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October 2018

Lightness at last? October is one of the liveliest and most social months for you, Leo, as the Sun makes its annual trip through Libra and your communicative third house until October 23. There's nothing you love more than swapping stories with a kindred spirit (all right, maybe a few things…but it's still high on the list!) as you share a decadent treat at that buzzy new cafe or window shop for hours. If you're not talking about everything from your latest favorite TV series and "oh my god you have to try it" organic skincare line to whether life exists on other planets, you'll be devouring books, podcasts and blogs that feed your need for fresh intel. Hello, hungry lion!
And like a true cub, you need to romp and play. Let your inner event planner have a field day during Libra season, hosting little parties or rallying the troops for excursions. Hit the fall festivals and gather your friends (and their friends) to check out new hotspots in your 'hood.
The October 8 Libra new moon is an especially prime day to spark up a new friendship or have an important conversation. If you're pitching a creative concept or meeting a would-be client, these moonbeams will give you the gift of gab, so schedule your appointments accordingly. (This one falls on a Monday, FYI.)
Just make sure you have all your facts and figures straight. A loose square from deep-digging Pluto in your analytical sixth house reminds you not to simply rely on charm, wit or popularity here. Someone could fast-pitch unexpected questions that you'll want to be prepared to answer. And if you're not, simply tell them, "Let me find out and get back to you." but by all means, do NOT fudge the truth. Your credibility is too precious to risk.
Your vibrant social life will be a welcome distraction from October's most challenging transit, which will attempt to disrupt the happy-go-lucky vibes. Venus, the planet of love and interpersonal relations, will be retrograde from October 5 until November 16. While the Celestial Headmistress of Harmony is on sabbatical, people can become rude, cranky, ungracious and self-centered. Compassion flies out the window, and conflict can skyrocket. It will take vigilance and conscious effort not to get sucked into petty arguments or clap back when someone gets nasty with you. 
Venus, which has a retrograde spell every 18 months, will reverse through Scorpio and your fourth house of home, family and heartfelt emotions until October 31, raising a ruckus under your roof or making you especially thin-skinned and moody.  Then it will back into Libra and your communicative third house from October 31 to November 16, which could cause discord among friends, siblings and neighbors.
This month's Venus retrograde sounds the call to patch up any tension with family members, female relatives in particular (hello "mama drama"!). If you're considering a home renovation or decor overhaul, take baby steps. Venus is the planet of beauty and style, and your normally impeccable taste could fail you. Collect the paint swatches and fabric samples, take measurements, but wait until next month before you spring for that jewel-toned sectional or paint the living room ochre. Something you adored on Pinterest could become the bane of your existence IRL. While Venus retrograde can make Leos (and TBH, all of us) act unusually needy and greedy, those diva demands will wear out your welcome if you lodge too many of them.
On October 23, the Sun (your celestial guardian) moves into Scorpio and your foundational fourth house. Hopefully this will give you some solar-powered support while Venus acts out like Mariah Carey in an unfurnished dressing room on New Year's Eve. Or it could intensify the call to action of Venus retrograde, prompting you to get some proper support and outlets for potent emotions. What DO you need to feel like you're anchored and secure, Leo? This is a worthy exploration. You can be incredibly self-sufficient, but just because you CAN do it all yourself doesn't mean you should.
Take a break from all the personal-life stuff on October 24, when the year's only full moon in Taurus beams into your tenth house of career, leadership and success. You could reach a professional pinnacle where you're recognized for your talents and hard work. If you've been pondering whether to cut ties and move elsewhere, this full moon will light the way. And with detached Uranus, the planet of sudden change, aligned with la luna, you have cosmic permission to set your emotions aside and focus exclusively on your goal (at least for one day).
That doesn't mean people will rush to support you—in fact, with the Sun and Uranus in opposition, they might disrupt your attempts to create boundaries by staging a pseudo-crisis and asking you to jump in for the save. Refuse and resist unless it's a true emergency. This full moon reminds you that it's time to start acting like the chief of staff, not the emotional paramedic. What do YOU want for yourself and your future, Leo? Well, the only way to get there is to make that a priority and to reduce the distractions that scatter your energy elsewhere. If that means you need to cut off a few needy adult dependents or get some proper help with children or household responsibilities, do it.
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Halloween hands you the costume party crown if you choose to don it. The moon will be in your sign, making you feel frisky and festive. However, its square to the Sun in your domestic zone could make it challenging to get out of the house or convince people to join in on your hijinks. If you have to venture out to the festivities alone, so be it. Just take proper safety precautions and make sure somebody knows your coordinates since the energy of this night can always be a little off-center. With Venus and Uranus opposing each other today and Venus backing into Libra and your social zone, other people can't be relied on for much except fickleness. Don't invite anyone to join you out of pity or obligation—no mercy dates, romantic or platonic!

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