Pisces Weekly Horoscope


04-25-2016 to 05-01-2016

Wait! Preview, edit and revise before hitting send on that email or text, Pisces. The power of words becomes very clear this Thursday, April 28 when messenger Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus and your communication sector for three weeks, which could cause your messages to get lost in translation. During this time, your reverence for language might come via a lesson, thanks to back-spinning Mercury’s propensity for miscommunications. Maybe you're fired up about a topic. But that doesn’t mean you can rant and rave indiscriminately and not expect to deal with some fallout. Never mind that the PC police are off-duty while Mercury is in retro. Check yourself before you wreck your reputation with an ill-fated Tweet or inappropriate critique of someone who has the power to make your life miserable. If you have a writing or research project, however, the next few weeks are an ideal time to work behind the scenes. The best use of this Mercury retrograde would be to enjoy some reunions with old friends. Flip through your Facebook files. Somebody that you used to know (better) could be trekking down a similar path. Reconnect and see if your synergies might even lead to a more permanent partnership or collaboration.
On Friday, white-hot Venus dials up your flirtatious charms, as it shimmies into Taurus and your fun-loving third house until May 24. Bat those lashes, swing those hips, la coquette. While you’ll prefer lighthearted dalliances to anything heavy and serious, don’t let a good one slip away. Someone who’s been lounging in the friend zone could surprise you by revealing stronger interest. Keep an open mind. If you see a glimmer of potential and aren’t worried that experimenting will mess up your bond, let those lines blur. Romance could just be a right-swipe away, as digital dating gets a positive bump. Yes, you’ve been down this road before, but it’s time to put your old experiences where they belong (hint: in the past). Or, a casual collaboration with a kindred spirit could suddenly become a deal inked. Team up with a fellow creative who shares your vision and values. Hello dynamic duo! Make a point of getting out more often in your neighborhood, too. The third house rules local activity and you might bump into kindred spirits while hanging at the neighborhood watering hole, listening to an author's talk at the indie bookstore or belting out Taylor Swift in a karaoke lounge. Since Venus rules the feminine, new women friends may be your passport to local fun. Who knows? A casual conversation struck at the bar could reveal your future festival buddy or ride share to work. Speaking of rides, the third house rules transportation so if you own a car, take it for a detail clean, even adding some colorful seat covers to spruce it up. But wait until Mercury's direct on May 22 to upgrade to a new model, even if Venus inspires you to shop the lots and take some test drives.

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