Cancer Weekly Horoscope

03-20-2017 to 03-26-2017
Up and away you go! This Monday, March 20 the Sun embarks on a monthlong tour through Aries and your tenth house of success. Your career kicks into high gear between now and April 19. Bring your A game and you'll blaze a trail straight to the executive suites—or maybe your own home office, which might be more your dream. The call to leadership will get louder by the day now. Don't resist! As a cardinal sign (, there’s an Alpha in you, even if you hide your bossy streak behind a modest veneer. But it's your nurturing nature and fierce empathy that can make you such a gracious leader, like fellow Cancers Elizabeth Warren and Cecile Richards. Being in charge doesn't mean ruling with an iron fist—and certainly not for you. That said, your competitive streak could really spin up over the next four weeks. You're in it to win it but at what cost? Don't venture into the shark tank just because everyone else is acting like a bloodthirsty barracuda. Give it your absolute best shot, then let go and trust. If an opportunity is meant to be yours, nothing will stand in your way. (And even if something does, it won't block you for long.) Does your contact database need a refresh? Socialize strategically for the coming four weeks, planting yourself around the movers and shakers. Apply for membership at a prestigious club or industry organization; or, get involved in a charity where you might meet like-minded givers. If this doesn't give you a direct pipeline to the top dogs, maybe you'll connect to their staff who may later on recommend you for an opportunity. Cancer is the zodiac’s feminine sign, and many Crabs feel most at home in the company of women. With the Sun brightening your tenth house of men until April 19, put more focus on the fellas instead of gravitating to all-girls events or leaving the guys off your guest list. You could strengthen your bond with your father, brother, boyfriend, son, husband, or bros by going out of your way to discover what makes them tick. For extra credit points, ask them for advice and feedback and try trusting them to make decisions, too. Pinball nights are a great balance to your standing pedicure dates, so let the bromances begin!
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Near the end of the workweek, make time for the touchy-feely aspects of your job. With expressive Mercury in Aries and your driven tenth house from March 13 to 31, your conversations may have felt very purposeful and productive. But what about simply shooting the breeze? Small talk isn't necessarily a waste of time and neither are personal conversations. On Friday, Mercury gets challenged by intimate Pluto in your seventh house of relationships, and opposed by Jupiter in your heart-centered fourth. Find out what's happening in the lives of your cohorts, Cancer. While you don't have to spill the details of a bad Tinder date, it never hurts to know what they're dealing with at home. And if someone from your innermost circle calls you during work hours, answer the phone instead of putting them through to voicemail. Even a brief cathartic clucking and a "let's have brunch this weekend" outro is better than nothing. 
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Don't overbook yourself this weekend though! One month after February's galvanizing solar eclipse, the moon returns to Pisces and your peripatetic ninth house. Leave your schedule open for spontaneity and sleeping in. You might feel like hopping in the car for a road trip or catching up on that queue of great literature sitting on your Kindle app. A cross-cultural connection could get another boost from these moonbeams. Diversify your social life and gather with people from varied backgrounds. Playing ambassador for your friend group could help them break ice in ways they'd struggle to on their own. Your hunger for knowledge might even land you as a last-minute registrant in a personal development seminar or how-to workshop. Learning is earning, Cancer, so jot down any enterprising ideas that crop up as you go!
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