Cancer Weekly Horoscope


06-27-2016 to 07-03-2016
Wakey-wakey! Hump day could be downright festive for you, as lusty Mars rouses from a ten-week nap. Your personal life may have been hitting the snooze button since April 17, which is when the passionate planet turned retrograde. And on May 27, it scooted back from Sagittarius and your vitality zone to Scorpio and your fifth house of love, glamour and fame. But on Wednesday, June 29 Mars resumes forward motion, turning all heads in YOUR direction, Cancer. True, your eternal flame can never be extinguished, but during this slowdown it may have dimmed a little. In some ways, this was a blessing in disguise. You probably needed a respite from life's intense dramas, plus it was a chance to turn your attention inward and do some romantic recon work. But now, with the red planet motoring forward in Scorpio until August 2, you're ready to crawl out of your protective shell and reclaim your crown and scepter. It's time to do things YOUR way. Consider these two key questions: What do you want to be known for, and what do you want your love life to look like? Mars' momentum will help you fast-track fame-boosting ideas and relationships for the next six weeks. If you need to do some self-development work to get where you want to be, call in the pros: a coach, stylist, mentor and co-conspirators ('cause you don't have to do it all yourself). Unattached Cancers should update your dating app profiles, ask friends to fix you up and plant yourself among eligible options, even if that means checking out new scenes. Attached? Absence (and even abstinence) will make the heart beat faster, so don't just autopilot it to your side of the couch for another Netflix night! Make reservations at a white-tablecloth restaurant or splurge on a room in a boutique Airbnb for a weekend getaway. Since the fifth house also rules fame, a leadership position may drop into your lap. Or, with a little savvy social networking, the media could come a-knocking. Remember, Crab: It's not an ego trip if you focus on what you have to offer others.
Also on Wednesday, expressive Mercury swings into your sign until July 13, crowning you reigning monarch of the social butterflies. For the next two weeks (at least), you'll charm the skinny jeans off everyone you meet. If you can smile, you can win people's attention—and loyalty—which is great for your personal AND professional life. You won't be lacking for after-work invites, but be discerning. You've also got a passion project that you're itching to get off the ground. Mercury rules your social circles and your thought processes, so think fast: Who might you want to join forces with you? Talk it over with friends and associates (withholding the most vital info, of course), ask a ton of questions and do your homework. You could have a white-light moment over the next two weeks, while the messenger planet is in Cancer. You might intuitively realize that you'd benefit from a self-improvement workshop or webinar that not only gives you the skills you need, but helps you remove any limiting beliefs that are blocking your path to success. Surround yourself with successful people; they can point the way, AND their confidence and competence could rub off on you.
win a reading and a trip to nyc with the astrotwins   
Sunday's ripe for a sunshine daydream, so don't put the brakes on your imagination. You could jet across the globe and back without ever leaving your living room, thanks to a mashup of the Sun in Cancer and dreamy Neptune in your travel zone. Look back through your camera roll to favorite trips you've taken—or do a Google image search for the top places on your ever-expanding bucket list. Put in fare alerts for dream destinations, and see what happens. Even if you can't get away right now, you can still expand your horizons by stretching outside your comfort zone. Whatever is your "usual," give it a pass in favor of the new, unfamiliar and slightly exotic. Vive le difference!

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