Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

06-18-2018 to 06-24-2018
Scroll through your friend list, Capricorn, and give your memory a jog. It's not that you've forgotten all the fabulous people you've met along life's journey. But with your busy schedule, you simply haven't had time to connect. This Monday, June 18 soulful Neptune spins retrograde in Pisces and your social third house, opening up a window to prioritize people again. But during Neptune's about face, which lasts until November 24, you need to do so in a laid-back, pressure-free way. Can you make more room in your calendar for getting-to-know-you hangs? Quality time and attention are like sunlight and water for budding relationships. While deep, synergistic conversations can feel magical under Neptune's spell, some may be ephemeral, only sticking around until the blue-hazed planet corrects course on November 24. So, uh, before you WhatsApp that mercurial tattoo artist you partied with in Ibiza in 2017, have a think. Maybe there's a reason you haven't nurtured certain bonds. Perhaps the expectations were too great or your deeper values too divergent. Or maybe you just sensed some self-absorption simmering underneath all that flamboyant charisma. Since Neptune is the planet of illusion, appearances CAN be deceiving. Get to know people slowly and, if you're doing business together, put all agreements in writing. Even the closest relationships go through their seasons, Capricorn. But starting today, you may discover that a "fallow field" friendship is fertile soil in which you can both plant new seeds.
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Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo puts summer travel plans on the front burner. Are you saying, "Wait...what summer travel plans?" Well, Capricorn, the ones you need to start making, like now. You don't have to tumble down a research rabbit hole. Poll friends on their favorite global hotspots. In the process, you might just wind up scoring a friend's extra ticket to Burning Man or grabbing the last spare room in that Paris apartment a few of your GFs rented. This lunar lift can bring a shot of motivation to get working on a business venture...or maybe the next chapter of that book you're penning. Big projects can be daunting, but use the harmonizing energy of the quarter moon to create a project plan. Try to remember that Rome doesn't necessarily NEED to be built in a day. Curb the tendency to put stressful timelines onto your passion projects. You might think you work well under pressure (and a little bit is fine), but you don't want to rush through the creative process!
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If you're on a deadline—self-imposed or otherwise—no need to battle your way to the finish line by your lonesome. On Thursday, the Sun blazes into Cancer, lighting a fire in your seventh house of partnerships. These blazes burn brightly until July 22, illuminating a couple of rare birds who share your high-functioning skills and elite standards. But since Cancer is your opposite sign, don't go casting for a clone. Seek the Solange to your Beyonce, someone who brings a distinctive style to the equation, that, of course, meshes well with your trademark M.O. Looking for love? Paddle out of the obvious dating pools and challenge yourself to develop new interests. The odds of a love match popping up in your insular friend pod is pretty slim. That said, your close friends might be keen to be play Cupid for you. Put them on matchmaker duty and see if any of their suggestions spark a sexy frisson. It can't hurt! Existing relationships deepen by July 22. Time to stop ruminating over that one-and-done loser and invest more time in a promising potential you've been keeping at arm's length. Coupled Caps, be mindful about making your S.O. a priority again. Warning: Don't overload your schedule! Having the Sun in your opposite sign can also be a low-energy period since those rays are so far away. If you want to have the momentum and mojo to enjoy the rich, romantic rewards, you might also need some longer periods of rest. Rejuvenate with regular (but not overly strenuous) exercise, vitamins, and treatments like massage and acupuncture that help your kundalini rise.
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