Virgo Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018
Top off your social tanks on Monday, October 15! That day, your ruler, outgoing Mercury, and people-loving Venus (who's retrograde) sync up in your third house of friends, neighbors and associates, giving you all kinds of opportunities to deepen connections with people you admire. If you always chitchat with someone at the gym or yoga, invite her to walk with you to get a juice or cup of tea—at least exchange contact info. Tap a colleague to go out for lunch or maybe Happy Hour. If the vibe feels right, you might even loop your new plus-one into evening plans with your squad. And since Venus is one of the planetary pot-stirrers, if you’ve been secretly crushing on someone in the friend zone, Monday could bring some line-blurring developments. Proceed with caution—especially if one or both of you isn’t entirely single—since the love planet is retrograde until November 16. But there’s a lot to be said for the “getting to know you” phase!
Could the state of your union stand some shoring up? Tuesday's balancing quarter moon in Capricorn might just give your love life the course correction you desire. But first make sure you know what you want—and be specific about the areas that these moonbeams might improve. For instance, you could be experiencing an all-out love fest every time you're with a certain someone, but when you're apart, you feel forgotten or neglected. Or maybe you’re only half in it, waiting for “something better” to trot up on a white steed. While the heart wants what it wants, it’s important to be realistic about what you’re likely to reel in. This grounded Capricorn moon can pull you back down to earth. Start by owning your role in this. Could you be projecting doubt or disappointment? Stop spinning your wheels and lay your cards on the table. Even happily coupled Virgos can benefit from some heart-centered tweaks. Shift out of old-married mode and do something that moves the needle in a more romantic direction. The element of surprise will work in everyone's favor! And if there are no partners or eligibles on your radar, getting out (or right-swiping) more should be your first step!
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Prioritize your love life—and all close relationships—this weekend! The moon is lingering in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships both days, setting the stage for cooperation and harmony…and a whole lotta nooky. Give priority seating to the people who always have your back. Aim for one-on-one hangouts where you can give your inner circle your undivided attention and take a deep dive into intimate conversations. A connection that sparked near the August 26 full moon in Pisces could really heat up now—or an existing bond may hit another high point. On the flip side, if you've known for a while that your heart isn't into something, you'll have the courage to initiate a conscious uncoupling.

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