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Monday June 29th - Sunday July 5th

Healthy relationships are the theme of the week, as love planet Venus syncs up with motivating Jupiter in your wellness zone on Wednesday, July 1. Are the people in your life lifting you higher or bringing you down? Okay, Pisces, you don’t have to go crazy and unfriend your entire Facebook list. But think more carefully about whom you grant inner circle status. Not everyone deserves the right to plop down on your overstuffed, Design Within Reach sofa or text you at all hours of the night. Putting up better boundaries, even with the ones you DO love may be necessary. Getting interrupted at all hours—especially during the workday—is an unwelcome distraction. What qualifies as “an emergency” is often drama and it’s throwing you off your game. Diplomatically let people know that you won’t be answering calls during certain times unless they are truly burning with need. On a more positive note, the Venus-Jupiter duo will inspire you to take better care of your body. Why not loop an equally motivated loved one into this healthquest? Hitting the Pilates studio with your sweetie can be a great way to bond, as well as be the start of a new, shared lifestyle. Venus and Jupiter connect again on August 4 and October 25 this year so this won’t just be a flash in the pan commitment to your vitality. Just make sure whatever you’re doing is both fun and motivating. Maybe it’s signing up for a summer soccer league, synchronized swimming or an awesome dance class. And if you’re single, you never know who you might meet while working up a sweat in your Lulus.


News of a big success could arrive on Wednesday, under the full moon in Capricorn and your eleventh house of teamwork. This is a victory to be shared, so gather your hard-working crew and pop the bubbly to celebrate your achievements—and be sure to thank and praise everyone. Even if there’s still one more round, this is the payoff for your last six months of personal sacrifice. With the full moon sweetly angled to your ruler Neptune in Pisces and your starpowered first house, you will still be the standout star of this win. Don’t shoo away the well-deserved praise. If a humble brag is all you can muster, then let it rip. Or, you could be inspired to take more leadership within a communal effort. Grab the proverbial pom-poms and deliver a midweek pep talk that gets everyone pumped about the mission once again. One thing to consider: Now that you’ve reached this milestone, are your sights set on an even loftier goal, one that requires you to move on from this group? Don’t hold yourself back out of nostalgia or misplaced loyalty. How you break the news will determine how they’ll handle it. Among your team are some of your biggest supporters, who will be thrilled for you. And you may call some of them to join you on your next big thing, so don’t feel guilty! Since the eleventh house also rules the digital universe, this is a great time to upgrade your hardware or software, learn some new skills or programs, or find an online community with shared interests. 

Saturday is July Fourth, and with the moon in your boundary-blurring twelfth house, it’s important to remember that this is Independence—not Codependence—Day. Don’t be overly accommodating to difficult people or, to put it bluntly, you’ll wind up feeling like their b****. There are some people out there who take a mile every time you give them an inch. You already know this about them, Pisces, so maybe it’s best that you leave them out of your celebratory plans for the weekend. Or, only grant them a few hours of your time. You need a breather and some time to yourself, too! An escape to a beach cottage would be heavenly, especially if spa services are involved. Whether the destination is rustic or high-end, being near water soothes your soul. Give yourself a weekend pass from having to take care of other grown-ups.

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