02-20-2017 to 02-26-2017
Is your home your sanctuary or a source of friction and miscommunication? On Wednesday, February 22 provocateur Mars in your emotional fourth house squares off with spiky Pluto in your sign. Ouch! All that hard-won serenity may be replaced by bickering and competitive vibes. Your normally thick skin will be paper-thin, and tiny slights could feel like battle-worthy salvos. First thing to do: TRY not to take things so personally. Reframe your overreaction as a sign that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard and not getting adequate self-care or support. The fourth house rules all things feminine, so turn to the ladies in your life to recharge your batteries. On the other side of the coin, set some serious limits with so-called friends who only make withdrawals and not deposits into the Capricorn Emotional Bank. Ultimately this transit can teach you to put yourself first instead of always being the rock for everyone else. While you adore your inner circle, you need to fly free at times. Let people know this and don’t worry about whether they’ll be hurt or offended. (That’s THEIR problem, Cap.) Under this fierce Mars-Pluto energy, playing the role of family guy or gal may feel a little too suffocating. Running away may be tempting, but more useful is staying put and dealing with what comes up in real time. You know what they say: Wherever you go, there you are.
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You love the security of daily routines, Capricorn, but when inquisitive Mercury flits into Pisces and your audacious third house on Saturday, you may decide that diversity is the spice of life. Lucky for you there are plenty of energizing people and events practically in your backyard. (Certainly within arm’s reach of your keypad.) Call that friend who loves to go out dancing. Drop in at the “paint-and-sip” art studio. Check out new classes at the gym or wander through an unfamiliar part of town. The messenger planet will get your social butterfly wings a’flapping, so spend these next three weeks filling your calendar with parties and cultural and industry events. Been procrastinating on a writing project because you don’t know where to begin? Open a blank page and just start scrawling. Mercury gives you verbal prowess, and you might be amazed at what comes through. Note: DON’T edit the first version. Just let it flow. You can come back and tweak it later.
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Your world may expand exponentially on Sunday, when a potent Pisces new moon/solar eclipse fires up your third house even more. This is the last in an eclipse series that began on March 20, 2015, and can bring your endeavors to a climax or point of completion. If you’ve been on the outs with a brother or sister (or a friend who feels like one), extend an olive branch. Make sure you mean it, though! You could get this relationship back on track or take it to a higher level. In all your friendships, surround yourself with folks who share your most important values. This can be challenging for ambitious Caps who don’t like to sit around waiting for things to “naturally unfold.” You know what you want and you know how to get it, and sluggish people stifle your energy. The trick is knowing which friends are better to network and brainstorm with and which are just fun drinking buddies. You need to keep working busily on your own goals and not have to worry if someone takes your absence personally. The good news is that more kindred spirits will spring up like early crocuses over the coming weeks. Talk to colleagues to see who’s on the same page and might be interested in joining forces on a short-term project that showcases your mutual strengths. Take your time developing this. You could see major results by the corresponding Pisces full moon on September 6.
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