Virgo Weekly Horoscope

12-05-2016 to 12-11-2016
Need a break from all the high drama and fast-paced living? Love planet Venus glides into Aquarius and your grounded sixth house on Wednesday, December 7, ending a four-week romp through your amped-up fifth house. Not that you haven't enjoyed much of it—especially if there were romantic benefits. But you're also ready to get your boots back on terra firma and tend to that growing list of to-do's. Until January 3, Venus wings her way through Aquarius and your sixth house of healthy living and daily routines—also the sector associated with your organized sign. How wonderful will it feel to get back in a groove with your meals, work, exercise and REM cycles? Since Venus also rules beauty, you have the planet's permission to treat yourself to a few re-stabilizing massages and acupuncture sessions. Rock the athleisure when you're not in your party clothes so you can be ready for a workout at a moment's notice. When you're eating right and moving your body, you feel better AND your lit-from-within glow just radiates. Single Virgos could meet someone in line at the juice joint or on the adjacent treadmill, so pay attention—and smile if you're feeling flirtatious. Because the sixth house rules service, volunteering can be a win-win: You're helping others and, should you meet a kind-hearted single soul, you'll do wonders for your own life. In a relationship? This pragmatic Venus cycle won't necessarily be the most swing-from-the-chandeliers exciting, but it can herald some legitimate bonding experiences. Being there for one another through the stress of holiday prep—even baking or co-hosting a meal for your blended families—can make the mundane feel magical. And in the long run, that sort of support tends to count more when it comes to building a lasting relationship.
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Wednesday's quarter moon in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships will also bring your closest relationships up for review. You love them, you love them not: Such is the nature of intimacy, but are any of these connections feeling a bit lopsided? You're a helpful soul by nature, but draining yourself to prove that you care is no way to go. Rather than raging about how you give and give and GIVE, simply restrain yourself. This will create a space for other people to step forward and stop taking you for granted. And if they don't, are they really the kind of people you want in your life anyway? You could also dabble in the art of asking for what you need. Practice makes perfect here. Are you feeling guilty or pressured about receiving from someone who adores you? Press pause and make sure the scorecard doesn't get too uneven. As awkward as it may be, you might have to tell someone, "Thank you for all the generosity and gifts, but I'm feeling like I can't give back in kind." Honesty is the best policy. 
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Over the weekend, domestic duties take priority. The Sun and heavyweight Saturn make their annual conjunction on Saturday—and in Sagittarius, your home and family sector to boot. Call the plumber to fix the leaky tub before your water bill gets insane, or you wind up with a winter flood. An important female figure may be feeling a lack of attention. But is she making unreasonable demands? Have a talk about expectations, and if you can't give quantity, aim for quality time. On that note, do you have enough privacy and personal space under your roof? Honor your need for regenerative solitude. If you're feeling a bit glum or stressed out, it may be a direct result of you not having a proper RDA of "me time." Go indulge in your favorite solo activity this weekend, pamper yourself with a salon treatment or massage, or lose yourself in a good book. You'll have far more patience for your inner circle once you do. In extreme cases, you may even decide to rearrange your home or change your living situation so that you find your little patch of peace. On a brighter note, an important lady could come into your world near Saturday, someone who can help you ascend the ladder of success. Keep your radar on for these "womentor" figures.
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