Gemini Weekly Horoscope

10-16-2017 to 10-22-2017
Your systematic side takes the wheel this Tuesday, October 17 when your galactic guardian Mercury settles into Scorpio and your orderly sixth house. From now until November 5, you'll prefer spreadsheets, flowcharts and Venn Diagrams to anything operating by the chaos theory. Streamline and simplify your life, while your logical brain is at the wheel! Begin by decluttering your physical space then go after those digital files hogging up gigabytes of storage on your devices. Take what you can sell to the consignment store and drop the rest off at a charity. Less is definitely more while Mercury is fueling your urge to purge. Even if you only get rid of a few piles of paper, could you find a better—and better looking—way of organizing the stuff you keep? A Mercury in Scorpio cycle can bless you with a great sense of color balance in a room along with a heightened ability to feel the energy of spatial arrangements. Moving your bed to a different wall or getting rid of a clunky coffee table on Craigslist can open up the chi (life force energy) in the room. Mercury in your salubrious sixth house also brings a reminder that health is wealth. Forming lasting habits takes time, but with clever Mercury at the helm, you can lifehack your way to wellness. Fish out your Fitbit and let it be your must-have fall accessory. Use apps to track movement and sleep cycles—and also to find great fitness classes you can do from your tablet or phone. Since the messenger planet directs your social interactions, let friends keep you motivated by meeting for yoga or hikes instead of dinner and drinks. 
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Your star is rising in the second half of the week so save the humble brags, Gemini, and just own your greatness. On Thursday, the new moon lands in Libra and your fifth house (or should we say "haus") of fierce! Your talents, no matter how raw or polished, could be recognized by someone influential who might even put dollars behind your dreams. Or, you could get a surge of inspiration for your future blog, YouTube channel or a band you HAVE to start, like now. On Sunday, red-hot Mars blazes into Libra for the first time in nearly two years, and sets you on the fast track to fame and romance. With the red planet here until December 9, you need to take the bull by the horns. Let your competitive side out to play as you press your way into the public eye and take your well-deserved place among the glitterati. Right now, it's your job to ensure that people see the best you have to offer. Swagger is optional but belief in yourself is not. Be generous with your gifts and talents while showing people what's in it for THEM, too. Since new moons are starting blocks, don't stress about an overnight launch. You actually have the next six months to tend to the seeds you plant this week. That said, Mars IS pouring on the Miracle-Gro, so you'll probably have an earlier harvest. Start off on the right note and don't skimp on quality. From fonts to photos to the way you frame the Gemini "brand," represent with a pro-level flair.
When it comes to love, Thursday's new moon can bring a serious reboot—and the tailwind from lusty Mars will certainly expedite developments. This one-two planetary punch could hasten your departure from a bad romance or speed up the timeline of a relationship. Libra rules your fertile fifth house, so baby news might be the reason—but it could also just be the rush of love that washes over you as impetuous Mars turns you into a seventh grader all over again. Don't let painful past experiences prevent you from putting yourself out there. You'll register high on the desirability scale, Gemini. But your active participation is required if you want to find The One, cast some sultry friends-with-benefits, or rev up the connection you have to your beloved. Ready to put a ring on it? A proposal could be in the cards—and it might be YOU getting on bended knee this go 'round. If you've been pondering fertility treatments you'll find the courage to explore, or even start, the process. Mars rules sharp, pointed metal objects like needles, so acupuncture could be as effective as IVF. Not afflicted with baby fever? A magical child could come into your world by other means, like a younger relative looking for a role model. You know how to play the cool aunt or uncle part to a T, Gemini, so relish in that role. Or hey, maybe it's just a creative brainchild that wants to be birthed by you. Keep that messenger window open with the muse. If you're feeling blocked, have a listen to Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons podcast and you'll quickly reconnect to inspiration. Perform, pitch, present, find your platform!
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