Aries Weekly Horoscope

09-17-2018 to 09-23-2018
This week’s stars offer an important stellar PSA: Mind your spending! You’re generous by nature, Ram, but that can be as great a detriment as a merit. On Tuesday, September 18, a reality-checking face-off between your ruler, unbridled Mars, in your social sector and capricious Uranus in your money house can bring buried resentments to the surface. This is the third and final in a trio of three Mars-Uranus squares this year, and it could exhume issues you were hoping not to have to deal with. (The previous clashes came on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting this isn’t a new topic.) You love your squad, but you have to be honest—with yourself—about a few things. For starters, do you feel like you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses when you do go out? There’s no shame to having and sticking to a budget. If these folks are either higher earners or bigger spenders than you, you might need to do more selective things with them. Or is one of them a notorious check dodger? (You know, the type who ducks off to the loo just before the bill comes, or never has even cash to cover their share?) So before the next exorbitant group hang, consider whether it’s actually worth the cost. You could suggest a rotating potluck, which won’t cost more than the price of one home-cooked dish or bottle of wine. Crisis averted.
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Wrap up the last of your big deadlines; clean up Chez Aries and get your life in order! The Sun will soon wind down its annual tour of Virgo and your hard-working, well-oiled sixth house, so make the most of this productive push. Come Saturday, le Soleil will make a radical costume change, peeling off the sensible, work-a-day outfit of Virgo and slipping into something way sexier and more glamorous as it settles down in Libra country and your seventh house of partnerships. Between now and October 23, this solar surge will light up ALL your relationships and make you the belle of the ball (or Bumble). Single? Stay open to some very different types of suitors. The "opposites attract" rule will be in full effect for at least the next four weeks! Couples can bolster their unions by spending more quality time together—especially if that involves picking up a pair of tickets to any sort of cultural event. If your connection has been hovering in the “kinda-sorta” zone, you can take it to the next level during this solar transit. If you’re ready to add an exclusivity clause, by all means, speak up! It could be that your other half was waiting to hear it from you first. All kinds of dynamic duos are favored under this sunny glow. You may stumble into a creative collaboration with THE perfect artistic or financial partner. If money is involved, do the adult thing and get a contract. Persnickety Mercury will be riding shotgun with the Sun in Libra from Friday until October 9, underscoring the importance of having every detail spelled out to the letter.

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