02-20-2017 to 02-26-2017
Life vests: on! Stormy conditions prevail on the Emotion Ocean this Wednesday, February 22. Passionate Mars rocks your seventh house of relationships as he faces off with transformative Pluto. Batten down the hatches, Libra: It’s going to get choppy. But whether you ride out the waves or go down in flames is entirely up to you. It’s not going to take much to throw your Libran balance off-kilter. Your harmony-seeking sign goes to great lengths to keep the peace—and your own temper in check—but a Mars-Pluto dust-up may be too much wind even for your sails. If you dive beneath the surface, you may discover an important lesson in all of this, however. Everyone gets angry, Libra. It’s a normal human emotion; yet stuffing it down in the name of getting along doesn’t do anyone any good. Those intense feelings don’t dissipate into thin air. When they’re not expressed, they go into your cells, tissues and organs. So before they do real damage, face those demons and exorcise them. This could be the perfect moment to work with a therapist or an anger-management expert to help you find an appropriate way of handling conflict. If your family doesn’t like your new S.O., or your business partner isn’t carrying her weight, speak up! Tap into your natural diplomacy—but no playing doormat! Your needs are equally important. The trick is finding a way of expressing them without feeling uncomfortable or blowing up. There’s a happy balance there, and with some conscious effort, you WILL find it!
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On Saturday, mindful Mercury makes his annual visit to your sixth house of wellness and efficiency until March 13, urging you to pay attention to every last detail. You know how important the little things are to you, and yet for some reason they’re the easiest to let fall by the wayside. But if you’ve got goals involving time-management or your health, you need to start steering your ship in a different direction. Staying on-course isn’t easy, but technology can help. Download apps to help you keep track of how many steps you take and even how much time you log on social media. You may be in for a rude awakening—but this data will be priceless nonetheless in helping you streamline and redirect. If there aren’t enough hours in the week for all the work you’ve got to do, it might be worth shelling out a few bucks on a virtual assistant or professional organizer who can set up systems for you to plug into. Efficiency is the name of the game! Up for a promotion? Be a humble and dedicated worker bee and get in the good graces of an influential person.
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You’ll take these initiatives to the next level starting Sunday, when a new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces shifts you into cleaning-and-organizing overdrive. This is the final eclipse in a series that began March 20, 2015, and it will bring a sense of culmination or completion to your efforts of the past two years. You won’t be able to ignore the clutter and chaos any longer—nor will you believe that bacon and sugar are actual food groups or that walking from the parking lot to your office counts as exercise. This lunar lift might be the thing that finally gets you back to the gym or makes you serious about training for a half-marathon. But don’t go the "no pain, no gain" route. With pleasurable Pisces ruling this section of your chart, you’ll be happier dancing, doing aqua aerobics, heart-centric yoga or another flowy, mat-based movement. For those nagging aches and pains, seek out a naturopath or acupuncturist who’ll treat you like the whole person you are—not just a list of symptoms. This eclipse could bring an exciting work opportunity that unfolds magically over the next six months.
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