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Your Weekly Overview:

Back up all your important data, clear the air with feuding friends, and tie up any loose ends with your paperwork. On Thursday, April 28 Mercury will turn retrograde for the second time this year, retreating through Taurus until May 22. Stubbornness may reign supreme and conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or even shouting matches. What's important to remember for this three-week phase is that you CAN agree to disagree—before relationships are run into the ground. Table touchy topics for a few weeks, even until June 12, when Mercury moves on to cooperative Gemini. Since Taurus rules financial foundations, our income and other practical matters, this retrograde could be used to refine your budget or take up the exercise of tracking spending in a notebook to see your habits and patterns clearly. (Trust us, this exercise is illuminating.) You may also want to review all your monthly statements with a fine-toothed comb. Kill those recurring or hidden charges that you forgot to cancel for months and pick new passwords for your bank log-ins if it's been a while since you switched those up.
On Friday, spring fever spells earthy sensuality as romantic Venus moves into verdant Taurus until May 24. This fresh crop of desire blooms from a subtler place than Venus’ recent spell in bodice-ripping Aries. Now, modesty and restraint are what makes everything that much hotter. Keep your clothes buttoned up a little longer, but not your feelings. In fact, you might just “say it with flowers,” a mixtape, or a luxe gift—all things sumptuous Taurus approves of.  Since Venus is the planet of beauty, her tour of Taurus encourages more natural, paraben-free, and fresh-outta-Gaia’s-bounty options for our daily rituals. (Think: farm-to-vanity.) It’s finally time to try that bee-farm honey and avocado face mask or to make your own scrub from dried lavender and Himalayan sea salt. You’ll be softer to the touch when your date finally decides to hold your hand. How about having said date on a picnic blanket on a grassy knoll? With earthy Taurus at the helm, the open skies are the perfect canopy for amour. Ready to play Meet The Parents? Traditional Taurus gives the thumbs up to any and all courtship gestures that are kid-tested, mother approved.

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