Virgo Weekly Horoscope

06-26-2017 to 07-02-2017
Shatter the ice, Virgo. The time has come to collaborate and commune—no more standing on the outside gazing in. Motivator Mars beams messenger Mercury in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology all week, making you a total people magnet. Teaming up with other talent can send your plans soaring to new heights. When friends invite you to a group hang, just go—and please, don't be a location snob. It's not like you can't lure the crew somewhere cooler for the second leg of the night! But honestly, it's the quality of people who make (or break) the moment this week, whether you're at a dive bar or an oyster bar. If they stimulate your intellect and get the wheels of innovation turning, you'll be in good company. Still seeking kindred spirits? With these two planets sharing a network address, you could meet your mates (and dates) online or in real time. Fire up the apps and see who's posted a profile recently. Some intriguing new swipe-ables may have popped up while you were snoozing. With so many intriguing new experiences to explore, the workweek might play out like a multi-scene Instagram Story. Go ahead and live Tweet your life if you have great resources to share, Virgo. Your friends rely on you as their cultural tour guide.  
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Warning: Mars, the warrior planet, can be a firecracker. If you've been disgruntled by dynamics within an existing organization, you will struggle to swallow your dissatisfaction. Well, Virgo, maybe you shouldn't! But do keep your critiques constructive. If you're going to point out the flaws in the machine, careful not to tear down the people involved or throw shade at their pet projects. You'll have the greatest amount of diplomacy on Monday when compassionate Neptune flows into a supportive trine (120-degree angle) with Mars. Put yourself in other people's Stan Smiths and you'll find the perfect way to phrase your, uh, helpful hints. Perhaps this squad just needs to agree upon some ground rules. On Tuesday, when Jupiter in your sensible second house prods systematic Mercury, you may get a group discussion going about workflow and the distribution of responsibilities. Shared finances might need to be reconfigured, especially if people aren't contributing equally to the cause. Collect those past-due payments to bring the group back into a place of integrity.
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This weekend, brash Mars in your teamwork zone clashes with simmering Pluto in your show stopping, self-indulgent fifth house. With your finely cultivated sensibilities, you know exactly what you like. But this weekend, you may have to set your preferences aside in a group situation. Under these stormy skies, trying to sell your squad on your vision could turn into a power struggle—or leave you feeling alienated. The reality? What appeals to the Virgo goose might be a little too advanced for your gander. While this might seem like a teachable moment, your "students" just aren't ready to learn about your edgier exploits quite yet. Consider it a relief, Virgo! You have the right to privately explore those wilder experiences that are calling your name without having to bring back a field report to anyone you know. Allow your social circle to grow as you go. As a mutable sign, you're an astrological ambassador—your ability to float freely among a wide range of people is one of your greatest gifts. 
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