Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Let them eat cake—but make sure that YOU nab the first slice! You'll have reason to celebrate beginning this Tuesday, October 23, as Scorpio season begins, crowning you "zodiac royalty" until November 21. This solar-powered reboot could be especially epic, since supersizer Jupiter is still running its thirteen-month marathon through your sign until November 8. Missions you started during Scorpio season 2017 get one more giant tailwind, which might propel them to the finish line—or literally transport you into a whole new phase of life. After November 8, the Sun and Jupiter won't convene in Scorpio for another 12.5 years. Take advantage of this fortuitous booster pack and proactively pursue that one major goal you want to achieve before 2018 is through. Have you been flying under the radar? Wage a PR campaign and let the world know of your offerings. With global Jupiter in the mix, you'll win fans in far-flung places by marketing yourself on social media—or maybe starting an Etsy shop or uploading your music to Bandcamp. The only caveat: creatrix Venus, who is retrograde from October 5 to November 16, is retreating through Scorpio until Halloween (then, will drift back into Libra). Make sure everything is polished, edited and professionally mixed before you send it out to the world. A few revisions may be in order. Take the time to tweak instead of rushing to just "get it out there."
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The pressure to make a decision could get pretty intense on Wednesday as the annual full moon in Taurus activates your seventh house of negotiations, contracts and partnerships. Commitment is a word your sign takes seriously. You rarely get involved in a risky long-term venture and when you engage in relationships, you play for keeps. This week’s choices come with gravitas. Weigh out the pros and cons. Your intuition is your best guide, for sure, but how is your body responding? There are also important clues contained there. As you envision yourself moving forward, do you feel a warm rush of excitement or a tightening in your chest? If there’s trepidation, ask yourself, “What am I really afraid of?” Allaying your fears may be a simple matter of asking for facts and figures. But your gut may also be telling you that there is a better fit out there—and that should be researched right away. Clarity will arrive within two weeks of the full moon, freeing you up to move ahead or just move on. Are you still searching for your "other half" for love, business, or a creative collab? This full moon could illuminate a hot prospect. This person may already be someone you know; even someone you met over the past six months. Already paired up? Make your relationship a priority this week, and dream up new ways to collaborate—from starting a holiday side hustle together to co-hosting an epic Halloween party. Legal matters fall under the seventh house’s domain. Wednesday could bring an exciting contract or resolution to a lingering case that’s been held up in court or negotiation.
On Friday, the Sun and Venus retrograde meet up at the same degree of Scorpio, which could mark a major turning point—or a straight up awakening. Creatively and romantically, this planetary pairing (which only happens every 584 days...and only every eight years in YOUR sign) can flood you with inspiration. You're a total visionary, but while you're downloading new ideas from the ether, don't ignore what's already in your space. That half-written poem, the intriguing person you had three dates with, those Doc Martens you've had since the 90s? Everything old could become new again under this celestial spell. Divine timing may be on your side to re-launch a project that brought you success in the past. Dig around in those archives, Scorpio, and jog your memory.

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