Aries Weekly Horoscope

01-23-2017 to 01-29-2017
Ready to get your geek on, Aries? Don't pretend you're not into the latest gadgets and apps. Even the technophobes among you will connect with your inner mad scientist or robo-master on Friday, January 27 when the year's only Aquarius new moon powers up your innovative eleventh house. This event will kick off a super-productive six-month cycle: Anything begun now can continue to grow and take root, especially if you give it the time, focus and nurturing it requires. It's also the end of the "shadow" of the recent Mercury retrograde (December 19 to January 8), meaning anything that got delayed (or even nixed) during that period could spring back to life, phoenix-like. Map out your social media calendar (hello, Buffer!), reach out to your friend's developer friend or take a course to get your software skills up to speed. New moons bring fresh starts, so review your whole digital life to see where you're woefully out-of-step and think about how you can refresh your online image. Is it time for a photo shoot or to hit up your editor pal for a little help with your profile? Even Rams who enjoy a love-hate relationship with Snapchat and Facebook need to pay attention to how they're represented online. Like it or not, that's the way of the world. Potential bosses, clients and dates WILL Google you. Make sure you're not leaving opportunities on the table by trying to fly under the radar. There are upsides to being findable, you know. Aquarius and the eleventh house also rule your group activities, as well as your hopes and dreams. Your self-sufficient sign loves feeling in control of your future (at least as co-pilot). Devote some time on Friday to mindfully crafting a six-month wish list. We're not talking New Year's resolutions. Those are "goals"; we're talking big lofty dreams. Give your imagination free rein. What are your heart and soul craving? Don't get tripped up over how you're going to pull these things off. Just get it on paper. The simple act of writing them down sends a message to the universe—and your higher wisdom—and sets up a vibration that you can work with until August's corresponding full moon, which also happens to be a lunar eclipse of culmination!

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Friday also brings a reality check, when structured Saturn in clear-eyed Sagittarius body-checks romantic Venus in dreamy Pisces. Is there a situation that could benefit from a little more rigorous attention, Aries? This square helps you be more honest with yourself about the circumstances and people involved. Are you being too accepting of terms? Or are you being overly persnickety about one of the parties on the deal? Nobody's perfect, Aries, and this transit might show you where you've set the bar a little too high. Conversely, you may have to accept the fact that someone else's visions and values will never line up with yours. In a shaky relationship? Take off the rose-colored specs and assess whether you've been giving too much, or if you owe it to this person to compromise just a smidge more. But if there is no trouble in paradise, this commitment-oriented mashup offers a stellar time for a little getaway a deux. Give in to those twelfth-house escapist impulses and head for the hills—maybe a rustically chic mountain spa, skiing (and clothing) optional.
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After six weeks of spinning its wheels (and giving you a much-needed break), your ruling planet, hard-driving Mars, returns to your sign on Saturday after a two-year hiatus. From now until March 9, you'll be ready to take those dreamy visions you had when the red planet was in your fantasy zone and manifest some tangible results. One warning: Mars in your sign can ratchet up your competitive spirit, make you impatient—and sometimes almost TOO passionate at times. If you don't want to shock your subjects, you need to crank the heat up slowly to give fans a chance to warm to your avant-garde ideas. Mars can make you ansty, so when the world feels like it's moving in slo-mo, burn off some of your nervous energy with lots of physical activity.
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