Aries Monthly Horoscope

August 2017

Come out and play, Aries! The Sun is in Leo and your passionate fifth house until August 22, giving you the urge to express yourself. Whether you're putting your talents on display, cranking up the heat in your love life or dominating the dance floor, this solar cycle is all about living out loud. Your ruling planet, energizer Mars, is also in Leo until September 5. Everywhere you go, your colorful Aries personality is in demand, so give the people what they want! Just a word of warning: Together the Sun and Mars form a very dynamic duo, but they can also drive up egos, drama and competitiveness. You can't help stealing the spotlight—just be careful not to hog it. Leave room for others to shine alongside you.
In true Leo-season form, August is an active month in the stars. There are two game-changing eclipses, two retrogrades and the final installment of three Jupiter-Pluto squares that will keep us all on our toes. It may feel like the only constant is change. While eclipses push us into bold new terrain, rear-facing retrogrades prompt us to slow down, review and reconnect with the past. It could feel a little time-warpy, so give yourself a chance to integrate these huge energy downloads.
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Let's begin with the eclipses, which will fall on the Leo/Aquarius axis. These eclipses are part of a series running from 2017 to 2019 and disrupting the status quo around love, creativity, friendship and group activity. You're learning when to be the star and when to play metaphorical backup singer (indeed, there will be moments when you realize there is no "I" in team).
On August 7, the Aquarius lunar (full moon) eclipse could ignite a powerful collaboration as it falls in your eleventh house of group activity and technology. Set aside your solo act and team up with some powerful influencers today. This is an ideal date for a digital launch, as your message could go viral. Lunar eclipses can bring endings and turning points; there's no grey area here. You could make a sharp departure from a social group or faltering friendship that's run its course. The silver lining? This eclipse could usher in affiliation with a cutting-edge new tribe.
Your star turn arrives at the August 21 Leo total solar (new moon) eclipse, which thrusts you onto center stage. Ready or not, a bold beginning is underway, one that could radically revamp your style, self-expression and/or love life. This game-changing lunation spotlights your passionate fifth house, drawing attention and possible fame. Since it's the second of two rare, back-to-back Leo new moons (the first was July 23), events from a month ago could pick up speed. Reflect on what was happening near the February 10, 2017, Leo lunar eclipse, as today's eclipse is the sequel.
A budding love affair might quickly consummate, and an unexpected pregnancy (or news of one) is possible. Emotions could erupt in a messy outburst, so watch for drama! While you may have no choice but to put your no-filter feelings out there, choose your words responsibly. Inflammatory statements will only fan the flames of conflict. For Aries in the creative industries, the solar eclipse could bring an artistic renaissance or exciting recognition for your talents.
Struggling to juggle the demands of work and a relationship? August 4 brings the third in a trio of potent squares between outspoken Jupiter and secretive Pluto. With Pluto in your career sector and Jupiter in your partnership zone, power struggles could ensue. Your personal and professional ties may undergo intense but necessary changes. What have you been glossing over? In love, your visions for the future could reach a tough sticking point. For example, maybe one of you suddenly decides you want children after being a solid "no" to parenthood for years. Suddenly, differences you've ignored all along become glaring, culminating in a crisis that forces you to renegotiate the terms of a relationship.
A career change could force you to rely on someone else instead of holding down the fort—or perhaps to become a more equitable contributor instead of the dependent one. Navigate office politics with the utmost care now. With shadowy Pluto in the mix, there's an undertone of manipulative or bullying behavior. Read up on gaslighting because you may need to shield yourself from its mind-twisting effects. If you're splitting up a partnership, whether romantic or business, the process could get ugly. Look back to the first two Jupiter-Pluto squares on November 24, 2016, and March 30, 2017, for themes of what to resolve this month.
As if that weren't enough, we get a doubleheader of retrograde (backward) planets this month. Disruptive Uranus, which is in Aries, makes its annual U-turn from August 2 until January 2. Over the next five months, dial back your own renegade behavior a bit. Pot-stirring antics that seemed so endearingly avant-garde all year could rub people the wrong way now, casting you as the destructive rebel. There IS such a thing as bad publicity, Ram. Be discerning about the image and messages you put forth. Less is more! Be careful about altering your appearance (maybe wait on that tattoo, or at least interview a couple artists?). The best makeovers will be internal, so focus on personal growth work. If there's a passion project you've back-burnered or a 2017 goal you've neglected, Uranus retrograde is a powerful time to revisit those.
Communicator Mercury also turns retrograde from August 12 until September 5, which can disrupt communication, travel and technology. This month, Mercury will backtrack through Virgo and your healthy, organized sixth house. Stress levels will rise, and you could risk a multitasking meltdown if you take on too much. Guard against careless injuries and germs, as you could be susceptible to picking up that late-summer flu or cold. The best use of this retrograde is to streamline and simplify your life. This is a great time to declutter your workspace, appropriately store files and data, and reevaluate your exercise and eating habits. Hold off on any sweeping changes until Mercury turns direct next month, though.
On August 22, things get a little steadier as the Sun enters earthy Virgo for a month, joining Mercury in this wellness-minded zone. The hedonism of Leo season gives way to healthy pursuits and a fervent desire to get your life in order.
You'll be glad you did, because one of your big ideas could pick up speed as the month closes out. On August 25, structured Saturn ends a five-month retrograde in your ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and study. Since April 5, the ringed taskmaster has been back-spinning through Sagittarius. You've been pulled in so many directions that it's been hard to turn your blue-sky dreams into reality. With the structure planet now moving direct (forward), those starry-eyed notions could gain traction, and a proper plan will start to form. Put some steam behind your dream, tackling the hard work that will build your visions on a firm foundation.

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