02-20-2017 to 02-26-2017
Normally you do an admirable job of balancing your personal and professional lives. But on Wednesday, February 22 you might feel as stretched and twisted as a balloon animal. A testy square between go-getter Mars in your career corner and shadowy Pluto in your relationship house throws your artful juggling act off-balance. There IS a way to find equilibrium, Cancer, but it might surprise you. It’s not about giving more and more of yourself to your boss and S.O. or family. (That would leave nothing left for YOU.) Try a new tack and put your own needs first. It’s instinctive for you to play the role of nurturing caretaker, but that can lead to resentment, especially when the giving gets lopsided. And work, as you know, can be a bottomless pit of demands. The more you give, the more they need, and somehow the pressure only seems to mount. Enough already! Put your Chelsea boot down and assert yourself. Then, trust that when you set boundaries (and mean it), the people who truly care about you will honor them. Who knows? They might finally get the hint that you have needs, too. Of course, not everyone will get onboard with the new program. Some could act out in unexpected (and totally uncool) ways, so be ready for potential shakeups. Growth always requires some letting go, but at least you’ll know who you can count on. And that, as they say, is priceless.
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Get ready for some very new vistas this weekend! On Saturday, just say yes to any and all opportunities for adventure. Messenger Mercury swings into your jetsetting ninth house until March 13, intensifying your interest in foreign…everything. While it’s not likely that you can hop a plane to Kuala Lumpur this weekend, anything that takes you outside your shell will do. Pack a weekender bag and explore that developing neighborhood up the freeway, or be a tourist in your hometown and check out different venues. Set up those faresaver alerts and take a peek at Couchsurfer.com! A global jaunt doesn’t have to break the bank! If you’re single, don’t be shy about exchanging glances with people who come from different backgrounds than you. This Mercury phase also makes you hungry to learn. The local indie bookstore or college campus may become your new stomping grounds. One word of warning: With the communication planet in your candid ninth house, you can dish out heavy doses of truth serum. Ouch! Self-edit before you read anyone the riot act (and rip their egos to shreds, unwittingly) or drag a potential ally across the Twittersphere.
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Wanderlust gets even stronger on Sunday, when a new moon/solar eclipse lands in Pisces and that globetrotting ninth house of yours. This is the final Pisces eclipse in a series that began on March 20, 2015, and is likely to bring some of your initiatives of the past year to fruition. Whether the theme is travel, study or an entrepreneurial enterprise, put the pedal to the metal and make one final blast ahead! Deepen your connection to things that matter to you but may have gotten short shrift as you “paid your dues” at work. Why NOT take that yoga retreat in Bali or get certified as a cross-cultural mediator or holistic nutritionist? If you’re seriously considering it, try to sign up within a month of the eclipse, even if the training won't begin till summer. This is a period of major expansion, so cast a wider net in everything you do, from business dealings to making friends in far-flung ports. By the corresponding Pisces full moon/lunar eclipse on September 6, it will be more than obvious that the world really is your oyster.
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