Virgo Weekly Horoscope

08-29-2016 to 09-04-2016
Oh, the finer things in life! Your appetite for luxury could verge on insatiable starting Monday as astro-aesthete Venus floats into Libra and your decadent second house until September 23. Nothing gorgeous gets past your gaze. Take it all in—but keep your wallet on lockdown. From capsule collection couture to vintage armoires with perfectly peeling paint, you’ll be quite the treasure hunter. But before you give in to the urge to splurge, make a budget. It’s all too easy to blow a rent check on fineries with Venus fogging up the lens. And hey, get creative, too. If funds are limited, organize a clothing swap with your fashionable friends or sell something on eBay to make the cash for your over-the-knee boot addiction. This Venus cycle can amp up your earning powers. Socializing strategically (with women especially since Venus is a feminine planet) can turn up work opportunities or chances to gamely pitch prospective clients.
Venus is also the love goddess of the skies. You've hosted the romantic planet in your sign since August 5, which may have brought its share of hedonism and amorous experimentation. But now, things will settle down a bit. Set Pandora to the R&B station and embrace the "slow love movement." This sensual Venus cycle reminds you to relish in the magic of the moment and to really take your time getting to know any amorous prospects. True romance doesn’t have to feel like an adrenaline rush. For the next few weeks, you'll prefer a comfortable, down-to-earth state of relaxation. For coupled Virgos, talks could turn to shared finances. Make a budget together and start saving up for a life-changing experience like a trip to Peru or the down payment on a love nest. To strengthen your bond, start some cozy rituals together like taking starlit evening walks, trying out comfort food recipes in the slow cooker, meditating in the morning, or listening to music in bed before you drift off to sleep.
Alas there is one big caution flag waving this week: On Tuesday, messenger Mercury (your ruling planet) turns retrograde until September 22. To intensify matters, the backspin takes place in Virgo and puts a little extra pressure you. Since Mercury rules our thought processes, don't be surprised if personal decision making feels a little, well, vague. Figuring out what's right for you could require some wise counsel with experts and people who know you almost better than you do yourself. And you'll have to be extra mindful about what you put in writing or post online. Warning: Your words could be easily misinterpreted now. But let's banish the myth about Mercury retrogrades being the devil incarnate. While they CAN cause misunderstandings, they also bring a blessed window for all "re" based activities: refining, researching, reviewing. Use this time for developing your big initiatives behind the scenes and plan your epic debut after September 22, even waiting until October 8 when the shadow of Mercury retro has fully passed).
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But forget about ducking the limelight altogether. On Thursday, the new moon in Virgo electrifies the skies. This fierce lunation packs an extra punch as it happens to be a solar eclipse. Consider it your cosmic New Year to the tenth power! For the month that follows, pay attention to what and who is showing up in your world. These people could be meaningful way-showers who open doors to possibility. And what is standing in the way of your full potential? Like the Hindu god Ganesh, this eclipse can act as a “remover of obstacles.” (On that note, you might send up a little prayer for those barriers to be removed with grace and ease.) Rule of thumb: If it doesn't flow, let go. For some Virgos, this eclipse will feel like Independence Day, ushering you out of complicated entanglements and on to a liberated path. If you're happily attached, you should still carve out more space to pursue your autonomous interests. Absence CAN make the heart grow fonder as long as you don't push your loved ones too far away. Maybe you’ve been itching to make a fresh start lately—and even more so for the past year since worldly, adventurous Jupiter moved into Virgo on August 11, 2015. If you’ve been idling in neutral, this eclipse will shift you into fifth gear. Time for action! Jupiter hovers in your sign for another week, until September 9, giving you the courage to leap. Got a project that really is more than ready to launch and promote? Get on the ball, Virgo, because Thursday is an incredibly potent day for putting yourself in the public eye. If you haven’t treated yourself to a birthday present yet, invest in your own self-development. A life-altering seminar, one with a travel component even, could rock your world; or perhaps sessions with helpful experts like a stylist, coach or private yoga instructor. The more you pour into yourself, the greater your ROI in every area of life. Let us say this emphatically: You are worth it!
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