Virgo Monthly Horoscope

October 2017

Security or freedom? This month, the planets clamor for a heaping helping of BOTH. Driving the charge is expansive Jupiter, which makes its once-a-year move on October 10, shifting the bigger tides of your life. Since September 9, 2016, Jupiter has been in Libra and your second house of work, money and daily routines. Practical matters have taken center stage, and you've been going through a period of major growth around finances and career. But this month, Jupiter will move on to Scorpio, bringing its broadening influence to your third house of communication, ideas and community until November 2018. (More on that in a minute!)
Before you can truly stretch out those social butterfly wings, you may have to roll up your sleeves and hustle. The Sun is making its annual visit to Libra and your grounded second house until October 23— a sensible cycle that helps you put a proper plan in place. As a Virgo, you kinda need that before you go running off willy-nilly! The October 19 Libra new moon could bring a plum job offer or money-making opportunity. Events may unfold over a longer period (new moons can take up to six months to fully manifest), but if you're looking for a new gig, start spreading the word.
When motivator Mars enters Libra from October 22 to December 9, you could be a moneymaking and power-networking machine! For Virgo business owners, this should be a fruitful season for early holiday sales. But the quickened pace of Mars can also bring an uptick in stressful demands. Make sure that any projects you take on will truly profit you—not just financially but by setting you up for future growth.
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This investment-minded influence hits its peak on October 5, when the year's only Aries full moon spotlights your eighth house of wealth, long-term finances and joint ventures. With a focus on real estate, this full moon could bring a move or home sale. Look for ways you can join forces for a win-win or multiply your money through passive income. You might get an opportunity to earn a bonus or commission or earn royalties from affiliate sales. If you strongly believe in someone's products, workshop or offerings (clue: you tell everyone you meet that they HAVE to try it), maybe you should be earning some kickback. One wellness-minded Virgo friend of ours is a longtime direct-sales distributor of essential oils, and she recently shared a desire to build up her network again. This full moon could reveal easy and natural ways to earn residual income. (Just do your research and avoid dodgy pyramid schemes.)
The eighth house also rules sex, intimacy and bonding. The Aries full moon could bring a major turning point—are you in or are you out? If you've been in a casual situation, you might feel a clear desire for something deeper and more permanent. Some Virgos could get engaged, move in together or talk babies near this full moon—especially because love planets Venus and Mars are making an exact meetup in Virgo that day, too. Hello, irresistible one!
But the eighth house is an intense place, and a full moon can add to the storminess. Strong emotions could erupt like a no-longer-dormant volcano, so buckle up—we've seen people unleash a mother lode of pent-up feelings at this particular full moon. With the lunar spotlight unmasking your secrets, it makes sense that you'd feel raw and vulnerable. Make sure you have proper support in place—a trusted friend, healer or therapist—so you can process with them first.
But back to that headline news item: Jupiter's move into Scorpio! From October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018, Jupiter will sail through your third house of communication, local action and intellectual curiosity. This 13-month cycle will be a boon for writing, media, marketing and an overall sense of discovery. You'll crave variety, and your hungry mind won't be sated by any one thing. Explore new hobbies and DIY projects. Talk to people you normally wouldn't. Join committees, attend parties and perfect your elevator pitch. (Our 2018 Planetary Planner has an in-depth report on Jupiter in Scorpio for YOUR sign—pre-order your copy here!)
Branding yourself as "socially awkward" is no longer a valid excuse, btw. With open-minded (and open-hearted) Jupiter in this kindred-spirits zone, it's time to start dismantling those artificial barriers. Own your quirks and be willing to be amused by your antics instead of taking what you do so seriously. One study even linked the ability to laugh at yourself to higher levels of optimism and overall positivity. Hear that, Virgo? Lightening up will go a LONG way in increasing your enjoyment of life!
Worldly Jupiter is the planet of growth and risk-taking, and its visit to your neighborhood nook can bring new adventures right to your home turf. You could bond with people who are different from your usual type, making friendships that bridge philosophies and interests. You might get more involved in cultural offerings or share your own brilliance in your 'hood. Is it time to attend that writer's group or open your vintage pop-up shop? Or maybe “Mayor Virgo” has a ring to it! Adopt an experimental approach and try, try, try. If you don't vibe with your local tribe, you could spend the next year visiting different cities or checking out a new district that might be a better fit. Jupiter was last in Scorpio from October 25, 2005, until November 23, 2006, so page back to that time for similar themes that could repeat themselves now. You may have commuted a lot or spent time searching for a place to call home.
Spoiler: When Jupiter moves into your home sector in November 2018, you'll be ready to put down actual roots. Until then, make like Dorothy on the yellow brick road and journey along, picking up a few friends on the way. Worst case, you'll put a little Oz in your heart and bring it back to Kansas next fall. Not in the market for a move? Get more involved in area events or find a "second city" within commuting distance where you start to build a new crew. Online friendships could blossom and produce promising synergies. Time to revive the old-fashioned pen pal practice and mail handwritten letters with someone? One Virgo we know trades audio messages with a long-distance friend, and they convene for a weekly phone call. Whatever it takes to feel connected! The message is more important than the medium.
Once Scorpio season begins on October 23, Jupiter's influence kicks up a notch. With the Sun in this vibrant part of your chart as well, you could be talking and thinking a mile a minute. You can't stem the tide of brilliant brainstorms and exciting conversations. RSVP "yes" to everything starting October 26, when the Sun and Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction. Schedule any pitches, big meetings or launches today as well. You'll be in rare form, evangelizing like fellow Virgo Guy Kawasaki. Start spreading the news, whether you've got a killer app (cue Kawasaki's easy design software, Canva) or a video that goes viral as soon as you post it.

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