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Monday March 2nd - Sunday March 8th

Don’t worry if the universe throws you a few curve balls this week, Virgo. You’re a one-person bullpen! As boundless Jupiter syncs up with unpredictable Uranus in your two most metaphysical houses on Tuesday, you’ll have an opportunity to show what you’re really made of. Sure it would be easier (and more comfortable) to coast through life — but then you’d never know how high you could reach! Choose not to view any setbacks or conflicts as negatives but opportunities to bring your A game! Keep your creative thinking cap close at hand and stay open to the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that Uranus is famous for. And don’t hole up in your logical left brain. Music, art, symbolism and technology can play an important role. Since Jupiter is the traveler of the zodiac, you could hear from a long-lost long-distance friend or do some of your most innovative thinking when in motion. Feeling stuck? Take a long walk, drop into a meditation class or cue up a playlist and dance around your living room to loosen up those trapped ideas. When you climb into bed at night, keep a recorder app open or leave a notebook on your nightstand should inspiration strike during dreamtime. 


Wednesday’s meetup of passionate Venus and Uranus could hit the gas or the brakes — or pull an unexpected U-turn on the highway of love. You may not see this one coming, but one thing’s for sure: It’ll bring the realization that it’s time for a transition. You may SAY you’re okay with something casual or occasional (Uranus), but Venus needs more commitment and security. As she tours your eighth house, jealousy could flare up with white-hot intensity. Be careful not to burn a bridge that’s still being built! Patience is needed, as hard as that may be to come by. On the other hand, this liberated cosmic conjunction could push shy and modest Virgos to make a boldly seductive move. Channel signmate Beyonce — the Visual Album Bey — and let yourself get “drunk in love.” Your willingness to show your vulnerability could pave the way for your crush or partner to do the same. 

On Thursday, brace yourself for a bounty of rich rewards! The only Virgo full moon of the year could pull you out of a rut and shine a bright light on a new path to happiness. Full moons are the culmination of the previous six months’ hard work, and starting today, the results could start showing up rapidly! It’s time to close the opinion polls. You’re poised to make an independent move, but don’t even THINK about the potential approval ratings. With the full moon in your sign, you could be inspired to give your image a little upgrade. You might even enlist a stylist to help you do a closet edit. Pair the pieces you already own with a few new accessories. Last year’s pantsuit might look great with a pair of disco platforms or a fur-collared leather jacket.

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