Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

04-24-2017 to 04-30-2017
Work…or werk? Now we're talking, Capricorn! On Wednesday, April 26 the year's only Taurus new moon electrifies your seductive, passionate fifth house. The sweetest part? This isn't a one-day one-off: New moons influence events over a six-month period. So you can plot, plan and practice your pick-up lines to your heart's delight. But get into action soon, because the love train won't hang out at the station forever. The fifth house also rules self-expression and creativity. If you've been waiting for the perfect moment to dye your hair rose gold (or Millennial pink) or get lash extensions, look up. That's your style muse waving the checkered flag! Or maybe your statement is sleek and androgynous. Many a Capricorn has crushed the suit game including David Bowie and Annie Lennox. Once you're properly styled, get out and celebrate—yes, on a work night. Hit the dance floor or make an appearance at friends' art openings and band performances. Single Capricorns could clean up this week, right swiping and in real life. Since communication planet Mercury is still retrograde, you might rekindle a connection with a past date who intrigued you but slipped away before you had a chance to get things in motion. Coupled Caps can rekindle the embers with a sexy dress-up date and more adventurous field trip dates. Our special relationship advice: Steer very clear of heavy conversation killers like, "We never do anything fun together anymore." Instead, just DO something fun. (Out-of-town wine country trip or a couple's cooking class?) True, you might have to research, plan and buy the tickets), but it'll be worth it—plus you can "invite" your mate to grab the reins on the next one. Are you ready for a more permanent adventure? This fertile full moon could bring talks of babies and engagement baubles for some Capricorns. Or, you could finally get that knowing feeling that the person you're dating IS actually The One. Ah, clarity.
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Call forth your interior decorating skills this Friday—and maybe your inner general contractor. Aesthetically minded Venus grooves into Aries and your domestic fourth house for the next six weeks, and we'll bet dollars to donuts you won't be happy with the status quo. This is the beautifying planet's second visit to this region in 2017. The first was from February 3 to April 2, but since it included a frustrating retrograde period that began March 4, you may not have accomplished anything. But now Venus is blazing ahead, and you might start to see your home with totally fresh eyes. Before you put roller to wall or start ripping up carpet, come up with a game plan (your sign's specialty). Start a Pinterest board, collecting every image that captures your fancy. Then price things out and take measurements. Your vision may be grander than your budget—or your home's footprint—and this is one area where you HAVE to keep it real. Shop around at good consignment shops (or carefully scour Craigslist) and you could find exactly what you want within your price range. Here's a savvy hack: Look past what's there (especially the clutter) and imagine your rooms as clean empty space. Now envision your dream digs. Immersing yourself in beauty can actually be healing. Since Venus is always the love planet, pay special attention to your bedroom. Make sure you symbolically leave space for a partner, including a matching nightstand and room in your closet and dresser. Couples may plunge into some heavy conversations about next steps, like cohabitation, meeting the 'rents or family planning.
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