Virgo Weekly Horoscope


07-25-2016 to 07-31-2016
Can you be connected without being codependent? Linked without being merged? Navigating the line between "me" and "we" will be at the top of your agenda this week thanks to Wednesday's flowing trine (120-degree angle) between liberated Uranus and curious Mercury. Uranus is in Aries, an independent sign if ever there were; however, it's pulsing through your eighth house of permanent bonding, which makes pairing your preference. Mercury is flitting through Leo and your soulful twelfth house, increasing your longing for deep, meaningful connection. Draw people close, but keep boundaries in place. You can take a few steps back without creating a canyon-sized gulf between you. This is a week to explore your individuality WITHIN partnerships—be they romantic, platonic or professional. Hang on to the best parts of yourself and express them openly. It's okay to probe, question, and flat out disagree. Love won't be lost but intrigue will be sparked! And whatever you do, don't cancel a personal plan to chase tail (even if you think you've found The One). Making someone else the center of your universe is a surefire way to lose confidence and kill the chemistry. Stay grounded in your power, Virgo, and make them come to YOU.
On Friday, unconventional Uranus dips into its annual retrograde until December 30. From 2011-18, the planet that loves to ponder the BIG questions in life is tucked into Aries and your eighth house, AKA the chamber of secrets. You've no doubt been plumbing the nadirs of your own psyche for the past five years. With Uranus backtracking until December 30, you could find yourself asking some bigger questions about the meaning of life—and going to some fascinating lengths to seek answers. While the Peruvian jungles and hometown metaphysical centers beckon, remember this mantra: I am my own guru. Other people can be teachers, vessels and guides but ultimately, it’s your own intuition that should have the loudest voice. The eighth house is the erotic realm and with Uranus in reverse here, make sure you aren't judging or repressing any fantasies. Thinking about those naughty deeds isn't the same as acting on them, Virgo. No need to shame that reptilian brain of yours. By the same token, this is not the time to take any risks in the erotic realm. Make sure lust and trust are a package deal before you hop in the sack. Since Uranus rules technology, take extra precautions with digital dating and be mindful of what you send via text. Exchanging racy photos might seem fun at 2AM but what happens if that Tinder exchange goes awry? Some things can't be undone, Virgo, and you don't want to leave evidence in the wrong hands. But within the space of a safe container, you can work this Uranus backspin for your pleasure, finding new turn-ons...and even picking up a new toy or two (Uranus governs electricity). Or, bring in a more spiritual element to your intimate life. Learn how to connect to your own pleasure centers by studying tantric touch and breathwork, burlesque or the work of Virgo sacred seductress Kitty Cavalier (
On Saturday, your ruling planet—expressive Mercury—heads into Virgo for an extra long cycle lasting until October 7. While this DOES include a signal-scrambling retrograde phase from August 30 to September 22, you can liberally enjoy this live-out-loud cycle. Kiss off the nice girl/guy shtick. It's better to be authentic than polite during this capricious, communicative period. Mercury the messenger helps you get your big ideas out into the world. Try blogging, podcasting, or filling up your social media feed with conversation starters. If you've gained expertise in a particular area of life, you might even design a workshop to pass on your knowledge. The downside of this Mercury madness is that it can make you a bit of a know-it-all. You're a fount of wisdom, Virgo, but doling out unsolicited advice can be a turn off. If you just can't help yourself, speak in “I language.” For example, remix “You should really cut sugar from your diet if you want your complexion to clear up” to “When I scaled back on sugar this summer, it really improved my skin.” But maybe you should adopt the mantra of "live and let live." With Mercury in Virgo, it's far more fascinating to explore personal hobbies and interests than to get wrapped up in fixing other people's problems. Who knows? Developing one of your DIY skills could turn into a profitable venture by the fall.

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