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Your Weekly Overview:

Peace, love, and harmony? We'll take all three, thanks. This Monday, August 29 charming Venus makes her annual homecoming to Libra, one of the two signs she rules. Until September 23, life could feel like an extended Valentine's Day celebration. Cupid will make plenty of cameos during this golden romantic period—and his arrows are sure to hit the mark. Libra is the zodiac's partnership sign. Whether for business or pleasure, it’s time to collaborate, cooperate and communicate with joy once again. And indulge! We’ll all have a weak spot for life's finer things now: haute cuisine, beautiful fabrics, art, music and all kinds of revelry. Just watch the cashflow when following the hedonistic impulses. With Venus in Libra, money can slip right through our fingers.
More reason to lean into luxurious Libra's loving vibes? On Tuesday, messenger Mercury makes his third of four retrogrades in 2016. For the next three weeks, the communication planet will backslide through anxious Virgo, making everyone extra neurotic. Virgo energy loves things done "just so"; this is the purist of the zodiac. But fussiness could border on insanity while Mercury's in reverse. DO choose your battles! Mercury rules the transfer and travel of information, so during this signal-jamming cycle, it's wise to password protect all sensitive data and back it up to the cloud. Keep a careful watch on mobile devices, too. Leaving your cell in a cab or dumping coffee on your laptop? Mistakes that can be avoided with a little extra caution. With trivia obsessed Virgo at the helm, however, we can harness the "re" powers of this cosmic cycle and dive into research missions. By the time the speedy planet corrects course on September 22, we'll be armed with all the facts and figures we need to make clear-headed choices for ourselves. (Read more on Mercury retrograde here.)
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And if that weren't enough, eclipse season begins this week! On Thursday, the fall’s first eclipse electrifies the skies—there are two this September, in fact. This week’s is a solar (new moon) eclipse in sensible, structured Virgo. (The second is a lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 16.) While we hate to think of summer vacation EVER coming to an end, this eclipse puts us in a “back to work” headspace. But hey, the urge to be more productive has been in the air ever since August 11, 2015 when buoyant Jupiter moved into Virgo for thirteen months. Those Jupiter-fueled plans—which may have involved starting a business, traveling or studying—get an energizing burst from this eclipse. It’s time for action…and FAST because Jupiter floats on to Libra next week, on September 9. Circle March 12, 2017 for a manifestation date when the corresponding full moon in Virgo lets us harvest the seeds we plant near Thursday. And what a bumper crop this will be, since we are sowing with an eclipse! Virgo is the ruler of health, organization, daily work and acts of service. Under this eclipse we could get serious about self-care. Preventative medicine is the best kind of all, like eating fresh greens, exercising regularly and deploying stress-busting treatments like massage and acupuncture (not just a luxury reserved for spa days after all). Ready to add some new cache to your resume? Look for growth opportunities within your company or sign up for specialized training that can bump you to a new paygrade. Want to make a difference in the world, or at least your corner of it? Virgo is the sign of selfless service. Seek volunteer opportunities where you can earn your earth angel halo. But whatever you do, make sure you have a solid plan in place for how to accomplish it. The eclipse will form a tense square to structure-obsessed Saturn, helping us project manage our pipe dreams into tangible realities.

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