Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 2018

No rest for the weary? March comes in like a lion and doesn't stop roaring… even when you want to retreat to your den. Just like in January, there are a rare TWO full moons this month, which fall on the first and last day. Your ruler, activator Mars, is in Sagittarius until March 17, igniting your ninth house of grand possibilities and expansion. So much to see, so little time! Opportunities to travel, launch an indie business and try new things will pop up everywhere.
But not so fast, Aries! With the Sun in Pisces and your twelfth house of rest, closure and emotional processing until March 20, you'll need to pace yourself. 'Tis the season for feeling and healing. But that kind of contemplation won't be easy with so much going on. The second you kick off your Chelsea boots or put cheek to pillow, you'll get a raging case of FOMO. You might actually be (dare we say it?) grateful for the news that two planets—Mercury and Jupiter—will slow down into retrograde motion this month. Retrogrades give us time to reflect, introspect and integrate all the newness. You could certainly use that space!

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So, let's begin at the beginning, with the March 1 full moon in Virgo and your sixth house of health, organization and systems. You've been processing a LOT of changes thanks to the eclipses on January 31 and February 15. These turbo-charged lunar events reshuffled so many things in your world that you're probably still catching your breath! The clarifying full moon could help you begin to make sense of it all.
With the full moon in wellness-minded Virgo, you may get a surge of motivation to start exercising and eating a little more healthfully. Take inventory and see where you can be most effective. The sixth house rules supportive people, and you might add a savvy service provider to Team Aries. Bid the slackers adieu and bring on the high performers! With the full moon in this well-meaning sector of your chart, you can be tempted to "save the day" for a friend or jump in to resuscitate a floundering work project. Careful, Ram! In the codependent fog of Pisces season, your hero's mission might turn out to be a fool's errand. Direct people to helpful resources instead of volunteering your own time and energy.
The first planet to turn retrograde is the ruler of expansion, honesty and growth, Jupiter, which will reverse through Scorpio and your intimate eighth house from March 8 to July 10. Jupiter's backspin can pull the emergency brake on everything from a budding joint business venture to a simmering attraction to a complex emotional bond. An all-consuming project or relationship could use some breathing room. Have you developed a case of tunnel vision? Step back to analyze it all objectively.
Retrogrades can bring back the past, and with Jupiter in sizzling Scorpio, an old sexual dalliance may reheat. Should you dare to go there? Not without a LOT of honest talk upfront. Before you strip down, prepare to get "emotionally naked" first, Aries. A back-burnered financial or business venture could also pop up, especially one that's associated with investing or real estate.
Jupiter is traveling through Scorpio from October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018, drawing even the most fiercely independent Aries into the depths of emotional, financial or sexual bonding. If you've been unusually "off the grid" this year, it may be because you're finding inspiration in quiet times of privacy and soul-searching. Jupiter's magnifying lens can unveil childhood wounds and heavier emotions that need to be processed. Over the next four months, some Aries will benefit from working with a therapist or healer to put old baggage to bed. Scorpio and the eighth house rule secrets, which includes any shady business or unresolved conflict. If you've wronged someone, unintentionally or not, truth-teller Jupiter will sound the call to make things right. The Sun's activating trine (90-degree angle) to Jupiter on March 13 could be a catalyst for some openhearted confessions and healing talks.
Prepare to be yanked out of the emotional swamp and planted firmly back on earth from March 17 onward, when your ruler, red-hot Mars, zooms into Capricorn and your structured, success-driven tenth house until May 16. Your career could heat up overnight, and since Mars only visits here every two years, you'll want to take full advantage! Even better? Mars will make two trips through this ambitious realm in 2018, which can hoist you into a leadership role. But it might come with some added pressure, as the cosmic expeditor brings intense demands and short turnaround times. (If you choose the right projects, the payoff can be huge!)
Your life-force energy returns with a vengeance on March 20, when the Sun enters Aries for a month, kicking off your solar return and birthday season. But before you skydive into the great unknown without a parachute, back up your data to the cloud. From March 22 to April 15, communicator Mercury will be retrograde in Aries. With the planet of technology, travel and interpersonal relations gone rogue in YOUR sign, even your wisest, wittiest words could be misunderstood. Prepare to explain yourself, and perhaps issue a few apologies for things you didn't say… just because Mercury rolls like that! As eager as you are to crow some news from the rooftops, hold off on the press releases until mid-April. This time might be best spent behind the scenes, polishing up your solo act.
While you're at it, lean on other people! The month ends with a March 31 full moon in Libra and your partnership house. This "blue" moon (which means it's the second full moon this month) illuminates which of your relationships are worthy of orchestra seats and which ones might need to get shuffled back to the nosebleed section. A nascent business or romantic connection—perhaps one sparked by the Leo lunar eclipse on January 31—could have its day of reckoning. Are you ready to make things official? The full moon could seal the deal or bring an air-clearing talk that restores harmony to an important bond.

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