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Monday March 2nd - Sunday March 8th

Let your work mantra be “smarter, not harder” this week, as clever Jupiter in your organizational sixth house teams up with innovative Uranus. On Tuesday the two make a direct hit, which can help you update and streamline your processes. Uranus governs technology, and remember, Fish: Technology is your friend. If you don’t understand a new program, read the manual or take a tutorial. Yes, it will “cost” you time now, but in the long run, it will save you countless hours — not to mention aggravation! This is also an excellent time to simplify plans or ways of doing things that have become Byzantine. If you can’t describe a situation or project in ten words or less, that’s a sign that it’s gotten too complex — and possibly unmanageable. Consider dividing a mission into phases instead of biting off one huge chunk all at once. 


On Wednesday, you could fall under a sartorialist’s spell, thanks to the mashup of impetuous Uranus and aesthetically minded Venus together in your second house of money and STUFF. You’re a visually oriented sign, Pisces, and gorgeous things make your heart go boom. If you don’t want to rack up a(nother) month of debt, avert your eyes! At least give yourself a few days to decide, and in the meantime, take a photo and start a Pinterest board or Wishlistr.com account. Sleep on this one, Pisces: Uranus is highly erratic, and by this time next week, your tastes could have done a 180. If you can’t resist the splurge, save the receipt! And be able to justify to yourself that this impulse buy is a great deal or a long-term investment. When it comes to love, this cosmic merger could make you a bit hot-and-cold. Part of you is craving comfort and security — even a bit of traditional romance. But you don’t want the relationship to turn into a total snoozefest. Can you have it both ways, Pisces? Sometimes being bored is just a momentary thing. Don’t start fights just to keep things “interesting.” 

Thursday’s full moon in Virgo brightens your seventh house of committed partnerships and could send you on a treasure hunt for your other half. Singles should get up off the couch, dress to the nines and hit the town with another unattached pal. Be ready to take a risk on someone who’s not your usual type. Coupled up? Over the coming two weeks, talks could turn to exclusivity. But if you’re been languishing in an “It’s Complicated” arrangement, look at what’s keeping you stuck in it. La luna will shed light on the truth about the lovers in your life. Don’t like what you see? Turn heel and run in the opposite direction! Business partnerships will also benefit from this full moon. Is it time to join forces? Follow the “opposites attract” rule: Your ideal companion could be someone from a totally different tribe.

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