Cancer Weekly Horoscope

01-20-2020 to 01-26-2020
Your heat index is rising, Cancer, frosty outdoor temps be damned! The Sun throws a log on your blazing pyre of passion this Monday, January 20, as it enters Aquarius and activates your erotica arena until February 18. This four-week cycle gives relationships both a seductive and super serious feel. At times you may be pulled between extremes, craving closeness one minute and wanting to run for the nearest exit the next. No, Cancer, the Sun’s annual tour of this extreme and intimate sector isn’t the most lighthearted time of your annual solar cycle. But lucky for Crabs living in the northern hemisphere, this happens during peak hibernation season, when burrowing (among other activities) under the covers is what everyone’s in the mood for. Expect your moods to fluctuate frequently during Aquarius season. Some days you might want no other company but your journal, a thick novel and your Russian Blue. Honor that! During this deep-feeling cycle, you’ll do profound creative work; it’s almost as if you’re channeling it. (And you probably are, as Cancerian author Elizabeth Gilbert asserts in her book Big Magic.)

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On Friday, January 24, the new moon in Aquarius follows in the Sun’s footsteps, sending another spicy charge to your eighth house of binding ventures. Budding relationships might suddenly get fast-tracked into deeper commitment over the coming month, and attached Crabs may start talking about big next steps, like planning a wedding, a commitment ceremony or getting in the family way. Any partnership where resources are shared falls into the spotlight. The solar-lunar surge can do wonders for your bottom line, attracting big-money opportunities through investments, royalties or commissions. And with the baller energy of the Year of The Metal Rat making you both influential and industrious, it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to be signing that first giant check. Coupled Cancers may co-invest in savvy ways. Maybe it's time to price out real estate in an emerging neighborhood or to write up a business plan that paves the way to mutual financial freedom.
Expect turbulence along the romantic flight path this weekend though! (Plus a few bumpy moments with platonic partners-in-crime.) With cosmic lovers Venus and Mars bickering their way through a tense square (90-degree angle), you’ll have no choice but to deal with the friction you’ve been ignoring. There could be worse things, Cancer! Diplomatic Venus is in Pisces and your outspoken ninth house, calling for honesty while softening some of your sharper edges. But not all of them! Thanks to Mars in blunt Sagittarius and your critical sixth house, you might unwittingly unleash some below-the-belt comments while "trying to help." Newsflash: As your sensitive sign knows firsthand, those kinds of remarks are never actually proactive. The opposite of that isn't fibbing or withholding important information. There's a happy medium that can help you bring back the peace AND get your needs met. Use your discretion about what's worth mentioning and which things will only capsize the boat. Let kindness and diplomacy guide your conversation. And should you find yourself overly focused on petty stuff—or fretting about the future—hash THAT out with a friend (or coach or therapist). Not everything is fair game to dump on a partner, but it's perfectly reasonable for YOU to talk it through on your own.

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