Taurus Weekly Horoscope

10-17-2016 to 10-23-2016
Are you done with dabbling, Bull? On Tuesday, October 18 your cosmic custodian, Venus, marches into Sagittarius and your playing-for-keeps eighth house. While the sign of the archer is associated with freedom, in the eighth house it takes things a lot more seriously. Between Tuesday and November 11, you may find yourself craving the kind of intimacy that only comes from true heart connections. First, make sure you're ready to take this next step. If you are, then envision what the next level of commitment would look like. Whether you're thinking about inking a deal with a business partner or taking things further with your significant other, you want to have considered it from every conceivable angle. Once you go all in, Taurus, it won't be easy to extricate yourself. Luckily, Venus rules romance and pleasure, so you shouldn't have to force exclusivity. If things don't feel comfortable and natural, ask for more time to make your decision. The deeper you go exploring, the heavier the emotions you will touch upon. In the eighth house, your passions will be fully awake, but at the same time you may require more assurances of fidelity. Trust is a must, and you won't appreciate anyone broadcasting details of your private life. Artsy types could be in direct communication with their muse. Don't be surprised if your imagination is more active at night. Keep a notebook or sketchpad by your bed. You could literally wake up in the middle of a dream with a book chapter or musical composition ready to be downloaded.
On Wednesday, check your ego at the door. It may be tempting to hop up on a soapbox and rant about someone or something that's got your goat. In fact, it might be almost irresistible, with pushy Mars and controlling Pluto aligned in your philosophic ninth house. But strong-arming people or being preachy will only lead to resentment and burned bridges—and possibly cost you the goodwill of the very people you're trying to sway. Even if you manage to win the battle with a louder voice or better argument, you will lose the war, Taurus. And history books are full of tales of Pyrrhic victories, which is NOT what you're after. Even if you know you're right, sometimes that's the least important aspect of negotiations and human interactions.
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Get your cleaning, organizing, shredding and recycling out of the way early in the week, Taurus. On Saturday, when the luminous Sun waltzes into Scorpio and your seventh house of harmonious relationships, you'll be scrambling to make as much "just the two of us" time as possible. ANY planet in Scorpio will amplify your urge to merge—and when it's the ego-ruling Sun, you'll be all about deepening your intimate connections over the next four weeks. With just a little effort, single Bulls could find some serious candidates for the role of your other half. In your search, honor the age-old rule of "opposites attract." What will be most enriching is someone who complements you, not a clone. If you find a keeper, don't rush through the courtship ritual.  Enjoy the anticipation and sensual buildup—these are the memories you'll lean into, should you make it to the "old, married couple" phase in the future. And remember: Rock-solid relationships don't just happen. You have to consciously co-create them. That's a good reminder for paired-off Tauruses, too. Don't take your sweetie for granted. Carve out extra time to share the successes and the frustrations of your day. Even if you have to pack the kids off to Grandma's, make time for slow, sweet sensuality. And while you're at it, plan a vacation, co-host a party or tackle that home project that plays to each of your strengths. Career-wise, embracing the power of partnership could also be quite profitable between now and November 21. With the Sun in playing-for-keeps Scorpio, you could find a long-term collaborator for a joint venture. To keep your agreements clear and harmonious, have a lawyer draft a contract. Make sure the documents include a moderate out clause: You want to feel like both partners are committed, but not stuck for eternity. And you can always amend it later if this turns out to be a match made in heaven.
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