Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

08-14-2017 to 08-20-2017
So many details, so little time! With astro aesthete Venus parked in Cancer and your selective sixth house from July 31 to August 26, you can't help but notice every little frill—and flaw. But should you stop to fuss about them or attempt to curate to perfection? Not necessarily, Aquarius; not if you don't want to give yourself an anxiety attack. This week, Venus gets checked by two planets, bringing a strong message of "choose your battles." On Tuesday, August 15 she'll sit directly opposite transformational Pluto in your twelfth house of surrender. Before you make another move, ask yourself this: "Will saddling myself with this responsibility make it impossible for me to be present with people and enjoy their company?" Better you should show up with windblown hair and your amazing sense of humor than a perfect blowout and a stick up your ***. Has someone in your life been holding you to impossibly high standards? Or maybe they keep tapping you for bottomless refills of support without giving the same in return. Enough's enough! Time to put up a HUGE boundary, Aquarius—and if they can't respect it, you may have to ghost 'em for a while. If you're feeling exhausted, don't keep pushing. The Venus-Pluto opposition could send up a wellness warning flare. Hit the spin studio or the spa—and then call in support (including the emotional kind). Suffering is optional, Aquarius!
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On Thursday, keep your inner critic in check. Bigmouthed Jupiter in your candid ninth house clashes with Venus, which can make you a little too, um, outspoken. Even if you try to couch your judgments in a "praise sandwich" or word them diplomatically, people are still likely to feel raked over the coals. This is just not the time to play life coach, Aquarius, or to try to have a conversation about your needs. Lean into Jupiter's independent vibes. For the time being, you may have to give yourself what you feel is missing from a certain friendship or romance. There's a silver lining here! Your search for new outlets could lead you to an amazing new friend or extracurricular activity. Embrace the spirit of adventure and see what (and who) else is out there.
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You hate when the chemistry is off with your people, Aquarius, so take heart: You'll finally get your lab time on Sunday when your ruling planet, experimental Uranus, forms a happy connection to the Leo Sun. This alignment, an expansive trine (120-degree angle), allows you to move beyond your perceptions and consider a fresh perspective. Although you're generally open-minded, you're also a fixed sign, which can make you set in your ways. The challenge this weekend is to release control and give someone else's ideas a try. That doesn't mean going along blindly though! Once you've mulled over their input you can find a happy hybrid. Who knows? This tag team may turn into something permanent and even profitable.
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