Virgo Weekly Horoscope


06-27-2016 to 07-03-2016
It's go time, Virgo! This Wednesday, June 29 powerhouse Mars resumes forward motion after being in snooze mode (aka retrograde) in your communication center since April 17. Get ready to get back in the game over the next month, as the red planet blasts full steam ahead through Scorpio and your expressive third house. No more standing at the back of the line or nodding your head in agreement in meetings. You're in the driver's seat again and you've got a thing or two to say (or tweet) about pretty much everything. Your innate curiosity will inch back up to peak levels now. Between now and August 2, you'll claim your rightful spot as entertainment director and guide your social network toward a fun-filled summer. You don't need a magic flute to lead your merry band to music festivals, picnics in the park, beach outings or rooftop Happy Hours. Since nothing is too outre for you right now, how about an ecstatic dance class or Tantric breathwork with your sweetie? Remember, though: 'Tis better to sample much than commit to one thing you're not 100 percent sold on. That's the beauty of this mercurial Mars cycle: You can experiment without locking yourself into any membership packages. This is also an enriching time for writers, performers, teachers and any kind of public speakers. You'll have an easier-than-ever time getting your message out to the world—and possibly your novel. Just be aware that Mars can be a provocateur, so think about what you say before you blurt or type it, even with your closest of friends. You might think they appreciate your candor, but privately they could be harboring resentment. Use your Spidey senses to vibe this out and approach them gently, inviting them to share their feelings with you. This could lead to an improved relationship in the long run.
Upping your communicative mojo even more on Wednesday is the arrival of messenger planet Mercury, your cosmic ruler, to Cancer and your eleventh house of collaboration and technology until July 13. During this transit, you could make tremendous advances in developing an online venture like a fashion blog or virtual boutique—or become an influencer on your favorite community site. At the very least, Virgo, update all your profiles. Ask a photo-savvy friend to take some great headshots instead of relying on that selfie from 2014. This is prime time for networking. Think of all your socializing as potential business meetings: Just keep it casual. Come on too strong and you'll lose them before you've locked them in. Got a great idea? Bounce it off a friend who works in dev to see if it's doable. But don't get lost in the weeds. You need your tribe, Virgo, so (selectively) accept invites to connect with like-minded souls, especially those who adore your unstoppable wit.

You'll be reminded of the strength that's found in numbers on Sunday, when people flock to be around you. The Sun in Cancer and that social eleventh house syncs up with sensitive Neptune in your relationship corner. Gird that shoulder and have a box of tissues handy, Virgo: You may become a source of strength and compassion for a friend in need or a loved one. Perhaps YOU'LL be the one turning to a confidante for support and a loving pep talk. Working collaboratively on something? Save the tough love for the workplace. This team runs optimally on good vibes, so solidify the emotional bonds that bind.

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