Virgo Monthly Horoscope

April 2018

Hibernate or celebrate? You'll be pulled between dueling desires for privacy and live-out-loud expression this month, as the planets cluster into two distinct sectors of your chart. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are holding a cosmic confab in Capricorn, which governs your passionate fifth house. Hello, spring awakening! With randy Mars here, your wild side is having a coming-out party, although structured Saturn could temper that a bit. All the same, don't be surprised when your theatrical streak emerges—or you start turning heads without trying.
But just as you fasten your heart to your sleeve and perfect your swagger, you could suddenly have the urge to clam up. That's because the Sun is making its annual sojourn through Aries and your intimate eighth house until April 19, which also makes you crave privacy. Take some time out of the spotlight and work a little mystery into your act. And prepare for some potential fireworks because the combination of these saucy, sizzling, celestial forces could set your boudoir ablaze all month!
Applying a few filters wouldn't be a bad idea, at least while Mercury—the planet of communication, travel and technology—is retrograde, until April 15. Mercury also happens to be the cosmic ruler of Virgo, so you'll feel his machinations more than other signs. This dodgy cycle, which began on March 22, can scramble signals around a joint venture or complicate an emotional bond. You might feel out of tune with people at moments or ultra-sensitive to their energy. (Shield your field, Virgo: You don't need to absorb all of that.) You might be processing some heavy emotions or sifting through your psyche, and you need solo time to really do this.
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The eighth house governs all the ways we merge with another person or entity. From sex to emotional bonding to shared space and finances, it's the realm of what's "ours" rather than what's "mine." And with Mercury retrograde here, you may need to keep a keen eye on your property and partnerships. Do you need to work out better arrangements around expenses or hash out the finer points of a contract? Keep a keen eye on the details because the divine AND the devil are both in 'em. This Mercury phase is ideal for negotiating but, if possible, wait until the second half of the month to sign on the dotted line.
You'll be glad you did, because on April 15, the year's only Aries new moon will set off a fresh six-month chapter around your most important ties. You might receive an offer to team up for joint financial gain or a real estate opportunity might arise. This new moon could also spark a sultry, scintillating connection—one that checks off the mind, body AND soul boxes. Whether financial or romantic, this connection could ignite out of the blue, especially at the April 18 union of the bold Sun and shock-jock Uranus. An attraction can move swiftly into manifestation mode. You could feel surprisingly spicy and seductive—and others will take note! If you're in a LTR, this lunar lift may spark conversations about moving to the next phase of permanence: cohabitation, babies, engagement or a mutual bucket-list goal.
You'll be able to focus more on long-term objectives in the second half of April, when two planets turn retrograde in Capricorn and your feisty fifth house. This will tame your impulsive mood a bit and tone down your "shiny object syndrome." But activator Mars will remain in this hot-blooded zone until May 16, so don't expect a total government shutdown of your libido.
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The first heavenly body to make a U-turn is Saturn, the planet of maturity, self-discipline and persistence. While Saturn is retrograde from April 17 to September 6, take a step back from situations that are fraught with drama. You might have second thoughts about a romance or step away from a project that's become too all-consuming. Since retrogrades rule the past, you could dust off an old creative venture or hear from an ex. In mythology, Saturn was also known as Cronus, the god of chronological time—and in this case, timing may just be the key to everything. If the stars didn't align on your first try, perhaps you'll give someone a second chance. But proceed with caution, Virgo.
If you work in a creative field, this Saturn backspin can be a great time to hunker down and finish a project. Could your passion use some polish? Work with a mentor, producer or pro in your field. Take a class or get some extra training—or just carve out dedicated time for your craft. With Saturn retrograde, you've got to put in those ten thousand hours, which is how long writer Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes to achieve mastery at anything. But give yourself breaks, and don't forget to make it fun! You might participate in a daily art challenge, like the 100 Day Project, which starts April 3. As the Buddhists say: "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."
Have you gotten mired in unhealthy dynamics, Virgo? Shadowy Pluto is retrograde from April 22 to September 30, which could dredge up old drama or power struggles, especially in your love life. Some of your own control issues could flare, so be careful not to project those onto other people. Do some inner work and self-reflection. You may deal with an ego-tripping or bullying person while Pluto is retrograde—and while you should never stick around in an abusive setting, the stars are pushing you to stand up for yourself. The Mars-Pluto merger on April 26 could bring a day of major power and intensity. Use your voice, whether it's to advocate for yourself or to express a desire without apology.  
You'll become even more outspoken on April 19, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Taurus and your ninth house of adventure and expansion. Brooding dissipates, and your joie de vivre returns. An opportunity to travel, teach or study could arise over the next four weeks.
Circle April 29, when the year's only Scorpio full moon illuminates your third house of communication. You could have a game-changing conversation or receive long-awaited news. A project—perhaps one that's been brewing over the past six months—might move from the idea phase to execution. Since the third house rules local events, opportunity could knock closer to home than you expect. If you've been exploring a new neighborhood to call home, la luna could deliver the perfect stomping grounds. A sibling or colleague might figure in to events today. Is it time to clear the air or have a deep talk?

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