Libra Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
So many duties, so little time! You could hit ambition overload this week as agitator Mars and frenetic Mercury connect in Cancer and your tenth house of achievement. Nothing wrong with aiming for the stars, Libra. But trying to conquer the entire galaxy all at once? Exhausting! Before you launch another initiative or set up another power lunch, pause to do a dashboard check. Are you burning up too much fuel...and burning out in the process? Is the energy you're expending actually taking you closer towards your intended goals or have you veered off course? It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the big picture. On Monday, a supportive mashup of Mars and soul-searcher Neptune can bring you back in touch with your sense of purpose. Write a mission statement or refresh your list of intentions. WHY, exactly, are you spending your waking hours on these tasks? What drew you to this path in the first place? As you get back in touch with your meaningful M.O. you may realize that certain tasks are out of alignment with your goals. If you can't give them up completely, could you hand them off to an assistant? With Mars and Mercury in your tenth house of leadership, this might be the week where you step into the queen bee role instead of whirring away like a drone. Need a boost? Find an accelerator group or form a mastermind with other movers and shakers.
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Need a personal day? On Tuesday, free-spirited Jupiter in Libra will square Mercury, reminding you of the importance of breathing room. Give your life some oxygen and take a moment OFF from being so goal oriented. Instead, let the spirit of discovery be your guide. It's a Tuesday, we get it, there are certain tasks you can't blow off. If nothing else, take some wander breaks. Meander through a museum exhibit or a new boutique zone that sprang up in your 'hood. Pay attention to your surroundings instead of strolling around in a tech trance. Conversing with strangers used to be a favorite pastime for you—remember those easier days? While you can't make eye contact with every friendly face on the street, follow the impulse to give someone a compliment or ask them a question about something that intrigues you. Your relationship with a man in your life could also improve once you take the time to connect to Numero Uno. Maybe he's not being a selfish jerk after all, Libra, but is simply waiting for you to vocalize your needs. That's more incentive to get back in touch with them, ASAP.
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Another call for work-life balance comes this weekend as private Pluto in your fourth house of home and family directly opposes make-it-happen Mars in your career zone. Someone from your inner circle (a female, likely) may be crying out for attention. You didn't mean to neglect her, but don't let this trend wage on any longer. She might even have a secret to share or some personal intel that she doesn't trust many people with (besides you). And it goes both ways. You could use a good, therapeutic chat yourself, Libra—with someone who listens to you with deep compassion and respect. How can you transform your space to be more relaxing, but also supportive of your goals? This may be the weekend where you set up a meditation area AND a proper home office (no more disturbing your sleep by laptopping in bed!). Have you outgrown your current residence? Hunt for new quarters that fit your expanding lifestyle. Tip: Prioritize peace. A serene, rear-facing urban oasis would be more "Libra" than a noisy apartment with great city views.
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