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Glow from the inside out, Taurus. Love planet Venus grooves into Libra and your sixth house of self-care until October 23. Give yourself the same attention and adoration that you do your loved ones. When you treat your body with amor—balanced meals, regular exercise, and plenty of shuteye—others can’t help but be drawn to your energy. Write those thrice-weekly yoga classes into your agenda in pen, making them just as important as your other non-negotiable appointments. With the cooler temps rolling in, start collecting recipes featuring fresh seasonal produce to keep you revving in top form.


Mean Girl alert! You’ve got your eyes fixed firmly on the prize, but take care not to slip into cutthroat territory. And so what if your competition is stooping to that level? You’re better than that, Taurus. Much better. Besides, crossing the finish line knowing you strengthened your alliances instead of creating enemies will make it even sweeter. Today’s Sagittarius moon in your seductive eighth house turns up the heat on a simmering attraction. While you-know-who won’t admit to the chemistry between you, lap up every sultry moment. You might even subtly orchestrate some one-on-one time together—but only if it’s appropriate.


Push, Taurus, but don’t go over the edge. Today’s quarter moon in your expansive ninth house prods you to pause in the name of evaluating your growth and current trajectory. You may have thrown yourself into an exciting project or business venture, but are you able to keep your head above water? If not, carve out time this week to scale back. Hone in on your most important goals, and delegate or outsource the more menial tasks and time-sucking obligations. On the flipside, if you’ve been hesitant to stretch outside your comfort zone, this lunar light helps you takes a calculated risk. Sure, it’s normal to be nervous when trying something new. But if you trust in your outstanding ability to plan, you’ll get into a productive groove in no time.


Bend but don’t break, Taurus. Negotiating is necessary today, but don’t sacrifice yourself in the process. Protect your vision and honor your values even if it goes against the majority. Keep your inner people-pleaser on ice, and only compromise within reason. You’ll be far better off speaking your truth instead of going along to get along. It may make others happy for the moment, but in the end, you’ll kick yourself for not being true to Numero Uno.


Don’t allow relationship issues to distract and derail you from your goals, Taurus. Under today’s stars though, that’s easier said than done. Keeping your changeable emotions in check may require the support of a trusted friend. Reach out to a grounded confidante who can help you plant both feet on terra firma again. Then, devote your energies to realizing one important to-do. Wrapping this task up before the 5 o’clock whistle blows will be a massive relief. Happy hour, anyone?


Romantic redux, anyone? This Saturday, expressive Mercury turns retrograde (backward) until October 25, beginning its backspin in your partnership house. Brace yourself, Taurus: old flames and unrequited loves could re-emerge, churning up confusion. Single? If it was only bad timing that preventing your coupling, you’ve got cosmic clearance to test those waters again. But if that old beau broke your heart, let sleeping dogs lie! If you’re already attached, this retrograde tour could set the stage for crossed wires and lover’s spats. See these quarrels as an opportunity to work through the tough stuff in your relationship once and for all. Just make sure your patience tanks are topped as it might take a few weeks to bring back the love. On Sunday, a merger of the moon and fantasy-loving Neptune in your visionary eleventh house calls for unbridled creativity. You’ll be drawn to those innovative and outre people in your midst. Being in their company makes it safe to suspend sensibility, and explore those “out there” ideas without apology.



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