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Your Weekly Overview:

Aphrodisiac of the week: Pure, unadulterated authenticity. This Tuesday, October 18 amorous Venus swings into Sagittarius, the zodiac's most candid sign. Are you awash in the feels? There's no sense in, uh, beating around the bush. Fortune favors the bold! And with the planet of romance parked here until November 11, honesty is the best—and most potent—policy. Venus is also the planetary diplomat. In worldly Sagittarius, perhaps we'll see some peaceful negotiations evolve. Cross-cultural connections fall under Cupid's favor now, too, so revive that #LoveWins hashtag and go mingle beyond your familiar bubble. Venus in Sagittarius invokes our wild sides AND our wanderlust. Don't wait until Thanksgiving to take that couples' vacation.
Wednesday comes with a Code Orange intensity alert as aggressive Mars and furtive Pluto meet up at the same degree of Capricorn. This tete-a-tete (or top secret, back room meeting) has only happened twice in our lifetimes: in 2012 and 2014. But there's nothing light and fluffy about it! With both planets in goal-driven, power-hungry Capricorn we could see people throwing their weight around—and things could get ugly. Capricorn is the sign of authority; it rules governments and banks and is also associated with father figures. We can only imagine what election politics will bring this week—and here's hoping it doesn't get any nastier, because neither Mars nor Pluto are above a low blow. But on a positive note, we could see some truly heroic shows of strength emerging. Maybe the men of the world will band together to take down the p***ygrabbers and shun the concept of "locker room talk" being "what guys do." Mars is also associated with the masculine force so his merger with alchemical Pluto in Capricorn (the masculine sign) has the power to transform the archaic gender roles that trap both women AND men in ancient, outmoded boxes. Boys will be boys could mean something totally different as we evolve into a 21st century mindset. (Fingers crossed.)
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The Sun lingers in Libra until Saturday, helping us lean in to diplomacy. But this weekend, take-no-prisoners Scorpio takes the wheel, activating a solar-powered phase that lasts until November 21. The sugary cheer of Libra season makes way for Scorpio's simmering, esoteric allure. It's kind of like going from Katie Holmes to Sherlock Holmes, if you will. Passion, magnetism and bodice-ripping adventures await! We simply can't settle for lukewarm—or superficial—connections after Saturday. Under Scorpio's spell, our animalistic desires and soulful creative expression take hold. Working behind the scenes (obsessively, and after dark which is Scorpio's hour) could yield some serious genius. The competitive vibes heat up, which may rouse the green-eyed monster in us all. But come ON, people—coveting thy neighbor is soooo Old Testament. Get constructive and remix your own version with a signature stamp and spin all your own!

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