Libra Monthly Horoscope


August 2016

Break out the guacamole and pomegranate margaritas! Until August 22, the Sun is sailing through Leo, your eleventh house of socializing, friendships and group activity. Soak up the last bit of summer with your crew, and go see a classic outdoor movie, listen to a live band on the pier or hit a summer White Party. Or maybe corral your tribe on an epic Pokemon Go outing (just don't Pokemon Go off a cliff, as this is apparently a real danger). Whether you're meeting eclectic new people at a rooftop dance party or going to an industry meet-and-greet, you are bound to make exciting new connections now.
On August 2, the Leo new moon could initiate a sparkling alliance, either online (the eleventh house rules technology) or in person. This collaboration could really go the distance, thanks to the new moon forming a supportive trine with serious Saturn in Sagittarius, your third house of communication and ideas. New moons take six months to unfold, so use this date to kick off an innovative team project. (Bonus points if you have a world-bettering mission, like helping refugees or halting climate change.) Give yourself permission to push the boundaries—be edgy and a little controversial, and use social media to reach a wider audience. Just make sure your message brings people together instead of alienating and polarizing them. (Learn from last month's snake-emoji'd Snapchat takedown of a certain celebrity, hosted by your fellow Libra Kim Kardashian.)
It gets easier to raise your voice after August 13, when pessimistic Saturn ends a five-month retrograde backspin through Sagittarius and your communication house, lightening your mental load. Since March 25, you may have been plagued by especially heavy thoughts or even depression. Maybe you were prone to glass-half-full notions, without the energy to consider viable solutions. "That won't work" could have become your default mantra—about everything. You may have had your fair share of awkward exchanges with colleagues or felt at times demoralized after calls, emails and meetings. If you've been developing a project, the process might have felt like a slog, waiting on emails and non-responsive partners to move things ahead. Fortunately, Saturn's direct (forward) turn could get the creaky wheels back in motion. This is a perfect time to drop an MIA colleague a line, or follow up on a project that stalled. If you convinced yourself that someone wasn't interested in collaborating, you may be happily surprised to learn that they were simply overloaded with other obligations. Welcome back to your high-flying plans, Libra—already in progress. With assertive Mars also in Sagittarius from August 2-September 27, the world will be hearing from you again!
Slip away for some sexytime on August 18, as the Aquarius full moon shines its lusty light on your fifth house of passion, romance and joie de vivre. This full moon is also a penumbral eclipse, meaning that it has the near-potency of a full, sea-changing lunar eclipse. Not only are you due for some ch-ch-changes on the love front, but a long-term partner could bring a happy surprise, thanks to the full moon forming an upbeat sextile to unpredictable Uranus in Aries, your seventh house of committed relationships. This person might shock you with a conversation about the future or just take a thrilling left turn in the bedroom. Solo Libras could meet someone who makes you feel butterflies again. Indulge in your feelings, even if you get a little caught up in these emotions. Enjoy the rush. Just be sure to watch your reactions, as the full moon here can also dial up the drama.
On August 22, the Sun slips into Virgo, spotlighting your twelfth house of closure, rest and healing. Duck under the radar and prep for Libra season, which starts on September 22. The next four weeks are your annual review period, to look back and take stock of all that has transpired since your last birthday. It's been an intensely emotional year, since Jupiter has also been in Virgo since August 11, 2015. Spoiler alert: lucky Jupiter moves into Libra for 13 months on September 9—all the more reason to clear the decks of any lingering baggage now.
You may need to wrap up some loose ends in a relationship, possibly extending the olive branch to someone who disappointed you—or moving on if you've been irreparably betrayed. No matter how deep that knife went into your heart, only you can decide to take it out (and stop following them on Instagram while you're at it). Your high sensitivity might mean that you need alone time, or that you have to skip out on a raucous social engagement because being around too many people makes you tired. It might be a bit of a "womp-womp" buzzkill to downshift to this chill pace, but it's all part of the larger plan, Libra. Accepting your life as it is now will open you up to signs and synchronicities from the universe. Your intuition is razor-sharp, so pay attention. Trade struggle for surrender. This time is easier when you "flip over and float" as our friend—and Astrostyle's resident meditation guru—Terri Cole likes to say.
Choose your words carefully during the last week of August, as go-getter Mars forms a powerful conjunction with stern Saturn in your communication corner, reaching a fever pitch on August 24. This isn't the time to spout off an uninformed opinion or speak out of turn. You could come on too strong one minute, then overly cautious and self-doubting the next. Beware a bout of anxiety-riddled analysis paralysis!  
On August 26, your stress levels could reach epic proportions, as Mars forms a tense square with foggy Neptune in Pisces, your sixth house of health and wellness. You might absorb all the tension in your office or especially drained by a coworker's drama. Take special care of yourself, cutting down on caffeine and going for walks before you reach your wits' end. You can't afford a health breakdown, so you may even want to inoculate yourself with wellness-boosting green juices and a steady dose of calming magnesium.
The mental fog heightens on August 30, as communicator Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo and your hazy twelfth house until September 22. You're simply not operating on all cylinders during this period. If there's something that needs your meticulous attention, like a legal contract, get a second opinion. Don't assume that you're on top of the details or have this all figured out. With Mercury in this confusing position, someone could intentionally withhold details or paint a rosier picture than the reality actually is. Emotionally, you could feel adrift, sluggish or unable to see a situation with clear eyes. Breathe through any discomfort, turn on a guided meditation or just let yourself feel those feelings instead of suppressing them. The sooner they pass through your system, the sooner you'll process them. Let go and let it flow, Libra. 

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