Cancer Weekly Horoscope

10-16-2017 to 10-22-2017
Ready for the red carpet, Cancer—or at least a few glamorous selfies? After a few introspective weeks, you're ready to bust out of your shell and soar into the public eye once again. On Tuesday, October 17 messenger Mercury sambas into Scorpio and your flamboyant, fame-loving fifth house until November 5. You'll be quite the fashionista AND the fire starter during this three-week phase, so be careful what you say in the heat of the moment. Whether you're flirting "innocently" or announcing yourself with a little extra swagger, you could provoke some strong emotions in people. Nothing wrong with THAT, Cancer, just be aware of your own strength to avoid misunderstandings. When you own your power, it doesn't own you. Romantically, this Mercury phase puts you in the driver's seat again. Grab the wheel and boldly pull up alongside the person who gives you butterflies. You could meet your match at a cultural event like a museum gala or a progressive dinner party. Warning: The fifth house can froth up drama, so stay on-guard for destructive emotional riptides. Should a lovers' quarrel erupt or a friend try to lock horns, do your utmost to de-escalate—or disengage for a time out if they won't back down. If you're in a relationship, put more dress-up dates on the calendar. No, Cancer, wearing a little black dress to watch a Game of Thrones marathon doesn't count. Get OUT of the house more often, with friends, your S.O. or some promising Tinder prospects. With mobile Mercury hovering here, don't stubbornly insist that you don't do dating apps. Love could be a right swipe away—or hanging out at an after-work gathering with a mutual friend, which is a good excuse to get out more often. 
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Not that you'll have to abandon the crab shell altogether. (Perish the thought!) Thursday's new moon in Libra anchors in your domestic fourth house and revs up your nesting instincts. Get the Pinterest boards going or set up the Zillow alerts. This new moon could inspire a stylish decor update or, if you're not exactly thrilled with your digs, a U-Haul rental. Fueling this further will be Mars. From Sunday until December 9, the planet of momentum will speed through Libra and your home and family sector, stirring up excitement AND some discord under your roof. Although you may be inspired by those HGTV fix-and-flip makeovers, overarching and impulsive Mars could lead you to bite off more than you can chew. "Opening up the kitchen" can be a bigger deal than you expect once you start swinging hammers. And if you're thinking of making an investment, don't skimp on inspections. Architectural beauty won't keep you spellbound for long if that old house has decades of water damage, a cracked foundation or black mold. Play your cards wisely though, Crab, and you could move on a profitable real estate opportunity before the year is through.  
Family is usually at the top of your favorites list, but over the coming seven weeks, it could feel like an f-word at times, too. If you're inspired to host a family gathering, be discerning with your guest list and don't let guilt guide your hand. Brushing a conflict under the rug won't make it disappear; in fact, with combative Mars in the frame, it's likely to erupt at THE worst possible moment and sour the experience for everyone. If you can't leave you-know-who off the list without starting a schism, then stick to dinner parties with small and intimate groups. And keep some wine and cheese in the pantry! Chateau Crab may feel like Grand Central Terminal for the next seven weeks with guests dropping in unannounced for impromptu hangs. Adventurous Mars might even send you on a trip to your ancestral homeland or to reconnect with cousins in another state. Or take a deep dive into discovering more about your roots. This could be a fun week to explore your genealogy on or even take a DNA test via to find out what continents your relatives once roamed.
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