Virgo Weekly Horoscope


05-02-2016 to 05-08-2016

More, more, more! This Tuesday, your sights are set on expansion, as the Taurus Sun in your optimistic ninth house dances into a lucky trine (120-degree angle) with bountiful Jupiter in Virgo. But it's not just about collecting lively experiences or having a great story to tell. With Jupiter retrograde in your sign (and your ruler Mercury in reverse to boot), the point of this exercise is personal growth. Don't shy away from a challenge. Instead, make yourself "purposefully uncomfortable" by playing a game you're not quite certain you can ace. The point of this exercise is not to win, but rather to stumble, even fail, then see where there's room for improvement so you can rise strong again. It takes courage to hurl yourself into experiences like these, and this week's planets prime you to do just that. Virgo blogger Gala Darling shares her tale of trying on "sexy"—a role she eschewed as off limits for herself—and the awakenings that came from the experience.
On Friday, there will be a new (super) moon in Taurus and your intrepid ninth house, bringing another courageous nudge to leap into the unknown. It's time to cast a wider net, too, as the ninth house rules global expansion. Is there a far-flung corner of the world you'd like to visit? A new zip code you want to try out as your next home—or home away from home? Get plans in motion for this pilgrimage, bearing in mind that Mercury retrograde can scramble signals. Perhaps you start a Pinterest board now, then book your actual reservations when the messenger planet snaps back into direct motion on May 22. Cross-cultural connections heat up close to home. Wander outside your usual scene and social groups and revel in the sparks that the "differences" can create. Or, simply stop judging a book by its cover and find exciting common ground with people who you've never thought of talking to before. This new moon also gets the enterprising wheels a-turning. Start mapping out a business plan for that raw juice food truck or investigate yoga instructor teacher training—whatever your independent interests may be. Even if this pursuit begins as a side job, it would be worth exploring, and seeing where it all leads by the full moon in Taurus on November 14.
On Saturday, the Sun forms its second trine of the week, this time to sexpot Pluto in your fifth house of flamboyance, passion and true love. A meeting of the minds could turn into an opening of the hearts as you recognize a deep connection with another person. You could even find love in a self-development workshop, lecture, or another thought-provoking group gathering that allows you to speak freely and share musings on life with a group. For Virgos in relationships, this transit brings a powerful moment of truth. Honesty, albeit awkward, painful or even pot-stirring, is the best policy. Carve out some private time with your other half—or even a platonic partner like a best friend or business associate—to get real about your vision for the relationship and the stumbling blocks you see standing in your way. Playing with your image could also be fun, so wear your creativity on your sleeve (literally) this week. But stick to sheer lace instead of, say, a sleeve tattoo because Mercury retrograde until May 22 makes this an unwise time for more permanent or hard-to-grow-out modifications.

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