Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
Keep those personal goals in your crosshairs, Capricorn! And, uh, try to have a little more fun. The Sun is wrapping up its annual monthlong tour through your sign before moving on to Aquarius this Thursday, January 19. Capitalize on those life-giving rays and go big! The first half of the week is ripe for taking bold initiative. Pitch, present and push your projects into the public eye, making sure the office VIPs are aware of your ambitious moves. It's not selfish to be self-focused—as long as you're not leaving others in the lurch. Reschedule weekday social plans so you can fully concentrate on hitting a benchmark by Thursday. You will need to screen out distractions in order to finesse your masterpiece, which might require you to work in solitude. Or, take a firm leadership role, delegating tasks instead of putting your hands into every pot. This is a powerful week for self-expression, and Capricorn performers should find their way to an audition or open mic. You might get scouted while you're out running errands, so dress to impress. If you're bored with your wardrobe, squeeze in a shopping trip before the weekend and a salon appointment, too. Dabble with different hair colors and bold makeup schemes. Weave some bright color in with the heather grey and undyed wool your sign so loves. Those cheery hues can actually motivate you during these long, dark days.
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On Thursday, the Sun bids your sign adieu and moves on to Aquarius and your second house of planning and financial foundations for a month. The manic pace of your life will slow—and you won't mind a bit. Embrace the space and use the coming four weeks to shift life back into a manageable flow. Pop on the project manager's hat while you're at it. You've had many brilliant ideas while the Sun was in Capricorn, but can you pull them off? Map out timelines and schedules; work up a budget and determine what people-power and resources will be required. Think in phases and smaller steps and it will all feel much more doable. Are you on the hunt for more gainful employment? Aquarius' solar power can help you cinch a great position, or figure out what skills you need to gain to ascend the ladder. Polish up your business materials, enlisting a graphic designer or downloading a sleek template and font set. You've never been the excessive type, but you do like your luxury. With the Sun in your decadent second house until February 18, aim for quality over quantity. One well-made, yet pricier, purchase that you cherish for years will be a far better investment than a flimsier, but cheaper, model. As an earth sign, fresh air and nature rejuvenate you, and the active Aquarius Sun calls you to bundle up and play in the great outdoors. Try snowshoeing, get a ski pass, practice your figure-8s on the outdoor ice rink. Then, warm your bones by dabbling with healthy comfort food recipes. It's time to nourish yourself, Capricorn. Experiment with crockpot recipes that you can "set and forget" during your busy days. You might even work with a nutritionist or Ayurvedic practitioner to create a meal plan best suited to your body type. Food is medicine and changing your diet might be the very thing that brings you vibrant health this winter. Experiment!

Be ultra-clear in your communication on Thursday, too. That day, rash, brash Mars gets checked by stern Saturn, which is parked in Sagittarius and your murky twelfth house. Don't leave anything up to chance, Capricorn. You know what they say about the word "assume." Trouble could bubble with a neighbor, roommate, or sibling if you don't check in with them before making a decision that will affect you both. If you've been depending on one sweet soul a little too often, diversify your people portfolio. This is also an important day to pay it forward. Practice your own random acts of kindness and give public props to people who have been solidly in your corner. In some cases, it might be better to shell out cash for a pro instead of tapping the favor network. The money you spend on an Uber to the airport instead of asking your sister to give you a ride (again!) could preserve your precious relationship in the year ahead.
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