Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

06-18-2018 to 06-24-2018
Travel as you will, Sagittarius, but make sure there's time to tend to your nest! After all, you need a sacred oasis to retreat to between those journeys. This Monday, June 18 soulful Neptune plunges into its annual retrograde through Pisces and your cozy fourth house. You didn't miss the domestic god(dess) gene, Archer; in fact, once you learn the basics of cooking, cocktail shaking and decorating with treasures you collect around the globe, you're like a walking Pinterest board and cultural anthropologist rolled into one. Until November 24, Neptune's retreat will make you a little more obsessed with feathering and fluffing your space—and, after that, tucking away to enjoy solitary moments. The planet of divine inspiration could deepen one of your decor obsessions, like tapestry weaving or container gardening. (A good excuse to take that looming Peru or India!) But in reverse, deep-diving Neptune insists that you go beyond the cosmetic. Since this planet rules all things water-related, some Archers may need to patch up plumbing issues or leaks before they turn into a major ordeal. If you're resisting a necessary move, Neptune retro could push you off the perch to research your next home. Don't rush this process, just start checking out zip codes until you find a community that sings to your soul.  
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On a personal level, if you've been making too many sacrifices for loved ones, this planetary pivot can spur a change. Forget blame! Just work on setting better boundaries and NOT feeling bad about it. A relative can't guilt trip you without your complicity, Sagittarius. True, family members know better than anyone how to push your buttons, but it's your job to stop enabling the dynamic. You don't have to text people back the second your phone bleeps or drop everything because a friend is having another crisis. Strike a healthy balance and stay tuned in to your needs. Helping yourself is the prerequisite to having the resilience to help others. Wednesday's quarter moon in your career zone can create a worthwhile distraction from all that personal drama. If no one has handed you a project, how about creating a challenging mission for yourself? Start thinking: What would make your days at the office fly by because you're so busily engaged? This is a moderate quarter moon, so drum up something you could pull off on a one- to three-month timeline. You may start the fall with a feather in your fedora...and more money in the bank!
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Another solid excuse to downshift comes on Thursday as el Sol hunkers down in Cancer and your intimate, seductive eighth house until July 22. You're at your most introspective during Cancer season—and (gulp), your moodiest. Please don't go into denial, o' sunny Sagittarius. Even YOU, the zodiac's eternal optimist, needs a moment to dance with your shadow and sharper edges. Under this tender, month-long transit, you'll prefer the company of your closest companions...people who don't expect you to put on a happy face! And surprise: Your keep-it-too-real authenticity can make you quite magnetic, like a raw comedian on a rampage, breaking up the stuffy vibes with the laughter of recognition. Unscripted sexytime could follow suit—some that you'll only report to your locked journal. An existing partnership could hit a milestone moment, which could make or break the relationship between now and July 22. One thing's for sure: You won't be able to deny what's simmering below the surface between you two. Banish ambiguity and have those intense heart to hearts about emotions and joint resources. An equal partnership isn't necessarily one where you split everything 50/50, but energetically, you want to feel like the contribution each party is making is balanced. Pairing up with the right people can set you up for long-term security in the weeks ahead.
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