Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

08-14-2017 to 08-20-2017
Are you playing it a little TOO safe, Sagittarius—or dancing close to the edge? This week could feel like a constant balancing act as seductive Venus catches fire from two potent planets. Venus is at the midpoint of her month-long tour through Cancer and your intense, erotic eighth house. Your feelings have no doubt run the gamut from icy to scorching since July 31. It's been…extreme. This Tuesday, August 15 Venus faces off with volcanic Pluto in Capricorn and your process-driven second house. You may suddenly become aware of how ungrounded you feel, as if there's no solid earth under your feet. But freaking out about finances or blowing up on bae will not help you regain control. Take those emotions to the yoga studio or burn them off with one of your marathon urban hikes. (Just don't stop to shop as you go.) What you need, once you've cooled down, is to formulate a savvier long-term plan. Since Venus and Pluto are in your money houses, start with your finances. Maybe you can't shop with abandon at Whole Foods because you're taking on a mortgage payment. (At the very least, weigh that bag of Rainier Cherries before you hit the register!) Simplifying doesn't have to feel like a sacrifice. Perhaps there are other ways to pay for some of your luxuries like bartering services or a work study.
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Romantically, the Venus-Pluto opposition can leave you at the mercy of your libido. You don't have the best self-control on the average day, Archer, but this is one week where you'll want to stay miles away from temptation. A friendly messaging thread with an ex could heat up into something far more nefarious. If the coast is clear though, you'll have a memorable entry for your locked diary near Tuesday. Meow! If you and your S.O. are at odds over money, there could be some major blowups this week. Figuring out how to share resources might bring up some buried resentment and anger—but it's also good to get it on the table. Just take a cool down break if your temper starts to flare.
On Thursday, Venus squares off to your ruling planet Jupiter in Libra and your communal, idealistic eleventh house. Support is all around you, Sagittarius, but in your zeal to prove your independence, you've probably been missing it. Open yourself up to teamwork, and before you just dive into DIY mode, consider what you can delegate or outsource. Though it's a pain to have to stop and explain, you'll spare yourself a nervous breakdown once you've found the right people to whom you can pass the baton. PS: Is there an app for that? With Jupiter pinging your tech sector, your life could become exponentially easier with the help of new software or a time-saving gadget.
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This weekend, give yourself over to the spirit of adventure. On Sunday, the Leo Sun in your ninth house of wanderlust teams up with edgy Uranus in your playful, passionate fifth. Head out of town for a day at the beach or expand your horizons with a one-day workshop. Anything from Tony Robbins to tantric yoga will do. It wouldn't hurt if this life-changing experience took you off the grid for the weekend, where your wireless signal is so faint that you have no choice but to be present with the people in the analog realm. On the personal front, don't be afraid to rock the boat by getting real about your feelings. Forget email and text! You need to look the other person in the eyes and hear their tone of voice. Keep the conversation focused on creative solutions instead of complaints. There's so much that's actually RIGHT about your connection, even if it could use some fine-tuning at the moment.
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