Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

09-26-2016 to 10-02-2016
"Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose," Janis Joplin crooned. If you've been clutching on to some baggage, Scorpio, it's time to lighten your load. Letting go feels inevitable—and surprisingly easy—this Monday, September 26, thanks to a rare (think: once per decade) alignment of the self-authorized Sun and daring Jupiter in your twelfth house of transitions. This bold pairing will give you the courage to say goodbye—or at least begin the process of changing any unfulfilling circumstances in your life. Speak up about what's NOT working with this courageous, candid wind beneath your wings. And in so doing, you'll also be saying hello to new opportunities. Think of it as creating space for brighter possibilities to flow in. With Friday's new moon in Libra energizing this same part of your chart, your exit strategy will become clearer. And hey, Scorpio, maybe you don't have to totally ditch this situation. There’s nothing wrong with being committed to a cause or a relationship. But can you at least entertain the idea that there are other solutions out there? By trying to control this situation you are limiting its full potential. Or your own! You’re a creature of comfort and generally risk averse. But sticking around on familiar ground could actually be holding you back from a more fulfilling path. You're never actually stuck, even if it feels that way. Begin the R+D process this week, exploring what else is out there. Even if you can’t see another option on the horizon, open your mind to the possibility of possibilities. Miracles happen every day, Scorpio, but they require faith and action. Baby steps are better than nothing. After all, this is a NEW moon so it’s really just the beginning of your attitude shift. You don’t have to pull a disappearing act on your lover or drop a project like a hot potato. Just start making small, daily changes. P.S. These don't have to be a direct hit either. Do you hate your job? Commit to evening activities that get you away from your desk and bring fulfillment to other areas of life. Are you frustrated by your dating status? Get off Tinder and go make IRL friends who share common interests. You never know…one of them could soon be asking for benefits.
In easier news, this Monday, powerhouse Pluto—your cosmic ruler—snaps out of a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your third house of self-expression. All the mysteries, subtexts and unspoken words that have troubled you since April 18 will become a thing of the past. While you’ll be relieved at the openness, you may need a little nudging to speak YOUR truths. This doesn’t mean broadcasting your personal business in every conversation or Tweet (as if!). But it would be therapeutic to bring a few more select people into your confidence. Trust issues may have been exacerbated over the past half-year, but there are friends you can rely on to have your back. Dip a toe in the vulnerability pond and share from the heart. Some new BFF alliances will soon be forged.
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And on Tuesday, electrifying Mars—your cosmic co-ruler—zips into Capricorn and your garrulous third house until November 8, joining your ruling planet Pluto there! With these powerful forces buoying you, your social butterfly wings will flap at a much faster BPM now. Widen up the radius of your inner circle and play organizer for your crew. The culture vulture in you wants to feed, so stock the calendar with concerts, apple picking, photo hikes, and karaoke nights. The third house also rules partnerships of the platonic variety. A creative collaboration or joint business venture could be sparked. (Time to start a band or maybe a podcast, Scorpio…or how about writing that screenplay?) A sibling, coworker, or even a neighbor might be your other half in this mission. With its reputation as the warrior planet, Mars CAN be an agitator, though. As easily as you’ll make new pals, you could also lock horns with someone in your peer group—a neighbor or coworker, even. Figuring out how to comfortably co-exist might be your biggest challenge this fall. Hint: It involves communicating honestly about your needs, not making sacrifices. Dreams of bi-city living on the horizon? By November you could adopt the commuter lifestyle, shuttling back and forth between two locations. Keep that bag packed with your essential creature comforts—like a favorite scented candle and your coziest sweater—so you can take “home” with you on the road.
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