Virgo Weekly Horoscope


11-30-2015 to 12-06-2015

We know you like to get an early start on those New Year's resolutions, Virgo. But before you start banging out a list of 2016 desires, pause and take stock of your 2015. Wednesday's quarter moon in Virgo brings an important balance point between past and future. This has been quite a year for you! Since Jupiter was in your twelfth house of completions and transitions until August 11, you've let go of a lot and paid some serious dues. And now the red-spotted planet is circulating through Virgo until September 9, 2016, charging you up for new initiatives. Is there something left to mourn? Are there amends to make, loose ends to tie up, a forgotten gratitude to extend? And, above all else, are there milestones to celebrate? When life moves at a fast clip, it's easy to just keep plowing ahead. But celebrating accomplishments—even if they are small landmarks along the path—sends a powerful message to the universe to keep on sending good your way. This quarter moon also reminds you that time is money. Where you spend each minute counts, so make sure you aren't zapping your finest hours on lackluster activities. While you don't have to be purpose-driven 24/7, you could tap into more meaningful activities this week. The quarter moon could call your leadership skills out of hiding. Take charge of a floundering mission if you feel confident you can steer it back on track. But if you've veered to the opposite extreme, give the Bossy Betty routine a rest and adopt a more democratic approach to making decisions. People will appreciate having a say in how shared plans go down.

Friday arrives with an extreme flirt alert. Venus, the cosmic coquette, shifts gears until December 30, breezing through Scorpio and your communication zone. How about a little levity for you love life? Every exchange doesn't have to be SO serious; in fact, you'd benefit from more playdates and casual interactions. Venus warms up your swiping fingers, and single Virgos could round out 2015 with some memorable Tinder dates—even if they're just fodder for a ribald blog post or private jokes among friends. Someone from the friend zone could profess deeper feelings or you may decide to add a benefits package with a previously platonic pal. Settling down may not top your priority list this month, but even if it does, Venus keeps your social life abuzz with activity. Take time out from canoodling to connect with your kindred spirits, siblings, and your squad. No need to overplan. Be spontaneous and have fun for fun's sake!


Finances could be frustrating this weekend so before you start ticking off names on your holiday gift list, pause and make a budget. Impulsive Mars trades fire with pressurizer Pluto, ratcheting up stress. You could fall into a "keeping up with the Joneses" trap and overspend on luxury items for people. But you DO like giving nice things. Rather than blow your January rent on high-end goods for everyone, mull over options, like pooling funds for pricier presents and giving as a group gift, or agreeing on a set price range with the people you're celebrating the holidays with. They'll probably appreciate the clarity, too. This cosmic clash could also spur dramatic lovers quarrels. So try not to fly off the handle should your vision and values clash with your sweetie's, m'kay? It's all too easy to catastrophize from a single conversation this weekend—and everyone is prone to making inflammatory statements. Should a clash go down, put the subject in the parking lot until next week. You'll have an easier time discussing after the Sagittarius new moon on December 11.

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