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Your Weekly Overview:

Leave no stone unturned, especially the precious gems. The divine is in the details this week thanks to Wednesday's quarter moon in diligent, yet decadent, Taurus. Last week, epic plans were hatched under the galvanizing influence of the January 16 new moon in Capricorn (which arrived alongside a five-pack of planets in Cap). And NEXT week, the glittering January 31 lunar eclipse in Leo will turn the entire world into a talent showcase, already bringing the first optimal moment of 2018 for PR and marketing. This Wednesday, however, is the halfway point of all that. Use the balancing beams of the quarter moon to sprinkle some practical magic on your 2018 plans: this will rescue your visions of grandeur from becoming delusions of grandeur. Basically, it's project management time. Map out production costs and timelines; figure out who you need on your team and write up job descriptions. Are you working with the best people you can possibly find? Have you been sourcing materials from ethical and environmentally responsible companies? If not, upgrade. And have you invited Aphrodite to the party? Don't underestimate the power of a multisensory experience. With a quarter moon in Venus-ruled Taurus, the element of beauty is an essential ingredient. Develop away, but keep it on the DL. Next week's lunar eclipse would be a good time to share any developments, like sketches or test batches, with an adoring family member—or your entire Instagram feed if you nail it THAT quickly.
On Friday, red hot Mars is on the move, exiting Scorpio's intense cauldron and zipping into passionate, adventurous, worldly Sagittarius until March 17. After seven weeks of ultra-close encounters, we're ready to break wild and free! Where on Google's green earth will you drop your next pin? Search destinations, pull a few knowledge cards and see what strikes your fancy. With the impulsive red planet pulsing in the sign of the global traveler, you could be double-tapping "Reserve My Flight" before you've had a chance to think through every logistical detail. (Maybe confirm that you can get those days off before you drop any non-refundable coin?) Entrepreneurs will feel a surge of motivation over the coming seven weeks and developments could happen at a rapid clip. Careful not to blow through all that seed money on so-called "startup costs." With Mars playing Powerball in capricious Sagittarius, we won't always know the difference between a calculated risk and a straight-up gamble. While there may be some high-pressure moments where we have to carpe the diem between now and March 17, it's never wise to leap blindfolded. For best results, handle the due diligence, crunch the numbers and run the background checks.
Ready to toss some truth serum down the hatch? We've all been holding a lot in while Mars percolated in secretive Scorpio; in Sagittarius, Mars will loosen lips. Make sure you have all your facts and figures in place before making any public announcements. One off-the-cuff comment could become viral in minutes—for better or for worse. This has become an important historical era for speaking up and calling people out for improprieties and injustice. Sagittarius rules diversity and the next seven weeks could expose companies with racist practices (from the obvious to the micro-aggression). The fight for immigrant rights, particularly the DACA "Dreamers," will also heat up. Think beyond your own borders between now and March 17. No one wins unless we're all included.

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