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Monday July 6th - Sunday July 12th

Independence Day may have gone down last week, but with the Sun in Cancer until July 21, you’re just getting started with your personal liberation celebration! But brace yourself:  Early this week, your desire for a little more freedom could be met with backlash. On Monday, July 6, the Sun gets into a cosmic kerfuffle with possessive, piercing Pluto, which is parked in Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships. Your partner or BFF could throw a major “don’t leave me!” fit, just as you’re about to have an epic “me first” moment. With such annoying timing, your temper could flare. Can you just get a break from being everybody’s caretaker, universe?!? Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you just revolt and go MIA. On the one hand you don’t want to enable neediness, but have you been pushing this person a little too far away? Strike a compromise by making plans later in the day (or week) to devote focused one-on-one time with this “needy” soul. Surprise! You might realize that you were missing the bond, too. In love, you could be caught off guard by an attractive person’s attention early this week. Don’t let your automatic defenses kick in—the ones that cause you to ignore the very person you’re dying to talk to. If nothing else, it’s flattering to be adored like this. And with sultry Pluto firing up your libido, this could turn into a memorable summer love affair…if not longer.

On Thursday, messenger Mercury zips into Cancer until July 24, making you feel like the reigning royal of your social scene. (Uh, can we get a, “YASSS Queen!” please?) Cannonball on out of that shell! For the next two weeks, you’ll charm the Havaianas off everyone you meet. Got a passion project to get in motion? With crafty Mercury stoking your innovative nature, start your R&D mission, STAT. Ask questions, read case studies, check out what the pros are doing. Breakthrough ideas will come to light over the next two weeks. Emotional creature that you are, you might even enroll in a provocative self-improvement seminar that helps you remove limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of your success. Instead of being the shoulder everyone cries on, you’re right to put your own development as your top priority. Besides, an investment in yourself will ultimately benefit those around you, who in turn can learn from your shining example.


Thursday’s quarter moon in Aries and your tenth house of career brings your ambitions up for review. Is it time to groom yourself for a leadership position? As a cardinal sign, you ARE an Alpha, so stop resisting your natural authority. For a confidence boost, do sessions with a coach or join a mastermind group with other driven people in your industry. No one makes it to the top alone. In your case, the allies required will be a mix of wise advisers and a squad of cheerleaders whose belief in you buoys you up.  Are you treading into workaholic territory? Use this quarter moon to refine your goalsheet. Successful people don’t do everything by themselves. The time has come to delegate. If you’re looking for work, brush up your LinkedIn profile and consider reaching out to a recruiter or placement firm for assistance with finding the right fit.

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