Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

Give yourself a minute, Libra. While others are rushing into back-to-school mode, you've got planetary permission to ease your way into autumn. The Sun is wending its way through Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, retreat and closure until September 22. You may still have unfinished business to handle or powerful emotions to process that require gentler handling. Maybe you're not quite ready to emerge from dreamy vacation mode. Go ahead and take that road trip through a national park or escape to a yoga retreat.
Don't rush back to so-called reality. You're still recovering from a manic August, where you've been surrounded by a million people and probably focused heavily on everyone but yourself. Last month's two earth-shaking eclipses stirred up a social frenzy and possible drama—and TBH, the whole world is still reorienting from it. Everything just felt so intense! It hasn't helped that communication planet Mercury has been retrograde from August 12 until September 5. You may have felt overwhelmed or lost in your thoughts—a part of the crowd and, at the same time, a bystander on the sidelines. The first week of September will bring more of these “dual reality” moments.
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Energizer Mars will be in Virgo and your illusory twelfth house from September 5 until October 22, putting your batteries in "power-saving" mode. You may need more sleep—and truth be told, your time on the pillow (or meditation cushion) could be your most productive. This is a potent time to do forgiveness work, plow through a task you've been avoiding or contemplate the meaning of life. You might have intense, disturbing dreams and restless sleep—a sure sign that you need a mental break. Even a passing glance at the news can be distressing, especially to your peaceful sign. While we don't advocate sticking your head in the sand, take breaks or listen to empowering perspectives. You might enjoy this video by spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson on how to handle current events in an enlightened way but without the "love and light" denial.
The twelfth house rules the subconscious, and with the Sun and Mars here, your focus is decidedly internal. Just go with it! With your creative and spiritual fires stoked, the muse could make frequent pit stops at Chateau Libra. Carve out space to hear her divine messages. Let yourself be a channel for art, discovery and healing by adopting an attitude of awe and wonder. Instead of forcing an agenda, simply be receptive. Open your arms to whatever mysterious and miraculous events arrive. Follow the breadcrumb trail of “coincidences” and "signs" that the universe puts in your path, from seeing repeating numbers on the clock or license plates to hearing a departed loved one's favorite song just as you're thinking about them.
The ONE day to balance this flowy energy with focused, practical action arrives on September 6. Your cinematic reveries get a commercial break, courtesy of the Pisces full moon, which illuminates your sixth house of organization, health and administrative tasks. Your inner taskmaster swings by, helping you put that energy to work before you go off the metaphorical grid again. Tackle any to-do list items you've been avoiding. Analyze budgets, finalize your fall calendar, write lists. Return calls and emails. If you need to schedule checkups and appointments, do it all in one fell swoop. You could get exciting work news or pinged by a recruiter for an intriguing position.
Have you started sneaking smokes or indulged in one too many chardonnay-soaked nights? This wellness-minded moon gives you the resolve to kick any bad habits you've picked (back) up over the summer. You could get a burst of inspiration to start or reignite a fitness regimen. But take it slow and steady—this is NOT the time to sign up for boot camp or cut out a major food group. (Your best bet: Wait for go-getter Mars to enter Libra on October 22 to charge into sunrise burpees and eliminate sugar.) Watch for stress at this anxious full moon. If you feel overwhelmed, delegate to helpful people. Hire a pro for a few hours to build your shelves, file your taxes or deep-clean your house. The investment will be well worth it!
Another day for fresh starts and reinvention arrives on September 20, when the year's only Virgo new moon illuminates your twelfth house of transitions. A new moon in the twelfth house is a bit of a paradox: new moons mark fresh starts, but this zodiac sector rules closure and finality. Yet endings are also beginnings—as the saying goes, one door closes and another opens.
You may feel this quite palpably now, especially in a relationship. This new moon will form an exact quincunx—a 150-degree angle of adjustment—to unpredictable Uranus in your committed-partnership house. A significant person could enter or exit your life, or deliver curveball news that finds you scrambling to adapt. Maybe your S.O. gets a job offer that requires relocation, or a major client decides to go in a new direction. Libra, you'll have some soul-searching to do before you can figure out how YOU fit into this equation.
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While your companionship-oriented sign is always willing to make sacrifices for the ones you love most, there are limits. Being a martyr or acting in a codependent manner will only leave you feeling resentful down the line. Don't be so quick to compromise that you end up with a bunch of regrets. That said, you might decide to embrace an opportunity for change and adventure—one that arrives through a key player in your life.
Putting yourself first gets easier starting September 22, when the Sun begins its annual march through Libra and your first house of self. Advocate for your needs, and front-burner your solo agenda. You'll crave more independence now and will have an easier time clarifying your personal boundaries. Since the first house rules appearances, a fall hairstyle and wardrobe update could help usher in your birthday season with a sense of a fresh start.
Go big: Expansive Jupiter is rounding out a 13-month visit to Libra that began on September 9, 2016, and ends this October 10. You've been on a huge reinvention tour all year, as this visit from risk-taker Jupiter only comes around every 12 years. Your life could be wildly different from what it was a year or two ago. Jupiter in Libra kicked off a new 12-year chapter of your life and taught your sign the joys of independence. Any reluctance to fly solo or roll the dice on your passions should be a thing of the past. With both the Sun and Jupiter now in Libra, you'll be inspired to take a less-traveled path in your pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment.
But before you get too "all about me," look around. On September 28, outspoken Jupiter will lock into its third and final opposition with shock jock Uranus in your partnership house. Jupiter and Uranus are two of astrology's most freedom-loving planets, and they're both battling for attention. These two heavenly heavyweights only oppose each other every 14 years; their last two face-offs were on December 26, 2016, and March 3, 2017. Look back to those dates for clues of what could resurface for a grand finale.
As the month ends, you could find yourself in a heated battle between pursuing your own path and supporting a partner on theirs. Or just as you're about to hunker down with a solo project, unpredictable Uranus could bring interruptions from everyone in your life. Distraction alert: Getting wrapped up in other people's dramas will blow you way off-track. Under these extreme skies, you could go to the opposite end of the spectrum, cutting people off instead of simply setting and enforcing proper boundaries.
If you're in a relationship—or considering a commitment—you could get a major case of cold feet. You might be tempted to ditch your duties when the going gets tough, or abandon a creative project because you're not getting an enthusiastic response right away. Easy does it, Libra. It takes more than a minute to build things that will stand the test of time. Be firm as your resolve is tested. What is your core commitment? Use any waves of doubt or uncertainty to clarify that. Avoid making rash, life-altering decisions now.
Tuning in to your emotions will get easier on September 28 (the same day of the Jupiter-Uranus face-off) because Pluto, ruler of the unconscious, ends a five-month retrograde in your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Pluto's backspin churned up old fears and family friction, possibly with your mother or a female relative. This cycle pushed you to question your closest ties: Are they bonding (healthy) or binding (unhealthy)? As a Libra, you hate conflict and upsetting people, but as a result, you don’t always speak up for your own needs out of fear that you'll rock the boat and end up abandoned. It's time to confront those demons and balance the give-and-take with your loved ones. If a move or pregnancy plans have stalled or you've had power struggles with a child, Pluto's direct turn will help. Chances are, this difficult situation was sending you an important message, revealing where YOU needed to bring more self-awareness and personal responsibility to the table.
Mystical Pluto in your house of nesting could inspire you to transform your home. Some toxic energy may be lingering, especially if you had domineering houseguests or went through a difficult time emotionally. Begin with a deep cleaning and decluttering. Organize stray items into systematized groups and get adequate storage options. Move furniture around to change the flow. You could do a space clearing or home blessing ritual to welcome in new energy.

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