Virgo Weekly Horoscope

04-16-2018 to 04-22-2018
Tap the brakes, Virgo. You may be charging ahead with a new relationship, talking about "next steps" with bae or a business partner, or on the threshold of breaking through to the big time when you suddenly feel the urge to slow everything down. Maybe you're feeling a little panicky, like this is all happening too fast. Deep breaths: This is a temporary deceleration which will soon reveal plenty of silver linings. On Tuesday, April 17 cautious Saturn begins his annual retrograde parade, this year in Capricorn and your fifth house of amour, passion and fame, until September 6. While your reaction may be to try to fly under the radar, you definitely DON'T want to disappear, Virgo! Saturn's three years in Capricorn (December 19, 2017 to December 17, 2020) isn't some cruel trick designed to undermine your best efforts. On the contrary! This trek can teach you to discern the highest quality wheat from the chaff (even the empty husks!) with good enough marketing skills to come off as the real deal. You're not interested in shiny-but-shallow feats. This Saturn cycle—especially the five-month retrograde—will refine and polish your talents to make them even more valuable. Hang in there and do the work, and you'll be ready to sail into the next phase of life with solid credentials. When it comes to love, you don't want to settle for "good enough," and during this pivot, you'll see things more clearly than ever. Only give your energy to people who are stable, reliable and have your back. Even if you struggle with commitment issues, work on not running away or always looking for the better option. You're knocking down old structures that no longer support what you seek. And once probing Pluto joins Saturn in reverse motion in Capricorn on Sunday (until September 30), this mission will become obvious, unavoidable—and feel like there really is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.
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As if that weren't enough, also on Tuesday, passionate Venus swings into an opposition with expansive Jupiter, reminding you that there's a reason for speed limits. The vixen planet also forms a harmonious trine with intense Pluto in your flirtatious fifth house. Have your fun, but locate that happy medium between being genuine and forthcoming and crossing into TMI territory. Better to keep it short and sweet and leave 'em wanting more than shaking their heads in disbelief at what you just overshared.
Taurus season kicks off on Thursday, as the Sun blazes into the sign of the Bull and your global ninth house until May 20. Wanderlust erupts, so look into travel possibilities during this four-week phase; the farther from home, the better. If you can get away—for a quickie or a longie—start researching deals on flights and destinations. If funds are tight, maybe you could do an apartment swap with a friend in a far-flung city. Should you have to settle for virtual gratification, soak up the vicarious thrills from reading amazing blog posts and get the Duolingo app on your phone so you can already start practicing the language spoken in your dream locale. This expansive solar cycle could inspire you to journey in other ways, like taking a mindblowing self-development workshop or by getting your side-hustle on as you develop a blog, book or business idea.
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