Gemini Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Heat up the glue gun, load up the Bedazzler! Your crafty side takes the wheel this Tuesday, October 23, as the Sun settles down in Scorpio and your sixth house until November 21—just in time to create some Halloween madness (or some sartorial holiday gifts). With cosmic creatrix Venus retrograde meeting up with the Sun on Friday, try reworking pieces you own. Go thrifting for components that you can upcycle, from clothing to home decor. There's no end to the inspiration you can find on sites like Design Sponge and see what happens when you type "IKEA hacks" into a Pinterest search. Need some inspiration? Wander through a maker's market or deep-surf Etsy. This is the season when two of a Gemini's favorite things come together: "customized" and "handmade."
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While you're picking up supplies, breeze right past those sugar-laden "pumpkin spice" treats. Wellness goals come back into focus between now and November 21. We're not suggesting a deprivation mindset but make sure you're filled up with your RDA of dark leafy greens and lean proteins before you hit the cookie aisle. Keep your energy high with daily movement. Meet friends for hikes and dance classes instead of always defaulting to dinner and drinks. Work will get busy for the coming four weeks, too, especially with indie-spirited Jupiter lending a rush of enterprising energy to the mix until November 8. Be proactive and go after projects that speak to your soul. You may need to handle some of the "lather, rinse, repeat" aspects of the job. No, these are never a favorite for your mercurial sign. Think of them as building blocks, strengthening the foundation of whatever you're building so you can rise up and enjoy more exciting phases of the process in the near future.
This week isn't JUST about accumulating supplies and experiences. There are also things that need to be released, and Wednesday's full moon in Taurus and your transitional twelfth house will be illuminating. Stop to reflect on your life—and spend hours doing so if needed. (It could take that long.) Are the people you're dealing with lifting you up or bringing you down? Are you spending the lion's share of your time in activities that nourish your soul? Some shifts are probably in order, Gemini. You don't have to go crazy and unfriend a third of your Facebook list or suddenly quit your job. But think more carefully about who you grant inner circle status. Not everyone deserves the right to drop in to your world 24/7 or text you as if you were their emotional crisis support hotline. And even if they DO, it's probably time to put up better boundaries; ones that honor your self-care. Assert yourself lovingly—especially if this is the first time you're setting clear limits. People aren't mind readers, Gemini. In most cases, we train folks how to treat us. Let the 24/7 caller know that you'll be silencing devices after 11, or that you are only going to be checking social media once per day (and killing some of those Messenger notifications). Friends who are truly in your corner WILL understand. Keep a sketchpad, notebook, or voice recorder handy midweek—and on your nightstand, too. Under these enchanted moonbeams, visions could come to you via daydreams or in your sleep. A mentor figure may appear and take you under their wing. Stay open to the earth angels who are all around you: coaches, shamans, healers, therapists and wise friends—even if you have to humble yourself a bit in order to accept their help.

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