Aries Weekly Horoscope

10-24-2016 to 10-30-2016
Get ready for a sultry heat wave on Monday, October 24 when messenger Mercury hooks up with the luminous Sun in Scorpio until November 12. Your powers of attraction—and persuasion—will intensify over the next few weeks, so be careful what you wish for, Aries. The second you lure someone into your web of intrigue, you'll have a tough time sweeping them out. Of course, it's fine and dandy if you've landed the perfect playmate, since the eighth house has a playing-for-keeps vibe—so much so that it comes with a jealousy alert. The seafoam-eyed monster could hijack your brainwaves during this three-week phase. Understandable, and yet wrong. Before you go hurling accusations or plotting your revenge fantasy, get the facts. Give trust a chance! It's likely that you're off-base here, and you don't want to risk alienating this VIP (let alone showing them your cray). Remember: What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. You'll be enjoying more intimate encounters during this transit and shouldn't feel obligated to report every last detail to your BFFs. Feeling introverted? Don't force yourself to go out. Relish this rare and sacred "me time." Creative types: The muse might pay a significant visit while you're hanging solo, so be ready!
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On Friday and Saturday your ruler, brash Mars, orbits your house of career success, handing you the reins of power. But because the red planet is in a contentious angle with rebellious Uranus, you could wind up resenting all the responsibilities that come with playing lead. You don't mind being the boss (understatement), but under this edgy square, you might not relish having to be accountable for everything. Your best tactic: delegate! This will give you more free time and, if you can find the right cohorts, give THEM a chance to learn the ropes and clamber up the ladder.
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You could also contract a case of itchy feet on Saturday, as excitable Venus rocks your adventurous ninth house. But with structured Saturn marching in step with the love planet, you probably won't book that flight to London or yoga retreat in Ubud. That doesn't mean you're under house arrest, though, Ram! Check out Airbnb for a deal within driving distance. A change of scenery—with your favorite plus-one—will do wonders for your wanderlust. Or, wink wink, at least your lust.
Sunday marks the annual new moon in Scorpio and your intimate eighth house, which will send your mojo rising to the sky. With all this sexy energy coming in, take anything that feels stale or "been there done that" off the table! Make a point of moving your body more often to connect with your life force energy—and enstate a policy of only hanging with people who make you feel like your fine-AF self. This is one of the touchstones of seduction: believing in your own beauty and being able to radiate encouraging vibes to others. You may feel a need to connect on the deepest levels over the coming weeks or months, but you won't be able to if you keep commitmentphobes on the hook. Stop wasting time trying to talk anyone into being your partner. What you want, need and deserve is someone who's thrilled to be with you. The efforts you begin under this scorching new moon could cement a bona fide, built-to-last bond by the corresponding Scorpio full moon on May 10, 2017. This energy will bring coupled Aries closer in a soulfully sexy way. Plan a sultry pre-Halloween date. Dance the night away at a masquerade ball or hold each other tight as you wander through a haunted house.
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