Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

09-18-2017 to 09-24-2017
Take a hard left away from the conventional, Scorpio. This Tuesday, September 19 convivial Venus swings into Virgo and your delightfully eccentric eleventh house. Anyone too "vanilla" or traditional will have to wait. You'll be over there, chilling with the artists, activists and unapologetic rebels. Surprise! What seemed too "woo woo" (and outright wackadoo) last week might actually be an aphrodisiac between now and October 14. Silence the peanut gallery and follow your bliss. If the person you're attracted to happens to favor unitards as daily wear (or unicorn onesies), it ain't no thing. Or maybe their delicious weirdness is more well cloaked. That would certainly be right up your alley, right, Scorpio? Make a policy of NOT judging a book by its cover for the next few weeks. Even the fist-bumping Broseph could surprise you after a little digging. Venus is the image consultant of the skies so make sure you're wearing enough of your own inner freak on your sleeve. Push the envelope with your style—even if you have to wait until after office hours to fully unleash. The eleventh house is the tech sector, and with love goddess Venus logging in, single Scorpios have higher odds of success on dating apps. Group hangs could also yield some hot prospects—and with the bonus of friends who can verify their references, which is a huge plus for your gun-shy sign. Coupled Scorpios should make a point of mingling outside the house together more often. Where do your respective friend groups overlap? Here's your opportunity to form a joint entourage of people you BOTH enjoy—and fill the fall calendar with dinner parties, dive bar nights and weekend trips en masse.     
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Another social surge arrives on Wednesday with the new moon in Virgo. No more lingering on the periphery, waiting for someone else to extend an invitation. Take the initiative, Scorpio! Make dinner plans with a new friend or entice a cool coworker to duck out for a manicure or fall shoe shopping mid-day. And since the more is the merrier with this new moon, organize a small gathering with friends from different factions of your life. Sure, there's "responsibility" that comes along with being the hub of a social circle—and yeah, you could have a green-eyed moment if people go off and form an independent friendship. But with a crew of good, loyal friends, there will be far too many fringe benefits outweighing the minor irritations. This lunar lift also directs some attention to your online presence. Are you representing true to form, Scorpio? Update the theme on your blog, post new profile pics (always a good excuse for a photo shoot) and take down any "maybe I shouldn't have" posts from your timeline. Since people could be Googling you on Wednesday, give your LinkedIn bio or Bandcamp artist page some love. Got a killer idea for an app or some wares to sell on Etsy? Let the development begin! This could spell money in the bank by the corresponding full moon on March 1.
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Although your social life will be abuzz with activity, make sure you also have ample whitespace on the calendar for doing absolutely nada. On Friday, the Sun drifts into Libra and your dreamy, rejuvenating twelfth house until October 23. This is the final, 30-day countdown to the reset of your astrological calendar. Four weeks from now, Scorpio Season kicks off and you'll feel like a warrior! But your energy reserves are probably low at the moment. Literally catching up on your sleep can help enormously, but some of the heavy vibes are coming from the baggage you're dragging around. Take stock, Scorpio. What can you release? From ill-fitting clothes to draining obligations to energy vampires, it's time to slash and burn. Forgiveness is also a huge theme. Have you been stubbornly holding on to a grudge that's actually poisoning YOU? Even if you don't invite the person back into your life, accept that they were there to teach you SOME sort of lesson—even if it was simply a character type to look out for in the future. And in some cases, you can probably hug it out. (There now, that's better.) This healing solar cycle could jettison you to the therapist's couch or weekly sessions with a healer like a massage therapist or acupuncturist. Taking great care of your mind, body and soul will have you in tip-top shape for birthday season in four weeks.
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