Aries Weekly Horoscope

09-26-2016 to 10-02-2016
One may be the loneliest number this week, even for an independent Aries. Thankfully, you're embracing the power of two! This Monday, September 26 the Sun and Jupiter align in Libra and your partnership house, catalyzing a connection that's been slowly building. Suddenly it feels like the sky is the limit for you two (and even then...). If you're newly paired, there couldn't be a better day to hold a coming out party as a couple. Announce your status on social media and let your friends in on the secret over dinner. Already attached? Epic plans could begin to gel like renting a room in a Moroccan riad (after a weekend in Paris), remodeling the kitchen or even starting a business together. Are certain relationships starting to suffocate you? The free-spirited Sun and Jupiter could spring you free. But don't bail prematurely. First: Have you actually ASKED for a little more breathing room? Candid Jupiter can help you negotiate a longer leash for yourself.
Then, on Friday, the annual new moon in Libra will also breathe new life into partnerships. Want to put a ring on it…or maybe some ink? You can turn to a fresh page with someone you adore or start planting seeds with promising prospects. The call to collaborate will be too loud to ignore. And thankfully, Mercury is no longer retrograde as of September 22, so the coast is clear for making agreements official. Put an offer on the table and start negotiating. As you cast for your other half, be clear about your criteria. You need someone who will celebrate your renegade spirit instead of trying to tamp it down. When your ballsy brand of magic is mirrored by a partner, you just thrive. Don’t forget, Aries, that you need attention as much as you need autonomy. You can be a tall order to fill! And here's a friendly reminder that relationships are a two-way street. Beyond a superfan, you need a mate who you admire and respect. Dynamic duos begun this week could bring chart-topping results half a year from now. Turn on the search beams!
Your career is getting a big push from the planets this week, too, so pull the powersuit to the front of your closet. On Monday, transformational Pluto straightens out in your tenth house of professional success after a five month retrograde. This good news doesn’t come a minute too soon, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck or lacking a clear vision about where to steer your ambitions. That dry spell is over, and you’ll have a deep well to draw from over the coming seven months. You may finally land that big deal or dream client—or be tapped for an executive position that allows you to expand as a leader. Don’t forget that heads of state always have a cabinet. As you ascend, assemble your own team of advisers and coaches so you don’t get vertigo on your way to the top!
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Then, on Tuesday, make-it-happen Mars—your celestial sentinel—lands in Capricorn and your tenth house of ambition until November 8. It's going to be a BUSY Q4 for you! Clarify your goals, Aries, and tighten up that to-do list. This is a time for focus, not scattering your considerable energy in too many directions. Whittle down to the top three (max!) milestones you want to accomplish by the end of 2016 then knuckle down. Just don’t forget the teamwork part! You could slip back into that “I’ll just do it myself!” mode and burn out. Ambitious Mars only visits this part of your chart every other year, a time to aim as high as possible with your aspirations. Skip the small ponds. You could land a prestigious account, score a glamorous client, or be recognized publicly for your talents. The ceiling can’t hold you now—no, not even the glass one! The tenth house is “the boys’ club” of the zodiac and you’ll fit right in with the fellas (cigars and golf optional). Working with a bigger corporation or entity might be your path to prosperity, too. Does the Aries Empire need a rebranding? Polish up your presentation, so that you nail the ideal blend of sophisticated cool and quirky originality. Enlist the pros—coaches, trainers, stylists, designers—to help you knock it out of the park. One caveat: Mars is the warrior planet and can also add stress. You’ll have to keep that fiery temper of yours in check, Aries, so you don’t set any important bridges ablaze by getting all “open mouth, insert combat boot.”
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