Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

04-16-2018 to 04-22-2018
While you'd surely resist anyone else's efforts to tamp down your flames, this week, you may just put yourself in the "timeout corner." On Tuesday, April 17 your co-ruler, structured Saturn, kicks off his annual retrograde, and for the first time since 1991, it's happening in Capricorn and your twelfth house of introspection, transitions and healing. It's not your norm to hole up in the private world of feelings, but during this five-month phase (until September 6), you may find yourself magnetically drawn there. The energy only intensifies on Sunday, when transformational Pluto also shifts into reverse in Capricorn, doubling down on Saturn's mission. Employ every tool and resource you've got, since it's not so easy to root out these "shadow" emotions. But if you continue to (try to) ignore them, they'll only get stronger and more insidious in the ways they undermine your best efforts. This is a perfect time to get into (or back into) traditional therapy, or maybe work with a hypnotherapist or shamanic healer who can facilitate the process for you. Easy and comfortable it's not, but the reward for this kind of journey to self-awareness is priceless—and it lasts a lifetime! Or maybe your style is to go on a meditation or metaphysical retreat with respected elders. Research that carefully: What you DON'T want is a short-term "high" or escape that doesn't bring lasting shifts. Another thing that may come for you during this transit is the need to establish clear and indelible boundaries in certain relationships. It's easy to slip into the role of savior (or, conversely, become overly reliant on someone's support). Anything that pulls you off-center and out of your power is up for review. This includes scheduling too many commitments that feel more obligatory than joyful. The payoff? More time to spend on passion projects with your true-blue crew or engaged in a civic or humanitarian cause. Finding that perfect balance of taking enough for yourself and giving back to the world can spark deeper gratitude for your own gifts and what you have to offer others!
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Also on Tuesday, compassionate Venus in your home zone faces off with relentless Jupiter in your career corner. Try as you might, Water Bearer, you won't be able to fully satisfy everybody. So here's a radical idea: Since you can't please everyone anyway, why not follow YOUR bliss and focus on enjoying the buoyant energy each of these planets brings? Of course, you might want to notify your peeps before you go blissing out, especially when possessive Pluto engages with Venus later on Tuesday. Failing to do so could cause unnecessary friction or worry, so check in before you check out!
Of course, on Thursday, when the Sun touches down in your domestic fourth house and launches Taurus Season 2018, your homing instincts may kick in all by themselves! Nesting replaces socializing as your activity of preference until May 20—an opportunity for your social butterfly wings to recharge their batteries. Catch up on all those tasks and projects that have been relegated to the "when I have time" pile. Break out the cookbooks, craft kit, sewing machine and gardening tools. And have a good look around. If the Aquarius Palace could use a refresh, tap your interior-decorating muse and have some serious fun!
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