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Monday July 21st - Sunday July 27th

Kick back and chill, Taurus. This Tuesday, July 22, the Sun heads into Leo and your domestic fourth house for a month. Home is where your heart shall be between now and August 23—especially if family and friends from back in the day are warming your nest along with you. Give your space a once over: does the décor match the mood you’re in these days? Could be time for a creative refresher like a clean coat of paint or even switching things up from shabby chic to modern sleek (or an eclectic mix of both). Since Leo is a celebratory sign, you’ll feel inspired to play host. Fire up the grill and get those masterful marinades going. Who knows? With your keen eye for style, your fete could wind up on a design blog or inspiring you to get in on the Tumblr action yourself. The fourth house rules the feminine and this solar-charged phase will bring some awesome ladies into your life. Take more leadership in bringing these women together to socialize. You’ll all fee so supported by one another. On Thursday, the Sun and jetsetting Jupiter will lock in step as they arrive at the same degree of Leo for a day. Reconnect to a relative who lives in another part of the world. What starts as a simple Skype session could quickly evolve into a travel plan, with you doing the couchsurfing or setting up the sleeper sofa in your own home. Ah, sweet reunions. An important female figure could contact you from afar with news of an opportunity. 

Luck be a lady on Thursday! There’s even more Leo action this week, as Saturday’s new moon falls in the lion’s realm. Are you in the market for a move, Taurus? Cramped quarters, squalling roommates, or a neighborhood that doesn’t suit your personality could find you pacing a hole in your reclaimed wood floors. Enough settling! Spend the weekend house hunting. You could be signing the lease on a “charming pre-war one bedroom” or filling out that mortgage paperwork before you know it. Maybe you just need to rearrange the space you’re in. Google that bagua map and apply some Feng Shui magic to your home. You might discover that you’ve placed your clothes hamper in your love corner. Move it quick, before you attract any more dirty laundry into your life! On Saturday, go-getter Mars changes signs, heading into Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships until September 13. With this passionate planet steering the ship, partnerships are percolating with promise! Sealing the deal could become your end-of-summer obsession—and people are just as excited to talk dynamic duos with you too. While two heads are better than one, you won’t have an easy time keeping those heads cool. Some electric debates could arise with warrior Mars in the mix. Keep that raging bull temper in check. Locking horns can clear the air, and even pave the way for some amazing makeup sex. But only if you remember to listen and seek compromise instead of stubbornly insisting that your way is the right way. You will feel eager about joining forces with people; maybe too eager, Bull, as Mars can be rash. Take a deep breath if you think you’ve met The One or start seeing dollar signs after that first pitch meeting. It’s important to vet your allies carefully, especially since erratic Uranus will be retrograde from this Monday until December 21 in your esoteric twelfth house. The person who seems so perfect on paper could have hidden motives, even a secret second life. Run the background checks, if for no other reason than to give yourself peace of mind. Uranus’ backspin is stellar for healing, especially when it comes to setting those skeletons free from the hidden chambers of your psyche. You won’t mind reviewing your personal history over the coming five months (well, at least not quite SO much), which can help you suss out the root cause of an emotional block that is tripping you up in real time.

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