Virgo Weekly Horoscope

10-16-2017 to 10-22-2017
Hibernating is going to have to wait, Virgo. This Tuesday, October 17 garrulous Mercury flexes his wings in Scorpio and turns you into an extreme social butterfly until November 5. You're in your extroverted element when your ruling planet pops by this zone of your chart each year. RSVP "Going" to a few more invitations and don't let yourself wriggle out at the last minute! You'll have plenty of time to cozy up with your cat in November, but for now, you have a network to build. The good news is, you won't have to travel far to find your peeps, not with Mercury making magic in your third house of hometown happenings. If the cultural scene in your area is as dry as the Serengeti, there's no one better than YOU to create an oasis. Trivia night at the corner pub, a sober dance party at the gorgeous yoga studio that just opened? If you're feeling inspired, pitch your plan to an area business owner. This could even turn into a profitable side hustle as an event planner if you need to make some extra bank. But knowing you, Virgo, you've already planted yourself in a chic metropolis where a simple group text is all you need to assemble your squad for a fun night of bar and restaurant hopping. Since fresh faces will intrigue you, be open to the casual conversations that spark up with "strangers" in your area. While you'd never ditch your true-blue crew, someone with BFF potential may emerge over the coming few weeks; or you could finally break the ice with a colleague you've wanted to get to know better.
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While you're off feting fall, don't let your budget-savvy sensibilities drop by the wayside. From Sunday until December 9, red-hot Mars blazes an exhilarating trail through Libra and your second house of work and finances. You've been hosting the red planet since September 5, which really accelerated certain aspects of your life—so much so that you've barely had a chance to catch your breath. Your squad might be a little salty about your absentee status. But hey, you were genuinely BUSY, upleveling your life, and if they're your real friends, they will understand. As Mars exits your sign this Sunday, your pace slows down and you can finally meet your favorite plus-ones for coffee and hug it out. This next seven-week cycle will rev up your money mojo, inspiring you to charge after more gainful employment or negotiate better pay for all the hard work that you do. The challenge may be restraining yourself at the checkout aisle and not burning faster than you're earning. Money could set your silk-lined pockets aflame between now and December 9—and with work being more demanding, you might soothe that stress with shopping more often than you care to confess. Make a list and check it thrice, whether you're shopping for fall clothes or holiday gifts. And when you DO splurge, there's one question to ask: Is there a Groupon for that?
Fortunately, your industrious side will get a boost from Thursday's new moon in Libra, which kicks off a fresh, six month earning cycle. Put some polish on your resume and LinkedIn profile this week. Even if you're not planning a job hunt, you might be contacted by recruiters—and that gives you some bargaining power when it's time to talk end-of-year bonus. Use the new moon's initiative to request a performance review or, if you work independently, to let your clients know that your rates are going up. Is there a gap in your skill set that's keeping you stuck at a certain pay scale? It takes money to make money, so invest in sessions with a consultant or a specialized training that will help you command more. Stop telling yourself that you're too busy for such things. You don't FIND time, Virgo, you make time.
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