Virgo Weekly Horoscope


02-08-2016 to 02-14-2016

Pass the kale and praise the probiotics! Your 2016 vitality mission gets a boost—or a second wind—from Monday’s new moon in Aquarius and your sixth house of healthy routines. But wait...there’s more! On Saturday, your cosmic ruler Mercury grapevines into Aquarius, adding even more make-better momentum through March 5. Truth be told, you’ll be happy to jump back on the old wellness wagon. The selective amnesia has been fun, but you can only fool yourself into believing that cronuts, artisanal gruyere (served atop a grass-fed burger, natch), and small batch bourbon are actual food groups, ahem. Enjoy your treats, but shuffle them more into the special occasion category instead of the main dish. With tech-savvy Mercury in the mix, tracking with apps and devices (Where IS that Fitbit...?) can help you stay aware of patterns and keep you organized around fitness goals. Don’t remove the pleasure principle from any of this though. With social, innovative Aquarius governing this house of your solar chart, sign up for group classes, organize progressive vegetarian dinners with deprivation-free recipes like these, and incorporate movement into your hangouts. Meet friends for dancing, hiking or snowshoeing instead of just going to dinner again. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, which is just about the length of this Mercury cycle. Start now and your lit-from-within glow will be literally blinding before spring begins.
It’s going to be a busy week at the office, too, as the sixth house governs your day-to-day work. Let Obsessive Planner Virgo take the wheel again. Systematize, organize and weave some savvy lifehacks into your daily plans. Don’t forget that there’s a difference between being busy and being productive, Virgo, so if you’re running around like a headless chicken, read this at once! Projects that you kick off near Monday’s new moon could bring some genuine feathers in your cap. Set six month goals: What bragging rights would you like to have by the corresponding FULL moon in Aquarius on August 18? Holding that vision can really motivate you to slog through the grunt work of the production phase. If you’re on the hunt for new work or a fresh crop of clients, get all your ducks in a row while Mercury’s in Aquarius until March 5. Winning people over with your gift of gab is one thing, but you also want to point them to solid evidence of your work. That might require you to refresh your web presence, social media profiles or any printed materials you distribute. Get testimonials from people who have worked with you, too—their endorsements might be the #FTW clincher for people deciding whether or not to hire you.
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Of course all work and no love is hardly the prescription for this week! On Wednesday, Saint Valentine makes an early visit as Venus in Capricorn and your fifth house of amour flows into an auspicious angle with big-hearted Jupiter in Virgo. Be bold; and more of an open book. Your authenticity is utterly enchanting...but with one caveat: Don’t overshare. Jupiter is retrograde until May 9 cautioning you against giving and telling too much too soon. You can still be transparent, yes, but if you don’t feel ready to discuss a certain subject yet, you can keep it off the table. And if asked, you can always respond with an alluring, "We’ll get to that in due time, I promise." That said, the Venus-Jupiter combo DOES give you the gambler’s instinct, which is worth following. Spark conversations with attractive strangers, let your fingers do some swiping, approach your love interest about a buried fantasy or otherwise take the lead in the dance of romance. Your planning powers par excellence can take this V-Day from good to great, so get over the whole "please sweep me off my feet" thing and research shows, sexy Airbnbs and restaurants with killer views. Getting away for the weekend could be just the thing as Sunday arrives with a moon in Taurus and your ninth house of travel, and adventurous Jupiter poppng in to second that idea, too. Refresh your romantic feeds with a change of scenery, whether you’re single or spoken for. You never know who you’ll meet when you detour away from "the usual places."

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