Libra Monthly Horoscope

May 2018

No more skimming the surface, Libra: This month, you're taking the plunge! Transformation is the order of the day as the Sun makes its annual voyage through Taurus and your intimate, private eighth house until May 20. You may want to slip off the grid for some time to contemplate, process buried feelings or enjoy a sensual spring awakening while the Sun heats up this emotional and erotic zone of your chart.
But you'll have plenty of time to dwell here. On May 15, Uranus, the planet of drastic change and innovation, will begin an alchemical trip through Taurus for the first time since 1942! Uranus will be here until November 6, then it will return in March 2019 for a longer visit that will last into 2026.
With experimental Uranus in your eighth house of sex, money and power, you may find yourself walking some unconventional paths, both in your financial dealings and your relationships. The planet of liberation invites you to suspend judgment and tune in to your desires. You may explore alternative spirituality, perhaps sharpening your own clairvoyant powers. With tech-savvy Uranus in your eighth house of shared wealth, you could invest in a startup or explore cryptocurrency, or you might pool your resources for mutual gain.
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But you'll also feel like you're walking a tightrope at times. Uranus is in "fall" in Taurus, meaning it's in its least comfortable position. It makes sense: Uranus is all about extreme change while Taurus craves consistency and wants to keep things the same. It's like hosting a radical activist and a member of the old guard in the same place. They'll have to settle their differences and strike a balance between progress and tradition.
Doubling that dichotomy, freedom-seeking Uranus is in YOUR intimate, merging-minded eighth house. So the planet of autonomy is in the zodiac zone that's all about melding into oneness. Can you express individuality and intimacy at the same time, or are they fundamentally at odds? You've got eight years to unravel this philosophical puzzle.
While you're at it, you might enjoy the work of therapist and intimacy expert Esther Perel, whose SXSW opening keynote "Love, Lust and Listening" addresses this very paradox, one which is often at the heart of modern relationships. How do we reconcile the need for belonging and stability with our contradictory thirst for adventure and novelty? If it's any comfort, Perel says that "every living organism straddles this polarity between change and stability."
You may just find a worthy partner with whom to explore this deep and confounding question. On May 15, the same day that Uranus changes signs, the year's only Taurus new moon ignites this same transformational region of your chart. La luna could plant the seeds for a joint venture, a deepening commitment or a powerful spiritual awakening that unfolds over the next six months—with some bonus Uranian plot twists.
Not that you're a stranger to this quest, Libra. Since 2011, Uranus has been in your opposite sign of Aries, shaking up your seventh house of committed relationships. Chances are, you've already had your share of curveballs and eye-opening discoveries that rocked your closest bonds. A relationship may have been on-and-off throughout this whole cycle—but each time you separated or had to settle divisive differences, there was an opportunity to infuse more authenticity into your connections, provided you were both in it for the long haul. With Uranus moving into your eighth house of perma-bonding, you'll be even further challenged to revolutionize relationships.
Whew! Need a little break from all that heaviness? You'll get some balance starting May 20, when the Sun starts its month-long visit to Gemini and your expansive ninth house. If you've gotten obsessive or stuck in tunnel vision, you'll pull your head out of the sand and opt for a 360-degree view. The next four weeks are ripe for travel, learning and adventure. Get out of city limits—or at least get unstuck from your comfort zone—and go explore your curiosities!
There's also some practical magic brewing this month. From May until August, expansive Jupiter in Scorpio will travel in a close trine—a harmonious, 120-degree angle—to spiritual Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter is in your second house of work, money and daily routines, while Neptune is lending its imaginative touch to your sixth house of health and organization. When the two make their exact sync-up on May 25, an exciting career opportunity could come from afar, perhaps one that's related to wellness or making a difference on the planet. You might opt to change your lifestyle, infusing it with organic or whole foods, a meditation practice, or some restorative rituals. Since Jupiter rules global travel, you could explore "voluntourism," through which you combine do-gooding and seeing new parts of the world.
But there's one day when the action happens closer to home. On May 29, the Sagittarius full moon illuminates your third house of local events, community and self-expression. You could receive long-awaited news about a project or an opportunity, specifically something you've been working on for the past six months. An air-clearing conversation with a friend, colleague or sibling may bring great relief—at last, you both got that off your chest! If you're feeling synergy with a kindred spirit, you might decide to make things official and team up on a joint project.
If you're thinking of moving to a new part of town, la luna could help you find the perfect listing—or send you on an exploratory quest between now and next month's full moon. If you're happy at your current address, you could discover a great hotspot in your neighborhood or start hanging out in a new part of town where you can meet like-minded people. Try out a different coffee shop, yoga studio or restaurant today—you could be pleasantly surprised.

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