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Your Weekly Overview:

Ready, aim, fire: Take two! On Monday, June 20 a full moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, gets us all revved up to go for our biggest, baddest goals. Yes, even the ones that bring eye rolls from the annoying AF “skeptics” of the world—but who cares?! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, says Sagittarius, the zodiac’s eternal optimist. This one’s a special blue moon—the second consecutive Sagittarius full moon of 2016—and a sequel to May 21’s intensely galvanizing full moon. Flip back a month in the calendar: What did you initiate then, what piqued your interest and made you want to travel, study, create curriculum or file paperwork for an LLC? This week, we’ll sharpen the aim of our arrows and get a second chance to fire at those targets. But let’s talk about the May 21 full moon for a minute: That one was especially intense, as it arrived on the arm of carnal, combative Mars retrograde in Sagittarius and right at the very beginning of Sagittarius season. Maybe you were buzzing with anxious energy, percolating with passion, wild with wanderlust or preachy-assertive to the point of being labeled an aggressive a**hole. But thanks to Mars’ somewhat derailing retrograde it was…a bit much. So much, in fact, that it’s been hard to get a ton of traction around these plans. But if you overshot the mark or galloped off in the wrong direction, Monday’s full moon brings a generous course correction. Since this one arrives half a day before the Sun departs Gemini, here’s hoping you’ve accumulated a ton of useful data and met all the right people who can help you take another stab at your grand plans. Making “mistakes” is a risk one has to take in order to push into the progress zone. We prefer to call it “the learning process” as Sagittarius is the zodiac’s eternal student. In the words of Archer Mark Twain, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
Eleven and a half hours after the Sagittarius blue moon, #CancerSeason begins as the Sun doffs Gemini’s crystal-embellished, off-the-shoulder pantsuit for the Crab’s flowy maxidress (worn over a bikini, naturally). With Cancer’s solar flares shooting into the softest, most sentimental parts of our hearts until July 22, it’s time to get cozy with the people we truly j’adore. Reconnect with relatives and your inner circle; book that beach cottage or meet for a family-reunion picnic in the park. Nesting instincts are strong with domestic Cancer ruling the skies. Make sure your home feels like a haven and that your workspace feels like enough of a sacred oasis for productivity to flow. And hello, summer solstice! With Monday being the longest, lightest day of the year, this is a powerful moment of personal illumination. Write that “I Heart You” in the sand; hand deliver an old school love note to bae. Or simply have a sit-down with your journal and dedicate Monday to tracking the wisdom of your heart. Creative bursts could give birth to transcendent works of art. Plant yourself somewhere that inspires you on Monday and be a vessel for the muse.
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On Sunday, savvy Jupiter in Virgo and strategic Pluto in Capricorn lock into an auspicious trine (120-degree angle) and combine their randomly matched strengths for the second time in 2016—a cosmic combo that won’t happen again until 2024! Both planets are lusty and passionate, but in totally different ways. Jupiter is a no-holds-barred hedonist, while Pluto is a kinky control freak. Jupiter’s nature is to spill out the uncensored truth while Pluto is nefarious and secretive. In a trine, they bring a healthy dose of checks and balances without harshing each other’s buzz. Their potent pairing helps us expand without overshooting the mark and generally charm the pants off anyone in our crosshairs! And since they are both in earth signs, we could funnel their power towards professional projects and profit margins. (How, oh how, to make it rain?) Think like a spin doctor when whipping up pitches, proposals and social media posts, revealing just enough information to captivate the crowds and arouse intrigue—a generous dash of vulnerability is everything! The first Jupiter-Pluto trine was on March 16 while Jupiter was retrograde, so seductive Pluto had the upper hand. This gave many people the urge to pop open the hood and see what areas of life were in need of a transformation. And no, it hasn’t been easy, since Pluto rules everything from sex to death to taxes—and Jupiter’s insistence that we deal with the hardcore truth may have sent many people on a soul-searching inner voyage, perhaps with the help of a therapist, shaman or another “seer.” This time, Pluto is retrograde and Jupiter is direct. Enough ruminating! It’s time to deploy the strategies we drummed up this spring and start living in alignment with our deep down truth—even if it means leaving our “old lives” behind. PS: While the trine is exact this Sunday, the effects will be strong until mid-July and have basically been buzzing since late February, so this push for progress shouldn’t come as a total surprise.

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