Virgo Weekly Horoscope

01-16-2017 to 01-22-2017
No need to wait until next month's Hallmark holiday to call in Cupid. With the Sun beaming through Capricorn and your ardent fifth house until this Thursday the 19th, love is in the air. Make it your mission to bring more glamour and sparkle into your daily life. Whether single or spoken for, the game begins with romancing yourself. Play your favorite music while you dress in the morning, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, get an invigorating massage and sea salt body scrub. And if you're going to wear cashmere and fleece, opt for more body-skimming styles instead of the oversized schmattes. When you look good, you feel more…receptive. Dialing up the glam will be a mood-booster this week, which in turn makes you more radiant. If you're single, stop being so damn stubborn. Let friends fix you up, post a profile to a new dating app, and be more strategic about hanging out in places where you might meet someone interesting and available. Coupled Virgos, take the lead in love. Where do YOU want the relationship to go? Discuss the future—even braving topics like marriage and kids, if that's what you're angling for. Just approach it all with a playful, creative energy instead of letting your inner worrier take the wheel. Shouting, "I need to know WHEN you're going to propose!" seldom inspires one to put a ring on it. Instead, paint a delicious picture of your ideal, shared future: Breakfast in bed every day, building a beautiful home together, supporting each other's dreams. Above all, BE the person your sweetie would want to spend eternity with. The fifth house is the fame zone, so don't let another week go by where you don't get due credit for your work. Be your own publicist (or hire one) and make sure everyone who needs to know is aware of your amazing contributions. It's okay to brag a little, Virgo. Just make sure you spell out the benefits to other people while patting yourself on the back. If you're a performer of any variety, carpe diem! That Monday amateur night or Tuesday audition might bring your big break.
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On Thursday the 19th, start planning more outfits in the athleisure category. The Sun blazes into Aquarius and your sixth house of healthy living until February 18, blowing the whistle on your hedonistic habits. Have you been slipping on self-care or getting a little too carried away with the hibernation routine? 'Twas the season—but now, 'tis not. Get back on the wellness wagon and you'll reignite that lit-from-within glow. With team-spirited Aquarius governing this part of your chart, you'll find motivation from group cardio classes—even ones where uplifting mantras are shouted out or the instructor downloads some high-minded gems while you're savasana-ing on the mat. Lifehack away: Using an app to track fitness and food intake can take the mind-boggling planning out of the process for you. Ahhh. The pace picks up at the office during Aquarius season, too—good reason to keep your health tuned up. Some Virgos might start a new job or get tapped for a promotion by February 18. Take a little time to get organized before sending out resumes or diving into your 2017 tasks. Clean up your calendar, sync gadgets and making sure every appointment is plugged in. This could be a weekend mission worthy of your time—being organized will be a true serenity saver over the coming four weeks!
Things might get a little rocky on the emotion ocean on Thursday, as angsty Mars gets checked by sober Saturn in Sagittarius and your emotional fourth house. Buried feelings may come up big time or you could feel the need for space. A woman in your life might feel jealous of your relationship or judgmental of the status of your love life. Hey, Virgo, it's great that you have such intimate relationships with your friends and family, but what about your privacy? If you call your mom or your best friend every time there's a "crisis" it's no wonder they're concerned—and vice versa. This Mars-Saturn square could bring a wakeup call: Maybe it's best to vent to your diary or a therapist and make the focus of your friendships a little less high-drama. You've got this, Virgo; you don't need their advice as much as you've convinced yourself that you do.
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