Aries Monthly Horoscope

June 2017

Come out, come out! The Sun is in Gemini and your communicative third house until June 21, putting you in social spirits. You've got something to say to the world, and an eager audience awaits. Keep your radar up for people whose skills and ideas complement yours. Sure, you make a fabulous solo act, Aries, but this is prime time for seeking out synergies with kindred spirits. Pitches, meetings and brainstorming sessions will go swimmingly. Teaming up can get your message out even further.
There's a lot more dynamic-duo drive in the air this month. On June 9, expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Libra and your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. A close connection might pick up speed, moving toward official status. You could sign a contract, get engaged or settle back into a harmonious groove with a significant person. That same day brings the year’s only Sagittarius full moon in your expansive ninth house, pushing you to take a major leap of faith. A cross-cultural connection or a project involving travel, media or education, could take center stage.
Jupiter is in Libra from September 9, 2016, until October 10, 2017, a 13-month cycle that only occurs every 12 years. It's been an interesting evolution for your fiercely individualistic sign. The red-spotted planet has been doing backstrokes here since February 6, prompting you to reevaluate all your closest ties. A promising relationship—business or personal—may have slowed down or hit a snag. Some Aries might have had to part ways, or just felt out of sync with the rest of the world. Perhaps a budding connection was just moving too quickly, and your intuition told you to press pause. Now Jupiter moves full steam ahead (much more the Aries pace!), revitalizing your commitments. Between now and the fall, things could get surprisingly serious!
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Another benefit of bolstering your bonds: You'll have plenty of solid citizens to lean on when you need a break this summer. From June 16 to November 22, hazy Neptune will retreat into retrograde motion, treading water in Pisces and your healing twelfth house. This backspin occurs at approximately the same time every year, and it's a rich opportunity to turn inward and connect with deeper feelings. Therapy and energy work can be especially helpful; use this time to process any thorny emotions. You might find the space to forgive someone or release a painful situation. Finding the link between mind, body and spirit can improve your health, inside and out.
Just be careful whom you trust now. With foggy Neptune in this deceptive sector, you could misjudge someone's intentions and drop your guard for a person whose intentions are less than pure. You may have gotten swept up in a fantasy-fueled romance or caught in the grips of a guru figure, but don't hand your power over to anyone, Aries. This is a PSA we don't normally have to give your sign, and Neptune retrograde can actually snap you out of a passive or victim mindset.
You can start to really unwind on June 21, when the Sun begins its annual sojourn through Cancer and your fourth house, spotlighting home and family for a month. Take a break from your ambitious plans to enjoy a beach vacation, do some much-needed nesting and ramp up your self-care regimen. The June 23 Cancer new moon opens up a new six-month chapter for your most personal desires. Whether your dream lifestyle is a white picket fence or being sexy global citizens with a fellow nomad, creating a sense of "home"—and emotional security—is very much on your mind. This new moon could reboot your relationship with a relative, helping you turn to a clean page. A caring but powerful woman you meet near this date could play a key role in events that unfold over the next half-year.
Relationships may reach a heated turning point on June 25, when your ruling planet, aggressive Mars, locks into a tense square with over-the-top Jupiter. Both planets are known for being rash and hotheaded, leaping without looking. Around this date, people could be especially reactive. Mars is in Cancer and your hypersensitive fourth house, butting heads with outspoken Jupiter in your relationship zone. A family member might be a disruptive force by disregarding your boundaries. Or your own tendency to personalize things could make it hard to hear another person's POV. Remind yourself from time to time: "It's not about me." At the same time, honor your needs enough to speak up if you feel taken for granted or trampled on.

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