Taurus Weekly Horoscope

01-23-2017 to 01-29-2017
Don't bother checking for moss, Taurus. None of that sedentary stuff is going to grow on you during Friday, January 27th's new moon in Aquarius and your ambitious tenth house—the only one of 2017. The timing couldn't be better. You may have been chomping at the bit when activator Mercury was retrograde from December 19 to January 8. But now this powerful lunation will help you launch your professional plans into orbit. High in the sky is not the same as pie in the sky, so plan to roll up your sleeves and do the necessary legwork. The clearer your vision—and the more nitty-gritty details you can work out in advance—the better. If you've downshifted into "lather, rinse, repeat" mode, reset your sights on a higher, bolder, brighter position, one that gives you more autonomy or positions you for a management role. We know we don't have to remind a Bull to be patient. It might take until the corresponding Aquarius full moon (also a lunar eclipse!) on August 7 for these goals to manifest. In the meantime, improve your skills and build more confidence with some "trial runs." If you decide to work with a consultant or branding expert to give you the "high pro glow," consider that an investment in Taurus 3.0. If you want to stay put but rise up the company ladder faster, come up with a plan that would expand the business—and put you in charge! Request a meeting with the brass, dress to the nines and pitch away! The tenth house rules men, and during this cycle you may enjoy spending more time with your father, brother, son or husband. Unyoked Bulls: A new man could stampede into your life soon, so keep playing (instead of just grazing in) the field.

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If you're not clear on the difference between love and lust, you'll get a private tutorial this Friday. "Playing for keeps" Saturn in your intense eighth house bangs into romantic and seductive Venus in your eleventh house of hopes and dreams. Fantasy is important in all relationships, but you have to be sure you're not letting it eclipse what's really going on. Those "too good to be true" dates weren't, and in other areas of life, too, people you just met and were awed by may not live up to their promises. If you're thinking of getting involved with your heart or your money, dig a little deeper first. There could actually be some dodgy doings behind the scenes. Keep your guard up. This reality check of a transit suggests that you shouldn't rush into something and that it may be better to just enjoy the view than sign on for a lead role. The eleventh house also rules technology. With love planet Venus there, one takeaway is to refresh your dating app profiles and enjoy an increased "click-through rate" over the coming weeks. Already attached? Step AWAY from your devices and make a point of socializing more as a couple—and actually talking to each other when you're together. Invite your friends to come out of hibernation and enjoy some carefree good times on a double date or group hang.
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On Saturday, the notion of hibernating might start to sound good to you. Action planet Mars swings into Aries and your restful twelfth house until March 9. If you can rouse yourself to do anything at all, you may find that you're cranking out your best work behind the scenes. Some Bulls might get annoyed (or embarrassed) if you draw too much attention to yourself. If you don't have a private workspace or meditation oasis to withdraw into, these next six weeks are a stellar time to create one, either in your home or by renting a small studio space. Don't let this genius go to waste! You might consider going on a spiritual retreat during this quiet Mars phase, slipping off to an ashram or a silent meditation to connect with your higher wisdom. Be forewarned that Mars can be energizing AND aggravating, and with him stirring the pot in your twelfth house, you may be forced to deal with issues of guilt, anxiety and codependence. One thing NOT to do: escape into a world of fantasy or self-medication.
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