Leo Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Did Saint Valentine fail to deliver a "stimulus package" a couple weeks ago? Fret not, Leo. This Wednesday, February 21, when seductrix Venus hooks up with imaginative Neptune in your eighth house of the erotic and exotic, you may finally get fulfillment on the Hallmark holiday's promise. This could be a no-holds-barred kind of day for some Leos, but that's entirely up to you. With this boundary-blurring planetary mashup, you might play out some long-held (and possibly never-discussed) fantasies with your partner or a playmate chosen expressly for this purpose. Obviously, the keyword is trust, which may entail a literal safe word. Before you dabble, know where your limits lie and communicate them clearly. This will give you the confidence and freedom to let go of control and surrender to the pleasure principle. There's plenty of pleasuring to be done without going to extremes, of course—in or out of bed! 
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The eighth house also rules metaphysics, and you'll be happy scratching any strong itch under today's skies. Do a card reading, pore over a spiritual text, engage in a soul-baring conversation with a close friend, or pour your heart out to your journal. Anything that pulls back the veil from things that are normally hidden is appealing. And on a whole other level, this unpredictable pairing could attract a potentially profitable business opportunity. The eighth house is the realm of joint ventures and long-range investments. Consider your options, but don't do anything rash (Neptune can fog up your lens). Take a few days, or weeks, to research, inspect and investigate. Make sure the other party has an impeccable reputation and track record—and nothing that even hints at a hidden agenda.
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You may have to call someone out on their sketchy behavior this weekend, but that doesn't mean you'll get to the bottom of it. Late Saturday, hotheaded Mars in your passionate fifth house throws shade at its cosmic dance partner, Venus, in your eighth house of intense emotions and secrets. You may find yourself and a person of interest at cross-purposes or feel like someone is trying to undermine your high-minded intentions. Venus could be very keen to unravel this mystery, but she's also susceptible to a smooth talker's charms, so keep your eyes wide open! You might not be able to resist asking questions you never thought to bring up before. Just remember that you may not like what you hear, so before you open that Pandora's box, be sure you're willing to go the distance. Just because things come up doesn't mean anyone has to act on them, although this might be just the "excuse" you need to stretch a boundary or two. With Mars grandstanding in your theatrical fifth house, you could become a little preoccupied with image. While it's a sign of self-esteem to always want to put your best foot forward, be careful not to let your ego run away with you.
On Sunday, you'll be the magnetic center of your universe, as dreamy Neptune and messenger Mercury team up in your seductive center and amplify your appeal. Even if you're deeply entangled in thorny circumstances, put the drama on hold and spend the day with people who keep things light and fun. With everyone trying to get a piece of you, you'll be too busy to focus on what's bringing you down. Allow yourself to get caught up in the action, whatever and wherever it is!
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