Libra Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018
On Monday, October 15, the heavens hand you a cosmic permission slip to lounge in bed and indulge in sensual delights—as long as the boss isn’t going to come looking for you! Under the synergistic mind meld of communicative Mercury and your ruler, romantic Venus, your workweek could start with some sweet, old-fashioned loving. (Or, if you have to be up and at ‘em, save it up and look forward to THAT kind of evening.) If you can duck out during work hours, treat yourself to a spa pedicure or a hot-stone massage to melt away any tension knots. This elegant alignment sets the stage for a dress-up date or a reunion with one of your dearest wingwomen who may have re-entered your life, ready to "turn up" again ever since Venus spun retrograde this past October 5. If funds allow, splurge on a fancy dinner with wine pairings or upgrade to “premium seating” if you’ve lucked into show tickets. Whatever you get up to, keep your schedule as light and flexible as possible, leaving plenty of openings for bae or an unknown admirer to beam in—or least to say yes to a pal’s spontaneous invite to candlelight yoga or Happy Hour.
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Your attention flows back to Chateau Libra on Tuesday as the equalizing quarter moon in Capricorn shines its lights in your fourth house of home and family. You can get life back in balance (the Libra mantra) by devoting a little time to tidying up, decluttering or tackling that long-procrastinated project. Roll up your sleeves and get into an organizing mindset. Throw away what you can—or set aside a big “Donate!” pile—and pack away the rest neatly but out of sight. For things you want to keep on display (your art glass or devotional-statue collection, say), hang floating shelves to best flaunt your treasures. Without even trying to, you could get the positive chi flowing and liberate any stuck areas of your life. And if you’re still celebrating birthday MONTH, this zhushing could attract some great weekday celebrants. If you live with bae or a roommate and there are some “things” to discuss, the tactful quarter moon will help you get things out into the open without sending anyone into a paroxysm of tears.
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And if that little mission felt even better than you thought it would, you can dive into a more intense part deux this weekend! With the moon parked in Pisces and percolating your sixth house of organization and systems, you may already have a priority list for everything you want to get around to. Ever since the August 26 Pisces full moon in this realm, you have been thinking more and more like a minimalist. But now it’s time to get out of your head and put that sensibility into action in your home. Resolve to be as unemotional about “stuff” as possible, consolidating things into four piles: throw out, save, give away or sell, and “maybe” (which you can decide on during part three). You might want to invite a friend who enjoys this sort of thing, too, offering to return the favor another weekend. Be ruthless—but stop short of tossing any family heirlooms! While you’re rearranging your space, leave a little room for your weights, yoga mat or other workout props. Having a dedicated place—that’s always set up—is a great incentive to do more!

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