Taurus Weekly Horoscope


04-25-2016 to 05-01-2016

Bring on the retro vibes. This Thursday, April 28 messenger Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus until May 22, giving you an opportunity for internal reflection and recalibrating. With the self-expressive Sun in your sign since April 20, you’ve been eager to debut Taurus 2016, but did you throw out the baby with the bathwater? Revive aspects of your “former self” and synthesize them with all the newness you’ve got going on. Head’s up: This may begin as a quiet, internal shift. Your theme song until May 22 might as well be Nina Simone’s Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ckv6-yhnIY). No matter how many times you play that tune, though, people are likely going to misinterpret your behavior and intentions. (Helpful hint: Take things slowly instead of personally.) Rather than putting yourself in the line of fire, hold off on debuting any passion projects until next month, when the reception will be a lot friendlier. One constructive use of this time is to review your marketing materials, and that includes on the personal front. Are your words truly reflective of the person you’ve become? If not, your “branding” could be in need of an upgrade. Work with designers, consultants, mentors and webinar coaches to cultivate a more authentic message. Hold off on any blog posts or revamped bios until next month, when it’s “Click. Send. Victory!”
On Friday, romantic Venus—your cosmic ruler—makes her annual stopover to your sign. You’ll host the radiant love planet until May 24, giving you three weeks to benefit from her beams. The law of attraction is definitely on your side. Drawing people in is the easy part. It’s figuring out which ones are worth keeping around that could be challenging! Rather than falling prey to your sign’s tendency to “future-trip” and try to categorize within an hour of the first date, make a point of keeping your options open. You never know—the first meeting can bring out the worst in some people, the best in others. Time will tell, Taurus, so be patient and reserve your final rose for as long as you can hold out. But DO let yourself flirt like a Renaissance era courtesan. Under Venus' charming beams, you will probably get hit on by everyone from the karaoke laserdisc VJ to the barista…so here’s your official permission slip to enjoy the heck out of this global swooning. Of course, magnetizing people who want your fine company is the simple part—but choosing those with whom you’d like to spend some QT? Not as easy. Instead of racing ahead toward the final fairy tale conclusion (what fun is that, anyway?), get your Eckhart Tolle on and revel in the Power of Now. If you’re in a relationship, absence makes the heart grow fonder and the libido stronger. Give yourself more space to pursue your independent interests. When you fall in love with yourself, you’ll have a well to draw from when it comes to loving other people. Plus, you might need to break a few codependent ties this week so you don’t blur the line between “hot mama” and “mother, dear.”

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