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Monday October 20th - Sunday October 26th

Make it a double! This week, your lone wolf status slips away as a spate of planets take up residence in Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. Spend the first few days of the week filing, cleaning and systematizing. After that you’ll be too busy to tend to such 101 organizational matters. On Thursday, October 23, the Sun blazes into Scorpio for a month making two your magic number. The very same day, romantic Venus (your sign’s ruler) will enter the scorpion’s domain until November 16, amplifying your urge to merge. But that’s not all! There is also a solar (new moon) eclipse in Scorpio that day which could bring sudden and unexpected openings for getting couple-y or finding qualified candidates for the role of your other half. This truth will be self-evident after Thursday: Partnerships of all variety help you expand your reach and find your bliss. Follow the rule of “opposites attract” if you’re recruiting new prospects and find a complementary force who knows just how to pick up where you leave off. If you’re already paired, focus as much on the “we” as you do on the “me.” Consciously co-create instead of leaning back and expecting the relationship to just happen. Leaning in can be kinda sexy too, if you know what we mean. When you’re not entertaining in your boudoir, plan a vacation, co-host a party, or dive into that home reno project that plays to each of your strengths. There’s a desire to make everything more exclusive under this cosmic spell. Thursday’s eclipse could bring in someone who really IS serious about being your boo or your business partner. Have The Talk and put clear parameters on your most important relationships. Casual dating and handshake deals just won’t do now.  If money is changing hands, this is the week to call the lawyers and draft an official agreement.

Just wait until Saturday to actually sign anything because Mercury is ending its three-week retrograde on the 25th. The messenger planet shifted into reverse on October 4, scrambling signals on your dealmaking efforts. The coast will be clearer after Saturday. (For optimal timing, wait until Mercury retrograde’s shadow completely passes on November 11 to sign on the dotted line.) As Mercury makes its U-turn, however, it powers forward in your sixth house of work and healthy living until November 8. This will speed up job searches or help clear the air with coworkers. If you need to schedule a medical procedure, set up routine appointments or handle a doctor’s bill, do so after Saturday.


Mars is on the move this week too! On Sunday, the energizer planet heads into compatible Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurial ventures until December 4. Expand your reach and think globally. You could find opportunity in a foreign postal code or faraway city, which might even necessitate a move for some of you. Regardless, you could travel frequently between now and December, so make sure your suitcase is in good shape and that your passport is up to date. Is there a gap between your desired path and your skill set? Train thyself instead of lamenting about the issue. Delve into those tutorials or sign up for sessions with a specialized coach or consultant. If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business, Mars brings a high-octane boost to your ventures. The red planet only visits your sign every other year so don’t stall on getting that LLC, Kickstarter page, or eBay store set up! Warning: Mars is the warrior planet and your already aggressive style could become downright domineering if you aren’t careful. Go easy with that truth hammer too. Bluntness could burn bridges so keep the unsolicited advice to yourself.

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