Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

04-22-2019 to 04-28-2019
Declare Monday, April 22, your personal Independence Day! If you’re being drained by someone else’s manipulations or machinations—willingly or otherwise—you can break free now. The workweek begins on a startling note as the ego-supporting Sun mashes up with your co-ruler, radical transformer Uranus, in your fourth house of home, family and foundations. It’s not hard for your clear-thinking sign to step away from a situation and analyze it without an emotional charge. Use that superpower to dispassionately dissect any restrictive relationships and decide what changes you can make that are in YOUR self-interest. No, Water Bearer, that’s not being narcissistic; it’s being self-protective! When you let others drain your energy, you’re complicit. This once-a-year transit can help you cut the cord and emancipate yourself. For the past eight years, this has been happening in Aries and your communication corner, and those fast-moving “hits” may have helped you express some integral needs with peers. Now, for the first time in your life, it’s occurring in tenacious Taurus and your family zone. True, the stakes are higher, but so are the potential rewards. And the fact that you’re calling up the pluck and self-respect to do this is as integral to your growth as the outcome. If your courage could stand some shoring up, get a straight-talking pep talk from a trusted confidante and, once you pull this off, you may be motivated to confront someone else who’s crossing a boundary in some other area of your life.
As you start to speak your truth to difficult people in your life and stand up—and show up—for yourself, certain relationships may become untenable. At first, your social sign may find that distressing, but once you discover you have more free time and fewer angsty interactions, you won’t miss those folks at all! Come Wednesday, when penetrating Pluto begins its annual retrograde, you may actually start craving more alone time. For the 16-year period spanning 2008 to 2024, Pluto is slow-jamming through Capricorn and your twelfth house of introspection, closure and healing. During this five-month “pivotal” cycle, you'll need more space away from the noisy crowds. This is a great time to start or deepen a meditation (or any introspective) practice, learn Reiki, get involved in hypnosis, psychotherapy or work with an alternative healer. As you peel back layers of your own awareness, watch for old patterns and programs you might not even realize are “hijacking” your behavior and sabotaging your dreams. And if there’s any forgiveness to be done (or asked for), be direct. Don’t underestimate the supernatural healing power of a sincere “I’m sorry”!
On Saturday, your willpower isn’t likely to be operating at full-strength, so don’t go unconscious when it comes to your desires and choices. While a little luxury is a wonderful treat, don’t overdo it (because the credit card bill WILL soon follow). If you can’t afford to pay cash for that shiny “objet” or are craving vintage champagne on a PBR budget, distract and redirect yourself. Impetuous Mars in your decadent fifth house is getting squared by out-of-focus Neptune in your financial sector, which could lead you to whip out the plastic a little too swiftly. If you truly can’t resist a certain splurge, familiarize yourself with the store’s return policy before you swipe.

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