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Monday April 21st - Sunday April 27th

Some call you stubborn—bullheaded even—but this week you could very well prove them wrong. On Wednesday, April 23, four planets (Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto) will form a square formation in the sky known as a Grand Cardinal Cross. The result could be a frustrating tug-of-war OR enough force to shatter stuck energy and effect a long-overdue change. Sitting opposite each other in the Cardinal Cross are two pairs of planets. The first duo is expansive Jupiter in your third house of communication and curiosity versus shadowy Pluto in your philosophical ninth house. Jupiter’s jovial influence could find you exploring new ideas, visiting new parts of town, even signing up for intriguing workshops. But Pluto’s pull can be prejudicial, stirring up those old skeptical voices in your head. If you insist that everything remains “as it’s always been,” you could have a rocky time. But if you’re willing to open your mind to fresh possibilities (and new people), this week may be nothing short of miraculous. Pluto may even point you to your ancestral homeland. What ideals have been passed on to you through the generations, Taurus? Some of these are worth holding on to, but not ALL of them. 

Whether you’re digging in the past or exploring new vistas, don’t go into the experiences with “eyes wide shut.” There’s a risk of vaulting people onto a pedestal—like spiritual leader, charismatic coach or confident authority figure. You don’t need a guru, Taurus; you need to think for yourself. Question everything, but from a place of curiosity, not knee-jerk doubt. Trying on an outfit doesn’t mean you’ll leave the store with a shopping bag. Be a mixologist under this Pluto-Jupiter faceoff, and shake up a cocktail of tradition and innovation under you find the perfect blend for you. What you discover could even lead you down an entrepreneurial path. Forget the get-rich-quick schemes though. Patience is the path to prosperity this week, so leave no stone unturned in your research. Intersecting this opposition is another crisscrossed pair of planets: intense Mars in your health and efficiency house dueling disruptive Uranus in your twelfth house of closure. While you may be fervently trying to control a situation, Uranus shakes your foundation, forcing you to lose your grip. Make your mantra "pick your battles," and heck, read the Serenity Prayer whether you're in recovery or not ("grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change…"). Warning: you may be tempted to soothe your anxiety with old vices and coping mechanisms, but pause before you pick up a pack of anything you just know will lead to your undoing. Sinking into a funk because you failed to close a deal or skipped two spin classes (and ate an entire baguette) is so not worth it. If you fall off the wagon, don’t dwell; just climb back on and start again. There’s never been a better week for calming breathwork and meditation—and how about a day at the spa if you can squeeze it in? Slowing down your thoughts helps you relax, not react. Even though a situation may seem like a crisis, this, too, shall pass. Since the sixth and the twelfth houses are health-related, take extra care of your immune system and also avoid situations that tax your reserves, making you susceptible to sickness. Radical self-care is the name of the game! Here’s some easier news to digest. On Wednesday, expressive Mercury zips into your sign until May 7, blessing you with the gift of gab. Your talents will draw interest from far and wide if you are willing to promote yourself. Modesty, begone! You have plenty to Tweet about Taurus, and it’s time the world knew just what you were capable of. Err on the side of overconfidence rather than selling yourself short. Just be sure to put the focus on what you have to provide to others instead of simply seeking applause. The fans will come faster that way. If you see an opening for leadership, put your name in the hat. That Bossy Lady or CEO title could be yours before you know it.

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