Libra Weekly Horoscope

08-20-2018 to 08-26-2018
If you haven't already downshifted into a lower gear, you probably will on Thursday, August 23, when the Sun leaves your social eleventh house and glides into Virgo and your internal, mystically minded twelfth house. Since this is the final "chapter" of your astrological year, plan to roll up your metaphorical sleeves and take the deep dive into your annual psychic housecleaning mission. Clear out any limiting beliefs, self-defeating behavior or old grudges or resentments before el Sol blasts into your sign on September 22—that way you can hit the ground running with some initiatives. You always prefer to see the silver lining than the brooding storm clouds, but over the next four weeks, you'll benefit from taking a hard look at those things (and people) you need to release from your life to make the most of your astrological New Year. For instance, if you've been "hanging in there" with a certain relationship (or a few) out of a misguided sense of duty or loyalty, ask yourself what it's costing you—and what you're getting out of it. Where do you hold yourself back? Wherever you're not living up to your potential is a good place to start. You might want to work with a healer or coach to help you peer into your blind spots and sweep away those hard-to-reach cobwebs.
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You may really have to stretch outside your comfort zone to do some important inner work on Saturday, when a rare but powerful grand earth trine lands in your most sensitive houses. With the Sun in your introspective zone connected with karmic Saturn and transformative Uranus, soul-searching could be richly rewarded. But you'll need to be willing to explore the underlying issues in an unresolved conflict. And it may not be a simple matter of having to "forgive and forget." There's a reason this causes pain or distress, and ignoring it won't make it go away. If you're ready, Libra, you could get rid of the source of this for once and for all!
Come Sunday, you could be in full-on healing mode—or ready to focus on your own wellbeing. The year's only full moon in Pisces electrifies your sixth house of health, self-care and service. While you're quick to extend a helping hand to others, how much SELF-nurturing do you do on a regular basis? This lunar light can shuffle your priorities. Since it falls in flowy, aquatic Pisces, you may be inspired to take your workouts to the pool or swap out gym-based cardio for dance classes. Be proactive about any nagging health issues by getting regular bodywork, working with a homeopath or an acupuncturist. The sixth house also rules organization and routines, making this is a great time to discard any residual clutter at Camp Libra and get things in solid "back-to-school" order. When you're not drowning in papers and "stuff," your thinking is sharper, more focused and creative!
Also on Sunday, your ruler, charismatic Venus, is in your sign, but she's dueling with shadowy Pluto in your family zone. No matter how nice you resolve to be, someone might try to engage you in a power play or manipulate you into doing things their way. Since you won't be able to talk reason or negotiate with them, let their calls go to voicemail and focus on things you can control.
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