Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

April 2018

Lean in or expand? You're tugged in dueling directions this April, as the stars cluster into two camps: one pushing for growth and adventure, the other demanding attention to detail. At times this might feel like one step forward, two steps back. But ideally, you'll come to find the balance between blue-sky dreaming and pragmatic planning, as well as a way to turn your visionary ideas into a viable reality.
Assisting you on the practical end of things is the Sun, which is making its annual sojourn through Aries and your sensible sixth house until April 19. Focus on getting the nuts and bolts of life in order, from your spring fitness plans to prioritizing all those tasks that have piled up in recent weeks. And with Mercury—the planet of technology, communication and travel—in low-power retrograde from March 22 to April 15, it could be hard to stay on top of all the details. Mercury is backtracking through Aries, which can ramp up stress levels and make you prone to meltdowns. Guard your immune system with some extra boosters. Luckily, the day Mercury retrograde ends also delivers the year's only Aries new moon, the perfect moment to put any budding dreams and schemes into concrete action… one well-planned step at a time!
Amidst all of this, you'll feel the burning urge to experiment, connect and do more, more, more. Pace yourself, Scorpio. This high-speed chase is being fueled by go-getter Mars, which is in Capricorn and your third house of communication and ideas from March 17 to May 16. Mars only visits here every two years, and this biannual booster shot could tempt you to go out on a limb and put your opinions on loudspeaker. And you definitely should, Scorpio—just maybe not ALL at once.
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Moderating the pace is structured Saturn, which is also in Capricorn until 2019. With the planet of self-discipline and restriction here, you're reminded to temper your speech and conduct due diligence. Post and promise with restraint—you don't want to create expectations that you can't meet or waste hours on a Facebook feud with some troll you knew back in junior high. Considering a new endeavor or partnership? Aim for a middle ground: Take calculated risks. Be cautiously optimistic. Roll out your big project in phases rather than with a splashy full-on debut.
Insightful Pluto is also in Capricorn, so tune in to divine guidance. If you feel excitement and high energy swirling around you when you work on a project, keep exploring. With penetrating Pluto in this expressive zone, you could have a bracingly honest conversation—or several. Don't shy away from the realness, Scorpio. Talking about the nitty-gritty (and even uncomfortable) stuff can unmask crucial information and guide you to your next steps.
In the second half of the month, Saturn and Pluto will both turn retrograde, making you slow down and evaluate your next moves before leaping in. Saturn will backtrack through Capricorn from April 17 to September 6, followed by Pluto from April 22 to September 30. During this reflective time, you might return to school for some certifications or new skills. The best way to stay relevant is by keeping your knowledge up-to-date—so sharpen those tools!
Relationships take the main stage starting April 19, when the Sun starts a monthlong stint through your opposite sign of Taurus, heating up your partnership house. Step away from that lengthy to-do list and get back out with the people. Make sure your most important bonds are in sync and that you're all on the same page. If things are imbalanced, steer the dynamic back to an equal give-and-take. Now that Mercury retrograde is over (whew!), you've got the all-clear to move forward on binding agreements—perfect timing with the Sun in this commitment-driven zone.
On April 29, the year's only full moon in YOUR sign illuminates your first house of fresh starts, giving you a huge burst of can-do courage. Take the initiative and get the ball rolling. Speak up for what you want. A passion project you've been working on since your last birthday could reach an important turning point now. This full moon helps you advocate for yourself. The key? Stop waiting for permission or a "sign"—and just go for it!

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