Gemini Weekly Horoscope

08-14-2017 to 08-20-2017
Curb your enthusiasm? Never! But this week, you might keep a few cards closer to your vest until you have every hunch confirmed—and your budget balanced, too. Decadent Venus is at the halfway mark of her monthlong cruise through Cancer and your luxurious, sensual second house. But this week she'll get checked by two other planets who remind her that fools rush in. It starts on Tuesday as powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn and your house of sex, secrets and serious bank sits opposite Venus in the sky. The urge to splurge (and merge!) may be insatiable in moments, then paralleled by the opposite extreme of straight-up repulsion. All things magnetic attract and repel. (You, of all signs, understand that duality.) So you can expect to run hot and cold this week, pushing people away one minute, seducing them back into your orbit the next. Let yourself experience the full range of the cycle before making any final calls. Pluto's clapback at Venus also reminds you to think beyond the moment when it comes to funds. Glamorous, high-end goods may be your weakness but make sure you're also tucking cash away in your investment account, or at least savings. (You know, Gemini, things that don't depreciate by half the minute you take it off the retailer's shelf?) Pluto could reveal a hidden charge or an unexpected expense. Instead of freaking out, let this be your prompt to be better prepared for these rainy days. Pick up your first Suze Orman book or ask friends to recommend a great financial planner who can help you build that diversified portfolio of individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Two words, Gemini: Compounding interest.
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On Thursday, things get complicated between Venus and "no limits" Jupiter as they clash into a challenging square (90-degree angle). This transit can make one prone to overconfidence, especially with Jupiter parked in your ego-driven fifth house. But a brash or rebellious move could affect your public reputation. In affairs of the heart, the Venus-Jupiter square cautions against rushing—and gushing! Being an open book is fine when trust has been established. But if it's only the third date, don't start comparing emotional scars because…too soon. Even if it IS time to make a connection Instagram-official, hold off on posting for another few weeks. You don't need the validation of a thousand "likes" to justify your love…of a person, place, or passion project. This week, just enjoy it for your damn self and let that be enough. But if you've been flying a little too low under the radar, the Venus-Jupiter square can nudge you out of hiding. Enlist the pros—stylists, graphic designers, branding experts—to help you create a visual language that expresses the inner you!
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There is strength in numbers this Sunday, as collaborative Uranus in your teamwork zone flows into an easy formation with the Leo Sun. Maybe they DID break the mold when they made you—but that doesn't mean you can't find your squad. Eccentric Uranus will help you magnetize a group that syncs up with your offbeat interests. Seek out groups both online and IRL where you can convene, collect wisdom and even sharpen your skills. Since Uranus is retrograde, you could reconnect with a high-vibes tribe from your past. (That modern day coven, movie trivia club or geeky coding crew from back in the day, maybe?) You have a talent for attracting incredible people, Gemini. How about a Superconnector Sunday? Pure magic can erupt when you get them all in the same room this weekend.
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