Cancer Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
You could wake up on Wednesday, February 21 with an itchy case of wanderlust that might not be easily scratched away. If you're lucky enough to be your own boss, give yourself the day off—or to be wildly on! Nothing will make you happier than being free to roam without a plan and go exploring (except maybe to stay in with your favorite snuggle-mate). Today, romantic Venus mashes up with fantasy-fueled Neptune in your ninth house of expansion, adventure—and philosophy. As long as you avoid anything that's too familiar or redundant, you'll be happy. If you can't call in sick, look for ways to do a hard refresh within the confines of your day. Perhaps rolling in a bit late and taking a detour on your way to work? Or how about stretching your lunch hour to include a matinee or leisurely meal with a friend? During the day, keep handy a notebook or other means of jotting down inspirational ideas as they flow in (and they will!). After work, the sky's the limit—and if you can take the rest of the week off, then it literally could be. Hop on a flight to the nearest boho beach town or ski resort where there's always rooms. Or plan a staycation where you do all those artsy things you never get around to, like a guided museum tour with a docent or "gallery-crawl" through an emerging neighborhood. This evening, over ethnic takeout and imported beers, sit down with a pal or bae and bookmark some dream travel destinations. And while you're at it, why not put in some flight alerts for a few of those spots?
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Yikes! It's only been a week since Valentine's Day, yet already cosmic lovers Venus and Mars are bickering. They lock into a friction-causing square late on Saturday, possibly causing you to rethink some of your weekend plans. With Mars in blunt Sagittarius and your critical sixth house, you might unwittingly unleash some below-the-belt comments while "trying to help." Newsflash: As your sensitive sign knows firsthand, those kinds of remarks are never actually proactive. The opposite of that isn't lying or withholding important information, however. There's a happy medium that can help you bring back the peace AND get your needs met. Use your discretion about what's worth mentioning and which things will only rock the love boat. Let kindness and diplomacy guide your conversation. And should you find yourself overly focused on petty stuff—or fretting about the future—hash THAT out with a friend (or coach or therapist). Not everything is fair game to dump on a partner, but it's perfectly reasonable for YOU to talk it through on your own.
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The stars offer you a creative "Option B" on Sunday. Expressive Mercury and visionary Neptune embrace in your exploratory realm, making the great outdoors and wider world way more appealing than your own four walls. If you still feel the need to clear the air, do it in the FRESH air. A change of scenery might even hit the reset button on some stuck energy without you having to utter a word. Do something you've both been talking about—posthaste! Trekking in nature, or through a used bookstore, can spark different types of conversations and help you see each other through fresh eyes. Yeah, THERE's the person you fell in love with in the first place. Welcome back.
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