Leo Weekly Horoscope

04-16-2018 to 04-22-2018
Springtime isn't your only motivation to roll up your sleeves, Leo. On Tuesday, April 17 uncompromising Saturn spins into retrograde motion until September 6, an annual pivot that can bring a more realistic and mature perspective on, well...everything. This year the cosmic taskmaster is just getting comfortable in Capricorn and your sixth house of work, service, wellness and healing, where he's been since December 19, 2017, and will be until December 2020. When we step up to Saturn's challenges, we can make the huge changes we want in our life and manifest things on a whole new level. And come Sunday, when transformational Pluto follows suit and reverses course in Capricorn until September 30, all those directives will seem even more pressing, but also a tad overwhelming to consider all at once. So pace yourself, Leo! It's hard to see it while you're in the thick of things, but you're actually closer to creating a life on your own terms than you realize. Over these next five months, with the powerhouse planets giving you a little reprieve to pause and reflect, you can align your goals with your soul. Slowly but assuredly, you WILL see results. That's why it's imperative that you have a clearly defined (and envisioned) game plan. What do you want to create in your professional life? How can you do work that's important to you AND that gives back in some real way? And don't overlook your own health and fitness. Find exercise that actually inspires you, maybe tapping a workout buddy (or bae) to keep you motivated. Pay attention to what goes into your mouth—food and drink! Address minor physical complaints before they snowball into something harder to get to the root of. Self-care is key during this retrograde phase. You could get used to things like regular massage or energy work. Consider it an investment in your most important asset: yourself!
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Also on Tuesday, composed Venus aligns with two potent planets: an opposition with candid Jupiter and a harmonious trine with game-changing Pluto. While you love the IDEA of a healthy work-life balance, it doesn't come so easily to your passionate sign. You might finally have to set new house rules or let a coworker know you need her help on a project. No more free passes! It's time to hold the slackers and disrupters accountable. And no more jumping in for the last-minute save. New guiding principle: It doesn't count as support if it drains YOU in the process. Tap Pluto's ability to prioritize activities (and people) that are the most significant to you. Step back from anything that feels like an unnecessary obligation, and consider outsourcing a few tasks to open up space for things that are meaningful AND profitable.
Thursday's starmap pours jet fuel in your tanks as the Sun makes its annual entrance into Taurus and your tenth house of career ambition until May 20. This is your month to step into your power and own your accomplishments. If you've still got a few biggies on the to-do list, throw yourself into them. But first, do things the "Taurus" way and map out a practical plan that you can follow step by step to the finish line. Do take social breaks to enjoy the view from this pinnacle—and think in terms of strategic mingling. If you've been a no-show on the industry circuit, get back in the game!
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