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January 2018

Welcome to a brand-new year, Aries! January swooshes in with some epic planetary activity, making sure we all sit up straight and fly right. For starters, the month is bookended by TWO full moons (normally there's only one per month). Both lunations are supermoons, and one is a change-making eclipse. Yeah, it's gonna be obvious pretty quickly that 2018 means business. ("We're not doing 2017 again, guys—is that clear?" declares the cosmos.)
It all starts on January 1, when the new year begins with a full supermoon in Cancer and your fourth house of home, family and foundations. While you're busy making lofty resolutions to take over the world, la luna sits you down in your favorite comfy chair for a stern but motherly chat. First of all, do you have the emotional bandwidth for your grand mission? Are you getting enough self-care and nurturing to keep your tanks? Are your family bonds in good standing, or are you still letting some childhood wounds creep into your dynamics? There's no sweeping past this stuff now because it ALL matters.
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 The full moon could also bring a long-overdue resolution to a domestic situation that's been brewing since last summer. You could move, take in a roommate or make plans to buy or sell a home. Maybe you'll start the new year by radically changing your decor and making plans to add a new member to your brood. (Note to Rams in the childbearing demographic: If you got frisky under the mistletoe, Santa and the stork might have a belated holiday gift for you in the next couple weeks.) A woman, possibly your mom or a mother figure, could figure prominently in events now.
Fortunately, this burst of emotional energy will be tempered by the Sun's visit to Capricorn and your ambitious, career-focused tenth house until January 19. Start crafting your master plans for 2018 under these auspicious rays. The Capricorn new moon on January 16 is THE day to set your resolutions in motion because la luna is joined by the Sun, expressive Mercury, charming Venus, disciplined Saturn AND magnetic Pluto in this sign. Wow! The next two weeks are ideal for prospecting new opportunities, setting up meetings and pursuing a management role.
With Saturn in Capricorn for the next three years, you're on a slow but steady upward trajectory, and you might benefit from working with a mentor or seasoned coach. Make that a gift to yourself, Aries. New moons unfold over six-month periods, so by summer you can reach new levels of success with the right guidance. You could enter a contest for an award or a prestigious position, as this new moon brings a lunar lift to your leadership sector.
For the most part, Capricorn season will help you think in a structured and strategic way. But watch that competitive streak! You might dig your heels into your turf pretty intensely on January 9, when the Sun unites with powermonger Pluto in your professional zone. An opportunity arises with your name written all over it—and nobody is getting through that door before you do! Be careful you don't mow anyone down along the way. If this clip of fellow Aries Reese Witherspoon playing the cutthroat Tracy Flick in Election feels a little too familiar, that's your cue to dial it down.
But hey, maybe someone IS encroaching on your territory, in which case you will need to defend your boundaries. Keep an eye out, but don't obsess about it. If you MUST push back to a bullying type, it could happen on January 14, when the Sun forms a combative square to volatile Uranus in Aries and your assertive first house. Watch your temper and knee-jerk reactions.
Those may start surging as early as January 2, when hotheaded Uranus ends a five-month retrograde backspin. If you've been suppressing your truth, a cosmic fire in your belly might make it hard to hold back. Or you could suddenly get pumped about a passion project, making all kinds of dizzying promises you're not quite prepared to keep. Just don't go firing off without a proper plan. As eager as you are to get this going, you don't want to sizzle then fizzle.
The cosmic climate lightens a bit on January 19, when the Sun shifts into Aquarius and your eleventh house of groups, technology and the future. You're really excited about a trailblazing 2018 plan now—and even better, you could start attracting some dynamic players onto Team Aries. Working with others can slow you down in some ways—all that checking in and compromising can be a bit much for your independent sign! But ultimately, you'll go further if you have the right collaborators to share the load of this lofty project.
And don't worry, you'll have your moment in the spotlight. That could arrive on January 31, when the month's second full supermoon lands in Leo and your passionate, attention-grabbing fifth house. This one is also a total lunar eclipse—the follow-up to the Leo total SOLAR eclipse that made global headlines back on August 21, 2017. Whatever's been percolating since then could reach a major turning point or manifestation.
Maybe you'll get some long-overdue recognition, or perhaps just a huge heavenly nudge to stop playing small. Grab the microphone, Aries, and express yourself unapologetically. Your sign has such a unique way of seeing things, and it's a gift to the rest of the world when you share it in your pure and heartfelt way. Watering down your message has never worked for you—you're simply too much of an individual.
As January ends, you might finally start to see the futility of trying to "fit in." Think of this day as a cosmic coming-out party. Whatever happens is likely to occur in a bold and head-turning way. Since eclipses can bring surprises, you won't be able to control what comes out into the open.
The fifth house rules romance and fertility, so the Leo lunar eclipse could bring an out-of-the-blue attraction or, for some Aries, pregnancy news. (Yes, we know—both full moons have that potential this month!) You'll find the courage to say how you really feel about someone or to put all your feelings into the open with a partner. Even if you're comfortably coupled, there's always a new threshold to explore. What would put a fire in your hearts as a couple? The eclipse could reveal some unexpected new avenues!

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