Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

08-20-2018 to 08-26-2018
The same old four walls might feel like they're closing in on you this Thursday, August 23, when wanderlust strikes like a lightning bolt. The shimmering Sun blasts into Virgo and your ninth house of travel, adventure, education and anything that holds the promise of expanding your knowledge base. Try to get ahead on your work and familial responsibilities now because over the coming few weeks, you'll hear the siren song of the open road. Under this solar surge, anything new or different will by definition sound exciting. If you can, book a getaway before September 22, to either a long-held dream destination or to a friend's beach house. Go with a friend or bae or, if they don't have vacation time, fly solo. It's the best way to improve your roaming-gnome skills, practice another language and meet people you'd never get to know otherwise. (Which can bring special perks to single Sea Goats.) If you're chained to the desk, you can still widen your horizons by taking a class, signing up for a lecture series or getting lost in drool-inducing travel blogs that may inspire your next trip when you CAN go. 
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Saturday's skies feature a rare and empowering grand earth trine that might just rock your world—if you let it. The Sun in your jet-setting ninth house forms a supportive triangle with your ruler, structured Saturn, in Capricorn and transformational Uranus in your creative, passionate sector. Normally you prefer to analyze a situation from every angle before jumping in, but this empowering alignment gives you the confidence to dive in head-first. What have you been dreaming about doing but have been afraid to act on? (Yes, that!) Opportunities like this don't come around every week or even half-year, so if you don't want to be kicking yourself over a wasted chance next month, see what happens if you just say yes.
It's time to put your money where your mouth is on Sunday, when 2018's only full moon in Pisces lights up your third house of big ideas, social networking and communication. All eyes (or ears?) will be on you, so don't disappoint your audience! You've been planning something for a while now—alone or with a partner—and these next two weeks are perfect for your big reveal. If you're not quite at that stage, stay open to all kinds of new connections, but don't feel like you have to hunt them down. By putting your ideas out there and not putting up the steel gates, people will find YOU. Spend more time in your own neighborhood getting to know the local business owners and patrons. Kindred spirits are surely among them, but if you never stick around long enough to start a meaningful conversation, you'll never meet them!
Also on Sunday, your competitive side might feel challenged to a duel with someone who's trying to pull a power play. With lucky Venus in your tenth house of career success, it FEELS like things should be flowing smoothly. Yet manipulative Pluto in your sign is throwing Venus shade and challenging her authority. There's a way to reestablish it, Capricorn, and it involves not only diplomacy, but speaking softly while swinging a very large stick!
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