Virgo Weekly Horoscope

03-20-2017 to 03-26-2017
Update your privacy settings and set your status to "Away." For the next four weeks, you may feel like going dark as the Aries Sun simmers in your eighth house of mystery, secrets and seduction. It's not that you have to disappear from the world altogether. But you'll definitely need your cave time—and your sexy time—in much larger doses. Alone, in a gorgeous and inspiring space, is where you'll do your best work now. You might even rent a workspace or book studio time before April 19. Relationships intensify under this solar spell, and there's nothing lighthearted about them. A clear confirmation of devotion is an absolute requirement. Without that, you'll just waste hours of creativity time checking your phone and obsessing over whether they love you or love you not. Of course, if you're newly dating, you'll need to monitor that intensity during Aries Season. Start a yoga practice or jump into a four-week boot camp. If you don't channel that energy into something physical, you could overwhelm the object of your affections with actions that fall squarely into the "too much, too soon" category. And if someone keeps failing your loyalty tests, you'll have the courage to make a clean break by April 19. Have they been passing with flying colors? Hello, happily ever after! Potent partnerships can (and likely will) evolve to the next level this spring, whether you're exchanging keys, rings, vows or another symbol of undying love.
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Keep your mind on your money, too! The eighth house rules passive income streams and lump sums that come from things like royalties, commissions, investments, inheritances and tax returns. Brainstorm ways to create wealth that fall outside of the 9-5 box. You might invest in a startup or set up a crowdfunding page to amass capital for one of your brilliant ventures. Explore real estate markets that have been heating up near a scorching hot cosmopolitan center. Get to work on your taxes instead of waiting until April 14 to dig out your W-2s and 1099s. Advance preparation means more time to find write-offs and score a bigger return—music to a Virgo's ears.
Relationships could get particularly prickly as the workweek wraps. Keep that snarky side in check if you don't want to burn bridges. On Friday, expressive Mercury in Aries and your possessive eighth house gets into two dust-ups—with possessive Pluto and magnifier Jupiter. The green-eyed monster might make an unceremonious appearance, causing you to fume with jealousy or self-protective defensiveness. But Jupiter's influence will also blow everything wayyyyy out of proportion. If you have to ask the question, "Am I overreacting?" you already know that the answer is yes. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, but then, go on a fact-finding mission. Even if the unfortunate rumors do turn out to be true, you'll keep the upper hand by keeping your cool through the "outro" stage. 
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This weekend will be much brighter for all interpersonal relationships. The moon lingers in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships on Saturday and Sunday, setting the stage for cooperation and harmony. Give top billing to the people who have quietly had your back. And how about some undivided attention? Opt for one on one hangouts where you can deep dive into conversation and really bond. This weekend is also the one-month marker since the February 26 solar eclipse in Pisces. A connection that sparked near then could really heat up now—or an existing bond may hit another high point. On the flipside, if you've known for a while that your heart isn't into it, you'll have the courage to say your graceful goodbye.
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