Libra Monthly Horoscope

May 2017

Exit stage left, Libra. With the Sun in Taurus and your intimate eighth house until May 20, privacy beckons. Your social butterfly sign may feel uncomfortable passing on a festive dinner or missing an epic festival with friends, but the urge to slip off the radar is too strong to be ignored. Your sixth sense is especially sharp, which is part of what makes too much extroversion difficult.
Picture it: You're at a party, and some chatty person is talking about how happy they are to be moving in with the love of their life. All YOU can hear is their simmering anxiety below the surface ("Help! I'm miserable and I'm trying to fix it by cohabitating"). When you're this kind of an emotional sponge, Libra, you'll need to interact with people discerningly. Tempting as it may be to play therapist, you'll only end up drained.
A far better use of your amped-up intuition is focusing on the bones of YOUR life, like your own relationships and long-term financial security. Get to the nitty-gritty of a love connection or burgeoning business alliance. Research investments and find ways to overcome obstacles to abundance, whatever form they may take. It might be hard to turn the lens inward and get real with yourself. Fortunately, this introspective path will pay off when you feel empowered and on top of your life.
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Another reason to steer clear of extraneous engagements: Communication planet Mercury is wrapping up a signal-scrambling retrograde that began April 9, afflicting the most relationship-focused sectors of your chart. If you feel like people have misunderstood you at every turn, blame it on the messenger planet's backspin. An ex or former business partner may have surfaced; negotiations around an important contract could have been stalled or chaotic. On May 3, Mercury finally turns direct, which will make it easier to deal with the other 7 billion people on the planet—particularly the ones closest to you.
Ready for a professional or financial breakthrough? On May 10, your confidence soars as the Scorpio full moon illuminates your second house of money and security. Are you under-earning or charging less than you deserve? The direct link between your net worth and your self-worth becomes painfully obvious. Maybe it's time to invest MORE in yourself, hiring a virtual assistant or a capable specialist to help with challenging tasks. Around this day, you may get word on a lucrative gig or more responsibilities at the office. Or maybe you'll reward yourself for your careful budgeting, using extra funds to splurge on a decadent dinner or a luxury spring style staple. These are not guilty pleasures, Libra. You've worked hard for this!
Relationships of all stripes could have a major breakthrough later this month. On May 19, serious Saturn in Sagittarius and your communication house forms a rare and supportive trine with innovative Uranus in Aries and your seventh house of partnerships, giving you solid support from an unexpected corner. A conversation or meeting could lead to a serious partnership, perhaps one that crosses generations or blends time-tested traditions with technology. In love, you might decide to be more experimental, trying an open relationship or taking more independent time. With shock-jock Uranus and serious Saturn united this way, this could bring anything from a swift-but-amicable breakup to a spontaneous sprint to City Hall. Given that your sign is famous for taking FOREVER to commit, this cosmic kick in the pants might just shove you off the wishy-washy fence for good.
Saturn and Uranus are traveling at the same degree from May 12 to 25, making their exact meetup on the 19th. This unusual alignment, which you may feel all month, is the first of two this year (the next will be on November 11). The curious blend of old guard and new school could revolutionize your relationships. A buttoned-down mentor might give you some shockingly practical advice that might require you to act a bit out of character. A conversation with a kindred spirit could set you on a whole new path. Resolve long-standing issues or get a project off the ground by following basic protocols while remaining open to out-of-the box strategies. Keep your eyes open—a sustainable resolution to a sticky issue could come in the blink of an eye. 
Once the Sun bursts into Gemini and your adventurous ninth house on May 20, you're even more prone to taking grand leaps of faith. For the next month, you could plan an exciting trip, sign up for a class or go full-throttle on a passion project. Is it time to pitch that TEDx talk or download course catalogs and explore a new degree? The possibilities are endless, so open your mind to new ones during this expansive month.
A perfect day for blue-sky dreaming arrives on May 25, when the Gemini new moon helps you shake off any lingering doubts and move confidently in the direction of your dreams. Take a concrete action step toward a life-changing plan, like reaching out to an overseas colleague to learn more about how they set up their awesome life, or drafting a stellar proposal for your business idea. Plans set in motion today will blossom over the next six months. Dream big now and work out the details as your vision begins to take shape.

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