Taurus Weekly Horoscope

12-05-2016 to 12-11-2016
No more dress rehearsals: It's time to get out there and shine your lights, Taurus. This Wednesday, December 7, your celestial guardian Venus blasts into Aquarius and your tenth house of public prestige until January 3. The camera loves you, baby—and with go-getter Mars also in Aquarius until December 19, you could position yourself for some epic career advancement now. Have some headshots taken that you can use on LinkedIn, professional bios and the like. You might even shoot a few videos, if relevant, to give a live demonstration of your capabilities. With outgoing Venus here, strategic socializing can help you lock down some key connections before 2016 is through. It won't be so hard to get your name on those see-and-be-seen invitation lists where you can rub shoulders with influential people in your industry. Spring for a black-tie gala or cough up a few bucks to hang in the VIP lounge. Even if you only land one plum contract as a result, you'll easily recoup your investment. Romantically, this Venus cycle has "power couple" written all over it. After three weeks in your "no strings" ninth house, the love planet is now playing for keeps. Whether single or newly dating, make sure your current prospects share your values and goals for the future. Physical chemistry doesn't stay at honeymoon level highs forever, so you need a stronger glue to hold things together. Work could be one of those things now, so don't make business and pleasure like church and state. If you're toiling in the same industry as a date, you automatically have things to talk about. Attached? Share the perks of your field with your S.O. This might be a smart time to launch a business with your sweetie. As long as you each have clearly defined roles and bailiwicks—and respect the other's talent—you should be able to navigate that sometimes tricky terrain with grace.
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Also on Wednesday, the quarter moon in Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork helps you assess your circle of allies. You're not only judged by the company you keep, but highly influenced by them. One rotten Pink Lady can spoil the whole barrel—and bruise your reputation in the process. While you may not need to evict anyone from your inner circle, be more selective about who you invite to be part of your core crew. As the expression goes: Your network is your net worth. On the other hand, if you've been too insular, this quarter moon brings a call to stretch your social boundaries (something your ruler Venus will already be angling for). Expand your palate and dabble in different activities besides the usual dinner and a movie thing. You could meet an enriching new group of people through conscious activities like a posture workshop at a local yoga studio or a holiday fundraiser.

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Over the weekend, a cat and mouse game might keep you enthralled—and so could the unraveling of a complex code. But are you getting in over your head? Be warned: On Saturday, stern Saturn will join the Sun at the same degree of Sagittarius, steering you AWAY from dangerous liaisons and drama-fueled entanglements. Everyone's a little bit flawed, Taurus, but people who refuse to deal with their personal issues can be a liability for YOUR soul. If you feel the onslaught of a rescue mission, pivot in the opposite direction!  Got secrets? Don't wait for the tabloid journalists (or gossipy neighbors) to leak them to the world. Take command of the story and be your own spin-doctor. Better the confession should come straight from your mouth than the grapevine. Sure, you may have to issue a public apology or even do some major recon work to regain someone's trust. But being caught in a sneaky act is a far worse option. Under Sagittarius' influence, honesty is the best policy, even if it brings some reckoning. When it comes to love, you'll also be thinking about future security. Don't unzip those wide-legged jeans unless there's long-term promise afoot. A kiss is not "just a kiss" under this weighty planetary matchup.
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