Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Friends, foes, or frenemies? This Wednesday, a quarter moon in Virgo and your social networking zone helps you re-categorize—or realize that certain people have been misfiled. Perhaps you judged someone a little too harshly who is actually pretty cool—or maybe you overreacted to a friend's slight. On the other hand, if you're constantly making excuses for an amigo's bad behavior, pull back and put the relationship on ice for a while. Your silence will speak volumes that your pleading and preaching never can! This moon also brings a reminder to join forces with kindred spirits instead of struggling to do everything alone. A perfectly competent cohort may be sitting right under your nose. Rebalance the give and take with the people in your inner circle, too. Your nurturing nature can veer to the extreme—and this week you'll feel that discrepancy with friends, siblings, coworkers and even the people in your neighborhood. If your generosity isn't being returned in kind, speak up. Making direct requests is the way to get your needs met. Or, just stop giving SO much. That way you won't heap so much pressure into these relationships—and you can create the space for people to step up to the plate before the score gets any more lopsided.

On Friday, amorous Venus cruises into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until December 30, helping you wrap 2015 on a romantic high. Is it true that all you need is love, Cancer? It sure feels that way now. But no more pretending that your crab shell is made of steel. Open your heart wide, even if it aches. You'd rather feel it all than exist in perpetual numbness or miss the opportunity at a legendary love affair. You may be faced with an important romantic decision over the next few weeks: To settle into a real deal relationship or close the door on one that will never bring you what you wish. With Venus in the picture, you can run the risk of idealizing. Get real about your romantic needs—but also figure out which ones are truly dealbreakers and which can be satisfied through other outlets like pursuing your creativity or spending more time with lively friends. Single? This Venus cycle gifts you with glow. You'll draw 'em to you like a moth to a flame. Invest in your sparkle—spa and salon treatments, even a totally new 'do. You could get a major shot at fame by December 30, recognized for your hard work and talents and vaulted to a prestigious new position. Hey, hey, spotlight! Don't be afraid to self-promote. Tooting your own horn could connect you to your destined path and increase your fanbase exponentially.


Brace yourself for the weekend, which could be a minefield of moody moments and misunderstandings. Hotheaded Mars squares off with probing Pluto, causing your emotions to run all over the map. You may feel pressured to open up to people about subjects that you'd rather not discuss. A female friend could be disruptive, too, projecting her drama onto you and even interrupting a hangout (or date) you have with someone else.  As much as you want to be there for her, don't play the on-call therapist role at the expense of your own happiness. Unless it's truly an emergency, set an appointment to give her a call a little later, when you're actually free. Don't ask your close friends and family to weigh in on your love life this weekend either. They'll find it impossible to be unbiased and you could wind up angry at them for the very advice you solicited.

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