Libra Weekly Horoscope

08-29-2016 to 09-04-2016
Mirror, mirror on the wall: You’re the most radiant of them all. On Monday, Venus the cosmic goddess of love and beauty sails into your sign until September 23, igniting your glow. Maybe you'll make like signmate Kim Kardashian and just feel yourself so much that you have to snap a selfie. Nothing wrong with that, Libra! Tune in to your own irresistible nature and revel in it. In love and dating, you’ll have your pick of the hottest prospects. Just don’t rush to make your final selection: You might actually prefer single status while Venus rolls through your sign, enjoying an erotic buffet and shopping around to see which type suits Libra 2016 the best. (Spoiler alert: On September 9, worldly, wise Jupiter zips into your sign for a year, making you fall head over statement heels for a cultured, well-traveled erudite.) Happily attached? Socialize more often as a couple because you'll enjoy showing off your proud arm candy. But don't feel pressured to bring bae to every occasion. Rolling solo, and even doing some harmless flirting, might help you return home feeling like a total minx.
Ready to revamp your image? Venus is the celestial stylista (and your ruling planet at that!) so start a Pinterest board of inspo. You’ll be more experimental and artsy all around, and one of your style dares could set off a major trend. But before you walk in to a tattoo parlor or chop your long layers into a close-cropped pixie, hear this: On Tuesday, expressive Mercury slips back into a signal-scrambling retrograde until September 22 warning against any drastic changes. This retrograde falls in your foggy, transitional twelfth house. In moments it might just feel easier to make a clean break from aggravating circumstances. But there's no running away, Libra. As the saying goes, "Wherever you go, there you are." Whether you stay put to work things out or opt to move on, one thing must be examined: YOUR role in the matter. People who push your buttons can be important messengers, revealing your own self-defeating reactions. Maybe you've been trying to keep the peace or codependently pulling more than your weight in a relationship because you're worried the other person will fall into a rut if you don't rush in for the save. The twelfth house rules surrender: You are now being asked to give up the idea that you can actually control another person's behavior. Use the next few weeks to try responding to triggering situations differently—mainly by stepping back and letting the chips fall where they may. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom in order to make a legit change. And rather than wringing your hands, Mercury directs you towards internal healing. Book those therapy appointments; recharge with meditation and massages. Nurturing yourself is what will keep you strong and in as clear-headed a space as possible during the tests of this retrograde.
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Thankfully, divine support will arrive on Thursday, when a solar (new moon) eclipse also lands in Virgo and your twelfth house. You could meet your guardian angel: This helpful person has “been there, done that” and can shed light on vexing situations. Don’t wait for this Yoda figure to land on your starship, though. Actively seek wise counsel: a career coach, trainer, therapist, or even a holistic or spiritual healer. You’ll get from Point A to Point Z a lot quicker with an expert Sherpa illuminating the path. This eclipse brings some healing salve for your heart as well. If you’ve suffered a setback or loss, resources pop up to help you get back on track like a book that “falls off the shelf,” or a must-experience class that a friend recommends. And back to the theme of surrender, Libra. Like Mercury retrograde, this eclipse wants you to STOP trying to force a situation to go according to your perfect, fairy tale vision. The universe’s Plan B might bring you more joy than you realize! Instead of mapping out every last detail, get psyched about the mysterious unknown—a path that can only be revealed if you let go of control. If you’ve had a juice cleanse on your mind or want to kick an unhealthy vice to the curb, this is the week to get that vitamin-laden party started. Clearing your physical space of clutter and unhappy mementos could also re-energize you. Out with the old...but don’t replace it with the new! Enjoy the minimalism and clean, clear space which creates a blank canvas, allowing you to dream bigger than ever.
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