Cancer Weekly Horoscope

10-23-2017 to 10-29-2017
Have you been cleaving to other people’s ideas about who you are and what’s best for you? Enough of that, Cancer! This Monday, October 23 you are ordered to close the opinion polls and act like the self-authorized, independent being you were born to be. For the coming four weeks, the Sun will be sparkling in Scorpio and your fifth house of creative expression, fame and flamboyance. Like a cosmic coming out party, this is your time to shine—as you define it. Maybe you’ll splash your badass self all over Instagram or put your work on display and let your talents do the talking. Whatever Crab, as long as you’re not tucking away in your shell—especially on Thursday. With amplifier Jupiter meeting up with the confidence-boosting Sun that day, your dazzle will be far reaching. Promote, shamelessly. A global audience and an opportunity to travel could be the fringe benefits of your audacious moves. Add more edge to your style. Cut an extra inch off your hair or finally get that tattoo you’ve been sketching. Need to enhance your stage presence? Consider working with a speaking coach or reserving a spot in a workshop like
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Romantically, this solar cycle will still put stars in your eyes. And with Jupiter pumping up the pyrotechnics, you won’t be averse to grand gestures and PDA that might normally embarrass your private sign. Expect to have your hands full of admirers with abundant Jupiter in the frame—especially when he makes direct cosmic contact with the Sun this Thursday. If you’re single, you’ll feel braver about rolling the dice and doing some right swiping. You might even stick to the "sampler platter" plan this week instead of rushing to slap a label on a promising dating situation. If you’ve truly met The One, neither hell nor high water will keep you apart. But what if there is someone even better waiting around the corner? If you haven’t done your “market research,” at least poke around. If nothing else, it will affirm that your original intuition was on-point and you’re not just settling. At some point, of course, you have to choose “plenty good enough” and go all in. If you know in your heart that you’ve got a good candidate to work with, raise the stakes and plan an adventure date or a long weekend. You might be a homebody, but you need to see how well the two of you work together when you’re out of your comfort zones. Cancers who are happily hooked up should still get out of your cozy environment for a dress-up dinner and a live show near Thursday. Reviving the social magic in your relationship may set the stage for those overdue conversations about improving the dynamic between you.
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On Friday, you won’t need props or a sexy Agent Provocateur teddy to set the joint on fire. (Although they will certainly welcome weekend accessories.) The quarter moon in Aquarius plunges into your erotic eighth house and ratchets up the seductive vibes. Stop hiding behind that protective shell or confusing the object of your affection with defensive mixed signals. Admitting to an attraction doesn’t mean letting go of control. You get to pace this thing the whole way through, Cancer. Friday’s lunar leveling can also help you pull back from relationships where, perhaps, you’ve grown overly attached. If you keep taking everything personally or getting emotional “for no reason” consider it a sign—you need to regain connection to your own center. If that’s your story, put the romantic Airbnb on hold and treat the weekend (or as many windows of time as you possibly can) like a one-person retreat. The loneliness will quickly fade when the muse flutters in as your cathartic companion. If you emerge with song lyrics, a book chapter or a work of art, we wouldn’t be surprised.
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