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Monday January 26th - Sunday February 1st

It’s time to stre-e-e-etch, Virgo, but not so far that you snap. This Monday, January 26, a quarter moon in Taurus helps you expand your horizons in a sane and measured kind of way. You’re ready to make some progress without abandoning everything that is familiar to you. Avoid anything with the “extreme” or “ultimate” label attached to it for the moment. But do branch out! The ninth house rules travel, education and cross-cultural relationships. You might take a journey in the name of research — perhaps to a neighboring city or an area that requires a short flight. Tap your friends who are living in other cities for input and advice. Close to home, some multicultural mingling can also awaken a fresh perspective. Get out of the cozy bubble and meet people from different walks of life. This is also a good week for research. Don’t let your lack of know-how stop you in your tracks. Anything and everything can be learned, Virgo. If a training or workshop has been calling your name, jump in! This could buoy your entrepreneurial spirit and allow you to do a more independent kind of work within a company.
On Tuesday, love planet Venus moves into Pisces (your opposite sign) and your seventh house of relationships until February 20. Red-hot Mars is also in Pisces until February 19, and with these two planets traveling in close proximity, your partnerships could become quite permanent. Are they in or are they out? You’ll feel eager to sketch clearer outlines around your relationships instead of leaving the status nebulous. Although Mars can make your pitch a little high-pressure, Venus will lend charm and diplomacy. Translation? It’s going to be tough for anyone to turn you down now, whether your proposal is business-related or romantic in nature. You might even clear the decks completely and start fresh with a new batch of options. Don’t just gravitate towards the usual type. With Mars and Venus in your seventh house, opposites attract. Seek that complementary force who can pick up where you leave off. If you’re in a relationship, this Mars-Venus duet will sing a sweet paean to your love affair. Make your twosome time a priority, even cleaving some whitespace in your overbooked calendar for a dedicated date night! Be more inclusive of your sweetie in all your activities and find ways to merge your social lives more. Who knows? The two of you might wind up playing Cupid for a pair of mutual friends. Figuring out next steps could bring some serious discussions. Within the next three weeks you could be shopping for a love nest or trying on diamond sparklers on THAT finger. On the flip side, if it’s time to part ways, the Mars-Venus pairing can help you make a graceful and loving exit so you can move on to greener pastures with everyone’s dignity still intact. There will be a couple of challenges for Venus this week, however. On Thursday, stern Saturn will throw down the gauntlet, insisting that you take more responsibility for your emotions. It’s not fair to vent on people or treat the object of your affections like your personal therapist or sounding board. Just because he or she WILL listen to you wail until 3AM, doesn’t mean you should relegate them to that role repeatedly. Doing so will really put a strain on your love affair, Virgo, so find other sources of support before Cupid leaves the building.  On Sunday, Venus and hazy-eyed Neptune align at the same degree, skewing your judgment. Wait before you start tweeting that you met The One this weekend, as there’s more to people than what you see through your rose-colored glasses.
On Friday, the Sun connects to Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of healthy living and daily routines. Did you slip off the resolution bandwagon? Recommit to those thrice-weekly yoga classes and clear space on your countertop for your juicer (then, use it). Don’t ignore nagging aches and pains that come up — but go to a real MD instead of Dr. Google.  The sooner you address the sniffle or the achy wrist, the easier it will be to treat it. Load up on preventative medicine too. This would be the week to get your flu shot and some homeopathic supplements to ward off the winter bugs.

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