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Your Weekly Overview:

If our thoughts create our realities, then there's no denying the power of positive thinking this week. On Monday, September 26 the radiant, life-giving Sun meets optimistic Jupiter at the exact degree of Libra, lifting spirits everywhere. This is the first time in over twelve years that this pairing has taken place in this zodiac sign, which governs peace, cooperation and romantic relationships. Take a chance on romance or another powerful pairing. We'll all have the gambler's instinct early this week and relationships could take off at a galloping pace. Pay attention to the energy that you bring to your interactions: Do you start with a smile or a suspicious scowl? (Scan your reflection because you may have developed undetected RBF while Mars was in Scorpio this summer. Um, oops, time to fix that!) Proven fact: Turning up the corner of your mouth can actually have the effect of lifting your mood. Make a point of spreading sunshine even if the people around you are in stormier moods. On that note, is it time for a social upgrade? The Sun-Jupiter duo reminds us that the people we surround ourselves with can lift us up or bring us down. Evict the brooders, haters and underminers from your inner circle—they don't deserve an all-access pass to your life!
On Friday, the new moon in Libra picks up the rose-colored baton from the Sun-Jupiter duo. If you thought you were better off alone, guess again. The urge to merge will be strong this week, for business, creative coupling and romance. Let the negotiations begin! With Mercury officially out of retrograde since the 22nd, we are in the clear to discuss deal points, draft contracts, or put a ring on it. Remember that new moons are starting blocks so there’s no need to rush to the signing table or the altar. In fact, there’s a warning label here: Choose your “other half” wisely! The seeds that get planted this week will be harvested under the corresponding full moon next April 11.
On Monday, furtive Pluto wakes up from a retrograde that began on April 18. Pluto spends about half of each year in a low-power slumber like this, but the backspin can rile our suspicions and keep us stuck in darker thoughts. With Pluto back in “drive” for the coming seven months, we’ll feel more motivated to tackle those tough sticking points, addictive tendencies and compulsive behaviors. Although a sexy cat and mouse game can be fun, people who are overly mysterious will lose their allure now. Since Pluto is in Capricorn—the sign that rules government, banks and big businesses—we could get a better handle on our investments and see some circus acts come to a close in the presidential race.
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If you've been drifting along in extended summer vacation mode, we're sorry to report that your lazy days are ending. On Tuesday, go-getter Mars blazes into success-obsessed Capricorn, activating worldwide ambition until November 8. The red planet has spent all of 2016 bouncing between simmering Scorpio and fiery Sagittarius, so it's move into grounded, stabilizing Capricorn won't come a minute too soon. The last time Mars visited this sign was from October 26 to December 4, 2014. Flip back two years in your calendar because you could build on an initiative that began back then. No coasting allowed between now and November 8. Fortune favors the bold—and the unstoppable. This week, don’t waste time worrying or checking out the competition, Mars in Capricorn advises. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll make it to the mountaintop before you know it.

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