Libra Weekly Horoscope

09-26-2016 to 10-02-2016
Twirl! All the world is your step-and-repeat this Monday, September 26 as the outre Sun makes a rare (think: once per decade) connection to ballsy Jupiter in your sign. Maximalism is the clear choice as the week begins. Defy the Coco Chanel rule and ADD an accessory before you leave the house. And while you're at it, layer on an extra flourish, bell and whistle to your work. If these extras are authentic forms of self-expression, you can't go wrong, Libra. Forget being tight-lipped about your beliefs. This united front of candid Jupiter and the confident Sun wants you to speak your mind—even if that means leaving some of your trademark diplomacy at the door. It's better to be respected for speaking your mind than liked for "going along to get along" now!
Domestic matters will call for your attention this week, too. Since April 18, it’s been anything but quiet on the Libra homefront, thanks to Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn and your fourth house. On Monday, the potent planet resumes forward motion, helping you make clearheaded decisions about your home and family life. Is it time to move or maybe even look for a second residence—or maybe move in with the one you adore? Or should you stay put and be happy with what you have? The answer will become obvious in the days ahead. The key is to include your own happiness in the equation, not letting other people overpower you in your decision. And while family may need more attention from you, how can you tend to their needs without draining your own joie de vivre? That Libra balancing act has been tricky since spring, but you’ll now be able to find harmonious compromises.
The home repair and improvement quest heats up even more on Tuesday when go-getter Mars pays its biennial visit to Capricorn, joining Pluto there until November 8. If you want to spruce up your space, you’ll have nonstop energy for this home repair and improvement mission. Consider renovating a room or adding an up-and-coming artist’s work to your walls. If your pad is already shelter magazine-worthy, entertain! Host one of your epic dinner parties. Your guests always leave glowing and inspired when sitting at the table of such a Superconnector. Industrious Mars could inspire you to turn a spare bedroom or unused corner into a home office. This is certainly a great time for launching a business under your own roof, even as a side gig. Warning: Mars can agitate, too, so brace yourself for family friction! Over the coming six weeks, conflicts with certain relatives could go from simmer to boil. Take frequent time outs when you feel your jaw clenching. You don’t want to burn bridges with an incendiary comment! Relationships with the women in your world might become equal parts exhilarating and exhausting for the next six weeks. The same holds true for female relatives. On the one hand, there’s a high probability of finding your crew of lively, intelligent, fun loving ladies who share your curiosity and cultural interests. Yet other women in your life may grow excessively demanding, forcing you to put up firm boundaries or create more space to mitigate the pressure you’re feeling. (You may, for example, need to politely tell your mother that you have your own life and can’t talk to her for an hour every day.)
On Friday, the annual new moon in Libra electrifies the skies, refreshing your browser...and maybe your entire life! You only get one new moon in your sign per year and you can think of this as your cosmic New Year, a critical moment for planting seeds, setting intentions and figuring out what you’d like to manifest over the coming six months. When mapping out those wishes, think bigger. You have supersizer Jupiter in your sign for another whole YEAR! By October 10, 2017 you might not even recognize your life. Think of this new moon as the starting block of a transformational journey and invest in your personal growth and development. What will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be by the time this once-per-decade Jupiter cycle wraps on October 10, 2017? Work with the masters or dive into an adventure that brings experiential learning. You are worth it!
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