Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Find something to celebrate this Wednesday, February 21—just because! As fun-loving, flirty and frisky Venus teams up with dreamy Neptune in Pisces and your social sector, you need to let your hair down. Give your playful side more leverage and watch what happens when you're not obsessing on some major work deadline that's hanging over your head like a dark cloud. No one's paying you to hustle 24/7, Capricorn! (That's on you.) Shut the office door behind you and blow off responsibilities for a while. Or, combine them both; that's why "lunch meetings" were invented, didn't ya know? While you're breaking out of the box, let your killer sense of humor out to play. Don't worry what anyone thinks about this free-flowing side of yourself—but rest assured that it will attract some fascinating people into your realm. This rare, once-a-year Neptune-Venus mashup falls in your expressive third house, spurring creative communication. Should words fail you, lean into a nonverbal or artistic way to share your feelings. Since the third house also rules local action, you won't need to venture far for entertainment. Check out an up-and-coming neighborhood with adorable boutiques and restaurants with eclectic fare (and patrons!). Looking for some midweek entertainment? Drop in at a live performance or gallery opening. And if you're single, don't be quick to judge the people you run into. Casual banter could open a portal to romance.
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Note we said, "If you're single." This weekend, the lines of love could bleed and blur if you're not careful. While no one's judging you, Capricorn, your own highly refined sense of morality may call you on the carpet if you're acting unattached when you're not. Hotheaded Mars in your twelfth house of the unconscious—and fantasy—is on a collision course with temperate love planet Venus in compassionate Pisces. Like Oscar Wilde, late Saturday (into Sunday) you may be able to resist everything but temptation! You like to think of yourself as having both feet planted firmly on terra firma, but under this cosmic clash, your pragmatic judgment may be MIA. If you're in a union that's nearing extinction (or unhealthy), this actually might be the impetus to cut bait. But if you're in a pretty solid relationship, make sure that a short-lived fling won't sabotage it. No matter what happens (or doesn't), this is a good moment to get real with yourself and perhaps open a candid discussion about your needs and desires. Don't feel guilty if you realize it's time to create space for the right person to come in. Time WILL heal all wounds.
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Keep plans loose and fluid on Sunday as best you can, Cap! Exploratory Mercury joins forces with unpredictable Neptune. You might start off with a clear agenda only to pull a 180 when you hear about something way more fun-sounding across town. Let the journey be the point instead of the destination. You'll see how liberating it can feel to follow the spirit of adventure. You may be happier with friends who prefer to go with the flow rather than rigidly stick to the itinerary.
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