Cancer Weekly Horoscope


05-30-2016 to 06-05-2016

Should you fixate on the little things or focus on the big picture? This week, you'll have to do both. A cluster of planets assemble into a Grand Mutable Cross formation; a four-way tug-of-war in the sky. The Sun and cosmic creatrix Venus are swirling through your inspired twelfth house, opening your channels to divine downloads and illuminating insights. But opposite them will be stuffy Saturn in your systematic sixth house, forcing you to be as logical as you are fanciful. Pop on the project manager's chapeau and see if you can't turn these visions into something tangible. But take your time! When it comes to pulling off anything practical, you could flounder a bit at first. Simplifying can help, especially if you're lost in the forest of flowery accents and clanging bells and whistles. Integrity is also a must: Source materials that are well priced AND well made so that whatever you create will stand up to quality control measures. If you're going to ask for advice, hit up the true experts. (Note: A quick skim of pages pulled up on a Google search doesn't count as adequate research.)
Also involved in the Grand Cross is an opposition of optimistic Jupiter and idealistic Neptune. Your powers of imagination may be unparalleled this week—a bonus if you're making art or music or, say, trekking off on a silent (Vispassana) meditation. But these planets tend to be gullible, too. Your search for higher truths could lead to a sketchy wannabe guru or puffed up rockstar on an extended pilgrimage of the ego. Check credentials before hopping on the bandwagon (or following your new favorite band on tour)—and always think for yourself. Even if you HAVE found a legit flamekeeper of universal wisdom, remember this person is merely a mouthpiece, Cancer. Don't hoist anyone on a pedestal above yourself.
Socially, Thursday will be a hotspot! The moon, expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto flow into a lucky formation called a Grand Trine. All three heavenly bodies will be in earth signs, but they're floating through the most communicative zones of your chart. Since the earth element is associated with the material plane, status and worldly resources, you could make some killer career connections. Head to networking events and don't skip the office Happy Hour to go home and watch Game Of Thrones. An hour into the industry shindig, you could be locked into a fascinating conversation with a key influencer or chatting up someone who has "dream client" written all over him. If you're drawn to an individual within an existing group, extend an invitation for some one-on-one time. This could be the start of a brilliant friendship, or even a romantic connection!
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On Saturday, a new moon in Gemini and your twelfth house sends you on a healing voyage. We all have shadows, Cancer, and now you’re ready to shine the light on yours. While this is indeed a process, the point is not to figure out what’s “wrong” with you. Rather, you should be on a quest for awareness. What triggers you to act in ways you’re not the most proud of, like sabotaging your progress, tucking into escapist vices or chasing after unavailable people? Everyone has a version of this story, so no shame in your game, Crab. Taking an honest inventory and appraisal of your emotional life will put you back in the driver’s seat again. You might even enlist the help of a “soul Sherpa” for this journey: a healer, therapist, or coach, perhaps. (Again, check those credentials!) And hello, catharsis! With Venus astride this new moon, the muse comes dancing into the frame with this new moon, too. Pour your emotions into a creative project: pen a poem, paint an abstract work in oils, compose a song, or just work it out with some dynamic dishes in the kitchen. When you’re activating your imagination, you’re tapping into the creative force of the universe—the one that reminds you that there’s always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

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