Virgo Monthly Horoscope

March 2017

Twosome time! The Sun flits through Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships until March 20, spotlighting the harmony in your interpersonal dealings. You’ll have a cosmic tailwind for bringing balance back to your most important ties. Your mission this month: healthy communication and compromise. Budding bonds could turn official now. Is it time to sign on the dotted line?
You'll need every savvy communication skill you've got this month, Virgo, since expansive Jupiter will be stirring up mischief as March begins AND ends. Jupiter, which is retrograde from February 6 until June 9, has two rare interplanetary scuffles with Uranus and Pluto this month. These tense aspects could wildly disrupt balance in both personal and political arenas. Over the course of a year, Jupiter will have three rounds of these cosmic clashes. The last two were in November and December, so expect another bout of whatever came up over the holidays. Hopefully, this midpoint will bring more resolution than revolution—but it's likely to be a mix of those two.
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Jupiter is in Libra from September 2016 until October 10, 2017, bringing major growth opportunities to your second house of money, security and self-esteem. The giant spotted planet has been helping you feel more grounded overall—but brace yourself for a plot twist. On March 3, difficulties can arise in love AND money, as Jupiter forms a wild-swinging opposition to disruptive Uranus in Aries and your eighth house of joint ventures. A key relationship could change unexpectedly, demanding swift action. Stay adaptable to changing career conditions; they could materialize out of the ether. Under these liberated but rash stars, you might feel the urge to break free from an oppressive or financially draining situation. With Uranus heating up your seductive eighth house, a sizzling but questionable attraction could threaten to topple your hard-won stability.
The silver lining? This could be a necessary a breaking point. Sometimes it takes a crisis to force us out of denial. But do you need that break, like, NOW? Curb impatient responses to this evolving situation. You don't know where the chips will fall with these two volatile planets at odds, so don't jump to conclusions. Jupiter and Uranus only oppose each other once every 14 years, and this is the second of three clashes. The first was on December 26, 2016, and the next is on September 28. Contrary to what your "code red" urges are telling you, there's still plenty of time to sort things out.
One of the year's pivotal moments arrives midmonth. On March 12, the Virgo full moon shines its powerful light on your first house of autonomy and solo endeavors. Hello, new and improved you! Ready or not, the moment for your big debut has arrived. The cosmos are putting your name in lights, and there's no backing down (which is good, as your sign can sometimes steer clear of the spotlight). Whether you're opening up a holistic spa, leading the charge on a major rebranding or just putting yourself first for a change, take the world by storm, Virgo. Flip back to September 1, 2016—a Virgo new moon and solar eclipse—to pinpoint the personal plans you set in motion then, ‘cause they're coming to fruition now. This could be major!
Hang that "do not disturb" sign on the door on March 20, when the Sun hunkers down in Aries and your powerful eighth house for the next four weeks. Skip the loud parties and uber-social outings. Privacy, please! You need space to home in on mega-mergers, which could be romantic or professional in nature. Ferret out the hottest investments, like a game-changing real estate deal or the chance to fund an innovative startup. Don't squander this ability getting stuck in analysis paralysis, and you could wind up richer, financially AND emotionally. A power player might float into your orb, with a glittering invite to join forces. Get used to being behind the velvet rope. A "pinch me" moment awaits.

Make grand wishes for security, abundance and soulmate-style love on March 27, when the Aries new moon brings a page-turner of a day. Seize this stellar opportunity to put your finances and intimate unions on a steadier new foundation. With five planets in Aries, including the Sun, moon, magnetic Venus, innovative Uranus and chatty Mercury (your ruler), you’ll have plenty of cosmic support to advocate for yourself in love and money. Talks with your mate might turn to an engagement, cohabitation or starting a family. In the finance realm, think passive-income streams or long-term security building, and then take decisive action. Schedule a session with a money manager to scout savvy investment opportunities or to set up an IRA. Explore real estate options. Seeds planted today will bear fruit over the next six months.
The month ends with fireworks, as blunt Jupiter forms an intractable square with power-monger Pluto in Capricorn and your dramatic fifth house on March 30. Love could turn thorny, as one part of you craves more security and another side is feeling full-on hedonistic. A romantic (and potentially scandalous) liaison could upend your current stability. Don't act thoughtlessly. Under these intense skies, there WILL be consequences for all your actions, including (especially) those done in the dark. Ego trips could get you into trouble, so no disingenuous humble-bragging about a recent victory or creative project. You might not appreciate the acerbic response you get in return. All around, people are extra sensitive. Don't stir the pot unnecessarily, even if someone asks for your unvarnished opinion. A work or money crisis could demand your full attention and cut into your precious personal time. This Jupiter-Pluto aspect first occurred on November 24, 2016, so think back to Thanksgiving weekend (in the U.S.) for clues about conflicts that might resurface. A third and final Jupiter-Pluto square will happen on August 4, so prepare for one more test this summer.

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