Cancer Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
Keep the searchlight on, Cancer. This week could illuminate your other half—or help you find innovative ways to cooperate within existing relationships. The Sun spends the final four days of its monthlong tour through Capricorn energizing your seventh house of relationships until Thursday. From creative collaborations to romantic relationships to joint business ventures, connections will be easily sparked. Don't get hung up on a particular type, however. A complementary force might be the one you didn't even know you were waiting for. Already attached? Devote more time to your S.O. even if you're just going out to the movies or handling some long overdue practical matters like cleaning out the basement. Do you need to restore more balance to your bond? You care…deeply, Cancer. But that mothering energy can sometimes be smothering energy…and wouldn't you rather be a Hot Mama than Mommy Dearest to the one you adore? Pull back from playing Ms. or Mr. Fix It. Maybe you even need to remind your other half that you are not the Complaints Department. Getting stuck in that helper role is just not doing anything for your libido! Remind yourself, too, that sometimes people just need to vent. Listen, nod, say a few compassionate words, then, trust that your sweetie or BFF can work it out on their own! (They really can.) If you have a contract that needs to be reviewed or renewed, go into legal beagle mode. Hire an attorney for a couple hours' time to review the documents and make sure that you've dotted every i.
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On Thursday the 19th, a rush of pre-spring fever strikes as the Sun swoops into Aquarius and your erotic eighth house until February 18. You'll feel like a total minx, but you'll also crave intimacy and security. While it may seem like an elusive combo, lust and trust CAN coexist in one relationship, Cancer. If you've been praying that a player would magically morph into a prince(ss), it's time to write The End on that waiting game. Before the week is through, deliver your "I'm not messing around" ultimatum—and be willing to make good on your word. The vacancy will quickly fill with someone who is actually ready NOW. And forget about trying to be "just friends" with someone who can get so far under your skin. That ex who's been lingering in the wings could be an obstruction to the available ones. Clear 'em out and don't panic about the empty space. Nature abhors a vacuum, Cancer. Relationships that are in a positive flow could get fast-tracked into deeper commitment over the coming month. One might even become serious enough for formal paperwork, as in "let's put a ring on it," or "let's put some ink on it." This monthlong solar cycle could do wonders for your finances, bringing in big money opportunities through investments, royalties, or commissions. Got property to sell? You may get a pretty penny for it before February 18. This is a time for sharing resources, pooling funds, even raising a round of capital to build your dreams. If you have an invention or idea, the teamwork and techie Aquarius vibes point towards crowdfunding as a possibility. Your adoring friends and fans would happily donate a few bucks to see you realize your brilliant dreams.

Thursday could also be a red flag day in some ways, too, as restrictive Saturn in Sagittarius and your dutiful sixth house forms a tense square to indie-spirited Mars. If people are leaning on you too heavily, you might feel the strain of their demands—and totally lose it on them! But Cancer, be honest with yourself: We train people how to treat us, and you may be guilty of spoiling them or setting up false expectations by playing the caretaker role past your point of exhaustion. Whatever the case, DON'T force yourself to keep giving if you're so done. You deserve a break. Here's a novel idea: How about enlisting the people in your life to support YOU for a change? How you ask will make all the difference. Keep it clear and simple—and don't bring up the list of all the things you've done for them to justify making your request.
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