Libra Monthly Horoscope

March 2017

Let the spring cleaning commence! The Sun is in Pisces until March 20, heating up your sixth house of health and organization. You're ready to banish those winter blues with some seasonal greening. Get busy free-cycling old furniture and clothes, rebooting a fitness practice and "eating the rainbow." Declutter and rearrange your space. Hire a handy person to build shelves if you're not feeling the DIY spirit. Less is more! Bring back the light and airy Libra vibes with some grounding daily practices. Gentle yoga or guided meditation anyone?
You're going to need those sanity-boosting routines, since expansive Jupiter—which is visiting Libra until October 10—will get into two fierce cosmic clashes this month. Jupiter will form stressful angles with radical changemaker Uranus and controlling Pluto. These tense aspects could wildly disrupt the balance in both personal and political arenas. Between late 2016 and fall 2017, Jupiter will have three rounds of these celestial dustups. The first two were in November and December 2016, so think back to the holidays; you could experience a sequel to that drama. Hopefully this midpoint will bring more resolution than revolution—but fasten your seatbelt anyhow.
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The first unpredictable moment arrives on March 3, when Jupiter locks into a wild-pitching opposition with fitful Uranus, which is in Aries and your partnership zone. Expansive Jupiter is retrograde (backward) in Libra from February 6 to June 9, a time of major personal growth but also, given Jupiter's reversal, important self-reflection. No more fooling around, Libra—it's time to buckle down and take a cherished personal endeavor seriously. But just as you're about to tuck into that passion project, Uranus brings interruptions from oh, pretty much everyone in your life. A romantic partner or key collaborator could act erratically, or a go-to person might be so preoccupied with her own life that she leaves you flailing for an anchor.
An impatient Jupiter-Uranus face-off can make you rash and reactive and tempt you to ditch your visionary plans if the going gets tough. Don't do it, Libra. The universe has a funny way of testing our devotion. Haven't you noticed that whenever you commit to something important, a zillion obstacles pop up? It's called "resistance"—and it's a real phenomenon that every trailblazer encounters. For a philosophical take, we love this post from Tiny Buddha. Whether it's a power struggle or distracting drama, resistance shows up in myriad ways. Your best bet? Learn to recognize it in its many disguises and rise above.
Jupiter's first Uranus battle was on December 26, and its final fracas will occur on September 28. These two hotheaded planets only oppose each other every 14 years, and this go-round, they make three exact alignments. While keeping the peace can be a challenge, it’s important to face issues that arise with courage and honesty. Key relationships may get a shakeup, but this is your chance to sweep away outmoded patterns for good.
Speaking of intense transitions, the March 12 Virgo full moon spotlights your twelfth house of closure, healing and forgiveness. An important chapter could reach an inevitable conclusion. If you've been waiting for a "sign" about whether to stay or go, one could come today. Because this is also a deeply spiritual full moon, your intuition could be on fire. Surrender control to the universe and allow divine wisdom to flow in. Creativity is stoked, so welcome the muse—an artistic breakthrough could be on the horizon. At the very least, you might want to channel all the March madness into SOME outlet, whether that's deep-cleaning your house, starting a serious meditation practice or taking a dance-inspired movement workshop.

Your go-to support team rallies again after March 20, when the Sun kicks off a monthlong visit to Aries and your seventh house of partnerships. This is your annual "dynamic duo" time, so seek out people with complementary skills and values. If you've been struggling to get a straight answer or searching for a kindred spirit, commitments firm up now. Romantic and business relationships turn serious, and single Libras could meet someone with long-term potential.
The March 27 Aries new moon is a supercharged day, because the courageous Sun, magnetic Venus, clever Mercury AND innovative Uranus are also in this sign. Your relationship zone is lit up like a winning slot machine, and charismatic collaborators can creep out of the woodwork. New moons kick off six-month cycles, so visualize the kind of partnerships you want, both in love and career. Between now and the Aries full moon this fall, your efforts will gain momentum. But DO leave room for surprises—with innovative Uranus in the frame, go off-script and flirt with someone who's not your usual "type."
The month ends on a rocky note as Jupiter locks into a tense square with controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your domestic fourth house. This is the second of three Jupiter-Pluto squares; the first was on November 24, which was also Thanksgiving in the U.S. If you experienced a Turkey Day takedown, brace yourself for another wave of this contentious energy. Outspoken Jupiter in Libra and your assertive first house puts you in NO mood for a domineering relative's antics. Since Pluto is in your house of women and children, this day is ripe for "mama drama" or mind games from a manipulative female. Forewarned is forearmed, Libra.
Draw firm boundaries around your personal space and maybe do a "space clearing" ritual on your home to shield it from bad vibes. Research shows that emotions are contagious, and you’ll want to be highly selective about whom you're around now. If you're visiting with family, splurge on a hotel instead of blowing up an air mattress. Pluto's shadowy tentacles can reach into sensitive spots, so safeguard against emotional blackmail and avoid triggering topics at all costs. Jupiter and Pluto will have one more battle royale on August 4. Between now and then, expect to do some uncomfortable but necessary cord-cutting work with family. While this type of separation may feel painful, it's a move toward healthy—and 100 percent necessary—adult boundaries. 

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