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Your Weekly Overview:

Digital detox, anyone? You may need some serious space from your smartphone starting this Tuesday, June 26 when agitator Mars turns retrograde in technophile Aquarius. The red planet's about-face happens every other year and can bring extra stress to the realm of the zodiac it touches. In 2018, Mars will be off-course until August 27, beginning its backslide through futuristic Aquarius, then finishing out the retreat in structure-obsessed Capricorn after August 12. You might not need thirteen (more) reasons to quit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...but if that means cutting yourself off from your community, easy does it. You could start by changing your settings so the bots can't track your every move. Aquarius is the sign that rules social justice, and with warrior Mars diving deeper here, wake-up calls to get involved and stop the madness will be impossible to ignore. You also don't want to miss any calls to action that show up in your newsfeed—just make sure they are coming from credible sources, as Mars can scramble signals. Warning: Situations could get fiery fast! If you're taking to the streets, keep your cool and your wits about you. And don't forget to vote with your dollar. When Mars backtracks into Capricorn, the sign that rules government, big businesses and the economy, companies that share your values are the ones who should get your hard-earned cash.
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Oh, and do you remember those New Year's resolutions you made way back in January? Maybe…maybe not. But this Thursday, June 28 you could hit a few of those milestones under the light of the annual full moon in Capricorn. Find a success to celebrate—yes, even if you haven't made it halfway to the finish line—then plot out your next coordinates. Under such an ambitious lunation, mountains can be moved. Also, scroll back to January 16, which was the date of the corresponding NEW moon in Capricorn. What goals were in your crosshairs as 2018 dawned? If you got distracted from those missions, Thursday's moonbeams may motivate you to pick up the ball again and run with it. It's never too late to start over or to correct course along the way.
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On a romantic note, the early half of the week could be eye-opening. Amorous Venus, who is on tour through passionate Leo, gets checked by scrupulous Jupiter in Scorpio as the two lock into a challenging square (90-degree angle). Take off the rose-colored glasses and get real about the state of your affair or relationship. Your eyebrows may raise once you do, but don't be afraid to take an unblinking look. The mark of a powerful partnership is NOT that it remains conflict-free, but that both people have the tools to navigate disagreements when they arise. Mental Mercury wings in to support the lovefest on Friday, as he joins Venus in Leo and buzzes around the lion's den until September 5—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from July 26 to August 19. Bring on the glamorous parties, dress-up dates and three-hour salon appointments. Mercury in Leo wants us to express ourselves with style, whether you're more runway-chic or vintage-cool. It's not superficial. When you take excellent care of yourself through pampering and personal style, you send a message to the universe that you want to be treated the same way by others. Couples should go out of their way to deal with potential drama BEFORE the three-week retrograde on the 26th. There's plenty of time to iron it out, get your quality time scheduled on the shared calendar and create the right conditions for love, sweet love. Just don't leave it up to chance!

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