Pisces Weekly Horoscope

10-17-2016 to 10-23-2016
Magic 8-Ball, crystal ball…whatever your poison, the future is looking super bright this week, Pisces. On Tuesday, October 18 lucky Venus jets into Sagittarius and your goal-oriented tenth house until November 11. Train your falcon focus on the influencers in your field. With charming, affable Venus here, your contact database could quickly reload with important names and people who want to do business with you. Yes, that will probably involve some evening socializing, but there are worse things than attending parties on behalf of your career. This Venus cycle will make you a lot more goal-oriented about romance, too. If you're serious about finding real love, you need someone who's ready for a relationship NOW. No more buying the excuses or waiting around for someone to "work out their issues." They're either ready or they're not: And if not, there's just one thing to do—keep it moving. Attached? How deeply? You're ready to take this commitment thing seriously, so initiate The Talk. This might even involve working together or co-signing a lease. Creating a bright future as a couple can be such an aphrodisiac now.
Your concentration may be seriously challenged on Wednesday, when an obsessive alignment of driven Mars and competitive Pluto lights up your social networking zone. Stop counting likes and retweets and excuse yourself from the virtual popularity contest. You don't even realize how much time you waste every day checking your devices for a little love. Take a digital detox and pour your energy into the real world surrounding you. This cosmic coupling can cement your status in a group that you love being part of—or help you radar in on a tribe that just speaks to your soul. But if you want to be taken seriously amongst the ranks, you have to show up regularly and let them know that they can actually count on you. If you've been a fickle member, make amends and recommit to your participation. You can turn this all around quickly since people certainly won't want to lose you from the fold!
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Got a few secrets locked in the vault—or maybe some unfinished business hanging in the balance? The luminous Sun is winding down its annual four-week visit to Libra and your eighth house of permanent relationships. Before it checks out on Saturday, wrap all of the unfinished business, like clearing the air with your BFF or romantic partner and getting important documents signed. These matters should be handled privately, so plan to be very discreet. (Read: Discuss in the bedroom or boardroom instead of a noisy bistro.) You'll come bounding out of hiding on Saturday, when le Soleil jets into Scorpio and fires up your adventurous ninth house for a month. Where in the world would you like to go next? That's not a rhetorical question; nor is it unrealistic. This is "shoulder season," a less-expensive time to travel, and there are deals a-plenty to be found. If you've already booked your dream trip, consider bumping up the date a little sooner. But if you're drawing blanks, think about where you have friends or family (or business connections) who might let you park on their couch. It's a great time for multicultural mingling, no matter where you land on Google's green Earth. Single Pisces might cook up some hot chemistry with someone who barely speaks English. Couples can make waves by breaking out of their routines. Find a romantic little Airbnb within driving distance—and then, start scheming about what continent you'll land on for your winter holiday. The very act of planning your vacation may send your mojo rising.
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