Cancer Weekly Horoscope


07-18-2016 to 07-24-2016
Be still thy beating heart! On Tuesday, the full moon in Capricorn sets off fireworks in your seventh house of committed relationships. A blossoming connection could finally become exclusive and legit; or, you could deepen the bond with your S.O. Single Cancers could swoon for an "attractive opposite." So what if you love trap beats and they're indie rock? The differences are what create the sparks. If a relationship has felt off balance, you could redefine roles near Tuesday. Maybe your nurturing ways have become a little too "smother mother" for bae, despite your truly loving intentions. Instead of asking for more in return, try doing less. You have to create the space of receptivity in order for others to give to you—and this can be scary for some Crabs out there. The biggest challenge here may be curbing your tendency to rush in for the save. On the flip side, maybe you've grown addicted to a partner babying you. You're a comfort loving sign and the gestures sure feel sweet. But this could become downright disempowering if you don't take the wheel again—especially since liberated Uranus will lock into a tricky square (90-degree angle) to the full moon. Reclaim some autonomy, Cancer! Absence CAN make the heart grow fonder. Relationships that are idling along without a clear title and direction could also be in danger of a blowup. Uranus is in Aries and your goal-oriented tenth house—and the Capricorn full moon is also all about those milestones. Enough playing coy or worrying that you'll scare your love interest away by talking commitment. Now is the time to find out, Cancer: Are the two of you headed down a shared path? Do you want similar things from life; do you hold common values? With the right person, these discussions can be delightfully illuminating.
Business partnerships could evolve—or devolve—with this full moon-Uranus mashup. Here, too, you'll want to heed the call for clarity. Get expectations on the table, defining titles, roles and territory. Without a straight-up understanding and agreement, you are setting yourself up for a potential disaster. Lawyer up and get a contract in place—even (and especially) if you're doing business with a friend. That attorney's retainer is the best emotional insurance you can buy for your bond. You may be surprised to see someone stepping forward with a business offer this week, too. Unconventional and out of left field? Sure, but it might just have the makings of a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler-style hit.
Wednesday's Venus-Saturn trine turns your attention to finances. While Venus rules your pleasurable purchases, Saturn is all about the long-term gains of saving and investing. Give your books a review (or set up an appointment with a financial planner) to make sure you're allocating your hard-earned cash properly. Despite your deep need for security, a Cancer cannot survive on Ramen alone. Create realistic categories, flowing funds into your 401K and also setting some aside for an entertainment budget. When you try to starve yourself of luxury you always rebel—and that's where the REAL retail therapy damage is done. Having a structure in place will be a sanity-saver this week and can help you determine whether or not you can actually afford that gorgeous piece you've been eyeing. Who knows? Once you've balanced the books you might find room in the budget to indulge.
On Friday, your 2016 birthday season comes to a close as the Sun drifts on to Leo until August 22. Here's hoping you properly regaled your new year of life, because now it's "get back down to business" time. In all honesty you’re ready to cork up the champagne and be a productive member of society once again. Work life will flourish with just a little elbow grease. If you're ready to explore more gainful employment, get on the ball. Polish up your resume and LinkedIn profile, and even give your working wardrobe a little upgrade. The Sun is in showstopping Leo, after all, so you can't ignore the impact that image has on matters. How can you make sure your talents shine and keep yourself heads and tails above the competition? If that's unclear, enlist the pros—graphic designers, branding experts, executive coaches, headshot photographers—who can help you carve out your niche and represent.

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