Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018
Your competitive side isn't usually obvious at first blush, but it might be flapping in the wind this Monday, October 15! That day brings a rare meetup of clever Mercury and creative Venus (retrograde) in your tenth house of career ambition and success. Take a little time to research the latest trends and strategies that thought leaders in your industry are utilizing. (Actually, once you put your mind to it, you might come up with some better ones of your own.) Venus retrograde is a perfect excuse to reconnect with former female colleagues, perhaps over lunch or at Happy Hour. “How have you been?” can quickly morph into “So what if we team up on this project?” But since the tenth house rules all things masculine, don’t deliberately leave out the interesting and cutting-edge guys in your life. Romantically this could be the day to review your shared goal sheet, or your wish list, if you're single. You don't have to cleave to it like some golden rule, but having a few guidelines for the future can get you inspired about dating and mating again.
Tuesday’s message: Shield your field! A quarter moon in Capricorn shines its equalizing beams into your twelfth house of healing, introspection, transitions—and fantasy. You may think you’re confiding in a trustworthy person only to discover they’re not as true-blue as they led you to believe. Before you reach the “point of no return,” tune in to how you feel around certain people. If you’re on edge or feel like your vital force is being drained, you’re probably NOT being paranoid. You may have vibed out an energy vampire. This quarter moon can teach you valuable twelfth-house lessons, including listening to that little voice inside your head more than to random others—who likely have their own agenda. Also, o’ social creature, this realm shows you the joy of being alone with yourself. You don’t have to unfriend or ghost anyone. Just take a step back and get a clearer picture of what’s what…and who’s who!
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This weekend, keep some free time in reserve. The moon will be parked both days in Pisces and your second house of practical magic—and duty may call! From reviewing your bank, credit card and department-store bills to finding health practitioners in your network to PAYING your bills…money matters may be front and center. But no one says you can't enjoy yourself as you chip away at these “dutiful activities.” Take a break and visit an outdoor market, picking up your weekly haul from an actual farmer. When you are going over statements, cue up an upbeat playlist and maybe take mini dance breaks. And with la luna swirling through mystical Pisces, there’s more to all this “accounting” than meets the eye. Your income isn’t the only pathway to prosperity. You have all kinds of talents (and old STUFF) that have moneymaking potential. Anything from helping people get organized to building (or critiquing or improving) their websites to babysitting can usher in abundance.

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