Aries Weekly Horoscope

04-24-2017 to 04-30-2017
Roll up your sleeves, Ram. On Wednesday, April 26 the year's only Taurus new moon lands in your second house of labor and money. This isn't an ordinary new moon—it's a supermoon—and because it's so close to the earth, it may be even more effective in helping you increase your earnings over the next six months. Your sign is one of the four cardinal signs, and goal making comes easily to you. So it won't be hard to set some grandiose intentions in this area of life. But as you've probably noticed, that won't get you to the finish line. (The perennial Aries challenge is sticking with things after the excitement and novelty have worn off.) This time around, resolve to work steadily toward your aspiration and don't throw in the towel. You may be familiar with the "success equals luck plus preparedness" equation. Work on the "preparedness" part, Aries. Do the little things that can lead to stunning change: Update your resume, rehearse a sincere "stump speech," make sure your online photos and bio are smart and snappy. With your second house activated, this is a great time to review (and make necessary adjustments to) your personal budget. If you've been living hand-to-mouth, find three places where you can cut back and commence the austerity measures immediately! Regardless, track your spending in a notes app for a few weeks. You'll feel so much more connected to your cash once you do, and you'll become more in control of where you shell it out. Suddenly, $100 dinners or picking up the drinks tab might not feel so appealing. And look ahead: Money isn't only for paying the bills. What would you love more than anything? A trip to Peru, a yoga certification program, that leather couch that's appeared at least four times on your Pinterest board? All within reach—provided you have a clear and serious plan to get there.
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On Friday, love goddess Venus flashes her high beams in Aries and sticks around until June 6. This is the love planet's sequel visit to the Ram's realm in 2017. The first pass was from February 3 to April 2, and included a buzzkill of a retrograde that began March 4. During this second go-round, your innate charisma will get cranked up several notches and render you an irresistible love magnet. Don't squander this rare opportunity binge-watching your favorite program or catching up on your beauty sleep. There'll be plenty of time for that when Venus moves on in June. But before you plunge into the deep end of the dating pool—or go all in with your current relationship—remember that all true love begins with SELF-love. Pay attention to how you treat yourself (and the temple that is your body). That's your best indication of how you will show up in relationships. Until you are accepting of yourself, you'll never be able to fully give (or receive) unconditional amour. Treat yourself to some world-class pampering at a sensorially divine spa. Should you feel bold in a romantic situation, go ahead and take the lead. That might prove the biggest turn-on of all. Rawr!
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