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Monday September 22nd - Sunday September 28th

Almost forgot about your inner wellness warrior? Guess what, Taurus? That tough-as-nails persona makes a cameo appearance on Monday, September 22 when the Sun grapevines its way into Libra and your sixth house of wellness until October 23. Lace up your cross-trainers, get your bike out of storage, and dust off your juicer or smoothie blender. You’re going to be one busy Bull for the next four weeks! Since adequate sleep is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, make a conscious effort to get to bed an hour earlier. This could have the bonus effect of giving you the time and energy to squeeze in a few Sun Salutations AND pack a healthy lunch in the morning. This is also a good time for your annual check-ups and tune-ups, so get those appointments on the books stat. While you’re at it, schedule a few feel-good “preventive” treatments, like a lymph-drainage massage or an acupuncture appointment.  


On Wednesday, the only Libra new moon of the year, ups the ante in your vitality-boosting game. Map out your health and fitness goals for the next half-year. Your sign practically invented “slow and steady wins the race,” and you’re well aware that the kind of short-term results that lead to lasting change usually require time to achieve. This is the perfect time to get serious about creating new tech and organizational systems. On Tuesday, revolutionary Pluto wakes up from a five-month snoozefest in your ninth house of global adventures. You find safety in routines and love your nest, but you may be tempted to check out the full reach of your wingspan over the next seven months by stretching into unexplored terrain. And while you may have sworn you’ll never step foot in another classroom, you could be inspired to sign up for a life-changing online class at an institute like For entrepreneurial Bulls, Pluto’s straightening out can turn last week’s no-can-do into a challenge to be answered. As your optimism rebounds, be careful not to fall for a prospect that sounds too good to be true (you know what that means!). During the five months that Pluto was retrograde, you may have made some inroads into life’s shadow side, and you don’t want to lose those hard-won lessons.


Saturday, communication planet Mercury blasts into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships until October 10. What felt too awkward just last week now seems urgent. You’re ready to talk about what a shared future might look like or, if you’re not “there” yet, at least discuss what’s standing in the way. Single? You could be hit by a lightning-quick epiphany about what it takes to manifest a worthy partner. Regardless of whether you’re inking a business deal, exchanging rings or signing up for a dating site, you’ll have charm and animal magnetism to spare. Something to keep in mind, though: Expressive Mercury will be retrograde from October 4 to 25, which could jam the signals or possibly cause (temporary) reversals in your important partnerships.

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