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Monday August 3rd - Sunday August 9th

Monday’s cosmic reminder: Good fences (AKA boundaries) really do make for good neighbors. A tense square between “no limits” Jupiter and structured Saturn could play tug-of-war with your heart. The jovial planet wants to spread its wings and express itself, but is being tethered by restrictive Saturn. You could, for instance, pour out your deepest feelings only to be greeted by a “huh?” expression or even an eye roll. Ouch! The challenge is not to take it personally. Your fellow conversationalist may not be ready to dive in so deep or commit to the relationship structure you’re proposing. Before you let it all hang out, write a first draft letter and share it with a levelheaded friend who can give you an honest thumbs up or a “too soon” warning. On the flip side, YOU might find yourself the unwelcome victim of an over-sharer or someone who confesses to having stronger feelings for you than you do in return. If that’s the case, be gentle but honest; in fact, you want to be straight up with ALL your connections this week, including business associates. You might think a little flirtation is innocent fun—and can help advance you professionally—but it’s not worth the risk. Plus, others will respect you more if you maintain a healthy wall of separation between “church and state.”

Tuesday brings the second of three exact connections between sentimental Venus retrograde and big-hearted Jupiter. This time, they’ll pair bond in Leo and your fourth house of domesticity, casting a warm glow over family matters. It’s perfect timing for a mini reunion or, since Venus retrograde can bring back people from your past, have a nice long catch-up with a relative or a GF you’ve been too busy to see this summer. All types of household issues are highlighted under this transit. If you’re thinking of making a move, check out listings for a bigger place or a different location altogether. Happy where you are but think the place could use a little fixing up? For now, price things out—but wait until Venus turns direct on September 6 to hire the contractor, swing a hammer or rent the U-Haul.

On Friday, Mercury steps into the role of Cupid, shooting wing-tipped arrows into your fifth house of romance and creativity until August 27. It’s not enough to BE in love; you want to shout it from the rooftops. How many ways CAN you say, “I love you," exactly? Start the count with flowers, your sweetie’s favorite home-cooked meal, a thoughtful playlist, a sexy fashion show…you get the picture. Keep the focus on giving and not what you’ll get in return. Note that this Mercury phase CAN make you a tad demanding. Since you’re not going to get the right kind of attention by stomping your Louboutins or storming off in a huff, adjust your expectations and express yourself clearly. Get obsessed with a creative hobby or dance class so you don’t fly off the handle when people fail to return your calls or emails at lightning speed. And remember: You’ll always catch more flies with honey than vinegar. On Saturday, action-oriented Mars blasts into Leo and your domestic fourth house for the next five weeks, shaking things up on the homefront. If Tuesday’s Jupiter-Venus union didn’t awaken the domestic doyenne in you, the red-hot planet surely will. What changes do you want to make in your personal environment? How can you improve your relationship with your roomie (or partner)? Focus on creating positive new situations instead of harping on what you DON’T like. If you’re planning a move before September 24, Mars brings plenty of momentum for hunting and packing!

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