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Monday October 27th - Sunday November 2nd

You’re quite the romantic idealist this week, with your focus on finding (or enjoying) the perfect pairing.  With the Scorpio Sun illuminating your relationship house until November 22, it’s no surprise all things “we” are at the forefront of your agenda. This Monday, October 27, the Sun connects to quixotic Neptune in Pisces for an exact trine (auspicious 60 degree angle) helping you refine your search criteria. Why settle for someone who doesn’t light your fire when you could have genuine passion or a creative connection? Some Bulls could back out of a bad romance or say goodbye to Mr. or Ms. Right Now. But, maybe it’s not about casting a new person for the role of your other half though. Have you been bringing your best to the relationship game, Taurus? This week, see what happens if you start approaching your partner with joy, levity, and creative ideas for things the two of you could do together. This should bring better results than if you mope, nag, or lead with the, “we never go out anymore” line. And if you’re single, Neptune’s current tour of your community zone helps you find love through a group activity. Say yes to your friends’ invites and keep an open mind. Bonus if there is a charitable, spiritual or artistic element involved: all things that fall under Neptune’s reign. Don’t give up on Tinder or dot-com dating since Neptune IS parked in your eleventh house of technology too. Coupled Bulls could stoke the embers by attending parties with your sweetie on your arm.
When it comes to your career, have you set your aims high enough — or are you driving yourself to stress with a high-pressure timeline? Thursday’s quarter moon in Aquarius and your tenth house of ambition helps you strike a healthier balance. It’s great that you have such grand plans for yourself, but Rome was neither built nor remodeled in a day. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy the journey and the evolution, even if that means starting a little lower on the totem pole than you’d prefer or pushing back a deadline for sanity’s sake. Are you getting passed over for gigs you KNOW you could rock? Maybe it’s the way you’re presenting yourself, Taurus. You may be coming on a bit too strong by selling yourself instead of asking people questions to find out if they are a good fit for YOU too. Give your working wardrobe a once over: few people look as polished and amazing as you do when you slip on a chic blazer or classic white shirt. If you own a business, this quarter moon inspires you to spruce up your branding a bit. Does your logo need an upgrade, could you shoot a promotional video, do you need better quality business cards? Invest a little more in image because once a first impression is set, it’s hard to undo it. This quarter moon can bring your relationship with an important man into harmony again too. Rather than trying to make him “see the light,” try changing the subject and focusing on the common ground that you DO share.
Halloween’s stars sound the call for power dressing. Suit up as your favorite monarch, maybe even a Game Of Thrones character (Mother Of Dragons, anyone?). The moon will hang out in Aquarius and your masculine tenth house this Halloween, so Taurus ladies could have fun in “drag king” regalia. Going undercover as a dude for a night could be a wild sociological experiment and also totally hilarious. With messenger Mercury in your service-oriented sixth house, you might start the evening on trick or treat duty, passing out candy to neighborhood kids or shuttling your own around on a candy-grubbing quest. But make sure you do get out for some revelry too. With the Sun and your ruling planet Venus both in your relationship house, you could find the Edward to your Bella or have a fateful encounter with a zombie, witch, or masked marauder. 

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