Pisces Weekly Horoscope


06-27-2016 to 07-03-2016
No more hitting the snooze button, Pisces. On Wednesday, June 29 motivator Mars rouses from a ten-week nap and powers forward through Scorpio and your ninth house of travel and adventure. You'll be playing Marco! Polo! for real, as the red planet reclaims the helm and steers you toward exciting new terrain between now and August 2. Pull out your passport and wheelie suitcase. You've got distant vistas on your brain, and the little red dynamo will act like a gale-force tail wind. Of course, not everyone can jet off on a moment's notice (but more power to those who can). You can have a great adventure at a homegrown music festival, a cycling adventure in your own state or a yoga retreat within driving distance. You might also expand your worldly knowledge and social network by enrolling in a summer class or self-development workshop. The ninth house rules all things foreign and global, so multicultural mingling could cause sparks to fly. Make a point of getting to know people from different backgrounds who live nearby or are just passing through. This could lead to a friendship or possibly more. But be sensitive. With brash Mars in the picture, trying to break the ice with off-color humor or sarcasm that doesn't translate will do more harm than good. Even with your own circle, be careful when you wield your truth hammer. While you'd rather keep it real than hold in your true feelings, there's no excuse for pounding people with a tactless rant. Stand up for your beliefs and values, but respect other people's opinions.
Also on Wednesday, you may have a tough time subduing your self-expression and style as messenger Mercury shimmies into Cancer and your fifth house of fame, glamour and romance until July 13. So don't even try, Pisces! This is your time to been seen, both online and IRL. True, beauty is only skin-deep, but people do make snap judgments based on appearances. That's why it behooves you to put your best fin forward in meetings and on social sites. Invest in new profile pics with a professional photographer, or tap a friend with mad Instagram skills. And when summer love crosses your path—which could happen to single Pisces when you least expect it over the next two weeks—you'll want to be sure you're noticed. No matter your romantic status, this soulful Mercury cycle urges you to take more initiative in the game of love. Attached? Be honest about what you want next: a romantic weekend getaway, meeting the parents, moving in together? Mercury in your fifth house makes you bold and coquettish at the same time, so ask for what you need! Your imagination is in fine form, too. Follow your muse where she leads and bring your creative talents to a wider audience. Get serious about your blog or organize a public reading—starring YOU. Or be a purist and just make art for art's sake.

On Sunday, this visionary and romantic energy hits fever pitch, as the radiant Sun sidles up to expressive Mercury in Cancer and fistbumps dreamy Neptune in your sign. Even if you don't fancy yourself "artistic," the urge to express yourself may overtake you. Fuel your imagination by soaking up some fresh inspiration. Hit the gallery scene or a small museum that features up-and-coming modern artists. Check out your favorite boutique or vintage shop for colors, patterns and textures. If you hear music in the air, follow it to its source. Whether it turns out to be a concert or impromptu jam session, you're likely to run into soulful creative types. More in the homebody mode? Curate some new playlists (world music anyone?), put a leaf in the table and invite your most eclectic friends over for one of your legendary dinner parties.

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