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Monday August 31st - Sunday September 6th

Who do you think you are, Pisces? On Monday, August 31 your ruling planet Neptune faces off with the Sun, provoking a mini identity crisis. This is not an easy question to answer on a week like this, especially if you find yourself swayed by a powerful and influential person. You might even get a glimpse of your own shadow—the part of yourself you wish you could shoo away or evolve beyond. Welcome to the human race, Pisces. Rather than trying to overcome your demons, make friends with them. Instead of following them down a destructive rabbit hole, look for the need they are illuminating. The urge to make out with a stranger when you’re happily married, for example, may reveal a need to feel more in touch with your own sexiness and power of attraction. A burning desire for a bad boy type may belie your own need to get wild and let your hair down. How can you meet these desires without straying from your honor and integrity? Get creative. Maybe you just need to dress up and go out dancing with your girls. Many roads lead to Mecca, Pisces, not just the straight and narrow path…nor the detour to destruction.

Staying true to your values will be easier than you think, thanks to Tuesday’s conjunction of Mars and Venus retrograde in your sensible sixth house. While this might feel like a SLIGHT buzzkill for your wild side, their union helps you keep your feet on the ground—even while your head is spiraling off to fantasyland. With Venus retrograde, you may revive an old romantic strategy—one that brought positive results in the past. This probably has something to do with pacing yourself, Pisces, even if you’re all Twitterpated over an amorous prospect. #GoodThingsComeToThoseWhoWait Holding back a little—not too much, but just enough—can bring a double benefit. Not only will it keep the pressure off your partner du jour but it will give others a chance to make a move…or not. Either way, you’ll have some quality information because you don’t need to invest in a relationship that requires YOU to make all the effort. Restricting your impulses is no easy task though, so plan on hitting the gym hard or squeezing an extra dance class into your weekly fitness schedule. The sixth house governs wellness, so you can burn off anxiety by working out and preparing foods that leave you feeling calm (green juices, cooling summer soups, quinoa pasta) instead of frenetic (coffee, cronuts, cupcakes).

On Sunday, Venus snaps back into direct motion, ending a befuddling retrograde that began on July 25. Until October 8, she’ll power forward through Leo, bringing back the love…and the body love!  Your physical form houses your soul—it’s your address here on Earth. So worship it appropriately, with fresh, healthy food and tons of adoration. What to cut out of your diet? Negative self-talk and comparisons to other people. It’s time to love the skin you’re in, Pisces. (Recommended reading for female Fish: Mama Gena’s School Of The Womanly Arts by Regena Thomashauer.) If you’ve struggled to get a clear read on a romantic interest, the signals start clearing up on Sunday, too. You might wait until the September 13 solar eclipse (in Virgo and your partnership house!) before having “The Talk” about the future. Before then, concentrate on getting centered in your own power and self worth with daily mantras—in the mirror—like, “I am beautiful, radiant and loved.”

Saturday could bring a popularity spike! The Sun forms a juicy trine (120 degree angle) to alchemical Pluto in the most social areas of your chart. Get out and play with the other kids on the planet this weekend. Tag along with a friend to a group activity. You’ll meet great people who come with the endorsement of someone you know. With the Sun in your partnership house, you could meet a standout star among this crew—someone with BFF or even romantic potential. Explore!

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