Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

10-16-2017 to 10-22-2017
Don't strain your brain trying to be logical this week, Capricorn. Starting Tuesday, October 17 mental Mercury reserves a seat in esoteric Scorpio's section (your eleventh house) and flips on your innovative, "mad scientist" switch. With the messenger planet buzzing here until November 5, you'll wake up thinking about the enigmatic wonders of our mysterious universe. (For some humorous-yet-intriguing fodder, check out this eponymous podcast Quantum physicists have been making an ever-stronger case that our thoughts shape our realities—and perhaps even influence the results that we manifest on the material plane. Use the coming few weeks to really tune in to your own mental messages. What if changing your internal monologue really COULD shift your life for the better? Make up a mantra or reframe a negative thought as an affirmation. (For example, "I feel stuck" could become "I am open to seeing things differently.") Expedite that goal by having more stimulating dialogues with broad-minded folks. This ultra-social Mercury cycle is an ideal time to tap the hive mind and host a think tank discussion with the brilliant people you know. You might even reconfigure the radius of your inner circle so that the perpetual cynics and depressing pessimists stop sticking a pin in your unicorn balloon. Leaning in to magic might seem a tiny bit ridiculous to your rational sign, but don't forget that you're the zodiac's SEA goat, blessed with a metaphorical mermaid's tail to complement your headstrong, hardscrabble nature. When you allow yourself to believe in the unseen (or at least acknowledge its potential existence) miracles happen, Capricorn. This Mercury cycle could also arouse the activist in you, firing up your desire to make the world a better place. Get a jump on the giving spirit of the season by finding a charity where your leadership skills can truly make an impact.
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Drop down the rabbit hole, Capricorn, but do come up for your pre-scheduled conference calls and power lunches. Although the timing may be awkward, your career will kick into high gear in the second half of the week. It starts with Thursday's new moon in Libra which activates an ambitious, six-month cycle in your tenth house of professional achievements. When it comes to your goals, the ceiling just can't hold you. The question is, what lofty mission will you take on next? Use this new moon to map out YOUR ideal game plan. Maybe you'd like to work remotely a couple days each week or travel less (or more!) for the job. If you've been lit up about the idea of starting your own LLC or rising through the ranks to an executive position, this new moon is your launch pad.
Even more momentum arrives on Sunday as make-it-happen Mars blasts into Libra for his biennial, career-boosting visit. With the red planet here until December 9, the results of your professional efforts could be more dynamic and far-reaching than you expect. Think big…and bigger still. What boxes do you still want to tick before 2017 is through? Being the boss and CEO of your own company, locking in celebrity clients, heading up a new division of your firm, investing in a passive-income generating business that creates a family legacy? With high-octane Mars spurring you on, you might as well play the biggest game you possibly can. A tip: Make sure your world domination plan involves a little down time here and there. If you aren't careful, your workaholic tendencies can flare between now and December 9. Being in charge doesn't mean eating holiday meals at your desk and trying to crush as a one-person show. A great exercise might be to create an org chart for your future empire. What power players would you need in your royal court in order to pull off the mission, sanity intact? Having a healthy work-life balance should be a priority when you make this plan.
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