Pisces Weekly Horoscope


05-30-2016 to 06-05-2016

Head or heart? Forget about "just going with the flow": This week, you'll need to take it minute-by-minute, mindfully measuring out the right doses of emotion and intellect for any given situation. The reason for this vigilance is a Grand Mutable Cross—a four-way tug-of-war between planets in mutable signs that can pop you around like a flying metal orb in a pinball machine. Well, uh, at least this week won't be boring? Involved in the Grand Cross (http://astrostyle.com/aspects/grand-cross)
are five heavenly bodies. Your ruling planet, soulful Neptune in Pisces and your autonomous first house gets checked by broad-minded Jupiter in your partnership zone. Where does the balance lie between "me" and "we"? Urgent course corrections may be needed to keep important relationships in a healthy place. Do you even know where you stand with certain people? Don't ride on assumptions, romantic, self-deprecating, or otherwise. Check in with people and find out where they stand. Your gut feelings could get confused, with your fears making it hard to really read the vibes. And while it's hard to ask questions like, "Are you feeling me?" it's exponentially better to know than to waste hours obsessing, or worse, investing in someone who has a totally different idea of where the connection is heading. Relax, Pisces: The answer could very well be BETTER than what you hoped for.
In the other half of this Grand Cross, a Sun-Venus pairing in your domestic quarters gets checked by Saturn in your fiscally-savvy career house. All you want to do is lounge at Chateau Pisces, or go on a high-end decorating spree. But moneymaking matters are demanding your attention, big time. Lock up the plastic, Pisces, and go refill the coffers before you peruse accent pillows on One King's Lane again. Grand Crosses can be stressful, but they can also galvanize change! If you've been under-earning or riding on fumes, that craptastic gig could fall away. Don't race to replace. Upgrade! This could take a small investment: If you need a confidence boost, work with a coach, do a re-branding, hire a stylist, photographer and designer. Need more exposure? Find a publicist or social media maven. This Grand Cross will not allow you to hide your light under a bushel or let your fears keep you stuck in the same, unrewarding pace.  
Thursday's starmap brings mercy and grace as the emo moon, optimistic Jupiter and mystical Pluto samba into a soulful alignment called a Grand Earth trine (http://astrostyle.com/aspects/grand-trine/). With all three bodies in the most communication- and relationship-driven houses of your chart, you'll find it shockingly simple to ask for what you want and need. Negotiations will go swimmingly on Thursday, especially since YOU will be more willing to compromise and find consensus...without sacrificing your bottom line. In discussions about "how we'll work best together," start by asserting your own needs instead of trying to feel people out. And ask for more than you think you can command—the stars could deliver just that! If your social life, or dating life, needs a boost, get out and network on Thursday. Open yourself up to new groups of people and key in on a few of the shiniest faces in the crowd. If the conversation is flowing, invite them out for coffee or a cocktail. This could be the start of a beautiful kindred spirit connection, even a romantic relationship. But Grand Trines can be like a rushing river, too. Check people's relationship status so you don't get swept up in a complicated situation that has a questionable future, at best.
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Saturday’s new moon in Gemini shines a sweet light on your fourth house of home and family. If you’ve been pondering a move, this new moon prompts you to start scouting out a new address. Since a new moon can open doors, you might even be placing a deposit on the first cozy pad you see. Some Pisces will simply feel a bite from the decor bug. Open up Pinterest and start collecting images. See what your budget can truly allow, too. You have until the corresponding full moon in Gemini on December 13 to pull together your dream home scenario so don't break the bank. If things have been rocky on the family front, this new moon—which falls at the same degree of Gemini as peacemaking Venus—could bring some sweet relief. Perhaps there are just too many domestic demands for you to keep pace with. Hold your relatives and roommates accountable for loading the dishwasher and taking out the trash. And if you live alone, how about hiring a housekeeper, if only to give Chez Pisces a good deep clean? A key relationship with a woman could also be healed now. Take her out for a celebratory brunch and toast your new chapter over Belgian waffles and mimosas. Who knows? You might just hatch a plan for a profitable joint venture before your plates have been cleared.

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