02-20-2017 to 02-26-2017
Don’t fret if you’re not voted group ambassador this week, Gem. On Wednesday, February 22 aggro Mars in your teamwork zone squares off with manipulative Pluto, and your normal diplomacy skills may be MIA. You may also find yourself at odds with your closest of allies. You can’t help it, Gemini: You’ll see through people’s treacle-sweet personas and just KNOW when things aren’t what they appear to be. Does someone need to be voted off the island? Don your Sherlock cap and seek proof if you suspect that someone is trying to advance a self-interested agenda. But approach this strategically instead of firing off accusations. You might even tap an influential third party, like an HR person or a lawyer. Before you do anything, though, see if you can come with a workable compromise. If you have to address the subject directly, wait till cooler heads prevail—early next week.
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Weekend, what weekend? The stars don’t follow OUR calendar, and when you get a career-focused double whammy, it behooves you to postpone your playdates and take professional action! On Saturday, your celestial sentinel, strategic Mercury, sails into Pisces and your tenth house of ambition and public image until March 13. Your adaptable sign is often willing to slip into the backseat and let more dominant personalities take the wheel. But this supercharged three-week period is an opportunity to let your own natural leadership abilities shine. You might not have a choice in the matter, as forces beyond your control could shove you onto center stage. The nice thing about Gem-in-charge is that you don’t need to rule with an iron fist to assert your power. (You may have to give up needing to be everyone’s friend, however.) When you catch yourself apologizing for one of your work orders, remember: This is a job, not a popularity contest, and good managers know how to keep the two things separate. The tenth house also rules all things masculine, so men may play an increasingly important role in your life over these coming three weeks. This could be your father, brother or a work associate, but probably not a romantic interest, unless you’re blending business with pleasure.
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The second half of the double whammy lands—with major fanfare—on Sunday, when a new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces electrifies your career corner and accelerates your ascent up the ladder of success. This is the last in an eclipse series that began on March 20, 2015 and could bring your work of the past two years to a brilliant climax. Knowing you, you’ve been networking strategically and putting in the necessary extra work to get recognized. (And your work has probably hit a new level of excellence!) A powerful portal is swinging wide open as you finally land on the radar screen of industry insiders. Don’t play small, Gemini—and no more waiting around to be discovered! A little (appropriate) self-promotion never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s expected in this digital day and age. You’re poised for greatness, so take time out now to review your goals. How would you like to grow and expand in 2017? Since the Law of Attraction states that we expand what we focus on, it would be helpful to write down your intentions or map out a game plan. Working with a consultant or coach can help you go further faster—plus, as “accountability watchdogs,” they can keep you on-track. Seeking more gainful employment? Reach out to a recruiter or—just wait! A call could come from out of the blue in the next few weeks. Either way, be patient. This is a MAJOR step forward, and you want it to be just right. It might take until the corresponding Pisces full moon on September 6 to hash out the final terms, but it's time to get the ball rolling now.
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