Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

01-23-2017 to 01-29-2017
While the other eleven signs have drained the last champagne bottle and are probably already slipping on their resolutions, you get your own private, second New Year, Aquarius! This Friday, January 27 the year's only new moon in your sign sends a jolt of kinetic energy through you and gives you repeated chances to start penning a new chapter of your memoir. Auld Lang Syne indeed! You can leave the past behind and get on with the new. So, listen up, Water Bearer: There will be no more ruminating on the past. New moons brings fresh starts, and you know you've got 99 notions for turning up the lights on your bright future. You've had plenty of time to contemplate how your challenges of the past year have made you stronger and laid a solid foundation on which you can now build and grow. But these experiences will define you only to the degree you want them to. Your forward-thinking sign knows that life is a nonstop reinvention tour. Who do you want to be THIS year? What new roles are you ready to step into? Are you happy in your current living situation? And, big question, how can you pass your wisdom on to others as a role model or mentor? Your innovative sign doesn't copy others; you're the original mold-breaker! If your soul-searching reveals that a little skills-enhancement or self-development is in order, invest in your future by taking some classes or coaching sessions. Aquarians who work for themselves may want to take the branding to the next level by hiring a publicist or consultant to help you refine your message and reach an even wider audience.
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One thing even you probably won't be able to pull off on Friday is a reconciliation. A clash between your co-ruler, stubborn Saturn, in your community corner and hedonistic Venus puts people in a self-absorbed frame of mind. Having a constructive conversation will be next to impossible, so rather than give yourself a migraine by butting heads, retreat to your respective corners for a couple of days. You'll get a lot more done today if you work by yourself—and let others do the same. That will serve the dual purpose of letting you ignore the peer pressure and operate by your own values, especially when it comes to your self-image. Don't let the body shaming creep into your wellness routines. It's about feeling great in the skin you're in and embracing your body type—not trying to live up to some impossible ideal.
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Saturday brings a spike in your popularity and local locomotion thanks to the not-so-subtle arrival of energizing Mars in Aries and your third house of socializing and hometown happenings. Don't even think about kicking back and taking a breather now, Aquarius. Your calendar is likely to fill up quickly with plans and parties—if it isn't already packed to capacity. You won't need much sleep during this six-week cycle—though you may require a little extra caffeine to keep you buzzing. Note that Mars' presence can be both energizing and aggravating. If you want to avoid trouble, build in some "me" time in between all your appointments and events. You might be a little more impetuous than usual, thanks to the red planet's power surge, but don't jump into commitments before you know exactly what you're getting into. Everyone will try to get you to sign on as an official member of their club or organization. Resist! Enjoy the fun of dabbling until March 9. During this cycle, Mars' lusty energy could infect you with spring fever. Single Aquarians will be in fine flirting form. Again, make the most of the buffet table, but don't be too gluttonous. The online scene offers up plenty of possibilities, so if you've let your accounts go dormant, consider renewing. Couples should bring more lightheartedness to their interactions. A change of scenery will do you a world of good. What fun road trip or overnight getaway can you get on the schedule asap? There's a ton of things you can do as a couple that don't involve grocery shopping and trips to Home Depot.
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