Pisces Weekly Horoscope

12-05-2016 to 12-11-2016
Don ye now the rose-colored glasses? Staying "positive!" hasn't exactly been easy for the past month, but this Wednesday, December 7 Venus splashes a pink-hued tint over your view of reality. Until January 3, she will shimmer in Aquarius and your twelfth house of quixotic escape—gliding alongside her dance partner Mars through December 19. Romanticize, fantasize and enjoy those golden highs of the holiday season. This isn't a bubble you can float in forever, Pisces, but Venus urges you to get while the gettin's good! And we're not saying you should screen out reality. The twelfth house is the most compassionate and charitable of them all. With Venus and Mars here, how about corralling your people into a goodwill effort, like raising funds for an important organization? Since Venus loves to commune, you could add a social element to this, like a progressive potluck dinner where a few neighbors each host a course, dedicating each home to a different cause. Warning: While you want to see the best in everyone now, don't sweep anyone's unsavory behavior under the rug. Despite their allure, you'll weave one tangled web if you tango with the wrong tarantula. Better to tap into the higher expressions of this placement, like intuition, transition and healing. And you can't just dial it in at work or in your closest relationships—or live in denial about details you don't relish. This healing cycle CAN bring couples closer together, if you're willing to dive into divisive issues and deal. Is it time to move on? Letting go isn't easy for your sentimental soul, so the cold turkey approach may not work. Ease yourself into a new consciousness, releasing your attachment to people and emotions one baby step at a time. In the case of toxic types, don't stall on your exit plan! This supportive Venus-Mars cycle helps you rip THAT Band-Aid off. It'll sting for a minute, but then you'll be free. To fill the gap, replace Mr. or Ms. Wrong with new sources of comfort and support. Whatever you turned to that person for, trust that you CAN find it elsewhere.
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Wednesday's quarter moon in Pisces brings a sacred moment for self-reflection. As you grow, stretch and try on new hats, have you disconnected from your old self a little too much? This balancing quarter moon reminds you not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Reviving relics from your past can help you feel more at home in your present day situation, whether it's a project you shelved, a retro style, or an old friendship that drifted for no apparent reason. On the flip side, if you've been stubbornly hanging on to your old ways, this quarter moon nudges you out of your comfort zone. You don't have to give yourself a radical makeover (this is a quarter moon, not a full or new one) but branch out independently a bit. Being a leader also means being the first one to step out and give a new idea a spin. Forget about opinion polling friends and sign your own permission slip to take action.
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On Saturday, structure-hound Saturn makes his annual connection to the Sun, helping you refine those goals even further. This year, the meetup takes place in Sagittarius and your tenth house of success. This transit whets your appetite for mastery and also reveals some gaps in your skill set. Fill in those chasms with some expert training; invest in coursework, consultants, webinars, even private coaching sessions. The tenth house rules the masculine and your relationship with a particular man could feel pretty weighty this weekend. Have an honest dialogue about where you're both heading in life. If your goals don't immediately align, strategize away! You could find mutual ways to support each other that don't involve being tethered together 24/7. This is where your creativity comes into play, Pisces. You never know: The process might actually be inspiring.
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