Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

08-20-2018 to 08-26-2018
Should you stay or should you go? There's not much gray area when the self-assured Sun begins its annual trek through Virgo and your eighth house of permabonding on Thursday, August 23. Partnered Aquarius may find themselves at the "make it or break it" point sometime before September 22, and reaching a decision may not be easy. You see all of this person's good qualities, yet those few little issues make commitment feel like a bad idea. Here's a thought: Can you work with a couple's therapist and get everything out in the open? ('Cause if you're willing to bolt, what have you got to lose?) On the flip side, if YOU'RE sure and they're equivocating, what can you do to gently push them toward a more official status without causing them to rebel? The best approach might be to shift into neutral gear and let them come around. And if they don't, well, that's the sign you need. Single? You will not have the patience for players. This intensifying solar surge will tug at your heart, and it won't feel good to be intimate with someone who doesn't even know your last name. Of course, since the eighth house does rule sex and seduction, some Water Bearers may be happy to "carpe diem" (or is that "carpe noctem"?) and not be too concerned with what, if anything, happens next. 
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Big shifts could come as early as Saturday, when a rare and fortuitous grand earth trine powers up your most strongly felt chart sectors. This supportive equilateral triangle involves your two planetary rulers, transformational Uranus and stabilizing Saturn, and the ego-driven Sun in your house of long-term investments and shared resources. Money could come in from an unexpected source (the repayment of a loan or a surprise gift from a relative), or a forgotten venture might pay a hefty dividend. It's a good time to review your savings strategy and make sure you're on pace for those big plans. If not, set up an appointment with an adviser for next week to help you get back on track!
Sunday brings more financial good news as the only Pisces full moon of the year lands in your second house of money and security, spurring a personal economic stimulus package. Your efforts of the past six months have NOT gone unnoticed, and as a result, you could receive a job offer in the coming two weeks or get wind of a gig worth putting on a power suit for. This lunar lift shines a light on ways you can make yourself more valuable. Do you need to acquire or brush up on certain skills to shoot you up the company ladder or raise your freelance rates? This full moon can also point to where you're overspending and give you some clues for how to cut back. (Here's one: Cook at home more.) If there is a big-ticket purchase looming, shop around and make sure you get the best possible deal.
Also on Sunday, sensual Venus locks into a tense square with demanding Pluto in your introspection corner. Have you been running on fumes lately, Aquarius? It is the weekend, so why not unplug, unwind and recharge your batteries?! Drop in on a yoga or meditation class; see if you can nab a last-minute massage. Or just take a long walk on the beach or through a park and let your mind wander. With aesthetic Venus in your travel zone, even a small change of scenery will do you a world of good.
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