Cancer Weekly Horoscope

01-15-2018 to 01-21-2018
Ready for a romance reboot? Singles and couples alike have a lot to look forward to this Tuesday, January 16 when the year's only new moon in Capricorn lands in your seventh house of relationships, stoking the embers of passion. Unattached Crabs might be suddenly struck by a new wave of optimism about putting yourself back out there. This lunar lift is in effect for six months, so don't worry if you don't hook a keeper the first time you drop your line in the waters of Plenty Of Fish or another dating app. And who knows: Along the way, you might make connections that lead to other valuable experiences. If you're off the market, this new moon can inspire you to get to know your partner on an even deeper level. Steer conversations around to ways you can support each other's short- and long-term goals. The seventh house rules all kinds of partnerships, from love to business to a creative collaboration. Since Capricorn energy is grounded and future-oriented, don't be afraid to articulate your needs as well as what you hope and expect to get out of the union. And if your other half isn't forthcoming, ask them to share the same with you.
Tuesday's new moon is only the start to this week's romantic renaissance. On Wednesday, sultry Venus slinks into Aquarius and your seductive eighth house until February 10. Yes, this is as hot as it sounds, but to max out on the sizzle, you need to be honest about your desires. If you're fine with a scorcher of a one-nighter, go for it. But as a Cancer, you're likely craving the whole enchilada—i.e., a body-mind-soul union. In that case, set the bar high, keep it there, and don't settle! Aquarius rules the digital universe, which could translate into success with online dating. Simultaneously, put yourself out there more in the "real" world by showing up at more parties and events. Yes, that means leaving your bed more often and waiting a little longer to watch the third season of that Netflix series, but Venus only hits your eighth house once most years. Since she rules the arts, you could connect with fascinating new souls by getting involved in a worthwhile event, like a charity fundraiser. Attached? Keep a firmer privacy policy in place and make more time for "just the two of us." After reconnecting emotionally and intimately, follow up on some of the big discussions you had in the past three weeks while Venus was in future-oriented Capricorn. It's time to make good on a few of those dangling desires, whether they involve co-signing a lease or getting a bambino project underway.
The Sun throws another log on your blazing pyre of passion this Friday as it joins Venus in your erotica arena until February 18. The mix of seductive and serious is heady, and you may feel pulled in opposite directions. If you're single, a hot-and-heavy (but short-lived) fling could be irresistible, yet if your heart is set on something deep and lasting, you will wind up disappointed. Budding relationships might suddenly get fast-tracked into deeper commitment over the coming month, and couples may start talking about big next steps, like planning a wedding, a commitment ceremony or getting in the family way. This four-week solar surge can do wonders for your bottom line, reeling in big-money opportunities through investments, royalties or commissions.
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