Leo Weekly Horoscope

12-11-2017 to 12-17-2017
Visionary Leo, don't let the haters rain on your parade. With Mercury retrograding through your flamboyant fifth house from December 3 to 22, some of your most brilliant ideas may have received a lukewarm reception this month. Does that mean you should abandon them? No way! The likelihood is that you're just a little ahead of the curve (as per usual). And sure, they might need a little more polish before they are ready for their big reveal. This Tuesday, December 12 your ruler, the sparkling Sun, meets up with Mercury at the same degree of Sagittarius and shines a light on some unfinished creative business. Pick up where you left off. And dig through your archives, Leo! The past can bring inspiration that helps you bust through your blocks—or regain confidence from prior victories. Warning: The Sun's bright beams can illuminate unpolished areas that are in need of a cleanup. Don't go to the opposite extreme and get cocky, because that could elicit a stumble. Better to be humble and invite feedback from people whose opinions you trust and respect. There's a big difference between a constructive critique and damaging criticism so go to people who will empower you, not eviscerate your work. Or, just work on it privately and let your own validation be enough. As the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, "Genius hits a target no one else can see."
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Take all necessary precautions with Cupid's business near the weekend or his arrows could go flying in some wonky directions. On Friday, amorous Venus gets in lockstep with retrograde Mercury and scrambles signals in the game of love. Anything you say (the "wrong" way) or forget to do will probably be used against you by bae. When that happens, your job is to de-escalate instead of defending, defying or even going deeper into the drama. This WILL take willpower, but muster all you can. A cool-down break could be a relationship saver. Someone from your past may reappear, arms full of roses, or with an "I'm finally ready for something real" proclamation. Flattering for sure, Leo, but enter at your own risk. With Mercury in a muddling retrograde it might simply be that enough distance has been created for this intimacy-phobic person to take a step in your direction. But then what? Can they handle a Leo with your heart and passions cranked up to full volume? Withholding your loving feelings is actually painful for you. If you have to dial down your authentic self to win their affection, you'll never feel safe and satisfied.
On Saturday, December 16 a merger of the Sun in your creative fifth house and innovative Uranus in your visionary ninth can turn some of your more offbeat dreams into a reality. Sure, there will be practicalities and logistics involved, but the greatest expressions of brilliance don't always start from a place that makes perfect sense. Devote Saturday to a "sky's the limit" brainstorming fest with a few of the most innovative people you know. Just because you haven't figured out the "how" of your ideas yet doesn't mean they are impossible. Start with imagination; then, you can bring in the innovation. Have you already drummed up a master plan? Use the weekend to spread the word. You can quickly create a buzz using social media; even recording a video or connecting to people through Instagram or Facebook Live. This could win you a bigger fanbase and open doors to wider levels of collaborating. The ninth house knows no bounds, and with Uranus there, think globally—if not galactically! An unexpected attraction could light up your weekend—or a chance encounter with someone who sends ripples of electricity through your body. If you're in a relationship, doing something out of the ordinary will bring you closer. Hop in the car for a day trip—and make it an overnight if you can. Is a band you love playing in a city that's fifty miles away? What's on the playbill at an independent theater—or who? Let yourself be entertained and culturally edified this weekend. It's sure to evoke some great conversations.
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