Leo Weekly Horoscope


07-18-2016 to 07-24-2016
Have you heaped a little too much on your plate again, Leo? Promised too many things to too many people in far too little time? Uh-oh. While you hate to miss out on life's alluring offerings, your FOMO is also a recipe for serious stress. Tuesday's full moon in Capricorn and your sixth house of efficiency insists that you streamline and systematize. Scrambling and mad-dashing are not becoming for a royal like yourself. Take a look at your to-do list: What can you delegate and outsource…and what might you want to let go of altogether? Bowing out of certain obligations may be necessary since crazymaker Uranus is sitting at a tense angle to la luna. Trying to pull off too much could create massive chaos for everyone; or worse, cause you to fail at everything. But if you just focus on the one to three things in your "brilliance zone" you could make huge strides for yourself. This full moon could bring some epic developments at work like a raise, promotion or special assignment—especially if you've been hustling like a champ since the January 9 new moon.
Another reason to clear some whitespace in your calendar? Uranus is twerking through your ninth house of travel. Near the full moon you could get an exciting offer to join friends on a getaway like a glamping trip or a yoga retreat. It would certainly suck to have to miss this because you volunteered to feed the new neighbor's Persian as a goodwill gesture. Let her hire a cat sitter—you have some Sun salutations to do! The sixth house also rules wellness, and in the two weeks that follow this full moon you could start to get very serious about a vitality makeover. Hello raw salads, fresh juices and infrared sauna! If you feel the need for a system reboot, try a mild elimination diet, removing acidic foods like red meat, dairy, gluten products and sugar from your life. Exercise is key, so start doing something that you can stick to. And don’t put off those medical appointments—including the preventative medicine ones like acupuncture and bodywork.
Wednesday could bring some epic—and lasting—developments for your love life. Radiant, romantic Venus in Leo will make a dreamy alignment to dependable Saturn in Sagittarius and your fifth house of romance. You could meet someone worthy of your final rose and discover that the attraction is totally mutual. Or maybe you arrive home to enjoy the sweet surprise of your partner on bended knee—or enacting some other grand gesture of devotion. If you've been keeping your cards a little too close to your vest, this is the day to pour out your feelings. Not in a schmaltzy way though—Saturn can't stand superficial gestures. Go soul deep, Leo, and discuss the future you'd like to explore. It's fine to put parameters on it, too—like, "let's be monogamous" or "I'd love to move in together by August." Solid plans are the name of the game when Saturn is in the frame.
The best news of the week arrives on Friday when the Sun blazes into Leo for a month and ignites your birthday season. Can we get a YAS QUEEN, please? And an order for three dozen buttercream-frosted cupcakes. After a low-key and sleepy four weeks your roar is officially restored. Let your regal ambitions and independent spirit lead the way. If your desires aren’t clicking into place, you probably aren't reaching high enough. The coast is clear to take a risk and invest in your own success. It takes money to make money so look into classes, life experiences and adventures that have "expansion" written all over them.

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