Libra Monthly Horoscope

July 2017

Step up your game, Libra. Your professional pulse beats wildly during this time each year. That's because the Sun is making its annual trip through Cancer until July 22, activating your tenth house of career, long-term goals and ambition. While others escape on their summer holidays, you're cranking out a masterpiece or brokering deals under the humming air conditioner. And even if you ARE technically off-duty, you'll be in strategy mode, breaking away to jot down ideas or sketch out plans for your next big move.
Your one chance to slip off arrives at the July 9 Capricorn full moon, which beams into your domestic fourth house. Grab some quality time with family, feather your nest and replenish self-care. If you're moving or buying/selling a home, this annual lunation could land you happily in your new digs. A woman, possibly your mother or a female relative, could play a role in events near this date.
Then, it's back to the grind. Fueling your drive is motivating Mars—the planet of action—who's also in Cancer until July 20. Mars only visits this part of your chart every two years, and not always in tandem with the Sun. With this rare double dose of courage and charisma, you could conquer your corner of the world! If you've been looking for clarity on your life purpose, don't passively wait for that eureka moment to strike or for opportunity to land in your lap. Be proactive—and get moving! Say yes to a leadership role or even a short-term volunteer gig (such as chairing an event) that will put you around powerful and influential people in your desired discipline.
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Mars can also ramp up stress, and the pressure could be on. Your list of duties and job demands has probably multiplied since the red planet blazed into Cancer on June 4. Prioritize and take on only projects that will advance your top goals. Nix the urge to people-please. You simply don't have time to agree to everything.
Since the tenth house rules men and father figures, there could be conflict with a male in your life. With assertive Mars here, you may need to communicate more directly instead of hoping he'll read your mind. (Not likely.) If a confrontation would only do more damage than good, find a healthy outlet—a therapist, perhaps—to vent your anger to and help process any pain, especially if you're dealing with old daddy issues. (And really, aren't we all?) Another possibility, of course, is that a charismatic and inspiring guy enters your life and motivates you to take a chance. He may push you to pick up the pace or take a bold risk. While it might feel out of character for you, this is a great time to embrace your masculine or yang side. Talk less, act more. Keep it short, simple and to the point. Or, to paraphrase one of the wisest and oldest dudes in the galaxy, Yoda, "don't 'try'—do!"
Timing WILL be everything, however, since both the Sun and Mars have a few disputes to settle with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto this month. They'll align at challenging angles, which could provoke power struggles or situations in which you feel pulled between conflicting demands. Since all of these planets are in fellow cardinal signs, the celestial skirmishes will occur in the most fundamental parts of your chart: work, home, relationship and self. Balancing all of these could be challenging at times, and you'll want to plan accordingly.
On July 6, the Sun in your status-driven tenth house will lock into a tense square with expansive Jupiter in Libra and your first house of self. You're torn between responsibility to others and your personal desire to be free. It could be tough to juggle both, and you might need to reconfigure a few things in order to satisfy your soul while still paying the bills. If you've been letting a domineering person push you around, outspoken Jupiter's square could push you to the breaking point. But before you deliver the ultimate burn, recognize where egos have been triggered. Operating from this place rarely leads to a positive outcome. This is a day when father or authority issues could REALLY flare up. You may be using big, impressive words, but if the underlying tone is "I'll show you" or "Don't tell ME what to do," put that petulant inner child in the time-out chair and get back to adulting. (When they go low…)
Next in the ring is shadowy Pluto, which makes its annual opposition to the Sun on July 10 and locks into this same face-off with hotheaded Mars on July 2. Pluto rules your fourth house of home, family and female relatives. Move over, big daddy—it's time for some mama drama. An imbalance between your professional and personal lives could lead to a major meltdown if you don't steady those swinging Libra scales. People could get aggressive and hostile, especially with fierce Mars pushing underhanded Pluto's buttons.
A well-meaning relative could throw ice water on your dreams, so be careful about sharing nascent plans. You know how that goes: You're at a family gathering and decide to vulnerably open up about a big change you're considering in hopes that your loved ones will validate this and cheer you on. Instead, you get peppered with skeptical and protective questions: "But have you thought of (insert imaginary way everything could go wrong)?" coming from someone who still sees of you as the shy kid who got stage fright during their third grade choir solo instead of the powerful and autonomous grownup you've become.
The last dustups are between the Sun and Mars and Uranus, which is in Aries and your interpersonal seventh house. On July 18, Mars and Uranus lock into a volatile square, followed by a similarly explosive Sun-Uranus angle on July 21. A disruptive relationship could cut into your plans or make it hard to focus on work. You may be thrown off by other people's unreliable or unpredictable behavior at the office. If you're trying to seal a deal, these could be challenging days to negotiate, since people can be fickle. Your own tension and anger could rise quickly. If you're thinking of introducing a new romantic prospect to your family, you might want to hold off.
The vibe starts to lighten considerably on July 22, when the Sun leaves Cancer and begins a monthlong foray into Leo and your social eleventh house. You've worked hard, and now you can let a little loose. Not that you won't make connections while you play. Fiery Mars will also be in Leo from July 20 until September 5, turning you into a networking machine. You'll meet dynamic and inspiring people wherever you go. Mars emboldens you to share your passions publicly, both online and in group settings. When the Sun and Mars unite on July 26, you're poised to make quite a splash. RSVP yes to any event where you're likely to rub shoulders with influencers and thought leaders. Press "post" on an inspiring blog or video with a world-changing message and watch it go viral.
In the market for a new tribe or seeking kindred spirits? The July 23 Leo new moon plans the seeds for a powerful collaboration. Even better? This is the first of TWO rare, back-to-back new moons in Leo. The second, a game-changing total solar eclipse, arrives August 21. Get ready to make a name for yourself in your community or online.

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