Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

03-27-2017 to 04-02-2017
Week of March 27, 2017
Flex those social butterfly wings! Your social life gets a reboot on Monday, March 27 when 2017's only Aries new moon lands next to Mercury, Venus retrograde, Uranus and the Sun. Kindred spirits pop up at every turn as this lunar lift powers up your third house of friendship and hometown happenings. Over the coming six months you could team up with new creative partners or kick off a shared venture that has "dynamic duo" written all over it. If you've been hoping to expand Team Aquarius, look for people with common interests. As the zodiac's head cheerleader, you won't have any trouble breaking the ice and convincing people to join your conga line. Because this new moon also rules communication, it's a great time to go live (or bigger) with your blog or Instagram account. Could your mobile devices or even your ride use an upgrade? The third house rules transportation and these moonbeams sanction a purchase in that category. Shop around early this week and review all the test models. Mercury will be retrograde from April 9 to May 3, so you want to make your final decision by then.
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Be careful not to oversell yourself on Thursday, Aquarius! If you do, you'll risk coming across like a huckster instead of the caring soul you are. A tangled angle between expansive Jupiter in your outspoken ninth house and shadowy Pluto might make you feel a little desperate to convince people. But stop and think how YOU'D feel if you were on the receiving end of such a hard-sales pitch. Too much pressure usually backfires. Speak your piece, but then stop talking and let people express their concerns. By really listening and addressing their resistance, you may actually win them over. Note: This Jupiter-Pluto dynamic makes a return appearance on August 4, so make sure you glean any lessons from this go-round.
As you buzz about meeting new people, don't forget your inner circle. On Friday, social butterfly Mercury downshifts into Taurus and your personal and private fourth house until April 20. During this phase, you have a wonderful opportunity to make time for the people whose company you enjoy most. And with Mercury retrograde from April 9 until May 3, the reunions will be sublime. You'll be more interested in intimacy than big noisy crowds, so organize small gatherings where conversations aren't superficial and the connections are real. Catch up with dear old friends and relatives who you've been too busy to make time for over the past few months.
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Since you may be spending more time at home, find a little money in coffers to zhush Chateau Aquarius and give it that decorating love you've been dreaming about. On Sunday, you could actually create a whole new budget line for home improvements, as aesthetically minded Venus retreats into Pisces and your second house of possessions and luxury. The sensual planet's been retrograde since March 4, and when she grooves back into your second house, you may feel the "need" to embellish your surroundings. But with Venus in reverse until April 15, your normally impeccable taste could miss the mark, and you may wind up with an acute case of buyer's remorse. Start with a Pinterest board and make your final purchases when Venus and Mercury are both direct after May 3! And if you simply can't resist, make sure the shop has a liberal return policy.
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