Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

07-17-2017 to 07-23-2017
Zoom in or zoom out? You might feel like you have to rein in your big plans this week, as game-changer Uranus in your meticulous sixth house squares off with the two planets that provide your drive and motivation. On Monday, July 17 and Thursday the 20th, the revolutionary planet sends a speed warning first to passionate Mars and then to the Sun in Cancer and your expansive ninth house. You may experience these barriers as signs to downshift—or change course altogether—but don't get bogged down in the details. You need a vision before you can manifest it, and that's the stage you're currently at. Allow yourself to dream before getting into the nitty-gritty project management details. No one's saying you need to hit the gas on every aspect of every project. There will be plenty of time for that later this week, when Mars and Sun blaze through your tenth house of career and public image. Right now, enjoy the ideation process and the synergies you're experiencing with a variety of people. As for the naysayers and pessimists in the crowd, let 'em know you're not buying what they're selling. Of course, if you glean new data along the way, don't be too rigid or defensive to shake things up a little. In fact, Uranus's gift is that it can shine a light on alternative approaches to organizing and budgeting. And remember the bottom line: This is about following YOUR bliss, not towing someone else's line.
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On Thursday, you shift into mogul mode as motivator Mars (your co-ruler) sails into Leo and your tenth house of career success until September 5. And on Saturday, the Sun blasts into Leo, joining Mars until August 22. Over the next month, this potent planetary pairing will sprinkle opportunities like fairy dust on you and everything you touch. Leo rules your tenth house of ambition, and now you'll be able to fine-tune some of those grander visions and take steps toward realizing them. You won't even be tempted (much) to call in sick and chill with friends at their summer beach house. Your eye is firmly on the prize, and you KNOW that it's well within reach. Or, if someone makes you an offer you can't refuse, charge up your laptop, grab your noise-canceling headphones and agree to some work-by-pool days. No one says you have to give up your whole summer to leap ahead! If anyone can focus while others are quaffing drinks with little umbrellas, it's you, Scorpio! Take advantage of every lucky break, and if they're not forthcoming, manifest them. You can attract some major ballers and power brokers over the next 4-7 weeks, so become a joiner. Show up at industry mixers; apply to organizations and clubs where you'll have the chance to hobnob with heavy-hitters. Don't wait to be invited. Volunteer at charity events and get known. The more you give, the more seriously people will take you.
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But wait, there's more! On Sunday, the (first) Leo new moon of the year lands alongside the Sun and Mars in your professional tenth house. And then, on August 21st, a super-rare second Leo new moon—a powerful solar eclipse—practically guarantees success. These moons have an arc of influence that extends over the coming six months, so you can pace yourself (a bit). But do start taking confident, strategic steps to sprint up the company ladder or go off on your own. Because the tenth house also rules all things masculine, this could augur a new (or improved) relationship with an important man in your life—romantically or otherwise. Don't underestimate the power of positive affirmations. When he does something well, pile on the praise and you're bound to see a repeat performance.
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