Pisces Weekly Horoscope

09-18-2017 to 09-24-2017
The couple bubble lures you back this Tuesday, September 19 as sensual Venus vectors into Virgo and your relationship zone. Your sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Half of you is a hopeless romantic, ready to dive into the Sea of Love at the first glimmer of soulmate potential. The other half of you would prefer to have an ocean between you and the rest of the planet. As such, you need a versatile partner who can roll with your ebb and flow. The odds of finding your "someone" increase exponentially as Venus swings by your seventh house until October 14. Yes, even if you are still nursing wounded feelings from a breakup or decided two days ago to take a dating sabbatical to focus on your painting. Cupid's timing is rarely convenient—and it doesn't have to be either/or. Who says new love can't heal you or that your potential S.O. can't compose songs in the background while you're layering Cadmium Red onto a canvas? Having boundaries is one thing but making rules to keep yourself "safe" could mean missing out on someone special. Already found your true love? Don't shy away from talks of exclusivity or areas that could use some improvement. Harmonious Venus lends a hand in the "creative compromise" department. If you both give an inch or put more energy towards a shared goal, your combined efforts might make magic. Old-married types should lighten up about those petty things that make you crazy, like socks on the bedroom floor or dishes in the sink. Instead, focus on the things you love about your mate, and see if that doesn't make hearts (and other regions) swell.
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A promising plus-one could appear as soon as Wednesday—in one of many categories from romance to finance. The annual new moon in Virgo joins Venus in activating your urge to merge. This is the beginning of a six-month cycle where tag team efforts can thrive. Someone you meet this week might be the missing puzzle piece for a business venture or the second keyboardist you didn't realize you needed (until now) for your band. But don't raise the red-velvet rope too quickly. First, make sure these contenders are down to play the long game with you. The seventh house rules the law so this could be the day where you make a partnership more official by putting the terms into an official contract. (Doubly blessed since the shadow period of Mercury retrograde officially wraps this week—you're in the clear!) You probably don't need to play hardball in these negotiations, but DO make sure that your rights and property (intellectual or otherwise) are covered and that all terms are spelled out clearly. Lawyer up if money is changing hands. The last thing you need is to be sitting in arbitration six months from now because you forgot to hash out things like royalties and commissions. Insist on clarity and you'll step into this dynamic duo on a strong foot.
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And if all this weren't enough, on Friday, the Sun slides into Libra and your erotic eighth house until October 23. With this seductive solar surge, you don't even NEED a partner to feel like the hottest thing on Planet Earth! (A passing glance at your reflection will do just fine.) Your sexuality is yours to own, of course, so get more in tune by adding sensual movement to your daily ritual. Dancing always lights your fire, whether you're shimmying around the house (clothing optional) to the Beyonce station on Pandora or trying sensual classes like acro-yoga, S Factor, even a burlesque workshop. First, however, you might need to slow down and catch up on your sleep. (Those endless nights of partying 'til sunrise have a way of catching up to you!) A partnership may grow closer and even become set in stone—which could involve picking out a setting for a gemstone in some cases. If you’re single, it’s probably wise to clean house of the players and take a break from the friend-with-benefits so your appetite for the real deal has a chance to develop. Head's up: You'll need to monitor your possessive side between now and October 23. A fall filled with jealousy, Google stalking and general obsession? No, thank you! You’ve got better things to do with your time than that. Like growing your bank balance for one. The eighth house is the big money zone of the chart. You could make some serious coin from commissions, real estate or by selling some valuable possessions you're no longer using. Think beyond the 9-5 grind. Who knows? One of those oil paintings could soon be hanging in a wealthy scion's house. Merging resources with other people is another possibility—even someone you considered (gasp) the competition!
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