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Monday September 1st - Sunday September 7th

Bring on the probiotics, parsnip fries and Pilates studio pass. Messenger Mercury moves into Libra this Tuesday, September 2, lighting up your healthy living house until the 27th. Although you’re still feeling fairly hedonistic, who says those indulgences have to be self-destructive? Find the joy in self-care, the pleasure in moving your body (“no pain, no gain” is NOT the only way). If you’re overdue for checkups, get those doctors’ appointments booked. Best to keep your body in balance so it runs like a well-oiled machine. Don’t forget preventative medicine. Schedule a massage and acupuncture; pop the daily vitamins and the morning probiotic. “Good bacteria” is linked with gut health—the key to a thriving immune system among other benefits. You might even house your supplements in a stylish Pillito Why not? 

Your cosmic ruler Venus switches signs on Friday, moving into Virgo and your passionate, glamorous fifth house until September 29. Hello, romantic reboot! You’ve already hosted the Sun in this part of your chart since August 23, but with radiant Venus joining the assembly, you will feel simply irresistible. Don’t waste the opportunity to dive back into the dating pool. Single Bulls could be snuggling up to someone new before the month is through. In a relationship? Your playful spark is back so take the initiative with planning fun adventures a deux. It might take a minute to warm back up to each other if you’ve been spending too much time focused on domestic matters lately. The Netflix queue can wait, Taurus. Your little black dress (or suave suit jacket) is clamoring for airtime. Talks could even turn to babymaking now, a plus for your family-oriented sign.  Creatively, the rest of September will bring a boon of magical momentum. Harness Venus’ aesthetic and musical powers and you might just compose a masterpiece. Of course, all play and no work can make Taurus a nervous Bull. This weekend, the moon will hover in Aquarius and your career zone. While everyone else is kicking back, you could use the extra two days to get ahead on a professional project. Your ambitious nature will be at the wheel all weekend, a good time for strategic socializing. Brunch isn’t just about the Croque Madame and strong cup of coffee; it’s an opportunity to warm up a prospective business collaborator. Get your name on the guest list for an elite event where you can rub shoulders with the movers and shakers. An important man will need some quality time this weekend too. Devote a healthy chunk of time to him, playing the role of Best Supporting Castmate but also tapping him for advice and inspiration. It’s a true win-win.

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