Libra Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Dial up the wellness factor, Libra. This Wednesday, February 21 beautifying Venus teams up with tuned-in Neptune in your sixth house of healthy living. No one says you HAVE to hit Hump Day happy hour, or that dinner out with friends has to include bottomless frites and a bottle of vino. How about an evening yoga class followed by sushi and some cathartic conversation? Of course, "healthy" isn't just about food and exercise. There's that little matter of stress, Libra—the silent enemy. Don't underestimate its negative effect on your overall wellbeing and state of mind. (As an air sign, you're especially vulnerable to its deleterious effects.) This is a perfect opportunity to start paying more attention to all the anxiety-amplifiers in your life and to strategize ways to minimize your exposure to them. If you realize that crowded places or loud, brash people unnerve you, avoid them and chill in quieter environments instead. You might want to reshuffle your workflow so you knock out the harder or more complex projects earlier in the day, letting you ease off the gas later on. Your before-bed routine is especially important: You know you want to unplug from all devices at least an hour before you hit the sheets—and maybe plug in an essential oil diffuser! Every small choice can add up to a lifestyle that supports and strengthens you, not weakens you. A nice perk? All this can have the effect of turning up your lit-from-within glow. Enchante, Libra!
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Pay attention to ALL the minutiae this weekend. With your ruler, Venus, in your sixth house of details and practical action, you can't afford to gloss over essential tidbits because you're too focused on the big picture. This holds equally true for work projects AND personal interactions, which might be a little tricky late on Saturday. Firebrand Mars in your communication sector is shooting a feisty square to Venus, which could put you on the defensive. While you MIGHT be overreacting, you might not be. It's hard to know what's really driving this provocateur, particularly because they aren't giving any clear signals. This can make it hard for you to relax and drop your guard around them. Feel them out and see if they are willing to "go there," but if you get the sense that they can't or won't, drop it like it's hot. If this is someone you care about—a BFF, bae or a hot prospect—change the subject, and maybe the scenery. Try your best not to overly focus on everything they say. Not everyone is as exacting about their language as you are.
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Sunday's stars steer you away from anyone who could disrupt your peace. Mental Mercury aligns with soulful Neptune in your wellness and self-care corner, and the best thing you can do for yourself is move your body. Book a spa treatment to detoxify, loosen up and unplug your overly wired brain! If your fitness goals have revolved previously around numbers—how many calories, how many steps, how many reps—it's time to shift your emphasis to: How does it FEEL? Your body is a wise machine, Libra, and it knows when you're giving it the things it needs. But if you don't slow down and quiet your mind enough to listen, you'll miss some big clues!
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