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Monday December 22nd - Sunday December 28th

Pass the fleece-lined slippers, Le Creuset roasting pan, and haute scented candle. This Tuesday, December 23, wise Saturn heads into Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house for three years. Making Chez Virgo feel like a home is a must — although that’s long been a priority for your comfort and beauty loving sign. So, how CAN you step up your household game? Maturing Saturn has some ideas. Perhaps you’ll start saving up to purchase an apartment, vacation property or the gorgeous Victorian with the wraparound porch. Or, maybe you’ll simply put down roots, picking a new city to call home between now and December 19, 2017. This could even be a place closer to your family since working out issues with relatives will be a big theme during this Saturn cycle. (Or maybe FAR away from them if their influence is toxic on your life.) 

The fourth house rules the mother, and a dedicated effort could help you build a better bond with your mama, even if that means cutting the cord a little more. Virgos who are parents will need to learn the art of balance. While you’ll go to the ends of earth for your kids, losing your sense of self in the process will depress you. Put structures in place to support a healthier equilibrium and allow you some “me time.” If you’ve had babies on the brain for a while, get serious about becoming a parent — even if Saturn’s curveball means doing it on your own. Alas, Saturn cycles don’t bring the easiest lessons — and given that Saturn will sit at a cramped square (90-degree angle) to your sign until December 2017, you’ll make greater compromises and concessions than you’d like over the next few years. Family could be a source of joy and stress and you must learn to put up healthier boundaries with them so they don’t take advantage of your generosity. Line up the female mentors and guides. This is a powerful time to work with women, and a sister act could spell money in the bank. Don’t burn it as fast as you earn it! Saturn’s tour of Sagittarius will teach you some lessons about saving, beyond just buying your couture on sale. Investing for retirement, building a nest egg, and tucking funds away for bigger purchases will bring greater fulfillment than your instant gratification splurges. Some of your friendships could go through a shift too. If your inner circle shrinks, so be it. You need friends who truly have your back now, Virgo, the ones who give as good as they get.


Your planning skills and ingenuity will come in handy on Christmas Eve. With the moon and action-oriented Mars in your sixth house of structure all day, step in to save fellow revelers from stress. Project-manage the festivities if you must. You know how to create a beautiful table setting and simple gift-wrapping scheme with the most basic elements. Just don’t swing to the opposite extreme and try to play savior. The point is to be helpful, not exhausted and resentful. One word: delegate. Christmas Day could bring some truly memorable moments for your love life. With plumb-the-depths Pluto and expressive Mercury aligned in Capricorn and your fifth house of amour, you could be trading words of adoration under the tree. There could even be a proposal for some Virgos, or another soul-baring confession. Single? Put on your sparkly Christmas sweater and meet friends for a cup of cheer. Snogging a sultry stranger under the mistletoe is well within your rights. The attraction will be magnetic but don’t be too quick to write it off as “just a physical thing.” With Pluto’s intensity in the frame, your connection could run deeper than you think. So, how about using those luscious lips for a conversation too?

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