Gemini Weekly Horoscope

03-27-2017 to 04-02-2017
Week of March 27, 2017
Hello, superconnector! Your social life revs into overdrive on Monday, March 27 when the year's only Aries new moon falls in your collaborative eleventh house. That moon is in good company—it lands alongside Mercury, Venus retrograde, Uranus and the Sun, so you won't be lacking for companionship. You could be invited to join an elite new crew, bring fresh talent onto Team Gemini or test the friend-as-lover waters. Over the coming six months (the period ruled by this lunation), you'll be magnetically drawn to likeminded folks who will also expand your horizons. And with tech-savvy Uranus throwing a supportive beam to la luna, you might meet these people via online platforms or through meetup groups. Been hankering to scratch some of your more "woo-woo" itches? You won't have any problem finding the right communities. With your eleventh house all lit up, geek is more chic than ever. If you've been considering launching your own web venture—alone or with an associate—test the waters now. But work out your branding and images with care. Aesthetic Venus is retrograde which means you'll want to sculpt the right visual presentation and really think it through. Aim for polished with an edge. Play your cards right and you may be able to present yourself as an online expert over the coming six months.
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Trouble in paradise? Could be. On Thursday, optimistic Jupiter in your fun-loving fifth house locks into a tense square with shadowy Pluto in your eighth house of hidden agendas. (This is the first of two Jupiter-Pluto squares; the next occurs on August 4.) You might feel the need to distance yourself from a fair-weather friend when you discover that she isn't all that happy about your recent success. Your growth could be undermining her shaky self-confidence. Chances are good she's actually envious of what you've managed to pull off. You probably can't change her, but if you're close enough, you can try to initiate a straight-up conversation. Such a radical alteration is business as usual for a multi-dimensional Gemini. Let the doubters know you're still you and that this doesn't change anything in your relationship. Focus on the positive, but if she's not ready to go there, give 'er space.
On Friday, your cosmic custodian, expressive Mercury, downshifts into Taurus and your twelfth house of closure, quietude and divine inspiration until April 20. Dial it down a notch—or four! You won't want to be far from your journal or capture device starting today, because visions and creative downloads are sure to come fast and furious. This area also rules your nocturnal musings, so set your alarm a little earlier every morning to give you time to recall and record your dreams. They might be brimming with meaning—from holding the key to certain interactions to containing actual psychic messages. With Mercury turning retrograde from April 9 until May 3, you might even reprise a few visions from your past.  The twelfth house rules intuition, so it's worth taking these random-seeming "hits" to heart. Mercury only dips into this mystical, compassionate zone once a year, making this a rare and powerful time to concentrate on your spiritual growth or self-healing. You're on a path to releasing a hurt that's been undermining your efforts for far too long. Your logical sign processes information best verbally, but during this three-week transit, you may find a deep sense of connection through meditation and yoga or the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping: Learning to separate your nonstop river of thoughts from your true self can give you a sense of control over your life.
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On Sunday, creative Venus backspins out of Aries and into Pisces for the remainder of her retrograde. This reversal began on March 4 and will continue until April 15. Now that the aesthetically minded planet is backing through your career zone, you have a chance to take an objective look at your professional image. Could your style or presentation materials use a little polish? Check in on your interactions with co-workers as well. Make sure you're projecting a friendly and approachable vibe at the office—and keep a lid on those authority issues!
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