Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
No one's putting limits on you this week, Scorpio—not with your co-ruler, spirited Mars, and curious Mercury sharing a flight path through Cancer and your ninth house of travel, adventure and expanded horizons. Stop talking about all the places you want to go and start figuring out how and when to get yourself on that dive boat in The Great Barrier Reef zone or to the hand-looming workshop in Marrakesh. And if you have a personal day to spare, take Monday off and head to the beach, preferably with a sexy plus-one in the passenger seat.  That day, Neptune in your romance in zone will form a sexy angle to Mars, dissolving your resistance to love. A long drive—or just a long lunch (or afternoon delight) if you can't skip work—sets the stage for an adorably confessional conversation. Confess to your crush or discuss your dreams for the future. Single Scorpios could spot someone worth getting to know better. Don't hesitate under this bold planetary pairing. You won't regret introducing yourself.
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With mouthy Mercury and forthright Mars in your "honest to a fault" ninth house, you cannot tell a lie—or even "strategically withhold" information in that mysterious manner Scorpios are known for. The Mars-Mercury merger (which is at its strongest on Wednesday) is like a double shot of truth serum. As the 12-Steppers say, "We are only as sick as our secrets." Whatever it is you need to confess or cop to, it will be a relief to confide this to someone. We don't have to remind you to be selective about your audience though. Before you have a heart-to-heart with the person in question, try bouncing your soliloquy off of a levelheaded friend. With passionate Mars in the equation, your words might even come across as aggressive or accusatory, which is not likely to bring about the best results. And if you're apologizing for a misdeed, you still want to be sensitive about how you present the information. Figure out a way to soften the blow so that a proactive solution can emerge. Pro tip: Timing and location are everything, so have these dialogues in a relaxed setting and on neutral ground.
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You're keen to expand your knowledge base all week, too, both in the traditional and the experiential sense. Explore TED talks, webinars, lecture series and weekend retreats. With both of your cosmic rulers, karmic Pluto and forward-driving Mars, opposing each other this weekend, you'll really feel the urge to stretch and evolve. With both planets in your educational houses, this would be a fine weekend for a self-development seminar or retreat. Since you can be a solitary learner, slipping off for a vision quest in the woods might appeal to you. But with Pluto in your house of communication and curiosity, don't isolate yourself the whole weekend. On Sunday, you could meet some folks who really challenge you to view a situation from a refreshingly unconventional perspective. Heed the Svengali SOS! While you're a magnet for charismatic teachers, be careful not to place them on a pedestal, giving their advice more weight than your own powerful intuition. This is especially true on Monday and Tuesday when transits to nebulous Neptune in your celebrity zone and Jupiter in your boundary-challenged twelfth house could leave you dazzled to your own detriment. Nothing dangerous about trying on new ideas, even ones that are a little "radical." But be your own guru, Scorpio—and watch for the reverse effect. With all the wisdom coursing through you this week, others may try to hoist you up as their sensei. As flattering as it is to know you're helping people transform their lives, you don't want to create unhealthy dependencies. Share your knowledge, but make a point of empowering your grasshoppers to think for themselves.
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