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August 2017

Your move, Scorpio. While others are MIA this month, you're hunched over the metaphorical chess board, ready to capture the king. The Sun is in regal Leo and your tenth house of career, success and prestige until August 22, pumping up your ambitions. And it's getting extra jetpack fuel from go-getter Mars, which is riding shotgun in Leo from July 20 to September 5. This blazing hot cycle only comes around every two years to boost your professional mojo and set your sights on a lofty goal.
Let the others escape to the beach: You’re just as happy burning the midnight oil on a project that can put your name on the map. Mars cranks up the pressure and intensity, putting you in competitive spirits. With so many people out of town, you have the advantage. Position yourself for a coup by getting closer to decision makers or taking ownership on a plum project. A promotion, leadership post or career-defining role could be yours for the taking. But make sure the investment will pay off before raising your hand. Otherwise, you'll just end up with a ton of thankless work dumped in your lap while summer dwindles away. Fierce Mars in your tenth house can bring demanding deadlines, unappreciative bosses or thankless clients. Putting up with THAT had better be worth it—or don't sign on!
In classic Leo-season form, August is an active month in the stars. There are two game-changing eclipses, two retrogrades and the final installment of a triad of Jupiter-Pluto squares that will keep us all on our toes. It may feel like the only constant is change. While eclipses push us into bold new terrain, rear-facing retrogrades prompt us to slow down, review and reconnect with the past. Life could feel a little time-warpy, so give yourself a chance to integrate these huge energy waves before making any life-altering decisions.
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Let's begin with the eclipses, which fall on the Leo/Aquarius axis. These eclipses are part of a series running from 2017 to 2019, shaking your personal and professional zones. Your work-life balance may take on new look as these galvanizing eclipses sweep through town, reshuffling your priorities and possibly bringing a lifestyle or career change.
On August 7, the Aquarius lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in your domestic fourth house, putting home and family in the spotlight. Lunar eclipses can bring sudden transitions, manifestations or endings. This one could involve a change of address or a real estate deal that finally closes. You might be offered a job in a new city or decide to swap keys with your S.O. There could be an unexpected change to your family structure, such as a surprise pregnancy or someone moving in (or out) without much notice.
Your mother, a child or a female relative could figure into events near this eclipse. If you need to clear the air with a loved one, tread lightly because strong emotions could erupt today. You'll be especially sensitive, prone to taking things personally. And since eclipses push us past the point of no return, you could end up burning an important bridge or fueling a family feud. That said, if someone's been abusing your kindness, this is an important moment to cut those antics off for good.
The second eclipse, on August 21, is the buzzed-about total solar (new moon) eclipse, which will land in Leo and your tenth house of career. Not only will it inject your goals with a major infusion of fresh-start energy, it's the second of two RARE, back-to-back Leo new moons (the first was July 23). Events from a month ago could pick up speed. You could get an incredible job offer or land a whale of a client—and it could happen with very little notice! Public recognition could come your way, and you could be honored for your dedication and achievements. Get yourself camera-ready before this date (not that you aren't always polished and "pret") because a leadership opportunity could arrive out of the blue. Events that start now could culminate at the January 31, 2018, Leo total lunar (full moon) eclipse, a six-month buildup to major moves. For clues, look back to February 10, when the Leo lunar eclipse first energized this part of your chart.
On August 4, your shadowy co-ruler, Pluto, rams into a heated square with outspoken Jupiter, which is in your twelfth house of hidden agendas, closure and illusions. Pluto is in your third house of communication, and under this tense starmap, there's no predicting what will come out of people's mouths (yours included). Passive-aggressive barbs could fly, and they'll cut deeply. A power struggle could ensue with a sibling, colleague or neighbor. This is the third and final installment in a series of Jupiter-Pluto squares that have rocked the past eight months. The others were on November 24, 2016, and March 30, 2017, so look back to those dates for clues of what's surfacing now.
Scorpio, your sign can famously hold a grudge, storing evidence and building resentment until you blow like Mount Vesuvius. But instead of unleashing deadly verbal lava on the world, take responsibility for your part of the equation. Why haven't you spoken up sooner? Newsflash: Just because YOU can read people's minds, doesn't mean they can read yours. If you've been throwing subtle shade or dropping hints, you can't get mad at people. The onus is on YOU to communicate directly, without the emotional blackmail.
If you've been in an abusive situation, it's never your fault. However, this Jupiter-Pluto square could be a wakeup call, helping you see this for what it is. Instead of sticking around and hoping things will change, find a way to safely remove yourself. You can only rationalize and make excuses for so long. On the flip side, if you've been acting in manipulative or codependent ways, it's time to get to the root of your fears and insecurities, which are likely driving this behavior. While it's wise not to trust just anyone, how many loyalty tests can one person be subjected to? There's a strong tendency to project your baggage onto others near this date. You could also be on the receiving end of someone else's meltdown. Walk away instead of taking the bait.
Lastly, we get a double header of retrograde (backward) planets this month. Disruptive Uranus, which is in Aries and your sixth house of health and helpful people, makes its annual U-turn from August 2 until January 2. Over the next five months, you might shift your eating and exercise habits or streamline the systems that keep your life in tip-top shape. Retrogrades reveal where things aren't up to snuff, but you may have a few false starts before finding your groove. One step at a time—don't race into any extreme lifestyle changes now. You may need to make a few changes on Team Scorpio, but screen people carefully before bringing them into your orbit. Reliable employees and service providers could flake out or just have their own stuff going on, leaving you to make up for their sloppy work. Certain changes may be unavoidable, for example, your social media director takes maternity leave or your yoga studio closes for renovations. Flexibility will be your saving grace. Watch your stress levels and avoid multitasking, as rash Uranus here can make you accident-prone, and rushing will only mean you have to retrace your steps.
Communicator Mercury also turns retrograde from August 12 until September 5, which can disrupt communication, travel and technology. Mercury will go rogue in Virgo and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. This could spell even more disruptions in group endeavors, since wires are likely to get crossed, and power struggles can ensue. Be extra mindful about what you email and post, as you're likely to be wildly misunderstood. Sure, you can delete that Tweet, but those 140 characters won't be easily forgotten.
On the positive side, retrogrades can be great for reunions. Old colleagues and cohorts can resurface, making for lively reminiscing and reconnection. One of them might even hold the key to an exciting job opportunity. The chances of that double after August 22, when the Sun enters Virgo for a month, putting you in convivial spirits. The relentless "rise and grind" energy of Leo season gives way to a lighter and more social month. Get away from your desk and go network, mingle and enjoy the company of good people.
Money matters take a turn for the better on August 25, when stringent Saturn ends a five-month retrograde in Sagittarius and your second house of work and finances. Since April 5, the ringed taskmaster has been backspinning through Sagittarius, forcing you to tighten your belt or knuckle down on the job. Maybe there were rumblings of layoffs, or your duties felt oppressive and uninspiring. Stability could return now, and all the sacrifices you made might start to finally pay off. Start funneling funds into a nest egg. If your confidence took a hit during this Saturn cycle, you'll regain your footing—and your self-worth. Shoulders back, head high!

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