Virgo Weekly Horoscope

04-24-2017 to 04-30-2017
Up, up and away! Wednesday, April 26 brings the year's only Taurus new moon, which activates your fearless, globetrotting ninth house. If the status quo induces serious yawning, it's time to spread your wings and soar! Of course, with this lunation in a fellow (practical) earth sign, it's not like you're about to quit your job and run off to Thailand. (Or, hmm, ARE you?) For some Virgos, this new moon could bring on an acute case of wanderlust: an itch that must be scratched. While the influence will last for six months, if you've been thinking about changing zip codes—or time zones—do some exploring now (the old "striking while the iron is hot"). Research flights and itineraries and start planning, but try to wait until Mercury concludes its wrench-throwing retrograde on May 3 to actually go. Ninth-house energy is also about expanding your horizons in figurative ways. Cross-cultural connections on home turf may become more important in your life—especially if you're both single and there's chemistry. It doesn't have to be a love connection to light your fire. Amble beyond your usual perimeter and interact with new social groups and toast "la difference!" Education is highlighted during this cycle. You could finally take that social media training and become a maven, or apply to massage school. This might also mean expanding your professional reach a LOT farther than it currently is by going national or international. For those Virgos who've been flirting with the idea of launching their own enterprise, this new moon should crank your shaft. Google how to write a business plan, then plug in your numbers and market research for that juice truck or pop-up retail shop featuring all your friends' handicrafts. Start slowly and give yourself time to get it properly off the ground by the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 4.
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Your love life becomes top priority for the next six weeks starting Friday, when sensual Venus waltzes into take-charge Aries and your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. This is the love planet's second visit to this zone in 2017. The first foray lasted from February 3 to April 2 and included a libido-zapping retrograde that began March 4. Things will be different this time around, so be careful what (and who) you wish for, Virgo. During this cycle, your animal magnetism will be formidable enough to attract pretty much anyone you desire. That kind of power can be a heady rush, so don't get carried away or lower the bar just because someone's super-hot. (That heat will cool, and you'll need the underlying warmth of trust and friendship to keep the embers stoked.) Have your fun for sure, but before you plunge into an actual relationship with someone, make sure they are your equal on every level: mind, body and spirit. Coupled? Your boudoir will be a hub of hubba-hubba action, but make sure that eight hours of that (okay, seven) is dedicated to sleep. Venus here will intensify your urge to merge. If you haven't made a commitment to each other, this may be THE time. You might have to be the one to break the ice, but so be it—as long as you do so before Venus moves on, on June 6. The eighth house rules strong feelings: Watch out for a surprising bout of jealousy or possessiveness—from you or your mate.
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