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Monday July 27th - Sunday August 2nd

Bring on the lifehacks! With the week building up to Friday’s full moon in Aquarius and your orderly sixth house, you’ll be on quite the tear. Dive into one of your famous Virgoan efficiency missions. At times, you can be a chaotic tornado; it’s true. But when you’re ready to whip life into shape, Martha Stewart had better step to the left. Use the week to clear out clutter and set up savvy systems. Your diligence of the past six months could also pay off at work. You could land a plum client, one who brings a steady flow of income over the coming months. Perhaps you’ve reached a milestone moment with a job and find yourself craving more. What WOULD it take to grasp the next rung on the ladder? Follow the motivation to sign up for a seminar or specialized training. Maybe it’s simply a matter of alerting the execs of your intentions to grow with the company. The two weeks following this full moon are an ideal time for a performance review, or a sit down to figure out where your skills could be best put to use. Have you fallen off the wellness wagon? The sixth house governs health so don’t wait for a wakeup call. Make self-care a priority once again, nourishing yourself with vitamin-rich foods and scheduling movement back into your life. Preventative medicine is the best kind there is. That massage isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.


“It’s Complicated” is an appropriate status for your love life from Monday through Friday as retrograde Venus backtracks through your sign. Brrr. Suddenly, your warm-fuzzy feelings could cool to an icy chill. At the very least, you’re going to need a little extra space. Not too much though. If you feel neglected, you could throw quite the pity party. Easy does it on those emotional antics. With Venus retrograde in your sign (read our Venus retrograde survival tips here), you could take a lover’s moves (or lack thereof) WAY too personally. Rather than flinging accusations, ask questions or make loving requests to alert the clueless party of your desires. On Saturday, Venus slips back into Leo and your nebulous twelfth house for the rest of the retrograde, which lasts until September 6. Fantasy or nightmare-in-disguise? Those rose-colored glasses could skew your vision in August making it harder to know where your edges lie. General rule: People will NOT act according to your expectation. The sweep-you-off-your-stilettos type could be harboring a shadowy past. Make sure to ask the important questions, like, oh…are you in a relationship? And do so BEFORE you hop into the sack. If you need to mourn an extinguished flame (or burn their love letters and band tees), this Venus cycle helps you truly let go. Use August to pour out those remaining tears, flip through the photos one last time or meet to exchange possessions and say a final farewell (at least for the time being). It’s not that you can’t enjoy love while Venus retrogrades through Leo. But making solid plans about the future should wait until after September 6. Many details will shift and change, but if you’re willing to ride the waves, a meant-to-be relationship could wash ashore—stronger than ever.

On Saturday, freedom of speech is restored when Saturn wakes up from a retrograde in Scorpio and your third house of communication. You’ve always prided yourself on being a wordsmith, but since June 14, your sentiments may have come across as heavy-handed, missing your intended mic-dropping mark. (Let’s not even talk about that Tweet or status update that got your entire social network in an uproar…ummm.) Your relationship with a sibling, neighbor, coworker, or close friend may have grown tense. Grab the olive branch and offer it up. With savvy, practical Saturn wrapping up a three-year tour of Scorpio this September 17, this is the time to get the peace talks going and hash out mutually agreeable solutions once again. Saturn gives you backbone, so finding a compromise doesn’t mean being steamrolled. But you’ll be more willing to bend and be flexible—a good thing for sure. Since Saturn has a hand in your ambitions, the communications field could bring some income by mid-September. Writing, podcasting, filming documentaries, even developing a workshop to share your knowledge—let your voice be read or heard!

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