Libra Weekly Horoscope

10-17-2016 to 10-23-2016
Say what? This week's flirt alert also comes with a blurt alert. On Tuesday, October 18 your gift of gab is officially restored as your ruling planet, gracious Venus, spins into Sagittarius and your articulate third house until November 11. Whether you're promoting a new project or posing for a string of selfies you'll have 'em at hello. And as an aesthetic Libra, you like to look your best when making an appeal. Do the requisite primping as you prepare for pitching. But think before you put your newly-forming ideas out into the public eye. Stalwart Saturn is traveling alongside Venus, so things you start might actually stick. And since you don't need (or want) just any old fanboy or girl to jump onboard, sing your siren song selectively. Single Libras may not be in a hurry to settle down, but don't shoo the contenders away. This is an auspicious time to light a few promising fires that could keep you warm all winter. The third house rules casual friendships and local happenings, so if you're looking for love, you don't have to right-swipe until your thumb gets numb. Become a regular at neighborhood haunts, and get to know your friends' friends (and their friends). Keep a VERY open mind, because someone from your own platonic-pal list could step up and announce a long-standing crush. (Or, um, vice versa.) In a relationship? Socializing together will strengthen your bond and create new memories. Plan some Uber-chauffeured nights on the town where you take in high (and lowbrow) culture, and no one has to worry about being the designated driver.
Home sweet home—or battlefield? You might be hard-pressed to find a demilitarized zone in your oasis on Wednesday, as aggro Mars teams up with shadowy Pluto in your fourth house of home and family. Whether it's a "roommate situation" that's escalated out of control, a demolition derby next door or just too much MESS for anyone's sanity, you won't be able to keep the peace in your abode. In any event, your usual safe spaces could be charged with tension. Where can you deploy to for the day until this stormy weather blows over? Ping a pal (or your partner) and see if you can work from their place—and, if necessary, surf their couch. Keep a low profile, hunker down with your own business, and if someone tries to pick a fight, do NOT return fire!
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Revel in the last of your birthday celebrations during the workweek, because on Saturday the Sun bids adieu to Libra for another year and waves hello to incisive (and insightful) Scorpio. As el Sol fires up your second house of finances and security, your mind turns to your earnings. If you can commit to getting your budget in serious order over the next four weeks, you'll be in good shape heading into the holidays and Fiscal 2017. At first you might feel a little overwhelmed: all those bills, bank statements, investments and insurance decisions! But don't let it all muddle together in your mind. Tackle one issue at a time. Anything you don't fully understand, Google or ask an adviser or financially-savvy friend. Not only can you get a budget in place and pay down debt, but you may get a valuable education. This is a good time to set some healthy limits with your decadent splurges. You CAN have your cake and eat it, too: You just can't scarf it all down in one go. Cut back on pricey restaurant meals, and rather than completely restocking your wardrobe, choose one or two incredible things from the fall collections, ideally timeless pieces that won't be out of style before Christmas. While the Sun is parked in your practical second house between Saturday and November 21, find time to map out a plan for your project ideas, whether big or small. If you don’t personally have the cash to start up, get creative. Key players might be willing to barter some of their talent. For example, you could offer babysitting services in exchange for design or photography help. This solar power surge might also help you parlay one of YOUR talents—songwriting, jewelry making, social media—into a profitable side business.
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