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Monday April 20th - Sunday April 26th

Bring on the clever quips, witty banter, and flirty exchanges! This Monday, April 20 the Sun blazes a monthlong trail through Taurus and your expressive third house, blessing you with the gift of gab. You’ll love meeting new people, flitting from party to party, and dabbling in new hobbies and activities. The local scene is lit up with promise so check out the haps in your hometown—or get an ongoing event started yourself. Sweet relief! Life takes on a much more lighthearted tone and your sense of humor comes back after a temporary hiatus. You’re not exactly in the mood to take things too seriously now—or commit to anything long-term. Variety is the spice of your life between now and May 20. Enjoy a sampler platter of options before declaring a favorite. If you’re looking for love, some experimental right-swiping could be just the thing. This week, lusty Mars and cosmic coquette Mercury are also in Taurus, giving you an extra dose of mojo. Already spoken for? Get some field trips and nights out on the calendar, STAT. As the expression goes, the couple that plays together, stays together. Corny though that may be, it rings true. Take a break from the dramatic conversations and remember that laughter is the best medicine (or a damn good one) for healing emotional drama.  Got a project to pitch, a product to hawk? With all your persuasive powers activated, you could sell fields of pink tulips to a Dutch florist over the next four weeks. Get out there and work your magic. If you see something, say something. Drumming up support for any idea will be a snap—and some people could even turn into partners for a joint venture. Surprise! You might even link up with the so-called competition, which only serves to make you both stronger. Keep your antennas up for kindred spirits. Your right hand person could also emerge from your existing inner circle—a sibling, neighbor, or relative close in age. Start discussing the idea of a formal collab this week, but test the waters by working on a project-by-project basis.


On Tuesday, powerhouse Pluto in your zone of social networking forms a golden triangle (trine) with motivator Mars. You could be ushered into a prestigious milieu or invited to be part of a collaboration that makes your soul sing. Make a point of reaching out to fascinating people both online and in real time. Someone from an existing group could shine with BFF or creative collaborator potential. In short, pay attention to the people who pop up in your world this week. And be more vocal about your visions and ideas when in a collective environment. The more you reveal YOUR potential, the more likely you’ll be to attract people who mirror those hidden talents of yours. Don’t stress if the soul friend bond doesn’t materialize immediately. While you may feel the sparks of something special, the true potential could manifest around October 15 with the second Mars-Pluto trine of 2015.


Dedicate the weekend to your health, Pisces. With the moon lingering in Leo and your sixth house of wellbeing, create some space for getting your life back into a grounded flow. Reschedule the mimosas and Croque Madames and head to a late morning yoga or dance class. Or, meet friends for a walk through the park, or a more strenuous hike. This is the perfect weekend to be out in nature. If you have a garden, get your hands in the soil and prep those beds for some seasonal vegetables. While you’re at it, plant bulbs, like gladiolus, for a late-summer show of colorful blossoms. On Saturday, structured Saturn will form a supportive trine to the moon, bringing a louder call for efficiency. Restock the fridge with healthy groceries, clean up the messy areas of your home, plow through that stack of bills and get them paid off already! The relief you’ll feel from this 101 Efficiency Mission will be palpable. Take a cue from Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo who suggests only keeping objects that “spark joy.” On Sunday, keep your antennae up for a great fitness class, even a private instructor. With expansive Jupiter aligned with the moon, you could find an expert trainer, nutritionist, or holistic healer who can help you along the path to vitality. Hiring a professional organizer can also help you get Chateau Pisces in shape if you’re struggling to figure out what to do with all your sentimental treasures.

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