Gemini Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
How's that magical mystery tour going, Gemini? The Sun spends its final four days in Capricorn and your enchantingly esoteric eighth house. Since the holidays, you've likely felt more introverted than usual, preferring intimate one-on-ones over any raucous gatherings. Losing yourself in books, meditations, and behind-the-scenes projects may have consumed a good deal of your time. And under this erotic solar spell, a sultry fantasy may have been actualized. Although your friends are on the verge of sending out a search party, the truth is, you needed a little break from being the consummate social butterfly. Hide out in your cocoon until Thursday if you feel like it. Give your inner circle priority, making time for bonding with your BFF or entertaining your latest love interest in your boudoir. You may have been surprised by the depth of your own feelings since December 21, so continue exploring them this week, giving your heart and libido an equal say your head. Want to improve the quality of your relationships? Drop your defenses and keep it real. Your willingness to be vulnerable makes it safe for others to do the same. Your so-called flaws can actually be your greatest humanizing charms, provided you're willing to own them. At work, you may need to exert a little more power and command this week. Don't hide out in your office for the entire 9-5 shift. While you'll do your best work in privacy, it's also important that people know that you are available to participate as part of the team. When you peek out, you might even discover a competitor in the ranks. Don't let a colleague steal your crown! Play the political game, too: Getting in good graces with the influencers is as much a part of staying relevant as turning out great work. Capricorn's solar power can also help you seal an important deal or secure funding for a project you're pushing through. Before Thursday, you might have to strategically deliver an ultimatum to someone you work with—or someone you adore in a seductive kinda way. You can't keep pursuing partnerships without some kind of formal commitment—there's just no security in that, Gemini. Will you move ahead or just move on? Try to get that resolved before the end of the workweek.
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Jovial Gemini takes the wheel again on Thursday as the Sun blazes into Aquarius and your happy-go-lucky ninth house until February 18. Warm up those butterfly wings, and dust off your suitcase while you're at it. As you re-enter the world of people, you might just decide to travel to see a friend living in a warmer climate or a cool cosmopolitan corner of the world. Traveling for work is another distinct possibility, so make sure your passport hasn't expired! You could be flying overseas to check out the Mumbai or Melbourne office. Back at home base, it's time to get sporty. Aquarius' solar power revs up your physical nature, activating your 2017 fitness resolutions. Although you may love your home fitness videos, the social aspects of exercising at a gym or studio can be better motivation. You might even join a skiing club and hit the slopes with a snow-obsessed squad. If you're an entrepreneur, there will be rapid growth for your business in the month ahead. Spend time this weekend watching webinars and training videos that can help you build your brand. You might even sign up for a real-time class or networking group that can put you in touch with others on a similar path.

Thursday may come with a little shakeup to a supposedly rock-solid partnership. That day, Mars in your goal zone will form a tricky square (90 degree angle) to take-it-slow Saturn in your relationship corner. This might be more of a speed bump than the end of the road, so pace yourself, Gemini. Give the other person a chance to miss you—absence can snap them right out of that "taking you for granted" daze. Coupled Geminis could feel some distance, as if your future is moving in a different direction than your sweetie's. Don't hit the panic button. Instead, use Saturn's pragmatic planning powers to devise cooperative solutions that support each other's goals. A little strategic tweaking can get your bond back into balance. Just be sure that neither party winds up making an unfair sacrifice in the process!
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