Pisces Weekly Horoscope


07-25-2016 to 07-31-2016
Have you set up your preferences, Pisces? You can afford to be picky this week, as liberating Uranus and systematic Mercury dance through the most selective zones of your chart. This is certainly a smarter option than "going along to get along" which only leaves you feeling frustrated and resentful. Speak up—especially in social groups—and add your opinions to the dialogue. By being up front about your likes and dislikes, you'll give other people a chance to please you…or at least include your desires in the collective compromise. The Uranus-Mercury trine will also bring high doses of practical magic to your workweek. Roll up your winged sleeves and start project managing all your missions. With a clear schedule, budget and task list you'll see how doable they actually are. You need to break things down into phases—and simplify your phase one—in order to get things off the ground. Uranus and Mercury rule technology and digital devices. Tap into apps (like #slack at slack.com) that can help you stay organized and in sync with your team.
On Friday, innovative Uranus slips into its annual retrograde, retreating through Aries and your second house of foundations until December 30. Be patient with your processes, Pisces. As Aristotle once wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." For the next five months you will be fine-tuning your daily to-dos, making progress in the slow-and-steady way. Keep careful watch over your budget for the rest of the year. As an emotional creature, retail therapy has been known to get the best of you. And sure, even those deep-discount Buffalo Exchange bargains can become permanent pieces in your closet collection. But how about creating a savings account so you can buy exactly what you want? (As opposed to replacing the "almost, but not quite it" sale items you keep splurging on.) Uranus governs technology, teamwork, and future-forward ideas. Would an electronic or digital device bring you greater efficiency or even help you cut down on monthly utility bills? Perhaps there’s a retreat or study group you’re drawn to, in the name of sharpening your mind-spirit connection. These would be investments worth pondering now. Since retrogrades favor the past, you might return to an old line of work or take on a freelance project to earn extra money. A former employer could contact you out of the blue. Is this an offer too good to be true…or too good to refuse? Find out all the details before you say yay or nay.
Exciting news for your love life comes on Saturday when messenger Mercury zips into Virgo and your seventh house of commitments until October 7—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from August 30 to September 22. It might be time to update your Facebook status from “It’s Complicated” to “In A Relationship”…or maybe even “Single.” The rubber will meet the road while outspoken Mercury is in this zone. Hash out clear terms with anyone you’re dating. Hey, you might be fine with a friends-with-bennies arrangement. As long as you’re both on the same page, you’ll have the freedom of choice—and that’s what really counts. But if you need greater exclusivity, be honest about it. Direct communication is the best screening process of all. Partnerships of other varieties get a boost from Mercury in Virgo. You’ll be a stellar negotiator, closing deals and signing on dotted lines before the fall season begins. Follow the rule of "opposites attract" because a complementary force can level up all of your ambitious missions.

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