Taurus Weekly Horoscope


06-27-2016 to 07-03-2016
Sometimes, Taurus, the line between love and hate is so thin that you accidentally cross it without realizing it! Ever since passionate Mars turned retrograde on April 17 and backpedaled from Sagittarius to Scorpio on May 27—aka your relationship houses—you may have been playing the "love them/love them not" game. Your S.O., your creative partner, a potential business associate: wonderful people, major pains in the you-know-where. If you gave yourself vertigo riding that emotional rollercoaster and are ready to jump off, here's some news that's sure to put a smile on your face. This Wednesday, June 29 the red planet officially makes a U-turn and zips full steam ahead in Scorpio until August 2. Your practical sign hates drama, and while the past ten weeks have brought their share of that, hopefully you've also learned a few important lessons. Starting this week it gets easier to set healthy boundaries, stand up for yourself and walk away if a relationship is dragging you down. With Mars moving forward, people (including you) will be more open to compromise. Let us not forget that this IS lusty Mars in your partnership zone, so the real action isn't talk. If your mojo downshifted into slow-mo, you'll be back up to cruising speed in no time flat. Trade those boring cotton unmentionables for some appropriately sexy lingerie or a curve-skimming LBD. Whether single or spoken for, you'll be very much in demand!
Also on Wednesday, outgoing Mercury zips into Cancer and your third house of kindred spirits until July 13. Why go it alone when you could be half of a dynamic duo? Joining forces with a likeminded person whose talents and abilities complement (rather than duplicate) your own can cut your workload in half—AND double your creative genius! You might already have someone in mind for a particular project. Just one caveat: While the planets definitely favor twosomes (and small groups) now, don't make it a handshake deal. Mercury rules communication, and in self-protective Cancer it can (and should) motivate you to get the terms of any agreement in writing. Spell out everyone's contributions, expectations and terms of remuneration. This will prevent unforeseeable conflicts in the future. It doesn't matter whether this is a professional associate, friend or even family member. When it comes to going into business together, honesty is the only policy. (And the only way to be crystal-clear AND have means of resolution is with a contract.) The third house also rules local goings-on, and a great way to max out on this buzzing Mercury energy is to get out and about in your very own 'hood. Meet your neighbors and community business owners. By staying connected, you might find people looking for someone exactly like YOU.
Your thoughts might veer into visionary terrain on Sunday, as the Sun in Cancer and your analytical third house hooks up with idealistic Neptune in Pisces. Got a dream? Get it out of your head and onto a digital document—or a canvas or vision board. Don't waste creative energy trying to nail down the practical details like cost or timing; what's needed now is some boundless, big-picture, creative visualization. With Neptune in your eleventh house of collaboration and technology, you will attract the perfect co-conspirators. Tap the power of your social network and platforms to get the word out. This one could literally go viral.

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