Cancer Weekly Horoscope

06-24-2019 to 06-30-2019
You're no stranger to sacrifice, Cancer, but are you giving “till it hurts”? That’s no way to prove that you care; but it is a recipe for a meltdown. This Monday, June 24, as sacrificial Neptune bangs into giving Venus, stop yourself from reflexively saying yes…to anything! Helping a coworker finish up a report might seem easy; and it’s no big deal to pick a friend up from the airport. But when you add more than one of those offers to your long list of commitments, they can send you over the edge. The same goes for fun plans that will sap your finite free time or cost more than you expect. Much as you’d love to chip in for the RV rental and tickets to that festival weekend, pass if you get a single whiff of complication from such ideas. This is your week to embrace the art of the “gracious no.” True friends won’t feel rejected or hurt if you tell them, “I’d really love to join you, but it’s not going to work out for me this time around.”
Tuesday's quarter moon in Aries and your tenth house of career brings your ambitions up for review. Are you ready to rise through the ranks—or maybe work a bit more independently? As a cardinal sign, you ARE an Alpha, so stop resisting your natural authority. But remember that there's a difference between being a leader and a caretaker. The first involves delegating, strategizing and guiding a team. The latter can leave you overburdened, unsupported and doing everyone's job for them. These skills, while in your wheelhouse, might take a little practice to finesse. Sign up for sessions with a coach or join a mastermind group with other movers and shakers. Are you treading into workaholic territory? Use this quarter moon to refine your goal sheet. If you're looking for work, brush up your LinkedIn profile and consider reaching out to a recruiter or placement firm for assistance with finding the right fit. Feeling the call of entrepreneurship? These moonbeams could bring the boost you need to get rolling on that half-finished business plan again.
Finances come into the spotlight on Wednesday, as methodical Mercury begins its annual sojourn through Leo and your second house of money and security. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get your budget in order and your spending under control: The analytical planet is making an extra-long tour because of a retrograde period from July 7 to 31. Coming up with ideas and strategies is the easy part; the challenge is implementing—and sticking with—them! This week, carve out dedicated time to assess the situation, set some goals, and then take a few concrete steps toward reaching them.

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