Leo Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
Mission: Efficiency is becoming mission critical, Leo, so spend this week whipping your life into shape! The Sun lingers through its final four days in Capricorn and your streamlined sixth house. Harness that solar power to clean house and organize. Make like a minimalist, clearing the clutter from your physical and mental space. With your lust for life, you love to sample, experiment and explore. But this often leaves you with a mountain of trial-sized bottles, swag and freebies you'll never even use. (And let's not even talk about your overstuffed Inbox.) You're not alone, Leo, so don't beat yourself up. Just start taking an honest inventory and asking yourself one question: Should it stay or should it go? Creating systems can help. Here are some tips for achieving the much-hailed Inbox Zero (http://mashable.com/2013/10/10/inbox-zero/#ud8BavaR8sqY). (Can you imagine the bliss, Leo?)
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Of course, your environment already may already look like a style blogger's dream. If that's the case, go to town on the clutter that's in your mind. Have you been spinning out, obsessing, and dwelling on doomsday or apocalyptic fantasies? Restore serenity by starting a daily meditation practice. Download an app like Insight Timer that has everything from singing bowls to recordings by Eckhart Tolle and lets you set the duration of your session. Sometimes, sixty seconds of conscious relaxation can bring the reboot you desperately need. If you're having trouble sleeping, kill the Netflix and tablet at least an hour before you hit the sheets. Instead, pick up a book or magazine that's printed on paper, which is much easier on the eyes and more restful for the brain. On a purely practical note, make a master list of all the to-do items that are clogging up your mental channels. Scrawl down everything that's keeping you up at night from sending a belated holiday gift to picking up dry cleaning to finishing that 2016 annual report. Then, examine each item: Can you outsource or delegate these? Do! Which commitments are out of alignment with the new direction of your life? Devise a graceful exit. You can't be all things to all people, Leo, and the sooner you stop trying, the happier you shall be.
On Thursday the 19th, the Sun blazes into Aquarius for a month, lighting up your seventh house of partnerships. If you worried you'd be going at it alone at work and play, guess again. Tag team efforts are the way to win between now and February 18. If you're on the hunt for love, you'll enjoy skyrocketing odds of finding attractive people with long-term potential. Already in a relationship? Breakthrough moments are ahead in the cooperation department. Finally! You strike a mutually rewarding balance. It's a stellar time to co-create, Leo. Team up with your sweetie and plan a party or map out your shared goals for 2017. Business partnerships also benefit from these sunbeams—good reason to hit the industry networking circuit and set up exploratory calls, pitch meetings and power lunches.
Beware the green-eyed monster on Thursday! Jealousy could reach a fever pitch as aggro Mars in your manipulative eighth house gets a warning signal from take-it-slow Saturn in Sagittarius and your fifth house of romance. As the workweek draws to a close, your tendency to overreact will be strong. Get the facts before you lose it on an important coworker or the object of your affections.  Are you playing cat and mouse games with someone? While these pursuer-distancer chases can be fun in SMALL doses, they are a slippery slope. If you're too mysterious or indirect, your partner could feel toyed with—and you won't get what it is you truly want: Attention. If you find yourself craving more one-on-one time from a certain someone, ask for it. Consider this, too: Maybe the person you're REALLY missing is yourself. Rather than giving in to the possessive part of your personality, go pamper yourself, have a fancy dinner with friends, do yoga, or work on a songwriting project. Bring yourself back to a sense of wholeness and you won't feel needy anymore.
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