Aries Weekly Horoscope

07-24-2017 to 07-30-2017
Love is in the air, Ram, but are your romantic notions rooted in reality? Early this week you'll get a wakeup call from the heavens, as starry-eyed Venus sits across the table from fact-checker Saturn on Monday. A fly-by-night fling has its merits, and maybe you're in the market for that as an in-between refresher thing. The trouble comes when you start wanting "more" from someone who just can't give it—or can't give it at this point in time. The waiting game doesn't work very well for your impatient sign and life is too short to invest precious time into such a long-shot proposition, even if they tick all the boxes on your fantasy list. We know you don't fall often, Aries—not with lovers or creative collaborators. You have (nosebleed section) high standards. We get it. If any rank and file citizen could snag a celebrity, a much younger buck or turn someone's potential into something amazing—it's you. (Case in point? France's First Lady, Aries Brigitte Macron.) But beyond the social capital these couplings may bring, what's in it for you? Reality check: YOU need support, too. Saturn is suppressing some of your stubborn independence until the end of this year, underscoring the need for people who have your back. Early this week, Venus wants you to invite REAL partnership into your life. How? By allying with people who can give you the gold standard love that they are sure to get in return. If you're in a relationship, the Venus-Saturn opposition could bring a slap on the wrist if you've been flirting with someone on the outside. The witty text threads and exciting exchanges about a common interest are not purely innocent…and the line could get blurry fast! Rein yourself in, Ram, or you could be walking around with a guilty conscience that drives a wedge. So. Not. Worth. It. Turn the tide with your partner by setting aside time for deeper conversation—best done AFTER a cultural activities date. Pick up a pair of tickets or explore a new venue together. Your buzzy chatter will flow into more interesting material—even hashing out a tough topic that's been swept under the rug.

If you need to bring it back to brass tacks, just wait one more day. On Tuesday, July 25 mindful Mercury heads into Virgo and your systematic sixth house, bringing order to your court. Due to a retrograde from August 12 to September 5, the messenger planet will park here (primarily) for an extra-long spell that lasts until September 29 (on and off). Focus pocus! Mercury in Virgo sharpens your powers of concentration and helps you wrestle all the nitty-gritty details into a solid, savvy plan. Follow the rule of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) and hack away any excess (or accessorizing) that is complicating everything. Rule of thumb: Less bells and whistles, more bullet points. And before you plug another appointment into your calendar, make sure all your devices are properly syncing and that all your sensitive data is password protected (especially before the August 12 retrograde). And don't try to commit too much to memory. There's an app for that, so rely on those reminders and trackers to do the thinking for you. This Mercury cycle can get you back into a healthy (and mindful!) frame of mind. Instead of watermelon margaritas, how about a cold-pressed watermelon juice with a spritz of lime? Accessorize with your FitBit and incorporate exercise into your daily plan. Even short bursts—like a 20-minute HIIT workout—will reignite your glow.
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How to make a fashion statement midweek? Place your heart on your (asymmetrical) sleeve—and let the comments roll in. On Wednesday, the fiery Sun and flamboyant Mars get in formation in Leo and your fifth house of romance and self-expression. Holding in your passions will be far more uncomfortable than shouting them from the rooftop. You'll be quite the fearless exhibitionist and might even feel compelled to record some of your moves on an Instagram Story or schedule a photo shoot. Summon the verve of fellow Ram Lady Gaga and work your own version of fierce. And if you hashed everything out with Monday's Venus-Saturn opposition, feel free to lead the charge into the Love Zone. Before the week is through, plan a sexy overnighter or gather friends for a glamorous soiree where you could very well meet your next true love.
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