Taurus Weekly Horoscope

03-20-2017 to 03-26-2017
Set up the daybed and put a dream journal on your nightstand. The Sun drifts into Aries and your rejuvenating twelfth house from Monday until April 19 and you'll be quite the lounging bull. This four-week cycle comes right before Taurus Season—a time best used for catching up on beauty rest, tying up loose ends and detoxing everything from your food choices to your friend list. Like all mere mortals, you've got baggage, Taurus. Stop beating yourself up about it, which does zero good; just go deal with the claim checks. Start by surveying your physical space. As the expression goes, "as within, so without." Those messy rooms and brimming storage closets reflect your state of mind. Purging unwanted possessions can be transformational on every level. And forget about tidying at an ambling pace. According to Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo—whose "KonMari" method has indeed changed many lives—it's best to power clean in a day's time, tackling one category like books or clothing instead of going room by room. Once you've cleared space, set up a comfy floor pillow and some incense and candles. This solar spell is prime time for getting in tune with your subconscious mind. Start a daily meditation practice, even if you begin with two minutes of quiet breathwork every morning. (And yes, there IS an app for that.) If stillness is a struggle, try a moving meditation like a gentle yoga class or some asanas with an online instructor. Clear your mind with journaling or relaxing activities like painting or playing music. Messages may come to you in your dreams between now and April 19, so make sure you have a capture tool near your pillow to record those brilliant gems!
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Near the weekend, however, you'll have to speak in facts (and not the alternative variety). Messenger Mercury, who is drifting through your hazy twelfth house from March 13 to 31, gets tag-teamed by precise Pluto and truth-bearer Jupiter on Friday. Save the motivational pep talks and flowery metaphors for another time: People need statistics, cost estimates and clear commitments from you. Don't let FOMO get the best of you! It's better to say "no" than "maybe" if you're not sure you can show up for an engagement. That way, no one will be disappointed or feel as if you're flaking out. Before you whip out your wallet or agree to get involved in any new activities, find out what the expectations really are. Reading the fine print could reveal some responsibilities (and fees!) that you're not up for covering. Ask for a few days to think it over.
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This weekend, bring on the group hangs! The moon lingers in Pisces and your community action corner on Saturday and Sunday—turning you into a bona fide "people person." Play entertainment director for your squad and organize a gathering. Since you'll be in the mood to give back, you might even show up en mass to an activist meeting or a neighborhood park cleanup project. It's officially been a month since the February Pisces eclipse, and since then you've gained clarity around who your REAL friends are. No need to stage a dramatic unfriending. Just start devoting the lion's share of your time to people who are uplifting and positive. On that note, if you've been bonding over the daily drama, dial that back a bit. You don't want to get a reputation as being needy or draining—or get stuck playing Best Supporting Castmate for an energy vampire. Hire a therapist for "those" talks (or tell the complainer to do the same) so you can enjoy a better balance of vulnerability and positivity in your social engagements.
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