Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
This Monday, June 17, brings the year's only full moon in Sagittarius, which sounds like a party, but because it lands in your twelfth house of introspection and surrender, it’s a very private party! That may not sound like your idea of fun, but if you tap the power of these moonbeams, you can do some profound healing work over the next two weeks and even six months. Truth, Cap: Is there something (or someone) in your life that you know in your heart of hearts has to be released for you to feel truly free? There’s no value in wasting any more time, energy or psychic bandwidth trying to change a person who doesn’t want to budge or to control a situation that's out of your hands. If you're ready to move on from a person, behavior or limiting belief that's holding you back from a wonderful mission, you can do it now (or soon). Easy it’s not, but your single-minded sign has the determination to face your challenges with strength and maturity. Trust that after you make this move, you will begin to feel light, clear and FREE. Not there yet? Set a deadline and appoint a couple “gatekeeper” friends to hold you accountable.
If you’ve been so focused on the job lately that you’re at risk for turning into an “all work and no play” Goat, it’s time to flip the script. And just in time, this Friday, soulful Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces and your garrulous, outgoing third house, inviting you to prioritize people once again. You love your friends and actually value having a lively social life; it’s just easy for your hardworking sign to get your professional-personal life-balance out of whack. Over the coming five months, with the dreamy planet in reverse, you can get back in touch with old amigas, neighbors (and maybe a sibling or two) who’ve fallen by the wayside. Excuses and apologies won’t even be necessary. Just let people know how much you enjoy their company and have missed hanging out with them. Under Neptune's spell, synergistic conversations can feel magical, but beware that certain “princes” may revert to their “frog” state once the hazy planet corrects course on November 27.
Later on Friday, the Sun blasts into Cancer, powering up your seventh house of dynamic duos. This is also the summer solstice, a powerful day (and night) for setting intentions and bringing initiatives to completion. Between now and July 22, partnerships become higher-priority for you, whether for business or romance. If you’re in a solid relationship, you can deepen your bond by talking about more emotional subjects and sharing your unfulfilled desires with your beloved. Single Caps will be magnetic under this solar power surge, and the only “obstacle” to your buddying up might be between your ears. (Worth looking at!) Considering a professional or creative collaboration? Screen potential partners carefully. The wrong one will bring frustration you neither need nor want. But with the right one, you can make magic!

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