Virgo Weekly Horoscope

08-22-2016 to 08-28-2016
Celebrations are in order this Monday as the life-affirming Sun blasts into your sign for its monthlong journey. Yup, Virgo Season is officially underway, making you the reigning King or Queen of the cosmos until September 22. This four-week cycle is like rebooting your personal operating system. Are you ready to embrace the new and shed all things outdated? Yes, indeed. But before you go off running in a hundred different directions, pause to reflect on the top things you want to manifest in the coming year. Is it a new relationship or a deepening of your current alliance? Perhaps a new job—or maybe you'd like to get serious about an artistic or metaphysical pursuit. The world's your oyster, Virgo, especially for the next month, with the Sun trotting alongside expansive and auspicious Jupiter, which is finishing up its thirteen-month run in your sign on September 9. This upcoming phase of life may mean aiming higher in your goals and taking appropriately bigger risks. Think about what face you want to present to the world. While you want to show your best side, of course, you need to ensure that it's authentic. Feeling adventurous? This solar power surge could elbow your inner entrepreneur awake. The trick: Getting the hard data for a preliminary budget or sketchy business plan. With the Sun and Jupiter teamed up in your sign, you may get a wicked case of wanderlust or need to run on a longer leash. If you're in a solid relationship, this shouldn't hurt it. A little absence really can make the heart grow fonder.
The dynamic on the home front might get a little out of sorts on Wednesday, when aggro Mars and restrained Saturn align in Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house. You could rage against a roommate who thinks you're the maid or a parent who still treats you like you ride the school bus. Saturn won't let you blow up—however he might not let you express yourself openly, either. Although this "do something, don't do anything" energy can leave you hamstrung, try to see this Mars-Saturn merger as a wakeup call. Anger isn't inherently a negative emotion—especially if it motivates you to instigate some needed changes. When you feel yourself getting red in the face, take a few long, slow, deep breaths and don't think about ANYTHING. When your heart rate returns to normal, look around for a practical solution and refuse to waste precious hours stewing in your own juices. This could lead to the two of you coming up with a more workable system together. Even if you have to send 'em packing or take a temporary break, it'll save you endless frustration, possibly even heartache.
Friday's confounding clash between headstrong Mars and intuitive Neptune in your partnership corner might showcase a power imbalance in a key relationship. Don't get mad; get talking! Just maybe not today. Neptune is like a fog machine, and your words could get tragically misconstrued. Instead, pull back, think about what's bugging you and what you need to do to make this work—and save The Talk for next week.
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Harmonious vibes return on Saturday, when peacekeeper Venus teams up with forgiving and expansive Jupiter. You could wake up and literally not remember what had your Agent Provocateurs in a knot yesterday! If you did say or do something you wish to retract, offer a sincere apology. Then do everything in your power to make it up to them!
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