Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

10-16-2017 to 10-22-2017
Feeling a little overwhelmed, Aquarius? You may be spreading yourself too thin or trying to tackle an outsized mission without adequate support. Don't give up on your vision! But DO pump the brakes momentarily so you can identify key priorities and map out a project plan. This Tuesday, October 17 Mercury, the celestial strategist, embarks on a three-week tour through your tenth house of achievements and prestige. You're a giver by nature, Aquarius, but right now it's also okay to ask, "What's in it for me?" When you're thriving and blissful, that energy radiates outwards and EVERYONE benefits. But when you make sacrifices, you wind up bitter and that can bring down the whole ship. That's good reason to give your goal sheet an unflinching review and decide what should stay and what should go. Pro tip: Pinpoint one or two epic milestones you'd like to hit before 2017 is through and pour your energy into those. Ticking them off your list will be a huge confidence booster. The way you approach them is also where the rubber meets the road. Instead of rolling up your sleeves for a DIY mission, tackle it like a boss, hiring help and delegating duties. During this career-focused Mercury cycle, you'll have the Midas touch and a silver tongue to match. Pitch meetings will go insanely well between now and November 5. If you've been angling for a promotion, submit your proposal and, yes, go out of your way to butter up the office decision-makers. Mingling strategically during this Mercury cycle can land you in the winner's circle, too. Confidently introduce yourself to the influential people in the room (even if your stomach is in knots). That could be the start of a beautiful, and profitable, relationship.
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Of course, all work and no play will NEVER be the Aquarius way. Don't feel bad about blowing off an assignment to peruse travel blogs on Thursday, when the new moon in Libra infects you with a wicked case of wanderlust. Your perpetual wisdom-seeking could lead you to far-flung shores to study or even get certified at a teacher training program. No matter the purpose, start planning your next epic getaway, even if all that entails is a very colorful Pinterest board. Visualizing is the first step of manifesting—and with your ninth house of good fortune getting pinged by these moonbeams, you never know; a work-study option could make that Costa Rican yoga retreat a legit reality. It also wouldn't hurt to open up a sub-savings account just for travel and start putting a little money into it from every paycheck or side hustle. Before you know it, you'll have airfare and the Airbnb covered. 
Distant lands continue to lure you starting Sunday, as motivator Mars launches into Libra and your globetrotting ninth house until December 9. You may travel in conjunction with an end-of-year goal or start working with people across state (or continental!) lines. Cast a wider net in all your searches. The ninth house rules higher learning and entrepreneurship, and this Mars cycle, which only comes every two years, could inspire you to enroll in a continuing education course or even a university program. If you've been longing to start your own business, this Mars cycle can propel you into action. Could one of your not-so-secret hobbies become a mooing cash cow? Consider hiring yourself out as a consultant or maybe setting up shop on Etsy so you can peddle your DIY crafts to holiday shoppers. Watch your words! Mars in your ninth house can make you quick to detonate a truth bomb—but your "honest sentiments" can do major damage if they don't come wrapped in sufficient tact. Go easy on those off-color jokes, especially on social media or when you're in the company of people who might not realize that you're kidding. When you have a strong emotion, follow the 24-hour rule and WAIT before you fire off a response or sit down for a talk. Between now and December 9, a cool down period could be the difference between building a bridge of understanding and burning one down in the heat of anger, and your relationships are far too meaningful for that!
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