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Your Weekly Overview:

Gather 'round that beach bonfire! The Sun spends its final six days of 2018 in sentimental Cancer, sounding the call for warm-fuzzy bonding. There's rarely a better time than this for huddling close with your inner circle peeps, whether you share DNA or have adopted them as "chosen family." We all need moments to be a little insular; to cocoon inside the love of the people who stick by us whether we're in sunny spirits or moody as hell! Cancer Season is perfect for that. Since the Sun entered the crab's shell this past June 21, the waves HAVE been rougher on the emotion ocean. But that's the gift this water sign brings—allowing us to plumb the depths and embrace the full spectrum of feels. How else will we discover those triggers that plunge us into our stormier spells? If you've been brooding or prickly lately, perhaps you haven't been honoring your own boundaries. Think of the zodiac's crab as a metaphor: those fierce pincers and tough outer shell are protectors for a super tender underbelly. Make sure you have your own "safe space" staked out. Maybe you put a lock on your bedroom door, so no one can burst in uninvited; maybe you rent a "room of one's own," outside of your family domain. Having enough privacy can actually create room for greater intimacy. After all, it's easier to be there for others when you've had enough time for yourself.
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The balancing act between "me" and "we" will be thrown into sharper focus on Thursday, thanks to the quarter moon in fair-minded Libra. If certain relationships have become lopsided, this is the opportunity to "fix" the inequalities. Thankfully, Libra is the zodiac's diplomat, so no one has to start screaming or ranting to make their point. In fact, ratcheting up the emotional intensity could have deleterious effects under these "peace, love and harmony" moonbeams. For best results, stage the scene for the most productive heart-to-heart by thinking like a sensual set designer. Lighting? Ambient. Audio? Soft and melodious. Visuals: Soothing. If business negotiations are on the table this week, don't just hop on a conference call and start talking numbers. Meet (and treat!) for lunch. If you live too far away, set up a video chat and warm things up with a little friendly banter. Even virtually, that face-to-face, personal touch will be everything if you want to seal the deal.
But good luck keeping things low-key this Sunday, July 22 when the Sun doffs Cancer's boho-chic romper for Leo's one-shouldered, body-con minidress. This cosmic costume change is one of the Sun's most dramatic every year. After four under-the-radar weeks, suddenly, all the world's a talent show! Just try to hide your light under a bushel; that glow will be too bright to ignore. Leo season is prime time for flaunting our talents—which may or may not involve a stage. It's certainly high season for performers between now and August 23, but the world's noble leaders may also emerge. Take your rightful place upon that throne—even if that means creating a realm all your own. The big-hearted energy of Leo will draw us out of our bubbles (oh, how nice those were during Cancer season) and make us all a bit more magnanimous towards our fellow humans. Of course, there may be some stunning displays of ego and narcissism to weather, too. Grab the popcorn. If nothing else, this will certainly be entertaining.

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