Libra Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
Blood is thicker than water, Libra. But as the zodiac's social butterfly, you've been known to get swept away by an intriguing stranger, developing temporary amnesia about your inner circle. It's never your intention to abandon friends as you flutter off to flirt or chat up every intriguing character in the room. But if you're guilty of such behavior, use the first half of the week to make amends. Until Thursday, the Sun hovers in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. The rule of thumb is "family first!" You might have to sacrifice your social fix in the name of showing your loyalty to your inner circle. These people have been there for you through thick and thin. Time to let them know how much you appreciate their backing. Survey Libra HQ: Has clutter crept into your carefully curated design scheme? Get consumed with cleaning up home base—or streamlining your decor scheme so the stunning "objet" really pop. Pick a 2017 color palette (you might like a crisp white theme with bursts of brights) and set up a clever organizational system using matching, decorative boxes to keep like-objects all grouped together and easy to find as you race off to your many dates and appointments. You might even get clever with recycled, salvage or repurposed materials. One human's junk is another's treasure.
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On Thursday the 19th, toss off those painter's overalls and slip on your velvet tunic or tailored suit. The Sun blazes into Aquarius and your fancy, festive and romantic fifth house, kicking off an early launch to your Valentine's season. Take the lead in the game of love: Your flirtatious forwardness will be a total turn-on. Don't be so absorbed in your Instagram feed while you're out and about that you fail to pay attention to the people around you. Your future Saturday night date could be standing inches away, waiting for the barista to hand them their Americano. Make eye contact, smile, and proffer a witty line. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Libra. Give friends your blessing to fix you up on dates—they might have a better idea of who you need than you do yourself! In a relationship? Revive the sexy, playful spirit with cultural outings and dress-up dates. With your "look at us!" fifth house lit up, you'll truly enjoy being each other's arm candy as you paint the town crimson, power couple style. While you're sharing a decadent wedge of Tiramisu, talks may even turn to more serious subjects, like moving in together, getting engaged, or making babies. This solar cycle is definitely a fertile time, so plan—or protect—accordingly. Spending time with the kids who are already in your life will light you up. Their youthful outlooks will remind you to be less jaded. Libra performers—the stage is calling. Find your way to an audition before February 18 or book a gig or gallery opening. You've had more than enough of these winter blahs, too. Appoint yourself social organizer and get the party restarted with your squad. From movie premiers to weekend ski trips, there's no reason why anyone should have to shiver on the couch all sad and lonely till spring. And you never know: You could inadvertently wind up playing Cupid for a pair of single friends.

With sober Saturn at a tough angle to Mars on Thursday, you might have to make a sacrifice to help out a friend or sibling. Just know your limits! Burning yourself out to be Best Supporting Castmate doesn't do either of you any good. Perhaps the best route would be to help this person find expert resources at an affordable price. Someone you've been relying on for support—whether a hired gun or an amiga—could suddenly become less available. The truth is, you may be ready to upgrade to a more appropriate source of assistance. If that means paying a little more (or paying someone for the first time), so be it. The peace of mind this brings will be well worth the investment. 
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