Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

Welcome to YOUR year, Capricorn! January begins with “Sea Goat” stamped all over it. Not only is the Sun making its annual visit to your sign until January 20, but communicator Mercury, expansive Jupiter and structured Saturn are ALL in Capricorn as the new decade launches. This portends much of what will happen in 2020 because Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will spend most of the year traveling through your zodiac sign.
With all this astrological activity in your first house of self and solo ventures, you’re being nudged—with zero subtlety—to put yourself first. As a responsible Cap, the sign of the provider, this may feel wildly out of character for you. But since it can literally take centuries for this kind of cosmic lineup to fall in your sign, you won’t want to squander a second of it!

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As if that weren’t exciting enough, on January 12, Saturn and Pluto will make a historic conjunction in Capricorn—their first one here since 1518 (really!). While these two luminaries connect every 33 to 38 years, they haven’t met in Capricorn for over 300 years. Pluto rules the hidden realm: all the things brewing and bubbling below the surface. It’s been in Capricorn since 2008, slowly but seismically shifting your entire identity. If you look back to a decade ago, your life may look nothing like it did then. And even if it does, the person you are inside is probably utterly unrecognizable.
But has the world witnessed that grand debut? Probably not. So along comes tangible Saturn, your ruling planet, to make your transformation visible to the world. Prepared to put one of your amazing concepts into concrete form? Ready or not, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction could push you right onto center stage.
Since both planets are associated with karma, some hidden parts of yourself could be revealed that might leave you feeling vulnerable or exposed. And with boundary hound Saturn here, people who’ve been leaning on you too heavily—maybe for years—might be in for a surprise when you suddenly draw a firm line in the sand. Time to cut off the energy vampires and quit enabling grownups? Why yes indeed. If you’ve become too dependent on a relationship or entity outside of yourself, this Saturn-Pluto alliance will also snip the apron strings and push you into greater autonomy. It’s time to stop looking for approval and accolades. Tamp down those insecurities and trust that you are ENOUGH, Capricorn. With the bold Sun and expressive Mercury pinging both Saturn and Pluto, your only job in 2020 is to own it! Let the world know, unapologetically, just who you are and what you stand for now.
Your relationships are due for a mid-month makeover as well. On January 10, the first full moon of the year arrives in the form of a game-changing lunar eclipse. It falls in Cancer, your seventh house of partnerships, and it could bring all dynamic duos to a major crescendo or turning point. Should you stay or should you go? Do you need a better balance of give-and-take? Since lunar eclipses can sweep away what no longer serves us, a few relationships could get an extreme makeover. It makes sense: As a “new you” emerges from the shadows under the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, it’s only natural that your relationships will reorder themselves accordingly. If you’ve been waiting for a contract or business partnership to manifest, this eclipse could finally make things official.
Also on January 10, radical changemaker Uranus wakes up from a five-month retrograde (backward) spin through Taurus and your fifth house of love and creativity. If your passion’s been subdued, prepare for it to return with a vengeance—and without warning! This Uranus station to direct (forward) motion could bring a sudden attraction, pregnancy news or a spike of unexpected attention for one of your talents. Lights, camera, Capricorn!
Whew! It’s a lot to take in, but you’re up for the challenge, even if you feel overwhelmed. Ready for a little bit of grounding energy? On January 20, the Sun moves into Aquarius and your second house of work and money, helping you break some of those big ideas down into concrete action steps. But don’t rush: On January 23, the Sun will form a tricky square to Uranus. You could feel dueling urges for security and excitement, and you’ll be tempted to overturn some hard-won stability in exchange for a thrilling possibility. Hedge those bets, Capricorn. This volatile, frantic energy can pump up egos and have people promising the moon when they can’t even deliver a meteor.
Wait it out a day because on January 24, the year’s first new moon lands in Aquarius, opening up a fresh chapter for finances, work and new habits. Now you can get those life-hacking 2020 resolutions underway and actually have the attention span to see them through! This is also Lunar New Year’s Eve, when we welcome the Year of the Metal Rat, an industrious and strategic cycle. This will give your trailblazing concepts even more traction. Cheers to your success, Capricorn!

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