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Monday August 31st - Sunday September 6th

Grab the garlic wreath, Virgo. You may need to ward off an energy vampire this week—or the soul-sucking voice of your own self-doubt. On Monday, August 31 the illuminating Sun faces off with shadowy Neptune, exposing some unsavory characters in your midst. Their unhappiness alone could zap your joie de vivre; their barely-couched critiques could undermine your confidence. Protect your field! In addition to screening their calls, get woo-woo with it. (We’re dealing with enchanting, elusive Neptune after all.) Visualize yourself surrounded by a mirrored capsule that deflects negative energy or bathed in a bubble of violet light. Even in the healthiest of relationships, dynamics can get lopsided. In your desire to be a good friend or partner, you may have made a few too many sacrifices for a loved one. That needs to change this week, but easy now—you could swing to the opposite extreme, giving people some undeserved, “talk to the hand” energy! Going silent will just make matters worse, so let yourself cool down, then communicate. If your inner Debbie Downer wrests control, plan on doing some journaling, or book a session with a therapist or energy healer. You need to let that voice of doubt out—not to honor it, but to realize how ridiculous it really is to think such thoughts about your fine, fabulous self! You’ll find that relationships come back into balance once YOU get centered in your own magnificence again.

Your love life takes a turn for the quixotic on Tuesday, as lusty Mars meets his muse Venus at 14 degrees Leo—and in your enchanted twelfth house at that! Ready for a sweet escape? With this cosmic couple united in the most fantasy-fueled zone of your chart, you’ll happily wear the rose-colored glasses. Harness your planning powers to pull together a dream date, one that’s full of surprises and delights. Side-by-side massages in a beach cabana followed by a locally sourced meal and a night in a romantic suite? Why, yes please. Warning: You’ll be prone to denial under this cosmic coupling—especially since Venus remains in retrograde through Sunday. Don’t ignore any red flags you see waving or make the mistake of sweeping a conflict under the rug to “keep the peace.” Run the background checks on those Tinderonis and speak up when something feels off. Thinking about bailing on a potentially bad romance? The Mars-Venus retrograde pairing ignites your warrior spirit, helping you pull the plug and send ‘em packing. Regardless of your romantic status, pay better attention to boundaries this week. Don’t say “maybe” when you really mean “no”—especially if there are cameras involved—or there could be resentment and regret. Beware those blurred lines, too! Although it seems safe to let yourself go, your heart is tender. Don’t get snared in a player’s web—not when you could enjoy some fairy-tale highs with someone of quality and character.

When Venus resumes direct motion on Sunday, confusion begins to clear up. Did you mistake a fling for the real thing or believe a charmer’s lies? Take a little time to mourn, then move on. Venus will be back in Virgo on October 8 (she paid your sign a brief visit from July 18 to 31), ensuring that your autumn will be filled with romantic highs—perhaps a few that got sidelined in late July. And with the Virgo Sun powerfully angled to Pluto on Saturday, you’ll be quite the magnetic showstopper. Let go of worry and let yourself shine. People will find you simply irresistible!

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