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Monday April 20th - Sunday April 26th

Keep that waving red cape in your crosshairs, Bull! You’re ready to charge for the target—toro style—this week, no more hesitation. On Monday, April 20 the Sun kicks off its annual monthlong visit to your sign. Birthday season is officially underway! You always feel renewed and reinvigorated around this time of year. But in 2015, there’s a triple shot of good fortune: Motivator Mars and innovator Mercury are sailing alongside el sol in Taurus all week, making you feel utterly unstoppable. Go with it!  Your willingness to leap could land you in a bigger league before the week (or the next four weeks) is through. Rule number one: Stop dwelling in the past. What’s done is done and this new year of life is all about looking forward. Have you burdened yourself by playing hero, rescuer, or 24/7 advisor to the ones you love? Liberate yourself from this codependent role and put the focus back on your own magnificent life. Repeat after us: It’s not my job to fix other people’s problems. People have to do their own heavy lifting if they are ever to gain strength. Fortunately, having the Sun in your sign makes it quite easy to embark on a freedom tour. You could spend the week excising toxic ties and removing yourself from commitments that just don’t light your fire anymore. When the awkward apologies are through, expect to feel about a thousand pounds lifted off your shoulders. Phew! Then, turn your attention to Numero Uno. A rapid growth cycle begins now, and you’re ready to stretch and discover brand new parts of your own personality. Dive into a self-development seminar, sign on for sessions with a coach, start your own business. Stepping outside of the safety zone feels comfortable and natural for you now. Embrace the feeling while it lasts and make a bold move on your own behalf.


While you’re at it, have you cast a wide enough net? On Tuesday, energizer Mars in Taurus forms a productive trine (60 degree angle) to transformational Pluto in Capricorn and your worldly, expansive ninth house. Think bigger—or maybe farther. Your efforts could hit the mark in another part of the country or even on another continent. Connecting to someone on a similar mission can double your probability of success—but that person might be living in another city or overseas. If you’re ready to give an area of your life an extreme makeover, Tuesday is the time to take action. This could involve signing up for a certification program, applying for school or relocating to another part of the world. An amazing teacher could appear some time this week, one who can help launch this new phase of your life. Pay attention to the visionary ideas and intuitive hits that come your way. There will be a second Mars-Pluto trine on October 15, so ideas that are sparked this week could really get going six months from now.


Matters of the heart take precedence this weekend as the moon decamps to Leo and your sentimental fourth house. It’s time to give your inner circle priority and show some love to the ones who have had your back lately. Why not cook a special meal for your sweetie, or put a leaf in the table and host a dinner party for your four closest friends? Connecting with family will also make your heart sing arias, so if you feel like getting out and about, pack your weekender bag and go crash on your sister’s couch. If you’re feeling amorous, tuck away at a B&B with your boo. Travel-hungry Jupiter will sit right alongside the moon on Sunday, making it the perfect weekend to slip away on a sweet escape. On Saturday, structured Saturn will work cooperatively with the moon, helping you get the household budget wrestled into a manageable flow. Consider selling some of your collectibles (the ones that have spent a little too long in storage) on eBay or Craigslist. In the market for a move or looking to invest in a rental property? You might just wander by a residence that screams “future home!” Put in a call to the agent and explore the possibilities. You never know unless you ask.

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