Leo Weekly Horoscope

11-20-2017 to 11-26-2017
Hibernation: Interrupted! We're sorry, Leo, were you all tucked in for that long winter's nap? Your snooze fest is going to have to wait for at least another month. This Tuesday, November 21 the Sun beams into Sagittarius and your festive, flamboyant and flirtatious fifth house. Last week, you were scouring Amazon for a dimmer switch for your chandelier; this week, you'd rather swing from it like the lit superstar you were born to be. Whether you're taking the stage or picking up a bullhorn, you have "fearless leader" stamped all over you. With the celestial spotlight on YOU it might be time for a little "rebranding." If you've had the same hairstyle for the past three years (a long time for a Leo), you could do something radically different, or just a little edgier. Or indulge in some basic primping and book a session with a creative portrait photographer by December 21. (And maybe ask Santa for a phone with a great selfie cam.) 'Tis the season for updating your headshots—and your bio, business cards and website if you work for yourself. Have fun with fashion. You're a Leo, after all, and unlike your feline cousin, the tiger, it's your prerogative to switch up your stripes. Be emboldened with your wardrobe choices. Yes, you can rock the glittering, platform combat boots or a tee shirt with a political message on it (or both) and make everyone who sees you just a little bit jealous inside. 
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Where Cupid is concerned, this four-week phase is a bright spot on your 2017 calendar. His arrows could strike the heart of even the most stubborn Leo. FINALLY! You'll stop dwelling on THAT person and dive back into the dating pool. Single Leos, seize the prime flirting opportunities that the holiday party circuit brings. You'll have all the excuses you need to get out and mingle, and see who wants to be strategically positioned under the mistletoe with you. Whoever said real love couldn't be found on the dancefloor never met lion queen Jennifer Lopez—or you! If you're in a relationship, the embers will be stoked—but don't lie in waiting, hoping bae will make some gallant move. This proactive solar cycle wants Leo in the driver's seat. Do your part to create the magic, even if that means finding the Airbnb for your romantic weekend or scoring those Hamilton tickets. Putting more playdates on the shared calendar is a surefire recipe for romance now.
Take a break from snapping selfies on Thursday morning. With the moon in your sixth house of selfless service, you could start your Thanksgiving serving food to the homeless and making airport runs to pick up relatives coming in from out of town. You'll be present to gratitude, which always makes your noble sign want to shower others with appreciation. Do it! Your "I'm thankful for u" messages could spark something more than just a sentimental buzz—especially later Thursday when the moon heads into Aquarius and your partnership house for two-plus days. A casual connection could start to feel more like a bona fide friendship, thanks to the effort you made. Is a romantic interest in town for the holiday? Meet up for a casual hang this weekend, after you've recovered from your Black Friday shop-a-thon. If it's not a love match, the two of you might test the waters as project partners. If you're in a relationship, don't let family demands dominate your entire long weekend. Squeeze in some alone time with your sweetie and catch up with a few other inner circle VIPs one on one.
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