Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

06-18-2018 to 06-24-2018
All that glitters ain't gold, Scorpio—and for the next five-months, make sure you aren't spelunking for pyrite. Not that there's anything wrong with the sparkling "fool's gold" crystal, but metaphorically speaking, you need to save your time for things that are truly precious. From Monday, June 18 until November 24, nebulous Neptune will be retrograde, lolling about in your fifth house of romance and riches. Like "fauxligarch" Anna Delvey who recently made headlines for scamming half of New York City, you may discover that a few of the charming people you let yourself be wowed by are mere hashtag hoaxers whose legit lives don't live up to their well-curated Instagram feeds. On that note, do everything in your own power to avoid falling into that very category. Between now and November 24, it's better to underpromise and overdeliver than to hype yourself up with strategic PR. There are many categorically unfair rumors swirling about Scorpios being shysters, when in truth MOST of you just want to geek out in your areas of expertise until you've mastered everything there is to know. And hey, if you happen to get famous along the way, cool. It's just not your primary motivation. While Neptune is in reverse, you could retreat behind the scenes to study with a guru in your field or plunge into deep self-study. It's fine to keep more mystery about yourself, especially with folks you don't know. Keep your dating moves on the DL, too—no need to photograph yourself kissing your summer crush. With foggy Neptune in the mix, you just can't be sure that they'll stick around until fall. (But they might!) If you're in a relationship, curb the tendency to make too many sacrifices for your sweetie. Get real about the romance you require in order to stay happy. (Like, spell it out, Scorpio.) Handing bae the playbook can go a long way to setting this up to be the summer of love.
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When was the last time you Googled yourself? Neptune's backspin offers an opportunity to revise your image, or if you're a business-owner, your branding. Wednesday's quarter moon can help with this mission as it falls in discerning Virgo and your tech-savvy eleventh house. If you have the chops, you might want to try refreshing yourself, like choosing a modernized template for your website (check out or that's been up since the aughts, or setting up the tripod for a well-lit profile selfie. But since the Scorpio Show should never look like an amateur show, it might be time to hire a pro to level you up to 2018 standards—not just in visuals, but also in security compliance and other online issues that the layperson forgets to think about in the era of trolls and data mining. On that note, is it time to change to a stronger password?
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Wanderlust hits you hard on Thursday as the Sun blazes into Cancer and your jetsetting ninth house. Is there a corner of the world you've always dreamed of visiting? Get plans in motion for that getaway, and if funds allow, see if you can't make your sweet (passport required, even) escape before July 22. Otherwise, start bookmarking travel blogs and polling friends about their favorite vacation spots. Who knows? Your curiosity could lead to an invite to be part of an amazing group sojourn or a work-study T.A. position at a cool retreat. If traveling for work is your jam, let it be known that you'd be a happy delegate for the company, should they need someone to hop a flight and represent at a conference! It's summertime, Scorpio, so camping or festival hopping with your tent or a friend's RV could be a budget-friendly option. Stretch your horizons in the figurative sense, as well, and sign up for a life-changing workshop or develop an entrepreneurial venture that keeps dancing into your daydreams. No matter where your feet are planted, mingling multiculturally brings an enticing dimension to your life. Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. A “oui” could soon become a “we.”
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