Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

October 2018

Get to work, Capricorn! Your marching orders come direct from the cosmos while the Sun makes methodical steps through Libra and your structured, ambitious tenth house. As the natural ruler of that realm, Capricorns should truly feel "in the zone," ready to take last month's lofty ideas and turn them into concrete goals.
The October 8 Libra new moon is especially potent for kicking off a new venture or invigorating your climb toward a professional victory. Not only will you see results unfold over the next six months, but there will be a rare TWO full moons in Libra that correspond with this new moon. Normally there is only one new or full moon per sign each year, but you'll get a double-header of lunar energy in March and April 2019.
You'll be glad to focus on work because Venus, the planet of love, interpersonal harmony and beauty, will turn retrograde for six weeks on October 5, sowing discontent through your closest ties until November 16. The Celestial Peacekeeper makes this backspin every 18 months, which can cause compassion, manners and generosity to go MIA. Mind your own P's and Q's with extra vigilance, and try your best not to clap back at anyone who's brusque or bitchy toward you. Deep, cleansing breaths, Sea Goat…
From October 5 to 31, Venus will back through Scorpio and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, making it hard to get the Capricorn crew on the same page. Tensions could erupt in your inner circle, or you might feel out of sync with a group. The eleventh house rules technology, so if you're in need of a social media break, by all means take one. From trolls to bad selfies to that addictive ex pinging you on chat (resist, Capricorn!), your digital life could be rife with temptation AND trouble. It's a good time to purge your "friends" and "following" lists online and to clean up all your profiles, removing things that don't reflect the person you are today.
Venus will reverse through Libra and your career zone from October 31 to November 16, turning work into a warzone—or at least, not the most comfortable place to hang out. Thinking of dating a coworker or mixing business with pleasure? Proceed with extreme caution. Some old "daddy issues" could resurface while Venus backtracks through your patriarchal tenth house. Do some healing work so you can stop reenacting old dynamics that no longer serve you.
On October 23, you can let your hair down again. The Sun enters Scorpio and your social eleventh house for a month, a time to step away from the grind to mingle, network and collaborate. With the holidays approaching, you might get involved in a charitable cause. Your inner activist will wake up now, so pick a world-bettering cause and lend it your efforts. With el Sol in this "detached" zone of your chart, you'll have better luck stepping back from any "Venus-retrograde problems" and viewing them through a more levelheaded lens.
But drop the calm, cool and collected act for (at least) one day of Scorpio season. Your passionate side ignites at the October 24 Taurus full moon, which blooms in your fifth house of self-expression, romance and fame. This once-a-year lunation brings out your full-bodied side, perhaps a lesser-seen facet of you. You could attract attention, possibly without trying, and la luna invites you to unleash the glamorous or showy parts of your personality. Let that inner performer out to play! One of your new fans could have romantic potential—yes, even during Venus retrograde. And if you've been giving all your lovin' to an undeserving person, la luna could remind you just how many (interested) fish are swimming in the sea. Onward and upward!
A full moon in this reactive house isn't always easy, though. This one is conjunct with unpredictable Uranus, which could detonate knee-jerk reactions without notice. Strong emotions can come rushing out, and once the floodgates are open, it won't be easy to let the drawbridge back down. You might impulsively act on an attraction or blurt out a true confession. (Well, at least it's out in the open now…) You could also decide to change up your style suddenly with a piercing, tattoo or new hairstyle. Please heed all Venus-retrograde warnings and consider waiting, especially under these impulsive skies. With the Sun and Uranus making their annual opposition today, you might lock into a heated conflict with a friend or lover. Get authentic, but be careful that emotions don't override your senses.
Halloween brings out your sexy side as the moon slinks into Leo and your seductive eighth house. But before you disappear with that hottie in the Zombie Apocalypse getup, make sure you're not deserting your crew or leaving someone without a wingperson. The moon will form a tense square (90-degree angle of conflict) to the Sun in your group sector. You could feel pressure to go out when you'd rather put in earplugs and turn in early. Don't force yourself to rally—but if you think being alone could send you down a self-pitying spiral, shake off those heavy vibes and go out for a couple hours. Your mood might make a complete about-face once you get out into the night.
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Just watch for an opposition between Venus and Uranus, which could bring out unpredictable and dramatic behavior. There may be a few divas to dodge or overblown egos to avoid getting triggered by. No, that's not a Halloween costume: They really DO act like that the other 364 days of the year. Keep your dignity intact and refuse to engage!

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