Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

March 2017

Gag order: lifted! The Sun is swimming through Pisces and your communicative third house until March 20, boosting your powers of persuasion and helping you find the right words for every occasion. Got an idea to pitch or a big ask to make? Now's the time, Capricorn. Intuitive Pisces helps you connect with people on an emotional level, and once you've make that link, they'll be eager to get onboard with you. With your mind racing a mile a minute, schedule brainstorming sessions at work and catch-up chats with friends you've lost touch with. Thirsting for new ideas? Poll friends for their favorite podcasts and scan Tedx Talks for inspiration.
The nonstop intel gathering may be disrupted by a few cosmic challenges. Expansive Jupiter, which is retrograde from February 6 to June 9, has two rare scuffles with rebellious Uranus and manipulative Pluto this month. These interplanetary skirmishes could wildly upset the balance in both personal and political arenas. Over the course of a year, Jupiter will have three rounds of these celestial clashes. The last two were in November and December 2016, so expect another round of whatever came up over the holidays. Hopefully this midpoint will bring more resolution than revolution—but it's likely to be a mix of those two at best.
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In between the dustups, there's plenty of room for career advancement, since Jupiter is parked in your tenth house of status and professional success. But growth may come at a price. Jupiter forms a tight opposition to volatile Uranus in your domestic sector. This Jupiter-Uranus face-off is the second of three such aspects (the first was December 26, 2016, and the next is September 28). Finding a healthy work-life balance might be as easy as climbing K2. Why is it that just as your work is going gangbusters, a situation arises on the home front that requires more of your time and energy? (Could it be that family and close friends are feeling shortchanged in the attention department?) It's a delicate juggling act, but your grounded sign is built to manage such challenges. Because Uranus brings sudden change, a shift in your living situation could arise, necessitating swift action. Think of this as an opportunity to become more fluid with your five-year plan—on the professional and personal fronts.
You'll be able to step back and get a wider perspective on March 12, when a Virgo full moon illuminates your visionary ninth house and sounds an inspired call to adventure. If you've gotten tunnel vision worrying about one deadline after the next, this lunar lift brings a chance to remember how wild and wonderful life can be. Give yourself a break—for at least a few hours—to indulge in something that makes your heart sing. Start researching a spring getaway with your S.O. or BFF. Look into online courses that would give you some new professional skills, or find a meditation class downtown. If you'd love to launch an entrepreneurial venture or self-publish your ideas, do the initial legwork now. By the corresponding Virgo new moon on September 19, you could be ready to hang that shingle or alert the media.  
No rest for the weary? Au contraire! On March 20 the Sun zips into Aries and your cozy fourth house, officially giving you permission to downshift. The next four weeks are all about catching up on your z's and taking time for numero uno. With any luck, the flurry of social activity and work responsibilities will slow down a bit and let you catch your breath. As you spend more time at Chez Capricorn, you might notice all the little things that could use some updating or spiffing up. Instead of hitting happy hour, hit the bath and bedding department. Your eye for interiors is extra sharp under this solar surge, and nothing will be more soul-satisfying than a home makeover. If energy feels stuck in a certain area of life, experiment with some Feng Shui principles, starting with your bedroom.

You'll get a cosmic assist in shifting your personal life on March 27, when a transformative new moon in Aries lands in your domestic fourth house. That's a mighty crowded house this month, with no less than five planets parked here: the Sun, moon, Venus, Mercury and Uranus. Whatever kind of fresh start you're looking to make or new leaf you're hoping to turn over, this planetary pileup is sure to help. Been struggling with a family member or roommate? Take the high road. You don't need to air all your grievances. Just let this person know how much she means to you and that you'd like to get your relationship back on track. Hug it out and move on! A change of address could be in the cards for some Capricorns. If that's your mission, make Zillow or Trulia your browser's new home page.
The month ends on a dramatic note, as blunt Jupiter forms a tense square with power-monger Pluto in Capricorn and your house of ego on March 30. This is the second of three clashes: the first was on November 24, 2016; the last time will be on August 4. Think back to Thanksgiving (in the U.S.): Were there some memorable power struggles at the turkey table? That could provide a clue as to what's coming down the pike. A key person in your life—possibly a male boss or relative—could assert his agenda, which feels like an affront to your autonomy. You're not one to take such encroachment lightly, but don't hit back with knee-jerk snark or hostility. That would be not only pointless, but it will zap your precious energy. Don't take the bait.

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