Libra Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Oh, the finer things in life! They can be a Libra's greatest pleasure—and your poison—especially on weeks like this. On Tuesday, the Sun slips into Scorpio, joining Venus retrograde and "see it, want it" Jupiter in your decadent second house. Not only does this mark the end of Libra season (sniff) but it might also be the death knell to your willpower in the face of luxury goods. Even "browsing without intent" will be challenging, so save the window shopping until your budget has recovered from all the birthday celebrations. Got funds for an upgrade? With this tempting trio in your sensible second house, any purchases you make should also be practical investments. Sure, a purple velvet fainting couch might look amazing in your living room but the cozy, charcoal-hued sectional with the pullout sleeper section would be a smarter move. (Then add flair with colorful throws and pillows.) In all spending categories, put your hard-earned dollars into something timeless, classic and built to last. But this transit isn't ONLY about tightening your belt. It takes money to make money—and with entrepreneurial Jupiter rounding out its tour through Scorpio until November 8, you may be inspired to invest in a new business venture or classes that will teach you a marketable new skill.
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Have you been hesitant about speaking your mind? With your ruler Venus spinning retrograde since October 5, your outspokenness may have drawn mixed results. With the Sun now in Scorpio until November 21, allow yourself time to observe, reflect and slowly draw conclusions. Under this private spell, you don't have to make any major announcements to the world. Nor should you, since you may need to do a little more information-gathering before you can get the full scope of what you're dealing with. Stand your ground when it comes to your core beliefs, but this week, don't let stubbornness interfere with your ability to find a harmonious compromise.
Seduction is in the air midweek, thanks to Wednesday's full moon in Taurus and your scintillating eighth house. Chemistry that’s been bubbling for the past six months could go exothermic, making things so hot that you can barely handle it. For coupled Libras, this full moon may push secrets and buried issues to the surface, forcing you to deal. Warning: Private discussions could get super heated, and you may need an outside party, like a couple's therapist or spiritual adviser, to step in and mediate. If nothing else, take cool down breaks when you start to feel like an active volcano. Silver lining: If you manage to bury the hatchet, the makeup sex might be epic over the coming two weeks. If you've been casually dating someone, you may feel the need for more clarity and exclusivity. Lay out your desires, but ask yourself this, o' indecisive one: Am I prepared to give the same in return? Shared finances could become a hot topic near Wednesday, forcing some Libras to iron out the particulars of your united cash flow and savings. Splitting every bill 50/50 isn't always realistic, so get creative. Maybe there are other things each of you can contribute in support of each other, such as helping with cooking or other household tasks to make the relationship feel balanced. It's the Libra way.

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