Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

10-14-2019 to 10-20-2019
Select your company carefully this Monday, October 14, Sagittarius. With the Libra Sun shimmering in your communal eleventh house, you’re all hopped up on team spirit. But thanks to a harsh beam from nefarious Pluto, one bad apple could spoil the collective barrel. Worse, you might not pick up on this person's untrustworthy vibes before they’ve got their manipulative hooks in you. As a rule, don't have personal conversations in public spaces. Even if you think the lunch crowds can't hear over the din, you just never know who's chowing down on noodles at the table next to yours. If you need support, go to the people who have always had your back. Money could get funny with Pluto in your finance zone, too. If you're organizing a group purchase, have everyone Venmo you funds before putting the whole expense on your credit card.
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On Tuesday, make it your mission to NOT to let negative thinking derail your progress. With obsessive Mercury spooning deep-diving Neptune all day, buried emotions may be the cause of your stormy outlook. Since this might last longer than a cloudburst, give yourself time to feel what you're feeling, remembering not to confuse what arises with "fact." Please don't judge yourself for being less than enlightened on this day! Sometimes, you just have to let yourself be…human. The trick is to not act upon anything in the heat of the moment. Later in the week, you'll be MUCH more clear-headed about the situation—and you are bound to regret sounding off on someone for a (fairly) innocent mistake.
You won’t need lacy lingerie—or any props—to set the joint on fire this weekend. (Although feel free to dress up, purchase toys, illuminate the boudoir with candles and keep a metaphoric fire extinguisher handy!) On Saturday and Sunday, the moon hovers in Cancer and gets the party started in your erotic eighth house. Now all you need is a seductive playlist—and a sexy playmate. If you’ve got both covered, you can stop reading right now and get busy! But for Archers who don’t quite have the particulars sorted, stop hiding behind those vague texts and sending the object of your affection mixed signals. You CAN admit to an attraction without leaving yourself vulnerable. In fact, cluing someone in to your feelings is a great way to get the ball rolling. On the flip side, if things are getting too heavy too fast—or you’re not feeling someone—this sensitive moon can help you cut ‘em loose without leaving scar tissue.

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