Gemini Weekly Horoscope

10-14-2019 to 10-20-2019
Shield your field, Gemini, because this Monday, October 14, you could get swept along by other people’s emotional whims. You might not even realize it’s happening until, boom! Suddenly, your cheery mood turns stormy or you’re spinning out with too many feelings. Chalk it up to a befuddling square between shadowy Pluto, the ruler of your unconscious, and the people-pleasing Libra Sun. This cosmic influence can turn you into a psychic sponge—or an accidental spiller of beans. As Pluto in your secretive eighth house crashes into the Sun in your live out loud fifth, scan the room before you unleash one of your colorful stories (or too real impersonations). The walls have ears and you don’t want to put people’s business on the loudspeaker. Go easy on the public venting, especially if you're not sure where allegiances lie. Don’t damage your credibility by spreading gossip, even if it’s just “between friends.”
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Bring order to the chaos this Tuesday as systematic Mercury steps in to manage Neptune’s swirl. Most days, you’re an idea machine, Gemini, and you’ve got the stack of notebooks to prove it. But to get some traction behind those napkin sketches, you need a plan of action. That’s where your ruler, logical Mercury, comes in. Research costs (materials, labor) and take a stab at mapping out the steps between “brilliant concept” and “sample product.” With Neptune in your tenth house of experts, don’t be shy about asking for support from people who have already had success in this realm. Pay for a few hours of guidance, if that’s the only way to access the pros. (Though with your goddess given charms, they’ll probably start off pro bono.) Their advice is a wise investment, Gem—and a whole lot cheaper than cleaning up avoidable mistakes you made from your guesswork.
Indulge responsibly this weekend as the Cancer moon settles into your sensual-but-sensible second house. Willpower isn’t exactly your strong suit, o’ impulsive one, so if you’re attempting to follow a regimented plan, steer clear of anything that tempts you to overeat/drink/spend/whatever. Unavoidable? Planning can be a lifesaver, since the Cancer moon can cause emotions can fluctuate by the nanosecond. For example, make a weekly menu and shopping list before you set foot into Whole Foods. Carry cash instead of cards. If you’re meeting friends at a restaurant, check out the online menu and figure out what you’re ordering in advance. We realize this flies in the face of your spontaneous style, so you might want to inform your companions if you’re on a budget or eating keto. That way, you’ll enlist them as support instead of derailing your commitment to yourself in a rush of FOMO.

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