Taurus Weekly Horoscope


11-30-2015 to 12-06-2015

It's great to be recognized, but are you getting attention for the right reasons, Taurus? Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo and your fifth house of fame and romance helps you assess. With your can-do personality—and stellar planning skills—people often rely on you for more practical tasks. But in your willingness to be helpful you may be relegating yourself to the wrong category. Make sure the people you deal with—bosses, colleagues, romantic partners, relatives—are aware of where your ambitions lie. That way you won't wind up in the administrative department when you'd rather work in creative or get shuffled into the friend zone when it's love you're after. Give your glam squad a buzz this week, too. This quarter moon calls for a few modest upgrades to your image. No need to dye your bronde locks blue here; but maybe you try a sleek bun instead of #IWokeUpLikeThis waves. A little polish goes a long way and might be good reason to stage a photo shoot. While you're at it, give your social media profiles a sprucing up. Take down outdated (or borderline inappropriate) posts and refuel with some new 'grams and timeline updates.

On Friday, your ruler, love planet Venus, heads into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships until December 30. Relationships—the ones that really count—could go through some interesting (and potentially dramatic) shape shifts before the year is through. With Venus in this committed zone of your chart, you'll crave certainty, privacy, and exclusivity. Get creative about firming up the structures of your most important unions. You don't just have to plug yourself into some traditional model, Taurus, or follow the script that's been handed to you (as much as you love the tried-and-true). But you DO need to have clear agreements and a mutual sense of expectations, so that everyone is on the same page. It can't hurt to approach these conversations with a certain gravitas so your partner knows just how serious (and into them) you are. If you're single, this heavenly transit could light the path to a soulmate, someone who is not only affectionate and dependable, but truly tapped in to the same spiritual values as you. You can grow with this person, even if the lessons aren't the easiest: But isn't that one of love's greatest gifts? Forgo the "Yes, Dear" snooze-fest and give someone who challenges you —and sets your soul on fire—a chance. If you're feeling the heart-pull, it's probably your cue to suspend outmoded ideas on love and relationships. Translation: Check those control freak tendencies. Love requires co-creators not dictators.


Speaking of power-struggles, brace yourself for the weekend. On Sunday, molten Mars locks into a combative square with conspiratorial Pluto. You may get the hunch that someone is hiding information from you, even plotting behind your back. Before you go charging after that red cape, do some investigative work. Although Pluto can bring some shady vibes, he's parked in your ninth house of authenticity. Sitting people down for an honest conversation might be all you need to do to get to the heart of the matter. Give them the benefit of the doubt before flinging accusations. They may be hiding information from you out of fear or shame. Look at your part in the matter, too. If you've been judgmental or harsh in the past, it's understandable why they might be a little timid about opening up. Make sure you can be a "safe space" for any revelations that arise—otherwise take a time out from anyone who annoys you until cooler heads prevail. Stress could also peak under this transit—a sign that you've piled too much on your plate. Outsource, decline offers and streamline your schedule. Then, hit the gym hard to dial back the stress.

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