Cancer Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
Come out, come out wherever you are! This is NOT the week to tuck into your crab shell, Cancer, as daringly assertive Mars shares a flight path with expressive Mercury through YOUR sign. Shameless self-promotion is fully sanctioned by this planetary pair. Clue people in on your latest and greatest developments. Not only will you give them a chance to celebrate with you, but you probably have something beneficial to offer them. Tout away! Your bragging rights could earn you fans, customers and collaborators alike. Under these uncensored skies, sentiments you felt scared to express in the past might come rushing right out, blurt alerts be damned! Don't freak out if you say "too much." Your adorkable candor just makes you even more endearing. And on Monday, when soothsayer Neptune forms a flowing angle to Mars, you could cement an intimate connection by revealing more personal details about yourself. If you're feeling the love, be the brave initiator of relationship talks. Someone has to broach the topic, and this week, you've got the cosmic talking stick. Remember: The people who belong in your life will want you to be open and honest with them. No more games, Cancer.
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Ready to take the wheel? The Mercury-Mars merger could swiftly elevate you into a leadership position. If you have a clear-eyed vision of best next steps, engage your squad in the game plan. Warning: Hosting firecracker Mars in your sign can make you aggressive, so try not to strong arm anyone into doing things your way. Part of being a capable commander means listening objectively to your squad's feedback. But no guilt for making the final call, Cancer, especially on Tuesday, when audacious Jupiter in your emotional fourth house locks into a challenging angle to Mercury in Cancer. As you grow in power, people's jealousy may rise up in kind. This week, you may even experience some hater vibes from within your own inner circle. Don't shrink back in an effort to make friends or relatives "feel better." That just leaves everyone disempowered. Instead, use this as an opportunity for a heart to heart about better ways to support one another's dreams. If feathers are too ruffled for such discussions, take a cooldown break. Painful though it may be, you might need to set stricter boundaries with people who can't seem to handle your upward-trending success. You don't have to cut them off, but you may need to keep quieter about your personal success until they are in a stronger place themselves.
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This weekend brings one last cosmic dust-up as combative Mars opposes control freak Pluto in Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships. There's a thin line between love and hate—lust and hate, too! Someone who pushes your buttons might also secretly light your fire. Coupled Cancers may need to have it out before you can feel hot and bothered again. But Pluto is like a volcano, and once it erupts, there may be some serious damage done. If you've been holding too much in, vent to a neutral third party FIRST. Once you've blown off enough steam, you'll be able to formulate your talking points in a more loving way. Don't be surprised if you feel attracted and repelled by the same person. Make no sudden moves—this will equalize by early next week.
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