Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Hang up your travelin' shoes for a minute, Archer! On Wednesday, February 21 beautifying Venus and visionary Neptune align in your domestic fourth house for an interior decorators' convention. Your focus turns to your home, your environment and how to bring some serenity and tranquility to your everyday surroundings. To make the most of this visit from the muse, start with an early dive into your annual spring-cleaning, concentrating more on getting rid of clutter than on doing any white-glove scouring. What cosmetic changes can you make that will leave your space feeling like a sanctuary or personal retreat center? Move some artwork or furniture, shop for one sublimely beautiful piece that will brighten your mood every time you look at it, or find the perfect shade of wall paint. Think bright colors to liven things up or, for a more soothing vibe, go for something in cool, neutral or pastel tones. Poignant Neptune might inspire you to create an area of "sacred space" for you to meditate or practice yoga. If you haven't been seeing eye to eye with a roommate or family member, take the high road and reach out (first centering yourself and setting an intention to forgive and move on). Thanks to the peacekeeping energy of this Venus-Neptune merger, you can work through the conflict and let it go with love. And if you can't, then you can move on without guilt or regret.
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While you're padding around in your bunny slippers on Saturday and soaking up the homey feels, let your heart guide your actions. Love planet Venus is hunkered down in this zone and feeling more than a little sentimental in emo Pisces. Single? You could meet a kindred spirit walking the dog or popping out for some morning joe. If you venture out in the evening, keep your antenna up for interesting types, and should someone make eye contact, don't avert your glance! This might be a veritable good guy or girl, someone who isn't afraid to be vulnerable and reveal their true self. But be aware: Feisty and rebellious Mars in your sign shoots Venus some "I double-dare you" vibes come late Saturday into Sunday, which may undermine a potentially good thing. Catch yourself playing little head games or getting overly critical before you shoot yourself in the foot. Attached? If you realize you're attacking your mate to create emotional distance, nip that in the bud! There's nothing wrong with needing a little breathing room—but do the candid Sag thing and be straight-up about it. astrotwins 2018 planetary planners
You maybe the one giving advice and support on Sunday, when messenger Mercury teams up with compassionate Neptune in your nurturing fourth house. This is a perfect day to reestablish the peace with a feuding family member or be a surrogate pair of eyes for a friend who's lost the trail of breadcrumbs on the reality path. Or if YOU'VE been stuck on a nagging issue, Neptune's intuitive guidance can help you divine your way out of it. The secret ingredient in all of these situations is being an active listener, not a volunteer preacher!
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