Leo Weekly Horoscope

09-26-2016 to 10-02-2016
Curiosity may have killed the cat but it's pure fuel for the lion. On Monday, September 26 intrepid Jupiter sambas with your ruler, the radiant Sun, in your experimental third house. It's time to get out and mingle, developing hobbies, sampling workshops and dabbling in cultural activity. Apps are great, but take a break from being a "screen queen" this week. With these candid planets in the mix you'll have no trouble kicking off conversations in real time. (Yes, even if you ARE comparing Pokemon Go scores.) If people intrigue you, crack a joke or offer a compliment to break the ice. Do you have an idea for a book, media project or maybe your own podcast? Get those thoughts recorded, Leo. The Sun-Jupiter duo will buoy your confidence—and with Jupiter, the ruler of publishing, lingering in this expressive zone until October 10, 2017 you could become an important voice in the zeitgeist's dialogue.
If this doesn't get your butterfly wings a-flapping, Friday's new moon in Libra brings another swell of social momentum. New you, new crew? A fresh crop of friend prospects appears. You could meet them through playful activities like auditioning for a band, taking a fruit canning workshop, joining a sports league or hosting a poker night. Already love your circle? Open your guest list a little wider for general socializing. A friend-of-a-friend could become one of your besties over the coming six months. This new moon will be at a close degree to curious Mercury, making it easy to bond with free thinkers and people who live life by their own design. Since Libra is the zodiac’s peacekeeper, volunteering for a community group or political cause might also bring that much-needed click.
While indulging in the social sampler platter, don’t forget to take care of your body. Also on Monday, transformational Pluto resumes forward motion in your sixth house of healthy living. After five months of being on autopilot (or worse, slipping into destructive old habits), you can hop back on the wellness wagon. Start by heeding the old “you are what you eat” adage and examine whether your diet is providing adequate fuel for your system. You might minimize inflammation-producing foods like wheat, dairy, and meat for a bit to allow your body to reboot. Consider having food allergy testing done to see whether you have any sensitivities. Pluto’s turnaround helps organize your daily routines and workflow. Maybe the retrograde helped you realize that there are tasks you just hate doing. With Pluto in direct motion there’s only one word to consider: Outsource!
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On Tuesday, motivator Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn (for the first time since late 2014!) until November 8, further activating your sixth house of healthy habits and extreme productivity. No doubt you’ve enjoyed the previous Mars phase. The red planet was in fellow fire sign Sagittarius since August 3, which amped up your romantic, creative, and hedonistic impulses. But all that envelope pushing had its price, be it unzippable jeans, unstable relationships, or a “schedule” that resembled a chaos theory diagram. The message is clear, Leo: It’s time to get your $#@% together again. Fortunately, the high-octane energy of Mars fuels your productivity. You’ll have plenty of mojo for those efficiency missions for the next six weeks. Start with your physical environment. Deep clean the mess and get your filing and storage systems up to snuff. And if you're going to juggle ten ambitious projects in Q4 (we can't stop you, Leo), map out a plan. The sixth house rules helpful people so enlist an intern, virtual assistant or an occasional TaskRabbit. Then, turn your attention to your body. While a food-tracking app can help you moderate your croissant and pumpkin spice latte intake, Mars is the Action Jackson of the skies. You’d be better off focusing on your fitness regimen than obsessing over calories (although eating clean and green is highly advisable now). If there were ever a time to try something a bit more “extreme,” this would be it. Working with a personal trainer can push you to your edge. As the zodiac’s fiercest contender, nothing makes you feel alive quite like a challenge!
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