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Diplomacy? What’s that? Your best efforts to be tactful might be useless on Wednesday, February 22 when aggro Mars in your communication sector adds a little edge to your words. Because he’s in a provocative square with manipulative, mysterious Pluto in your shadowy twelfth house, it’s worth examining whether your actions are inadvertent or very much intended. These planets can spark passive-aggressive behavior, especially when the unconscious twelfth house is involved. If you don’t get in touch with your repressed feelings, they could erupt like a volcano under the slightest tectonic pressure. To avoid going off on an unsuspecting friend, neighbor or sibling, do some emotional archaeological work. With Pluto churning things up for the past few years, you’ve become increasingly familiar with the powerful effect that your thoughts have on your external reality. What you focus on expands! If you find yourself veering into dark or obsessive territory—about a relationship, work or your future—stop yourself before you go over the cliff. Remember, Aquarius: You have the power to function differently. It’s not easy to break a vicious cycle, but it is possible. As with the “monster” under the bed, shining a bright light (of self-reflection, therapy or energy work) can reveal that your fears are actually just projections of your own mind.
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This weekend, your thoughts may shift to more immediate concerns, like what’s going on in your wallet, say. On Saturday, messenger Mercury wraps up a run in your sign and marches into your second house of money and security until March 13. When the spontaneous planet was in Aquarius, you might not have been able to rein in your spending urges. Now you may have a closetful of lovely things, but credit cards don’t pay themselves. Don’t hit the panic button just yet, Water Bearer. With analytical Mercury cruising through this part of your chart, you CAN get a handle on your budget. Start by stopping the cash from flowing in only one direction. Put the plastic under lock and key. If you can’t afford to pay cash, you can’t afford it. Period. For the next few weeks, become a kitchen wizard, whipping up hearty meals, making sure there’s enough leftovers for lunch. Retail shops will have to manage without you, but that’s okay. You’ve got all those fun and fabulous new finds to trot out! And PS: You’ll enjoy your new spring wardrobe a lot more knowing you can pay your rent on time.
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You may need to tighten that belt a little more on Sunday, when a new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces pulls the emergency brake in that financial second house of yours. If yesterday you were HALF-serious about curbing your out-of-control spending, this lunar lift will make it impossible to bury your head in the sand. You may not be happy with what you find when you review your bank and Visa statements with a fine-toothed comb, but you simply can’t ignore this any longer. (Especially not with tax season upon you!) Hate to do the math yourself? Tap into apps (like mint.com) that will help you pull it all together and create a manageable plan. You wouldn’t drive across country without some kind of roadmap, would you, Water Bearer? Well, if you have financial goals (or simply the desire to get out of debt), you need a budget. At the same time, work on attracting more income. Do all the practical things, like updating and circulating your resume, posting more regularly on LinkedIn and letting influential people know you’re looking. But also do the inner work of searching for blocks to your “prosperity mindset,” which can hold you back as much as runaway spending. (In fact, they’re intricately connected.) Eclipses reveal hidden opportunities, but it’s up to you to capitalize on them. You could have a “Eureka!” realization about what you’re meant to do with your life, and it might be wildly different from anything you ever dreamed!
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