Taurus Weekly Horoscope

04-24-2017 to 04-30-2017
Happy cosmic New Year, Bull! The year's only new moon in your earthily sensual sign falls on Wednesday, April 26. The message is loud and clear: It's time to jump into any and everything you've been putting off for way too long! No more sitting around waiting for awesomeness to fall out of the sky. Fortune favors the bold—and the proactive—and you need to meet the universe at least halfway. Start by focusing on your highest priorities for the coming half-year, as well as all the things (and people) you are ready to cut out of your life. Take out your journal or buy a notebook for the occasion, and write down your wish list and intentions for the rest of 2017. Light a scented candle, smudge your room with sage to clear out the stagnant energy. It's important that you embark on this journey with a positive, can-do spirit because it'll suffuse everything you do from here on out. You might find it helpful to start with a gratitude list to keep you from getting stuck in any kind of negativity. (And PS, gratitude begets more great things, so keep paying it forward!) You can hang on to the list and re-read it over the coming months—or you can do a burning ritual and send it up to the universe. (Fire symbolizes release.) Next step: Review all your relationships, intimate and otherwise, and see if you've become a little codependent or overly reliant on anyone. You need to be the one steering the ship. It's fine to have crewmates, but you don't want to risk a mutiny (so don't give away too much power). This is also a ripe time for investing in your future by taking a class or workshop (or play-shop!) or learning alongside a mentor who can help you develop the skills you'll need when you get bumped up to the next level—which could be by the corresponding Taurus full moon on November 4!
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Minor irritations—and out-and-out betrayals—among associates should come to a screeching halt on Friday, as harmonious Venus, now back on course, quits your "friends and frenemies" zone and slinks into your twelfth house of introspection and completions until June 6. This marks Venus' second visit to this realm in 2017. Her debut was from February 3 to April 2 and included a feather-ruffling retrograde that began March 4. Over the next six weeks, you'll gain valuable insight concerning your own role in these relationship rows. You'll need to be a bit tough on yourself, as you might have to cop to some unsavory behavior, like neediness, codependence or even addiction issues (theirs or yours). Crying, grieving and releasing are all part of the process, so suspend judgment. The only way out of this is smack-dab through the middle of it. But do your inner work and you can start your summer on a shiny new slate. An amazing therapist or healer could appear in the coming weeks, likely a woman or someone with classically "feminine traits," since goddess Venus is at the wheel. Consider a gentle dietary detox to reboot your system, too. We're not talking about an extreme Master Cleanse here, Bull. Just see what happens if you add more clean, green food and fresh water to your regimen, while temporarily eliminating anything processed, fried or laden with sugar and refined flour. Your body will thank you and your mind should also clear, making room for deep and healing thoughts.
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