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Weekly Overview for All 12 Signs:

More intensity, anyone? Yep, April keeps on delivering. This Monday, the 14th, probing, esoteric Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn for five months, turning our focus to internal transformation. As within, so without; as above, so below. While changing our external circumstances can bring progress, this will be a Band-Aid solution. To truly effect change during Pluto’s retrograde, we have to look inside. What beliefs, fears, and attitudes are informing the choices we make? It takes courage to point the finger back at ourselves, but this is the path to freedom. Awareness is the first step to enlightenment, after all. Without judging yourself, take note of automatic assumptions and where you might inject a knee-jerk “No!” to a percolating opportunity. Yes, you could plunge headlong into scary, uncharted territory, but at least you won’t be limiting yourself. As Pluto is touring Capricorn, much of this exploration will deal with our approach to power, status and leadership. Are we judging people based on the contents of their bank accounts rather than the content of their character? What mask do we put on when the baton gets handed to us: benevolent dictator, apologetic mouse? We may learn the difference between power (authentic self-expression, flexibility and simply following our path) and force (twisting people’s arms, manipulating through charm, pulling underhanded moves).


Tuesday, April 15 is major, since it marks the first eclipse of 2014. Eclipses always fall during new and full moons, bringing a supersized push to our efforts. This one is a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra, the sign of partnerships. Relationships will be the grand theme of the week: balancing the power, figuring out what is REALLY right for us, creating harmony and restoring love. Eclipses reveal shadows and hidden opportunities. Some of us could be swept off our feet by an unexpected romance while others may have the white light realization that they need to end an affair. Business partnerships are also blessed by this eclipse so go ahead and pitch that joint venture. As Libra governs the law, this is a good time to make everything official. Put a ring on it, or some ink on it. Spelling out the terms on the front end can preserve long-term harmony.


On Saturday, April 19, the Sun changes signs, exiting fiery, flamboyant Aries and settling into grounded, au natural Taurus until May 20. It’s time to get our hands dirty—literally and figuratively. It’s no surprise that Earth Day falls during Taurus time. Pick up those basil and kale starts and pop ‘em in the ground. If you don’t have outdoor space, add more green to your life with houseplants or windowboxes; you might even get involved in a community garden in your neighborhood. Taurus is the zodiac’s pragmatist and workhorse. After a month of innovative ideas, the rubber meets the road. Pop on the project manager’s chapeau and figure out which of these schemes can REALLY come to life. Crunch numbers, map out timelines, explore funding and resources that might bring this to fruition. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses too. Taurus evokes both the charging and the sleeping bull in us all. Ruled by aesthetic, romantic Venus, slowing down allows us to enjoy the pleasure each moment brings. Decelerate and stop overlooking the obvious!