Aries Weekly Horoscope

04-16-2018 to 04-22-2018
In your dash to the finish line, consider the benefits of taking occasional breaks to check the map. Hitting "pause" ensures that you stay on course; plus it can help you build an even stronger platform as you dive off—or catapult yourself into the stratosphere! It's easy for your enthusiastic sign to get swept away by the excitement of a new project, but the skies on Tuesday, April 17 offer practical advice for an even smarter path to success. For starters, cautious-yet-steady Saturn makes its annual retrograde, this year through your professional tenth house, until September 6. Later this week, on Sunday, penetrating Pluto makes ITS annual U-turn in that same career zone, intensifying Saturn's mission while it stays in retrograde until September 30. The combined message is to NOT panic if your forward progress seems to decelerate or even come to a (temporary) halt. This is an important cosmic PSA to slow your roll and take stock of the situation. Conservative Saturn urges you to analyze how you're expending your time and energy. And, during this reality-checking cycle, you'll have a chance to evaluate whether you're following your highest mission or if you've deviated from the path or diluted your message. With these two powerhouses in reverse, you'll have time to do all those "re" words that retrogrades are actually GOOD for, like rethink, review and recalibrate. You want to make sure you're aiming at the right target, not firing things off scattershot. This is also a great opportunity to rebalance the dynamics with overly dominant authority figures. You CAN appreciate their help without giving away your power. A father figure may also require some extra attention, bringing a chance for you to bond while you offer support.
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Also on Tuesday, Venus will dance a pas de deux with expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto. Since the love planet also rules values, when she's parked in your second house of money and possession, it could bring a financial wake-up call. While a little retail therapy is healthy, avoid unbridled shopping sprees. (What's that really about, anyway?) You may realize that it's time to scale back on your spending. But that's not cause to compromise your style! Become a conscious—and creative—consumer by shopping your closet, designer consignment stores and sample sales, and maybe hosting a clothing swap with your fellow fashionistas.
Buh-bye birthday season! On Thursday, the Sun leaves Aries for another year and trots into the sign of the Bull until May 20. Hopefully it's been an inspiring month, because this week, el Sol joins Venus and sends a power surge through your second house of work and finances. Bring on the practical magic! If you've been waiting for a sign to get a business venture off the ground or are looking for more rewarding employment, Taurus season could bring it. This is also a good time to take an unblinking look at your bank and credit card statements. While reining in spending is important, you also need to be earning enough. This might be the moment when you hike your rates or talk to your manager about a raise. If you need to polish your skills or acquire new ones, start researching workshops and online offerings. That nest egg is ready to grow!
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