Leo Weekly Horoscope

04-23-2018 to 04-29-2018
Now here's a novel concept, Leo: How about having fun for fun's sake...or making art for art's sake? Ever since romantic Venus invaded your goal-oriented tenth house on March 6, you may have become a little too purpose-driven when dating or socializing. Nothing wrong with pursuing your desires, but this Tuesday, April 24, as Venus floats on to Gemini and your free-spirited eleventh house, try opening yourself up to the unknown, too. That's how you'll widen your field to attract any and ALL possibilities between now and May 19. An activity you attend on a lark, like an evening lecture or group hang, could turn out to be one of the best decisions you make in 2018. Maybe you'll have a white-light moment about a stalled project or meet your future bandmates...or, since we're talking about the love planet here, bedmate(s)! For the coming few weeks, friendly, laid back vibes will feel more titillating than a scenario ripped straight from an erotic novella. Someone from the friend category might even cop to a crush. With your intellect fully stimulated, you could swoon, in sapiosexual style, for a seductive geek. Start by letting them blow your mind, then, you can take it further. Since the eleventh house is the tech sector, give digital dating a fearless right swipe. Already coupled? Get out and enjoy life’s adventures together, maybe joining a wine club or planning a festival getaway with your mutual friend group.
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Thursday is one day where you shouldn't drop your guard, however. Fierce competition could be afoot—and the most unnerving part is that this person is doing everything in their power to shield their hand. With cutthroat Mars synced up with manipulative Pluto in driven Capricorn and your work zone there could be unfriendly forces in play. You don't have to call anybody out on this, but you do need to present a strong, unflappable front. If it starts to get to you, go for a lunchtime run, vent to a friend, pound a pillow (behind closed doors)—but don't let the competition see you sweat. Another good tactic is to act like you're willing to go along with their ploy. This way, they won't see what you've got up your sleeve, and as a bonus, you'll get a close-up peek at what's up theirs.
Does your home feel like a proper sanctuary? If not, Sunday's full moon in Scorpio lands in your domestic quarters and could inspire you to make some major changes. Full moons bring completion: If you're ready to pull up the stakes or say farewell to an old mattress (the one that may tell a few too many scandalous stories if it could talk), hop to it! A lucky Zillow alert might pop up on your screen and maybe a 30-percent-off coupon for Tempur-Pedic. Loving your lair? Host a springtime soiree or a potluck Sunday dinner for your fam. This full moon also showcases the women in your life. If you've been deepening your bond with a few powerful ladies, this lunar lift could make your connection more official. Is there a business venture in the offing, a political candidate to support? Time to get serious about it, Leo!
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