Aries Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

It wouldn’t be 2017 if the year didn’t end with a flurry of cosmic commotion—and here it comes, Aries. December is action-packed from the jump, and not just because of the holidays. This is all happening against the backdrop of Sagittarius season, as the Sun visits the Archer’s court until December 21. With el Sol in your optimistic and expansive ninth house, you’ll have the emotional stamina to juggle it all. You might even enjoy the quickened pace, since your sign thinks best on your hooves. Truly, Aries, there’s a lot of opportunity swirling about now—and it’s coming in a concentrated dose!
The kickoff occurs on December 2, which is a beautiful and heart-opening day that might just be our consolation prize for the rugged 2017 we all endured. Visionary Jupiter will form a rare, golden trine with healing and compassionate Neptune. Wow! This is the first of three exact meetups that will happen between now and August 2018. Perhaps we’ll see a wave of kindness return to humanity after a polarizing year—and just in time for the holidays, when we all need those reminders about giving and generosity. Jupiter helps us reach across so-called divides while Neptune dissolves boundaries, a wake-up call for unity and togetherness.
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Important flag: Neither of these planets is associated with firm limitations, so in our personal lives, we may need to work a little harder discerning between charitable and gullible. This cosmic connection offers equal potential for codependence AND collaboration. With Jupiter in Scorpio and your eighth house of merging, and Neptune in Pisces and your emotional, family-oriented fourth house, this trine can illuminate deep and soulful bonds. Rifts with relatives could heal, or you could turn your home into a sanctuary. (Time to set up that meditation altar?) Jupiter and Neptune here could herald a pregnancy, adoption or a new member of the clan, perhaps a loving person who joins your holiday table. You could effusively express some feelings you’ve been holding back.
The next day, December 3, brings an interesting mashup. We have the year’s only Gemini full moon (also a supermoon) powering up your third house of communication. You’ll be ready to hold court, gush, reveal a deep secret. A collaborative project you’ve been working since last summer could come together with a flourish. Long-awaited news may arrive, so keep your devices charged. A project could get the green light, or you may decide to wrap it up and move on to other ventures.
Yet just as you’re about to give a #nofilter speech or post a Facebook diatribe, the cosmic brakes screech. From December 3 to 22, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde one last time this year. Mercury-retrograde chatter has become as ubiquitous as pumpkin spice lattes, but we’ll remind you of the precautions anyway. Mercury rules communication, travel and technology, and while it’s in this seemingly “backward” mode, any and all of those things can go haywire. You’ll need to slow down, inspect, and take extra care with your conversations and sensitive data. Mercury is reversing through Sagittarius this time, which could impact holiday-season travel plans. Make sure your flight tickets and Airbnbs are confirmed if you’re heading out of town. Be mindful about signing contracts now—better to take your time and thoroughly look things over than to rush into anything binding.
The next wave of activity begins the week of December 18. It begins with a Sagittarius new moon that day, which could spark a moment of blue-sky dreaming that fires you up with inspiration for the year ahead. Capture the brilliance while it’s downloading! Might as well get an early start on those 2018 resolutions, Aries. The Sun, Mercury, Venus AND Saturn are all in Sagittarius today, helping you crystallize and articulate the bold future you’re imagining. New moons kick off six-month chapters, and this one could be the start of something big!
The next day brings another drop-everything planetary event. Structured Saturn, the planet of maturity, rigor and disciplined ambition, will exit Sagittarius, where it’s been reshaping your lofty ideas since December 24, 2014. You’ve expanded your big dreams, but you’ve also learned a few important lessons about patience and compromise. You love to go big, but sometimes, doing that all at once can be overwhelming.
Now Saturn will trot through its home sign of Capricorn until December 17, 2020, turning its inspector’s headlamp on your tenth house of career and success. With the ringed taskmaster marching across the very top of your chart, you’re sure to receive some valuable teachings on the professional front. And for you, it’s like a triple dose, because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and Capricorn is the ruler of the tenth house. Whew! But to put it in perspective, this Saturn cycle only happens every 29 years or so—it was last here from 1988 to 1991. You’re setting up the next long phase of your career, and the choices you make now can resonate for the next three decades!
Saturn doesn’t do handouts, however; you’ll have to pay your dues. There will be moments during which you feel held back as you’re forced to follow all the necessary steps and protocols. The Saturnian rule number one: Anything worth doing must be done right—and by the book. No cutting corners! Those Aries hacks will come back to bite you. A few possibilities: You may have to deal with a demanding boss or a powerful figure, or change careers during this three-year Saturn phase.
The tenth house also rules fathers and men, which could reshape your relationship with an important male. Your own sense of authority will also be revamped by strict Saturn. Are you rising to responsibility and leadership? How do you deal with power? You can grow a lot as a businessperson, manager and expert in your field. But again, you’ll need to put in the time and effort to get there. Think of it as a marathon instead of a sprint. You’re establishing yourself as a power player, but it has to come from a place of service, not ego. Working with a coach or mentor could make a huge impact now.
This cycle will challenge you to grow, but it won’t be easy-breezy. In Capricorn, Saturn forms a tense square to your Sun. Aries born between March 21 to 23 will feel Saturn’s presence the most as 2017 ends. (Get the full scoop on Saturn in Capricorn for your sign in The AstroTwins’ 2018 Planetary Planner.)
On December 21, the Sun will also enter Capricorn for its annual monthlong stint. By New Year’s Eve, the Sun, Venus, Saturn AND Pluto will all be in this ambitious sign. If you’re not obsessing over your 2018 goals, you should probably be in cocktail attire, ringing in the New Year at a VIP event. Expansive Jupiter and driven Mars will both be in Scorpio as the calendar turns, adding an air of mystery and intensity. You could do a deep dive to set powerful intentions for the coming year. And with the moon in Gemini and your social third house, you’ll have a lot to discuss tonight. Spoiler alert: The first full moon of 2018 will be on January 1, so be prepared to kick the year off in an illuminating and energizing way!

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