Taurus Weekly Horoscope


02-08-2016 to 02-14-2016

Ready, set, goal! You’re quite the ambitious Bull this week thanks to Monday’s new moon in Aquarius and your tenth house of success. After a frustrating stall from Mercury retrograde this past January, la luna helps you rocket your professional plans into orbit. Start mapping out the business plan or filing paperwork for Taurus LLC. Has your work become a little too "lather, rinse, repeat" lately? Train your sights on a new position, one that will allow you to have greater autonomy or leadership. It might take until the corresponding FULL moon in Aquarius on August 18 to actually land the gig. But in the meanwhile, get your skill set and confidence up to snuff. You might even sign on for sessions with a coach, consultant or branding expert who can polish you to a "high pro glow." Loving your 9-5? Be more "intrapreneurial" by pitching independent projects and initiatives that you can spearhead within the company you work for. Your relationship with an important man could be off to a fresh start, too. Spend more time with your father, brother, son, husband (or gusband), because this week, he’ll reflect the best in you. A new man could enter your life near Monday the 8th, someone who will play a key role in developments over the coming six months.
On Saturday, Mercury sweeps into Aquarius until March 5, picking up where the new moon leaves off. Mercury rules communication so take a look at your professional "branding," if you will? Are you sending out the right message, Taurus? A few sophisticated updates can help you represent like the pro you are. Call in wardrobe and styling…or maybe a graphic designer who can zhush all your profiles and printed materials. As Taurus comedian Tina Fey quipped, "Confidence is ten percent hard work and ninety percent delusion." We’re not saying to fake it 'til you make it, Taurus, but projecting the image of authority and professionalism can help you ease right into that well-deserved role. Off with the UGGs, on with the Ungaro!
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Cupid is SO in your corner this Valentine’s Day, fluttering in on the wings of Sunday’s Taurus moon. Better yet, at 6:13 p.m. EST, la luna forms a heart-thumping trine (auspicious, 120-degree angle) to straight-shooter Jupiter in Virgo and your romance house. Ask, believe, receive: You’ll be quite the candid one at your candlelight dinner, whether you’re musing about a dreamy romantic future you want to co-create or making an indecent proposal to your blushing date. Earlier in the week—on Wednesday—ardent Venus (your ruling planet) will trine Jupiter making you even MORE outspoken about your desires. Jupiter IS retrograde, however, so try not to go overboard with this. Warm ‘em up slowly instead of coming out of left field with a "let’s get married!" or some sordid erotic fantasy. No Valentine? No cry. With Sunday’s wildly adventurous starmap, going out solo could be every bit as exhilarating! And Wednesday’s Venus-Jupiter trine gives you the gambler’s instinct. Down the truth serum and ask someone attractive to hang with you on Sunday. With the glittering potential this week holds for love, they’d be crazy to say no to you!

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