Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Money may feel more slippery than usual early this week—consider yourself notified. On Wednesday, February 21 luxury-loving Venus aligns with boundary-challenged Neptune in dreamy Pisces and your second house of financial security. Knowing that you'll be disposed to retail therapy indulgences, you MIGHT be better able to keep a tight grip on your wallet. But the Aquarius heart wants what it wants, when it wants it, so you're still at risk for dropping a wad on a shiny treasure. Do a little cognitive therapy on yourself before you start poking around. Remind yourself of what else those funds are earmarked for—an upcoming trip, a new car, um…rent?! And remember, too: Research shows that it's the shopping and buying that pings our brains' reward centers—a carryover from the hunter-gatherer days. The actual purchases yield increasingly LESS joy the minute we get them home. Before you whip out the plastic, weigh the pros (short-term happiness) against the cons (not having money for more important expenditures). This isn't to say you can't still treat yourself! Just do so mindfully—and save the receipts. On the plus side, the Venus-Neptune duo can spur brilliant ideas for making more cash. Your sign's egalitarian mentality is perfect for working the sharing economy. You might be able to monetize your unique superpowers by helping people organize their closets or become savvier social media users. (All those hours on Instagram could finally pay off!) And when there's something you want that's out of your budget, see if you can fund it via the barter system.
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This weekend, you may be torn about whether to pursue an attraction that feels electrifying—and also like you're playing with fire. For good reason: you could be! Of course, you may not be able to hold yourself back late Saturday and into Sunday, when the zodiac's lovebirds, Mars and Venus, lock into a thorny square (90-degree angle). Impulsive Mars is in liberated Sagittarius and your edgy eleventh house, and in this position, he's not terribly interested in following ANY conventional rules of love or dating—and his patience is limited. However, that beam from Venus in emo Pisces and your traditional second house makes you wary. Can you stall? Diving in feet first gets your pulse racing, but is this smart? Think through the potential consequences and how you would deal with them. You probably can't extinguish these wild and potentially self-destructive urges, but you might be able to forestall taking action. If you're in a solid relationship, imagine the worst-case scenario: this could get back to your S.O. and do irreparable damage. Is that something you're willing to risk? That said, if your current sitch is not that satisfying, ask yourself if this could be a slightly less than honorable way out. And whatever your status, make sure your actions won't hurt anyone else, especially your tight friends. That should be a non-negotiable!
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Sunday could bring, well, not CLARITY exactly, but perhaps a creative way to deal with this inner tension. Analytic, left-brained Mercury aligns with intuitive, compassionate Neptune, and together this fusion could help you find the right way to scratch your lusty itch without causing collateral damage. If you think you may have hit on a solution but aren't sure, turn to a wise and grounded friend and ask for her brutally honest feedback. Make sure she doesn't know the other party in question—and be sure to take her advice to heart!
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