Virgo Weekly Horoscope

10-22-2018 to 10-28-2018
Is that you, Virgo, unleashing those Tweetable one-liners—or starting the next hashtag revolution? Your silver tongue could go platinum this Tuesday, October 23, as the Sun swings into Scorpio and fires up your articulate third house until November 21. With worldly Jupiter accompanying the Sun on this journey until November 8, your words could have a more far-reaching impact than you expect. As the zodiac's "Most Thoughtful," you're more than just a viral meme machine. If you have a lengthy message to share with the world, now's the time to get started on that open-mic monologue, memoir or podcast. Or "carpe DM" and slide into a prospective collaborator's inbox. Since Scorpio season makes all your duos far more dynamic, this is an optimal time to pitch a prospective partnership. One caveat: Make sure you've done thorough research on any of these contenders. Affable Venus will be retrograde until November 16, which could conceal personality conflicts that you'd normally spot from a thousand miles away. Just because you have a great feeling after one coffee date, doesn't mean you should start having a lawyer draft a joint venture agreement. If you need to get the ball rolling now, test the waters with a short-term (and if necessary, one-time) project. That way, you can pull out gracefully if things don't work out...OR have the confidence to dive in deeper if your maiden voyage together is smooth sailing.
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On Friday, the Sun and Venus retrograde meet up at the same degree of Scorpio, turning you into a shameless flirt. Because Venus is the authority on love, follow her lure and bring more playful energy to your romantic life. But be warned: Her wonky retrograde can skew your better judgment. While few can resist your hair tosses and teasing glances, are these people actually available—literally or emotionally? While the renegades might be the "naughty" counterpart to your Virgo "nice," you don't want to lay your precious pearls before swine—or even someone who's sweet, but just a little too damaged to be good for YOU. Since the third house rules all things mobile, you might have some luck revisiting a dating app that you've been dormant on for a while. But you might not have to do much more than respond to a swipe since you'll be "click bait" yourself! Coupled Virgos may need to remember to be more attentive to your partners near Friday—and not get caught up in "innocent banter" should an ex randomly reach out, as if on Venus retrograde's cue.
If you need a cool-down break, how about a change of scenery? Wanderlust hits you hard near Wednesday, when the year's only full moon in Taurus lights up your jetsetting, expansive ninth house. If you suddenly find yourself pricing out fares to Croatia or So-Cal surf retreats, you only have la luna to blame. Don't resist, Virgo. This may be the nudge you've been waiting for to utilize your leftover vacation days before 2018 is through. Within two weeks, you could be hopping on a flight—with a steal of a fare, since the rest of this month is considered "off-season" in many places. Can't get away? Maybe you'll commit to a future journey by investing in the down payment. Simply knowing that a trip is in your future will be motivation to plow forward on those end-of-year goals. This full moon could also lure a long-distance opportunity. That's good reason to widen your search radius, whether it’s love, friendship, or career opportunities that you're looking for. Close to home, a cross-cultural connection may click, so just stay open to "strangers" as you flow through your days. Are you an entrepreneur? This full moon brings a rush of momentum to your ventures. Virgo writers might land a killer byline, get a book deal or tap into the awesome self-publishing tools to get your work in print. You could also be invited to teach or lecture about a topic you’ve mastered. Why not design a curriculum and shop it around yourself? Hello, bonus income!

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