Leo Weekly Horoscope

09-24-2018 to 09-30-2018
Pack a bag and call in sick on Monday, September 24—if you can! The year's only full moon in excitable Aries sends shock waves through your ninth house of travel, global expansion and solo ventures. If you can head out on a road trip—or get another escapade underway—this could be a game-changing moment. Full moons bring ideas or efforts to culmination. What have you been mulling over, Leo? This lunar lift is your cue to stop contemplating and book that yoga retreat in Belize or that backpacking trek through Southeast Asia. (Or even that local leaf-peeping weekend!) The point isn't to see how many frequent-flier miles you can rack up but, rather, to break out of the daily grind. A change of scenery and a new cast of characters can get you thinking about life in a more open-minded way than you can when you're staring at the same four walls or spilling tea with the same faces. Shake things up with an adventure—by yourself or with a companion you know you mesh with. Being confined by someone with control issues or high anxiety would defeat the whole purpose. Over the coming weeks and even months, the entrepreneurial bug may bite, or you might get a wild hare to go back to school or get certified in a specialty field. Start plotting this out over the next two weeks—prime manifesting time of the full moon!
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Less is more on Tuesday, when the spontaneous Sun in your communication corner gets rebuked by stern Saturn in your critical sixth house. Since when is sharing from the heart a high-risk proposition? Ask the taskmaster planet, and he'll tell you: It can be when you're not 100 percent sure of someone's true motives. While you might be thinking this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, this other person might be taking mental notes for stealing your thunder (or your clients) first chance they get! Don't take the bait. Stay mindful, even with your closest confidantes. You don't need to go full-on paranoid, but remember, what you don't say can never hurt you! And should you have some juicy gossip you're dying to share, lock it in the vault and get back to work before temptation undoes you.
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On Sunday, therapeutic Pluto snaps out of a nerve-jangling retrograde in your sixth house of wellness, service and organized systems. Are you ready to clamp down on the chaos and clutter and get back to a healthy lifestyle? If the past five months have been one extended exercise in frustration and futility, you're probably ready to try almost anything to get things in order. Start by simplifying your life. Look at all the things you've taken on that don't thrill you to the core. What can you graciously bow out of without leaving anyone in the lurch? Your sanity is worth more than "saving face," so start uncommitting yourself! As you create more time in your life, start filling in those slots with activities that make you feel good and in touch with yourself. Make sure you're getting regular exercise, eating nutritious meals and building in plenty of time for rest and relaxation. You'll be back to your vivacious Leo self in no time!

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