Libra Monthly Horoscope


October 2016

Praise the cosmos! You're finally back in the zone, Libra. Not only is it your birthday season, but the Sun is taking its annual month-long cruise through your sign until October 22. Your solar calendar resets, inspiring you to set intentions for the next year of your life as you blow out those candles. This year you get an extra special gift: Lucky, abundant Jupiter is in Libra from September 9, 2016 until October 10. 2017. The world, at last, is your oyster. Can we get an amen?
Jupiter only visits your sign every 12 years, staying for about 13 months. This transit kicks off a fresh 12-year cycle of your life, when your energy reboots and opportunity comes to you with ease. The catch? The 12-13 months BEFORE Jupiter enters your sign can be tough and discouraging times, filled with transitions and challenges. You may have felt like you were swimming upstream—or that no matter how hard you tried, things simply didn't come together. Maybe there was a loss, a health issue or just general confusion about your life path.
Well, you can leave that frustrating era firmly in the rearview, Libra. With Jupiter spending its first full month in your first house of self, your energy returns and opportunities flood in at a rapid clip. Jupiter's mission is propelled by a couple cosmic sidekicks, too. Not only is the Sun in Libra, but so is communication planet Mercury from October 7-24. So speak up, Libra! Got a big dream? Get out there and make it happen. Take a bold risk, pitch your ideas, share your grand visions. The stars are hitting "restart" on your life and handing you the mic. You have cosmic permission to put your own agenda first (for a change!).
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Don't worry—your Libra scales won't tip TOO far in the "all about me" direction, either. Midmonth, the focus turns to your closest ties when the Aries full moon—a potent supermoon beams into your seventh house of partnership on October 16. This could be a major turning point for a romantic or business alliance. You could sign a contract, get engaged, part ways, or clear the air in a key relationship. As a peaceful Libra, you may avoid conflict, hoping it will clear up on its own. But no dice—dealing directly is your best bet now.
Curveball alert: This full moon will travel in close tandem with Uranus, planet of sudden changes. Some Libras could dash off to City Hall, get blindsided by a breakup or receive an amazing offer out of left field. Expect the unexpected at this powerful full moon. This is also a call to action: It's time to revolutionize any stagnant dynamics. Don't be afraid to shake things up if "business as usual" is no longer cutting it. Just beware making any rash moves, as people could act erratic near this full moon. Lean into your natural Libra abilities to remain calm and non-reactive in the face of chaos.
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Your focus turns to the practical on October 22, when the Sun exits Libra and begins a monthlong foray into Scorpio, your second house of work, money and stability. It's time to take those birthday wishes and start building them into something tangible. Unhappy with your current job? Ready to start some life-affirming new habits? Now is the time to make a proactive change. Simplify your life and hone in on a few key priorities. You'll get a special boost from the October 30 Scorpio new moon, which kicks off a six-month cycle of fresh starts around your finances, career path and daily routines. 

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