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September 2018

Not quite in peppy "back-to-school" mode yet, Libra? You'll get there later this month. Until September 22, the Sun is powered down in Virgo and your restful twelfth house, and your energy levels could be low. You're not ready to declare summer officially over until the fall equinox—which also happens to be the first day of Libra season. Slip off to those now-uncrowded beaches and rock your favorite flip-flops until the temperatures drop.
With the twelfth house's emphasis on closure and healing, you might be processing some heavy emotions or feeling extra-sensitive. Don't fight it! Journal, meditate, go to bed early…and contemplate what you'd like to leave behind before your next trip 'round the Sun. Is there a person you could forgive or a situation to release? You KNOW this intellectually, but we'll remind you anyway: Holding onto pain and resentment only hurts YOU. Can you release some of that to the universe, Libra?  
On September 9, the Virgo new moon helps you start that inner journey. It's a bit of a paradox to have a new moon, which marks beginnings, in your house of endings. But endings ARE beginnings in that "circle of life" kind of way. Make space for positive and nurturing energy to enter your field by clearing your space of anything that ISN'T that. If you've wanted to start (or resume) a yoga practice, creative pursuit or healthier eating, this imaginative new moon gives you the cosmic support to do so.
Stay open to signs and serendipities as you could receive powerful guidance. A female relative or mentor could be a wise source of comfort. The Virgo new moon will form a harmonious trine to mystical Pluto in Capricorn and your fourth house of home and family, which could rouse your inner decorator. Declutter and try some Feng Shui techniques (we like the modern approach from Simple Shui) while experimenting with soothing new paint colors or textiles.
Be careful about making any sweeping declarations today, like, "I'm cutting off all the energy vampires!" or "No more sugar, caffeine, dairy and flour for me!" With the new moon opposing unrealistic Neptune in your orderly sixth house, you could set yourself up to fail if you try to tackle too much at once. Set realistic goals and standards, and chip away at them a bit at a time.
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September will also bring some retrograde relief—a welcome change after a summer that saw five or six powered-down planets at a time. Retrogrades turn our attention to the past or slow down the action, forcing us to deal with unfinished business. They can be maddening but also a blessing in disguise, helping us complete a chapter before rushing into the next.
September begins with four retrograde planets, but two more will resume direct (forward) motion this month: structured Saturn on September 6 and transformational Pluto on September 30. Since April, they've both been retrograde in Capricorn and your fourth house of home and family. Relationships with relatives may have been strained or filled with growing pains and uncomfortable dynamics. Your mother, a child or female family member may have been a particular source of concern. Perhaps you had some tough times with your living situation. For some Libras, it was a bit of a moody summer that left you feeling a little isolated—hardly your usual social self!
As these planets pick up speed, the heaviness lifts, and you could find yourself on a much firmer emotional (and soon, financial) foundation. With energizer Mars also in Capricorn until September 10, things could actually pick up quickly. Been looking for a new place to live or putting off important renovations? Get ready for action. This month could bring baby news for some Libras or positive developments with relatives, roommates and everything under your roof.
On September 10, Mars will shift gears and zoom into Aquarius, heating up your fifth house of passion and creativity until November 15. Ah, now that's more like it! Shake off those insular vibes and get ready for a glamorous cosmic coming-out party as your joie de vivre and confidence return.
But watch for drama on September 18, when Mars locks into a heated square with irrational Uranus in Taurus and your eighth house of merging and shared resources. This is the third of this year's three Mars-Uranus squares—and fortunately the last. (The first fell on May 16 and the second on August 2.) Both of these combustible planets are known for reacting first and asking questions later, and their face-offs can bring a brewing conflict out into the open.
Power struggles could erupt, especially around money and sex, and jealousy could flame into an ugly confrontation. Guard your sensitive intel (and other people's), Libra. Private information might come out into the open, or a secret could be revealed that sets egos and tempers ablaze. You may need to navigate around some larger-than-life personalities. Watch your own diva antics on this combustible and theatrical day. If you've gotten entangled in a romantic of business venture that's become way too complicated, you may need to extract yourself swiftly—but there could still be some messes to mop up.  
You'll be ready for a fresh start on September 22, when the Sun enters Libra and your first house of self. Hello, reset! For the next four weeks, focus on your passion projects and personal priorities. Give your style and look an update and get back out there. And hey, don't you have a birthday party to plan?
While you'll be feeling pretty independent, make time for a favorite plus-one at the September 24 Aries full moon, which spotlights your seventh house of committed relationships. A romantic or business connection could turn official (or unofficial!) as this turning-point lunation helps you decide whether to go all the way in…or all the way out. For Libras in solid alliances, this is a great day to get back in sync and make sure you've got a balanced give-and-take between you.

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