Pisces Weekly Horoscope

07-17-2017 to 07-23-2017
Temper, temper, Pisces. This week might find you in uncharacteristically feisty spirits, as muckraker Uranus churns up emotions with two consecutive squaring angles. The first comes on Monday, July 17 when the volatile planet clashes with headstrong Mars in Cancer and your passionate fifth house. Then, on Thursday, he locks horns with the expressive Sun in the same realm. Tact and diplomacy are nowhere to be found under these harsh beams, and your usually serene self might actually be able to feel your blood boil. Normally you have a pretty long fuse, but this week someone may seriously overstep their bounds, and you might not be able to hold your tongue. You could feel like this person is testing you to see how they can push it. You're certainly entitled to give them a piece of your mind, but before you blow up (and say things you might immediately regret), talk it out with a friend or your partner. Get it off your chest, but then listen to their feedback about how to express yourself even more effectively. Acknowledge how hurt or upset you are, but remember—she who loses her cool first loses the fight.
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On Thursday, lace up the crosstrainers and dig the Fitbit out of your drawer. Motivator Mars lumbers into Leo and your sixth house of work and wellness until September 5. As the boss demands more productivity (and you push yourself a little harder, too), you'll need to burn off stress with regular workouts. And, on Saturday, the Sun swings into Leo until August 22, helping you flip on that lit-from-within glow. Green is your new black—from the food you put on your plate to the money you stack into your bank account. But this isn't about latching onto fads or surfing the trends that will be completely forgotten later this year. This is real-deal healing, and it starts with your own desires. What are your personal goals, Pisces? Do you want to clean up your diet, build strength or endurance, or make self-care part of your lifestyle? You could be glowing with radiant health by the time summer is through. To stack the deck in your favor, don't try to make sweeping changes overnight. Think in terms of "micro-resolutions" rather than radical makeovers. Your sensitive sign may benefit from integrating elements of self-care into your everyday life by treating them as rituals instead of tasks. So rather than, "Wake up, guzzle coffee, race to work," rise 20 minutes earlier and approach it as, "Greet another sacred day with a gratitude practice and stream-of-consciousness journal entry, brew up a cup of green tea or single origin coffee, breathe…" Load up the fridge with fresh produce and healthy snacks. This solar power surge can inspire you to set up more streamlined systems so you can work smarter, not harder—and certainly not LONGER. Summer is the Sun's season, so honor it!
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Sunday brings even more clarity and determination to make healthful tweaks to your daily life. The first of a super-rare pair of Leo new moons lands next to the Sun in your sixth house of wellbeing. (The second, which comes on August 21st, is a solar eclipse and will super-charge all of your efforts.) No more fence-sitting, Pisces! This is the perfect moment to get serious about improving your vitality, and as you do, you'll watch your energy, mood and motivation soar. As a sense-oriented sign, you know that when you look good, you feel good—and when you, Pisces, are on your game, you're simply irresistible.
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