in your truth-telling ninth house activates your inner knowing, especially when it comes to a certain situation. Before you start broadcasting this information, do what you can to dig up evidence to support your claims. Your research will reveal that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than you realize, which may actually be a positive. If you can’t get someone out of your mind (even if you don’t know them), follow that urge and reach out. Taking a risk could swing open the door to exciting opportunities.


Cupid’s in your corner until September 29, thanks to your cosmic ruler Venus moving into Virgo and your passionate fifth house. Self-expression is the name of the game now, so wear your heart on your sleeve. Be bold, and bravely slide into the driver’s seat of the Love Bug. Some Bulls could be struck with a case of baby fever. If you’re not interested in producing a brood, don't take chances. Coupled? You might feel a little more needy than usual, but don’t pull out all the stops to get the attention you crave. Just ask for what you need, straight up.


Your love of all things luxe is out in full force on Saturday, but don’t let it blind you from the simpler things in life. A faceoff between the moon and indulgent Jupiter could veer you away from the stuff that really counts, so exert extra effort and keep your wallet on lockdown. Seek out pleasure by spending time in nature, hooking up with your most entertaining pals, ripping up the dancefloor. Having a great time doesn’t mean you need to break the bank, Taurus. Sunday’s stars put an important relationship front and center, leaving you craving more certainty. While it’s all well and good to have goals, being too focused on the future could scare off the other person. Sure, it’s understandable that you want to know where the two of you are headed, but raising the issue could feel like undue pressure. Get your Zen on, and practice living in the here-and-now. Drum up fun activities just for the two of you. Playing together not only lightens the mood, but also helps strengthen your bond.



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