Cancer Weekly Horoscope


07-25-2016 to 07-31-2016
Fix a lofty goal in your crosshairs, Cancer. This Wednesday, July 27 savvy Mercury in your money zone fistbumps innovative Uranus in your tenth house of ambition. To meet your success measures, take anything BUT the traditional route. Research and incorporate future-forward strategies. Tap into technology, too: Set up a password-protected area on the cloud (G-Drive or One Drive) for storing shared documents and spreadsheets. Working with a team? Check out messaging apps like #Slack ( to streamline communications. Both Mercury and Uranus value the flow and exchange of words and ideas. Gather the great minds around you for a think tank. This illuminating brainstorming sesh could bring plenty of breakthrough insights. Because of the chaotic nature Mercury and Uranus can evoke, play the moderator and set ground rules in advance, like "one person talks at a time" or a three-minute time limit for each commenter. That way, no one will dominate the discussion. (And that includes you, Cancer, okay?) Learning a new piece of software could spell money in the bank. If so inspired, check out the courses at General Assembly ( like web design, data analysis and digital marketing. If nothing else, you'll feel like you're rolling with the times.
On Friday, Uranus slips into its annual retrograde, backing through Aries and your tenth house of career and long-term goals until December 30. Two steps forward, one step back? While this retrograde—which happens for about five months every year—won't halt progress, it provides a useful window for slowing down and assessing your missions. Have you set realistic milestones? And how can you achieve them without turning into a total stress case? Your emotional sign can have trouble compartmentalizing. But bringing work home from the office can be a buzzkill for relationships…or even take up so much psychic space that you can't be bothered to care about relationships at all. That's no way to live, Cancer, so if you have to dial back your ambitions a couple notches in the name of a happier, healthier work-life balance, please do. You'll get to the top, regardless—but this way you'll actually enjoy the journey. You may also need to orient yourself to new tasks and procedures before you can take the next step up the ladder. You could even rethink your professional trajectory, passing up on a promotion so that you have the freedom to pursue a more fulfilling (and perhaps independent) path. But don’t lose your nerve if you’re offered greater leadership but don’t quite have all the skills you need yet. As with every new gig, you learn as you go.
And with techie Uranus in nap mode, that probably involves training on software or updating your devices and apps so they can help do the thinking for you. Notice, too, if you are overly reliant on your gadgets. As efficient as the robots are, they don’t replace genuine people skills at the human connection. When someone does you a solid at work, send a card or treat for lunch instead of just dashing off an email.
On Saturday, chatty Mercury cruises into Virgo and your garrulous third house until October 7—a longer-than-normal cycle due to a retrograde from August 30 to September 22. Your social butterfly wings are flapping again so roll out of the hammock and go mingle with the other kids on the planet. Kindred spirits won’t be too far from home. Dabble in local activities and say hello to the interesting faces who live on your block or in your building. Getting to know the people in your neighborhood makes you feel so more at home. Got a writing project in the works, a brilliant idea for a podcast; a course you’d like to take…or even develop and teach yourself? Mental Mercury sharpens your gift of gab for the next two-plus months so tuck away and get those ideas out of your head!

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