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Monday June 29th - Sunday July 5th

Getting a little teary-eyed there, Taurus? This week is full of sentimental moments for you. On Wednesday, July 1 expansive Jupiter meets lovin’ Venus in your emo fourth house. Kittens, babies and rainbows—or heck, just a heartfelt exchange with a stranger in the grocery line—may cause you to well up. Bonding moments with your inner circle are the best though. Make plans with old friends and family. Host a barbecue or lavish dinner party this week. Or invite an out of town relative to stay for a few nights. It’s such a relief to drop the mask and just be yourself around the people who love you unconditionally; in fact Jupiter can pour some truth serum into your iced coffees. Don’t hold back! Go out of your way to acknowledge and appreciate your loved ones: Thank them for being there for you and give them props for their personal progress. And hey, if you need to have an honest chat about a conflict, diplomatic Venus helps you smooth the wrinkles in the most loving way possible. A home decor mission could get your creative pistons firing. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew—a pitfall of the Venus-Jupiter duet. Make a budget and a project plan before you swing any hammers!


As much as you’re feeling the homebody vibes, the lure of distant lands will be equally strong. Wednesday also features a full moon in Capricorn and your ninth house of global adventures. An invitation to a far-flung locale could come in while you’re chilling by the AC or you might cook up a family vacation while FaceTiming your sister or having lunch with the girls. Make sure your passport is up to date and ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Got an entrepreneurial idea kicking around? The full moon could bring major momentum. If you’ve been developing a business plan, this is the week to take it public in some way. Maybe you do a focus group, set up a Kickstarter page or hit the launch button on your beta site to start a buzz. The ninth house rules higher education: You may be asked to teach about a subject you’ve mastered or choose to enroll in further study. Oh, and about that truth serum we mentioned earlier: This full moon brings a double dose. Your “charging Bull” M.O. CAN do damage if you don’t think about how your words will land. Tone down the tough love and your message won’t get lost in translation.


On Saturday, July Fourth you may have trouble celebrating your independence from your ambitions. With the Aquarius moon lighting up your career house on Saturday, you might actually WANT to spend the weekend working on a prosperity-boosting passion project. Or, socialize strategically. Accept the invitation to your friend’s yacht club or the rooftop deck full of movers and shakers. A casual conversation could lead to exciting synergies and a power lunch date for next week. If you blew off work (or left a household project unfinished) for beach time, you might have to log a few weekend hours to catch up. But family and friends won’t be happy to see you AWOL from celebrations—especially in the evening, when Jupiter in your family-friendly fourth house opposes la luna. Log out and go join the fiesta. Who knows? You might just enlist some happy helpers from your inner circle who can support you in getting those tasks done faster.

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