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Monday July 28th - Sunday August 3rd

You’re in major seeker mode this week, Taurus, ready to set aside your hardcore realist’s stance and open your mind to fresh possibilities. You can thank your cosmic ruler Venus for this. All week long she is traveling through Cancer and your quicksilver third house, making your mind eager and as sharp as a tack. Read. Study. Watch nonstop TED talks. But know that Venus will get into a cosmic kerfuffle with three other planets this week and you’ll want to fact check and filter all this new data you come across. Curiosity also killed the cat, as they say, so set your GPS—and some personal boundaries—so you can take this journey with a roadmap. The battle begins on Monday the 28th when mystical Pluto in Capricorn and your ninth house of travel and truthseeking sits directly opposite Venus. This could make you gullible, Bull and a little too susceptible to a Svengali figure’s strong voice. Just because someone is speaking with confidence, doesn’t mean they are spilling the truth. Keep your hands off the Kool-Aid and remember to be your own guru instead of devoting yourself to some cultish figure. Even if this person is kicking some serious knowledge, it’s always important to process through your own filters. You could also get a little overarching in your plans near Monday, spending money you don’t have and making promises you have no clue how to keep. Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash. In love, the Venus-Pluto opposition could make you a little too, uh, experimental for your own good. While you want to be open-minded and try new things, this is not the best time to go on a wild Tindering spree or see if one of your secret fantasies feels as thrilling IRL. Look before you leap into bed or a dangerous liaison. Scintillating Pluto can suck one down a dark vortex of trouble—and climbing out of that hole will be no easy task.

On Friday, Venus will trade friendly fire with stabilizing Saturn in Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. This is where the rubber could meet the road, showing you who really IS meant to be in your life—and who brings more “problems” than an Ariana Grande song. This could be a milestone day for partnerships too, where you finally seal the deal on a business contract or become exclusively involved with the person you’ve been seeing. If you’re in a relationship, the Venus-Saturn trine helps you diplomatically negotiate a compromise, one that feels like a real win-win. You could even co-sign documents or decide to nudge your relationship to the next logical level, like moving in together or opening up a joint savings account. But beware your inner saboteur on Friday! Restless, erratic Uranus will throw a curveball into the day, forming a tense square (90-degree angle) to Venus too. Just when everything’s going beautifully with handshakes, hugs, or a magic moment, you could be tempted to upend the whole situation with a worrisome comment or incendiary remark. Even your off-color jokes won’t go down well. YOU might think that inappropriate comment is funny, but others won’t actually realize that you’re kidding. Plus, you run the risk of hitting below the belt with this quip. Just leave well enough alone! And that probably means keeping quiet by any means necessary once everything is signed, sealed and delivered. 

On Thursday, Mercury moves into a cozier position, hunkering down in Leo and your domestic fourth house until August 15. The Sun and lucky Jupiter are already hanging in the lion’s den bringing attention to home, family and your inner circle. Put up the red velvet rope, Taurus, because the next few weeks should be devoted to your nearest and dearest. If you have a family vacation planned, it should go swimmingly—you’re so ready to relax and spend time with people who don’t require you to put on airs. Is it time to fix up your place with a fresh coat of paint, some new textiles or furniture? You’ve got the eye of an interior decorator now, so use your natural sensibilities to create a gorgeous scheme. Women will be the star players of this Mercury phase too. Join forces with the ladies in your life who will be a source of comfort, strength and inspiration now. Just make sure you don’t spill too much, too soon. On Saturday, Mercury and loudmouthed Jupiter will meet at the same degree making you prone to oversharing. But Mars in Scorpio could throw the dynamics of these talks out of whack. While you’re in the mood for some heart-to-hearts, how well do you really know the people you’re having the confessional moments with? Conversations like these should be reserved for trusted confidantes, not a general audience. And don’t get hooked by the competitive storytelling dynamic. When someone else shares her pain, this is a cue to nod compassionately, not interject with your own tales of woe. Over the weekend, don’t let close friends and family weigh in too heavily on your love life. Their advice may be well meaning, but it can also be disruptive. Trust the wisdom of your heart.

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