Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

08-20-2018 to 08-26-2018
If all work and no play has made you a lonely Scorpio of late, you can flip that script this week! On Thursday, August 23, the joyful Sun marches into Virgo and your eleventh house of collaborations and teamwork until September 22. While you might not be working any less—or less intensely—you won't feel like a solo act. Whether you're part of a group or spearheading it, your esprit de corps will keep everyone inspired. If you're assembling your dream team, seek out original thinkers who don't lead with their ego and who complement (rather than replicate) one another. Then cut them enough slack to do their own thing without feeling like you're breathing down their necks. A few will probably need a little guidance or constructive criticism, but if you do so in a positive way—with more praise than reproach—they'll be appreciative. The simple act of letting them know you value their opinions will lead to the formulation of a solid, loyal squad. The eleventh house also rules social activism and humanitarian causes. Over these next four weeks, you might get more involved with an organization that assists disadvantaged people, children or even animals.
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On Saturday, a rare grand earth trine gives the power to your "people" houses and deepens some of your keys bonds. With the cooperative Sun connecting the dots with solid Saturn in your communication zone and transformative Uranus in your partnership realm, you might make a new alliance official or buddy up with some creative types to send out a viral message. You could turn a significant corner in an intimate relationship, but that may require being a tad more vulnerable. If you're feeling it, it's probably worth the "risk."
All the world becomes your stage on Sunday, as the year's only full moon in Pisces fires up your fifth house of passion, drama and fame. Whether you're literally a performer or artist or just another Scorpio with deep emotions, things will take a turn for the intense under this lunar lift. Single? A simmering attraction could heat up and reach the boiling point in the coming two weeks. (Even if you have to relight the flame a couple times, it'll be worth it once it catches on for good.) If you have feelings that aren't being reciprocated, you might want to make one bold move but then, if still nothing, move on. Attached? This could signal a strengthening of your bond or perhaps get a "baby-making" project underway—or bring news of a pregnancy. And because la luna is in mysterious Pisces, this news might come as a surprise! (So if you're NOT trying, take extra precautions.) This fertile full moon could also "birth" an artistic work that you're proud to see your name on.
Also on Sunday, relationship-minded Venus in your introspective twelfth house clashes with controlling Pluto. You might decide that someone will never be fully emotionally available or like their issues aren't something you're willing to put with anymore. If you've been on the fence for a while, this fast-moving but potentially game-changing transit might just shove you off—onto one side or the other!
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