Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


October 2016

Wave the white flag! The Sun is in Libra until October 22, easing through your restful twelfth house and lowering your energy levels. It's time to restore your reserves before Scorpio season begins—and, of course, your birthday. Use this time up loose ends, pamper yourself and clear the decks for your upcoming solar return. Make amends if you're at odds with anyone, complete your to-do list before taking on new projects, and focus more on your inner world than your outer reality.
This spiritual and internal cycle is magnified in 2016, and you'll continue feeling this energy pattern even after Libra season comes to a close. Expansive Jupiter is spending 13 months in Libra, awakening your healing and closure-focused twelfth house from September 9, 2016 until October 10, 2017. For the past month you may have felt extra tired, or even sick and run down. Jupiter is sounding the call for self-care—which can seem like an inconvenient interruption to any grand world-domination plans you may have. To give you an idea of what this Jupiter cycle can do, Scorpio Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on September 9, the exact day of Jupiter's entry into Libra.
Scorpio rules control, and the twelfth house governs surrender—so it's a bit of an existential paradox. While your steely determination and unbreakable willpower get you far in life, the stars are doing a 180 and throwing you off course. It's time to show the world your softer, more vulnerable side. The twelfth house also rules secrets, and much like Hillary Clinton was pressured to release her medical records, you may also have to spill the beans about something you've pushed below the radar. The truth will set you free Scorpio, hard as it may be for your famously mysterious sign to actually believe that.
You may experience an intense battle between head and heart on October 15, when the Sun in Libra forms its annual opposition to unpredictable Uranus in Aries and your sixth house of health and organization. You're torn between surrender and control: a pull to escape versus a demand to stay put and deal with the nitty-gritty. You might be so caught up in analysis-paralysis that you HAVE to take a break in order to get calm and clear. Since Uranus rules technology, try uploading a meditation app or fitness tracker. Better yet, step away from your devices and get out into nature. This can be a stressful and intense day that takes a toll on your vitality, so be extra kind to yourself. You may get some unexpected doctor's orders to make a big change to your habits, especially if you're on the verge of burnout or even adrenal fatigue.
On October 16, the Aries full moon, a potent supermoon, forms an electrifying conjunction with changemaker Uranus in your sixth house of wellbeing and administrative affairs. Your attention may suddenly turn to a pressing and practical matter. You might have a sudden health breakthrough, deciding to completely revamp your wellness routines. Maybe you'll quit smoking or kick off an ambitious workout or eating plan. Be careful not to injure yourself with careless movements: that 90-minute spin class or HIIT workout are probably not the best idea now.
Tension can run high at this full moon, and that's your cue to simplify. Where has your life gotten cluttered, especially with commitments that don't excite you? Since the sixth house rules helpful people, it's a great time to delegate, perhaps to a virtual assistant or hourly consultant. Out-of-the-blue changes could also strike at your workplace, including some hiring and firing. Are you the one about to let someone go? Pace yourself: Going to extremes could threaten the very stability you're seeking.
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Relief arrives on October 22, when the Sun enters Scorpio, your first house of fresh starts. For the next month, you're feeling #woke again. No more burying your head in the sand and ignoring your truest, most personal desires. Put your most cherished dreams on the front burner, whether that's starting your own business or simply committing to a personal goal. After a period of intense soul-searching, your strength and Scorpio resolve return. That said, you'll still need to pace yourself—Jupiter is still decamped to your reflective twelfth house for another full year. Avoid overcommitting and leave room for creativity, healing and a gentler pace overall.
On October 30, the new moon in Scorpio, which is closely aligned to thoughtful Mercury, ushers in your personal new year, driving you toward your most important goals. This golden day helps you set intentions that will bring a beloved passion project to life. Set intentions today for a personal dream or desire—you could reap the rewards by the corresponding Scorpio full moon in May 2017.

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