Cancer Weekly Horoscope

08-22-2016 to 08-28-2016
Jailbreak! You'll bust out of your protective shell on Monday, when the life-supporting Sun blasts into Virgo and your outgoing third house until September 22. You may almost feel reborn, with a renewed sense of purpose—one that involves a cast of…thousands? Yep. You may be thinking globally, but with your third house lit up, remember to also act locally. Who are the people in your neighborhood, Cancer? Not sure? No worries—but maybe it's finally time you met a few and found out. Check out galleries and live music venues. Does the museum have a "First Fridays" social event or offer a discount pass? Sign up for lectures and workshops; investigate different fitness studios and classes in your area. But take your time getting to know the people who populate them before committing to any pricy memberships. The more you poke around, the more you'll learn, and you could have an adjunct new tribe by the time fall rolls around. Be friendlier around the office, as well. Expansive Jupiter has been powering up this area of your chart for a year, and working your casual connections could turn into a profitable venture with one of your colleagues before it moves on in September.
Wednesday's odd-couple mashup of impatient Mars and methodical Saturn in your systematic sixth house could make all efforts at project management feel like a bit of a joke. On the one hand, a part of you wants to charge ahead—it almost doesn't matter on what. You're just feeling restless and like if you don't do SOMETHING, your head might literally explode. But with Saturn clipping a short leash on the red planet, you probably won't be going anywhere fast. This cuckoo confluence will pass in another day or so, and if you can distract and redirect yourself—and be industrious in your research-gathering—you'll be way ahead of the pack by the end of the week. While you're doing that, be careful not to swerve too far in the opposite direction and become rigid or obsessive. Since this is occurring in your wellness zone, you could have a bit of a wakeup call in the form of a pulled muscle or flu-like symptoms. Don't write these off as byproducts of a busy schedule. Anxiety produces adrenaline and cortisol, which can cause your systems to get out of whack. Slowing down and rearranging your workflow could help. Oh and hey, maybe it's time to hire that virtual assistant you've been dreaming about. On the flip side, if you've been slacking, crank up your A-game. Some very important eyes are watching you!
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Just as you started to venture out of your bubble early in the week, Friday's stars might send you crawling your way back in for cover. Security is important to your sensitive sign, Crab, but you need to look at the true cost of that. As hazy Neptune collides with headstrong Mars, try to distinguish imagined fears from reality. Is it possible that you've been—gasp!— sacrificing adventure for (perceived) safety? Trying new things isn't as dangerous as your subconscious mind makes it out to be. Are you willing to walk away from a dream without even trying to accomplish it? Talk to a loved one: Perhaps with their encouragement and support, you can actually pull this off!
Keep ALL your options open on Saturday, when a harmonious hookup between playful Venus and intrepid Jupiter makes everyone a potential candidate (well, if you're unattached). Don't slap a "we're just friends" label on something that clearly has a flirtatious undertone. Hold off categorizing people this weekend, because surprises are in store. Couples will enjoy doing things outside their normal parameters, like a spur-of-moment road trip and overnight stay in a quaint country Airbnb.
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