02-20-2017 to 02-26-2017
Hold your horse hooves, Centaur! On Wednesday, February 22 you may have to tug on the reins and curtail your “live for the moment” approach to life. Inexorable Mars in your passionate fifth house wants to gallop ahead at your normal speed. But because he’s locked in a brake-pumping clash with controlling Pluto in your “slow and steady” second house, you may feel very restricted. (Not to mention mad as hell!) But remember, Sag: While you are the captain of your own ship, there are other boats out there on the Emotion Ocean. And sometimes you have to reduce your speed or change course to accommodate them. Who are you trying to impress—or keep up with—anyway? What would happen if you stopped pushing so hard and found a way to be okay with things exactly as they are right now? Your true worth doesn’t come from what you accomplish or who you’re “better than.” Rather than making it a competition or holding yourself to unrealistic standards, allow yourself to admire the amazing people and be inspired by their greatness. Even if there is a little jealousy in the mix, you don’t have to get sucked into a vortex of bad vibes. ‘Cause once you start feeding the green-eyed monster, the negativity will color the rest of your life. Since the second house rules money and security, Pluto’s presence can churn up some DEEP issues. How you handle finances will be shifting over the next few years. Scrambling to make ends meet? Be resourceful. You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention. Your personality is your greatest asset, and that doesn’t cost you one red cent!
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One never knows where to find your globetrotting sign, but starting Saturday, chances are good you’ll be hunkered down at Chateau Sagittarius. Messenger Mercury comes down for a landing in Pisces and your fourth house of home and family until March 13, which could clip your wings slightly. Put your travel plans on hold—at least for the next three weeks—and reacquaint yourself with your crib. You may be surprised how much happiness domesticity brings you when you slow down enough to enjoy it. Of course, once you start spending more time at home, you may realize the place could use a little love. You can make some significant shifts without breaking the bank, Sag. (Think: free stuff on Craigslist and bartering with friends!) Maybe the landlord will buy paint if you (and those aforementioned friends) volunteered the labor? When you’re ready for the big reveal, invite some folks over for a cocktail party to ooh and ah.
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You could find yourself chanting “there's no place like home” on Sunday, when a Pisces new moon/solar eclipse fires up that domestic fourth house even more! This is the last in an eclipse series that began on March 20, 2015, and can bring a climax to initiatives involving your home life, family relations and even real estate dealings (or musings). If Chez Archer doesn’t feel like a sanctuary or satisfy the needs of your current lifestyle, craft a plan to change that over the coming six months. Whether that means redecorating or renovating—or relocating—start researching. Eclipses reveal things lurking the shadows (like the desire to live in Europe for a year?) and expedite change (hello, new roommate!). This one could buy you a one-way ticket to Dreamsville. Some Sagittarians will find a home away from home, like an inexpensive crash pad in a boho beach town or a regular couch to surf in Sevilla. But you don’t have to manifest this tomorrow! Give yourself until the corresponding full moon in Pisces on September 6, and then…be ready to pull up the stakes.
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