Leo Monthly Horoscope

June 2018

Get out and connect, Leo. The Sun is soaring through Gemini and your eleventh house of group action until June 21, putting you in social and collective spirits. As collaborations heat up, look for synergies in your circle and ask mutual friends to make helpful introductions. Lions are communal creatures, so make like your astrological animal and band together so everyone thrives. While last month had a more serious, goal-focused energy, this one is more about letting possibilities unfold. Keep your eye on your big-picture mission, but don't lead every conversation with an agenda. Otherwise, you'll miss out on valuable input from friends, colleagues and even perfect strangers. Hold a curious, open mind—and see what that attracts!
The June 13 Gemini new moon is an especially strong day to network and join your superpowers with an eclectic crew. Group endeavors will develop between now and the corresponding November 23 Gemini full moon. Don't limit yourself to in-person alliances, Leo. The eleventh house rules technology, making this lunar launch pad a great day to make an online debut or to start the digital component of a project. Anything with a humanitarian or socially aware mission gets bonus points from this #woke new moon.
Father's Day is June 17, and the Leo moon will inspire a spirit of novelty. If you're celebrating favorite father figures, do something different than the usual barbecue or obligatory Hallmark-card-and-wallet gift. (A handwritten letter expressing genuine love and gratitude, on the other hand, gets the green light!) Take the reins and organize a fun experience, like going to a live show, a sports game or a movie. But watch out for a frisson of friction from a Venus-Mars opposition that's building steam that day. With combative Mars in your interpersonal zone, some people may have their own strong opinions on how to spend the holiday. Compromise, but push back if needed. With the moon in your assertive first house, you're the best person to steer this ship.
The rest of the month takes a different tone as Neptune and Mars turn retrograde, bringing the total retrograde planet count to five. (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already in their slowed-down cycles.) This time is better used for reflection and behind-the-scenes planning than forcing things to move ahead at your usual warp speed.
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You'll be glad to ease into a gentler vibe starting June 21, when the Sun downshifts into Cancer and your restful twelfth house until July 22. This is a time for closure, healing and some extra shuteye as you process the previous 12 months and prepare for a fresh start with Leo season (and your birthday!). Take those vacation days, escape to the beach or get lost in a creative project—your flowy and receptive side is dialed up to its highest setting. Reach out for support if you're going through a tough time or struggling to finish a difficult project. All month long, really, teamwork and a "one for all, all for one" attitude is your saving grace. 'Tis NOT nobler to suffer and sacrifice, Leo.
Now, back to this month's retrogrades. As hazy Neptune and combative Mars both make U-turns, the cosmos could call for some relationship repair work. Both planets will do an about-face in the committed partnership parts of your chart, Neptune from June 18 to November 24, and Mars from June 26 to August 27. You could spend a good part of the summer hashing out differences, working through interpersonal conflicts or negotiating the terms of detailed contracts. Everything from shared money to sex to business partnerships may be up for review. An old love interest could resurface (tempting you mightily), or you might have to deal with past relationship issues that you thought you'd resolved.
Neptune's five-month backspin through Pisces will emphasize on your eighth house of merging, intimacy and shared resources. The nebulous planet makes this U-turn at approximately the same dates each year, and for the eighth summer in a row, you may have to sort through emotional confusion or "it's complicated"-style entanglements. Guilt and passive-aggressive manipulation may figure in—for example, maybe you've lent a partner a significant chunk of money, but YOU "feel bad" asking for repayment.
Be careful with real estate purchases; foggy Neptune retrograde in your property sector can cloud your judgment. Neptune is related to waterworks and plumbing, so if you're house hunting, check the pipes as well as ANY area that could have mold or water damage. If you're selling, try some of vibe-y Neptune's spiritual and artistic techniques, like Feng Shui and home staging to shift the energy. And if you're moving or renting, screen potential roommates (and nearby neighbors), as your energy might not mesh as well as you initially think. The key to surviving Neptune retrograde is clarity. Spell out all terms before agreeing to anything…and don't second-guess yourself or apologize when you do.
On June 26, brazen Mars will join the retrograde brigade, downshifting until August 27. Mars will spend most of this cycle in your opposite sign of Aquarius, ratcheting up tension in your seventh house of relationships. A bond that's been developing since mid-May could hit a stumbling block. Contentious Mars can put you at loggerheads with a close tie, and the retrograde only makes it harder to sort through conflict. If you're parting ways, either romantically or professionally, try to retract those claws, Lion—otherwise, fur could fly!
The drama gets put in check over the next couple days as more practical matters take precedence. On June 27, the annual Sun-Saturn opposition touches down in your health and healing sectors. Allowing someone to push your buttons only hurts YOU in the end. If you stoop to their level, it makes you no better. While it's hard to take the high ground, boundaries may be in order with a person who's constantly triggering you. Stern Saturn reminds you that "adulting" means being responsible for your own actions and letting others deal with the consequences of theirs. Cut those codependent cords and stop making excuses for people's bad behavior.  
Your wellness is also in the spotlight, especially on June 28, when the year's only Capricorn full moon illuminates your sixth house of health, organization and service. If you've had a nagging condition, this day could bring some answers (and hopefully a remedy). Stress you've been tamping down could reach a boiling point.
Do you need to delegate? The sixth house rules helpful people, so look at what you can outsource instead if doing it all yourself. With structured Saturn hovering nearby, it's time to prioritize and plan instead of biting off more than you (yes, even you) can humanly handle. Remember that "No" is a complete sentence and employ it liberally as June comes to a close. That way, you can say yes to the things that resonate with your soul. Sometimes, Leo, less really is more.

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