Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

01-23-2017 to 01-29-2017
With solemn Saturn in your sign, you may have become more about work than play—a bizarre switcharoo for your freewheeling, fun-loving sign! But the upbeat Archer is about to get your groove back! On Friday, January 27 the year's only Aquarius new moon lands in your social third house, crowning you monarch of all social butterflies. Dust off those wings and give 'em a few practice flaps. You're going to be flying high starting this weekend, and you don't want anything to get in your way. First, review your calendar. You've been so industrious: Have you left enough space for free-form playtime, strategic networking and simply following your every whim? The third house also rules the local scene. If you haven't been keeping up with it, this is the perfect time to throw yourself back in, hook, line and sinker. You may have to bail on a few work-related events, but c'est la vie! Let the up-and-comers populate those industry snoozefests. This new moon dangles the prospect of a new scene where you can find your tribe of kindred spirits. It's not like you're going to ditch your soul squad, but if it could benefit from careful curation, bring a different perspective to how you choose (and cultivate) your friendships. What kind of connections will make your heart sing? You probably have enough "happy hour" pals. But could you use a yoga buddy or a friend who is into the same self-development seminars that you adore? In the spirit of expansion—your adventurous sign's middle name—branch out and connect with people who share your eclectic interests and passions. By the corresponding Aquarius full moon (also a lunar eclipse!) on August 7, you could find yourself leading some out-of-town cultural field trips. One upside of the recent Mercury retrograde (from December 19-January 8) is that it may have swept some old pals back into your life. Under this new moon, you'll find out whether or not they fit in with your current, ever-evolving life. And before the week is over, a stalled partnership or contract negotiation could pick up steam and land in the "signed, sealed and delivered" category!
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As easy as friendships might be, family dynamics may be equally thorny. On Friday, when strict Saturn sends a harsh beam to easygoing Venus in Pisces, you may need to enforce your boundaries with a relative. If they try to dump their issues on you—again—don't be too quick to rush in for the save. It's not like you enjoy watching her struggle; it's just that every time you get involved, it reinforces her sense of helplessness. Your kith and kin aren't your best sounding board this weekend. You may be tuned to a very different frequency, and it's a fool's errand to try to get them to understand where you're coming from. Since your excitement and fearlessness could shift them into protective mode, save yourself the disappointment, and seek out opinions from someone you don't have emotional ties to. Accept your dissimilarities, and then lovingly do your own thing.
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Your sexy spring awakening comes a bit early this year, Sag! On Saturday, smoking-hot Mars zips into Aries and your passionate, romantic fifth house. Your huntress instincts will be keen, and you'll enjoy the chase at least as much as the catch. (Just do let yourself get got once in a while.) In a relationship? This motivational Martian cycle will hand you a new bag of tricks, so get ready to make magic! Start researching an exotic vacation, sign up for a workshop together (Tantra, anyone?) or join a sports league. The fifth house is also associated with fame, so if you're ready for your fifteen minutes, start primping. You won't get discovered watching Netflix in your PJs. Call your publicist friend, head to auditions, drop in on open mic nights, and plan a strategic social media campaign to alert the world to your accomplishments and services. For Archers with bambinos on the brain, baby fever could strike under this spell. But make sure this is something you truly want and not just a passing fancy. Rash Mars could bring on the desire, but then it could pass just as quickly when he leaves, on March 9. If you must be impulsive, stick to something you can bring back to the store with the tags on.
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