Virgo Monthly Horoscope

April 2017

Get ready for a deep dive, Virgo. The Sun is simmering in Aries and your eighth house of sex, spirituality and intimacy until the 19th, lending an air of intensity to everything. Your attention is laser-focused on one special person or project. The eighth house also rules shared resources and joint financial ventures. You may explore merging with a synergistic soul for greater mutual gain. This is an excellent time for research and detailed work or for sifting through an emotionally intricate situation. Your brain is alert, able to notice important patterns and connect psychological dots. Hello, epiphanies! Your insights this month could lead to a major transformation around love, work and money.
Another reason to dip behind the scenes? In April, five (yes FIVE) planets will be in powered-down retrograde motion. Retrogrades occur when the Earth and another planet pass each other in their journeys around the Sun, creating the illusion that one of them is moving backward. Since retrogrades govern the past, unfinished business often comes up to be handled, and people we haven't seen in a while (if not years) can resurface. As April begins, Venus and Jupiter are already retrograde, and they'll be joined by Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. Translation: In order to move ahead, you've got to tie up loose ends.
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Venus, the planet of love and harmony, has been retrograde since March 4, creating static on the line for friendships, romance and everyday social graces. Compassion can go out the window (to wit: the draconian U.S. budget cutbacks that were proposed during this cycle), along with tact and manners. Venus is back-spinning until April 15, and from April 2 on it will finish the retrograde in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. Use the first half of the month to reconfigure your most important relationships, getting back on equal footing. You may not see eye-to-eye with people now, and arguments can escalate quickly. Deep breath, Virgo!
Grounding routines can help counteract drama, and returning to an old regimen could be especially centering. Is it time to resume your meditation and journaling practice, or to get back to your favorite Pilates class? From February 6 to June 9, expansive Jupiter is retrograde in Libra and your security-seeking second house of work, money and daily routines. While finances might be a little topsy-turvy, this is an opportunity to get your affairs in order. Do a Virgo-style overhaul of your everyday habits, from eating to sleeping to daily consumption of water. Start taking your Omega-3 capsules again. Revamp your budget, review your priorities and streamline your schedule. Take inventory: Which obligations are weighing you down, and which ones light you up? Do some Konmari-style editing of everything from your closet to your calendar, ditching anything that doesn't "inspire joy." If you're hunting for work or fresh income sources, Jupiter retrograde sends you hunting through your contact list. Link up with an old employer or colleague for leads. The April 11 Libra full moon is perfect for making a decisive move that creates more stability and could possibly bring exciting work or money news.
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And now…on to April's retrograde parade. It begins with structured Saturn, which reverses through Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house from April 6 to August 25. Is it time to rethink your living situation, Virgo? You could get serious about buying or selling property, moving in with someone or hunting for a new address. With sobering Saturn retrograde, you'll want to take your time and make sure you're making the most responsible long-term choices. If you dream of a light-filled loft with soaring ceilings but can only afford a diminutive studio, it might be better to save up than settle. Challenges could arise with a family member or an important woman in your life, possibly your mother or a colleague. Maybe her support isn't as readily available as usual, or you need a little separation period. Saturn retrograde can pile on weighty responsibilities, such as caring for a sick or elderly parent or letting a struggling loved one temporarily move in with you. But Saturn also rules boundaries, so ensure that you're not overriding yours to play the caretaker role. Every Virgo needs space, no apologies necessary!
The fourth house rules motherhood, and, for some Virgos, Saturn's slowdown could make everything from conception to parenting a bit more challenging. If you're trying for a baby, take a step back and make sure your life is set up for this change. Already raising a kid: You may need to provide more consistency for them, which can make your wings feel clipped. Maybe it's time to delegate some of the childcare, Virgo. While someone else may not do it to your exact standards, for sanity's sake, let go a LITTLE. If you're preventing your kid from growing up by doing everything for him, take a deep breath and let him struggle a little without rushing in for the save.
On April 9, your ruling planet, Mercury, joins the chorus, turning retrograde until May 3, scrambling communication, technology and travel plans. Since Mercury is your celestial guardian, you're more affected by its U-turns than other signs. Expect to explain yourself over and over again, and if possible, hold off on any big debuts. Mercury will back through Taurus and your ninth house of travel and expansion until April 20, putting lofty plans on hold. Be careful about signing any binding contracts now. If you're heading out of town, take extra precautions: Make sure your passport is up to date, triple-confirm reservations and leave early for flights.
On April 20, Mercury backs into Aries and your intense eighth house of sex, emotional entanglements and intimacy. An old flame or frenemy could reappear on the scene, or shared finances could get fraught. Guard against identity theft and change your passwords. Think twice before sending that racy photo or sext—with mischievous Mercury at the wheel, you could accidentally send that boudoir shot to your boss instead of your beau. Um, oops!
Last in line is calculating Pluto, which goes retrograde in Capricorn on April 20 until September 28 and threatens to disrupt your fifth house of passion and creativity. Just five days after love planet Venus corrects course, power-monger Pluto reverses its path, which could bring up jealousy or unresolved trust issues or bring back an old lover who pushes your buttons. Working with a therapist, coach or energy healer is good insurance now, because your unconscious knee-jerk reactions could go into overdrive. Pluto makes us project our baggage onto others, and this cycle is a wakeup call. Where are you starting fires and stirring up drama and then blaming someone else? Or, in what way is that "impossible" person mirroring some energy that YOU don't want to own in yourself? By turning the lens on yourself, you'll have a much better chance of using Pluto retrograde productively.
Luckily, some positive energy and perspective arrives on April 19, when the Sun shifts into Taurus and your optimistic ninth house for a month. The struggle may be real, but under these philosophical skies, you're excited to learn from it instead of feel defeated. The ninth house rules travel, study and risk-taking, but you'll probably want to wait until Mercury retrograde ends to book tickets and hotel rooms. This is a great time to take (or teach!) a workshop or webinar and to start putting the word out about your lofty plans. Devote this visionary time for blue-sky dreaming, as your grandest goals get a solar-powered boost. The April 26 Taurus new moon is especially strong for planting some adventurous seeds. What's on your bucket list that you could manifest in the coming six months? Whether it's a trip to Morocco or getting published by your favorite blog, dare to go big. You might even make a vision board at the new moon, tapping your subconscious mind for guidance. Raising your levels of joy and inspiration will make you downright magnetic, so engage in activities that make your heart sing and watch the abundance flow in. Yes, sometimes it really is that simple.

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