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Monday May 18th - Sunday May 24th

Work smarter not harder, Taurus. From Monday, May 18 until June 11, Mercury will be retrograde in your second house of productivity and financial foundations. Just going through the motions is not going to cut it now. Pause to refine your processes. Are you handling tasks with the greatest efficiency, or are you constantly redoubling your efforts? What could you “templatize,” Taurus, or even train someone else to do for you? For example, if you find yourself writing the same email over and over, turn it into a form letter that you can copy, paste and tweak. Once you create a system, you can pass it on to another person—or just get through this repetitive task at optimal speed. Mercury governs communication so check in with your colleagues: Are you working together as cooperatively as you possibly can? What support do they need from you (and vice versa) to get the job done right? Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. With Mercury in reverse, you’ll have to be more mindful about your money. Splurging without planning could leave you in the red. A forgotten bill could resurface over the next three weeks, or an unexpected repair may be necessary for your car or a tool that you use for work each day. Keep extra funds tucked away for that “just in case” account. And if you don’t wind up using them, you can treat yo’ self mid-June. An austerity plan doesn’t have to spell deprivation. Get creative and resourceful by shopping in your own closet then repurposing, upcycling and spinning some DIY magic. Your own “junk” could turn out to be the spring season’s treasure with a little paint, flair and polish, like this funky wood pallet planter. Hello shoestring budget garden upgrade! http://www.redouxinteriors.com/2011/06/le-wood-pallet-planter-dress-up-your-garden-with-junk/


On Thursday, sweep up the cake crumbs and pour out the flat champagne. Your birthday season is officially over (sniff) as the Sun exits Taurus and moves on to Gemini and your grounded second house. El sol will travel alongside Mercury and go-getter Mars until June 21, helping you get your feet back on solid ground again. While it’s never fun to end the celebrations, you’re ready to bring some order to your court again. Pop on the project manager’s hat: Which of those brilliant ideas that you dreamed up during your birthday time are actually tangible? Crunch the numbers, map out the timelines, and figure out what people power is required to pull it all off. With a little practical magic, some of these dreams will be quite doable. Getting your budget in order will be easier after Thursday, too. Enlist a financial planner to show you the ropes, or check out www.girlsjustwannahavefunds.com and get started on your own. If it’s time for an upgrade, you don’t have to autopilot to the bargain bin: Consider investing in practical luxury. An object that stands the test of time—and brings you joy with its pleasing design each day—might be a sounder purchase. Just remember this rule: Form follows function. It must be as useful as it is beautiful to make it worth the cash. Start a special savings account just for this. On a personal note, bring more earthy sensuality to your life. Step out for fresh air breaks, organize picnics and hikes, skip the movies and go for romantic walks instead.


On Friday, stern Saturn faces off with the Sun—a once a year occurrence that can leave you feeling burdened or stifled. This year, the face-off takes place in your financial zones, bringing shared resources into the spotlight. Is someone draining your resources or failing to pull their weight in a partnership? Speak up and find ways to even the score. You don’t have to divide everything 50/50. Maybe one of you contributes cash while the other shoulders more responsibilities around the house. On the flip side, would you benefit from pairing up with someone on a project or by sharing supplies? The Sun-Saturn opposition helps you surrender that stubborn Taurus pride and reach out to a potential partner-in-crime. Emotionally, you may be unhappy with the pace of a relationship near the weekend. Perhaps it’s getting a little too intense for your liking and you want to slow it down. Maybe you’re frustrated by the crawling pace of this connection and want to step it up with some seductive moves. Don’t play guessing games here. Find out what your partner actually wants and then decide if it’s something you care to give. Be vocal about your desires, too, and avoid being so black and white! Communicate clearly and you can find a gentle compromise.

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