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Monday November 24th - Sunday November 30th

Rainbows and unicorns? Afraid not, Pisces. The hammer of truth is coming down this week, as the cosmos bring an important reality check. Breeeeeathe. Honestly, you’ll feel relieved once you determine to face situations head on. Dealing with the facts really does make everything simpler. On Tuesday, sober Saturn aligns with expressive Mercury helping you see the full picture AND shift into a proactive, solution-oriented mode. Get real about a sour patch you’ve hit and you’ll turn those lemons into lemonade. The coupling of Saturn and Mercury can also prompt you to get serious about an entrepreneurial venture or a course of study. You may have the realization that reaching your ambitions also involves updating your skills a bit. Don’t resist the learning curve, Pisces. Sign up for a class or specialized training; even a certification from an online university. Is it time to relocate? Although Saturn can slow your movement, Mercury lends some speed. Pisces who are ready to pull up the stakes could find a place that is both stable and socially enlivening to call home. Or, you could go on a pilgrimage to explore a new corner of the world; perhaps a trip with an educational component. Pay attention to the travel opportunities that cross your radar near Tuesday.
On Thursday, Thanksgiving, Mercury changes signs, moving into Sagittarius and your ambitious tenth house until December 16. While everyone else is in party mode, you’d rather, ahem, talk turkey about your professional aspirations. The confidence-boosting Sun and creatrix Venus are already in Sagittarius and your career zone, amplifying your charms. With social Mercury in the mix it’s time to get your networking on. Don ye now your business apparel and keep filling your calendar with power lunches, industry shindigs and other events that allow you to rub elbows with the movers and shakers. You are due to wrap 2014 with some major feathers in your cap! The tenth house also governs the masculine realm and this Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude for the great guys you know. Raise a toast to your dad, husband, brother, gusband, or another man who has made a huge difference for you in 2014. Your acknowledgement is food for his soul.
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Saturday’s quarter moon in Pisces brings a sacred moment for self-reflection. As you grow, stretch and try on new hats, have you disconnected from your old self a little too much? This balancing quarter moon reminds you not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Reviving relics from your past can help you feel more at home in your present day situation, whether it’s a project you shelved, a style you love rocking, or an old friend who understands the essence of who you are and where you came from. On the flip side, if you’ve been stubbornly hanging on to your old ways, this quarter moon nudges you out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to give yourself a radical makeover (this is a QUARTER moon, not a full or new one) but branch out independently a bit. Being a leader also means being the first one to step out and give a new idea a try. This weekend, the ball is in your court. Forget about opinion polling friends — a permission slip is NOT required.

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