Leo Monthly Horoscope

June 2017

Come out and play, Leo! The sun is blazing through Gemini and your eleventh house of group action until June 21, bringing friends and social invitations out of the woodwork. After a busy and work-focused May, you have a long list of people to catch up with. Invite a gang of them out for al fresco drinks, playing super-connector and making savvy introductions. Grab a buddy and hit a networking event where you can make the rounds then go for dinner after you've strategically schmoozed.
Since the eleventh hour also rules technology, it's a great time to polish up your social media profiles or increase your followers. Don't be afraid to be a little edgy or controversial, especially in the name of a cause you believe in. Under these humanitarian solar rays, you could be inspired to speak out for social justice or lend your efforts to a world-bettering cause. On a personal level, your mind is on the future, dreaming up big plans. Stay out of the petty office microdramas and day-to-day banalities and keep your focus on the big picture.
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Your social capital spikes even more on June 9, when expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Libra and your third house of communication. Long-awaited news arrives, and stalled negotiations could pick up speed. A writing, teaching or multimedia project could also take flight now, perhaps one that faltered since Jupiter began its U-turn on February 6. Your sign isn't exactly known for mincing words, but if you've retreated into your Lion's den, effusive Jupiter brings you back out onto the savannah, eager to issue a mighty roar and make your presence known!

And oh, the sound barriers that you’ll shatter! That same day, the year’s only Sagittarius full moon activates your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Talk about a cosmic coming-out party! A budding romance could reach full-tilt consummation and a pregnancy is possible for some Leos. You could also “birth” a creative tour de force, possibly one you’ve been working on for the past six months. Fame could find you, as the spotlight is shining decidedly in your direction. With the full moon AND Jupiter both at play, there will be no holding you back. An eager audience awaits!
Jupiter is only in Libra from September 9, 2016, until October 10, 2017, a 13-month cycle that only comes around every 12 years. It's an excellent time to make new friendships that are based on a common philosophical bond as well as witty banter. Since Jupiter is the global ambassador, cross-cultural connections and long-distance collaborations are especially favored. Cast a wide net with your message. Thinking of relocating? Book short trips to explore new cities before you buy (or rent). Explore a different district in your town, perhaps swapping the buzzy bohemian cafe society for a quieter condo on the outskirts—or vice-versa. 
Before things get TOO light and air-kissy, complex Neptune will make its annual backspin, turning retrograde in Pisces and your intimate eighth house from June 16 to November 22. Step away from the fluff for some serious soul-searching and emotional processing. As vibrant as your social life is, you'll crave privacy and downtime. Perhaps you'll shutter yourself away for an artistic or writing retreat by the beach or develop your intuitive gifts with a spiritual teacher.
If a relationship has drifted into codependent terrain, foggy Neptune's backspin reminds you where your edges lie. Be careful about sharing your resources—time, money, attention, sex—with people who haven't fully earned your trust. You're a generous soul, but not everyone deserves to be the recipient of your magnanimous and heartfelt gestures. Get back in touch with your own center, even if that means pulling back a bit.
Speaking of which, you'll have a perfect month to go off the grid (metaphorically or not) starting June 21, when the Sun dips into Cancer and your sleepy twelfth house. This is your annual "rest and reset" period. Adopt a low-key approach and keep your schedule light, going to bed early and hanging with people who don't require you to always be "on." Use the time to tie up loose ends before your birthday. The June 23 Cancer new moon could bring a spiritual epiphany or an important moment of release. Let bottled-up emotions flow, and adopt a position of radical acceptance rather than trying to change a person or situation. Set yourself free through forgiveness and consciously choosing to spend time with uplifting, high-vibe friends.
The June 25 Mars-Jupiter square could test this enlightened position, turning that Buddha half-smile into an angry scowl. You might reach your absolute limit with someone's flaky or backstabbing shenanigans, and it will be tough to bite your tongue. But before you lash out, do some self-reflecting. In what way did you play into this situation, even if it was just by staying silent? Get clear on your own role and responsibility before pointing fingers. Maybe you ignored red flags instead of holding someone accountable for their misdeeds. Be especially careful not to gossip or throw passive-aggressive shade at anyone.
Luckily, a helpful trine between Mars and healing Neptune sweeps in the next day, helping you self-reflect. If you need to apologize or make amends, this is a great day to repair your broken bond.
Whew! The month starts out so light but ends on heavy note. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining. Leo season starts on July 22, and a rare total solar eclipse will land in YOUR sign on August 21. You could be thrust into a starring role, which is all the more reason to get some beauty rest and clear up any thorny miscommunications. You'll want to be ready for your close-up when the paparazzi bulbs start popping—and you'll be glad you didn't turn fans into foes.

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