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Your Weekly Overview:

The Cirque du Soleil wages on for three more days as the Sun winds down its 2018 tour through flamboyant Leo. If you need to dazzle the crowds with your creative gymnastics—or let 'em know who's queen around here—make your mark on Monday or Tuesday. On Thursday, August 23, the razzle dazzle dies down, giving way to Virgo's earthy sensuality. After a month of unapologetic hedonism and everything being a little bit over-the-top, simplifying sounds like a pretty good idea. Embrace minimalism. This doesn't have to be basic or boring, not at all! Think, eco-chic, sourcing your back-to-the-grind styles from ethical fashion brands or maybe organizing a clothing swap. And don't forget that some of the best things in life are still free. Squeeze some al fresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike rides to the beach, yoga in the park, jogs along the shore? Yes, please! Fresh air does the body good.
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Another "emerald wave" sweeps in this Saturday as the Virgo Sun assembles into a grand earth trine with stabilizing Saturn in Capricorn and eco-innovator Uranus in Taurus. This is the only grand trine of 2018—an auspicious and energizing alignment that occurs when three (or more) heavenly bodies assemble into an exact equilateral-triangle formation. Grand trines can provide a powerful push in a positive direction, or they may open up a window of miraculous manifestation. Since earth signs govern our material needs, this grand trine may bring happy news about finances or provide a golden business opportunity that will bring greater security. On a global level, Mama Earth will invite us to help her thrive this weekend. What can you do to make your space greener and more sustainable? We've been inspired by the plastics-eschewing, upcycling efforts of the Zero Waste Movement. Take this woman's challenge: Could you fit your throwaways into a tiny trash can? 
On Sunday, the annual full moon in Pisces calls us to surrender to a soulful, spiritual groove—time to voice those buried dreams and deeply held desires. And, since Pisces is the poet of the zodiac, say it with flowery stanzas and extended metaphors. Let down those walls and loosen up your boundaries. A willingness to be open—and to just try new experiences—could bring major life shifts before the week is through. Wearing the rose-colored glasses is fine as long as you don't use them to filter out red flags. The downside of these moonbeams is that they can make us a little too idealistic (and in some cases, straight-up delusional). There's good and bad to everything (and everyone), so look at the full picture instead of selective scenes. Adding to this on Sunday, romanticizing Venus will crash into a challenging square with secret-keeper Pluto, which could burst a few bubbles. The lesson of these cosmic events: True love is about generous acceptance, not just riding the highs...or getting sucked down into the lows. If there's a snake lurking in the grass, this full moon, coupled with Pluto, will expose the venomous creature. No more excuses! As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces helps us let it go. Farewell, toxic frenemies and energy vampires! Hello to all that is good, true and beautiful.

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