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Monday November 24th - Sunday November 30th

Light and fluffy is fine when you’re ordering an omelet or discussing the finer points of cupcake batter. But when it comes to your relationships, that recipe will simply not do this week. On Tuesday, November 25, messenger Mercury connects with weighty Saturn in your seventh house giving your partnerships more gravitas than usual. Whether personal or professional you’re not okay with leaving anything up to chance. Summon those “call me, maybe?” types and have a conversation about commitment, cooperation and shared resources. Who knows? You could be pleasantly surprised by how they respond to your diplomatically worded ultimatum. It’s time to put some ink on it, or maybe a ring, or else start searching elsewhere. Legal matters could finalize under this Mercury-Saturn mashup. Something must be sacrificed in order for there to be greater gain, Taurus. Definitely know where your bottom line lies, but don’t let Saturn’s anchoring energy keep you stuck, stubborn and unwilling to look for smarter compromises.
Thanksgiving is Thursday and with the moon in Aquarius and your tenth house of tradition, you’ll want a celebration with all the trimmings. If you’re not hosting the festivities, you could lovingly prepare a family recipe to bring to the celebrations. Raise a toast to the men in your life: they could use an extra helping of gratitude under this lunar light. Communication planet Mercury also switches signs on Thursday, heading into Sagittarius and your playing for keeps eighth house. The Sun and romantic Venus already decamped to Sag last week, and this cosmic trifecta makes you even MORE intent upon permabonding. All or nothing: that’s how you’ll play it in relationships while Mercury hovers here until December 16. Your minxy nature intensifies too. Ready the red room, Taurus and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. It’s about to get Fifty Shades up in here!
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On Saturday, the quarter moon in Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork helps you assess your circle of allies. You’re not only judged by the company you keep, but highly influenced by them. One rotten Braeburn can spoil the whole damn barrel. While you may not need to evict anyone from your inner circle, be more selective about who you invite where. As the expression goes: your network is your net worth. Use the weekend to stretch your social boundaries. Filling the gaps in your own life could be as simple as branching out and meeting new people.

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