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Monday July 27th - Sunday August 2nd

Summon those spirit animals! You’re going to need a little extra support from the mystical realm this week thanks to Friday’s full moon in your esoteric twelfth house. Yes, Pisces, you’ve gotta have faith, because there is something good that’s about to come from your struggles of late. (Cue the leather jacket and ripped jeans-clad George Michael…an appropriate spirit MUSE for the week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu3VTngm1F0.) Your intuition has always been central to your decision making process. But you can also be prone to a bit of paranoia, getting as skittish as a bunny rabbit at the first pang of fear. When the alarm bells ring in your psyche, retreat to your coral reef to research and ruminate before making any firm decisions and taking off with the tide, Fish. As a wise soul once said, “Wherever you go, there you are.” Running away from a fear won’t make it disappear. Instead, dissect the emotions that arise. Are you genuinely in danger? If so, yeah, make like Snoop Dogg and blow that joint. (Sorry/NotSorry.) But if it is merely self-doubt or a lack of know-how that is holding you back, stay put. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the idea of change. Friday’s full moon WILL illuminate some necessary losses. You must give something up to gain something greater. That sacrifice may be a limiting belief—that little voice that tells you that you’re not ready to leap, when in actuality, you are. If you feel utterly stuck, enlist a Sherpa for this emotional journey: therapists, coaches, holistic healers, shamans and spiritual teachers can be extremely helpful in walking you through your own resistance. If you KNOW it’s time for a goodbye, this full moon can help immensely. Same thing if you simply need to surrender. Letting go of control and letting the universe be your guide? That could be the hardest AND the most rewarding move you make this week.


While progress is imminent, you’ve been feeling rather risk-averse this summer. Here’s why: Since June 14, taskmaster Saturn has been retrograde in Scorpio and your ninth house of expansion, education and chance. Did you constrict just as you were about to make a major move? Saturn in Scorpio has forced you to be more process-driven now; you’ve even been second-guessing some bolder decisions you made earlier this year. Take heart! On Saturday, August 1, Saturn swivels back into direct motion, bringing the big picture into clearer focus. No, you might not know where the finish line lies—but you WILL start seeing some obvious next steps. While Saturn remains in Scorpio until September 17, you’ll feel free to take more gambles after Saturday. Lock in on your next target and start putting one gladiator sandal in front of the other. Little steps will add up fast by September 17. Expanding your knowledge base can be a real confidence booster. Sign up for workshops, classes or sessions with a consultant. You need practical solutions that you can apply to your quest.

Love will feel complicated until Friday, too, thanks to Venus retrograding through Virgo and your seventh house of relationships (read our Venus retrograde survival tips here). Try to table any dramatic discussions for after Friday when Venus retreats into Leo and your sensible sixth house until September 6. During the workweek, you could find yourself fantasizing about an ex or “the one that got away.” Don’t delude yourself, Pisces: Was it REALLY only “bad timing” that kept you apart? If that is honestly the case, you might reach out with a friendly hello. But don’t go opening Pandora’s box if you’re just feeling bored or in need of some attention. When Venus slips back into Leo from July 31 to September 6, you’ll need to tend to your health. Find joy in cooking nourishing meals with fresh ingredients and moving in ways that feel fun rather than torturous. Coupled Pisces could enjoy a shared health kick and some buddy workouts—both in and out of the bedroom. Meow!

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