Gemini Weekly Horoscope

06-18-2018 to 06-24-2018
Goals are great, Gemini, but what is your true "soul calling"? This Monday, June 18th nebulous Neptune plunges into its annual retrograde, a five-month cycle that can make you super introspective about your path. This year (and from 2012 to 2025), the hazy planet is touring Pisces and your tenth house of ambition and success. On and off over the past six years, you may have felt adrift about your future or even unclear about your overall professional direction. Neptune is famous for creating a fog—but not so that you get lost at sea! The true intent is to flip your lens inward so you can see your deeper purpose in life. Maybe you've gotten caught up by society's external trappings or have been trying to "keep up" with the Joneses or Jenner-Kardashians. Enough of that! Use this retrograde, which lasts until November 24, to reflect and refine. What would inspire you to leap out of bed each morning—and cause you to lose track of time during the day when you're immersed in it? Is it working with people, having more control in your job, or maybe being able to use more of your creativity (especially your verbal skills)? Whether you wind up making grand, sweeping changes or simply fine-tuning your current niche, set an intention to bring all of your natural-born gifts into the work you do.
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Since retrogrades govern the past and Neptune is associated with your "earth angels" and guides, reach out to helpful folks from your past. Maybe someone you once boosted is now in a high (or hiring!) position. Don't be shy about approaching them to see if there's a door they might open on your behalf. And with Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo nestling into your close-knit fourth house, you might discover that helpful person in your family or existing friend network. This quarter moon could deliver a wake-up call about the importance of working with the right people. Your professional personality is a bit of a paradox, Gem, since you're highly collaborative AND individualistic. Bossypants managers and strict regulations do NOT bode well with you—and can spark a full-on rebellion. But choose your battles! If you're collecting a necessary paycheck, maybe you could reframe that "law and order" boss as a temporary teacher who is strengthening your willpower and giving you a lesson in playing by the rules. Or maybe this restrictive situation is the catalyst to FINALLY get you into action around a home-based business you keep saying you're going to set up. This quarter moon can support you in blending your domestic life and your career. Be on the lookout for helpful women who can mentor you through the process.
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Centering yourself gets easier on Thursday as the Sun hunkers down in Cancer and your sensible (but sensual!) second house. While this marks the end of your 2018 birthday season (sniff), you're ready to plant your gladiator sandals on solid earth and start manifesting tangible results. You've no doubt had a zillion great ideas while the Sun toured Gemini since May 20. Now for the pragmatic question: Which of these will actually be feasible, affordable, and enjoyable to pull off? Crunch the numbers, map out the timelines and do some 101 project-management. While facts must take precedence over "fancy" between now and July 22, don't drain all the juice out of your creative vision. You might have to dig deeper with your sourcing missions, stretch a few resources, or barter to pay where you don't have cash. Imagination leads to innovation. On a personal level, Cancer season can put you in an uncharacteristically traditional groove. Let yourself be drawn in by the "family friendly" types—and enjoy dancing with that part of your own personality. Spending time with parents and kids (your own or someone else's) will have a grounding effect on you for the next four weeks. Same goes for close friends. Instead of scattering your energy among all your beloved acquaintances (and we know that you really DO adore these near-strangers), devote more QT to your rock-steady squad. Investing in loyal relationships will pay dividends before the summer is through! 
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