Libra Monthly Horoscope

January 2017

Home is where your heart—and some heat—will be as January begins. The Sun is in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house until January 19, starting the year off with a more emotional or family-oriented bent. Alas, it might not be all cozy fireside moments and ugly Christmas sweaters, though. Communication planet Mercury has been retrograde in Capricorn since December 19, and it continues its signal-scrambling transit until January 8. Holiday guests may have gotten under your skin, or you could have felt the tension of clashing political views. Your attempts to pull off grandma's classic latkes or baked ham may have been a comedy of errors, but not so funny in the moment when you were due to serve dinner for ten.
The fourth house rules women, so enter the year gently with the ladies in your life. A key female, possibly your mother, could be central to events as 2017 begins. Since Mercury rules electronics and technology, take special care with any home-based equipment, making sure it's all properly backed up and plugged into surge protectors.
On January 4, Mercury will back out of Capricorn and into Sagittarius and your third house of communication, local events and siblings. Be careful not to take out any lingering frustrations on a brother, sister, friend or coworker now. Getting back into a post-holiday groove could take a minute, as you'll probably feel out of sync with your surroundings until Mercury turns direct (forward) on January 8. From there, your interactions will get smoother and any stormy emotions will start to calm down. If you've been too all over the place to make 2017 resolutions, just take your time and ease into them—something that Libras do best!
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Midmonth brings a major professional moment, or some clarity around your goals. The January 12 Cancer full moon will illuminate your tenth house of career, ambition and status. No time for wallowing in your emotions today. Pull out that power suit and jump into the ring, Libra—this could be an opportunity you've been building toward over the past six months. Since full moons can bring endings or transitions, you might exit one path to pursue another. Maybe you'll start working with a mentor, trainer or coach, since the tenth house rules experts. Your father or an important man could also be in the spotlight now.  
Unfortunately, any crowning moments of glory will not be easy victories. The full moon is locked in a tense Grand Cross with the Sun in your domestic zone, expansive Jupiter in Libra and disruptive Uranus in your partnership house. Big opportunities could be at odds with changes in your home life, relationship status or personal goals. Maybe you get offered the job of a lifetime, just when you vowed never to work for a corporation again. Or, you discover you're pregnant, have to move or your S.O. accepts an overseas gig. Just speculate for now, Libra.
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This planetary tug o' war has you feeling pulled in dueling directions between love, home, self and career—all the major areas of life. They won't fit together neatly, so prepare to do some strategizing, negotiating and compromising. Maybe every single part is undergoing explosive growth all at once. It's the old "too much of a good thing" adage—which could tip your Libra scales wildly out of balance. Once again, time is the antidote. Buy yourself as much as you can to make any life-altering decisions.
Following your heart will be easier starting January 19, when the Sun starts a monthlong foray through Aquarius and your fifth house of passion, love and creativity. That's more like it! Your Valentine's Day vibes begin early, especially when the January 27 Aquarius new moon sets off a new six-month cycle that could bring fame or revitalized romance. Since the fifth house rules fertility, a pregnancy is possible for some Libras. Or, the spotlight could find you—even if you're not courting it—as your unique self-expression draws fans and admirers. 
January 27 is also the Chinese New Year, when we'll bid adieu to the mischievous Monkey and welcome the fastidious Fire Rooster. Truthfully, this calmer new vibe may be more your speed—meticulous, orderly and even a bit perfectionistic. We're all ready for some new energy by now, so continue on with a sharp eye to detail…no cutting corners allowed.

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