Aries Weekly Horoscope

11-20-2017 to 11-26-2017
Where on Google's green Earth will you drop your next pin? This Tuesday, November 21 the Sun sweeps out of secretive Scorpio and sails off to Sagittarius and your ninth house of global adventures. After a low-key month in your shell, the world is your oyster again. And if you cast a wider net between now and December 21, you'll find plenty more precious pearls. Hey, maybe you SHOULD fly across the country for that Friendsgiving celebration—or leave the mainland to protest on principle. (Imagine NOT having to hear "All I Want for Christmas Is You" playing in every store you walk into, because, #BaliLife.) Since you're someone who likes to make a difference, a service trip might appeal, like helping to rebuild some of those islands that were devastated by 2017's fierce hurricanes. Whatever moves you into motion, Aries, because you could really use a change of scenery over the next four weeks. Your athletic side will also be stoked by this fire sign surge. Winter sports…or maybe Surf Camp or a trip to a warm, bike-able city. Let your imagination roll.
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If you can't get out of Dodge, travel in the figurative sense with horizon-broadening activities. The Sagittarius Sun awakens your innate curiosity about the world. Check out museum exhibits, town halls and live lectures in between joining friends for a cup of cheer. Mingle multi-culturally where you can and make a point of staying open to seeing life through a wholly different lens. Single Aries could feel the sparks with a totally new type, while coupled Rams can heat things up with more adventurous dating options, like road trips and trying out new venues around your city. For the next four weeks, you may be a powerful change agent in your own community. Get the diversity dialogues started among your friend group and on social media. During live-out-loud Sagittarius season, people will be more outspoken than usual, for better and for worse. Don't brush off any inappropriate comments that get casually injected into conversation. While you don't have to shame people for being misinformed, you'll feel "ick" inside if you DON'T say something. It might be best to discuss privately (instead of on social media)—or to start the dialogue with, "What I've learned is…" instead of, "Wow, I cannot believe you just said that." (This will take some willpower.) What starts out as an awkward moment could turn into a teachable one if you approach it with grace.

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday, you'll probably have to pull a few extra chairs around the table. Although the day begins with the moon in close-knit Capricorn, mid-afternoon, it floats on to "all are welcome" Aquarius and fires up your communal eleventh house for two and a half days. Obsess away over the turkey basting or the playlist you're making, Aries. But let all that go before dinnertime and make people your focus. With an Aquarius moon, there's no such thing as "stranger danger." Have fun chatting up folks you don't know well, or at all—or the relatives with whom you've fallen out of touch. Who knows? A newly minted acquaintance could turn into an ideal Black Friday shopping buddy to add to your squad. Wake up early to hit a few sales but don't feel pressured to buy anything unless you superlike it. With Jupiter in Scorpio finely tuning your senses, but also squaring Friday's moon, a curated purchase could become your favorite score of 2017.
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