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Monday December 22nd - Sunday December 28th

Your urge to merge is growing stronger by the day, Taurus. This Tuesday, December 23, make-it-last Saturn deep dives into Sagittarius and your eighth house of permanent relationships. It’s about to get really black-or-white for you now: you’re either totally obsessed with people or not into them at all. There’s just no room for grey area when it comes to commitment during this three year Saturn cycle, which stretches until December 19, 2017. Fifty Shades Of Grey, however, is another story. The eighth house governs our erotic nature and with Saturn here you could develop a deeper appreciation for your own lusty side. Slow-moving Saturn doesn’t rush into any bodice-ripping adventures though. This is more of the tantric eye gazing, kundalini flowing, lingering seduction kind of loving, Taurus. (With a little leather and lace thrown in here and there for added value.) None of that Christian Grey play will turn you on, however, unless it comes with a heaping helping of devotion. 

With Saturn in your eighth house, you will want to be someone’s one and only. Period. For the past two years, Saturn was in Scorpio and your seventh house, which also governs relationships. Matters of the heart have been a bit more heavy and serious — heck, even confirmed Taurus bachelor George Clooney tied the knot! But Saturn was sitting directly across from your Sun (Scorpio is your opposite sign) turning relationships into uncomfortable mirrors at times. You may have bickered more often or found it difficult to see eye to eye. With Saturn in Sagittarius now you’ll feel some relief. It will be easier to accept the different roles you play with a partner, even if the power dynamics and finances feel a little lopsided from time to time. Speaking of money, Saturn in your eighth house can help you create lasting wealth, especially with a partner or investor. While you’ll need to be fiscally conservative, you don’t have to be risk-averse. Let your empire build slowly but surely, allocating resources with the greatest of care. This is a fine time to learn about investing, setting yourself up for retirement, or playing the real estate game. If this all seems daunting, cozy up with author Barbara Stanny’s Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money:


Don’t forget to hang the stockings with care this Wednesday. With the moon and energizer Mars in your tenth house, you’ll be in the mood for an ultra traditional celebration. Light the fire (and roast those chestnuts), play the holiday albums, and gather around with friends. Most importantly, raise a toast to an influential man in your life. If you can’t deliver the tribute in person, do it on Skype. Acknowledging the profound impact he had on your life — even if he isn’t “perfect” — will leave you both glowing brighter than your neighbor’s high-wattage lawn nativity scene.


On Christmas Day, load up the sleigh and get out of Dodge! Curious Mercury and probing Pluto align in your ninth house of travel igniting a case of wanderlust. Take a drive to look at lights or have a cup of cheer at a snowy mountain lodge or a chic downtown hotel with velvet fainting couches and Le Labo candles burning in the lobby (uh, Gramercy Park Hotel, we love you). If nothing is open, bundle up for a long walk, go sledding or strap on the cross-country skis. If you DON’T move around this Mercury-Pluto merger could bring out the raging bull in you. Feisty, opinionated comments are prone to fly at moments like these but your tact will be in short order. Better to NOT engage in complex conversations about religion, politics, or other taboo topics unless you’re sure that your verbal sparring partner is equally turned on by a debate.

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