Libra Weekly Horoscope

06-18-2018 to 06-24-2018
Let's get metaphysical! This Monday, June 18 numinous Neptune turns retrograde in your wellness corner, bringing a soulful self-care audit. It doesn't take much for your pleasure-seeking sign to veer into bona fide hedonism territory—but you're equally committed to healthy habits. This five-month backspin can help you find that elusive balance that a Libra is always striving for. The key is to create a plan that is holistic enough to stick to. (Read: works well with the busy, buzzy lifestyle you already lead.) Even while retrograde, Neptune demands a high-vibe approach to everything it touches. Don't think of your workout as "forty-five minutes of boring cardio." No, Libra, it's almost an hour of meditative time to connect not just with your body, but also with your thoughts, soul-stirring playlists and culturally enlightening podcasts. You love a vintage Pinot, but make it a personal challenge... Can you fall as madly in love with green smoothies as you have with the reserve bottles you plucked from a winery on your last vacation? Maybe that's a stretch, but perhaps you'll come close. Once you're motivated you can muster the discipline of Diana Prince. This U-turn may also spark creative ways of adding movement to your day. Got a bajillion calls to return? Why not go for a walk while you talk? Listen to something intellectually stimulating while preparing salad ingredients that you can mix together creatively for a few lunches.
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If you've been putting any nagging health concerns on the backburner, bring 'em front and center and turn up the heat. You might not need to run to a specialist. With Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo landing in your twelfth house—the part of the zodiac wheel that rules the subconscious—your remedies may go way beyond "skin deep." Check out the work of some top mind-body gurus, like Dr. Lissa Rankin's Mind Over Medicine ( to sleuth out what might be underlying your woes. Do you keep complaining about the same stressful situations or triggering people? While you might not be able to totally ditch them, how can you disengage? You don't always have to be the change agent, Libra, especially if the people involved don't actually want to shift anything. Save yourself the woes and put the focus back on numero uno. You never know, Libra. As you evolve, you're likely to inspire others to follow your impressive lead.
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While Neptune's backspin may have you living on "island time," reserve some slots on your calendar for moving and shaking. On Thursday, the Sun sweeps into Cancer and your ambitious tenth house, leveling up your career goals until July 22. During this four-week cycle, you probably won't be able to lounge "idly" under the sun, at least not from 9 to 5. But you COULD swing a few work-from-pool days, bringing your laptop with you while you soak up the rays and splash around between tasks! And who says your power lunches and strategy meetings can't take place at an outdoor cafe or schmancy roof deck? Whatever rung your red soles are planted on, this is your time for making the boldest of money moves. Maybe you'll incorporate and start running your own biz, or write up a dream job description to present to your boss. Since Cancer is the sign of family loyalty, extend that M.O. to your work. Demonstrate your dedication and loyalty—and if you have the space, how about spearheading a morale-boosting event like a company picnic or pizza party? If you're not feeling the mission of the people who sign your paychecks, get into action. Polish up your LinkedIn profile, circulate your resume and invest in a couple of sessions with a coach. No one knows better than a Libra that business is about relationships. Devote the next four weeks to strategic networking with the influencers in your field—even if you have to volunteer at an event to get in closer proximity to them.
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