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Your Weekly Overview:

Mental gymnastics, anyone? Thinking caps will be required, when on Wednesday, July 27 clever Mercury in Leo and innovative Uranus in Aries put their heads together. As the two planets form an evocative fire trine (120-degree angle), they'll open our creative channels. Divine downloads? Yes, please! This is the perfect workweek for brainstorming, ideasmything, and think tank-ing. Break away from convention and give unorthodox solutions a go. Tap into technology, too, because geeky Uranus and mobile Mercury catapult us into the future—and make it easier to do basically anything while on the go. 
On Friday, however, Uranus makes a U-turn, slipping into retrograde until December 30. This isn't an unusual thing: Uranus (and all the outer planets) spend nearly half of each year in sleep mode. From 2011 to 2018, the electrifying planet is grooving through fierce, fiery Aries bringing worldwide revolution—for better and for worse. Under this spell, we've seen quite the melange of rapid progress and shocking backlash, sudden events and jarring uprisings. On March 11, 2011—the very first day Uranus moved from sea-ruling Pisces into combustible Aries—tsunamis swept through Japan, bringing devastating floods and nuclear (Uranium!) explosions. From the Arab Spring to the US's federal legalization of same sex marriage to the insanely polarized 2016 presidential elections, (and oh, how this list could go on...) there's no denying that the world is in a transition—and proudly so, thanks to the courage of history-makers like Scorpio Caitlyn Jenner and Gemini Laverne Cox.  But, can we have a minute to breathe please, universe? With Uranus switching his status to "Away" we might just get some reprieve from the intensity of all this change. No, the world is not going to show signs of slowing down. But maybe it can progress with a little less vitriol? The revolution may be televised but here's hoping we don't catch any more hate on security cams and iPhones. Communal Uranus has a 1960s can also bring people together. One nation. Under a groove. Like we said, here's hoping...
Space-age Uranus is the planet of technology and innovation. As Juno orbits Jupiter and Pokemon Go blurs the line between "virtual" and "reality," this retrograde also reminds us of the power of a good old-fashioned analog bond. The swipe of a flat, cold screen is no match for the warmth of a long, human hug. Device-addiction could become grounds for a 12-Step group now. Admit that you are powerless over the pull of a point-boosting Pikachu and leave your cellphones in your bag when you're out with friends. Uranus is the community planet, so many of us will question where exactly we belong. Since retrogrades rule the past, we could reconnect to groups and humanitarian missions (also Uranus’ wheelhouse) that fulfilled us once before. But don’t go sacrificing individuality for “group think.” The herd mentality could lead us astray now and it’s important to maintain our critical thinking skills in the face of peer pressure.
On Saturday, messenger Mercury brings some sense and sensibility back to the world when he wings into Virgo until October 7. Normally, the messenger planet hangs in a sign for three weeks, but due to an upcoming retrograde from August 30 to September 22 (consider yourself warned) he'll hover in the Virgo zone for an extended stay. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and this cycle is also a bit of a homecoming—one that sprinkles the world with practical magic. Slow down. Simplify. Systematize. The mantra of this cycle is this: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. No need to fall down that slippery slope. Sort, file, and organize your data FTW! As Virgo is the sign that governs healthy routines, our summertime hedonism could come to a halt. Then again, why deprive? Just slice those berries, peaches and watermelon wedges into fruit salads or toss them in the blender with some enzyme-rich kale. Make more time for movement: lap swims, early AM jogs on the beach and sweet, summer bike rides. Basically, kill the sedentary vibes and socialize like kids on the playground.'re it!

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