Pisces Weekly Horoscope

05-29-2017 to 06-04-2017
Feeling stretched to the max, Pisces? On Monday, May 29 motivator Mars in your home and family zone will directly oppose strict Saturn in your career house. Reminder: You're a human, not angel hair pasta or a translucent Alexander Wang T. If you spread yourself any thinner, you might just snap. Slow down and prioritize. Your work life may be spilling over with demands while the cries of your inner circle tug on your heartstrings. And, uh, what about tending to your own emotions? This kind of pressure could compulsively spur you to act. But at what cost? If your own goals are going to get sidelined by these sacrifices, it's best to say no—or "let me get back to you on that." The kneejerk tendency to offer up an enthusiastic yes to every plan can get you into trouble, Pisces. And while you ARE genuinely excited about the idea of, say, renting a beach house for a long weekend or hosting a vision boarding Solstice circle in your backyard, what time, energy and resources are going to be required to pull this all off? This is the week to clarify all the practical details before agreeing to ANYTHING. And don't be afraid to ask others to pitch in and help with the planning and leadership, too.  
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Mars can throw some tension into your living situation, especially if you don't have a proper (and private) work zone. And this weekend, when the Gemini Sun squares off with your ruling planet Neptune, you'll feel an even stronger call to create a safe and sacred sanctuary for yourself. It may be time to rent a studio if you don't have a spare room to take over—or a roommate who will ghost while you have "creative office hours." If you work in a legit corporate office, it may be necessary to assert yourself more firmly early this week. Don't let people manipulate you with guilt. Sure, they might be "on the verge of a meltdown" or "up to their eyeballs in paperwork." All you have to do, Pisces, is cluck sympathetically. Do NOT offer to help them sort it out, unless this is in your strategic best interest, for example, allowing you to break the ice with an executive who can later help with YOUR ascent.
On Sunday, spicy Mars turns up the heat on amour as he sails into Cancer and your glamorous, romantic fifth house until July 20. Bring on the dress-up dates and swanky weekend getaways! Passion will not be in short order now and you could attract someone who wants to spoil you. Or maybe you'll do a little spoiling yourself as this fierce phase could put some Pisces in the driver's seat of love. Take the lead, even if that means laying a seductive breadcrumb trail for the one you adore. Attached? This Mars cycle accelerates your connection and could get you talking about bigger milestones like getting engaged, planning a wedding or a baby! If you've settled into a comfortable groove with your long-term love, you might have to fire up that mojo on your own. Flirting (within respectable bounds) with admirers can do the trick, just make sure you bring that spicy energy home to bae. Is that too dodgy a line for you to cross? Enjoy some performance art—dancing (burlesque, even), singing, or just reveling in the attention you draw when you hang out with a group of funloving, fashion-forward friends. The fifth house is also the fame zone. Between now and July 20, you may feel pulled into the public eye, like it or not. As exhilarating as Mars' momentum can be, it can also ramp up stress. You don't have to turn every moment of your life into an Instagram Story. Share selectively and strategically, directing people to the parts of your life that you want them to see. If you’re too shy to self promote, this may be your cue to work with a publicist or ask friends to help you spread the word of your latest offerings. Think of it as a contribution, not an ego trip, Pisces. You have something amazing to share. Why keep it to yourself?!
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