Gemini Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
There is magic in the mundane this week, Gemini. Taking time to deal with "the devil in the details" can be incredibly grounding as your ruler, mindful Mercury, trails alongside motivator Mars in Cancer and your sensible, secure second house. Before you ponder another complex equation, bring your focus back to the basics. Pay your bills, restock your fridge, get your calendar sorted out. Make a list of all the things you "forgot" to handle earlier in the month while the Gemini Sun was making a sparklepony out of you. No one can blame you for chasing shiny things during your birthday season, but you can no longer ignore the call of duty. Start ticking them off one by one—you'll feel a huge weight lifting!
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Financially, the Mercury-Mars conjunction brings forward momentum. Pursue any leads and follow up with people who haven't gotten back to you in a timely fashion. They may simply be distracted or "summering." But that doesn't mean they've lost interest. Keep these leads warm with a friendly check-in; even if people aren't quite ready to commit to working together, you'll stay on their minds. Has money been burning a hole in the pocket of your denim shorts? Stress may be the culprit behind your kneejerk spending habits. On Monday, meditative Neptune in your sixth house of health flows into a healing angle with antsy Mars. Skip the retail therapy fixes in favor of yoga in the park—or just taking a book somewhere lush and green and unwinding in nature. If you're going to indulge, book a massage or healing treatment that will take the edge off. (Some health insurance policies even cover this.)   
On Tuesday, just as you're about to ascend, a moralistic type could try to clip your wings. Don't let their judgments bring you down! With daring Jupiter in your flamboyant fifth house squaring off to persnickety Mercury, this is definitely a test. As you color outside the lines, there will always be critics throwing shade. But here's the deal: Most of these squawkers are frustrated creative types who have let fear allow them to underperform. When you fan your feathers, they're reminded of their own self-imposed limitations. But for some reason, it feels easier for them to lash out at you than to look in the mirror. Instead of taking their finger wags to heart, think of yourself as a role model, showing them that it's safe to be different. Of course, the "critic" might actually be the little voice inside of YOUR head. Are you suppressing your true nature for fear of outside judgment? Limiting your romantic options because you're worried about what your friends might think? Life is too short to be wasted on trying to please other people. Follow your bliss and swing out!
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A sultry weekend is in store as seductive Pluto in your erotic eighth house throws a dare to lusty Mars in your sensual second. An attraction could go from warm to exothermic—and feelings will be SO intense! Geminis in relationships may have a rare bout of insecurity, worrying too much about what the future might bring. Instead of leaving things up to chance, have a conversation about commitment. Maybe you need a stronger or clearer confirmation of feelings. Try not to be too esoteric or guarded yourself. Your vulnerability, while scary to cop to, will be incredibly endearing.
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