Pisces Weekly Horoscope

08-20-2018 to 08-26-2018
Dynamic duos are your new M.O. starting Thursday, August 23, when the magnetic Sun rolls into Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships for its annual visit. For the next four weeks, you'll get clarity and insight around at least one of your primary relationships. And all the action won't be between your ears! Here's a suggestion for single Fish looking to get snagged: Take more "bait." Playing it safe may keep you from getting hurt, but it's also keeping you from getting close to anyone. Everyone's been bruised by Cupid's misfires, but that doesn't mean you should take yourself out of the game altogether. It also doesn't mean you should trust anyone who buys you a drink. It's about being discerning. When your tuned-in sign listens to the little voice inside your head—or heart—you're generally guided to the right action. Since Virgo rules this realm, you need to silence that inner critic who can find fault with everyone. Look beyond the superficial and really get to know someone. People can and will surprise you! Attached? You'll be eager to take a big next step, but gauge your partner's feelings. Reflexively launching into a "what's next" conversation every time you're together is a recipe for pushback. It's probably better to reveal your feelings through your actions than verbalizing them now. When the Sun moves into Libra and your house of permabonding on September 22, you may not be able to hold 'em in!
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That said, on Saturday, you might decide to let the chips fall where they will under a rare and auspicious grand earth trine in your "people" houses. The Sun in your partnership house is connecting the emotional dots with future-oriented Saturn in your collaborative corner and transformational Uranus in your communication zone, spurring you to speak from the heart. While honesty is an admirable policy, with spontaneous and disruptive Uranus in the picture, you could get an "A" for enthusiasm but an "F" for execution. If what you plan to say could have momentous consequences, it's probably worth letting structured Saturn lead this parade and persuade you to rehearse your speech. Another thought: Platonic relationships will feel especially enriching under this golden glow, so feel free to emote to your heart's content with your pals!
Happy cosmic New Year! Sunday brings the annual full moon in Pisces, which is always a cause for celebration! During this once-a-year lunation, you should feel even more like your authentic self, making it the perfect day for a little shameless self-promotion. (Actually, you've got two full weeks to pull out the stops, and six months to unpack a legit marketing campaign.) This is the "manifestation point" of the March 17 Pisces new moon: What personal goals have you been pursuing since then? Now's the time to go for broke with the finishing touches or making your big reveal. Trust your gut, Pisces, because you are this-close to nailing it. Even if you have to push back from a slightly intrusive relationship, it's worth it to realize this dream—and prove to yourself that, why, yes—you DO have what it takes!
On Sunday, you might also blur the line between friend and lover as sensual Venus in your eighth house of intimacy and seduction sidles up to intensifier Pluto in your platonic-pal zone. This may not even be something premeditated. Sometimes, Pisces, chemistry rules over logic. Just make sure you're not jeopardizing an important alliance in the process.
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