Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

Pace yourself, Capricorn. December's stars are chockablock with activity, but it will take you a minute (or a couple of days) to catch up. The Sun is creeping through Sagittarius and your twelfth house of rest, fantasy and closure until December 21, making this a good time to tie up loose ends before your birthday season begins. It's okay if you don't have the energy to rally for every last cocktail party and holiday trunk show. Be choosy about your RSVPs—and say "yes" to the ones that matter most!
One of those could arrive at the top of the month, because the first weekend of December will pack in three major cosmic events. Save up your social energy for Saturday, December 2, when you'll be a networking machine. Expansive Jupiter and compassionate Neptune will form a golden trine in the interpersonal zones of your chart, which could bring some fascinating new people into your orbit. This is the first of three auspicious trines these planets will form between now and August 2018. With this heart-opening alignment in play, you could forge meaningful connections to kindred spirits.
With global Jupiter here, you could mesh across the miles, perhaps over social media. Or you could be introduced to a local friend of a friend, and before you know it, you're making plans to collaborate on a cutting-edge project. Don't be surprised if you wind up playing superconnector yourself. Introduce friends who you think would get along, either romantically or professionally. You might even inspire an impromptu party: Tell everyone to show up at your favorite hangout and to bring their friends.
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The next day (December 3), the stars serve up an intense combo: There's a full moon, AND Mercury goes retrograde on the same day. The full moon (also a supermoon) is in Gemini and your efficient, health-conscious sixth house, which could put you in micromanager mode. You'll want everything spotless, systematized and planned down to the tiniest detail. If you've gotten scattered, you'll want to sharpen your game. While it's not exactly the best timing given the holidays, don't be surprised if you suddenly want to start eating better, exercising and tracking how you spend time or money. Even a little bit will help. Bundle up and take a walk after a heavy dinner, or find two days a week to make your favorite fitness class a non-negotiable calendar item. Make appointments for annual checkups, and finalize your to-do lists for holiday preparation. Who's making the sweet potatoes, organizing gift exchanges, stringing up the lights? Having those tasks mapped out will give you peace of mind.
ANY effort to stay organized will pay off, because mental Mercury will be retrograde from December 3 to 22 in Sagittarius and your foggy, passive-aggressive twelfth house. This tricky cycle can scramble technology, communication and travel, so you'll have to be extra vigilant with your interactions. You'll be prone to forgetfulness and fatigue for the next couple weeks, and you'll need to give your brain periodic breaks. Overscheduling yourself is NOT advised. P.S.: It's okay to ask for help! The pull to be a martyr is strong now, but you'll only pay the price with burnout.
While Mercury is retrograde in this reflective zone, it's a good time to declutter—and that goes for your physical, emotional AND mental space. Start by letting the stiff upper lip quiver a little. Vulnerability may not be your thing, but Mercury here could bring those walls tumbling down. Process any emotions you've been avoiding through journaling, meditation or talking them out with a trusted person. Tap into more right-brain activities—dance, art, free-writing, music—to move stuck energy through your system. Tackle a zone of your home or workspace and make piles of stuff you want to keep, trash or donate. This is a sentimental time, so let your nostalgic side out! Look through old photos, texts and memorabilia. Forgiveness work is highlighted. Rather than feel bitter about the past, find a way to release its grip on you.
A hectic work schedule that's had you grinding since October 22 will end on December 9, when energizer Mars exits Libra and your professional tenth house. You've made major career headway since the fall, but it probably involved demanding deadlines and stressful tasks. Now, Mars will swing into Scorpio and your eleventh house of group activity until January 26, making your social life sparkle. Get those dancing shoes out, even if you'd prefer to stay in fleece-lined slippers. There will be fascinating new characters to meet, and your own charisma could rocket off the charts.
The week of December 18 is huge for you. It starts that day with a Sagittarius new moon, a spiritual moment of surrender and release. What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? This new moon gives you the courage to release it and make space for something new. The Sun, Mercury, romantic Venus AND structured Saturn are all in Sagittarius today, helping you create healthy boundaries with friends, love interests and colleagues. Start by making YOUR needs clear, rather than pointing fingers or lashing out.
You'll get plenty of practice asserting yourself starting December 19. This is one of THE biggest days of 2017 for you, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn, makes its homecoming into Capricorn, landing in your sign for the first time since 1991. Between now and December 17, 2020, you'll be on a total life reinvention tour, laying the foundation of the next 29-year chapter of your life. (Oh yeah, it's really THAT big).
Hosting Saturn in your sign isn't necessarily easy. This is the planet that rules tough lessons, responsibility and maturity. You may weather some challenging (but character-building) situations that test your mettle and push you to own your power. Since Saturn is your cosmic overlord, you've lived with his weighty tutelage your whole life. You might actually welcome the opportunity for more definition and direction. Saturn will happily provide that if you're willing to do the work. Paying dues WILL have a return on investment, but it won't happen overnight. Think of this time as a marathon, not a sprint!
With severe Saturn in your first house of appearance, you may change your look to a more reserved or sophisticated style. Saturn rules aging, and you could embrace the natural passage of time (stop covering those grays, maybe?) or go in the other direction and do some cosmetic clock reversals. Whatever the case, your new goal will be to be taken seriously by the world and to present yourself as a serious player or an expert in your field. Saturn in your first house can help you exude an air of authority—but there's no faking it till you make it. Coming from a place of ego will not fly with Saturn in your sign.
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Your birthday season begins on December 21, when the Sun joins Saturn in Capricorn for a month and kicks this new cycle into gear. Rub the sleep out of your eyes—you're ready for some holiday cheer. By New Year's Eve, there will be four planets in your sign: the Sun, Saturn, attractive Venus and potent Pluto. Your magnetism will be irresistible, and you could find yourself surprisingly in the spotlight. Yes, Capricorn, they're gonna find out if you've been naughty or nice, so err on the side of kindness as the calendar turns.
The moon is back in Gemini on the last day of 2017, spotlighting your sixth house of health and service. Before you hit the party scene, donate a few hours of your time to a worthy cause. You might usher in the New Year with a midnight meditation or candlelight yoga class if you're feeling those wellness vibes. But with energizer Mars and effusive Jupiter together in your communal and humanitarian eleventh house, you might prefer to snag tickets to a benefit party or concert for a cause. Dress up and do good at the same time: What better way to kick off what's sure to be a very big year for you?!

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