Virgo Weekly Horoscope

08-14-2017 to 08-20-2017
First order of business this week: Google yourself. Are you representing true to form? And is there anything that MUST be taken down at once? Radiant Venus is midway through her four-week tour of your eleventh house of community and technology. Whatever you post could literally go viral—especially if it includes a photo or video of beautiful, compelling you. But you want this popularity to be more in the vein of (Virgo) Beyonce's pregnancy Instagram not, say, a "covfefe" or a "cash me outside how bow dat." And this Tuesday, August 15 refining your online presentation is all the more important as Venus forms an exact opposition to mysterious Pluto in Capricorn and your image-conscious fifth house. There's an art to revealing just enough to arouse curiosity while still keeping certain things confidential. Leave something to the imagination, Virgo, and you could literally spark a craze.
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Romantically, the Venus-Pluto clash could rev up some dissent. If you're dating digitally, show your range with a proper mix of sexy and down-to-earth photos. Otherwise, you could wind up pigeonholed in a narrow category. If you're in a relationship, don't rush in to solve bae's every problem. Playing Coach Virgo can be a libido-crusher this week. Listen, support and yes, lend a hand when it's time to be a team player. But let your other half take command of the issues that are theirs to work through. You want a partner who will be your best friend, but not at the expense of romance. If you're having issues in your relationship, don't go buzzing about the drama to all your friends before you've at least TRIED to hash it out with your S.O. A text sent to your squad in a moment of frustration could wind up on the wrong screen.
On Thursday, Venus will clash with over-the-top Jupiter in your second house of values and finances. With the two planets in a tangled angle (a 90-degree square) you may have to streamline your spending—especially if you've been shelling out too much disposable income keeping up with the Joneses. The pressure this transit brings can also be the push you need to re-evaluate your earning strategy. Is it time to raise your rates, Virgo? Undercharging for your valuable time and services is a surefire buzzkill for your motivation. Turning a solo mission into a team effort could also spell money in the bank—and with creatrix Venus that might involve selling things online or developing a digital venture.
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This weekend, you'll be rolling in the deep—and you're ready to dive in. You've been skirting a tricky subject for a while—maybe it's been too awkward to address or you were afraid of being "rejected" for spelling out your true desires. But you've reached the point where holding this in feels more painful than just getting it out into the open. With the confidence-boosting Sun in an auspicious trine (120-degree angle) to experimental Uranus on Sunday, you'll be amazed by how innovative these talks can actually be. Don't feel defeated if you hear "no" initially. Think of your request as a starting point for the negotiation process rather than a do-or-die ultimatum. A creative compromise will emerge if you stay in the conversation.
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