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Monday April 13th - Sunday April 19th

There’s a wide world out there, Virgo, and your inner gypset is clamoring for adventure this week. On Tuesday, April 14 quicksilver Mercury (your ruling planet) meanders into Taurus and your jetsetting ninth house until the very end of the month. With the sun and Mars also here, there couldn’t be a more exciting two-week period for adventure travel. Say yes to that last-minute Coachella ticket your friend offers up or just organize your own glamping getaway with friends. Or, go solo and couchsurf with a BFF who has decamped to Austin, London or San Francisco. A change of scenery brings the double bonus of breaking you out any mental ruts you might be stuck in. With Mercury in your ninth house, your mind is like a sponge, hungry for knowledge and fresh data. Load up on lectures, workshops (and playshops), TED talks, and other thought-provoking media. Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents and your eyes open for people who don’t look exactly like you. Multicultural mingling brings a refreshing wave of energy to your social life. A flirtatious or creative spark could even lead to a sexy “masala” style collaboration.


On Thursday, passionate, probing Pluto slips into its annual retrograde until September 22. This year (and from 2008-2024) Pluto’s backspin takes place in Capricorn and your fifth house of love, creativity and fame. Consider this mellow time out from such an intense planet to be a gift. You can objectively assess your emotions over the coming five months without being so anxious or reactive. If you’re dealing with a breakup—or the pain from one that happened since 2008—consider this a sacred window for swaddling your tender heart in healing vibes. We love this list of 33 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart by lightworker and Light Is The New Black author Rebecca Campbell: http://rebeccacampbell.me/33-ways-heal-broken-heart/.  Applying some of these suggestions can even be helpful for Virgos in relationships, as you might be blocking your partner from getting closer due to scars from your past. Alchemical Pluto can help you dig deep for delicious artistic, poetic and musical inspiration. Turn your pain or angst into a work of art and don’t worry about how it will be received. You could get seriously obsessed with developing a piece, series, or songbook over the spring and summer. Talk about incredible catharsis! When Pluto corrects its course near your next birthday, what you produce could draw quite a fanbase, too. But for now, simply focus on making art for art’s sake. If your image is in need of a revamp, this retrograde helps you take a more moderate approach. You don’t have to shave half your hair off or go from leather to lace just to mix things up. Opt for a hybrid: a little bit corporate cool, a little bit rock and roll. Work with stylists, graphic designers, photographers and web developers to refine the Virgo brand.


On Saturday, the new moon in Aries and your erotic eighth house gets your kundalini rising. Your slumbering mojo awakens and the tigress/tiger is ready to roar. Privacy please! (As if a Virgo would get sloppy with the PDA…perish the thought.) You’ll enjoy these encounters best behind closed doors, with a dash of Fifty Shades thrown in for good measure. If you’ve been searching for a soulmate, someone with true potential could appear near this new moon. Let the quiet ones surprise you as you could be drawn to the mysterious or brooding type. You’re not afraid of people who have “a past,” but do make sure that they’ve properly dealt with their rocky history so that you don’t get swept into mama bird/rescuer mode. No need to rush: The relationship is likely to develop organically between now and the corresponding full moon (a potent lunar eclipse) on September 27. This person could also be a business soulmate or an investor or company who wants to bankroll one of your brilliant projects.

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