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Weekly Overview for All 12 Signs:

Cue the 90s Pixies jams! “Gigantic…a big, big love” is our interstellar theme music as romantic Venus and supersizer Jupiter meet up at the same degree of Leo this Wednesday, July 1. Hello, heart-openings, farewell superficial connections. The Venus-Jupiter duo demands love that is passionate, limitless, honest and true. Inauthentic “relationships” crumble this week. Let. Them. Go. There’s much more out there if we’d only follow Jupiter’s directive to expand our search. Jupiter is the liberated risk-taker as well as the cultural ambassador. Who we fall for this week could break from type. Vacation romance, anyone? Couples getaways are blessed by these cosmic beams, as well. But a few boundaries, please! We are prone to excess during a Venus-Jupiter conjunction and there’s a tendency to overdo things. Don’t hire skywriters on the second date or run to the Vegas Chapel, even if you’re positively positive that you’ve met The One. For some of us, the duet of Venus and indie-spirited Jupiter could sound more like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s Feeling Myself collab. Loving thyself is the 101 prerequisite to allowing anyone else to adore you. PS: This is the first of three Venus-Jupiter conjunctions in 2015. Mark August 4 and October 25 for the sequels. The fires that are lit this week could build into a burning blaze by autumn!


There’s business to take care of on Wednesday, too. Keep a powersuit on over your sexy lingerie because the annual full moon in Capricorn activates professional momentum. Hard work of the past six-and-a-half months could pay off big time now, or we could get a golden opportunity to show the world what we’re made of. Circle back to those New Year’s resolutions—or the wishes made during the new moon in Capricorn, which fell on the winter solstice, December 21, 2014. Are those goals manifesting according to plan? Or is it time for a course correction? If what you hoped would be a peak has turned into a valley or a random side road, pause to plug new coordinates into the professional GPS. Bonus: This full moon is at a friendly angle to soulful, creative Neptune. This helps us plot out our next steps in a meaningful and imaginative way. DO make sure to celebrate the victories and accomplishments of the first half of 2015, too! We’ve all grown a helluva lot more than we’re even aware of. Write out a gratitude list, THEN make the wish list. Thank the universe for what’s been provided thus far even if it’s been a big lesson on what NOT to do next. Appreciation paves the road to abundance.

July Fourth falls on Saturday, and with the moon in quirky, free-spirited Aquarius, we’ll have reason to declare our independence—from limiting beliefs, conformity, and people who hold us back from being our true selves. Fly your freak flag along with Old Glory. This year’s celebrations could even be costume-themed! A mermaid or unicorn themed BBQ? Why the heck not? Warning: There may be some extra fireworks Saturday night as the moon opposes #NoLimits #KindaNarcissistic Jupiter in Leo. Remain aware of your limits (uh, maybe holding a lit firecracker in your hand isn’t the best idea). Our self-expression could turn self-indulgent near nightfall so don’t forget to say goodbye to your friends if you decide to leave the party with a new and intriguing acquaintance you meet along the way.