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Monday August 18th - Sunday August 24th

The luxe life is calling, Cancer, so set aside your thrifty nature and indulge a little, would ya? You can still be budget-conscious while doing so. This Monday, August 18, decadent Venus and Jupiter, planet of joie de vivre, meet up at the same degree of Leo. Together, they’ll light up your second house of tasteful extravagance and financial foundations. Remember: it takes money to make money. How can you invest your cash in a way that will pay off? Attending that industry event with “the ladies who lunch,” even paying the membership dues for a social club, for example, could help you make fateful career connections. Is there a gadget that would make your workflow a thousand times smoother, or a buttery leather bag that will bring a sense of professional confidence when you carry it to meetings? A practical splurge like this can pay off, making you feel “so money.” It’s not like you can’t scout these out on eBay, sample sales or consignment shops if funds are tight. Work-wise, the Venus-Jupiter pairing can launch your week off on a venturesome note. You have the green light to take more professional risks and initiative all week. Don’t wait for the invites to roll in. Set up the power lunches and pitch meetings yourself!
On Thursday, you have planetary permission to put yourself first. With the moon in Cancer that day, some “me time” is long overdue. But this is a special day because the moon will form a lucky triangle (trine) with passionate Mars in Scorpio and dreamy Neptune in Pisces. You’re extra enchanting today—and forthright! You won’t be shy about asking for what you need from a love interest. Of course, this might be best done in a sultry game of show and tell. If you’re ready to break free from a restrictive set of circumstances, the trine will help you release it lovingly. While anger can be an effective tool for realizing your boundaries have been crossed, you don’t have to stew in that brew. Accept that this situation has reached its natural conclusion and that it’s time to let go and move on. No guilt! On the flip side, this touchy-feely trine could give you the courage to dive into a relationship and see if the sparks can turn into a full-blazing fire.
On Saturday, those social butterfly wings start a-flapping! The Sun heads into Virgo until September 22, lighting up your third house of friendship and local activity. So…who are the people in your neighborhood? Get out and mingle with the people in your ZIP code, be more social around the office. You’ll get a lot of support from your hometown homies now, making the next four weeks an ideal time to host a community event or helm those Happy Hour outings. Dabble, take workshops, sample the different fitness studios in your area. But wait a little while before you agree to be committee chair because just when you think you’ve found THE thing, a better option could present itself. Are you in the market for a new set of wheels? Be it a rugged, all-terrain Jeep or a retro-inspired cruiser bike, your transportation plan could be ready for an upgrade.

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