Virgo Monthly Horoscope

October 2018

Time to get anchored, Virgo? With the Sun in Libra and your grounded second house until October 23, you're ready to start putting those birthday wishes and intentions into action. During this practical solar cycle, you can shift into "builder mode" and get your concepts into concrete form.
The second house rules work and money, and you'll be ripe for new projects or revenue streams, especially at the October 8 Libra new moon, which kicks off a prosperous six-month cycle. If you're thinking of initiating a new regimen, like eating cleaner or going to a sunrise boot camp, this lunation is the perfect start date. You'll see the full breadth of your results at the corresponding Libra full moons next March and April. This rare "double-header" in 2019 is very powerful for manifesting, so you'll want to waste no time getting things off the ground.
Staying busy with your day-to-day duties will be a smart strategy for other reasons too. Namely, the planet of peace, love and harmony—Venus—is retrograde from October 5 until November 16. When the Celestial Charm School Headmistress takes her six-week sabbatical every 18 months, our normal levels of compassion, harmony and conflict resolution can go out the window. Relationships are tested, and some can splinter, temporarily or for good. (Just watch for those "Shocking Celebrity Splits!" screaming at you from every headline this month.)
The hidden gift of retrograde planets is that they turn our attention to the past. What might you have overlooked, even with that discerning Virgo eye of yours? Did you sweep an issue under the rug, or stuff down feelings about a betrayal or breach of trust? Time may not have healed all wounds, and perhaps there's some scar tissue that needs a little TLC.
Although everyone's love life could feel the strain, you may feel Venus' reversal the most with friends and coworkers. From October 5 to 31, Venus will back through Scorpio and your third house of neighbors, siblings and peers. Simply put, the people you normally love hanging out with could work your damn nerves. This phase may put a crimp on your social interactions as Venus retrograde in your communicative sector can make you extra-sensitive about feeling slighted or misunderstood in conversation. Mind your own P's and Q's too. Others may feel that you're being brusque or officious with them if you don't add those niceties, both in person and on social media. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
From October 31 to November 16, Venus will back into Libra and your second house of work and money. Couples could fight over finances or feel unsupported with your day-to-day lives. It might help to find out each other's Love Language so you can give MORE of what your partner (or friend, or client or colleague…) needs to feel safe and supported. For example, if your coworker is a "Words of Affirmation" person, prepare to dole out some extra compliments and encouragement. And if you have to give tough feedback, be sure to deliver it in a "praise sandwich," where you give the critique in between two positive observations. Is that extra work? Yes, but it could save you hours of drama.
When the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 and joins Venus retrograde, you'll get the solar-powered confidence and courage to speak your truth. And vociferous Mercury (your ruling planet) is also in Scorpio from October 9 onward, which can help you choose the right words to convey what's in your heart. The tension could intensify at first, but at least you'll get it off your chest, even if it takes a few tries!
You could finally hit the mark on October 24, when the year's only Taurus full moon illuminates your ninth house of soul-baring honesty. With shock jock Uranus traveling in tandem, the truth might set you free—but it could also get messy. (Duck!) And with the ego-driven Sun in opposition to Uranus, a heated conversation may find you throwing low blows at each other. Please, Virgo, spare their dignity and sheathe those verbal daggers of yours. These people know not what they do (or say!), and if you take the bait, you'll only get dragged down into their low-vibe cesspool.
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Your best bet? Shift your focus to the big picture and ONLY engage in positive interactions today. Since the ninth house rules global connections, risk-taking and growth, this full moon could bring an utterly magical moment in which one of your gambles pays off or a visionary idea springs to life—and spreads like wildfire. Your hunger for knowledge could be sated by a mind-blowing realization that helps you see a situation from a new perspective. Suddenly everything makes sense. An opportunity to travel could arise out of the blue. Don't overthink it. Two words: Wheels up!
Halloween is an occasion to rest as the moon lingers in Leo and your sleepy twelfth house. At the very least, a slow and sensual vibe will be the speed to aim for. Take in a performance or hit a trance-y dance party—but avoid the raucous revelers at all costs. With the moon and Sun squaring off, you'll have a lot of invitations, and you'll feel the #FOMO (or guilt) when you turn the majority of them down. But your self-care and needs come first, Virgo! Besides, with Venus butting heads with unpredictable Uranus today, people will be fickle, flaky and temperamental. The more you push yourself to do something you don't want to do, the more likely you'll be to snap. Take it easy and honor what your intuition tells you.

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