Cancer Weekly Horoscope


05-02-2016 to 05-08-2016

Your shell may keep you protected, Cancer, but this week's planets prove that you don't need to tuck away in order to feel safe. With the Sun touring Taurus and your "people first" eleventh house, you're more of a social butterfly than a mollusk—and your vulnerability is such an attractive trait. On Tuesday, May 3 el Sol flows into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) with candid Jupiter in Virgo and your third house of friendships. Be the babbling brook, pour your heart out and pry open that chamber of secrets. Not only will people find it refreshing, but your alliances will grow ever-stronger, because now you're connecting from the heart (read: the Cancerian way).
Haven't quite found your tribe of open-minded confidantes? The Sun-Jupiter trine buoys your confidence to hit that after-work meet-up, experiment with new scenes or join a hobby or activist group. Another wave of socially experimental energy rolls in on Friday the 6th with the new (super) moon in Taurus and your teamwork zone. If you know you feel at home in a certain organization, this could be your prompt to fill out the membership papers and make your participation official. Or, don the entertainment director's chapeau and pull together friends from all the disparate factions of your life. Under these offbeat moonbeams, drop any assumptions about who will click with who and just invite everyone you love to a picnic, barbecue or beergarten happy hour. Who says your boho babe or Bernie-obsessed BFF can't find common ground with your buttoned-up friend who works in finance? You could wind up playing matchmaker for the odd couple of the year! This new moon also awakens your inner geek and alerts you to the fact that a few of your devices and apps are scarily out of date. Start pricing out solutions and consulting experts, but if possible, wait until Mercury ends its retrograde on the 22nd before you make the investment.
The Sun makes its second trine of the week on Saturday to probing, alchemical Pluto in Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships. Someone who's been nesting in the friend zone could reveal partnership potential. It might hit you like a lightning bolt, like, how did I miss this before? If the coast is clear to explore, this magnetic connection could be pure magic. But Pluto can be a furtive one, so avoid getting swept into a clandestine affair, even if your heart is singing arias. Trines can light a path but they can also get you swept up in energies and situations without enough practical thought. The Sun-Pluto trine could revolutionize the way coupled Cancers co-exist. You could get a direct short code into your dynamics, seeing all the ways that your energies click and clash. Know that this is essential to making changes even if the mirror reveals some things you'd rather not see about yourself.
On Sunday, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune lock into a combustible formation called a Grand Cross. This four-way tug-of-war will pull you between ideologies and philosophies, making it hard to figure out what you consider to be "the truth." Careful not to opinion poll everyone in your line of sight because you'll only wind up more confused and frustrated. And watch out for the manipulator in guru's clothing. It's great to try on new perspectives but at the end of the day, it's important that they resonate with YOU—approval-ratings be damned.

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