Pisces Weekly Horoscope

04-16-2018 to 04-22-2018
Friendships, collaborations and digital endeavors come under the microscope this week as not just one but two heavyweight planets turn retrograde in Capricorn and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. First to pivot is structured Saturn, who kicks off his annual backspin on Tuesday, April 17. The wise, future-oriented planet wants to ensure that the people you spend the most time with and share your best stuff with are actually worth your time. ('Cause let's face it, Pisces: It doesn't take much for you to be giving way more than you're receiving in kind.) But having a dependable, caring community is essential to your compassionate sign, even if it takes a while to find your true tribe. You're the model egalitarian friend, and left to your own devices you would institute an open-door policy when it comes to your associations. But that's not always in your best interest, especially since others don't always operate at your high vibe. Once shadowy Pluto follows Saturn's lead on Sunday and reverses course, you might not be able to overlook someone's inappropriate behavior. You don't have to kick anyone off the island, but you can slowly begin to distance yourself. There's an upside to all this reviewing and pruning: Get the slackers and users out of the picture, and you'll have more time for the solid souls in your world. Single? Dating apps could prove effective now, so download a new one or redo your profile, complete with sunny new photos. Stay open to different types while still keeping the bar high. And if someone from your past makes an encore appearance—something that tends to happen during retrogrades—give them the benefit of the doubt…but don't fall for their old tricks. Saturn and Pluto are teaching YOU some new ones!
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Another thing to stay on the lookout for this Tuesday? TMI! Loose lips could sink your own ship if you let a confidential piece of intel slip out to the wrong person. Self-restraint and strong filters will be key as chatty Venus in your communication corner opposes spontaneous Jupiter. "Telling it like it is" could backfire, so think before you blurt. While Venus is also in a supportive angle with secretive Pluto, there may be a loyalty test to pass, so make it your business to keep everything in the vault. If you're in the middle of hammering out a deal, be prepared to meet the other party halfway.
But it won't be all crickets for long! On Thursday, the Sun commences its annual, glowing, month-long trek through Taurus and your expressive third house. The message is clear: Auspicious alliances with kindred spirits are lying around every turn, so get out and mingle! This realm rules the local scene, so you won't have to venture too far out of pocket to stumble on these like-minded souls. You might even find an inspirational class or spiritual group when you start sniffing around. You may not be ready for full-fledged membership, though. Dabble and check things out, but hold off on committing time or resources until you're sure it's a perfect fit.
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