Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
Got secrets? Good luck keeping them to yourself, Sagittarius. All week long, mouthy Mercury and brash Mars will trail each other through your esoteric eighth house. Despite this cosmic "blurt alert," you could unwittingly put your own business on blast. You've never been the best at censoring yourself—and you shouldn't be shushed, at least not when you're in the company of trusted friends and advisors. But DO practice discretion in the company of people who aren't an appropriate audience for your woes. Melting down in front of coworkers or sharing something overly personal with a new-ish friend (or your entire Facebook fam) might create an uncomfortable dynamic that's hard to get past. Don't risk this, Archer. If overwhelming emotions come up, call a solid supporter and take a time out to process in private—before your feelings wrest control of your rational side! With soothing Neptune in a flowing angle to Mars on Monday, a strong ally (likely a woman) could provide the wise guidance you need. Neptune rules helpful healers like therapists, coaches, shamans and spiritual guides. Reach up to the experts for a helping hand. Suffering through this alone IS optional, especially when there are people who have written books, recorded TED talks and offer sessions that center around the very things you're struggling with.
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The eighth house is the erotic zone of the zodiac wheel and the combo of flirty Mercury and lusty Mars can make this a hella seductive week. From sexting to pillow talk to "random" exchanges with strangers, your conversations carry a potent charge. You won't have the best willpower in the face of an animal attraction, but you're also playing for keeps here. Don't waste time on the person who has repeatedly told you that they aren't "ready" for a relationship—that's just a recipe for obsession. If you are enjoying the security of a real relationship, don't court trouble by trying to spark up a "friendship" with an ex it took years to get over. But don't be surprised if both ideas cross your mind this week. Hey, Sagittarius, we know you love a challenge! But staving off your own sensual urges is not one to take on right now. If you're free and clear to explore your lusty side, this might be one of the hottest weeks of 2017. Could you afford to be a little more experimental? On Tuesday, your ruler, adventurous Jupiter in your "anything goes" eleventh house will send a challenge to Mercury, daring you to stretch your limits. Explore some fantasy fodder, but listen to your gut—and have a safe word ready. Some things are best left to the imagination, so if you find that to be true, don't push yourself to keep going!    
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This weekend, put a little more soul into your goals as alchemical Pluto and daring Mars face off with each other in your work and money houses. If you're feeling uninspired, it might have little to do with the actual tasks you are handling. Rather, you may have lost sight with WHY you started these important projects in the first place. Take time out to write a mission statement or map out a new vision of your end game. What is the ultimate purpose behind your actions? How would you love to be rewarded for your efforts? Get a clear picture in front of you, Sagittarius. You may realize that you need to redirect the way you do your days. Could you put more time and more energy towards tasks that bring a higher ROI? Stop going through the motions and think strategically. This opposition is also a wakeup call to be a savvier money manager. Instead of just tucking cash into a low-yielding savings account (or under your mattress), explore investment opportunities. Maybe it's time to purchase real estate in a developing area or to build a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds that will build wealth through compounding interest.
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