February 2017

You're a force to be reckoned with on your own, Leo—but is it getting a little lonely at the top? Come join the other hunters and gatherers out on the savannah, Lion. All month, the Sun (your celestial guardian) is blazing through the most relationship-driven parts of your chart, reminding you how much of a tribal creature you are! Until February 18, el Sol is in Aquarius, your seventh house of committed partnerships and equality. In business and romance, you could link up with complementary souls to create win-win scenarios in boardrooms AND bedrooms. Or maybe your life will become one extended remix of the Women's March, as you push for parity in unbalanced areas. Don your metaphorical pink hat (or your actual one—all you knitters worked too hard for this to be a one-day fashion statement) and speak up!
Not surprisingly, you'll have plenty to say (because, well, #Leo), since all month long fiery Mars is in Aries and your outspoken, visionary ninth house. Skip the petty small talk and dive into your world-changing ideas. You're hungry for knowledge, making this a great time to take a class or book some long-distance travel. Devour wisdom wherever you find it, and share your own enlightened views. Write, speak, teach, post, publish. During this high-minded transit, you have a rare birds-eye view of the world—and this perspective is sorely needed now. How can you help people rise above in-fighting to see a greater common mission? Be careful not to take on TOO much. With impatient Mars in your ninth house of excess, you can easily bite off more than you can chew.
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Another reason to pace yourself? From February 6 to June 9, expansive Jupiter spins retrograde in Libra and your third house of communication. Take a mental break and ease up on the multitasking. Some of your best ideas are getting short shrift because you've spread yourself too thin. You could pick up a sidelined writing project or reconnect with friends you've been missing. Since the third house rules neighborhoods, you might explore options for a move—to a different part of town OR a different city. Retrogrades are best for information-gathering and research, NOT for hasty actions. Iron out the kinks with a sibling or friend if things have been strained between you.
Jupiter has been in Libra since September 9, 2016, and will remain there until October 10, 2017. This short pause will give you a chance to catch your breath and make necessary course corrections before charging ahead again this summer. Give yourself a break if you're on social media overload—unplug and turn your attention elsewhere. Finish that novel, build that blog, revamp your personal branding. You'll be back with a vengeance in June, making a splash in true Leo form!
Of course, you won't be able to fly TOO far under the radar. Jupiter and disruptive Uranus will travel in close opposition all month, making an exact faceoff on March 2. With Jupiter in your expressive third house and Uranus in your outspoken ninth house, your words could shake things up—but they can also come back to bite you. Translation: Use them powerfully and mindfully!
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A Jupiter-Uranus opposition only occurs every 14 years—and we'll experience three of them in this cycle (the first was on December 26, 2016, and the last will be September 28). This revolutionary phase could tempt you to burn bridges, scorching the earth with words you can't take back. But like fellow Leo Madonna dropping the f-bomb on the National Mall, you might not care. Just be mindful when using shock tactics this month, because they can have a stronger impact than you expect. You might get news that shakes up the status quo or opens your eyes to a whole new perspective. Stay open, Leo—and suspend judgment until you have the full story.
The headline news arrives on February 10, with a full moon lunar eclipse in…Leo! Brace yourself for a major turning point as this game-changing spotlight shines directly on you. This is the launch of a two-year eclipse series that will fall on the Leo/Aquarius axis between now and January 2019. This will revolutionize your first house of self and your seventh house of relationships, recalibrating the balance between "me" and "we." Over the next couple years your closest ties may evolve dramatically, and you could earn recognition for a solo project. You might be offered an exciting contract or partnership—one that puts you squarely in the public eye.
Of course, eclipses aren't always a soft landing. This one could sweep away a situation that no longer serves you, clearing the path for a big reinvention. If you've been toning down your personality, consider this your cosmic coming-out party. Ready or not, it's time to walk your talk! Need some firsthand encouragement? Check out life coach Lois Barth's new book Courage to Sparkle, a playful but practical guide to being your own champion. The last time there were eclipses in Leo was 2008-09, so reflect on changes that occurred then. You may see similar themes emerging.
A second eclipse arrives on February 26, this one a solar (new moon) eclipse in Pisces and your eighth house of intimacy and investments. It's the grand finale of a Virgo/Pisces eclipse series that's been revolutionizing your finances, self-confidence and emotional bonds since March 2015. Today kicks off a six-month cycle that helps you set your GPS for prosperity, perhaps with a joint venture. It can pave the way for an engagement, a pregnancy or some other major move in your personal life. The eighth house plays for keeps, and the past couple years have been preparing you to pledge your allegiance to a person or cause. We realize that sounds a little intense, but when you direct your energy like a laser, you become a magnet for miracles. So let this eclipse sharpen your focus, Leo—then get ready to manifest!

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