Virgo Weekly Horoscope

09-26-2016 to 10-02-2016
Count your pennies, Virgo—then, make them count! Monday’s rare meetup of the Sun and Jupiter in your income zone will buoy your earning power. Are you on the hunt for gainful employment? Circulate your resume, pound the pavement, work those LinkedIn connections. Fortune favors the bold with these heavenly bodies at play. You could land a job or entice a prospective client by charmingly introducing yourself. Let your network know what you're after, too, because someone from the inside could hook you up. Happy with your professional status? There's always room for growth as the expansive Sun-Jupiter duo reminds us. Challenge yourself to try a new tool, app or methodology; organize a team-building hangout for your coworkers. Your initiative will be rewarded—and rewarding.
More upstart energy comes on Friday when the annual new moon in Libra kicks off a fresh six month earning cycle. If you’re not loving where you work, here's another push to freshen up your social network profile(s) and start circulating your name. Or, schedule a performance review with your boss or main client to discuss growth opportunities from within. You have until the corresponding full moon in Libra on April 11, 2017 to reap what you start to sow now. To bridge the gap, you may need to sign up for specialized training or work with a consultant. Invest in yourself and be patient with the learning process. When strategizing, don’t get fixated on any lack in your current cashflow. It’s important to begin with a no BS look at your budget. Being in touch with reality (whether or not you love your current status) sets the right foundation for creating new results. Maybe you simply start a routine of balancing all your bank statements each week or carrying a notebook to track expenses so you can see where you're bleeding Benjamins. Who knows? You could discover that there’s more to play with and invest—and less that you want to fritter away on impulse splurges like trendy cheapies you only wear once or daily almond croissants that land you in a morning sugar coma.
Romantic question marks get answered this week, too. Also on Monday, scintillating Pluto wakes up after a five-month retrograde in your fifth house of passion, fame and romance. You’ve hit your share of speed bumps since April 18, and your heart may still be reeling from all those ups and downs. But now that Pluto is back on-course, you’ll be able to focus your romantic radar more effectively. If you’re in a relationship that’s been idling in neutral, you’ll figure out which pedal you need to hit: gas or brakes. Single? Get out of cruise control, rev your engine and generate sparks by being the one to set the agenda—and the pace! Flirt, right-swipe and seduce your way into some spicy play dates and shared adventures.
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Then, on Tuesday, red-hot Mars blazes into Capricorn, joining Pluto there until November 8. Ready for a romantic renaissance? Mars wants action, action, action—so by all means take that bold initiative to bring back (or start up) those lovin’ feelings. Yes, you do favor old-fashioned courtship rituals, Virgo. But people aren’t mind readers, so lay out an obvious breadcrumb trail for your beloved. Or hey, how about using Mars’ direct-hit approach and just asking for what you want and need? It’s a lot easier than playing guessing games. PS: This is always most effective when done with a genuine smile on your face and a generous, "benefit of the doubt" attitude. Single Virgos, hop on the dating apps or ask friends to set you up with promising prospects. Mars provides a great excuse to set up a glamorous photo shoot for some pro head shots. The makeover magic bug could bite, so call a meeting with your beauty squad. Got babies on the brain? The fifth house rules fertility so you could begin trying in earnest to get preggers. If you have kids, spend more time in activity-parent mode with them. Being cooped up at home could be a major source of stress with Mars in this position, especially if little ones are around. This star-powered six-week phase could also bring a shot at serious fame. Shamelessly self-promote, audition, enter competitions, or dive headlong into developing your magnum opus. Now is not the time to hold back—especially when you know that you've got the It factor!
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