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Monday August 31st - Sunday September 6th

Friends, foes, frenemies…or even friends-with-bennies? On Monday, the illuminating Sun in your passionate fifth house faces off with hazy Neptune in your social networking zone, making it hard to figure out exactly which category people should be placed in. Confusing energy lingers throughout the week. A current of attraction could shoot between you and a BFF’s BF. You may suddenly feel left out from your entourage, or competitive with a close friend. Despite the strength of these emotions, don’t forget that Neptune is the master of illusions while the Sun governs the ego. What you THINK you’re feeling could be a mirage. When in doubt, crack open your journal or talk to your therapist instead of acting on your animal instincts. The Sun-Neptune opposition is known for muddling dynamics in a group. Don’t make any unilateral decisions if the outcome will affect other people. Even if you DO sense the best choice for everyone, you could wind up feeling weighted down by responsibility if you enact a decree on your own. Opt for a democratic approach and let people weigh in before you make your move. But when it comes to your solo missions, keep the opinion polls closed. Other people’s “helpful feedback” could throw you off course. Give yourself alone time for creative exploration this week, without any critics influencing your process.

As for your love life, who wants to play house? On Tuesday, sexy Mars makes an exact connection to Venus retrograde in Leo and your domestic sector—the second of three conjunctions in 2015. Crank up the A/C, Taurus, because it’s going to get pretty steamy behind closed doors. Cuddling, canoodling, and cooking dinner together? Yes, please. Let your sentimental side take the wheel and recreate a dreamy first date or experience you once loved sharing with your amour. Talks could turn to cohabitation (again) or you may revive a romance that sparked up near February 20, the date of the prior Mars-Venus meetup. You’ll need more security and reassurance than usual from your sweetie this week. But be careful, Bull! With Venus in reverse, you could make the mistake of turning evening talks into therapy sessions. This could make the mood a bit too somber in your relationship and derail your partner’s desire to co-create with you. If you’re feeling THAT insecure, turn to friends for a pep talk instead of demanding that your date shore up your ego. Single? The union of Mars and Venus could bring a nice guy or girl your way. Give the parentally-approved types a chance to woo you. Let your girls fix you up—your mom could even play matchmaker! They might just know you better than you know yourself.

On Sunday, Venus corrects course, officially ending the retrograde that began on July 25. Confusion about affairs of the heart dissipates and you’ll have an easier time coming clean about your needs and desires. Thinking about moving in together? With Venus in drive, you have the green light to go house hunting or at least clear out a special corner in your closet for your sweetie’s clothes to hang. A stalled home repair or decor mission could pick up steam after Sunday, too. Give your Pinterest boards one last edit then plan on hitting the furniture district (or hiring a decorator) next week. A rocky relationship with a family member or female friend could clear up once Venus goes direct. Take it one olive branch at a time though, Taurus. The planet of love, beauty and harmony will sail ahead through Leo until October 8, creating a four-week window for clearing the air and making amends.

On Saturday, the Sun relaxes into an easy trine (120 degree angle) with alchemical Pluto. The truth becomes self-evident this weekend, especially when it comes to your love life and public presence. Are you sharing yourself authentically with your amour and the world at large? Your intuition will tell you how much to reveal. Hint: It’s a lot more than you previously imagined. Keep it real and you might just become a role model. Of course, you can’t expect everyone to understand unfiltered, full frontal Taurus. C’est la vie. As you drop the mask, your legit friends will step forward and the fake ones will recede into the background. Consider it a blessing!

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