Aries Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Heads-up, Aries: You might not be able to pull off the tough cookie routine this week… so maybe don't even try? On Wednesday, February 21 peaceful warrior Venus joins forces with empathic Neptune in your twelfth house of healing and forgiveness, softening you up when it comes to people's bad behaviors. While this is definitely a high-minded approach, don't take it TOO far. There's nothing wrong with cutting folks—especially intimate friends and partners—a little slack, especially when they have a good explanation. But letting them get away with emotional blackmail or low output isn't doing either of you any favors. And don't let harmony-seeking Venus convince you to soft-pedal inexcusable actions in the name of keeping the peace. 
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It's absolutely appropriate to let others know when they've disappointed you or if you feel like you're being taken advantage of. Of course, you don't want to let things build and build until you blow up like a volcano! Catch this before you erupt by proactively initiating a heart-to-heart convo. Yes, it probably will be awkward at first, but if you spell out your reasons, your relationship may wind up stronger and on more solid footing. This Venus-Neptune accord can bring a dreamy, romanticized quality for couples, whether long-standing or just beginning. You may be inspired to drop your guard and stop emotionally stiff-arming someone. Opening your heart won't cost you your independence—not with the right person. And with these lovebirds canoodling in your uber-private twelfth house, you have cosmic permission to disappear into your own bubble midweek.
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Things could start to look a bit different this weekend, as amorous Venus clashes with your ruler, feisty and fearless Mars, in candid Sagittarius and your truth-seeking zone late Saturday and into Sunday. Suddenly you might not trust the view through those rose-colored aviators, Ram! While it was definitely a wonderful side trip down that misty path, now you want to know what's really real before you invest any more of your time, energy or, most important of all, your heart. Since you may not get the clarity you seek on YOUR timeline, hold off making any big decisions. It's not about stringing anyone along or playing games. Until you get more facts and feedback (which will come with time) you simply don't know what's what. Need to vent? Call a friend or work with a therapist or energy healer to help you parse through the conflicting emotions. The good thing about this Mars-Venus square (90-degree angle) is that it helps you pinpoint the fault line in your most important relationships by bringing up needs you've been suppressing. And here's a question worth pondering: How clear have you been in EXPRESSING those desires? People aren't mind readers, you know.
Need a break from all this action? Sunday's stars are conducive to exactly that, as introspective Neptune aligns with thoughtful Mercury. You can shift from a left-brain orientation to a more right-brained one simply by disconnecting from everything swirling around you. You don't have to return texts or calls right away, you know, Aries. Give yourself the gift of getting immersed in your own inner landscape. Daydream, meditate, paint, listen to—or make—music, or write in your journal without editing. And should those divine downloads start coming when you're in the company of others, excuse yourself and start recording!
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