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Monday April 20th - Sunday April 26th

You’ve been the hardest working Crab in the business for the past month—exciting AND exhausting in equal measure. Your official cosmic reprieve arrives on Monday when the sun swoops into Taurus and your eleventh house of teamwork until May 20.  If you earned the “does not play well with others” label for the past few weeks, shake it off. You’re ready to get down in the sandbox once again and turn a painstaking solo mission into a collaborative effort. It takes guts to share the glory, but don’t worry: Inviting others onto your stage won’t dim your bright light. You’ll actually have a lot more fun with your undertakings when you join forces with capable kindred spirits—especially this week while social Mercury and go-getter Mars roll alongside the Sun in Taurus. Maybe it’s time to start that band you keep talking about or to sign up for a spring/summer sports league or ceramics class. White light moment: Have you outgrown your go-to crew? If your interests are evolving in a different direction don’t huddle together out of habit. Let yourself wander off and explore new scenes. You don’t have to burn bridges with your old pals; just take a less active role in the organization. The eleventh house rules technology and le geek c’est chic for the next four weeks. Got an idea for a blog, app, or YouTube channel? Fire up the digital tools or start talking to developers. This is a good time to give your social media profiles a refresher, as well. Load new photos, take down the tipsy tweets, and consider having a pro snapper (or a friend with above-average Instagramming skills) shoot a great profile picture for you to use. Meeting people online brings a higher-than-average “clickthrough rate,” whether you’re sourcing materials for a home renovation or scouting out prospects for a Saturday night date.


Tuesday’s lucky triangle between motivator Mars in Taurus and your teamwork house and seductive Pluto in Capricorn and your relationship zone could bring a special soul into your world. Stop insisting you’re “not a group person” because you’ll find this kismet connection in a crowded room. Say yes to invitations to networking events, cocktail parties, and other gatherings. Homebody Cancers could always get out a little more! The effects of the Mars-Pluto trine linger all week long, and that’s not all. There will be a sequel on October 15, which could take this week’s relationship developments into an even more expansive orbit. Dress up and go with an open mind. If you’ve already found your perfect pairing, consider this a nudge to get out and mingle together. Your combined energy can draw some fabulous influencers into your circle. Hello, power couple!


The weekend’s stars require you to tend to more practical matters. With the moon in Leo and your second house of planning and finances, you may feel nervous about your budget or schedule. Put your worries to rest by dealing with empirical data. Stable Saturn lends a hand on Saturday, helping you crunch numbers, review your calendar and decide what excessive expenses and commitments can go. You can’t be all things to all people—and your own commitment to self-care is begging to be restored. Cancel brunch and meet friends for yoga or a walk in the park instead. Weather permitting, this is a fabulous weekend for getting earthy, too. Head to the garden supply store for some organic soil and kale starts (viva la summer salad!) or pretty posies to pop into a window container. You’ll feel a bit more decadent on Sunday when hedonistic Jupiter flows alongside the moon in Leo. Thrifty Crabs deserve a little “treat yo’self” luxury too, but rather than blowing your disposable income on a pricey brunch, opt for a more lasting purchase: a gorgeous meditation pillow, a one-cup espresso machine, or a twinkling and symbolic charm necklace that you wear 24/7.

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