Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Release some of that creative control, Capricorn! Collaborating with an ensemble cast could yield stellar results over the coming four weeks as the Sun buzzes into Scorpio from Tuesday, October 23, until November 21. It's anyone's guess what you might drum up when you get the "hive mind" together for a brainstorming session—and that's the exciting part! Be open to unforeseen possibilities; ones you couldn't exactly dream up on your own. And relax: Talking about them isn't the same as implementing them. You can always go back to your original plan if need be...but now with a fresh perspective. With Venus traveling retrograde, ping a few talented people from your past and ask for their feedback. They know you well, Capricorn, and can offer up insights that jive with your sensibilities. With worldly Jupiter co-piloting through Scorpio until November 8, some of these collabs could happen virtually. Coordinate time zones and schedule those Zoom calls. If things have been getting a little too insular in the Capricorn Crew, tap into Jupiter's expansiveness and sense of wonder. Drop in to group hangs, dabble in a different scene, tag along with friends on their extracurricular jaunts. The cutting-edge influence of the eleventh house could lead you towards thought leaders, activists and artists—and this week, you may find your rightful place among them.
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The eleventh house also governs technology. If you have an online venture in the works, shift into development mode—and do it before Mercury turns retrograde from November 16 to December 6. Type your name into a Google search and see what comes up. With Venus currently retrograde, you might even find a few results from the archives (like that photo of you and that creeper you "dated," or one snapped in the aftermath of a bad bangs situation) that you want to take down, like, stat. Geek is chic for the coming four weeks. Would learning new software boost you into a new pay grade? Or maybe it's time to invest in wireless and electronic devices that bring more joy and ease to your days. If you're feeling extra creative, add some gadgetry to your Halloween plans. A light-up costume could be epic!
Wednesday’s full moon in Taurus illuminates your glamorous, regal and romantic fifth house. Chemistry that's been bubbling for the past six months could erupt into major PDA. And since you might meet someone amazing when you're not even looking, take a little more time to primp so you look and feel your best. Another reason to be "camera ready" while you're out and about? This full moon may draw public attention, including bloggers and the mainstream media, who are interested in your story. And whether or not YOU want to be the subject of their attention, promote any passion projects fearlessly. The world needs to know about the work you've been doing, Capricorn, whether you have a finished product ready to "take to market" or are simply looking for kindred spirits who can ride the inspiration train with you. Single or attached, this full moon will reconnect you to your inner romantic. Pick up a pair of tickets to a special performance and plan a dress-up date before the week is through. Feeling a rush of baby fever? Since the fifth house rules fertility, pregnancy may be a hot topic. If you have children (or are an aunt or uncle), the little ones in your life could require a bit more attention midweek. And don’t ignore your own inner child—not to mention your inner WILD child, which may be clamoring for playtime!

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