Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
You're the opposite of an elitist, Aquarius, but for the next month, you may want to sing a different tune than your usual bohemian rhapsody. With the Scorpio Sun beaming into your tenth house of status starting this Tuesday, October 23, it wouldn't hurt to direct your attention towards the "influencers" of the world. Your getting-to-know-you chitchat could quickly evolve into a mutual admiration...and who knows what else? Horizon-broadening Jupiter is still barreling through Scorpio until November 8, rounding out a thirteen-month tour. With these two bright heavenly bodies in cahoots, your ambitious moves could take you farther than you'd even imagine. For the next four weeks, let this galvanizing celestial surge guide you towards member-based social clubs, industry networking mixers and other insider-y things in your field of interest. When it comes to your career, mingling with "the right people" is like striking while the iron is scorching. And while this might not translate into immediate opportunity, you could make a fateful first connection. If you're not sure how to get your Doc Marten in the door, volunteer a few hours every week and "job shadow" a powerhouse. Watching the pros in action is priceless training (and well worth any menial tasks you have to barter for this prime view). If you've already established yourself, nurture all your important connections. Be the first one to send off holiday cards and fancy chocolates to all the people you want in your pocket come 2019.
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When it comes to love, your sign tends to be more laid back than goal oriented. But switch it up for Scorpio season, focusing on a romantic milestone you'd like to achieve by November 21. Whether it's finding someone worthy of dating or getting holiday vacation plans solidified with your S.O. unleash your project management skills and get that plan in action! With amorous Venus retrograde until November 16, however, avoid making any rushed decisions or unrealistic timelines that cause excess stress. This process should be pleasurable, Aquarius; in fact, it might be a process that you already began a while ago. Retrogrades are a good time to for "re" activities, like reconnecting with someone intriguing you had coffee with this summer or redecorating your bedroom. But when it comes to anything aesthetic, start with a Pinterest board, do considerable research and save the receipts should Venus' backspin muddle your normally impeccable tastes.
Domestic matters take center stage midweek, as Wednesday’s full moon in Taurus illuminates your family-oriented fourth house. On the hunt for a new address? Don’t be surprised if that dream home listing shows up within two weeks of the full moon. If you’re already hunkered down in a well-appointed pad, host a dinner party or set up the spare bedroom for out of town guests. You could also meet an important woman near Wednesday, or solidify your connection with a lady you’d love to do business with. Bring on the sister acts! But don't overpack your schedule midweek. A relative or inner circle friend may need urgent attention—and you may have to drop everything to lend support. While you'd never NOT be there for your people, Aquarius, don't let your life fall apart in the process. After any initial storms have subsided, the most empowering thing you can do is to help this person come up with a plan of action, then point (or connect) them to the right resources. This full moon could also bring a long-overdue heart to heart with an estranged person in your life. You aren't even 100 percent sure how the two of you drifted apart, but you'll be happy to be back in touch again. Pro tip: Don't be too proud to extend the first olive branch, Aquarius.

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