Aries Weekly Horoscope

12-11-2017 to 12-17-2017
Hmm, Aries, are you sure you want to send that message? This is one week where you'll want to be ultra-ultra "impeccable with your word," as The Four Agreements author and Toltec spiritualist Don Miguel Ruiz puts it. For starters, Mercury is slogging through the final full week of an INTENSE retrograde in Sagittarius and your outspoken ninth house. This alone comes with a double-strength, Code Orange "open mouth, insert glitter boot" warning. But on Tuesday, the Sagittarius Sun shines its high beams on Mercury's mayhem as the two sync up at the same degree. Anything you text, Tweet or type into a messaging app could be used against you. Save the snarky humor and off-color jokes for another century. If anything, this cosmic coupling wants you to dig deeper into your well of compassion so that you can see things from a different perspective. In this increasingly polarized world, it's easy to adopt an "us versus them" mentality—and let's be honest, there's plenty to be pissed off about! But with planets pinging your sage and spiritual ninth house, you can review a recent upset and rise above. Ask yourself these questions: What is this situation here to teach me? How can I disagree without invalidating the other person's perspective? Restricting your knee-jerk reaction might actually BE the lesson, Aries. If you can't find a kernel of wisdom to glean from a situation, step away and disengage. Things have a way of working themselves out when you stop heaping fuel on a dumpster fire.
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On Friday, it's amorous Venus who gets in lockstep with Mercury retrograde—and this could cause Cupid's wires to cross. While transparency might be a quality to aim for in relationships, this shouldn't be confused with dumping unfiltered sentiments on the one you love. Instead of a heated "heart to heart" make plans with a levelheaded friend who can hear you out AND talk you down from the tree. Or book that bonus therapy session—because while what's bugging you might be legit, the force behind your upset feelings could be coming from a situation deep in your childhood. If everything's copacetic with bae, start off the weekend with a sentimental voyage. The Venus-Mercury retro mashup is an ideal window for revisiting meaningful places from your past. Take a road trip to a cute antiquing town or make a rez at the rustic Italian restaurant you went to on your first date, the one with the amazing hand-rolled Gnocchi and the waitstaff that let you stay past closing because you couldn't stop talking to each other.
Fantasizing about faraway places will wage on into the weekend. On Saturday, December 16 the red-hot Sun in your travel sphere syncs up with transformative Uranus in your sign, bringing out your revolutionary spirit—as well as a deep desire for change. Your thoughts may be wandering to white sand beaches, but if it's too close to the holidays to hop on a plane, no worries. Switch things up close to home by shaking up your weekend routine—or starting a new one. If you generally lounge about, get dressed and go to a mid-morning fitness class or meet friends for an earlier brunch (read: before the hungover crowds invade the best tables). Never sleep in? Hit snooze and roll out of bed slowly, listening to a meditation track and reading for pleasure before you launch into your weekend. Downloading some high-vibe gems from an audio track or book can set you off on a path of discovery. In between all that mixing-it-up, start researching flights and accommodations for when you can get away. This transit may awaken your activist spirit, too. With so many causes being highlighted in the news right now, it will be hard to choose just one. But you're at your best when you direct your leadership skills in a single direction instead of scattering far and wide. Whether you're raising funds or lending some boots-on-the-ground support (or both) share about your acts on social media and inspire others into action!
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