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Monday August 31st - Sunday September 6th

Easy does it, Cancer. On Monday, August 31 don’t bite off more than you can chew. With dreamy Neptune opposing the swagger-happy Sun, you’ll feel creatively inspired and eager to engage with other great minds. But getting a scope of your plan? That’s another story. Be careful, Crab, because your mouth could write a check that your arse can’t cash. You have good reason to be enthusiastic about the big ideas swirling around, though. This plan—perhaps even one that involves traveling or commuting between two energetic cities—is lighting your fire. But it’s important to work out the logistics before you just leap. How will this affect your free time, your family, and your need for a supportive group of friends? You need some semblance of a home base in order to feel truly at peace. Also, be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. While people may genuinely WANT to share their time and energy, they could also be overpromising. All week long, keep your hackles up and get the facts before you react. Maybe you’re being a little bit paranoid, sure, but you’ll rest easy making a decision once you’ve dotted every i and crossed all those t’s.

On Tuesday, Venus retrograde will join Mars at the exact degree of Leo and in your sensual second house. Cue the playlist of slow jams! It’s high season for romance, Cancer, even if those love connections develop at an organic pace. Seeing someone new? Allow yourself to enjoy delicious courtship rituals and the getting-to-know-you process. With Venus in reverse, you could extend a second chance to someone you wrote off too quickly or return to a place that’s proven to be a successful “pickup joint” in the past. (Tinder, perhaps?) Coupled Cancers should indulge in some dedicated downtime together, preparing gourmet dinners, touring vineyard cellars (and sampling the grapes, naturally), booking side-by-side massages. Hey, whatever it takes to get you relaxed and in the mood for lovin’! Warning: With Venus in reverse, being too slow moving, stubborn or conservative could mean missing the Love Boat. Give the one you adore a clear hint or make a point of initiating affection yourself. 

With fiery Mars spurring you on, Tuesday would be the perfect time for a sultry surprise. Set the bedroom up with candles, music and your silkiest sheets and let the games begin. Venus and Mars in your second house whet your appetite for the finer things in life. Warning: Your lust for those “objet d’art” (hang-able and wearable) could reach a fever pitch—and with Venus retrograde, your decision-making skills could be off base. Impulsive Mars will not make it easy to control the retail therapy splurges, either. Don’t fight the current by tightening your belt beyond reason. Create a budget for an indulgence or start a special savings account. Try to hold out until Saturday before plunking down the plastic or making any final calls about a romantic situation. That’s when Venus ends her seven-week retrograde, which began on July 25. The mood lightens up immeasurably, and you could realize you’ve made mountains out of molehills. Better yet: Venus powers forward through Leo from Saturday until October 8. Your love life could be downright decadent for the coming four weeks. And no, this doesn’t have to cost much more than the price of strawberries and whipped cream since a long walk or poetic picnic could hit the heartfelt high note!

On Saturday, the Sun and Pluto team up in the relationship zones of your chart, forming a healing and transformational trine (120 degree angle). This is stellar day for selling your ideas or wooing the one you love. You’ll have the gift of gab to the thousandth power—people just can’t say no to you! Use this skill responsibly to create win-wins. Whether for business, pleasure or a creative collaboration, Saturday’s stars could usher in a soulmate or help you seal the deal with someone you’ve wanted as your “other half” for a while. Don’t be shy about initiating discussions to activate this dynamic duo.

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