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Monday September 29th - Sunday October 5th

Drop crystal chandeliers, fleur de lis wallpaper and midcentury modern furniture: oh my! This Monday, September 29, astro-aesthete Venus decamps to Libra and your domestic fourth house until October 23. The desire to feather your nest grows ever-stronger — and your sign isn’t usually lacking in this department. But, your moods and needs evolve, and it’s important that your home feels like a sanctuary to support this. As you gather paint swatches and fabric samples, bear in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from October 4 to 25. If you’re thinking of doing some major overhauls, it’s probably best to wait until November to start knocking down walls or carting off your grandmother’s antique chair to the Goodwill in a moment of obsessive purging. But, get that Pinterest board going, nonetheless. Venus is the planet of love and talks could turn to cohabitation with the one you adore. If you already live together, nesting could become downright blissful now. Plan more private nights in, cooking dinner together, sipping wine and cuddling on the couch. The boy- or girl-next-door type could make you swoon. Don’t rule out blind date fix-ups from your friends, or even your own mother. They know what’s best for you better than you think.
Existing relationships could use a little more equilibrium this week, or so sayeth Tuesday’s quarter moon in Capricorn. Have you been giving a little too much power to one prominent soul? While you have good reason to adore this person, putting him or her up on a pedestal could bring your whole dynamic crashing down. Back up a little (but not TOO much) and reinvest your time into one of your own passions — or the search for it. This is especially pertinent if you’ve been playing Best Supporting Castmate and working a little too hard to help your partner live the dream. Cancers can hold back sometimes when relationships get intimate, out of fear of rejection or disappointment. Don’t curl into this defensive stance, Crab, or you a good catch could mistake your self-protectiveness for a lack of interest.
On Saturday, expressive Mercury turns retrograde until October 25. This journey begins in Scorpio and your fifth house of romance until October 10, then, backs into Libra and your family zone until the 25th. Drama could flare during the first week of the retrograde, especially when it comes to your love life. It’s easy to make mountains out of molehills or misinterpret someone’s signals. (Maybe your sweetie really WAS super busy at work, and not purposely screening your phone calls, so keep the rapid re-dialing in check!) Retrogrades brings blasts from the past and you could hear from an old flame, or find yourself Facebook stalking an ex, wondering if a second chance could be available. Nothing wrong with a little research and reconciliation, but don’t go opening any vaults that should be sealed shut. Unless people have done a good amount of work on themselves, it’s pretty unlikely the outcome of your reunion will be any different than your first round of romance. Family feuds could flare from October 10 to 25, so if you’re feeling tension with a relative or close friend, nip the problem in the bud early this week, while cooler heads prevail!

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