Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

January 2017

Drop the mysterious front and start talking, Scorpio. Until January 19, the Sun is in Capricorn and your third house of communication, giving you the gift of gab as the calendar turns. And as any perceptive Scorpio knows, a key ingredient to forging a powerful relationship is through active listening. As you're swapping stories, pitching projects and getting to know people, ask pointed, open-ended questions. Body language speaks volumes too, especially during this chatty cycle. Pay attention to what's NOT being said—to the pauses and shifts in posture. There may be more than meets the eye now.
When in doubt, check it out—especially during the first week of January. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde until January 8, foiling technology, travel and interpersonal matters. From December 19-January 4, the messenger planet reversed through Capricorn and your expressive third house, making this a risky time to unveil a new venture or sign on for a collaboration. Key facts could be missing from the equation, so hold off on signing any contracts if you can. Then from January 4-8, the messenger planet slips into Sagittarius and your second house of stability. A work or financial situation might soon be up for revision. Hold off major purchases or job changes until mid-month (or even next month), and give yourself ample time to make important appointments.
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Ready to refresh? On January 12, the Cancer full moon lights up your visionary ninth house, propelling you forward as you fulfill your most cherished dreams. You're in the mood for adventure—either far outside city limits or through a horizon-broadening experience. However, this potent full moon is also locked in a Grand Cardinal Cross, a four-way battle between the Sun in Capricorn, the moon in Cancer, decadent Jupiter in Libra, and wildcard Uranus in Aries. Just as you prepare to dive into a soul-stirring opportunity—perhaps through travel, launching a startup, or a return to school—a curveball could suddenly stand in your way. Get swept up in the thrilling winds of change, but forego any rash decisions or trying to conquer all your personal and professional growth in one fell swoop. You could end up overwhelming yourself, turning your exciting mission into a source of unnecessary stress. Easy does it, Scorpio.
Let the hibernation commence on January 19, when the Sun burrows into Aquarius and your domestic fourth house. Your 2017 got off to a stimulating start, but now it's time to power down temporarily. Spend the next four weeks making your home warm and cozy. Put a little extra TLC into the small details, like perfecting the family photo wall, experimenting with slow-cooker recipes or organizing your closet. Peruse decor and art sites, and set up a Pinterest board for inspiration if you're doing a big interior design revamp.

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Your domestic life gets another reboot on January 27, when the Aquarius new moon plants the seeds for a fresh six-month cycle around self-care and familial matters. Got your sights set on a new address or a lifestyle change? This is the day to hit the open house circuit and peruse the real estate listings. Or if you're staying put, consider a home renovation project to revamp your digs, transforming your abode into a bonafide sanctuary. An important woman could also play a key role in events near this date—possibly your mother or a female relative. La luna could also spark a change of roommate, a pregnancy, or plans to expand your family.
The Aquarius new moon coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year. In 2017, we're ushering in the Year of the Fire Rooster, which is analytical, measured and frankly, much more your speed than 2016's hectic and overwhelming Monkey energy. The Rooster is associated with the Western sign of health-conscious Virgo, so set some self-care intentions today, too. Sign up for a yin yoga class, or rally some of your favorite nurturing friends to partake in a relaxing trip to the day spa. 

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