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Monday March 2nd - Sunday March 8th

You may recall Thomas Edison’s prescription for genius: 1 one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration. Well, Tuesday’s powerful connection between expansive Jupiter in your money zone and game-changer Uranus in your career section has a suggestion for one additional element (which Edison was no stranger to): innovation. Leave anything old-school or tried-and-true to the masses. This is the moment for a total system reboot — of your hardware, software and even your way of thinking. You don’t see the subtle ways that these things are holding you back. Like Jim Morrison, you need to break on through to the other side — where a huge advancement is waiting for you. Turn to people who are breaking the rules and pushing the envelope. Their advice and support will be invaluable. Think collaboration, not competition! Gather the smartest people you know for a think tank and see what ideas bubble up. Don’t feel pressured to form a long-term partnership with anyone, though. Tapping them for feedback will be enough to get you off to the races. You don’t want to sacrifice any of the credit right now. This week, you are poised to make a well-deserved name for yourself. 


On Wednesday, unconventional Uranus bumps up against another planet — this time it’s love planet and creative muse Venus. Because they’re at the top of your chart in Aries, this could garner some high-level attention or have a positive impact on your work life. At the very least, it will force you to reassess some of professional and romantic goals. If you’ve become fixated on some arbitrary milestone, let it go, Cancer. With blinders on, you’ll miss all the other incredible options the universe has on display. Crawl outside your shell and have a look around. Single? This mashup could also cast someone you’d barely taken notice of in a very favorable light. You can take advantage of this energy in your day-to-day work activities, too. Since Venus rules beauty and Uranus governs technology, it’s a no-brainer to add some gorgeous graphics or savvy software to make your work stand out from the pack. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong first impression. For the rest of the week, dress for success, even if your uniform is more rock ’n roll than corporate ladder climber.

Thursday’s full moon in Virgo in your social third house could stir the pot with some of your close relationships. If your inner circle is turning into a noose, take a giant Crab sidestep to avoid the “too close for comfort” trap. Message a new friend and check out a new scene together. Keep your eyes and ears open: Kindred spirits could come out of the woodwork if you’re attuned to them. During the two weeks following this full moon, you could officially launch an exciting joint venture.

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