Virgo Weekly Horoscope

08-20-2018 to 08-26-2018
Don ye now your birthday apparel! Virgo season is officially underway this Thursday, August 23, as the incandescent Sun bursts into your sign for the next four weeks. This auspicious annual cycle is like a system-wide reboot, clearing out any bugs and helping you write a fresh program. So the big question is: What do you want to manifest between now and the end of the year? If the world's your oyster, which it is, what kind of pearl do you want to culture? This is the start of your astrological New Year, perfectly positioning you to set new goals or shore up some of your ongoing ones. But first, take a day or two to deeply reflect on your highest priorities—and not just go on autopilot. What is most important to you now? A new (or improved) relationship? A job that utilizes your talents AND pays well? Maybe you'd like to use your skills for the betterment of others, perhaps getting involved with a political or humanitarian organization. On a more personal—and NOT superficial—level, this is also a great time for a stylistic makeover. The first house rules how you present yourself to the world, so if the outer you doesn't reflect the way you feel inside, you can get synced up now with a wardrobe update, new hairstyle (temporary wild colors or extensions, perhaps) and maybe even that tattoo you've been mentally sketching.
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You can take the Virgo Show on the road this Saturday, when a rare and potentially game-changing grand earth trine lights up the sky. This supportive triangle involves the intrepid Sun in your sign, structured Saturn and spontaneous Uranus—all in practical earth signs and the most "you"-oriented sectors of your chart. Unleash your creativity and visionary ideas on the world—or at least your inner circle—and don't hold back. All eyes are on you now, so polish your message and plan to share it from a larger platform, starting this weekend!
In the midst of this rapid personal growth, don't forget your nearest and dearest! That might not be possible under Sunday's full moon in compassionate Pisces, which illuminates your seventh house of relationships. Fairy-tale vibes fill the air regardless of your romantic status, so bask in it! Couples might whip up a feast for two or dine by candlelight in their favorite bistro. Single Virgos need only drop their guard and be more open and accepting of offers dangling in front of them—and no, they're not always attached to a hook! Under the glow of this full moon, you may feel ready to go deeper with your partner or your dating efforts—"efforts" being the operative word since this isn't about magic. The more you put yourself out there—meeting new people or in dealing with inevitable partnership issues—the more richly you'll be rewarded. If your habitual ways of dealing with things aren't bringing you satisfaction, tear up the rulebook or that unwavering list of qualities you're seeking and be more spontaneous. You may be pleasantly surprised.
You might find the inner strength to do just that on Sunday—or you may become so frustrated you're willing to try anything! When amorous Venus in your security zone meets up with transformative Pluto in your passionate fifth house, it could force your hand. Go ahead and pursue what your heart desires—'cause like they say, Virgo, you can't win if you don't play!
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