Leo Weekly Horoscope

09-18-2017 to 09-24-2017
It's been a wild ride, Leo, but after four weeks of hosting glamour-queen Venus, you could use a little time out from the party scene. This Tuesday, September 19 the planet of beauty and love waves farewell to your sign until 2018 and sets sail in Virgo until October 14. Set your Spotify to the slow jams station. Virgo rules your luxuriating second house and woe betide anyone who tries rushing you now. Wake up a little earlier so you can take your sweet-old time to get ready—whether you're assembling a runway-perfect outfit or journaling as you sip your post-meditation tea. Since Venus powered into Leo on August 26, it's taken almost zero effort to make yourself the center of attention. (Your willingness was the only requirement.) Romance was a PDA-fueled adventure for many Lions while others happily took a dating hiatus to focus on number one. These next four weeks might not be QUITE so epic, but they can be plenty sensual. Reduce your speed and savor the simple (but decadent) pleasures: sex on high-thread-count sheets, sharing a great bottle of vino, cuddling up for a marathon of a show that you both love. Of course, slowing down enough to actually talk to each other at the end of the day can be the most potent aphrodisiac of all. Single Leos might be drawn to the more traditional type. The one who seemed boring in the first half of September could suddenly be all that you can think about!
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Searching for more gainful employment? On Wednesday, 2017's only new moon in Virgo activates your earning power. Even if you're happy at your current gig, you have to admit, making a little more coin would be nice. This is a money moon, Leo, one that opens up a six-month cycle for growth. Don't start comparing and despairing if you're not where you THINK you should be. Just set some reasonable benchmarks and then take the first concrete action step to get your plan in motion. Maybe you file paperwork to get your business set up as an LLC or contact a bookkeeper or accountant who can help you with a 2017 tax prep plan while you are still ahead of the game. These sensible Virgo moonbeams support any sort of structures or systems you put in place. It's a lot scarier to worry about how much you MIGHT owe the IRS, for example, than it is to just find out and set up a payment plan…if one is even necessary. As the zodiac's royal, you always thrive when surrounded by a competent coterie of connections. If you need more of "the right people" in your contact database, set up pitch meetings and power lunches; attend the industry mixers. You could meet everyone from way-showers to future support staff—and both are equally integral to your success.
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While Venus might lure you away from the after-hours clubs, your social calendar will still be teeming this fall. On Friday, your celestial ruler, the Sun, blazes into Libra and your affable third house for a month. Until October 23, you'll wear a new crown: Reigning Royal of the Local Scene. You're a naturally playful cat, Leo, so donning the activities director crown should be a comfy fit. Is it #ThirstyThursday yet…or #ManicureMonday? Make it your business to have THE venues dialed in. (It wouldn't hurt if you arrived early to charm the door person or maitre d' either.) No waiting around for invitations to roll in! Organize a fall lineup for your lion's pride from movie nights to bourbon tastings to Airbnb staycations. You might stumble on a great gym or dance studio that makes exercise feel more like entertainment than torture. The third house is also the communication zone so turn your gift of gab (or keyboard kraft) into a podcast or screenplay. Leos who like to teach might be inspired to design a workshop. Happier as the student? While your curiosity will be piqued, your attention span will be fleeting. Opt for short-term courses and evening workshops. This is a good time to go gadget shopping, especially if your phone lacks a proper selfie-cam!
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