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Monday August 3rd - Sunday August 9th

Call it like you see it? Um, maybe. On Monday, unbridled Jupiter spins into a tough square with cautious Saturn. You WANT to express your opinion, Cancer, but certain people or circumstances may cause you to feel self-conscious about doing so, even when you know you're right. If not speaking up threatens to hold you back creatively—or just frustrate the living hell out of you—find a way to voice your thoughts in a way that doesn’t offend people or put them on the defensive. For instance, if you clearly see the flaws of an idea brought up in a group meeting, rather than criticize it, gently point out the potential pitfalls and suggest an alternative solution. This square could also force you to make a tough choice between security and creative expression. If there’s one good thing that Saturn brings, it’s circumspection. You might realize that it’s more advantageous in the long run to sacrifice a little of your artistic integrity in exchange for a reliable income or stable position within the company. Don’t worry: Jupiter won’t let you sell out!

On Tuesday, when beauty planet Venus and boundless Jupiter sync up in your second house of finances and possessions, you may want to hide your credit cards! Shopping online or IRL could easily blow your budget. If you simply can’t avoid a treasure hunt, set some firm limits on what you can spend. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, though. It’s actually a chance to utilize your uncommon ability to uncover sales and deals. No matter what you purchase, make sure it will bring you years of pleasure. Because Venus is spinning backward, going the vintage route at consignment stores could yield some one-of-a-kind finds. Deep dive into eBay—but no impulse buys!

Come Friday, you’re ready to leap out of your cocoon and take your newly sprouted butterfly wings out for a test flight. Garrulous Mercury beams into your third house of communication for the next three weeks, making you one social crab. The messenger planet bestows the gift of gab. Small talk with strangers could consume you for hours.  But why waste all that awesomeness on Facebook posts and party chitchat? Share your insights and bon mots with a larger, more appreciative audience in a blog or podcast. The third house also rules the local scene, and with just a little effort you’re likely to uncover some fun hometown happenings. But you’ll have to push yourself to shop around instead of settling for what’s easy and comfortable. Get a Class Pass and try different studios, take one-day (or three-hour) workshops. From canning summer fruit to Tarot 101 to Japanese brush painting to permaculture gardening, try it all and see what lights your fire.

Saturday, after six weeks in your sign, motivational Mars jets into Leo and your second house of finances. While the frenetic vibes die down a bit (boo hoo), once the extra income starts rolling in, you’ll embrace the more grounded groove. Income-boosting opportunities come out of the woodwork—but you have to put in the elbow grease. At work, take more initiative. If you’re up for a performance review, helm a passion project that captures the attention of your higher-ups or prospective new clients. Be assertive, but not domineering with coworkers.

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