Leo Monthly Horoscope


October 2016

Open up and share, Leo! You're bubbling over with ideas and projects as the Sun sails through Libra and your third house of communication until October 22. With exuberant Jupiter also here from September 9, 2016 until October 10, 2017, some of those brilliant sparks could turn into pure gold. Don't dismiss your brainstorms as mere flights of fancy.
The social third house brims with collaborative energy, so teaming up with kindred spirits will only get you farther. There's also an emphasis on local affairs, perhaps finding a new neighborhood that you love, enlivening your friend circle or inspiring the pursuit of new hobbies. A media venture or community-based project could put your name on the map in coming months. Time to open that pop-up shop or launch your podcast, Leo?
With motivator Mars spending all month in Capricorn and your wellness house, you're also revved up to get a fall fitness routine underway. Don't think about it—just start with any movement, even a simple walk around the block, to get yourself in the mindset and pave the way for this to become a habit. Competitive Mars could tempt you to go to extremes, cutting out an entire food group or joining a half-marathon when your last legit workout was when Caitlyn Jenner was still Bruce. Pace yourself, Leo.
Hasty Mars here can also make you more accident-prone, especially since your mind will be racing with Mars in this analytical sector. You want to say "yes" to everything, but you could end up overwhelmed faster than you expect. Keep your stress at bay—and wash your hands often, as you're extra susceptible to a seasonal virus or cold now. Get out in nature whenever you can and go for a brisk walk. A pet could also demand your attention, or you might be inspired to adopt a furry critter for companionship.
Your big moment to launch a visionary idea arrives on October 16, when the Aries full moon—a potent supermoon beams into your ninth house of inspiration, travel, entrepreneurship and higher learning. You could have a major epiphany around in issue that's had you stumped, and your a-ha moment could come after reading a metaphysical book or listening to a speaker who specializes in personal growth. Suddenly, you see this subject from a completely different perspective, and that mindset shift sets you free.
Since radical Uranus is traveling close to the full moon, one of your more unconventional ideas could be a surprising success. The ninth house rules publishing, so tap media channels (including social media) to spread a bold message. Your ideas might just go viral or you could be recognized as a pioneering thought leader, as all your hard work pays off. You might also spontaneously take a trip or bite the bullet, and make reservations for a thrilling far-flung getaway. (Just note that Mercury will be retrograde from December 19-January 8, a dicey time for travel, so you may not want to book your escape during the holiday season.)
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The energy shifts in a homeward direction from October 22 on, as the Sun begins its annual foray through Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. Between now and November 21, you're in nesting mode, focused on hearth and home. You crave solitude, downtime and nurturing company after the social frenzy of the last few weeks. Turn your attention to family, decorating, cooking and hosting close friends at Chateau Leo. Women and children will play an especially important role this month, as the fourth house rules all things feminine. Looking for a new place to hang your hat or thinking of expanding your clan? The October 30 Scorpio new moon could fuel any plans to move, get pregnant, adopt or put out the call for a new roommate. With chatty Mercury nearby, you'll at least be in the mood to discuss the options and follow your curiosity. 

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