Pisces Weekly Horoscope

01-23-2017 to 01-29-2017
Channel your inner Elsa, Pisces, and let it go. Once your deep-feeling sign latches on to something—and especially on to someone—you'd be happy to hang on for life. But that doesn't always serve you well. Thankfully, this week's stimulating starmap sounds the cry for major change. On Friday, January 27 the year's only Aquarius new moon falls in your twelfth house of healing, endings and evolution. The twelfth house has a dreamy and hazy quality, so it's understandable if you had some IDEAS but haven't quite gotten anything off the ground. The twelfth house is better for sitting quietly in meditation or other introspective pursuits and tapping into your higher wisdom. New moons offer the chance for a fresh start. But first you have to get a handle on exactly what "needs" to shift and what you feel ready to take on. You may suddenly feel a surge of confidence and inspiration…even if you're still sorting out the nitty-gritty. You CAN do this—and there's no need to push yourself. Trust that once you drop the resistance, the universe has a beautiful plan in place for you. Get the support you need to begin the process of relinquishing control and saying sayonara to people and things that no longer serve you. By the time of the corresponding Aquarius full moon (also a lunar eclipse!) on August 7, you could be flying free. This is also a perfect time to kick off a short detox or cleanse, like eliminating dairy, sugar, white flour and alcohol from your diet. This kind of intentional self-care will naturally ripple outward and affect all areas of your life, not just your energy levels.
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Watch out for a power struggle on Friday, when "bad cop" Saturn in your house of public image squares off with sensitive Venus in your sign. You normally go to great lengths to avoid confrontation, but under this angle, you might not be able to avoid a battle of the wills. You know that knocking horns could deplete your vital energy—but don't back down in the name of not rocking the boat. There is a middle way, though, Pisces. Take a giant step backward and create some space between you. Then throw yourself into your own work. If you give 'em enough time to miss you, they may come crawling back on their hands and knees!
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On Saturday, you can start to manifest some of those big schemes and blue-sky dreams. Motivational Mars marches into Aries and your second house of work and money until March 9. This is the time you bring structure to those fantasies and sit down with a spreadsheet to see which ideas, if any, have legs. "Practical" and "concrete" are your buzzwords over the coming six weeks. This Mars cycle—aka "Show me the money!" time—may feel like a lot of work, but this is how you get to your next level. The hardest part could be trying to explain your high-concept vision to conservative, cost-conscious types whose eyes are on the bottom line. Focus on how this is ahead of its time and how it can benefit THEM. You're up for this kind of challenge, Fish, but you may have to slip into "suit" mentality to communicate in a language they'll understand. Come at them with facts, figures, statistics and projections you can back up. In your personal life, put your credit cards under lock and key. This Martian cycle gives you the urge to splurge, something your sign is particularly skillful at. In the past your itchy trigger finger has led to pricey bouts of retail therapy, which may have set you back on a practical savings plan. The "go for it" red planet will increase your lust for luxury. We're not saying you can't treat yourself to anything—just that you need to do a little budget analysis before you let yourself loose in your favorite boutiques. In love, allow new connections to develop slowly and organically until (at least) March 9. Couples can create more sensuality in your boudoir biosphere with props like a dimmer switch, silky sheets, warming massage oil and scented candles. Let the games begin!
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