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Monday July 28th - Sunday August 3rd

Social expansion or social anxiety? This week will bring a mixed bag of both. Outgoing Venus is cruising through Cancer and your community zone all week introducing you to a wide pool of people, some of whom you will be thrilled to connect to. But there could also be some drama queens and disruptive types in the mix. Keep your cray-dar on high alert to make sure they don’t slip through the cracks. The ones you make fast friends with, in fact, could be the very people you’ll wish you never met. That’s because Monday the 28th, shadowy Pluto will directly oppose Venus, stirring the pot big time. Someone you assumed was an ally could wind up competing with you or spreading your biz all over town. Keep your trade secrets on the DL! It’s easy for you to get excitable (or just plain nervous) during the icebreaker phase. Then, you overshare or buzz about your personal business before you’ve really created a foundation of trust with your new “friends.” 

This week, using personal pain as social currency could come back to haunt you. While you’re naturally helpful (and frankly, the best possible sign for a someone who wants a career as a therapist), other people aren’t able to hold such sacred information with the same respect as you. While you might hate making small talk, it’s better to chat about the weather or lighter subject matter than risk spilling to a manipulative snake. And alas, this is one week where everyone is suspect—forget that innocent until proven guilty. While you hate to be so suspicious, screening is a must. Don’t be so eager to join any groups either. You may have to dim your lights to be part of this crew, and that would be a shame. If you’ve been shining as a solo star, stay on that path. There are 7 billion people on planet Earth, so if you miss out on one entourage, another, more suitable one will be along in time. Thankfully, the scrambled signals start to uncross on Friday, when Venus forms an easy angle to supportive, grounded Saturn. If you’ve sucked yourself into a foxhole of mixed messages, you’ll be able to climb out and express yourself with clarity. This is a great day for negotiating. What do they want? How does that sit with you? Can you make a counteroffer? You’ll have a gentler time compromising and finding win-wins, even if the discussions go on a bit longer than you’d prefer. Better you should get it all out on the table than risk resentment building. With unpredictable Uranus in your house of secrets throwing Venus a curveball on Friday, you won’t want to leave any stone unturned. Some Virgos may decide to pull back from a partnership that day, one that feels better suited to a casual friendship than a romance or business arrangement. Or, you may need to dial down the intensity so that you have a little more space and breathing room…even if it WAS you who started the whole codependent dynamic in the first place. It’s a Virgo’s prerogative to change your mind! 
The muse comes a-calling on Thursday as expressive Mercury decamps to Leo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house, joining the adventurous Sun and Jupiter there until August 15. Let’s face it, o’ analytical one: your brain could use a break! How about a beach vacation? This two week Mercury cycle is all about surrendering and letting go. You might even bow out of a few social commitments so you can have more unstructured personal time to soak in the tub, read fiction, go to yoga, swim and sleep. This would be a fabulous time to start a meditation practice. Even five minutes each morning can do wonders to reset your system and start your days off on the right note. Reunite with your journal too. Since you may be too fidgety to lie still, you can still unload that “monkey chatter” by scrawling on paper. In The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron instructs readers to do “Morning Pages,” three uncensored pages of free writing done upon waking each day. Not only does this clear the mind, but also creates the space for creative genius to arise. You might just map out the plan for your next masterpiece while simply letting your hand move across your journal. This Mercury cycle is ideal for healing too so consider working with a therapist, holistic practitioner, shaman or coach if you want to break those deeply entrenched patterns that have gripped you for too long.

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