02-20-2017 to 02-26-2017
Your generous sign can’t always find the off switch when it comes to giving, but when it starts to hurt, that’s a sign that something is out of balance. On Wednesday, February 22 you may get some of those jolts of pain (or resentment), as potent Pluto in your health sector forms a stressful square with impatient Mars in your liberated ninth house. As a fire sign, you like being self-reliant. But even you, the Queen or King of the Jungle, occasionally needs to reach out to the rest of the pride and ask for a helping paw. Whether your “doing too much” warning salvo comes in the form of anger or physical pain, you need to honor it! Ease up or you might wind up utterly depleted. This mini-meltdown could be a blessing in disguise, however, especially if your (ahem) stubborn fixed sign doesn’t otherwise take the hint. There’s no shame in needing support. It’s only human, plus it gives people a chance to pay you back for all your tremendous acts of kindness. Good help is NOT hard to find—not when you’re selective about whom you turn to. Choosing the right people to back you up is only part of the equation, of course. Even the smartest/most ambitious folks probably require a little training to do things your way. At first you may feel like it would be quicker or easier to DIY. But think of it as an investment. Once the “hand-holding” phase is over, you’ll have SO much more time to relax and take care of Numero Uno.
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You’ll have no trouble winning people over to your cause this weekend. On Saturday, expressive Mercury flits into your seductive eighth house until March 13, cranking up your animal magnetism and making you simply irresistible. People may literally fall over themselves trying to get inside your gravitational pull, but be more discriminating than ever about who you let into your inner circle. For one thing, their energy will rub off on you. For another, once you let someone in, they’ll never want to leave—which could get, uh, awkward. Then there’s the reality that there are only so many hours in the week (let alone weekend). As the most loyal sign of the zodiac, you always needs to reserve enough quality time for your nearest and dearest—those loving souls who’ve demonstrated THEIR allegiance over the years. The eighth house also rules intense emotions, and not just the fun ones, so be on your guard for outbursts of anger or jealousy. Before you go accusing anyone of anything, make sure you’ve got the facts—and proof!
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The power of your purr reaches unprecedented levels on Sunday, thanks to the new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces and that erotic eighth house of yours. This is the last of a series that began on March 20, 2015, and has been responsible for making you magnificently magnetic. One of the lessons is to stop doing the chasing. Let people come to you instead. The ones you naturally attract could be hidden gems, the kind you tend to overlook in your quest for the shiny diamond. Eclipses reveal things that are tucked in the shadows, and if you keep an open mind and pay attention, you’ll notice a rich landscape to mine. But magnets attract AND repel. These moonbeams will pull back the curtain on some people’s actions, and you may no longer be able to kid yourself about those fair-weather friends or toxic energy vampires. Since eclipses can spark rapid change, you might say sayonara to a bad relationship before the week is through. On the flip side, you may finally be ready say "Oui!" to the "we" by adding an exclusivity clause to a partnership that IS the real deal.
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