Gemini Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018
Grab your yoga mat, lace up your trail-runners, find your bike helmet! On Monday, October 15, methodical Mercury and beautifying Venus buddy up in your sixth house of wellness and self-care (and work and service). Any activity that connects you to Mother Nature will do your mindbody a world of good. (And yes, that’s a word.) If you can start your workday a little later than usual, you can squeeze in some movement AND meditation (and maybe some self-nurturing bodywork?). But if that’s not possible, take mini “Zen” breaks throughout the day to get (and stay) centered. Make a habit of that and your whole approach to your job (and life?) could shift. You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle or move to India, but bringing more mindfulness to your daily routines can infuse the mundane with joy—especially since Venus is retrograde, helping you add more depth to all aspects of your daily life. You’ve heard it a hundred times before: Slow down and savor every bite you take. Stop and actually smell those roses (or night-blooming jasmine). Smile, make eye contact and chat with the person bagging up your organic veggies. Make a game of finding one thing to acknowledge about everyone you come into contact with. One small but sincere compliment can make their day!
On Tuesday, you won’t need lacy lingerie—or any props—to set the joint on fire. (Although feel free to dress up, bring toys, illuminate the boudoir with candles and keep a metaphoric fire extinguisher handy!) An equalizing quarter moon in earthily sensual Capricorn gets the party started in your erotic eighth house. Now all you need is a seductive playlist—and a sexy playmate. If you’ve got both covered, you can stop reading right now and get busy. But for Geminis who don’t quite have the particulars sorted, stop hiding behind those vague texts and sending the object of your affection mixed signals. You CAN admit to an attraction without leaving yourself vulnerable. In fact, cluing someone into your feelings is a great way to get the ball rolling. And this Capricorn-laced lunar leveling can help you find the “on” switch. On the flip side, if things are getting too heavy too fast—or you’re not feeling someone—this practical moon can help you cut ‘em loose without leaving scar tissue.
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As eager as you may be to "weekend" like it was a verb, you may have some high-level professional tasks to attend to at “el fin de la semana.” With the moon riding high in Pisces and your ambitious tenth house both Saturday and Sunday, you’ll benefit from devoting a chunk of time to playing catch-up. Dive into some R&D on a project, polish a pitch, add some graphics and modern fonts to next week's sales presentation. It’s not like you’re hyper-focused on your “competition”; it’s just that you always wish you had a little more time in your week… So “steal” a few hours this weekend to give your workweek some extra juice, and you’ll ace this! If you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, update your profiles and resume and start spreading the news. You may be on the threshold of a major leap forward, but you’ve got to do your bit and meet the universe (at least) halfway. This is also a good weekend to socialize strategically, letting your brunches and cocktail parties double as networking opportunities. Nurture the connections with fellow movers and shakers—they’re the ones with the highest ROI potential!

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