Cancer Weekly Horoscope

08-14-2017 to 08-20-2017
With amorous Venus cruising through Cancer from July 31 to August 26, you've got Cupid solidly in your corner. But this week, don't leave yourself QUITE so wide open for anything. La love planet will tussle with Pluto, then Jupiter, reminding you to keep your wits about you. The first hit comes on Tuesday the 15th when Venus gets into a face-off with seductive Pluto in Capricorn and your relationship house. What looks like marriage material and talks like it, too, might not be able to back up those words with action. But you, Cancer, could be easily seduced by the game, especially if it seems to tick all the boxes of your fantasy ideal. On the flip side, the Venus-Pluto opposition can make you overly paranoid. You're a sensitive soul and, like everyone, you've been burned in the past. But are you making your 2017 love interest pay for the crimes of someone in your past? Maybe you need to slow things down a little to get your bearings. But if you've got a good thing going on, don't let this "past attack" prevent you from advancing forward with this adoring soul. Attached? If you've become a little too wrapped up in your partner's problems, pull back and do you. Space IS a good thing when you've lost perspective like that.
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On Thursday, "no boundaries" Jupiter in your family zone locks into a complicated square (90-degree angle) with Venus, which could also find you giving too much, too soon. When you turn on that nurturing charm, the speed at which you create a connection is bananas. But just because someone FEELS like a long lost relative, doesn't mean they are flawless…or that you should skip the getting-to-know-you process. And make sure you don't bail on the loyalists in your circle to chase after these new folks. The keepers won't disappear if you hang out once a week instead of every single night. Put some effort into fortifying your existing bonds. Set up dinner dates, have a long Skype with your sister, and if you're up for it, how about planning a short trip to visit a beloved family member?  
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This weekend, veer AWAY from the "same old, same old." Sunday's energizing trine (120-degree angle) between the playful Sun and experimental Uranus helps you shake up your go-to routine. Pull yourself out of bed and have breakfast at an outdoor cafe. Bring a book to the park…or the beach.  Fresh air and sunshine (or even some refreshing raindrops) will do so much more for your soul than your French press and air-con. While you're feeling the wind in your hair, some ideas could breeze in about how to make your career feel richer and more spiritually satisfying. Cutting edge Uranus loves to explore the latest technology and techniques. You might even work LESS with the help of up-to-the-moment apps or project management software. And with the confidence-buoying Sun in the frame, you could find yourself pitching a pet project over brunch! With these liberated planets at the helm, you may get the final boost you need to leave an unsatisfying work situation or start fresh with your own company. Have you been giving yourself anxiety trying to come up with THE master plan for making bank without selling your soul? A read (or listen) of Cancerian Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic could help you relax into the spirit of divine inspiration instead of forcing a vision to take shape. In her words, “Do whatever brings you to life, then follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” 
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