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Weekly Overview for All 12 Signs:

Kindred spirits or fair-weather friends? This Monday, September 16, the quarter moon in Gemini shines its balancing beams on our social lives. Bestow the BFF label with care: It’s not enough that people make us feel like a million bucks in their presence. Do they keep their promises? Are they there when the chips are down? We may also get a wakeup call that WE have been the ones taking good friends for granted. Flip that script quickly so that the premium peeps get first class treatment this week.


On Wednesday, love planet Venus in Virgo will have a face-to-face encounter with Chiron (the “wounded healer” comet) in Pisces. Some old pain could surface in the romantic realm, bringing on the waterworks or some scrappy squabbles about THAT subject — again. But, this is not necessarily reason to turn on our heels and run away. Seize the opportunity to go deeper and work through the knots. The best relationships out there can also be major mirrors, reflecting our shadows and helping us see where we still have some lingering hurt to heal. If we want our partners or BFFs to support us, we can’t push them away simultaneously. Don’t play the blame game this week: what seems to be bugging us is probably about ten percent of what’s really going on.


Sunday’s stars could stir up more tension when the Virgo moon locks into a tricky T-square with feisty Mars in Sagittarius and foggy Neptune in Pisces. One minute, we want to seize control, the next we want to run away, and after that we could wind up feeling like total victims of circumstance. This is not a day for making any binding decisions — not while we’re riding such a bizarre rollercoaster. T-squares can be helpful at getting us unstuck though. We may be pushed into new directions by this cosmic kerfuffle and forced to consider new ways of looking at the world. Mars is in broad-minded, philosophical Sagittarius and Neptune in dreamy, soulful Pisces. Sitting between them is pragmatic Virgo, helping us devise a savvy solution after we’ve trekked down some fascinating new paths. Explore!