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Weekly Overview for All 12 Signs:

Dig deeper! The Sun is winding down its annual tour of mystery-obsessed Scorpio. On Saturday, November 22, Sagittarius will take the wheel for a month casting our eyes to the sky instead of the underground. But from Monday to Saturday of this week, the devil — and a chorus of angels — remains in the details. Leave no stone unturned, no suspicion ignored, and no pointed question unasked. We’re not saying you should get all Olivia Pope on the world (although in SOME cases, that might be justified). Just stop ignoring the warning signs and figure out what is actually going on.
Integrity is a must in this investigative process. On Tuesday, the 18th, structure-hound Saturn meets the Sun at 25 degrees Scorpio insisting that everything be done by the letter of the law. If you have to steal a password or play a trick to get your evidence, uh, red flag! With trust that f***ed, it’s probably better to just get away from such a sordid situation altogether. The Sun-Saturn merger can dump cold water on our libidos for a few days too. Sizzling chemistry could go up in smoke or cool down considerably. Use this time out to pause and assess: Is this a situation worth getting tangled up in? Seductive though it may be, think with your prefrontal cortex not your full-frontal desire.
On Saturday, November 22, we can all lighten up! The Sun heads into jetsetting, joie-de-vivre loving Sagittarius until December 21. Relationships that are too complicated will cramp our style now, as Sagittarius one of the most independent energies of the zodiac. Bonus: that very same day there will be a new moon in Sagittarius to, serving up a double-shot of truth serum. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s most honest — and alas, tactless — sign too. Our candid confessions and uncensored critiques could come tumbling out. Consider this a warning label to think before speaking this weekend. Otherwise, a Brooklyn Bridge sized connection could burn down. The Sun-new moon confab helps us cast a wider net. Go global with plans, get to work on a media mission, kickstart an entrepreneurial venture — especially one involving the Sagittarius wheelhouse of travel, educational products, or sports.
Interesting astro-factoid: the change of Sun sign started to correspond with the new moon last month, with the October 23 Scorpio solar eclipse. Although there won’t be another eclipse until April 4 (a lunar one in Libra), the Sun and new moon will continue to arrive as a pair in both December and January. Because the Sun governs self-expression and the new moon heralds fresh starts this four month long phase will be fantastic for developing our personal initiatives. Reminder from the cosmos: being self-focused isn’t selfish. After all, when we bring our best to the world, everyone benefits from the gifts we have to offer.