Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

10-16-2017 to 10-22-2017
Let's get metaphysical! This Tuesday, October 17 mindful Mercury plunges into Scorpio's esoteric waters and opens up your intuitive channels until November 5. Keep a notebook on your nightstand and the audio recorder app open on your phone. (And maybe a deck of tarot cards and a giant hunk of tourmaline on the coffee table.) Brilliant epiphanies could rouse you from your sleep or distract you while you're at your desk. Capture these divine downloads quickly, before they disappear into the ether. You're a "just do it" kinda person, Sagittarius, but for the next few weeks, launch all your endeavors in a more soulful manner. Before you sit down at your computer, lie down on your meditation mat (for at least ten minutes) and tune in to your thoughts. For the first couple moments, you may have to clear away the "static" of stress or worry or pressure about not getting things done in time. But after that, your subconscious may start feeding you bright ideas that will uplevel the entire process. You might realize that you need to work with a consultant, coach or some sort of mentor who can share their expertise. With Mercury buzzing through your twelfth house of guides, don't suffer trying to solve all those complex issues out by your lonesome. The law of attraction will be the chief operating system for your life with Mercury here, so do your best to align your thoughts with the circumstances you wish to create. That doesn't mean going into denial though! You may have to do some journaling to get in touch with any fears or legitimate concerns that could be standing in the way of your manifestation. But it is equally imperative that you make a wish list or a vision board so you can clarify what it is that you DO want to create, Sagittarius. Clarity clears the path for the miraculous. 
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Having the right people around will always help an Archer ascend. And on Thursday, let your social butterfly wings lead you to a high-vibe tribe. The new moon in Libra launches a fresh, six-month cycle in your eleventh house of community, collaboration and innovation. You're still hosting Saturn in Sagittarius until December 19—a three-year, industrious cycle that has NOT provided many opportunities for you to let your hair down. But this new moon brings a reminder that laughter is still the best medicine for a Sagittarius. And if you can squeeze in some dance breaks and lunch dates this week, all the better. On Sunday, make-it-happen Mars sails into Libra until December 9, helping you power through your end-of-year goals with some new sources of support. Connect to people who share your vision and values. Sign up for a spiritual circle or mastermind group, so you can socialize intentionally, while doing one of your favorite things—learning. The digital world is a potent domain thanks to the new moon and Mars in your tech-savvy eleventh house. Thinking about launching a holiday product or upping your social media presence? Carpe diem!
Pro tip: With all collabs, set systems in place so you're working in efficient harmony. Be discerning and don't rush (a Mars pitfall) to engage with people just because they serve up a good sales pitch. Only qualified candidates belong on Team Sagittarius—anyone else will just add to your stress. Nope, you don't need that! If it feels like you're carrying too much weight for your current team, something's gotta give, like, now. With take-no-prisoners Mars in the mix until December 9, your friendly, laid-back demeanor could go M.I.A. That's probably a good thing, Sagittarius, as long as you don't swing to the opposite extreme and lose your $#!% during a Google Hangout planning meeting. (A legit concern when warrior Mars occupies this zone of your chart.) But make it clear that the slackers have to shape up or ship out. Perhaps you need to outline your expectations and create a list of deliverables so that everyone knows what role they are meant to play. Above all, disciplining yourself is crucial. Just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you should. Fight against your own independent streak and learn how to outsource, delegate and share the load. Letting go can be liberating if you are working with the pros.
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