Virgo Weekly Horoscope


05-30-2016 to 06-05-2016

Priorities! So many people to please, so little time. But what about what YOU want, Virgo? This week, a cluster of planets lock into a combative Grand Mutable Cross, stretching you thinner than angel hair pasta! If you don't monitor your generosity, excessive demands from career, your inner circle of friends and family could drain you. Worst of all, your love life could get the short end of the stick as you tend to all these adult babies crying for you to feed them. How the hell DID this happen?! Okay, Virgo, time to take an honest inventory: Are you empowering people to find their own solutions…or enabling them to be dependent on you? While your sign loves to feel needed, this has gone too far. If people are telling you, "I can't do it without you," this isn't actually flattering; it's a sign that you need to cut the cord. It's time to stop being everyone's favorite problem solver, Virgo, so you can actually have a little (okay, a lot) more fun. And if you don't? Relationships, friendships and personal projects could suffer. The second half of this Grand Cross features Jupiter in Virgo and your first house of self opposing Neptune in Pisces and your partnership zone. Rebalance the romantic scales by making sure you also have enough time to "do you" while enjoying the company of (or finding) a charming and seductive mate. Careful here, too: If your love language is becoming a little too "acts of service" you could wind up feeling more like a parent than a partner-in-crime. There's nothing sexy about that, so relinquish the helper role, ASAP, and make sure you're asking bae to pull an equal share of the weight.
On Thursday, your adventurous spirit surges forth under the exhilarating influence of a Grand Earth Trine! The moon in Taurus and your ninth house of travel gets in cahoots with daring Jupiter in Virgo and alchemical Pluto in Capricorn and your romantic, creative fifth house. Time to shake up the status quo by purposefully pushing yourself OUT of your comfort zone. This might involve planning a romantic or artistic getaway. Imagine the possibilities: a couples' trek to Cuba or maybe that oil painting workshop and Renaissance arts tour in Italy. With all three heavenly bodies in practical earth signs, you honestly could turn these out-of-the-box ideas into a reality. Thursday is also the day to connect deeply to your divine creativity, whether you channel it through dance, design, product development or poetry. Your inspired state makes you crazy attractive so pay attention to the heads you're turning as you work your magic. Already smitten? Thursday is perfect for an outdoorsy date—maybe one that involves hopping in the car (or on scooters) for a longer drive; or taking a picnic on a sunset hike. No matter your GPS coordinates, be more candid with the object of your affections, sharing freely from the heart. A daring plan could be hatched, one that's sure to make you both swoon.
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Saturday’s new moon in Gemini illuminates your tenth house of career. New moons are potent for planting seeds and this one gets you thinking: Where would I like my professional trajectory to take me over the next six months? Make like a good Virgo and pull out your spreadsheets, outline your dream scenario, and then start plotting the practical steps to get there. A picture says a thousand words, so you might even make a vision board—especially since Venus sits astride the new moon, getting your creativity whirring. Circle December 13 on your calendar. That’s the day of the corresponding full moon in Gemini and your career house. The efforts you begin this week will bear fruit and pay dividends then. Are you toying with a career change or perhaps in the budding stages of a new path? Why not see if you can apprentice at a high-profile company? A short stint as the underling could open some serious doors, especially after the powers that be see how capable you are. Already found your path? Set your sights on the next rung of the ladder and invest in coaches, classes or other growth-related resources that can get you there faster.

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