Libra Weekly Horoscope

12-05-2016 to 12-11-2016
Enough with the stress eating, moping around and general emo moods. We're not saying you don't have the right to your feelings, Libra, but it's time to take command and turn the tide in a more upbeat direction. This Wednesday, December 7 your cosmic guardian Venus wraps up a four-week tour of Capricorn and your moody fourth house. Baby, it may still be cold outside, but your hibernation period is officially over. Until January 3, your benefic ruler will shimmer in fellow air sign Aquarius, lifting your spirits exponentially. Put away your sweat pants and prepare to hit the party circuit. As a sartorially savvy Libra, you know that when you look good, you feel good. And with Venus in a fellow air sign, you're literally in your element. The fifth house rules luxury, so treat yourself to a few fabulous upgrades. Start with hair and makeup products and work your way up to lingerie. There's no such thing as too much embellishment or sparkle now—and with warrior Mars traveling astride Venus until December 19, yours may even be a powerful statement of resistance, like, say, this Wild Feminist bomber jacket. With the love planet amping up the passion in your life, your romantic mojo will be irresistible. If you're single, this could be one of your busiest dating months of the year. Hit the scene and be seen! But since Aquarius rules technology, the digital dating world can also be effective. Sign up for a new app or do a total refresh of your profile and photo gallery. And get creative! Post a few sultry Instagram snaps or be more active in commenting on your Facebook friends' timelines. You never know whose attention you'll catch. Attached? When's the last time you went out for a white-tablecloth dinner or a night of dancing? Let that be your excuse to dress up and act like the "It" Couple you are. If you've got babies on your brain, Venus' presence in your fertile fifth house could help plant the seed.
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Wednesday's quarter moon in Pisces and your sixth house helps you toe the line between health nut and hedonist. If you're the type of Libra who won't have a meal that doesn't include kale, you might need to lighten up a little. Sampling a panel of a gingerbread house or sipping real dairy egg nog is not necessarily going to derail your commitment to wellness. A more balanced approach can help you sail through the holiday season without spiraling into a guilt vortex or deprivation hole. On the flip side, has your elliptical machine turned into a de facto clothing rack? Languid Libras, heed this quarter moon's call to take better care of your bodies. After all, it's your soul's address here on earth. Some gentle exercise like walking or dancing can quickly work you up to a more energetic cardio class.
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On Saturday, the expressive Sun and measured Saturn meet up in Sagittarius and your verbose third house—a once per year joining that will find you communicating with power and clarity. Have you been mulling over the right message to post on social media or pen in a holiday card? Saturn reminds you that brevity is the soul of wit while the Sun helps you speak straight from the heart. You'll also feel more willing to cooperate and seek a middle ground on Saturday—but only up to a point. Peace at any price is not the goal. Saturn can help you negotiate a solution that works for YOU, too. Know your bottom line before you engage in finding a compromise. It can help to pre-brainstorm a few positive outcomes that you can suggest during the conversation. Remember though, these are possibilities not inevitabilities. The right solution is one that you co-create with the other party—and that will require you to listen with an open mind and heart. Have you been the fickle or unreliable half of a partnership lately, Libra? Perhaps your heart really isn't into a particular pairing or shared activity. If you're sticking around out of guilt or obligation, gracefully bow out. Another must this weekend? Putting up boundaries with demanding friends or a sibling who keeps treating you like the bossy big sister or annoying younger bro. If your neighbor's been playing DJ at all hours, forget about tapping the broom on the ceiling. Go have a little chat or contact the landlord if your kind requests are being ignored.
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