Libra Monthly Horoscope


July 2016

World domination or bust, Libra! While others are cashing in their vacation days and lazing around at the beach, you could be raising the temperatures as a hot commodity on the j-o-b. The Sun is in Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until July 22, revving up your career mojo and bringing some power players into your sphere. Not to say you can't mingle with the impresarios under billowing white tents, sipping custom cocktails in your finest day-into-evening resort wear, of course. But if you happen to rock that fly linen suit to a morning meeting or strut around the office your strappy heels and flowy sundress, so be it. The Sun only comes here once a year, so work it to your advantage.
On July 4—Independence Day in the U.S.—the annual Cancer new moon will set off fireworks in your career zone, launching a new six-month professional chapter. While others are partying up a storm, your mind could be firmly fixed on some lofty ambitions. Even if the office is closed, you could still be plotting some next moves in your ascent. New moons take a half-year to unfold, and this one will culminate at the January 12 Cancer full moon. Think about where you'd like to be by early next year, Libra.
The tenth house also rules fathers and men, so your relationship with an important male could also get a fresh start. Is it time to do some healing work? Compassionate Neptune in your sixth house of health and service will form a graceful trine to the new moon. You could bond with an important guy by being there for him—or allowing him to support you. Neptune's presence could also inspire you to add an element of creativity to your work, or to focus some energy on "giving back." If you've been unclear about your path, devote some time to self-care at the new moon. Yoga, meditation, tuning in to your wellbeing…connecting to yourself can lead you to greater clarity around your life's purpose.
Family bonding time? On July 19, the annual Capricorn full moon beams in your domestic fourth house. Step away from your busy schedule and touch down at home base, Libra. Pause for the cause of self-nurturing, and escape to the beach if you can. Since full moons can often bring turning points, you might change your living situation, redecorate, bring in a new roommate or even look for a new address entirely. Your mother, a child or an important female could play into events near this date—or there could be pregnancy news. Slight caution: This full moon will form a loose square to unpredictable Uranus in your relationship house, indicating that there could be some upheaval or changes with a key person, possibly your significant other. This would probably NOT be the best day for a "meet the parents/family" gathering. An argument over shared living space, children (perhaps whether or not to even have them) or unmet emotional needs could erupt. While it might shake things up abruptly, getting these feelings out into the open could revolutionize your bond…or at least, make it clear where you both stand.
Some levity returns on July 22, when the Sun begins a monthlong foray into Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork, technology and social connections. At last, you can let your hair down, loosen up some buttons and have fun! You'll accomplish more by stepping away from your workspace now, so get out and do what Libras do best—mingle, network and mix business with pleasure. A digital project could take flight, or you could bring your ideas into the public through social media, a viral post or an online forum.
Exciting collaborations are abound during Leo season, but after July 29, you'll want to choose your company with a bit more care. That day, rabble-rouser Uranus will make its annual five-month retrograde (backward) spin through Aries and your relationship house. From now until December 29, a normally reliable person—perhaps your significant other, a business partner or a close friend—could become less of a rock-solid anchor. Maybe this person is going through their own changes, but if you've been leaning too heavily on them for support you could be pushed to become more independent. Uranus retrograde could bring up an unresolved issue or reveal some cracks in your love life that haven't been properly patched.

Commitments of all kinds can be tested, or you may have second thoughts about joining forces with someone. Is this person really the eccentric genius you thought they were…or are they just a crazymaker with too many damn issues? A disruptive person, possibly an ex or an old friend, could throw you a curveball now. Don't shoot the messenger, though! Radical Uranus is here to awaken you to your highest truth. Uranus is the planet of progress, so if you've become stagnant in your relationships—possibly in a Libran attempt to keep the peace—prepare to have the status quo shaken up. Ultimately, this could be a good thing…but you may have to deal with a bit of chaos or upheaval before you figure out a clear direction. Sometimes, it takes a wakeup call to snap you out of complacency. Don't fight it, Libra.  

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