Leo Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
Relax, Leo: Even you, the zodiac's sunny optimist can't be upbeat ALL the time! It's time to engage in a little "shadow play" and give yourself some space to feel, deal and heal. All week long, agitator Mars and mental Mercury churn together in your subconscious twelfth house, sending you on an introspective journey. You may find yourself ruminating on a certain subject, worrying about what your next move should be and wondering what the future holds. The key to moving through this mood is to get in touch with your deeper feelings—with the help of supportive people. You've certainly been the anchor for others more times than you can count. This week, it's you who needs a rock to lean on. Journaling and meditation can be helpful for clarifying your inner monologue, especially on Tuesday when prolific Jupiter messages Mercury with some powerful insights. You may realize that certain activities are zapping your joie de vivre—or maybe you're just spreading yourself too thin, trying to be all things to all people. Something's gotta give, Leo. Either you drop the activity from your schedule or you start delegating tasks and even hiring an assistant.  
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Once the insights start rolling in, share them with someone else. Dialogue brings the next stage of illumination since hearing the words spoken aloud is very different from mulling them over in your head. You might actually see some humor in those stories you've been telling yourself—what WERE you thinking? Friends can be helpful listeners so tap them for their wisdom and expertise. But do you also require a more pro-level source of support? You don't want to pressure your pals, and sometimes it's worth it to invest some money in objective feedback. The twelfth house governs our most helpful guides like therapists, coaches, and spiritual teachers and healers like energy workers and shamans who can assist on the more esoteric plane. On a budget? Watch TED talks, check out books from the self-development category and check out free lectures happening in your area.
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And when you need to "check out" from life's madness, seek healthy forms of escape. This weekend, alchemical Pluto in your sixth house of wellness will directly oppose Mars in your boundary-challenged twelfth house. The lure of Netflix binging and wine time will be strong, but the accompanying bleary-eyed hangover will only leave you further in the hole. If you need some liquid courage, start with a green juice or make a shrub cocktail, using sipping vinegars instead of alcohol (http://www.shrubdrinks.com/). You might even take a day off early this week to hit the beach—or do a work-from-pool day, as aquatic Neptune sends healing beams to Mars on Monday and Tuesday. Don't isolate yourself this weekend, just enjoy meditative activities. Shore yourself up and get to that yoga class—or a centering sound bath, if you can find one in your area (https://www.thecut.com/swellness/2016/07/everything-you-need-to-know-about-sound-baths.html). Put the focus on self-care, even if that means bowing out of some previously scheduled activities. You'll be back to saving the world like Wonder Woman next week, but first, consider getting a pedicure and massage while your invisible jet is parked in the hanger.
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