Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Goals, goals, goals! With Saturn occupying your tenth house of career and public prestige since September 17, you’ve got a list longer than your arm of the grand schemes you want to pull off. But easy does it, Pisces! This week, your ruling planet Neptune runs a little interference. All week long, Saturn and Neptune will tango in a challenging square, forcing you to balance fantasy with reality. First and foremost, are these to-do’s in line with your noble purpose, your heart-and-soul desires, and even your innate talents? With Neptune on an extended tour through Pisces (until 2026), to thine own self you MUST be true. So forget about sidelining your dreams or setting a single intention that is more about other people’s happiness than your own. On the flip side of the equation is taskmaster Saturn body-checking Neptune and snapping you out of your dreamy reverie? You’ve heard the old chestnut, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” right, Pisces? If you’re taking on too much too soon or operating from unrealistic expectations, Saturn will bring down the hammer. But don’t give up if you hit a speed bump this week. Instead, pull off the superhighway and refine your plan of attack. Saturn values expertise as much as Neptune reveres creativity. Work with coaches, seek pro-level advice and consider outsourcing tasks that are out of your wheelhouse. Does your timeline need reconfiguring? No shame in slowing things down! Rome wasn’t built in a day and you really shouldn’t erect any Doric columns before you’ve laid down the marble floors.

On Wednesday, the full moon in Gemini lights up your home and family sector—and you’ll feel its effects for nearly two weeks. Here comes the rush of sentimental feelings! Raise a toast to the ones you adore. There won’t be a dry eye at the Thanksgiving table (if you’re celebrating) once you get going with the tributes. The fourth house rules all things feminine and you could enjoy some deep bonding with the women in your life. Step in for support if your mother, sister, daughter or GF needs a hand later this week. This is also the domestic zone of the chart so if you have any epicurean talents, head straight to the kitchen to contribute to the celebratory feast. Follow any inspiration to host or otherwise create a warm-fuzzy environment for your inner circle. And while your heart overflows with compassion, don’t invite every orphan on your friend list to your table. This week you want to give your undivided attention to people who truly have your back. Quality and quantity of time matter! If you’re in the market for a new home or simply want to update your space, the decor bug could bite. You could have major insights about where you want to live next or realize that you need to refine your current nest so that you have more peace and privacy. For other Pisces, turning an oversized (or barely used) property into an Airbnb might be the perfect solution to generating extra cash.
There’s one pitfall to this full moon, however, as it will lock into a combative T-square (three-way battle) with Saturn and Neptune. Despite your sentimental nature, don’t be SO quick to drop your guard that you let a bullying or dominating person take advantage of you. Not everyone is safe to share your deepest secrets and sentiments with—and this week there could be a controlling man (or an older person of “authority”) who takes issue with your free-flowing ways. If unsolicited critiques on your lifestyle come snarking your way, speak up and defend yourself. Declaring certain subjects off-limits is well within your rights. A high-strung—or rightfully upset—woman could nearly overwhelm you with her emotions. Rather than go down the rabbit hole with her, the T-square can help you express compassion without codependence. Let people lean on your shoulder but guide them towards finding solutions and the seeing bigger picture, too.
On Sunday, Saturn makes his annual connection with the Sun, helping you refine those goals even further. This year, the meetup takes place in Sagittarius and your tenth house of success. This transit whets your appetite for mastery and also reveals some gaps in your skill set. Fill in those holes with some expert training, investing in coursework, consultants, webinars, even private coaching sessions. The tenth house rules the masculine and a relationship with a man could feel pretty weighty this weekend. Come on out of the rainbows-and-unicorns bubble and talk turkey about your shared future. If your goals don’t immediately align, strategize away! You could find mutual ways to support each other that don’t involve being tethered together 24/7. This is where your creativity comes in to play, Pisces. You never know: The process might actually be fun!

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