Leo Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Roll out the welcome mat and put a leaf in the table. With the Scorpio Sun nesting in your domestic fourth house beginning this Tuesday, October 23, Chateau Leo is the place to be. And with jovial Jupiter and convivial Venus (retrograde) also in Scorpio for the rest of October, you'll thrill at the chance to play host for friends, old and new. Who's had your back in 2018—and who are the newer acquaintances who light you up with inspiration every time you start chatting? Now's the time to bring them all together for one of your legendary dinner parties—or maybe a Halloween rager, since there are few things a flamboyant Leo loves more than a costume party. But don't pack EVERY blank space on your calendar with guests. You'll need copious blocks of private puttering time between now and November 21. Make sure your living space is not only well-appointed, but also functional for the lifestyle you're leading these days. If your yoga practice took a backseat to band practice, for example, maybe you should turn that dormant workout area into a rehearsal studio—or check a Feng Shui bagua map to find a more chi-appropriate corner for your mat and foam blocks.
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Some Leos might plunge into a moody spell this week, especially near Friday when the Sun sweeps by Venus retrograde's emo vortex. Stop pretending that everything is "fine!" should stormy feelings blow in. This is your cue to hit the brakes and do some internal evaluation. Have you gone overboard with the accommodating and caretaking? As fiercely as you may adore someone, you need reciprocity in your relationships. Give yourself permission to say "no" to any requests (cough, demands) that disrupt your carefully balanced schedule—or your sleep! Are you missing someone special in your life? Embrace nomadic Jupiter's joie de vivre and confirm plans for a visit. You might just discover a home away from home while you're driving to your destination. A childhood sweetheart or long-lost love could contact you out of the blue near Friday. Perhaps enough time has passed and the two of you can actually do the "let's be friends" thing. Then again, maybe there's room in your hearts for a round two of romance. If you're single and free, this would be worth exploring.
Emerge from your lair—dressed to impress—near Wednesday, when the full moon in Taurus activates your tenth house of prestige and success. Your professional efforts of the past six months could hit another high note. Have those PowerPoint slides cued up because you may be called up to make a presentation—or have an opportunity to cross-promote on Instagram or Twitter with another influencer. Ready to explore more gainful employment? Reach out to a recruiter or set up a meeting with HR to discuss “growth opportunities” within the company. For some Leos, this full moon will mark a turning point. If you're feeling lackluster about your current path, begin devising your exit strategy and putting out feelers for positions that nourish your soul. But before you impulsively quit your day job, think: Could you devise a project that challenges you and lets your self-directed leadership skills shine? The security of a paycheck is not to be scoffed at—and who knows, Leo? With all the charm you have in your back pocket this week, you could be spearheading a new division before the fall is through. 

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