Taurus Weekly Horoscope

08-14-2017 to 08-20-2017
Details, details! Pay attention to the little things this week, Taurus. Those micro touches are what separate the mediocre from the masterful. But how much is too much? Your ruling planet—romantic, aesthetic Venus—tangos with two other planets this week, calling for discernment. On Tuesday, August 15 obsessive Pluto will sit directly across the table from Venus, which could make it difficult to strike the right balance. Just when you think you've hit the mark, Pluto's competitive urges could pull you under water. Beware the "compare and despair" syndrome. While other people can serve as inspiration, don't try to merge into their lane. The Venus-Pluto opposition can find you fussing through endless outfit changes or quietly measuring up the tone and size of your thighs against some ridiculous ideal. (And don't forget, they probably used filters for those fitspo pics!) Instead, focus on playing up your own best and brightest qualities. If you find yourself hovering for too long in front of the mirror, stop and go for a walk, take a dance break or head to a fitness class. Reconnecting with your body through movement can snap you out of fixation mode. Yes, it's a cliche but it's also real: True beauty comes from within. When you're radiating self-love (instead of worrying about how you look) you draw people to you like a moth to a flame.
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On Thursday, it's over-the-top Jupiter challenging Venus, as the two "great benefics" form a 90-degree angle called a square. This mashup could make you prone to excess and a bit of TMI. In addition to blurting out words that you'll quickly regret, your head may spin with too many Google searches, opinion polls and statistics. Ask a hundred people to weigh in and you'll get a hundred different perspectives. But what feels right to YOU, Taurus? Mute outside feedback and turn up the volume on your inner voice. And if you DO need to research, make sure you're checking credible sources and weighing in with legit experts, not the latest self-appointed guru in the field. And when it comes to presentations, opt for "moderate minimalism." Stick to sleek fonts and clean templates but add some arty touches to avoid falling into a generic trap.
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This Sunday, you're like a walking psychic hotline. High-minded Uranus in your clairvoyant twelfth house syncs up with the illuminating Sun in your compassionate fourth. Those ultra-strong feels and sensations might just be your empathetic side at work. Tune in to the vibes then pay attention to who is around you. If you get the urge to strike up a conversation with a stranger, you could discover a fascinating thread or a common goal worth exploring. Or, "carpe DM" and message someone you've been following with fascination on social media. A close female friend or family member might need an extra dose of support. You can be the grounding force, but make sure to "shield your field" by setting clear boundaries or even wearing a crystal like black tourmaline or onyx. With your psychic sensors so finely attuned, you are susceptible to taking on her problems as your own. The Sun and Uranus love liberation. The best way to "be there" for people is to empower their independence so you can both fly free.
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