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Monday May 18th - Sunday May 24th

Whoa, Cancer.  Life could feel as surreal as a Dali painting this Monday, May 18 when mental Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Gemini, your ethereal twelfth house. With the planet of communication sending scrambled signals to your subconscious, the line between fantasy and reality could seriously blur. Don’t fight it! Instead, dive into “the artist’s way,” or literally pick up the eponymous workbook by author Julia Cameron. An imaginative project that’s been simmering in your idea bank could come to life in beautiful brushstrokes, crashing chords, or flowery phrases. Retrogrades rule the past, and the twelfth house governs healing. Echoes of an old hurt or betrayal could reverberate again. Turns out you weren’t “so over it,” like you’ve been insisting. Swaddle yourself in sacred support for the next three weeks.  Remember Winston Churchill’s famous saying: When you’re going through hell, keep going. Persistence is required to get to the true source of this pain (and again, creativity is super cathartic, too). Avoid the temptation to engage with the perpetrating party right now. Although forgiveness may be imminent, give yourself time to feel all your own emotions now—without having to stand on higher ground. Work with a therapist, healer, or spiritual guide who specializes in shadow work. You just can’t paint sunshine over the storm clouds, Cancer—not if you actually want to move beyond this drama.


Some help for this mission arrives on Thursday when the Sun joins both Mercury and passion-planet Mars in Gemini and your transitional twelfth house until June 21. Don ye now those rubber gloves! This is the final phase of your annual zodiac cycle; a time best used for clearing away the cobwebs from your past year so you can start your birthday season on a fresh note this June 21. For some Crabs, this could be interpreted literally. If your house is strewn with sentimental objects that are past their due date (or need some organizing), let the decluttering commence! Bag up those misbegotten retail therapy splurges or the items that still have the tags on them two years after purchase. Gift the more valuable pieces to loved ones who will use and appreciate them. With Mars’ motivating wind at your back, you could power clean your basement, storage unit and garage before the summer solstice! Emotionally, you may realize that you need better boundaries. You don’t have to put up an impenetrable shell though, Cancer. Just get honest about where you require more space and “me” time. Without time to retreat into your own world, you can feel seriously exhausted by people. Meditate, journal and reflect about what your needs are. Then, when you feel you can express them lovingly, let your peeps know the deal. Are you ready to release a toxic relationship? There’s no time better than the present. If someone devastated you, sitting down together won’t bring closure. Instead, write an uncensored letter to pour your heart out. Then, have a ceremonial burning, dropping the paper into a fire pit instead of the mailbox. The muse will be close at hand for the coming four weeks, too: Keep a notebook on your nightstand. Divinely inspired ideas could strike while you sleep!


With all this esoteric, emotional energy you’re flowing through, it might be easy to neglect your body.  On Friday, the Sun gets checked by structure-hound Saturn in Sagittarius and your sixth house of healthy routines. Moving that stuck energy out of your psyche is great; now, how about sending it out of your body? Make sure your weekend plans include some fun physical activity. Go for a hike or long bike ride; take regular dance breaks (may we suggest Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” as your anthem?). Food can be a Cancer’s favorite mood stabilizer: When the going gets tough, the tough go for cronuts! Alas, those sugary indulgences, as well as the flowery cocktails, can just cause a crash when you’re dealing with so much. Devote the weekend to detoxing: Sip juice, each fresh salads, head to the spa for a soak and a schvitz in the sauna.  Your lit-from-within glow will be back in no time!

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