Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Take a little more time to primp this week, Scorpio. On Wednesday, February 21 the stars align to tempt you with some fairy-tale-worthy loving. With amorous Venus and fantasy-laced Neptune hooked up in your passionate fifth house, mergers and acquisitions will be foremost on your mind, and we DON'T mean the corporate kind! For once, the control freak of the zodiac (uh, yeah, YOU) will be delighted to go with the flow and let someone else call the shots. There's nothing more thrilling than new love—or an inspiring friendship for those of you who are taken. Part of the reason, beyond the pheromones, is not knowing what's going to happen next. Enjoy the sweet surrender and the mist of mystery, but don't get TOO swept away. With these dreamy planets in the equation, it's likely that you're viewing everything through a rose-colored haze. Everyone has a shadow side, and inevitably, it WILL come out. But for the time being, you'd rather focus on the positive. Couples can re-spark their connection by doing things that are out of routine. Call in babysitting reinforcements if you need a date night out. If possible, book yourselves a room at a boutique hotel in town. Because this Venus-Neptune mashup turns up your charm and beauty, single Scorpios should take full advantage of their competitive edge. Glamorous weeknights out are what the love doctor ordered, no matter your romantic status. You may be more photogenic than usual, so take some well-lit selfies or ask someone to do the honors for you. Hello, new dating app pics! If you're feeling extra bold, book a session with a boudoir photographer to capture your fine self on film.
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You may feel pulled in two directions this weekend as the heavenly lovebirds Venus and Mars crash into a complex square. Part of you is tempted to pursue something you know isn't ideal, yet it's too damn alluring to walk away from. (That would be rosy-eyed Venus in dreamy Pisces and your fifth house of romance and drama.) But for once, Mars (your co-ruler) is the more level-headed one. Late Saturday and into Sunday, he's heating up your second house of security and money—and doesn't have the bandwidth to invest in anything that might crash and burn. Basically, the choice boils down to passion or a shot at longevity. With decadent Venus upping your longing for excitement and possibly a little trouble, you will be tempted! Mars' focus on potential consequences doesn't have to be a buzzkill, though. Hit "pause" long enough to think it through. If it's love and stability you're seeking, hold out for that combination platter. Solidly attached? Don't let money come between you. Be conscientious of shared expenses, and before you unilaterally do anything major, sit down and discuss it.
Creativity reigns supreme on Sunday, under the annual alignment of expressive Mercury and divinely inspired Neptune in your fifth house of innovation, play and fame. If you're finally putting your talents out on the world stage (or just reading at open-mic night or have one painting in a group show), let go of the attachment to the outcome. Reconnect to the reason you create in the first place, which isn't for fame and fortune. Be proud of what you've done, and if recognition or profits DO come, think of them as the cherry on top!
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