Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

11-20-2017 to 11-26-2017
Haul the champagne bottles to recycling and polish off that final slice of birthday cake. On Tuesday, November 21 the Sun bids farewell to Scorpio until late 2018. After four frenetic (but undeniably fun) weeks, it's time to shift back into get 'er done mode. Good news: El Sol is now beaming in Sagittarius and your second house of financial stability and practical magic. Until December 21, you'll have focus like a laser beam: sharp and direct. The devil is in the details, however, even the microscopic ones. Fortunately, those are a Scorpio's wheelhouse! With a little extra attentiveness, you'll wrap 2017 with a crown of feathers in your fedora. But hang on a sec! The slow and steady second house warns against moving forward without a plan. Before you get all Action Jackson, make sure you've crunched the numbers, mapped out reasonable deadlines and lined up all the support staff you need to pull off your vision. Since the second house is as decadent as it is diligent, you don't want to spend long nights at the office spinning your wheels because you rushed your kickoff and failed to consider a few key variables. Once you have a real deal plan in place, you'll be easily propelled into action—and free to share a cup of cheer after the 5PM whistle blows.
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When you clock out of work, slow down and savor the present moment. What little luxuries are right in front of you, Scorpio—and who? Life could look a lot more romantic at this leisurely pace. If you've been squirreling away your hard-earned cash, this could be your time to splurge on a bit of practical luxury—a useful something-something that is both helpful AND high end. Did you blow your extra bank during birthday time? Let this optimistic solar phase bring out the fiscal planner in you. Reconfigure your budget and keep it real with relatives. Maybe this is the year where everyone plays Secret Santa, draws a name and buys ONE gift instead of twenty. Your family will probably be grateful to save a buck alongside you.
You'll wake up feeling like a social butterfly on Thursday, as the convivial Capricorn moon electrifies your social third house. Buzz around with friends who you're most thankful to have in your life. Catch up with the cousins and pick up your sister from the airport. Since you'll be far too restless to hover in the kitchen, assign turkey duty to someone else in the fam. But by the afternoon, your wings begin to droop as the moon decamps to Aquarius and your cozy fourth house. Hand someone else the car keys and go kick your feet up. (Or don the apron so you can sneak bites of turkey and dressing.) It's not just a food coma, Scorpio—you're legit ready to make this Thanksgiving an early night and cozy up in bed with a mug of hot cider and your Netflix queue. Those domestic vibes linger into Black Friday, and sleeping in may take priority to snagging the doorbuster deal. (Plus, your budget.) If you MUST splurge on a bargain, choose something that makes your home life warmer and more inviting. Warning: You could O.D. on family over the long weekend—especially on Friday when independent Jupiter in Scorpio will square the moon. You "vant to be alone," but a certain energy vampire's feelings are gonna get hurt when you slip off. C'est la vie. Better you should disappear than ignore your own limits until your stinger comes out!
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