Leo Weekly Horoscope

07-24-2017 to 07-30-2017
Pro tip, Leo: You don't have to do everything by yourself. Embrace the power of teamwork this Monday, July 24 as creatrix Venus in your collaborative eleventh house gets checked by grounding Saturn in your  fifth house of fame and romance. Sharing the glory with an ensemble cast won't dim your rising star; in fact, aligning your name with certain people can bring more attention and credibility to your efforts. But picking the RIGHT castmates is a must. This cosmic dust-up could force you to get real about certain people who just aren't pulling their weight. Maybe they've lost motivation or maybe they aren't up for the task. Don't kid yourself or hang on because of shared history. If you've depleted your supply of pep talks, start the search for better candidates. Think of it this way, Leo: You'll never get the job done if YOU don't have proper support. Romantically, the flow of give and take may feel a little off. Have an honest conversation about the way you share time and resources. Maybe one of you needs more togetherness—or space. Don't suppress your needs to please your partner, Leo, but consider this: Are you expecting your amour to be your everything? If you're feeling clingy, take the opposite approach and go fill your love tanks with friend time and extracurriculars before you have The Talk.

Despite this, passion will not be in short order. All week long, the brilliant Sun blazes alongside lusty Mars in Leo. The two meet at an exact degree on Wednesday, which could be one of the most exothermic days of 2017! Romantic developments might accelerate for coupled Leos—even if a lover's quarrel is required first in the name of clearing the air. Pitch, perform, present! Do what it takes to get seen by the right people, even if you have to apply an extra bit of pressure to get their attention. Whether for love or industry, add a few of your famously stylish and theatrical touches. Originality will set you apart from the competition and you won't disappoint, Leo—not if you're ready for your big reveal. But if there's even a hint of "fake it 'til you make it" involved, reschedule for a later date. Or, squeeze in a few extra dry runs and rehearsals before the main event. You don't have to be "perfect," but just be confidently ready. Then…go forth and slay.
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Starting Tuesday, you'll also embrace the power of practical magic. Mindful Mercury leaves your sign and settles into Virgo and your sensible second house until September 29. This is a longer-than-usual cycle due to an upcoming retrograde from August 12-September 5. After a few weeks of grandiose declarations and wild ideas, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. But before you pull out a single credit card, crunch the numbers and do some basic project mapping. What time, funding and people power will be required to pull off your dreams and schemes? Get crystal clear on the facts instead of avoiding this intel for fear that it will burst your bubble. Quite the contrary, Leo! You might just realize that your plan is more affordable and doable than you initially realized. And if not, then embrace the opportunity for creative solutions—and creative financing like work-study or the barter system, which can help cover costs. The topic of finances is anything but taboo with mouthy Mercury here. Talk openly about your financial goals and career aspirations with friends who are on the same trajectory for success. Better yet, how about forming a mastermind group with a few of them and hosting a weekly call to support each other's ascent? If you're in the market for more gainful employment, social Mercury helps you circulate. Show up at networking events, ping your pals who work for companies that might be hiring and, if necessary, polish up your skill set with a short-term certification course. One caveat: Mercury will back into Leo from August 31 to September 9, a time best used for developing plans behind the scenes…quietly!
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