Gemini Weekly Horoscope

12-11-2017 to 12-17-2017
Wonder twin powers: DE-activated? Falling out of sync with a soul twin can be SO painful for a Gemini. But sometimes it happens, especially when you feel misunderstood. Recently, a minor grievance may have snowballed into a major ordeal and you can't stop thinking (or talking) about it. You have two choices here: heap fuel on the fire or de-escalate the drama. This week might be a good time to stop that runaway train and do your best to get a meaningful bond back on track. On Tuesday, December 12 the vibrant Sun glows alongside your ruler Mercury, who is retrograde in Sagittarius and your seventh house of partnerships. Though your feathers may be ruffled, the reality is this: It takes two to tango. Perhaps YOU reacted a little harshly or took a friend's stressed-out mood personally. And maybe you went a little too far with your Queen of Hearts routine and cut off a key relationship. It's never too late to say, "I'm sorry." And the good news is, most people find it hard to hold a grudge against you. But it will take a straight-up, yet compassionate, conversation about your respective visions to get realigned. Schedule some "just the two of us" time early in the week to hash it out. Remember to be the change you wish to see in this relationship. Instead of waiting for an apology, offer one instead—even if you're just saying sorry for holding in your feelings and allowing resentment to build.
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On Friday, it's affectionate Venus who mashes up with retrograde Mercury at the same degree in your seventh house of partnerships. Did you sweep romantic feelings under the rug? The searing memory of an old flame may be nearly impossible to brush off. Don't try! But don't be too quick to reach out to your ex, especially if that means opening up the door to a troubled or complex connection. Instead, let yourself reminisce on the parts of your relationship that DID work. Are you missing some of that energy in your life? Consider this a cosmic cue to revive activities that you loved doing with your bae of yesterday—but with friends or maybe someone new who has your ex's BETTER qualities (sans the baggage). Coupled Geminis could hit a wall near Friday and this may force you to clean up some unfinished business from the past. Perhaps you glossed over something that was really bothering you or made excuses for a bad behavior. Or maybe it was YOU who strayed in some way. Whatever the case, diplomatic Venus can help you discuss those triggering subjects without turning everything into a huge dumpster fire. And with both planets in unapologetically candid Sagittarius, you must tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
On Saturday, December 16 the Sun in Sagittarius swings into a harmonious angle with groundbreaking Uranus in your community corners, revitalizing social interactions. Stability? Yawn. As a variety-loving Gemini, you need to rock the boat regularly in order to get the energy moving. If you love your friends but feel like your squad could stand a shot of excitement, take the reins this weekend. Don the entertainment director's fedora and spearhead this social operative. Not everyone appreciates change as much as your mutable sign so warm people up slowly—like, say, maybe visit two new venues instead of five? Maybe it's time to start a new tradition like a pre-holiday karaoke marathon or a group volunteering mission or toy drive. Be open to new people invading your cozy little group. Does your friend have a plus-one she keeps talking about inviting? Edgy Uranus can draw some iconoclasts, activists and thought leaders into your entourage this weekend—people who can lift the collective even higher.
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