Aries Weekly Horoscope

05-28-2018 to 06-03-2018
On Tuesday, May 29 the year's only full moon in Sagittarius flips a switch in your ninth house of travel, adventure and education. It's a great big world out there, so widen your viewfinder—as well as your beliefs about what's actually doable. The lunar light will brighten this arena of life for the next six months, but if you're jonesing to get away or do something mildly thrilling, why wait? Reach out to friends, business associates and even online pals to see who might want to travel with you—or host you! Talk to your squad about a trip, perhaps a retreat at which you can get certified as a fitness instructor. Or just google places or activities you think you might like, such as hiking, cycling or surf trips. If funds are tight, research ways you can volunteer your time in exchange for room and board. Some Rams will be happiest renting a cabin in the mountains all by yourself to finish (or start) your memoir or another literary project. Since the ninth house rules publishing, this might wind up being more than just a "vanity project." Time on your own could also spark an entrepreneurial notion, another ninth-house pursuit. This is the honesty center of your chart, so if you've been afraid to express your opinions—or to confess your feelings for someone—this lunation could open the blocked verbal floodgates. Just be careful that you don't get carried away with the spontaneous Sagittarius energy and injure someone with your truth hammer.
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On Wednesday, gregarious Mercury jams into Gemini, electrifying your third house of socializing and local action until June 12. You might become way more knowledgeable about your own 'hood as you get to know the business owners and regular patrons. Who knows? You might not need to be Ubering or mass-transiting all over town when the hottest stuff is happening in your own backyard. And if you're single, Cupid's arrows might land a stone's throw from your bedroom!
Friday's sweet sync-up of amorous Venus in your domestic quarters and amplifying Jupiter in your erotic eighth house can rustle up some outsized feelings of attraction, intimacy—and red-blooded lust. Cancel non-obligatory plans and dive into your couple bubble. Single? Suit up and do some laps in the digital dating pool. This is also a great night for family time, whether with your "up" or "down" line. When's the last time you had dinner with your parents? If you live nearby, that could make you happier and more nostalgic than you've been in ages.
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The feels just keep on coming! On Saturday, sensitive Venus gets a loving embrace from compassionate Neptune, who's parked in your subterranean twelfth house. This could blow your heart chakra wide open, inspiring you to open YOURSELF up to someone's romantic overtures. This dynamic duet can spark some deeply creative output, so give yourself time and space to write, sketch, take photos or improv a dance number that has YouTube potential. But don't focus on the "production" values. Just tap the rich reservoir of your own infinitely innovative soul.
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