Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

April 2018

Fly free, or get closer? You'll be tugged between autonomy and intimacy as the planets crowd into two contrasting camps this April. This may force you to juggle the dueling desires to tend to family obligations and to "do you." You might also vacillate between bursts of can-do energy and periods when you just need to rest or escape into a creative cocoon. Loved ones could clamor for your wisdom and support, but set clear limits so you don't end up overburdened with their responsibilities.
We urge you to prioritize your own dreams and desires because enlivening Mars—the planet of drive, determination and action—is in Capricorn from March 17 to May 16. The red planet only visits your sign every two years, and you won't want to squander an iota of this charismatic, creative energy. A solo project could heat up and, with Mars boosting your mojo, you'll magnetize some ardent fans and admirers with little effort. Enjoy the celestial swagger that your exalted ruler bestows upon you!
Running in the wolf pack with Mars are disciplined Saturn and transformational Pluto, which are both in Capricorn for the entire year (and beyond). Although cautious Saturn—which happens to be your ruling planet—can be a buzzkill for impatient Mars, their blended superpowers might help you launch a big idea with a well-considered master plan to back it. You don't want to be a one-hit wonder, after all! Mars and Saturn will make an exact meetup on April 2, a day when you could pitch something to a powerful decision maker—or step back from a situation that's racing ahead too quickly. Pause to put a solid foundation in place.
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Pluto is the ruler of the unconscious, and coupled with Mars, it can make you percolate with willpower and focused determination. Be mindful that you don't act in a ruthless or domineering manner—or that you don't come across as intimidating (well, maybe a wee bit of that is okay!). Take some time-outs to meditate and tune in to the bountiful divine guidance that's available to you now before you just plow ahead.
Now, back to all the domestic stuff: That comes courtesy of the Sun in Aries and your fourth house of home, family and roots, an annual visit that will last until April 19. Chateau Capricorn may require some extra attention: You might be moving or just in need of some "bonus" downtime and self-care. The fourth house rules women and mothers, so watch for an important female to figure into events this month.
Complicating matters, Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and transportation—is retrograde until April 15 in Aries, which could stir up chaos on the home front or muddle your emotions mightily. You may have second thoughts about a relationship or friendship after getting a little too close for comfort. Take some space before cutting this connection off. Maybe you fostered a dependency or stuck yourself in the caretaker role, Capricorn. If you're considering a move, interior design makeover or home sale, Mercury's pivot could cross signals. Take your time and really think through what you need to feel contented and relaxed. Before you buy any new furniture, play around with sites like Houzz that allow you to mock up a configuration of each room and see how that Chesterfield or L-shaped modular sofa will REALLY look in your space.
While Mercury makes mischief, your solo endeavors will serve as a blessed escape hatch from domestic drama. Don't feel like you have to stay in the middle of feuding family members or rambunctious roommates. Excuse yourself from playing mediator and pour that energy into your passion projects. Silver lining: On April 15, the same day that Mercury ends its retrograde, the Aries new moon will hit refresh on your personal life. And on April 18, when the bold Sun and innovative Uranus make their annual meetup, things come together in a most unexpected way. You could find your dream home out of the blue, hear surprising pregnancy news (yours or a loved one's) or find the strength to make a fresh emotional start.
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But note: Even as your bonds get a boost from this new moon, some of your passion projects could slow down a little. Both Saturn and Pluto will turn retrograde in Capricorn in the second half of the month. Saturn will reverse through your sign from April 17 to September 6, a time when you might take a big step back and "work on yourself." This period is ripe for personal growth or to get advanced training in an area where your skills need development.
Pluto makes a U-turn from April 22 to September 30, prompting even deeper soul-searching. You might not like everything you see, Capricorn, but uncovering those tricky blind spots is the key to becoming your best self. When you summon the courage to own your mistakes or dismantle self-defeating patterns, you'll tap an unlimited source of self-worth. The April 26 meetup of Mars and Pluto emboldens you to make a powerful, life-changing move. Set your sights on where you'd like to be and aim for that.
Your joie de vivre ignites on April 19, when the Sun enters Taurus and sparks up your passionate and playful fifth house for a month. Hibernation season is officially over! And with randy Mars in Capricorn until mid-May, you could get into some tantalizing "trouble"—the kind that deliciously naughty memories are made of. Don't be surprised when the flirty fans start clamoring for your attention, Cap. You'll have plenty of great options to choose from, so be selective.
On April 29, the Scorpio full moon beams into your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A collaboration could turn official or you might identify some great people who can help your mission. Get out and network or gather your friends for a lively outing. This full moon reminds you that it IS about who you know, Capricorn. Keep bonds intact with quality time together. If you're launching an online venture or enhancing your digital presence, la luna can amplify your efforts. Is there a cause or community that's close to your heart? The end of April is a wonderful time to give back through a socially conscious contribution. Put your time, energy and money where your morals are!

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