Aries Monthly Horoscope

October 2017

It's relationship high season for you, Aries. In October, the Sun makes its annual voyage through the most committed sectors of your chart, putting the emphasis on your closest ties all month. Is everything equitable, with a balanced give and take? You won't know unless you ask—so summon the courage to find out, then make a sincere effort to iron out any kinks.
Until October 23, the Sun will be traipsing through Libra and your seventh house of partnerships, driving up the dynamic-duo energy. Aries, you make a stunning solo act, but you can only get so far on your own. Explore synergies with people whose skills and interests complement yours. Together you could take things to new heights. Romantically, this could be "make it official" time. No matter what your relationship status, give your best friends and/or significant other your undivided attention, especially if they've been subsisting on leftover scraps. The October 19 Libra new moon is the perfect day to turn over a new leaf, as it sets off a six-month cycle that's ideal for love!
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Your one moment to occupy the whole spotlight (and nothin' but the spotlight) arrives on October 5, when the year's only Aries full moon brightens your first house of independence and personal initiatives. Step on the gas with a solo project. Take a day off from putting others' needs first and tend to your own. (It's not selfishness; it's survival!) Dress to impress and polish up your online profiles: You could attract a whiff of celeb status today.
Just watch for a couple tense clashes as the Sun locks into dicey angles with Pluto and Uranus this month. On October 10, el Sol makes its semiannual square to power-tripping Pluto in your tenth house of career, which could bring clashes with authority figures or tension around divergent goals. Instead of tearing each other down, pause and do your best to compromise.
You could feel a little cagey about your commitments on October 19, when the Sun makes its annual opposition to irrepressible Uranus in Aries. Have you sidelined your goals or watered your ideas down for others? Over compromising is not the Aries way, so restore the balance of power stat. If a partnership isn't bringing out your best, it might be time to move on. But avoid any rash moves today, as disruptive Uranus can leave chaos in its wake. Maybe take a cooldown period instead of calling the whole thing off?
This month's biggest headliner arrives on October 10, when expansive Jupiter makes its once-a-year transition to a new part of your chart. Jupiter, the planet of luck and risk-taking, will start a 13-month voyage through Scorpio and your eighth house of mergers, joint ventures and intimacy until November 8, 2018. How deep is your love? How strong are your bonds? These are some of the questions that Jupiter will put under its truth-seeking microscope. (Our 2018 Planetary Planner has an in-depth report on Jupiter in Scorpio for YOUR sign—pre-order your copy here!)
Since September 2016, Jupiter has been in Libra and your partnership house, and has probably left you with a shiny new perspective on long-term connections. You may have explored teaming up for business or romance, getting engaged, collaborating on a visionary project or inking a major deal. Now Jupiter moves into an even more committed part of your chart, where the rubber meets the road. Marriage, pregnancy, home ownership: The gaseous giant inspires you to take a leap of faith and make one of these momentous moves. But to indie-spirited Aries, this could also bring some growing pains. Not being able to come and go as you please? Huh? Optimistic Jupiter will quickly reveal the positive trade-off, though. With the right person, sacrificing a little of that autonomy for happily-ever-after or lasting financial security might just be worth it.
Jupiter was last in Scorpio 12 years ago, from October 25, 2005 to November 23, 2006. If you can scroll back that far, you might notice similar themes emerging. A relationship or financial endeavor that began around that time could now undergo its next evolution. Some Aries could divorce, breakup or part ways with a work collaborator, especially if you don't see the potential to grow together. Keep it amicable, divide up the assets and profits fairly, and wish each other well. Sizzling sexual chemistry may ignite with adventurous Jupiter in this erotic area of your chart. But the connection could also be one of mind, body and spirit—hello, sultry soulmate!
The eighth house rules wealth, windfalls and shared financial endeavors. Over the next year, you could explore new ways to multiply your money through investments, pooled resources and smart allocation. If the words "compound interest" sound like Greek to you now, you'll be Aristotle by next fall. Real estate could be especially lucky. Some Aries could buy or sell property. But don't treat life like a lottery (even though, TBH, you could win a bounty). Get proactive and start your financial-literacy training now. Books like David Bach's The Automatic Millionaire and Barbara Stanny's Sacred Success can help. Knowledge-seeking Jupiter inspires you to learn and stretch past your comfort zone.
Financially, the eighth house is the domain of "other people's money"—in essence, anything that's not kind income you earn from a regular paycheck. With bountiful Jupiter here, you could receive a lump sum via a tax refund or a loan or make some bonus bucks through affiliate sales and commissions. Caution: Jupiter can tempt you to gamble, so be careful about what you put on a credit card or invest in without proper research. It's great to earn passive income, but be sure you're not falling for a shady pyramid scheme that promises overnight millions. You don't want to be THAT person, hitting up your inner circle to become distributors of a life-changing new superfood supplement that's really just a bunch of colored powder.
Don't be surprised if you crave more privacy during this off-the-grid Jupiter cycle. You could be consumed by a detailed project, spiritual study or heavy emotions that need processing. You may need to cut back and tend to your wellbeing or to help a loved one who's dealing with tough circumstances. Maybe you've weathered a betrayal and your trust is shaky. It's not easy to feel so vulnerable and exposed, but you can learn a lot from it now. If you haven't fully mourned a loss or transition, heed the wise saying that "you've got to feel it to heal it." Sessions with a therapist or energy worker can help you make great internal progress.
You'll plunge into this deep end of the pool on October 23, when the Sun joins Jupiter in Scorpio for a month. Stay on your toes: One of the luckiest days of 2017 could arrive on October 26, when the Sun and Jupiter make their annual conjunction. This is THE day to make a big money move, such as pitching a proposal to investors or plunking down a deposit on a piece of property. Planning an engagement, elopement or vow renewal? Here's your big push through the eye of that needle. If you've been toiling away behind the scenes, today could deliver a big eureka moment—or a moment to step into the spotlight and unveil what you've been cooking up in that metaphorical test kitchen!

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