Libra Weekly Horoscope

03-20-2017 to 03-26-2017
It's prime time for partnership, Libra—music to your collaborative ears. This Monday, March 20 the Sun sails into Aries for a month, helping you attract complementary people who can pick up where you leave off. Since you're a lover, you might need a fighter who can play bad cop while you keep the peace. Don't be scared off by big personalities. With Aries governing your dynamic duo zone, you don't mind a spicy personality or someone who can bring the heat. As long as these brassy, opinionated peeps are willing to listen to your input, it could be a match made in heaven. In existing partnerships, use the next month to recalibrate the level of give and take. If you feel like you're always initiating plans or making too many sacrifices, pull back and let your other half step up to the plate. Have you been the guilty party, making too many demands and holding your partner up to an unreasonably high standard? Check yourself, Libra—and make amends by being more acknowledging, grateful and supportive. A relationship that's been flowing along beautifully could be ready for that "next steps" conversation between now and April 19. You might even hear from "the one that got away" while Venus is retrograde in Aries until April 2! A reconciliation should not be ruled out, if you proceed with cautious optimism.
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Has the peanut gallery had a little too much to say about your partnership choices, Libra? As the workweek wraps, update your privacy policy when it comes to relationships. Mouthy Mercury gets checked by secretive Pluto on Friday, reminding you that certain topics are nobody's business but your own. Put a kibosh on complaining about your dating life or S.O. or constantly trolling your squad for romantic advice. Your loyal inner circle will always have your back, but they'll never be able to completely read your mind or figure out what is in your heart. You may have inadvertently spun up worry among them with your venting. With candid Jupiter also applying pressure to Mercury on Friday, how about taking it up with the one you adore? The same holds true for all close alliances. Discuss directly instead of opinion polling outsiders. You'll be amazed at how productive that can be!
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Devote the weekend to spring cleaning! With the Pisces moon percolating in your sixth house of organization, you may finally have the mojo to tackle a major cleanup. A month ago, the Pisces solar eclipse got you thinking more like a minimalist. But now it's time to get into action, decluttering, downsizing and opening up more space in your house, and by extension, your psyche. Your spring training could get underway as well! Once you've muscled your way through a few closet purges and Goodwill runs, download a ClassPass and make it your mission to try at least one new fitness class before the weekend is through. Busy Libras, set yourself up to win by clearing space for a yoga mat when you need to do your workouts at home with a YouTube video or app. Make a Pinterest board of healthy recipes and refill your fridge with fresh produce. Take a farmer's market break from all those errands and then go for a jog in the park.
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