Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

07-16-2018 to 07-22-2018
July has been nothing for you, Archer, if not intense. With the Sun simmering in Cancer and your moody, mystical and seductive eighth house, your emotions keep running to the deep end of the pool. Under these introspective skies, making small talk can feel like a chore, and even your trademark wit may be hard to come by. The good news is, there are only six days left of this simmering solar season. On Sunday, July 22 the Sun will beam into fellow fire sign, Leo, and you'll be the belle of the barbecue circuit once again. Until then, turn your focus to one or two VIPs in Camp Centaur. When was the last time you spent a whole day with your bestie or truly gave your S.O. your undivided attention (instead of halfway paying attention while you were lost in your own swirling thoughts)? Find that space in your calendar and schedule some uninterrupted bonding time. Pro tip: This should be someone with whom you have zero worries about talking too much...or being "too much." After all, putting on social pretenses is too much work! And it goes both ways. Make sure that you are equally prepared to listen to their woes...for a little while, at least. What starts as a cathartic venting session may lead to breakthrough insights for both of you—balm for the Sagittarius soul. Just don't rush to find the higher meaning or silver lining. That will emerge AFTER you distill what's really bugging you. Life can't always be sunshine and rainbows, Archer, and the gift of Cancer season is that it helps you tune in to your shadow side. Understanding what makes you angry, sad or frustrated is just as important as knowing what brings you joy. That's how you know where your boundaries lie. Cancer rules your eighth house of joint ventures. Who you get in bed with—sexually, financially, or otherwise—comes under the microscope each year from around June 21 to July 22 (give or take a day on either end). If you're going to keep on partnering with people, clarify agreements down to the fine print. Do you need to break out of a few binding agreements? Say sayonara—or start such proceedings—before Sunday.
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Thursday's mission: Scan your social media profiles and drop your name into a Google search. As the quarter moon in Libra logs in to your eleventh house of technology and community, give your digital presence a tweak. Post an updated profile pic and your latest bona fides to LinkedIn. If your newsfeed is clogged with posts you don't want to read (from people you wish you didn't go to high school with), trim back, especially if you find their POVs about life and politics disruptive to your inner peace. We're not telling you to get lost in an echo chamber, Sagittarius, but some "crew curation" could be helpful—online and IRL. After all, you are judged and influenced by the company you keep.
When Sunday arrives, at long last, you'll feel like summer is actually getting off to a proper start. Leo Season, which lasts from July 22 to August 23 this year, is one of your favorite times. With el Sol beaming in your ninth house (the house that has similar properties to your zodiac sign; the ninth sign) you'll be in your astrological element! We're talking pura vida here, Archer, and when your life force energy is turned up like it's about to be, you are an infectious source of joy. As that introverted bubble you’ve been stuck in vaporizes, you'll swiftly remember that the world is your oyster. So, uh, start scouting for pearls—anywhere and everywhere, from Portland to Peru, is now fair game. With your entrepreneurial side abuzz, take more initiative at work, whether you’re growing your own venture or starting up an experimental new division at your corporate gig. The coast is clear for a major leap, Archer, even if you don’t have an utter sense of certainty about how it will all pan out in the end. Do you have the sense that there’s more left to learn? Fill out the application for a specialized training or look into degree or certification programs. You’re a lifelong student, Sagittarius, pursuing passion after passion! Already a master of industry? Pass that info on by developing a course of your own. You might teach it live or as a webinar (or both) so you can tap into the global reach that your sign is known for!
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