Taurus Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
Got something to say? We're sure you do, Taurus, and please don't hold back. All week long, cosmic communications director Mercury and motor-mouth Mars are tandem traveling through Cancer and your expressive third house, blessing you with the gift of gab. The two planets will make an exact connection on Wednesday the 28th, a potent day for posting, presenting or persuading people to see the genius of your ways. You'll feel passionately about ideas and want to share them with friends and peers. Doing so will mark you as a trailblazing influencer. The third house also rules partnerships. A kindred spirit could become a more formal collaborator on a project. Someone you've been flirting with may finally turn into a bona fide date.
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But there IS a catch to all this: Aggressive Mars can make your impassioned speech sound pushier than you realize. You want to engage people, not pressure them or leave them thinking you're some kind of raging bull. Active listening is half of the communication equation and it signals respect. Pause to breathe and let others get a word in edgewise. Besides, you stand to benefit greatly from the hive mind's input, especially on Monday when soulful Neptune forms a supportive trine (120-degree angle) to Mars. Before you pass "Go!" or make a unilateral decision that affects others, check in with Team Taurus. Since Neptune is the planet of illusions, there's a chance that you glossed over a crucial detail, and having a few extra pairs of eyes on this can save you from making a costly mistake.
Do more dotting of i's and crossing of t's on Tuesday. Detail-driven Mercury gets a finger wag from big picture Jupiter in your sensible sixth house. Inspiration can carry you far, Taurus, but your practical sign also knows the importance of project management. Before you get carried off on a lark, run the numbers and map out timelines. Can you feasibly pull off this plan? Whether it's a weeklong festival journey or a side business you've been mulling over, the Mercury-Jupiter square can help you spec it all out. Some aspect of the original vision may need to change, but who knows? You might discover that you've underestimated your own capabilities. With expansive Jupiter in the house, the road to success might even mean going bigger than previously imagined.
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The weekend could bring some intense revelations as volcanic Pluto in your house of higher truths opposes hotheaded Mars. Warning: This planetary dustup can be quite combative! Civil discussions might turn into fiery debates—and if you don't take a cool down break, things could verge on fisticuffs. This transit can also serve as a giant wake-up call. You may be privy to some intel that totally changes the way you've been viewing a situation. Your entire belief system could shift from the weekend's discoveries, and in a life-affirming way! Crank open your mind by listening to TED talks or even attending a retreat or self-development seminar. Not really in the mood to stay indoors? Opt for "experiential learning" by devoting the weekend to discovery…and travel. A distant port may be calling your name or maybe just a hiking trail an hour out of town. If you can't get away, multicultural mingling will add a new dimension to your world. Drop all preconceived notions and let curiosity be your guide.
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