Aries Weekly Horoscope

09-18-2017 to 09-24-2017
Is that you, Aries, contracting your core muscles (and fogging up the windows) in the hot Pilates studio? If wellness goals haven't topped your fall agenda yet, they soon may. On Tuesday, September 19 Venus heads into Virgo and your sixth house of healthy living. There, she'll flip on your radiant heat until October 14. Hedonistic impulses that have dogged you since late August will no longer overrule your willpower. This Venus cycle inspires you to get back on the wagon and treat your body like the temple it is. Your sign loves a challenge, but pleasure-seeking Venus is anti-pain. Find a workout that actually feels fun, maybe one with a competitive element, like cycling or a vigorous dance class. Since you bore easily, look for teachers who change their playlists and sequences often. Since Venus is the planet of romance, you might apply a similar philosophy to the game of love. Single Rams should make qualities like "lives a healthy lifestyle" and "is grounded and well groomed" top-tier criteria. As within, so without, right? Your odds of being treated well go up exponentially when you pick partners who take great care of themselves. Coupled Rams might hop on the wellness wagon together. When you're cooking a romantic dinner, make it Paleo or vegan and go for evening jogs in tandem before hunkering down to re-watch an older season of Game of Thrones.
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A second salubrious surge arrives on Wednesday as 2017's only new moon in Virgo helps you set goals in both the wellness and work arenas. In truth, the two aren't "church and state." Most modern-day peeps spend the majority of our waking hours in a professional setting. But there's no reason to end each day feeling drained or demoralized. Boost vitality with small changes, like switching to a standing desk or a noon yoga class. Plan ahead with meal prep (or by gathering delivery menus) so you don't detour to the fast food joints for your daily lunches. Does it feel like you're in work mode 24/7? Set better boundaries around hours so your tasks don't sprawl out into your supposed time off. Of course, that also means being more efficient when you ARE on the clock. Use apps—and perhaps a virtual assistant—to streamline and systematize your tasks. Let the office chatterbox know that you're not available for drop-in conversations during business hours. You've got $#!% to get done! If a colleague has gotten into the habit of emailing you late at night or on weekends, schedule a sit-down and figure out a more efficient workflow. Have you been the egregious over-stepper, Aries? (Cough.) If you have a frenetic, all-hours work style, that's fine. But save that inspired midnight message to drafts and send it out to the team in the morning! Seeking more gainful employment? Circulate! With charming Venus lending an assist, strategic socializing could churn up some easy—and glamorous—leads. 
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The Sun will also be in Virgo this workweek, ramping up your industrious groove. But on Friday, le Soleil is scheduled for a wardrobe change, switching from Virgo's organic-cotton button-downs into Libra's ruffled, romantic date-night dresses. Between now and October 23, these sunbeams will set your seventh house of partnerships ablaze with activity. Ditch the lone wolf routine and start casting for "attractive opposites" whose skill sets are complementary to your own. You may find that you NEED some backup, in fact. Libra is your opposite sign and when the life-giving Sun visits this realm each year, your personal energy stores tend to run lower. The people closest to you might even point out areas where you have "room for improvement." Don't storm away in a huff, Aries! See their courageous candor as a gift. A true friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Partnerships of all manner, from romance to finance, can strengthen from this diplomatic honesty—and grow more serious! Add an exclusivity clause, put a ring on it or figure out what the next level of the game is for the two of you. You may soon be Googling "sustainably designed engagement rings" or cruising real estate listings for office space to share with a new business partner.
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