Aries Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
Give your domestic side a turn at the wheel, Aries—and get those household projects in motion! All week long, your ruling planet, energizer Mars, will sail in sync with systematic Mercury. With both planets cruising through Cancer and your fourth house of home and family, things could be lively at Chateau Ram. Keep some Chablis and La Croix chilling in the fridge. Guests may pop by at a moment's notice. You might even take the initiative to plan a potluck dinner or barbecue at your place near Wednesday. With Mars and Mercury meeting at an exact degree, you'll be warmed by the company of your innermost circle. Things could get loud, too—and we're not just talking about the volume of your analog record player. Mouthy Mercury and firebrand Mars might stir up some animated conversations…and "lively" debates. Easy though, Aries. With these planets positioned in ultrasensitive Cancer, your, uh, direct communication style could hurt someone's feelings. Be gentle with the touchy-feely types even if that means toning down your passionate expression in the name of preserving goodwill.
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Before you invite anyone to visit, give your home a clean sweep. We're not just talking about the dust bunnies here. Is there any broken equipment sitting around that needs to be repaired or properly discarded? Have ill-fitting clothes been hogging the hangers in your closet? On Monday, Mars gets a supportive booster signal from spiritual Neptune in your twelfth house of endings and transformations. Objects carry a charge, Aries, whether you're aware of their energy or not. Keeping outmoded stuff around is like staying stuck in the past. Open up more space in your place, physically and energetically. You'll give yourself more breathing room, and perhaps create a clearing for something better to flow in.
Is your refusal to let go of these things symbolic for other attachments? The Mars-Neptune trine can help you cut the cords of dependency with a loved one on whom you've been a wee bit too reliant. You might even feel a bit of grief about ending this dynamic. Keep the hanky handy and have your cry. Those tears are a healthy release! And don't worry, Aries: Creating some space doesn't mean the death knell of your relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder on Tuesday, when free-spirited Jupiter in your relationship house squares off with Mercury in your emo fourth. Pulling back from entanglements is a healthy reminder of how powerful you feel when you're standing on your own two statement sandals. Someone you've been sweating could realize how much they miss you once you're a little LESS available. Put the connection to the test, Ram. On the other hand, if you've been MIA on bae, make an obvious gesture of appreciation on Tuesday—before you get cut off from some of your privileges.
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Over the weekend, you may be presented with a career opportunity that feels a little beyond your level of expertise. Instead of turning it down, see what it would take to stretch into this. With powerhouse Pluto in your professional sector opposing Mars in your fourth house (A.K.A. the comfort zone), you don't want to psyche yourself out of something that could help you grow—and even make a name for yourself. Be honest about your learning curve because there may be training and support available to help you blossom.
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