Pisces Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Anywhere BUT "the usual place" is where you'll want to be starting this Tuesday, October 23, as the Sun begins its annual sojourn through Scorpio and your globetrotting ninth house. Quick, Pisces, check! Do you have any vacation days to use up before the year ends? If so, capitalize on those airline deals before flight prices balloon for holiday season. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio until October 31, however, you won't be content with any ho-hum journeys. Plan a trip centered around art, music and, ideally, romance! Is a major museum showing an exhibit that you're dying to see? Does a friend (or long-distance crush) keep offering to host you in his or her fabulous downtown apartment? Maybe it's just been a while since you and your S.O. had a night to yourselves. Surrender to spontaneity, Pisces, and book that trip. You may or may not only live once, but between now and November 21, you should not delay your whimsical dreams.
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If you can't skip town this week, get your fix close to base. Check out foreign films, head to a gallery opening, sample music and food from different parts of the world. With worldly Jupiter rolling alongside the Sun until November 8, multicultural mingling could heat up with other locals. A strong connection may emerge with someone whose background is quite different from your own. You might even be inspired to work on a creative project together that supports intersectionality and diversity. Nerdy Jupiter might sway you to study abroad. Poke around: Is there a seminar happening at a gorgeous retreat center? A three-day course in the quad on a historic university campus? Heck, even a one-day workshop in the woods could be food for your soul. If the funds are there, double-tap that "Enroll now" button. If not, get creative—maybe you could couchsurf, do an apartment trade or pet-sit in exchange for free accommodations.
On Wednesday, the full moon in Taurus calls in kindred spirits. Someone who is already part of your daily life could reveal a hidden talent and a similar agenda to your own. This might be a coworker, sibling or a friendly neighbor who lives in your building. The real question is, why struggle alone when the two of you could easily be supporting each other's visions and sharing resources? Even if you don't become an actual duo, you'll be stronger together. Already half of a killer collab? Tag team efforts that have been underway since May could arrive at a magical milestone. Keep the bubbly on ice because the two of you could have a victory to celebrate. Since Taurus rules your third house of communication and local activity, you might have an influential voice in neighborhood politics. Your words can pack a punch, but they’ll also get people thinking. Is it time to upgrade your transportation plan to something more environmentally friendly? You don't have to buy an electric car (though you could) but consider organizing a carpool with other commuter friends, taking public transportation or walking for shorter distances. If you've been plugging away on an essay, bloggable posts, or other media project, share your work with the public. A well-timed tweet or Instagram post will draw engagement. Then again, so will an ill-fated one, so keep any scandalous selfies off your feed!

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