Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

01-23-2017 to 01-29-2017
Home is where your heart—and your whole comfort zone—is this week, Scorpio. Slip into something cozier and brew up a big pot of tea. On Friday, January 27 the year's only Aquarius new moon energizes your fourth house of domesticity. To save your sanity, deliberately downshift and scale back on outside commitments. If it's been a long time since you spent consecutive nights at Chateau Scorpio—and even longer since you donned an apron—re-familiarize yourself with your kitchen. Pick up half-finished (or never-started) projects and see them through to completion. When you get a few new recipes down pat, call up your BFFs and do some serious entertaining. Got a guest room? Spruce it up and invite some overnight guests. This new moon brings the opportunity to rekindle your love of home, hearth and family. Raise the velvet ropes—or moat—that protects you and make more time for your nearest and dearest, particularly the special women in your world. While you may be focused on your inner circle, don't overlook the intriguing new faces that may show up on your radar. Stay open, but honor your hard-boiled Scorpio criteria of trustworthiness, mental AND emotional intelligence—and a killer sense of humor. Granted, yours isn't the easiest list to satisfy, but everyone knows that once you let people in, they're in for life.
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When you do venture out of the house, be careful not to romanticize other people before you've had a chance to really to get to know them. (Or least turn your Scorpionic Spidey senses on them for one of your favorite two-minute psychic downloads.) If you're single and dating, drop the assumptions and get to know what someone is all about. Even people who seem totally "what you see is what you get" have deeper layers to peel back. On Friday, structured Saturn in your security zone forms a challenging square with optimistic Venus in your passion corner: That's your warning to pump the brakes and take off those rosy-hued specs. Get the facts before you react. Attached? This is a great weekend to talk about the future, since Saturn IS the king of the five-year plan. This mashup encourages you to maintain creative control, even in the face of pushback. It could simply be that your colleagues aren't able to grasp your farsighted vision yet. Be patient—and creative. The most common learning style is visual, so you might have to (literally) paint 'em a picture.
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Of course you'd like to work smarter not harder, Scorpio. But on Saturday, when your co-ruler, motivational Mars, blasts into Aries and your sixth house of hard work until March 9, you may not be able to find your "off" switch. Things start moving at a much faster pace this coming week, and to fulfill all your professional obligations you may have to burn the midnight oil. Before you cancel your entire personal life to meet those deadlines, stop and strategize. You COULD bring a change of clothes and sleep at the office, but if you can tap into the organized energy of Mars in your sixth house, you can ratchet up your efficiency to near genius levels. Get a handle on your workflow—as well as other teammates'—and figure out ways to avoid duplicating each other's work. See who's willing to toil collaboratively or share contacts to keep things zipping along. Smart systems and up-to-date, appropriate software might save you hours if not days of labor. If any specific tasks are eating up your resources and not offering a healthy ROI, outsource them! You may not realize how much stress is building up. Before you succumb to a seasonal cold or worse, take preventive measures. Make sure you're eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and getting enough lean protein. Stay hydrated—and get thee to the gym or yoga studio. When you're under that level of pressure, exercise is of a necessity, not a luxury. If anything, physically-oriented Mars in your sixth house can amp up your desire to move your body. Even if you can't squeeze in a full 60- or 90-minute class, every effort will help.
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