Pisces Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
Keep the pep rally going, Pisces. The Sun is in the final stretch of its annual tour of Capricorn and your eleventh house of community goals. Until Thursday, you'll be the prime motivating force in the group, rallying everyone towards an exciting common goal. "All for one and one for all" is your mantra until the 19th. If morale is dipping on Team Pisces, plan a spirit boosting activity like a happy hour, team lunch or movie night. It will be much easier to align on things like shared goals or a 2017 mission statement once you've all cut loose. You can turn the tide here, Pisces, even finishing the week with group victory. Working on any online initiatives? The eleventh house is the tech sector of the zodiac wheel, so hurry up and get your geek on. With Mercury fully finished with its first retrograde of the year, the coast is clear to pick a theme for your website, meet with developers about your brilliant vision for an app or spruce up all your social media profiles. Or maybe sign up for that software training that will bump you into a higher pay bracket. Where motivation is flagging, adopt a community-spirited approach. Call on the smart, supportive people in your world to snap you into action and hold you accountable. There's no need to go it alone, Pisces; that's simply doing life the hard way.
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On Thursday, January 19 relax, relate and release. The Sun downshifts into Aquarius and your dreamy twelfth house until February 18. This is the final solar phase of your annual zodiac cycle, a time best used for tying up loose ends and saying goodbye to all that you've outgrown. A month from now, Pisces Season begins. Make it your mission to clear away any lingering baggage before then—including the emotional variety. Making amends may be part of the story. If you inadvertently hurt someone, do what you can to clean up for it—even if you simply write an apology letter without expectation of a response. Keep all blame out of it and just own up to your part in things—if nothing else, this will help clear your conscience. This fantasy-fueled cycle will lend an ethereal and romantic quality to your life. Don the rose-colored glasses, but don't screen out any red flags you see. Addressing issues doesn't have to be a dealbreaker in relationships—quite the contrary! This might be the ultimate road test in collaboration and compromise; a strengthener of your bond. When it comes to those group activities, you should probably hand the bullhorn and pom-poms to another spirited social organizer. You're going to need more downtime—and dreamtime—until February 18. Enjoy spaces for solitary reflection, which might be best done from a bathtub filled with lavender and Neroli sea salt. Your psychic gifts are supersized while the Sun visits your twelfth house, but heed this planetary PSA: While it's flattering to be everyone's go-to oracle, set your limits…or set your rates! Maybe it's time to start charging for those life-changing tarot spreads or creative consultations. Is it time to release a toxic vice or relationship? Gently begin snipping those cords. You might circle the next four weeks as a sacred period of mourning, healing and restoring your emotional balance. It's a process indeed, so give yourself all the space in the world to feel, then, deal.   
Stay on top of your career game this Thursday though! Mars in Pisces gets a wakeup call from Saturn, which is parked in Sagittarius and your tenth house of professional affairs. It's great that you're so busy, but are your efforts actually leading you closer to your dreams? This transit is a wakeup call to work smarter, not harder. You may need to refine your strategy so that your energy is spent on higher-yielding activities. For example, if you're wasting hours of the day on admin and busy work, consider outsourcing (a virtual assistant can be hired for a small, hourly rate) or teaming up with someone else on the mission. Are you contemplating a career switch? The Mars-Saturn square could bring some tension at the office. As irritating as this may be, it might be the very fuel you need to start shopping around for a better job. Maybe you simply feel unappreciated by clients or coworkers. If it's time to raise your rates or set better boundaries, be firm and clear. People will only push you as far as you are willing to let them.
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