Aries Weekly Horoscope

07-16-2018 to 07-22-2018
You're no stranger to flash fires of feeling, Aries—but when those emotions rise up, how do you process them? With the Sun spending its final full week in Cancer and your sensitive fourth house, you may feel a bit like an active volcano that's ready to spew! Don't wait until something (or someone!) triggers a full-force eruption. Before the catalyst strikes, find a safe and comforting space to get it all off your chest. Cancer season is the time for communing with your most supportive peeps; if not your relatives, your "chosen family." If you simply want to vent, let people know that you're not looking for a free coaching or therapy session—you just need to be heard! Have you been putting off a household project...or full-on clean-up? You might race home from work this week to finally purge those closets and make space for some snazzy decor. Already handled that over the past few weeks? Well, what are you waiting for, Aries? Shake up that signature cocktail and or power juice! 
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On Thursday the 19th, address the state of your unions. With the quarter moon in Libra shining its balancing beams into your seventh house of partnerships, you may need to adjust the flow of give and take. You're a natural leader and provider, Aries, but sometimes you can be a little too quick to take charge. If only everyone else stepped up with the same can-do spirit! Some people do—and these are the ones you want on your VIP squad. But others just get lazier, letting you take the reins while they kick back. You don't have to blow an obvious whistle on the slackers (after all, you sort of trained them to treat you this way). But do start asking your partners—romantic, creative, professional—to pull their weight, instead of reflexively saying, "I'll handle it." And yes, Aries, this also means keeping some of your own trust and control issues in check. You have to let them fumble while they learn...without rushing in for the save!
Weekend pondering: Are you ready to be the Marquis of the marquee? Your name may soon carry more cachet as the Sun sweeps into Leo and fires up your fifth house of fame, glamour and romance from Sunday until August 23. Get thee to a stage, set, or podium. Or, set up the tripod and start filming yourself in action. The time has come to fearlessly promote your talents. The good news is you don't need a fancy publicist to get a buzz going in 2018. Start posting on social media and ask friends to help sing your praises. Style inspiration comes flooding in, making you even more ripe for the next four weeks of photo ops. If you're pondering a dramatic new 'do or some ink, however, you might want to just put it on a Pinterest board for now. Next week, Mercury will be retrograde in Leo (from July 26 to August 19), which is never an ideal time for making permanent changes. Romantically, the Sun’s tour of Leo could spark a renaissance. Right swipe with wild abandon and see who catches your eye IRL. You might get swept up in a scintillating storyline before the summer is over. No matter your relationship status, expect a few "dramatic arcs" over the coming four weeks. As the passion heats up, play it smart, Aries. No starting fights to keep things "exciting" or playing too many cat and mouse games. Got babies on the brain…or maybe a creative brainchild? This fertile four-week phase could bring a pink “plus” sign on that test—or your own artistic awakening!
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