Virgo Monthly Horoscope

January 2017

The holidays may be over, but your festive spirit lives on! The New Year kicks off with the Sun in Capricorn and your passionate, celebratory fifth house, until January 19. Sure, resolutions have been made, and the countdown to 2017 has been had, but why stop now? Romance could also be in the picture as the calendar turns. Or, you might dive into a creative project, perhaps making your debut as an artist, singer-songwriter or performer.
Just watch for drama during the first part of the month while your ruling planet, communicator Mercury, rounds out a retrograde cycle that spans from December 19-January 8. The first four days of the month, the Mercury is making waves through Capricorn, which could cause romantic disruptions or knee-jerk reactions that lead to a fight. Then from January 4-8, Mercury slips into Sagittarius and your domestic and emotional fourth house. Tension could arise with a family member or roommate now. Overall, you might be feeling hyper-sensitive, but wearing your heart on your sleeve could just make you feel more vulnerable and misunderstood. Try not to act on your feelings too much now—this too shall pass, Virgo!
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On January 12, the Cancer full moon brings a crowning team moment, lighting up your eleventh house of group activity and technology. You might launch an exciting project or online venture, or celebrate your first victory of 2017 at work. This could also mark a great night for networking or making a collaboration official.
Before you crack open the bubbly, however, be forewarned that the day's developments might come with a hitch or two. The full moon is locked into a stressful Grand Cardinal Cross—a four-way planetary tug o' war—with the moon, the ego-driven Sun, outspoken Jupiter and radical Uranus. Everyone's got an opinion today! The trouble is that not everyone may gel with one another, leading to a heated argument. A friendship could also be under strain, but an attempt to clear the air could go awry. Watch out for flippant social media posts and online oversharing. Do you really want the world to know THAT about you, Virgo?  
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You'll be ready to crack the whip on January 19, when the Sun marches into Aquarius and your efficient sixth house. For the next four weeks, roll up your sleeves and turn your new year's resolutions into reality. Lace up your sneakers and start hitting that boot camp or HIIT circuit workout class you've been talking about. Go on one of your epic Virgo decluttering missions, too: clean out old files, or bring your gently-worn clothing to a charity dropoff. You might also go full on Marie Kondo and ditch anything that doesn't "bring you joy." Implement a new calendar system to keep your schedule in order. By taking care of the so-called little things, you set yourself up for soaring success. Not that we need to tell you that, Virgo.
On January 27, the Aquarius new moon helps you start a fresh chapter of wellness and organization in your day-to-day life. One of these productivity apps could even become your saving grace in the year to come. Turn over a healthy leaf and commit to cutting back on a troublesome habit or food group. Virgo rules the digestive system, so yours is especially sensitive now. (Buh-bye, gluten brain-fog, perhaps?)  
The new moon also kicks off the Chinese New Year. Even better? Today commences the Year of the Fire Rooster, which is associated with the Western sign of Virgo— a huge boon for you! You'll vibe with the Rooster's meticulous and detail-driven energy. But since there's an extra dose of Virgo perfectionism in the air, set an intention to be less critical of yourself and others. Use your critical eye—arguably a Virgo superpower—but only if it HELPS others. And even then, make sure you really have the other person's permission to offer your feedback. Nothing damages a relationship more than unsolicited criticism.

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