Virgo Weekly Horoscope

02-19-2018 to 02-25-2018
Got a love jones? Don't just sit there and analyze it, Virgo! The starmap for this Wednesday, February 21 may inspire you to actually do something more tangible. With fervent Venus locking lips with dream weaver Neptune in your seventh house of committed relationships, you're more than willing to get lost in the blanket of someone's embrace. If you're in a partnership, make space for a frisky midweek escapade—or, if you happen to have a few free daylight hours—sooner! You don't have to break the bank booking a night in a boutique downtown hotel or a sweet country Airbnb. Just stay home and read love poetry or cue up a slow-jams playlist and dance your way from the living room to the bed. And if you can't pull it off immediately, start thinking of wildly romantic prospects you can opt into when your schedule frees up. 
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Single? This is a dreamy planetary backdrop for meeting someone new, as everyone looks airbrushed and glowing in a golden, Neptunian light. Drop any super-critical standards and meet people where they're at. Of course, the nebulous planet does come with a warning: Objects (of affection) may appear closer (or more fabulous) than they really are! Don't be too quick to bare your soul or believe their every word. This is more about the quaint, almost-lost art of being wooed. If you're fairly certain you've just met—and possibly woken up next to—your soul mate, enjoy the heady rush and let it unfold organically.  
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Watch your speed this weekend, emotionally speaking. You're liable to be hypersensitive, or to take things a little too personally late on Saturday, when rosy-hued Venus in your dynamic-duo zone clashes with manic Mars in your touchy-feely fourth house. When the cosmic lovebirds align, all is right in your world. But when they form a tense square (90-degree angle), they can send you on an emotional rollercoaster ride without a seat belt. Whoa! It won't take much to hit a nerve: A benign comment or bae's innocent glance at a pretty thing could open up your waterworks. Avoid potential drama by not asking friends or family their opinion of your new date. And if you know your S.O. doesn't get along with a certain BFF, keep them separated. Your heart wants what it wants, so indulge it—and leave the peanut gallery out of it!
Trying to pull off miracles all by yourself again, Virgo? When will you remember that many hands make light work—and that sometimes you have only to ask to find a raft of willing helpers? On Sunday, a cooperative confab of your ruler, mental Mercury, and benevolent Neptune in your house of partners, could shine a light on the perfect person to team up with FTW. Whether you need an extra set of eyes—or hands—for a work assignment or a collaborator for a personal project, you'll do things faster, better, and more innovatively with someone in the co-pilot's seat.
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