Leo Weekly Horoscope

06-18-2018 to 06-24-2018
Drop those tarot cards in your purse as the week begins, and don't leave home without your natal chart app cued up on your phone! Life may take a turn towards the mystical this Monday, June 18 as nebulous Neptune plunges into its annual retrograde. Until November 24, the celestial soothsayer will be perfecting his backstroke in Pisces and your esoteric (and erotic!) eighth house. Your curiosity for metaphysical subject matter could deepen over the coming five months and you might attract a teacher who helps you sharpen your gifts. And who knows, Leo? Your way to test a worthy romantic "spread" may begin with dropping nine cards on the bar and wooing bae with a Celtic Cross reading. And certainly, looking up a Tinder date's moon sign over drinks will make for arousing conversation—or quickly reveal a disinterested bore living an unexamined life. (Run, Leo!) Already happily attached? Even the most successful couples need periods for plummeting into uncomfortable emotions. Neptune's retrograde may reveal anything from envy to ennui, and either end of the spectrum is worth examining. As Mating in Captivity author, Esther Perel, writes, "Trouble looms when monogamy is no longer a free expression of loyalty but a form of enforced compliance." Before your relationship becomes too "lather, rinse, repeat"—or conversely, your clashing schedules cause you to drift in different directions—fine-tune your together time to balance the autonomy with the intimacy.
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The one thing you DON'T want to do is hoist a mere mortal up on the guru pedestal like a 1980s sannyasin. With Neptune retro in your power-hungry eighth house, you run the risk of subjugating yourself to a toxic "top" who deftly charms (and intimidates!) students into submission. Beyond the fact that this is just not a good look for the zodiac's royal, the real gift of Neptune's backspin is that it can teach you to trust YOUR intuition. And while your gut feelings won't tell the whole story, they are worthwhile trail markers, alerting you to investigate further. One warning flag this week could be people asking for your money. While your generous sign never hesitates to donate to a worthwhile cause, Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo sounds the call for savvier fiscal management. First and foremost, make sure you've tucked enough into savings to cover your OWN costs. Secondly, if you do give, find out how that political candidate or charity will use your contribution to confirm that this aligns with your values.   
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Another wave of dreaminess washes over you on Thursday as the Sun dips into Cancer and your twelfth house of healing and the subconscious mind. This is the final phase of your annual solar cycle before Leo season begins on July 22. Before then, you'll need a higher RDA of relaxation time. From beach weekends to bubble baths, chillax like it was your side hustle. The more you invest in your own restoration, the more alert, productive and show-stopping you will be four weeks from now. Much like Neptune retrograde, this fantasy-fueled solar cycle will outfit you with another pair of rose-colored glasses. Consider yourself on notice (again) to run those background checks on anyone you get in bed with, literally and figuratively. As Thursday is also the solstice, let the longest day of the year illuminate areas of your life in need of a cleanup. Fling open the closets and see what can be sold on eBay and what just needs to be tossed. Don't race to replace! Living like a minimalist for a month can create space for new creative thought to flow in.
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